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Shri Chaitanya Mangala

By Gauranga Rasa Acharya
Shrila Lochana dasa Thakura

The Most Nectarean Biography of Lord Gauranga Mahaprabhu

Madhya Khanda


Birth Pastimes


Song 1 (Danashi raga - Disha)



 Refrain: O master of the lives of Gadadhara and Narahari! O Supreme Lord! Please cast Your merciful glance on all the conditioned souls. O Lord Gaurachandra, glory, glory to You!


 1. Glory, glory to Lord Gauranga! Glory to Gadadhara and Narahari! Glory to all-powerful Lord Nityananda!

 2. Glory, glory to Advaita Acarya, who is Lord Shiva himself! Glory, glory to the great devotees of Lord Gauranga!

 3. I place my head in the dust of all their feet. Now I will speak the Adi-khanda. Please listen attentively.

 4. When the Lord's personal associates had taken birth on the earth, a great proclamation was sounded.

 5. It said: Everyone go to the earth. Don't delay. Our Lord will soon take birth from Shaci's womb."

 6. Then sounds of Glory! Glory!" filled the universe. Filled with ecstatic love, the demigods, nagas, and human beings all watched to see.

 7. Some said: It is the eternal spiritual elfulgence." Others said: It is Lord Narayana, who is greater than the greatest and smaller than the smallest."

 8. Others said: It is the Supreme Brahman, who is greater than the greatest and smaller than the smallest." In this way the people described the Lord who had entered Shaci's womb.

 9. Filling with air, Shaci's womb grew larger and larger. Seeing this, everyone felt more and more spiritual love.

 10. One, two, three, four, five, and six months passed. Great bliss was manifest in Shaci's womb.

 11. Day by day Shaci's body grew more and more effulgent. Seeing this, everyone felt great joy in their hearts.

 12. No one knew who it was that had entered Shaci's womb. In house after house everyone speculated on that person's identity.

 13. When the sixth month ended the effulgence in Shaci's womb filled her body and her entire house with light.

 14. At that time there was a wonderful event. Advaita Acarya unexpectedly came there.

 15. Seeing Advaita Acarya, Jagannatha Mishra respectfully stood up.

 16. Advaita Acarya Gosai is thwe abode of all transcendental virtues. In all the three worlds no one is fortunate and glorious like him.

 17. Seeing him, Jagannatha Mishra respectfully offered a sitting place to his guest.  18. On his own head he placed the dust from Advaita Acarya's feet. He was very humble and respectful.

 19. Shaci-devi washed Advaita Acarya's feet with water. As she respectfully gazed at her, Advaita Acarya felt ecstatic spiritual love arise within himself.

 20. His two lotus eyed became red with ecstatic love. Tears flowed from his eyes. His face became red.

 21. His limbs trembled. He spoke broken words. He had no power to restrain himself.  22. Her circumambulated Shaci, and then he bowed down before her. Seeing these unusual activities, Shaci was very surprised.

 23. Saci was surprised, and Jagannatha Misra was full of doubt. Unhappy at heart, he said: Why do you do this? Why?"

 24. Jagannatha Mishra said: Please hear, O Advaita Acarya. I do not understand your actions.

 25. If you are kind to me, then please dispel my doubt. Do not allow my body to burn in the flames of worry."  26. Then Advaita Acarya said: Please hear, O Jagannatha Mishra. In the future you will understand it all." That was his reply.

 27. Then Advaita Acarya, learned in all the scriptures, and the hairs on his body erect, anointed Shaci's glorious womb with fragrant sandal paste.

 28. Seven times he circumambulated her. Then he bowed down. He said nothing. Then he left for his own home.

 29. Shaci and Jagannatha wondered: Why did he bow down before my womb?"

 30. In this way Advaita Acarya bowed down before Shaci's womb. Now her womb became a hundred times more effulgent. Shaci forgot herself.

 31. She saw that everything was fill of bliss. She saw no sufferings. She saw all the demigods were now standing before her.

