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Balya (Ages 1-5) Pastimes


Song 3 (Sindhuda raga)



 93. Day by day Shaci's son grew. To Shaci He was like a shower of nectar.

 94. To what shall I compare Him? I will not compare Him to anything. I have no power to do it. Still, my restless heart says: I will give a comparison."

 95. His face was like an eternally full moon. Even persons blind from birth would run to see Him.

 96. On His lips a half smile rested. He was like waves in an ocean of nectar.

 97. His reddish eyes were flooded with nectar. The nectar black kajjala decorating them were dams build to keep that flood of nectar from overflowing.

 98. Saintly Shaci and fortunate Jagannatha lovingly gazed at their son's face.

 99. One moment He laughed. Another moment He cried. Another moment He wanted something. Another moment He sat on Shaci's lap. Another moment He rode on a swing.

 100. Keeping His feet on Shaci's breasts, like a golden vine moving in the wind He swung back and forth.

 101. His eyes were very long. His loud laughter was charming. On His lips flowed a stream of nectar.

 102. His nose was charming like a parrot's beak. His symmetrical cheeks were effulgent.

 103. One, two, three, four, five, and six months passed. Then came the day of the nama-karana (name-giving) ceremony and anna-prashana (first-grain) ceremony.

 104. Jagannatha Mishra performed a great festival for his son. With many ornaments he decorated his son's golden body.

 105. Lord Gaura wore bracelets on His hands, armlets on His arms, a pearl necklace on Hix neck, a golden belt on His waist, and anklets on His feet.

 106. His palms and soles were anointed with red hingula. His lips were like a bandhuli flower. His eyes were like red lotus flowers.

 107. His fair limbs seemed washed with lightning. His limbs are so effulgent I have no power even to look at them.

 108. He was given the name Vishvambhara", which means the maintainer of the worlds". The learned followers of Goddess Sarasvati say this word is a name of the Supreme Personality of Godhead.

 109. On moment, holding His mother's and father's hands, He took two unsteady steps and then fell.

 110. He made a child's experiment in a few half-spoken syllables. His broken words were like nectar waves in an ocean agitated by the moon's rising.

 111. Day after day He walked in the courtyard. To the world He brought a soothing coolness. He destroyed the world's feverish sufferings.

 112. His feet worshiped by Goddess Lakshmi now rest in the earth's lap. Filled with love, the earth goddess now forgets herself.

 113. In the sky one moon shines, but on the earth ten moons now shine. Because of their light even the blind now have eyes.

 114. Those ten moons are Lord Gaura's fingertips. Seeing them, the blind-hearted sinners have become fortunate.

 115. Of how many millions of moons is Lord Gaura's face-moon the king? Offering them his bow, Kamadeva worships Lord Gaura's eyebrows.

 116. What more can I say? The moon of Lord Gaura's mercy cuts the darkness in the heart into pieces. That darkness has no power to resist.

 117. Who has the power to describe Lord Gaura's childhood pastimes? Although they seem like the actions of an ordinary child, they purify the whole earth.

 118. In a short time Lord Gaura's saintly elder brother, Vishvarupa, became learned in all the acriptures.

 119. Who has the power to describe His glories? His younger brother is Vishvambhara, Lord Mahaprabhu.

 120. Day by day Lord Gaura manifested His mercy. Hearing of it, Locana dasa feels his heart become filled with bliss.



Song 4 (Varadi raga)



 Refrain: O moon! Moon, moon up in the sky. Come down. I'll wash away your spots and make you a wonderful ornament on Gaura's cheeks.


 O! O! O, my golden son Nimai! You cry a great complaint. One thing You demand. Your demands are sweeter than nectar.


 121. Nimai's father will come with bananas and milk. Look, father will come. O bad boy, stop complaining. Close Your eyes.

 122. O boy whose face is a golden lotus, O boy whose eyes are red lotuses, O boy whose half-closed eyes are glistening stars. Your eyes are two black bees swimming in an ocean of sweet honey."

 123. After preparing the soft bed with cotton quilts, Shaci, holding her son in her arms, lay on her side and slept.

 124. From one breast He drank with His mouth while the other He grasped with His fingers. Locana dasa says: The crest jewel of all the demigods acted like a small boy.



Song 5 (Dhanashi raga)



 Refrain: O! O! O! O! O! O! O! O! Please hear these songs of Lord Gaura's glorious, songs full of wonderful stories, songs full of holy names auspicious for the ears!


 125. Please carefully hear another story, a story of what happened on another day, a story of how Lord Gaura revealed His true identity.

 126. In one room was Jagannatha Mishra, and in another room Shaci, her son in her arms, happily slept.

 127. How many soldiers filled the empty room? Seeing them, Shaci was frightened.  128. From Shaci's arms these demigods took Lord Gaura. They placed Him on a jewel throne.

 129. They performed an abhishek and various kinds of worship. Then they circumambulated Lord Gaura, fell down before Him, and grasped His feet.

 130. Again and again they sounded bells and conchsells. They made a great sound of Jaya! Jaya Hari!  131. Glory, Glory to the master of the worlds, the protector of the devotees! In Kali-yuga You have come to rescue us.

 132. Please give us the nectar treasure of Vrindavana. O Lord Vishvambhara, this we beg at Your feet.

 133. Again and again Shaci watched all this. She was shocked. Son! Son!" She called. She was very afraid.

 134. She was not afraid for herslef, but only for her son, who was her very life. She grabbed the boy and took Him to Jagannatha Mishra.

 135. She said: There are no demigods in the room where Your father sleeps. Go there and happily sleep in his arms."  136. On His mother's words, Vishvambhara went there. Although He wore no anklets, Shaci heard the tinkling of anklets as He walked.

 137. When Lord Gaura, the creat jewel of the demigods, left the room, all the demigods followed Him with folded hands.

 138. Then Lord Gaura said: Don't stare at Me, O demigods. Sing the pastimes of Shri Shri Radha and Krishna." That He said to them.

