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Chapter 2 Childhood Pastimes of Nimai


    As the son of Saci grew up, His body looked like a stream of nectar. I can't find anything to compare His body to, yet my heart moves me to try. Even blind men ran madly to see the ever-expanding beauty of Nimai's moonlike face. The gentle half-smile on His lips seemed like a dancing wave in the ocean of nectar.

    Drowning in rasa, His reddish eyes flooded with joy. The beautiful black kajjala surrounding His eyes appeared like a dam holding back the ecstatic ocean ofprema rushing from His lotus eyes. The pious and fortunate Sacidevi and Jagannatha Misra simply looked affectionately at the beautiful face of their son.

    At one moment Nimai cries; the next moment He laughs. Occasionally, He sits on Saci's lap and nestles in her bosom, or rests His feet on her breasts. Sometimes Saci holds Nimai upside down by His ankles and swings Him. At such times He looks like a golden creeper blowing in the wind.

    Sometimes Nimai opens His eyes very widely and laughs slightly, producing a flow of the sweetest nectar. His nose which is shaped like the beak of a parrot fascinates everyone. A healthy brilliant glow radiates from his smooth attractively shaped cheeks.

    After six months had passed, Jagannatha Misra performed the narna karana, name-giving ceremony for his son Nimai. He decorated his son with golden bangles, anklebells, waistbells, and a pearl necklace. His foot soles were smeared with fresh vermillion. His crimson lips looked like a Bandhuli flower and His eyes resembled a blooming red lotus.

    All the parts of Gaura's transcendental body shone more brightly than lightning. His bodily effulgence was so intense that you couldn't look at Him. The Lord was given the name Visvambhara, which means one who maintains the worlds.

    Sometimes baby Nimai held His parents' fingers and tried to walk, but He would fall down after taking a few steps. Although only broken words came out when He tried to speak, they were overflowing waves of nectar to everyone's ears. In this way, day after day Nimai played in the courtyard of Sacimata. His simple playing removed all miseries and pacified the world.

    The feet which were previously worshiped by Laksmidevi are now embraced by Prthvi, Mother Earth, who has become overcome with ecstatic love. There is only one moon in the sky, but now it appears there are ten moons on the ground in the form of the cooling rays emanating from Gauranga's shimmering toenails. Blind and sinful men become fortunate by seeing these rays. The king of Gaura's moonlike face reigns supreme over millions of moons.

    With His eyebrows curving like the bow of Cupid, He satisfies all desires. How can I express the limit of the soothing moonlike rays of His compassion, which distroys the misery and darkness from the hearts of everyone? Who can describe His wonderful childhood pastimes that purify the whole world?

    Visvarupa, the older brother of Visvambhara, was a precocious student and he quickly learned all the Vedas. Who can explain the greatness of Nimai's brother? Visvambhara's compassion increased as the days passed.

Locana Dasa feels joy in his heart to hear these topics.

    One night Sacimata said, "O moon, O moon up in the sky. Why don't you come down to earth? We'll wipe off your black spots and place you as an ornament on Gauranga's forehead. Come on my darling Nimai, my beautiful golden boy. Stop Your crying and go to sleep. But actually; Your crying pleases me more than nectar. Look, Your father has brought bananas and condensed milk for You.

    "Oh my dear naughty boy, now close Your eyes and go to sleep. Your face looks like a golden lotus and Your eyes resemble a red lotus flower. Now Your half closed eyes look like bees half-submerged in the ocean of honey contained in Your sweet lotus face."

     Sacidevi made a bed of jute covered it with a soft cotton bedspread, embraced Nimai in her lap, and then laid her precious jewel down to sleep. Nimai began to suckle one of Sacimata's breasts while caressing the other one with His little fmgers. Locada Dasa says although Gauranga is the crest-jewel of all Lords, He behaved just like an ordinary boy.


