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Chapter 1




with ecstasy, his lips quivered, his voice faltered, and his body trembled. He circumambulated Sacimata and offered obeisances to her.

    This stange behavior of the senior and respected Acarya surprised Sacidevi and filled Jagannatha Misra with doubts. Jagannatha Misra exclaimed, "Acarya Gosvami, what are you doing? I can't understand your unusual behavior. Please dispel our doubts. Otherwise I will burn in the fire of anxiety over this incident."

    Advaita Acarya replied, "Jagannatha, in the future you' 11 understand everything ."

    Realizing the inner meaning of the scriptures, Shri Advaita Prabhu displayed ecstatic symptoms in his body like crying and horripilation. Then he worshiped Saci's womb by smearing it with fragrant sandalwood paste. He circumambulated her seven times, offered his respects, and left without saying anything. Jagannatha Misra and Saci pondered over the incident, wondering why the Acarya had worshiped Saci's womb.

    Saci's womb now glowed a hundred times brighter. Forgetting herself, Sacidevi saw nothing but happiness everywhere. The demigods came down and stood before Sacidevi. Brahma, Siva, Saunaka, and others were praying:

    "All glories to the Lord who is eternal, unlimited, and one without a second. All glories to the infallible Lord who is eternal bliss personified. All glories to the Lord who always protects His devotees.

    "The SupremeLord is transcendental to the three modes of nature. All glories to Maha-Vishnu who lies in the causal ocean. All glories to the Lord of the spiritual sky who is the supreme root of-all existence. All glories to the Lord of Vaikuntha, the paramour lover of Radha. All glories to the Lord of the innumerable Vaikuntha planets.

    "All glories to the Lord who is known as dhira lalita. All glories, to the darling son of Nanda Maharaj a who steals the hearts of everyone. In Kali-yuga He manifests from the womb of Sacidevi in order to enjoy His transcendental pastimes in this world.

    "All glories to the Lord who bestows divine bliss upon all. Such unparalleled compassion has never been seen before. In Kali-yuga the Lord descends to give Himself to everyone without discrimination. After realizing this love, we still couldn't get even a pinch of it. Now You are freely distributing it to all.


"After tasting the sweet mellow of divine love Yourself, You'll give this taste to everyone without considering their defects. Eventhe candalas will relish it. Please give us a particle ofprema so we can join You in glorifying Radha and Krishna."

    Then the demigods circumambulated Lord Gauranga while saying, "All glories to the inaugurator of the sankirtana movement."

    With his four mouths, Lord Brahma offered varieties of prayers to Lord Gauranga. Sacidevi derived great satisfaction from hearing them. Sacidevi treated everyone with kindness. As Saci passed the tenth month of her pregnancy she felt ever- increasing happiness from all directions. On the auspicious day and moment of Gauranga's appearance, Rahu swallowed the full moon of the Phalguna month.


Nimai's Beauty Enchants the Universe


    The people of Nadia were standing in the Ganges and filling the atmosphere with the chanting of Hari-nama. A'gentle breeze scattered a celestial fragrance in all directions. Everyone in all ten directions felt extremely happy. All six seasons manifested simultaneously at the time of the Lord's auspicious appearance. Thrilled with joy, the demigods rushed down in their celestial airplanes to catch a glimpse of the golden baby. By the Lord's arrangemen't, the only sound heard during His advent was the loud chanting of "Had bol! Had bol !"

    The treasure of Vaikuntha appeared in the courtyard of Sacidevi. Her heart bursting with joy, Saci waved her hand and cried in a choked voice to her husband Jagannatha Misra, "Prabhu come quickly, see the beautiful face of y9ur son and make your life successful. The village ladies ran excitedly to bless the boy. When they saw Him they chanted, "Jai! Jai !" The demigods, the Nagakanyas [daughters of the snake king], and the personified Vedas also came to glorify Gaurahad.

    His every limb manifested an abundance of rasa. Gauranga's body was a condensed form of luscious nectar. Seeing this form soothed the eyes of all. It appeared to everyone that He was the paramour lover of the gopis.