 139. Gathering the demigods together, He made them sing about ecstatic love for Shri Shri Radha-Krishna. Touching them, Lord Gaurachandra filled them with bliss.

 140. He wept and He made the demigods weep also. In the courtyard Lord Gaura called out: Radha! Radha! Govinda!"

 141. He called,out: Kalindi! Yamuna! Vrindavana!" Then the demigods very joyfully called out: Radha! Radha!"

 142. Watching her son's pastimes, Mother Shaci fell unconscious. Hearing all the noise, Jagannatha Mishra became agitated.

 143. Jagannatha Mishra called out: Shaci! What's that noise I hear?" Frightened Shaci screamed.

 144. Jagannatha ran outside. His son hugged both father and mother. Then, seeing his son's feet had no anklets, Jagannatha forgot herself.  145. At that moment Lord Krishna's pastimes came into his thoughts. Then Shaci described what she had seen.

 146. She said: Brahma, Shiva, and other demigods came here on celestial airplanes and served our son.

 147. Our son sang `Radha! Krishna!' while the demigods danced in our courtyard.I heard all this. I think it was like a dream.

 148. Seeing all this, I became afraid. Then I sent Him to you. His feet had no anklets. Still, I heard the tinkling of anklets as He walked.

 149. Our boy has such a glorious form. I don't know what I should do.

 150. Seven of our daughters have died. If this boy leaves us I will not live any longer.

 151. I don't have five or seven children. Nimai is the star of my eye. As a walking stick is a blind man's greatest treasure, He is my greatest treasure.

 152. As the body cannot live without the precious soul, so I cannot live without my Gaurachandra.

 153. Please think of some way to protect Him from dangers, some way where the demigods, from first to last, all bring auspiciousness to Him."

 154. In this way the night passed. Then the sun rose. Shaci's son then went to play with the other boys.

 155. For some moments rolling on the ground in the courtyard, He was covered with dust. Seeing this, unhappy Shaci said:

 156. Your glorious body is like a golden statue. I cannot compare it to anything. It is like the moon in the sky.

 157. Why do You roll Your beautiful body in the dust? That is like biting Your mother's head."

 158. After saying these words, Shaci washed the dust away and then kissed her son's face. The hairs of her body stood erect. Her eyes were red.

 159. On another day Shaci's son went wandering with the other boys His age.

 160. Under a tree by the Ganga's bank they played like monkeys. They stood on one foot.

 161. Hearing of this, Shaci went to the Ganga's bank to get Lord Gaura-Hari.

 162. With one knee up and the other knee down, He stood on one foot. Seeing this, Mother Shaci loudly called to Him.

 163. Seeing His mother, Lord Gaura fled. Like a maddened elephant He ran.

 164. Catch Him! Catch Him!", Shaci called. My Lord, the jewel of the brahmanas, continued to run.

 165. Shaci pursued, but could not catch Him. Lord Gaura ran home.

 166. Once home, He grabbed every pot and every vessel. He threw and broke every one.

 167. She rested her finger on the side of her nose, Shaci wanted to punish Him. Lord Vishvambhara bowed His head in shame.

 168. His whole body trembled in shame. As He bowed His head, tears streamed from His eyes.

 169. His face was like the moon. His eyes were like restless khanjana birds. His tears were like strings of pearls.

 170. Gazing at Lord Gaura's face, Shaci became filled with love. Hugging Him, she said, My bad boy."

 171. Holding Him in her arms, Shaci said: I must wash you of all these things from the house."

 172. In this way Lord Gaura-Hari enjoyed many pastimes. Shaci had no power to understand her son's mind.

 173. The shoreless ocean of His pastimes is beyond the knowing the Vedas or of the world. Shaci had no power to understand His wild arrogance.

 174. She knew her son Nimai was very restless and mischievous. With an unhappy heart she meditated on the Supreme Lord.

 175. One day, meeting with the other women, she placed before them a question and a request.

 176. She said: My son is very frivolous. He acts whimsically. He does not use His intelligence.

 177. He does one thing and says another. I have mo power to understand Him. He does not consider whether His actions are pure."

 178. Hearing this, the ladies sadly wept. Meeting Lord Gaurachandra, they hugged him and said:

 179. Why, why, O child, do You act so badly?" Hearing these words, Lord Gaura became very restless and mischievous.

 180. Seeing this, the ladies became sad at heart. They at once saw what Shaci had described.

 181. The ladies asked, When did He start to act like this?" Shaci said: I don't know what to say.

 182. One night, as I held my son in my arms, all the demigods entered my room.

 183. They placed my Nimai on a throne. Falling like sticks, they bowed down before Him.

 184. Rising from sleep, I saw all these wonders. From that time my son has been very independent."

 185. Hearing this, everyone truthfully said: We think one of those demigods has entered His body.

 186. Assembling all the brahmanas, Jagannatha Mishra should perform a yajna where all the demigods are called by name.

 187. In the part of the yajna where blessings are asked, he should ask blessings for his son. When the demigods are worshiped in this way, the demigod that now haunts your son will leave and return to his home.

 188. Shaci, don't worry. This we say for certain: If you worship the demigods you will become fearless."

 189. Taking the dust from their feet, Shaci bid farewell to the ladies. Then she approached Jagannatha Mishra and told him all that had happened.

 190. Hearing all this, Jagannatha Mishra became worried. Calling all the brahmanas, he performed the yajna.

 191. Then Shaci took Lord Gaurachandra for a bath in the Ganga. She thought: Now His mischievousness is ended."

 192. Lord Vishvambhara went ahead and Shaci followed. She watched and watched as the Lord went to an unclean place.

 193. He touched some rejected pots, and then continued on. Seeing this, Mother Shaci said: Alas! Alas!

 194. Now my son is even more mischievous. He stays far away from good deeds."

 195. Then she angrily called to Him: Bad! Bad!" Hearing her words, Lord Vishvambhara compassionately said:

 196. What is pure and impure? What is religious and not religious? Not knowing the answers to these questions, the whole world is on the verge of destruction.