The Demigods Visit Nimai


    Listen carefully to another day's pastimes wherein the Lord revealed His identity. While Jagannatha Misra slept in one room, Saci peacefully relaxed with her son in another. Suddenly many footsoldiers entered Saci's bedroom, frightening her. Then the demigods arrived, took Nimai from Saci's lap, and placed Him on ajeweled throne. After bathing and worshiping Nimai, they circumambulated Him and offered obeisances.

    The sound of gongs, conchshells, and the singing of the holy names filled the room. The demigods all chanted, "All glories to Lord Jagannatha, the Lord of the universe. All glories to the supreme maintainer. In Kali-yuga this boy will maintain us. O Visvambhara, we fall at Your lotus feet and beg You. Please bestow upon us the rare treasure of Vraja-rasa."

    Sacimata was shocked and terrified by this scene. She was not afraid for herself; she only cared for the safety of her son, who was her everything. Sacidevi picked up Nimai and told Him to go to His father 's room in order to sleep peacefully. As her son left the room, Sacimata heard anklebells tinkling on Nimai's feet. She thought this was strange since He didn't have any anklebells.

    The demigods walked behind Nimai with folded hands when He left Sacimata. The Lord addressed them, "O demigods, don't hanker after Me. Just spend your time singing about the glorious, love-filled pastimes of Radha-Gopinatha." Then Nimai cried and chanted, "Radha!" "Radha! .... Govinda! .... Kalindi ! .... Yamuna! .... Vrndavana!" Hearing this, the demigods also began walling and singing along joyfully.

    Sacimata fainted upon observing the wonderful activities of her son. Hearing her collapsing on the floor, Jagannatha Misra ran to the spot to revive her. Saci cried out, "O Visvambhara, O Nimal." Together they left the room and went to lovingly embrace their son. Jagannatha Misra remembered the transcendental pastimes of Krishna when he saw the bare feet of Nimai.

    Sacidevi explained to her husband what she had just seen in her bedroom. "Prabhu, there were demigods having four hands and some with five heads. They came in celestial airplanes to worship our son. When Nimai saw them, He danced in the courtyard and chanted 'Radha-Krishna.' I thought I was dreaming. Being frightened, I sent Him to you for safety.

    "Although our son has a well-shaped beautiful divine form, I fear what might befall Him in the future. After losing seven daughters, I' ve finally received a son. I'll die if anything happens to Him. As I don't have many children, Nimai is the star of my eye, just as a walking stick is the greatest treasure of a blind man. Nimai is as dear to me as the soul is to the body-- I can't live without Him. Please arrange some ritual in order to petition the demigods for His protection."


Nimai's Naughty Pranks and Pastimes


    The next day Nimai got covered with dust while rolling on the ground playing with His friends. Seeing Him smeared with dust, Sacidevi said, "Nimai, you look like a golden doll Whose face is more beautiful than the moon. Why are You causing me so much anxiety by rolling about in the dust?" Then Saci cleansed the dust from her son and kissed His face in ecstasy.

    After many years, the darling of Sacimata began roaming about with friends of the same age. They played various games under the trees on the banks of the Ganges. Sometimes they played markata kela, a game of imitating monkeys by standing on one leg.

    Learning that Gaurahari was playing too near the Ganges, Sacidevi grabbed a stick and ran there to catch Him. While standing on one leg and playing, Nimai heard Sacimata calling in a threatening voice. Fearing punishment, Nimai ran away like a mad elephant, while continually looking back over His shoulder. Yelling "Catch Him! Catch Him!," Saci chased behind. The Lord, the jewel among the brahmanas, easily outran His mother.

    In great haste Nimai entered the house and started breaking His mother's earthen cooking pots. When Sacidevi reached there, she just stood in amazement. Nimai His head down in shame, His body shook and He began to cry. Nimai's teardrops looked like a garland of pearls dripping down from the moon. Seeing Gauranga' s face, Sacimata, melting in affection, called for her darling to come sit on her lap. In this way the transcendental pastimes of her naughty sori Nimai were beyond S acidevi's comprehension.