 32. Brahma, Shiva, Sanaka, and all the demigods now offered prayers to her womb.

 33. They said: Glory, glory You, O limitless, eternal Supreme Lord who has no rival! Glory, glory to You, O Supreme Lord whose bliss is eternal and who rescues His devotees.

 34. Glory to You, who are beyond the material modes of goodness, passion, and ignorance. Glory to You, O Lord Maha-Vishnu, who reside in the Karana Ocean.

 35. Glory to You, O very glorious master of the spiritual sky! Glory to You, O Lord beyond material goodness, O Lord whose form is made of spiritual goodness.

 36. Glory to You, who are the master of Goloka and the lover of Radha! Glory, glory to You, O king of limitless Vaikuntha worlds!

 37. Glory, glory to You, who are playful and graceful! Glory, glory to You, O Nanda's son, who charm the hearts of all!

 38. In the Kali-yuga You have now entered Shaci's womb. You have come here to enjoy pastimes.

 39. Glory, glory to You, O Supreme Lord, O giver of transcendental bliss. No one is compassionate like You.

 40. In the Kali-yuga You come and gives Yourself. You do not consider whether the people are worthy or not to receive Your mercy.

 41. Even though again and again we begged for it, we demigods could not attain even the slightest fragrance of ecstatic spiritual love.

 42. Now You will give the sweet nectar of that love to everyone, even the candalas. They will all taste it. You will not see anyone has any faults.

 43. O Lord, please allow us to taste a small particle of that love. Please allow us to sing Shri Shri Radha- Krishna's glories in Your company.

 44. Glory, glory to You, O Shri Gaura-Hari, O Lord who gives the gift of sankirtana!" After speaking these words, the demigods all performed circumambulation.

 45. With his four mouths the demigod Brahma spoke many prayers. Shaci-devi was frightened. Her heart was full of wonder.

 46. Mercy to all living entities made its appearance in Shaci's heart. Aware of the spiritual truth, she was kind to everyone. She did not think anyone an outsider.

 47. Now she was ten month pregnant. Wherever she went, her heart was full of bliss. She forgot herself in bliss.

 48. During the month of Phalguna, on anauspicious day, on an auspicious tithi, on an auspicious full-moon night, at an auspicious moment, the cooling moon shone.

 49. Then, with surprising power, Raghu suddenly devoured the moon. At that moment a great cry of Hari! Hari!" rose in the four directions.

 50. A sweet divine fragrance filled with four directions. Then ten directions became clear and blissful. A gentle, gentle breeze blew.

 51. Then the six seasons appeared simultaneously. At that auspicious moment the Supreme Personality of Godhead was born on the earth.

 52. Yearing to see Lord Gaura's form, the demigods flew their airplanes through outer space.

 53. At that time Hari! Hari!" was the only sound anyone heard. In this way my Lord took birth.

 54. At the time the glory of Vaikuntha entered Shaci's courtyard. Overcome with bliss, Shaci called out in a voice choked with emotion.

 55. To Jagannatha Mishra, who was near at hand, she called: Now our births have borne their fruit. Look at your son's face!"

 56. The village ladies happily called out, Jaya! Jaya!" Seeing the newborn infant, everyone was overcome with bliss.

 57. The demigods, Vedas, and Naga girls all came. Seeing Lord Gauranga, they all called out, Jaya! Jaya!"

 58. Lord Gaura's fragrance filled the worlds. His every limb was an endless flood of nectar.

 59. Gazing and gazing at Him, every eye felt cooling bliss. In every heart arose the thought: This boy must be Lord Krishna, the very life of Vraja's girls.

 60. Never have I seen or heard of such a boy. What happens to my heart when I gaze at Him?

 61. Never have I seen any person like Him." A beautiful demigoddess said: Later we will know the truth of this boy."

 62. Overcome, Jagannatha Mishra gazed at his son's face. The universe had no power to contain the bliss he felt in his heart.

 63. How many rising moons do I see in His face? I say His face is like the petal of a blooming lotus.

 64. His raised nose is like a sesame flower, I think. His fair limbs are like a flood of nectar light.

 65. Gazing at His red lips, splendid graceful cheeks, and graceful chin, I feel great love arise within me.  66. His neck is like a lion's neck. His shoulders are like an elephant's shoulders. His chest is broad. His arms reach to His knees. His body is made of nectar.