 197. This material world is made of earth, water, air, fire, ether, and form. Here is nothing else.

 198. There is no religion but Lord Krishna's feet. The heart of religion says: Lord Krishna is thre master of all masters of all masters."

 199. Hearing these words, Shaci became filled with wonder. Taking Lord Gauranga with her, she bathed in the Ganga.

 200. Returning home, she said to Jagannatha Mishra: O saintly one, please hear what our boy has done.

 201. Our son is all yajnas personified. He knows the conclusion of religion. He alone, and no one else, knows it.

 202. He went to an unclean place and then He spoke words I never saw or heard a child speak.

 203. Hearing these words, Jagannatha Mishra hugged his son. He said: Maybe You touched an unclean place, but all is good now.

 204. You are the lamp of my family, the star of my eye. As the body cannot live without the soul, so I cannot live without You."

 205. When these words were spoken, Shaci and Jagannatha Mishra both gazed at their son's face. Overcome with love, they forgot themselves.

 206. A hundred streams of tears flowed from their reddened eyes. The hairs of their bodies stood erect. They spoken with broken words.

 207. Smiles were born on both their faces. Locana dasa thus happily sings thr glories of Lord Gaura.



Song 6 (Shriraga - Disha)



 Refrain: Glory, glory to Lord Gauranga! Glory, glory to Lord Gauranga! Alas! Why do I not taste the nectar bliss of love for Lord Gauranga?


 208. Day by day, moment by moment, Lord Gaura's body grew. He became like Mount Sumeru.

 209. His sweet words were like flooding streams of nectar. Hearing them, Mother Shaci felt her heart become filled with wonderful bliss.

 210. Sometimes she would tell Him something, and Lord Gaura would reply: I can't hear your words."

 211. Then She would playfully shout the words. Still, forest-flower-garlanded Lord Gaura only said: I can't hear."

 212. Mother Shaci was completely overcome with a mother's love. Wild with anger, she picked up a stick as if to chase Him.  213. Proud boy! You cannot hear me?", she called out. When I am old You will not give me even a grain of rice."

 214. In this way she spoke. Shaci's son still insisted: I cannot hear My mother's words."

 215. Then Shaci became very angry. One glance was enough. Lord Gaura fled. Stick in hand, Shaci chased Him.

 216. Lord Gaura ran to an unclean place where rejected clay pots were thrown.

 217. Seeing this, Mother Shaci put her hand to her head. Ha! Ha!", she angrily said.

 218. Now she was even more angry at Lord Vishvambhara. To the top of the heap of rejected pots He climbed.

 219. Hearing her angry words, He did the exact opposite. Realizing this, Shaci happily and affectionately said:

 220. Come. Come, dear son. Give up these horrible acts. It is not right. You should follow a brahmana's dharma.

 221. You are a brahmana's boy. You were born in a very good family. What will the people say when they hear about Your horrible acts?

 222. Come. Come, dear son. Bathe in the Ganga's waters. Your mother's life is cracking. Come and give me a hug.

 223. If You don't, I will die. I will jump in the Ganga and drown. Then You'll only stay at home, walk from room to room, and cry and cry.

 224. Your body is like the purest gold. Why do You rub ashes on Your beautiful body?

 225. My dear boy, please leave this horrible unclean place. The ashes on Your body are like the spots on the moon."

 226. Hearing these words, Lord Vishvambhara became angry. Again and again He said: You don't understand.

 227. When you speak the words `clean' and `unclean' you are not speaking very intelligently. What is clean? What is unclean? Try to understand My questions."

 228. After speaking these words, Lord Gaura picked up a piece of brick in His hand. With the brick He struck His mother's head.

 229. With that blow Mother Shaci pretended to fall unconscious. Calling out, Mother! Mother!", Lord Gaura wept again and again.

 230. Hearing the Lord's weeping, the village ladies ran there.

 231. They sprinkled Ganga water on Shaci's face. She became conscious again. As soon as she became conscious, she called out, Vishvambhara!"

 232. Holding her son in her arms, Shaci again fell unconscious.

 233. Looking at His mother, Vishvambhara wept. Then a smiling glorious woman spoke to Him.  234. Touching His chin, she said to Vishvambhara: Bring two coconuts for Your mother.

 235. Then You will bring her back to life. Hear my words. If You do not, she will die."

 236. Hearing this, Lord Vishvambhara became happy. In a moment He returned with two coconuts.

 237. In a moment He affectionately gave the two coconuts to His mother.

 238. Seeing this, the ladies were astonished. From where did the boy get two coconuts in a single moment?

 239. Then one very glorious and graceful lady gently gently asked Lord Vishvambhara:

 240. Child, from were did You get the coconuts? From You actions I can know a little of Your true nature."

 241. Hearing these words, Lord Vishvambhara cried out and hugged His mother's neck.

 242. Returning to consciousness, Shaci hugged her son. Millions and millions of times she kissed His lotus face.

 243. With the edge of her garment she wiped His face and limbs. Then she bathed His body in the Ganga's waters.

 244. Bathing Him, she performed an abhisheka with the Ganga's waters. Her heart filled with wonder, she gazed at her son's face.

 245. He was deep like the ocean. He glistened like ten million suns. His ten fingernails and ten toenails were more glorious than ten million moons lighting up the night.

 246. His graceful form defeated ten million Kamadevas. His playful curved eyebrows were bows held by the archer Kamadeva.

 247. Gazing at her son, who is the master of all the worlds, the Supreme Lord now manifest on the earth, Mother Shaci felt fear in her heart.

 248. She remembered the secret of how when she was pregnant she saw many demigods arrive in their airplanes.

 249. Then she remembered her son's other activities.

 250-253. She decided: The effulgent, eternal, untouched by matter Supreme Lord Narayana, whose form is not material, who is everything, who posseses all powers, who is self-satisfied, who is the peerless object of the yogi kings' meditations, and who is worshiped by everyone has now become my son. Brahma, Shiva, and all the demigods do not know how fortunate I have become." Thinking and thinking in this way, she hugged Lord Gaura Raya.

