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The chief occupation of Shri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu during the period from age five to ten was His education. At first, the Lord was given elementary lessons by two teachers named Vishnu and Sudarshana. Then, later on, when He was a little grown-up, the Lord was put under the care of Gangadasa Pandita, who taught Him grammar. Simply by hearing them once, Nimai immediately learned all of the grammatical rules and definitions by heart. Thus, within a very short time, the Lord became so expert in Sanskrit grammar that He surpassed all of the other students, even though He was only a beginner.

One day, Shri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu fell down at the feet of His mother and begged her to give Him something in charity. When Sachidevi replied, “My dear son, I will give You whatever You want”, the Lord said, “My dear mother, please do not eat grains on the Ekadashi day.”

Mother Sachi replied, “You have spoken very well. I shall not eat grains on Ekadashi any more.”

Thereafter, upon seeing how his elder son had become grown-up, Jagannatha Mishra decided to arrange for his marriage. When Vishvarupa heard of his father’s plan, he immediately left home in order to accept the renounced order of life, and travel to the holy places of pilgrimage.

When Sachimata and Jagannatha Mishra found out that their son had left them, they became exceedingly unhappy. Lord Chaitanya then tried to console them as follows: “My dear father and mother, it is actually very good that Vishvarupa has accepted the sannyasa order, for by doing so he has delivered both of your families. You can rest assured that I will always serve you, and not leave you as Vishvarupa has done.”

After hearing the Lord’s words, the minds of Jagannatha Mishra and Sachimata became satisfied.

One day, the Lord ate some betel nuts that had been offered to the Deity, and they acted as an intoxicant, making Him fall onto the floor unconscious. The Lord’s parents hastily sprinkled cold water on His face, and after regaining consciousness, He said something very astonishing: “Vishvarupa took Me away from here and requested Me to also accept the renounced order of life. However, I replied, ‘I have My helpless mother and father to look after. In addition, I am but a mere child. Therefore, what do I know about the sannyasa order of life? When I grow up I shall become a householder and thus serve My parents, for such action very greatly pleases Lord Narayana and His wife, the goddess of fortune,’ Thereafter, Vishvarupa returned Me home, and requested, ‘Please offer thousands and thousands of obeisances unto My mother, Sachidevi.’ ”

Some time thereafter, Jagannatha Mishra passed away from this mortal world and went back to the transcendental realm. While both mother and son were very much aggrieved over the loss, many friends and relatives came to console them. Lord Chaitanya then personally executed all of the ritualistic funeral ceremonies for his departed father. After some time, the Lord thought to Himself, “I did not take sannyasa, and so, since I am remaining at home, it is My duty to act as a grihastha. Merely a house is not a home. If one lives at home with his wife, then together they can fulfill all the interests of human life.”

In this way, the Lord decided to marry, and then, one day, while coming back from school, He happened to see the daughter of Vallabhacharya, who was on her way to the Ganga. By meeting again, their relationship reawakened, and coincidentally, the marriage-maker, Vanamali, came to see Sachimata.

This brahmana, Vanamali Ghataka, a resident of Navadvipa, was formerly Vishvamitra, who arranged the marriage of Lord Ramachandra, and then the brahmana messenger who negotiated the marriage of Lord Krishna and Rukmini. Acting on the instruction of Sachimata, Vanamali Ghataka arranged the marriage of Shri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu with Lakshmidevi, and in due course, the wedding took place.