    Sacimata saw thht Nimai had a very restless and stubborn nature. One day Sacidevi revealed her mind to the ladies of Nadia: "Gosvami fulfilled my cherished desire for a son, but my son's behavior is most unusual. Nimai says one thing, and then He does something else without weighing the consequences. I can't understand His actions. He doesn't care whether the activity is pure or impure; He just acts."

    The ladies cried loudly after hearing this. They put Gaurachandra on their laps and said, "O my darling, why do You do these mischievous . acts?" Visvambhara became upset with their question, and seeing this the ladies felt unhappy. Now they could understand why Sacidevi had complained about her son. The ladies said, "Saci, when did your son first start acting like this?" Sacimata replied, "I can't say anything about Him, but I will tell you something that happened. One night when I was holding Nimai in my lap, my bedroom was suddenly invaded by many demigods. They put Nimai on ajeweled throne, offered dandavats to Him, and worshiped my son. It's true; I saw this wonderful sight with my own eyes."

    The ladies advised Sacidevi, "Look, it sounds like some tantra to us. There must be some powerful being who has taken possession of your son. Ask your husband to get the brahmanas and perform a yajna. Call the demigods and perform auspicious rituals for the benefit of your son Nimai. Hopefully, after receiving their offerings, the demigods will go back to heaven. Don't worry Saci. If the demigods are properly worshiped, they will remove all your fears." Taking the dust from Saci's feet, the village ladies departed.

    Then Sacidevi informed her husband. Immediately, and with great concern, Jagannatha Misra collected the paraphernalia and invited the brahmanas to perform a yajna. Taking Nimai along, Sacimata bathed in the Ganges. Saci thought that soon her son would be freed from His restless nature.

    In a playful mood, Visvambhara Raya ran ahead of Saci and picked up some used, dirty earthen pots. Seeing Nimai playing with such contaminated things, Saci sighed and said in a voice full of exasperation, "Alas! My son is so impudent and undisciplined." Rebuking her son, she said, "Nimai, shame on You! Don't You have any knowledge of what's pure and what's impure?"

    Visvambhara replied in a compassionate tone, "Mother, the whole world is going astray without knowing these principles. There is nothing in this world except earth, water, fire, air and sky. Service to the lotus feet of Lord Krishna is the essence of all religions, because Krishna is the Supreme Lord above all others."

    Nimai's words astonished Saci who responded by taking her son to the Suranadi [Ganges] for a bath. Upon returning home, Sacidevi said to Jagannatha Misra, "Prabhu, please listen about your son's character. Without a doubt, Nimai is.the embodiment of all sacrifices. He just stood amidst some filthy pots and preached to me. Unfortunately you weren't there to see or hear Him.

    Feeling happy within, Jagannatha took Nimai in his lap and said, "He is the shining light of my family, the star of my eyes. He's the very soul of our bodies."

    Forgetting himself in parental love, Jagannatha simply gazed at Gauranga's enchanting face. Nimai showed signs of transcedental ecstasy. He cried profusely, spoke in a stuttering voice, and His entire body broke out with goose bumps. Locana Dasa happily sings the glories of Gauranga.

    As Nimai's golden body grew, it rivaled Mt. Sumeru in beauty and stature. Sacimata eagerly listened to Nimai's nectar-sweet words. When Sacimata said something to the Lord, Nimai would reply, "Mother, I can't hear your voice." Then out of eagerness, Sacimata spoke more loudly.

    But just to tease His mother, Gaura would repeat, "I can't hear you mother." Nimai's antics completely enchanted Sacimata in parental love. Yet, to enhance the Lord's pastimes, she chased. Nimai with a stick. At the same time Sacimata shouted, "Why can't You hear my voice? You' re speaking like a crazy person. I'm sure You won't care for me in my old age."