 254. Hugging Him, Shaci-devi forgot all thoughts of Lord Gaura-Hari's supreme power and opulence. Again she became convinced that He was only her small son.

 255. Filled with wonder, Shaci returned home. What demigod has entered my son?"  256. In this way she worried. To protect Him, she placed her hand on His body. She chanted: O Lord Janardana, Lord Hrishikesha, Lord Govinda."

 257. May the Sudarshana-cakra protect Your head. May Lord Narayana protect Your eyes, nose, and mouth.

 258. May Lord Gadadhara protect Your chest. May Lord Giridhari protect Your arms.

 259. May Lord Damodara protect Your belly. May Lord Nrisimha protect Your navel.

 260. May Lord Trivikrama protect Your two knees. May Lord Dharadhara protect Your two feet."

 261. Then Mother Shaci blew air on every part of Lord Gaura's body. She was completely convinced that Lord Gaura was her son.

 262. In this way a blissful day passed. Then an auspicious sunset came.

 263. Shaci gave the servants and maidservants their sunset duties. Then, taking Lord Gaura-Hari with her, she went to the courtyard.

 264. After the sun set a full moon rose in the sky.

 265. Then Lord Gaura, who knows everything, acted as if He were a foolish child. Mother! Mother!", He called out.

 266. Shaci said: Don't cry at sunset. Hear my words. Whatever You want I will give You."

 267. Then Lord Gaura said: Bring the moon down here and give it to Me." Laughing and laughing, Shaci said: Ha! You don't understand.

 268. Alas! Alas, that such a son is in my house. Who has the power to grasp the moon in the sky?"

 269. Then the Lord said: You said You would give whatever I wanted. Why did you say that?

 270. My heart wants the moon." Speaking these words, Lord Gaura loudly cried.

 271. Grasping His mother's sash, He wept and spoke many different demands. He stomped His feet. He rubbed His eyes.

 272. Clinging to mother's neck, Lord Gaura Raya wept. He wanted to play with the moon in the sky.

 273. One moment he made His demand. The next moment He rolled on the ground. Then He pulled His mother's hair. His body was covered with dust. With His hand He struck His own head.

 274. Seeing all this, Mother Shaci said: Son, You don't understand. I am very surprised to see what You have done.

 275. Who has the power to grasp the moon up in the sky? How many moons now shine on Your own body?

 276. Look. As he watches You, the moon has become ashamed. That is why it is dark now. The moon is ashamed to appear before You.

 277. Aware that You are present, the moon of Navadvipa is not manifest. Ashamed, he hides behind the clouds.

 278. He is afraid that You are now in Navadvipa. Please hear my words. Don't cry, dear child. You are my very life."

 279. Speaking these words, Shaci hugged and kissed her son. She gazed at His face. Filled with ecstatic spiritual love, she forgot herself.

 280. In this way Shaci was overcome with bliss. Alas! Alas! I did not see Lord Gaura's childhood pastimes.

 281. Her heart overcome with bliss, Shaci spoke broken words. In this way Locana dasa joyfully sings Lord Gaura's glories.



Song 7 (Dhanashi raga - Madhya-chanda)



 Refrain: Glory, glory, glory to Shaci's son! He is thre youthful root of all bliss. Accompnied by a host of other boys, He happily played. In this way He enjoyed His childhood pastimes.


 282. With many playful boys He played many games. With many boys He enjoyed childhood pastimes, blissful and wonderful pastimes.

 283. Playing and playing, He suddenly met two or four puppies. Very happy, Lord Gaura-Hari chose one of them.

 284. Then one of His companions said: Listen Vishvambhara. You chose the best puppy and left the ugly ones for us. You go home. We won't play with You."

 285. Then Lord Vishvambhara said: This puppy belongs to all of us. Come to My house and We'll all play with him."

 286. Speaking these words, and taking the puppy with Him, Lord Gaura went to His house. Arriving home, He put a rope around the puppy's neck and tied him to the veranda.

 287. All this time Lord Vishvambhara's mother was busy with household chores. Then, accompanied by the village ladies, she went to bathe in the Ganga.

 288. Now the house now empty. Accompnaied by the boys, Lord Vishvambhara played many games with the puppy. They all became covered with dust.

 289. As they played and played, a quarrel was born among the boys. One boy praised Lord Gaura-Hari, and another boy rebuked Him.

 290. Lord Gaura said: Every day you come, and every day you pick a fight. Why do you act like that?" The other boy said: I know what You're like. You stole the puppy."

 291. Angry at heart, that boy ran off. Meeting Mother Shaci, with a voice choked with anger he called out:

 292. Listen! Listen! Your Vishvambhara has a pet puppy. One moment He hugs the puppy. The next moment He holds the puppy's neck. Go and see for yourself."

 293. Hearing the boy's words, Shaci hurried home. She saw the puppy in Lord Vishvambhara's lap,

 294. Putting her hand to her head, Mother Shaci said: Why do You play like this? I do not know. There are so many ways You could play. Still You play with a puppy. You are very mischievous.

 295. Your father is very religious. You are his son. What will the people say? What happiness do You think You will find by playing with a puppy?

 296. You are a brahmana's son, but You do not even slightly act like one. What good words will I speak to defend You? Ah, the words I will hear will be like an iron spear pushed into my heart.  297. What happiness do You find by covering Your beautiful form with dust? I bow my head to speak such words. I feel that flames burn in my mouth.

 298. How many moons does Your face defeat? Your limbs are like lightning. You do not wear nice garments. Instead You cover Your limbs with dust and stay among low-class boys."

 299. Angrily pressing her teeth to her lip, Shaci-devi rebuked all the boys. To Lord Gaura she said: Go to Your room and take Your puppy with You. You can renounce Your mother and father."