 67. His hips are broad. His thighs are like banana trees. His feet are like two red lotus petals.

 68-69. On his soles are the marks of a flag, thunderbolt, elephant goad, lotus, chariot, parasol, camara, svastika, jambu fruit, urdhva-rekha, triangle, elephant, and waterpot. No form is like His. His form is the sweetest nectar.

 70. Never had such a wonderful form come to the earth. His glory is more than the glory of the greatest kings of kings.

 71. Indra and Candra, as well as many devas, gandharvas, and kinnaras all came then to the earth. Why did they become filled with such bliss and wonder?

 72. Every eye became anointed with nectar. With eternal love everyone gazed at dear Lord Gaura.

 73. How long did the people gaze at the newborn infant, gaze at Him as if He were a very old friend?

 74. His every limb was a great flood of nectar. In their hearts what did the people feel as they gazed at Him with their eyes?

 75. As they gazed at the infant boy, the people felt their hearts tremble with bliss. Why did the ladies look at Him with languid eyes? Why did their tight belts become slackened?

 76-77. Everyone gazed at the newborn infant. Thinking, How many Kamadevas does this boy conquer?", everyone called out, Jaya! Jaya! Shaci's divine son is not a mortal.

 78. Shaci's son is the new Kamadeva." When this nectar comes to my ears, I weep.

 79. The master of Goloka has descended to this world." Considering everything, the ladies came to this conclusion.

 80. The master of all the worlds came to the earth. Overcome with bliss, Locana dasa speaks these words.



Song 2 (Mangala-gurjari raga)



 Refrain: Jagannatha Mishra was overcome. His words were choked with emotion. Quickly he invited his kinsmen and performed a great festival for his son. He earnestly tried to make everything auspicious. Bliss filled Shaci's house. No one had the power to stop singing Lord Gaura's glories.


 81. Glory! Glory! Glory! The four directions were filled with bliss. The whole city melted with bliss. Hundreds and hundreds of saintly ladies came. They brought gifts of rice paste and red sindura.

 82. With love and bliss placing her son on her lap, in a voice choked with emotion Shaci-devi said: Please give us the dust of your feet. Please give us your blessings. Bless us, saying, `May this child live long.' "

 83. Saying, Even though He is not our child, we still think of Him as our very own", all the ladies gave their blessings. Saying, To protect His sweeter than nectar body from any calamity, He should be named Nimai," they named Him.

 84. On the eighth day ashta-kalai gifts were given to please the children. On the ninth night was a blissful festival with joyful music.

 85. Day by day Shaci's son grew. He was like a full moon walking on the earth. His two eyes were splendid with black kajjala. He was graceful with gorocana tilaka.

 86. He crawled on His hands and knees. He smiled gently. With unblinking eyes, Shaci and Jagannatha watched their wonderful son.

 87. Shaci regularly washed her son's body and anointed it with turmeric and scented oil. Her heart filled with love, she kissed His cheeks. Saintly Shaci was very fortunate.

 88. Day by day, moment by moment, the bliss grew in the Nadiya's villages. No one knew what day of the month it was, or what day of the week, or whether it was day or night. Overcome with ecstatic spiritual love, people forgot themselves.

 89. House after house in Nadiya's villages became filled with bliss. No one was mindful of who was a man, who was a woman, or who was a child, an elder, or blind. Everyone was overcome with love. Everyone was wild with peerless bliss.

 90. Thinking Lord Gaura's face was like a full moon and His form had conquered Kamadeva, the young girls would wildly leave their duties at their homes.

 91. Three times a day the village girls ran to see the infant Lord Gaura. let me see! Let me see!", they said. Playcing the infant Lord on their laps, the hairs of their bodoes would stand erect.

 92. In this way, day by day, moment by moment, everyone was full of bliss. Locana dasa, whose only hope and only desire is the feet of Shri Narahari dasa, thus sings the glories of Lord Gaura.