    On another day, Nimai, going against Saci's order, stomped the ground with His feet. Sacidevi became furious, glared menacingly, and chased Him across the courtyard. Visvambhara ran to a dirty place full of used clay cooking pots and sat down. Disgusted, Sacimata, struck her forehead with her palm and scolded her son: "Nimai, alas, what are You doing?" Nimai became more angry. Then in defiance of His mother, Nimai stood up proudly atop the pots.

    Seeing her son react exactly the opposite of her intentions, Sacidevi tried to pacify him with affectionate words. Saci said, "Come on my divine sweet boy. Please stop misbehaving. You are the son of a brahmana and should follow the conduct of a brahmana. Also, You belong to an aristocratic brahmana family, and therefore people will criticize You. Come darling, let's go take bath in the Ganges.

    "Your moth^r's heart is breaking, now come sit on my lap. Otherwise, I'll drown myself in the Ganges. Then You'll be all alone in the house. You will just cry and roam from room to room. Why are You smearing that'ash from the clay pots all over Your beautiful golden body? Please leave that dirty place right now. O my dear one, having drawn black lines here and there on Your body, You now look like the radiant moon covered with its spots."

    Visvambhara, the abode of transcendental qualities, said, "You don't understand mother. Again and again I'm telling you the same thing. First you listen, then decide what's pure and impure. In anger, Nimai took a small piece of brick and hit Sacimata in the head. Pretending to be hurt, Saci hinted, falling flat on the earth.

    Nimai cried and called out, "Mother! Mother!" Hearing the crying, the neighboring housewives rushed to the spot. They revived Sacimata by splashing Ganges water on her face. After crying "^isvambhara!" Sacidevi embraced Nimai and sat Him on her lap. Suddenly, for the second time, Sacidevi fell unconscious. Again Nimai began crying.

    One divine lady touched Nimai's chin and smilingly said, "Nimai, go get two coconuts for Your mother. Then your mother will come back to life. Otherwise, I tell You, You'll lose Your mother."

    Visvambhara became elated, and in a second 'produced a pair of fresh coconuts. The astonished ladies said, "My boy, how did You get these coconuts without going anywhere? Being just a small child, from where did you get them? Anyway, now we can understand a little about Your character."

    Visvambhara made a roaring sound and wrapped His arm around His mother's neck. Returning to external senses, Sacidevi put Nimai on her lap and repeatedly kissed His lotUs face. Taking the edge of her sari, Saci removed the soot from Nimai's golden body. Then she bathed her son in Ganges water.

     Sacimata became enraptured by Nimai's beautiful face which looked more brilliant than millions of suns. The Lord appeared as grave as the ocean. His nails glittered like a million moons. Nimai's indescribably beautiful body derided the beauty of millions of Cupids. His eyebrows danced playfully like the bow of Kamadeva, the god of love. Sacimata became wonderstruck upon seeing the Lord of all the planets manifested before her.

     At this time, Sacidevi recalled when many demigods had appeared in her home at the time of Nimai's conception. Reflecting on Nimai's childhood pranks and pastimes, Saci became convinced. Her son was the supreme eternal and effulgent Lord Narayana, who is transcendental to material existence.

    After realizing this, Sacidevi said, "He is free from all material contamination. He has no material form. He is omniscient, all-pervading and self-satisfied. The greatest yogis meditate to attain His matchless transcendental form. Lord Brahma, Siva, and the other demigods can't calculate the extent of my fortune. My son is worshipable by everyone."

    Immediately Sacidevi put Nimai on her lap. As soon as Nimai touched her lap, Sacimata forgot all about His majestic opulences. She simply thought, "Nimai is my son."

    Upon returning home, Sacidevi, in the mood of a mother, pondered, "I wonder what demigod or celestial being has manifested within my son?" Then to protect her son from calamities, she chanted the holy names of the Lord---Govinda, Hrsikesa, Janardana. She also tied a rnantra-charged talisman around Nimai's arm.