 300. After speaking these words, she looked at her son's face. She was overcome with bliss. Then she said: Come. Dear one, come and sit in my lap. Be quiet. I will kiss Your face.

 301. Leave Your dog, O dear one, and bathe in ths Ganga's waters. Six hours of the day have already passed. And You are not hungry? How much trouble do You give to me?

 302. Tie up your puppy, and go take Your bath. Later You can play with Your puppy. Now You should eat some lunch."

 303. As a golden lotus wilts in the hot sunshine, so Lord Gaura's face wilted. On the tip of His nose a drop of perspiration awakened. Gazing at her son, Shaci felt her life breath split apart.

 304. Hearing Mother Shaci's words, Lord Vishvambhara smiled and said: I will go to bathe."  305. Speaking these words, the Lord hugged His mother's neck and prepared for His bath. Wiping the dust from His face, Mother Shaci anointed the Lord's limbs with scented oil.

 306. For His bath Lord Vishvambhara went to the Ganga's bank. He happily palyed with His friends in the Ganga's waters.

 307. Lord Vishvambhara's form was wonderful and immovable like Mount Sumeru. As a wild elephant plays in the water with its companions, so Lord Vishvambhara played in the water with His friends.  308. Meanwhile Shaci-devi set the puppy free. She said: I do not know where the puppy went. Perhaps the puppy ran to his own mother."

 309. One of the boys was there at that time. He ran to the Ganga's bank and said: Vishvambhara, Your mother set the puppy free."

 310. Hearing the boy's words, the Lord ran home. He saw that the puppy was gone.

 311. He looked in the four directions. He did not see the puppy. His heart burned with flames of anger. He wept. He rebuked His mother. He was overcome with grief for His puppy.

 312. He said: Listen, O foolish mother. Why did you do that? You gave Me great suffering. That puppy was very beautiful. Why did you do that?"

 313. Shaci said: I did not know what happened to Your puppy. Perhaps some boys came and stole him.

 314. Why must You cry for a puppy? Tomorrow I will search in forest after forest. I will find Your puppy and bring him back.

 315. Don't lament. Stop Your lament. I will bring back Your puppy. I promise. Don't weep. Please don't weep anymore."

 316. After speaking these words, she wiped the tears from her son's face and hugged Him. Gazing at His face, she became filled with bliss. She kissed Him millions and millions of times.

 317. She wiped His limbs, pretending to make Him a little more clean, and then she bathed Him with the Ganga's waters. Then she fed Him many delicious sandesha, modaka, kshira, and kadalaka candies.

 318. She tied His hair in a topknot and she decorated His eyes with splendid black kajjala. She made Him completely splendid.

 319. Around His waist she tied a red sash that hung to His toes. On His chest she rested a string of pearls. On His forehead she placed sandal tilaka.

 320. She decorated Him with bracelets and armlets of priceless jewels. On His feet she placed anklets. Grasping kshira and ladu candies in His hands, He went to play with the boys.

 321. His graceful walking defeated the graceful wild elephants. His voice was like thick honey. Surrounded by the boys, Lord Gaura, the king of the brahmanas, was like a moon surrounded by stars.

 322. Gazing at the Lord as He played, the demigods all smiled. Seeing that Lord Gaura touched even cats and dogs, Locana dasa is filled with wonder.



Song 8



 323. By Lord Gauranga's touch a dog became fortunate. Abandoning his dog's nature, he became filled with transcendental knowledge.

 324. Calling out, Radha-Krishna! Govinda!", the dog danced. Everyone in Nadiya ran to see him.

 325. Everyone watched as the dog manifested signs of ecstasy. The hairs of his body stood erect. His eyes were filled with tears.

 326. That soul suddenly renounced his dog's body and went to Lord Krishna's abode of Goloka.

 327. A divine airplane suddenly arrived and took that soul on the path in the sky.

 328. Decorated with jewels and pearls, that golden airplane glistened like a thousand-rayed sun.

 329. Millions and millions of bells chimed. Hosts and hosts of karatalas sounded.

 330. Hearing the sounds of the conchshells and the calls of Jaya1" and Hari!", the gandharvas an kinnaras sang the glories of Shri Shri Radha-Krishna.

 331. The airplane was decorated with hosts of flags. It glistened like the circle of the sun.

 332. In the middle of the airplane the handsome, splendid, charming newly-liberated soul sat on a jewel throne.

 333. He was pleasant coolness defeated ten million moons. He chanted, Radha-Krishna! Gauranga!"

 334. A host of siddhas fanned him with camara whisks. In this way he traveled on the path to Goloka.

 335. Brahma, Shiva, Sanaka, and a host of others stood before him with folded hands. Surrounding him on the airplane, they all sang the glories of Lord Gauranga.

 336. They sang: Glory, glory to Shaci's son, who is an ocean of mercy! O Lord, why are You not merciful to us in this way?

 337. You delivered a dog, gave him a spiritual body, and took him to Goloka. Why will You not do the same for us?

 338. Glory, glory to Lord Gaura-Hari, the shelter of the shelterless! Glory, glory to Him, the best of all avataras!

 339. By Your mercy the souls who live in Kali-yuga will be delivered. What other wonderful pastimes will You manifest?

 340. When will we demigods become fortunate? When will we attain the mercy of Your feet?

 341. By touching him, You delivered a dog. Even when You were Lord Krishna You were not kind in this way.

 342. When will we become fortunate? You gave perfection to a dog. We pray that we may become fortunate like him.

 343. Obeisances, obeisances to You, O Lord Gaura Raya, whom only the pure and faultless may see! Obeisances, obeisances to Your two graceful feet!

 344. We demigods are all the Lord's followers and servants. When will we attain Lord Gaurachandra's feet?"

 345. In this way that very fortunate soul went to Goloka, and the great devotees sang the glories of lord Gauranga.

 346. In this way very wonderful pastimes of Lord Gaurachandra were manifest. With great joy Locana dasa describes them.



Song 9



 347. One day Shaci-devi in her heart decided to follow a vow of worshiping Goddess Shashthi. Accompanied by the village ladies, she observed that vow under a banyan tree.