    The ladies said, "We have never seen or heard of such a boy whose sight immediately makes our hearts palpitate with desire. We feel an irresistable attraction to Gaura Prabhu. Not a day passes when we don't see Him."

     The entire universe could not contain the boundless joy that Jagannatha Misra felt upon looking at the face of his boy. Gaura's face shone with the soothing glow of hundreds of moons. His smile resembled a blossoming lotus flower. His elegant, highly-raised nose defeated the beauty of a sesame flower.

     The rays of Gauranga's dazzling body appeared nectarean. Affection rises in the heart upon seeing His red lips, finely shaped chin, and shining cheeks. His neck resembles that of a lion, and His shoulders are as powerful as an elephant's. He has a broad chest, and His long arms hang to His knees. Gaura's entire body is saturated with bliss.

     His hips are wide and attractively curved. His powerful thighs taper like the trunk of a banana tree. His feet resemble a red lotus flower. The soles are marked with a flag, goad, camara, chariot, lightning bolt, umbrella, swastika, jambu fruit, and a triangle surrounded by waterpots.

     The combined effect of all 'this beauty was like a river flowing with nectar. These auspicious marks and symptoms indicated a most exalted personality, a king of kings. Indra, Candra, the Kinnaras and Gandharvas, and other demigods came to earth just to feast their eyes on Gauranga's indescribable beauty. Upon seeing the Lord, everyone's eyes became anointed with nectar, just as if they were seeing their dearmost lover.

Just after His birth everyone came to admire the sweet, satisfying beauty of the boy. Everyone felt very comfortable in His presence. They felt as if they already had a long- standing and intimate relationship withHim. Seeing the boy's beautiful golden limbs filled their hearts with unlimited happiness.                                            - _

     Millions of Cupids fled in shame upon beholding the beauty of His lotus face. The whole city filled with chants of "Jai ! Jai !" The ever-fresh transcendental Cupid had appeared as the son of Jagannatha Misra. Even the boy' s crying sounded like nectar to the ears. The ladies observing Him thought He must be an incarnation of the Lord of Goloka. Feeling great ecstasy, I, Locana Dasa, proclaim that the Lord of all creation has now appeared on earth.

     All glories to that boy who saturated the four directions in bliss. Hundreds of village housewives brought auspicious items like sweets, rice paste and vermillion. Sacidevi placed her baby on her lap and said in a faltering voice, "Everyone please bless Him with the dust of your feet. May He live forever. He is not my boy, but I still think of Him as mine." To protect the boy 's body, which defeats the taste of nectar, from any future dangers, the ladies suggested the name "Nimai."

    On the eighth day, Sacidevi performed the asta-kalai ceremony to please the local children by distributing eight types of kalai [dahl]. The next day on nava-ratri, the villagers enjoyed a blissful festival of singing. The darling son of Saci grew up gradually day by day like the waxing of the moon.

    Sacimata decorated Nimai's eyes with black kajjala [mascara] and marked His beautiful forehead with bright yellow tilaka. Sometimes Nimai would move His arms and legs in all directions as newborns always do. Then He would smile ever so sweetly, revealing His inner peace. With unblinking eyes, Jagannatha Misra and Sacidevi gazed at their wonderful boy.

    Every day Sacimata would massage Nimai with turmeric and scented oil. In motherly affection, she would kiss His cheeks repeatedly. Sacimam was the most blessed and fortunate person in the universe.

    As Nimai grew, the bliss of the residents of Nadia also increased day after day. They totally forgot the passage of time. The houses overflowed with joy. Not only the men and women, but even the young, old, and the blind became intoxicated with boundless happiness due to their love for Nimai.

    Nimai's face, more beautiful than the full moon in autumn, looked like Cupid personified. Renouncing their domestic dutiesrail the young girls of Nadia would run three times a day to see the darling Nimai. They would compete with each other to pick up the boy while saying, "Let me see, let me see !" Placing Nimai on their laps, they felt completely satisfied. In Nimai's association the girls felt an indescribable bliss that increased day after day and moment after moment.

    Desiring to attain the lotus feet of Shri Narahari Sarakara, I, Locana Dasa, sing the glorious pastimes of Lord Gauranga.