    On behalf of her son, Saci chanted; "May the S udarshana disc protect Your head. May Narayana protect Your eyes,. nose and face. May Gadadhara protect Your chest. Let Giridhara protect Your hands. May Damodara protect Your belly. Let Lord Nrsimha protect the area around Your navel. May Trivikrama protect Your knees and Lord Dharadhara protect Your feet." After saying this, Saci blew short bursts of breath [an auspicious ritual] all over Gauranga's body.


Catch the Moon


    In this way a blissful day tumed into a full moon night. After engag'mg the servants in their evening duties, Sacidevi took Nimai into the courtyard for some fresh air. The full moon was climbing the sky. Acting like an innocent boy, the clever Nimai cried, "Mother! Mother!"

Sacidevi said, "DOn't cry. I will give You whatever You want." The Lord replied, "Mother, please give Me the moon." Saci said, "Can anyone catch the moon in the sky?"

    Nimai said, "Then why did you say that you would give Me whatever I wanted? For this reason, I asked for the moon."

    Then Nimai began wailing. Holding the comer of Sacidevi's sari, He kept crying while rubbing His eyes with His free hand and kicking the dirt with His feet. Nimai was insistent; He wanted the moon. Gaura Raya clutched His mother's sari and yanked her hair. The next moment He hit her in the head with His hand. Still unsuccessful, He rolled on the ground and cried.

    Sacimata said, "O Nimai, You are incorrigible and Your behavior is most unusual. How can I possibly catch the moon in the sky? There are already so many moons on Your body. Look how the moon has become ashamed before You. Out of shyness, he is now hiding himself behind the clouds. O my son, please listen."

    Then Sacimata placed Nimai on her lap and showered Him with kisses. Obsessed with parental love, Sacidevi forgot herself in transcendental bliss. Her voice became choked up in ecstasy. Locana Dasa joyfully sings the glories of Lord Gauranga.


The Puppy Story


    Gauranga used to pass His time playing and enjoying many frivolous games with His friends. One day they found a litter of puppies. Nimai picked out the nicest one.

    Nimai's friend said, "Look Nimai, You chose the best puppy and left the ugly ones for us. It's not fair. If You keep that one, then we're going home."

    Visvambhara said, "Come on. Listen, I'll keep this puppy in My house and we can all play with him there."

    Nimai took the puppy home and tied it to a chain Having just finished her duties, Sacimata had gone to bathe in the Ganges along with her friends. Visvambhara's friends came into the house and played with the puppy dog. They fondled the dog, rolled in the dirt with it, and laughed and joked.

    Suddenly, a quarrel broke out among the boys. Nimai took the side of one boy and found fault with the other. Gaurahari said, "Listen, everyday you come here to play and you always start a fight. Why do you behave like this?"

    In defense, the boy said, "Well, You stole the puppy!" Then he stormed out of the house.

    Seeing Sacimata returning from the Ganges, that boy said in a voice choked with anger, "Your son Visvambhara is playing in the house with a puppy dog. Sometimes He puts it on His lap, or hangs it over His shoulder. Go and see for yourself."     Sacimata quickly entered the house and saw Visvambhara playing with-the puppy. In astonishment, she hit her forehead with her palm. "Visvambhara! What are You doing?" said Sacimata. "I simply can't understand Your behavior. You have so many things to play with, but instead You play with a dog.

    "You are the son of a very religious father. What will people say if they see You playing with a dog? This behavior does not befit a brahmana's son. It pains my heart to imagine how people will criticize You if they find out.

    "Your form is so pure and wonderful. Why do You find happiness in smearing Your body with dirt? Seeing You like this, I bow my head in shame and wish to die. Your body shines like fresh lightning, and Your face is more beautiful than many moons. Yet, instead of wearing Your clothes, You cover Your body with dirt and play with low-class boys."

    Fuming with anger, Sacimam bit her lower lip and rebuked her errant son. "Okay Nimai, if You like that puppy so much, then take him to Your room. Just forget about Your mother and father and play with Your dog!"