 348. She prepared nice offerings of food, ceovered them with the edge of her garment, she happily carried them to the banyan tree.

 349. At that moment Lord Vishvambhara Raya was playing and playing on the path. Seeing His mother, He ran to her and asked: What do You carry in Your hands?"

 350. Extending His arms, He blocked the path. He wanted to stop His mother. What is it? What offering do you carry? I want it." He demanded.

 351. She said: I carry food offerings to worship the demigods. I am going to a banyan tree to worship Goddess Shashthi. Now You go and play.

 352. Listen, dear son. Later I will come back and give You sandesha and banana. Now I will worship the goddess. I will ask a boon from her. With her boon I will destroy all Your sufferings."

 353. In this way she spoke. Aware of what was in His mother's heart, Shri Vishvambhara gently spoke. Wwords like nectar came to His mouth.

 354. He said: Again and again I tell You, O foolish mother, that You do not understand. Great flames burn in My stomach. I will eat the offering now."

 355. Speaking these words, Lord Gaura-Hari grabbed the offering and pushed it into His mouth. Seeing this, Mother Shaci said: Alas! Alas! Flames of suffering now burn in my heart.

 356. I have seen my Vishvambhara eat the sweets meant to be offered to the demigods, sweets made of honey and milk and ghee." Flames burned in Shaci's heart. Tears of anger streamed from her eyes.

 357. She said: Foolish son, how many times have I tried to teach You? Still You do not honor the demigods! You are a brahmana's son. Still You act badly. Because of You I will die of suffering."

 358. Hearing His mother's words, the jewel that is Lord Gaura became angry. Flames burned in His heart. He said: You don't know anything. The words You speak to Me are nonsense.

 359. Listen, foolish mother. I know everything. I am the most exalted person in the three worlds. I Myself am the whole world. The three worlds are not something different from Me.

 360. As by watering a tree's root one waters all the branches, and as by feeding the stomach one protects all the senses, so it is written of Me (Shrimad-Bhagavatam 4.31.14):


361. yatha taror mula-nishecanena

 tripyanti yat-skandha-bhujopashakhah

pranopaharac ca yathendriyanam

 tathaiva sarvarhanam acyutejya



 `As pouring water on the root of a tree energizes the trunk, branches, twigs, and everything else, and as supplying food to the stomach enlivens the senses and limbs of the body, simply worshiping the Supreme Personality of Godhead trhough devotional service automatically satisfies the demigods, who are parts of the Supreme Personality.' "*

  362. After speaking these wise words, Lord Gaura-Hari hugged His mother's neck. Her heart filled with wonder, Shaci went to worship Goddess Shashthi.

 363. In many was she served Goddess Shashthi. With a voice choked with emotion she begged: O goddess, my son is very mischievous. Please forgive His offenses.

 364. You gave Him to me. Why should you take His offenses seriously. Please give auspiciousness to my son. Please don't be angry with Him.

 365. I do not have five or seven sons. Nimai is my great treasure. Please be merciful to Him. Let no calamity befall Him. O goddess, this boy is yours.

 366. After speaking these words, Shaci fell at the feet of the elder ladies. Humbly bowing before them, she begged: Please give a blessing.

 367. Please give the dust of your feet so I may place it on my son's head. Then my very mischievous son will become sober and intelligent."

 368. Placing a straw between her teeth, Shaci spoke these words. Worshiping the elder ladies' feet, she prayed: Please bless my son Vishvambhara that He will live a long life."

 369. Thus completing her worship of Goddess Shashthi, Shaci-devi, holding her son's hand, returned home. Later to Jagannatha Mishra she revealed what was in her heart.

 370. What more can I say? Lord Gaura is the master of all the demigods. Manifest on the earth, He enjoyed many pastimes playing with a host of boys. Thus says Locana dasa.



Song 10 (Varadi raga - Dirgha-chanda)



 371. On another day Shaci's son was playing in the dust of the royal path. His body was like a golden mountain covered with dust. He was accompanied by His friends.

 372. Child after child played in the dust. One moment they hurled insults at each other. They next moment, their bodies clothed only by the four directions, they fought in the battlefield of dust. They were all the same age. Assembled together, their hearts beat as one. Because of the great effort they put into their playing, they were covered with drops of perspiration.

 373. Together they played and played. They would hide, and then suddenly appear on the path. At that time, accompanied by his followers, a pandita learned in the path of jnana walked down that path.

 374. Gesturing with his hands and moving his head, he was explaining the yoga-shastras. Seeing this, Lord Vishvambhara, imitating his words and gestures, followed behind him.

 375. From the corner of his eye glancing at the Lord, the physician Murari continued his explanation of yoga. To Lord Vishvambhara he spoke about yoga. He spoke as if his hand was stuck in his mouth.

 376. Again and again Lord Gaura-Hari and the boys mocked him. Seeing that he was being mocked, the physician Murari angrily said:

 377. Who says this boy is well-behaved? I see this is Jagannatha Mishra's son. Everywhere I have heard of His glories. His name is Nimai."

 378. Hearing thesae words, Lord Gaura-Hari, out of kindness to His followers, became angry. Knitting His eyebrows, eloquent Lord Gaura-Hari said: When you take your meal I will teach you something.

 379. Hearing these words, Murari thought within his heart. His heart filled with wonder, he returned to his home. Absorbed in huis household duties, he forgot what had happened. Then the time for his meal came.

 380. Lord Vishvambhara-Hari clad Himself in opulent garments, tied a sash about His waist, tied His hair in a triple topknot, and placed about His neck a string of tulasi beads and another string of great pearls.

 381. He anointed His eyes with black kajjala, tied His hair five times, and decorated His body with glistening golden ornaments. On His feet he placed anklets. Carrying kshira-ladus in His hands, Lord Vishvambhara walked.

 382. He walked to Murari Gupta's house. The king of physicians was taking his meal. With a voice like a thundering cloud the Lord compassionately called out: Murari!"

 383. Hearing that sound, Murari remembered what Lord Vishvambhara had said. His heart was filled with wonder. Asking, What are you doing? What are you doing?" Lord Gaura-Hari approached.

 384. He said: Don't be frightened. It is only I. Continue with your meal." As Murari ate, slowly slowly the Lord approached. Suddenly Lord Gaura passed urine, filling the plate.  385. Ah! Ah! What, what are You doing?", Murari cried as he jumped up. Clapping his hands, Lord Gaura chanted: You walked away from the path of devotion. Waving your hands and moving your head, you talk about yoga."

 386. Give up karma and jnana! With all your heart worship Lord Krishna! Become learned in tasting the nectar of devotional service. Become filled with spiritual bliss. He who sees only matter cannot make progress in devotion. He is fool. His intelligence has no power to understand devotion.

 387. Lord Hari is supremely merciful. He has all powers. He is the father of all souls. From Him the eternal Brahman is manifest. He is the life's treasure of the gopis. Why do you not dedicate your life to worshiping Him?"

 388. Where did jewellike Lord Gaura go after He spoke those words? I have no power to say. All of a sudden Murari Gupta had no power to see Him. Again and again in his heart Murari thought: He is not different from the Lord! Shaci's son is the Supreme Lord Himself!"

 389. Thinking in this way, Murari Gupta hurriedly left his house. He had no power to walk on the regular path. His heart was overcome with bliss. Somehow he arrived at Jagannatha Mishra's house.

 390. Shaci and Jagannatha Mishra were caressing their son. To Him they said: You are our nectar treasure. Wherever we go, whatever sufferings we feel, we forget them all when we gaze at the moon of Your face."

 391. Speaking these words, they both kissed His two cheeks. At the same moment they both hugged Him. At that moment Murari Gupta arrived. Overcome with bliss, he did not speak a word.

 392. Seeing him, Shaci and Jagannatha Mishra became alarmed. They at once stood up before their physician guest. Murari did not say anything. He had forgotten everything. He only gazed at Lord Gaurachandra's face.

 393. From his head to his feet the hairs of his body stood erect. Flooding streams of tears flowed from his eyes. His reddish eyes were filled with love. He spoke with broken words.

 394. He fell like a stick before Lord Gaura's feet. Again and again he bowed down. Watching him, and acting as if He did not understand, Lord Gaura sat in His mother's lap.

 395. Shaci and Jagannatha Mishra said: Ah! What happened? What happened? We see you are like a demigod. Please bless our son. Did He do something very bad?

 396. O great sudra-muni, you teach the whole world. Diod our boy offend you? Let whatever is destined to happen to us happen, but let only goiod fall on our son. Saying, `May He live long', please bless our son."

 397. Speaking these words, Shaci and Jagannatha Mishra grasped Murari's hand and humbly bowed down before him. Smiling, Murari Gupta said: Your son Vishvambhara is the master of the masters of the demigods.

 398. In the future you will know your son's true identity. No one is fortunate like you. In your hearts remember my words: Your Vishvambhara is the Supreme Lord."

 399. Saying these words, Murari Gupta spoke no more. He quickly left. His heart filled with bliss from having seen Lord Gaura's feet, he went to Advaita Acarya's home.

 400. Advaita Acarya is the abode of all transcendental virtuese. He is the siksa-guru of all living entities. Humbly falling at the Acarya's feet, Murari said: To the devotees You are like a kalpa-vriksha tree.

 401. I have seen a great wonder. Jagannatha Mishra's son Vishvambhara Nimai Pandita, who plays like a child with other children, is the most exalted person in the world."

 402. Hearing these words, Advaita Acarya, who si the jewel of the brahmanas, made a great roaring sound. On every limb of His body the hairs stood erect. He said: I will tell you the secret of secrets. He si the Supreme Lord. His body is the goddess of fortune's resting place. He tastes the nectar of transcendental love."

 403. When these words were spoken, the two of them made a great roraing sound. Overcome with bliss, They forgot everything. Only fools do not believe this story. The truth is that the master of all the worlds mercifully descnded to the earth. In this way Locana dasa sings thr glories of Lord Gaura.



Song 11 (Bhatiyari raga - Disha)



 404. Hearing how He had filled the four directions with sounds of Hari! Haribol!", Lord Gaura, the jewel of the brahmanas, chanted Jaya! Jaya!", clapped His hands, and danced.

 405. Assembling all the boys, Lord Gaura made a game of chanting Lord Hari's holy names.

 406. Surrounding Him on four sides, the boys chanted, Hari! Hari!" Overcome with bliss, Lord Gaura rolled on the ground  407. With a voice like thundering clouds He called, Chant! Chant!" Replying, He has come! He has come!", the boys embraced Him.

 408. Touching Lord Gaura's graceful limbs, the boys forgot themselves. Overcome, they fell to the ground and wept.

 409. From head to foot the hairs of the bodies stood erect. Flooding streams of tears flowed down their necks. Clapping their hands, the boys chanted, Hari! Hari!"

 410. Surrounded on four sides by the boys, Lord Gaura was like a lion, or like a bumblebee madly flying in a nectar lotus flower.

 411. At that moment two or four panditas came walking down the path and saw Lord Vishvambhara enjoying these pastimes.

 412. Seeing the boys' wonderful pastimes, Lord Gaura placed forest-flower garlands around their necks.

 413. Everyone clapped their hands and chanted Hari! Hari!" Lord Gaura-Hari joyfully danced in their midst.

 414. Forgetting themselves, the panditas joined the boys. They also clapped their hands and chanted Hari! Hari!"

 415. Then some women carrying waterpots came on the path and saw all these pastimes.

 416. Hearing the chanting of Hari! Hari!", the women chanted Jaya! Jaya!" Hearing all this chanting, other people came to watch.