    But the charming beauty of Gaura's gorgeous and innocent face quickly dissipated Sacimata's anger. Adopting a joyful mood, Sacidevi said, "Come my darling son, get on my lap. I want to hug You and kiss Your sweet smiling face. Now, just leave that puppy alone for a little while, and go bathe in the Ganges.

    "Besides, You must be hungry. It's already lunchtime. Why are You filling me with anxiety. Now tie up Your puppy, take bath, and after lunch You'can play with him again. Your face looks tired like a golden lotus withered by the scorching sun. A drop of perspiration, like a pearl, rests on the tip of Your nose."

    Smiling, Visvambhara said, "Mother, please watch My puppy while I take a bath." After cleansing the dirt from Nimai's body, Sacimata rubbed Him with fragrant oil. Gaurahari and His friends went to bathe in the Ganges. They laughed, swam about, and threw water on each other just like playful elephants do when bathing. Gauranga's golden body appeared powerfully built and as immovable as Mt. Sumeru.

    Meanwhile back home, Sacimata untied Nimai's puppy and sent him away. One of Gauranga's playmates saw this, and then ran to the Ganges to inform Nimai. "Hey Nimai, Your mother sent Your puppy away!"

    Nimai immediately ran home. Not seeing His puppy, Nimai's heart burned' in anger. Feeling separation, He cried and scolded His mother. "Listen mother, you don't understand. Why did you do this to Me? I feel very hurt. He was such a nice beautiful puppy. How could you send him away?

    Playing innocent, Sacimam said, "I don't know what happened to Your puppy. He was just here. Maybe a thief has stolen him. Now stop crying. We'll search for the puppy and bring him back tomorrow. I promise I' 11 find Your puppy. Now please stop crying."

    After saying this, Sacimata wiped the tears from Nimai's face, put Him on her lap, and smothered Him with kisses. Then Sacimata pacified Nimai with khira, sandesh, bananas, and other tasty sweets.

    Sacimata dressed her darling son. She tied His hair in a topknot and applied black kajjala around His eyes. She wrapped a ruby-red cloth around Nimai's nicely curved hips. She hung a pearl necklace around His neck. Sandalwood tilaka adorned His forehead. Gold bangles highlighted the beauty of His wrists and ankles.

    Grabbing a sweetball, Nimai ran outside to play with His friends. His walking defeated the pride of the king of elephants. His deep voice sounded as sweet as nectar. Nimal, the crest jewel among His brahmana friends, looked like the full moon surrounded by a cluster of stars. The demigods felt great happiness to witness Lord Gaura's transcendental pastimes. Locana Dasa is amazed to see that the Supreme Lord touched cats and dogs.

    That puppy dog attained the greatest fortune by the transcendental touch of Lord Gauranga. The dog gave up his bad habits and became Krishna conscious. One day the dog just started dancing ecstatically while chanting the holy names, "Radha-Krishna! Govinda!"

    Hearing that a lowly dog was chanting Hare Krishna, the townspeople of Navadvipa ran to see the miracle. Before everyone's eyes, the dog exhibited the bodily symptoms of ecstatic love of God. The dog was crying, his hair stood on end, and his entire body was covered with goose bumps. Suddenly, that most fortunate dog gave up his body.

    At that moment, a golden celestial chariot came down from the sky, and carried the dog to Goloka Vrndavana. Topped with many domes, the chariot was lavishly decorated with pearls and dazzling jewels. The sound of bells, gongs, conchshells, and karatalas accompanied the divine singing of Gandharvas and Kinnaras, who were singing the glories of Radha and Krishna.

     Hags flapped atop the chariot whose brilliance outshone the light of the sun. In his spiritual body, the dog was sitting upon ajeweled throne inside the chariot. His body, adoreed with divine ornaments, looked more beautiful than millions of moons. The former dog was singing the glories of Radha, Krishna, and Gauranga. The Siddhas fanned him with camaras as he soared back to Goloka.

     Lord Brahma, Siva, Sanaka, and other demigods surrounded the chariot and sang Gauranga's praises. "All glories, all glories to the ocean of mercy, the darling of Sacimata. Never before has He bestowed such mercy. He liberated a dog and sent him back to GolokaF'

     The demigods continued, "All glories to Gaurahari, the resort of the helpless. You are the best of all incarnations. By Your mercy, the people of the age of Kali will attain salvation. What wonderful pastimes will You reveal in the future?

     "When will we demigods become fortunate and receive Your supreme mercy? Simply by Your touch, a dog atthined liberation. We've never seen such mercy, even in the pastiems of Lord Hrsikesa, Krishna. We hanker for Your mercy, so we too can attain the same destination as that dog.

    "O Gaura Raya, we bow down to Your wonderfully glorious lotus feet. You always overlook one's faults and offenses. In this way, any fortunate living entity who takes shelter of You, Lord Gauranga, will attain Goloka."

    Repeatedly singing these glorious transcendental pastimes, I, Locana Dasa, continually marvel at the divine incarnation known as Lord Gaurachandra.




    One day Sacimata and the neighboring ladies went to perform Sasthipuja under a banyan tree. [Sasthi is a female deity who protects children]. Sacimata, covering the food offering with the edge of her sari, proceeded along the footp.ath. Visvambhara, who was playing nearby, ran over to see what His mother was carrying.

    Extending His arms to the sides, Nimai blocked Saci's way and demanded, "Mother, what are you carrying? Let Me see."

    Sacimam said, "We are carefully taking offerings to worship Goddess Sasthi under the banyan tree. You just stay here and play. When I return I' 11 give You some sandesh and bananas. After worshiping Sasthi, I will ask for the boon that You'll be free from all suffering and inauspiciousness."

    Hearing this and knowing His mother's heart, Gaurahari, the personification of nectarean beauty, said softly, "Mother, again and again I will tell you. You don't understand, but I am experiencing great suffering right this minute. My belly is burning with hunger."

    Suddenly, as quick as lightning, Gaurahari snatched the sweets Saci was saving for Sasthi, and popped them in His mouth. Somewhat upset by this, Sacimata exclaimed, "Alas, what have You done! 0 You restless boy, how can I explain to You that You have disrespected the demigods? Why are You so mischievous, even though You are a brahmana's son? Seeing Your naughty behavior, I feel like giving up my body."

    Surprisingly, Gaurahari became very angry and said sternly, "Mother, you just don't understand anything. I know everything and I am all in the three worlds. I am one without a second for no one is equal to Me. Just as water poured on the root satisfies the whole tree, similarly, simply by worshiping Me alone, one’s whole life becomes complete and perfect.” Then Nimai Pandita quotet the Shrimad-Bhagavatam (3.31.14):

    “As pouring water on the root of a tree energizes the trunk, branches, twigs, and everything else, and supplying food to the stomach enlivens the senses and limbs of the body, simply worshiping the Supreme Personality of Godhead through devotional service satisfies the demigods, who are parts of that Supreme Personality.”

    after saying this, the clever boy Gaura warmly embraced His mother. Feeling astonished within her heart, Sacimata proceeded to worship  Goddess Sasthi. Sacimata prayed to the goddess, “My son Nimai is indomitable and disobedient. Sasthi Devi, please overlok His offenses. Nimai is my only treasure. You kindly gave Him to me. Please don’t let any trouble befall Him. Actually, this boy belongs to you, Sasthi Devi.”

    Holding a straw between her teeth, and falling at the feet of the elderly ladies, Sacimata said humbly, “Please bless my restless son Nimai. May His mind become peaceful and obedient. Everyone please bless my son that He may live forever.”

    After finishing Sasthi Puja, Sacimata took Nimai by the hand and walked home. Sacidevi told her husband, Jagganatha Misra, that she thought their son was the Supreme God of all gods. Locana Dasa says that Lord Gauranga now plays joyfully with His boyfriends.