 417. Hearing the chanting, Shaci suddenly came there. She saw her son Nimai and she also saw the panditas.

 418. Calling out, Son! Son!", Shaci hugged Nimai. Seeing all the people, she spoke harsh words.  419. She said: You panditas are all like this. You turn others' sons into madmen. You made them dance like madmen."

 420. Hearing her harsh words, in their hearts everyopne thought: Why does she speak like that? Why?"

 421. Taking her son with her, Shaci returned home. Locana dasa joyfully sings these songs glorifying Lord Gaura.



Song 12 (Sindhuda raga)



 Refrain: A moon with no dark spots has risen in Nadiya.


 422. Now I will describe a conversation of Murari Gupta and Damodara Pandita.

 423. Damodara Pandita asked Murari Gupta: I would like to ask one question I have long considered in my heart.

 424. Dear Murari Gupta, this question I ask you: How did the Lord's brother, Vishvarupa, leave home and accept sannyasa?

 425. This question I respectfully ask about His qualities and pastimes." With a happy heart Murari Gupta replied:

 426. Please listen. Listen, O Damodara, O best of the panditas, and I will tell whatever I know.

 427. Vishvarupa was Lord Vishvambhara's elder brother. He was the abode of transcendental virtues. How can I describe all His virtues and pastimes?

 428. In a short time He became learned in all the scriptures. He was devoted to duty and detached from matter.

 429. He was happy at heart. He was devoted to His spiritual master, the Supreme Lord, and the brahmanas. He very affectionately served His mother and father.

 430. He understood the conclusion of Vedanta. He knew the secret heart of all duties. He knew that no pious deed is separate from devotional service to Lord Vishnu.

 431. He was loved by everyone. He was very perfect. In his heart lived renunciation, spiritual knowledge, spiritual faith, and true intelligence.

 432. One day as, a book in his left hand, he conversed with a fellow student as they walked on the royal path, Jagannatha Mishra noticed Him.

 433. Jagannatha Mishra thought: My son is 16 years old. Now, in the prime of his youth, he should be married."

 434. Father Jagannatha Mishra thought in his heart: I should consider what girl will be suitable for Vishvarupa."

 435. Thinking and thinking, the brahmana Jagannatha Mishra returned to his home. In his heart he was thinking of Vishvarupa's marriage.

 436. At that moment the brahmana Vishvarupa also returned home. His father was surprised to see Him. Vishvarupa knew what was in His father's heart.

 437. Glancing at him, the great brahmana Vishvarupa knew what His surprised father was planning.  438. In His heart Visvarupa thought: He is thinking how to arrange My marriage.

 439. It is not right for Me to marry. But if I don't marry, mother will be very unhappy."

 440. As He thought of all this, night turned to sunrise. Then, a book in His left hand, He left home.

 441. Saintly Vishvarupa crossed the Ganga and accepted sannyasa.



Song 13 (Patha-manjari raga)



 442. In their hearts Mother Shaci and Father Jagannatha Mishra thought: Nine hours have passed. Why has our son not returned?" Jagannatha Mishra searched for Him. He went to every house, but he did not find His son.

 443. From person to person, from ear to ear, the news circulated: Vishvarupa accepted sannyasa. The news went to you and also to me. Finally hearing it himself, Father Jagannatha Mishra fell unconscious.

 444. When Shaci-devi heard it, she also fell unconscious to the ground. For them a blinding darkness covered the three worlds. Vishvarupa!", Shaci called out. Son, come back. We want to gaze on You. Why did You leave home and accept sannyasa?

 445. Your limbs are so beautiful! Your feet are so beautiful! How can You travel on long journeys, walking on the roads? You cannot let even three hours pass without eating. Now You will not find even a single sesame seed. Before whom will You place Your requests now?

 446. Now that my son has gone there is no peace in my heart. Moment after moment I yearn for His return. When I go to bathe, I am not peaceful. I think: My Vishvarupa may return.

 447. When You call out, `Mother!', that sound is more dear to me than millions and millions of treasures. When i gaze at Your face I forget myself. What sufferings did You feel that now You throw fire at my face, that now You have become a poverty-stricken sannyasi? I do not know.

 448. O father of Vishvarupa, wherever Vishvarupa went, go there. Go and bring my son home. Let the people say whatever they say. Bring my son back. Again I will arrange for His sacred-thread ceremony."

 449. Then Jagannatha Mishra said: O goddess, O queen Shaci, please listen. Please be peaceful at heart. Don't lament any more. This whole material world is a lie. Vishvarupa is a very exalted person.

 450. Good fortune has now come to our families. Vishvarupa is a very good son. From childhood He was always a sannyasi in spirit. Please give Him your blessings. Bless Him that He will be always steady on the spiritual path, that He will easily maintain His vow of sannyasa.

 451. Listen. Don't think in terms of calamity or good fortune. Don't lament without reason. When a man accepts sannyasa he delivers ten million of his kinsmen. Vishvarupa is a jewel among men."

 452. Hearing Jagannatha Mishra's words, Shaci again said: What did you say? Please say it again, O saintly one." Jagannatha Mishra repeated: When a man accepts sannyasa he delivers ten million of his family members. Therefore our son has done good."

 453. In this way the two of them felt both grief and joy in their hearts. How can I describe their glories? Their good fortune has no end. They had Vishvarupa as their son.

 454. Murari Gupta then said to Damodara Pandita: Now you have heard the story of Vishvarupa accepting sannyasa. Repeating the conversation of those two, Locana dasa sings this song glorifying Lord Vishvarupa.

 455. At that time Lord Vishvambhara sat on His mother's lap. She gazed at her dear son's face. He said: Where did My brother go? Listen. Listen, O mother and father. I will protect you."

 456. Hearing these words, Jagannatha Mishra and Shaci-riani hugged their son. Gazing at Lord Vishvambhara's face, they forgot all their sorrows. Locana dasa recounts this story.