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Chapter Three

1        Kamadeva crowned as the ruler of the kingdom of youth Lord Chaitanya, whose graceful and youthful limbs were a nectar flood of youthful handsomeness.

2        The Lord studied under a cheerful, learned, expert teacher named Vishnu dasa.  By considering this pandita His teacher, the Lord gave great mercy to him.  How can anyone be the Lord's teacher?

3        The Lord also studied diligently under the grammarian Ganga-dasa, who was the teacher of many brahmanas.

4        Happily joking with His devotees, the Lord manifested His pastimes.  He was a jewel shining among the brahmanas of the world.

5        One day the fair Lord went to saintly Vanamali Acarya's home, where He enjoyed the nectar of discussing the scriptures.

6        After their conversation the Lord departed.  On the pathway a certain girl who was like a golden vine or a stream of nectar became the guest of His eyes.

7        Walking with her friends on their way to bathe in the Ganges, that girl who was the daughter of Vallabhacarya and was also and incarnation of Goddess Laksmi, entered the path of the Lord's eyes.

8        Seeing His eternal beloved, the Lord became plunged in an ocean of happiness.  Who does not become happy when he falls in love?

9        Seeing the goddess of fortune, the Lord who is an ocean of mercy became happy at heart.  A golden necklace is not beautiful without the ornament of a rare and precious jewel.

10      One foot still in childhood, the goddess stood at the boundary of adolescence.  Gazing at the Lord, she became filled with restlessness and shyness.  She rejoiced again and again.

11      Joking with His friends and gazing at her, the Lord approached His beloved.  The Supreme Lord who enjoys confidential, eternal and delightful pastimes, shone with great splendour.

12      On another day the great-hearted, modest, and pure devotee named Vanamali Acarya came to the Lord's home.  Bowing down before Mother Saci, he said to her:

13      "Vallabhacarya's young daughter is fortunate, virtuous, beautiful, graceful, and pious.  She is like Goddess Laksmi descended to the earth.  O beautiful lady, she should be married to your son."

14      "O beautiful one, if you wish, this beautiful faultless jewel of a girl, who is glorious like a goddess, will be, without any further effort, at once married to your jewel of a son."

15      Hearing these words, Mother Saci became silent.  She said nothing.  Not believing the words she heard, she was not inclined to arrange this marriage for her son.

16      Not hearing any words from Mother Saci, Vanamali Acarya became unhappy and left.  The unhappiness in his heart written all over his face, he happened to see Lord Mahaprabhu.

17      Seeing saintly Vanamali Acarya, moon-faced Lord Chaitanya, the young moon of Navadvipa, who was glorious like thousands of moons, became happy, bowed down before him, tightly embraced him, and spoke to him the following words:

18      "O noble-hearted one, where did you go?  Why are you so unhappy?"  He replied, "I went to see Your mother's feet.  Now I am unhappy."

19      Hearing this, the Lord, who is an ocean of mercy, did not give any reply, but merely returned to His home.  He was now very unhappy with His mother.

20      Returning home and now speaking words like thunder, the Lord asked His mother, "O mother, what words did you speak that Vanamali Acarya is now so unhappy?"

21      "Why did you not agree with whatever he said?  Why were you not pleased with what he said?  To please a saintly person is to perform a very pious deed."

22      Understanding that her son had just agreed to the proposal, mother Saci happily sent a messenger to bring Vanamali Acarya at once.  What is not quickly accomplished by the Lord's desire?

23      Hurriedly entering, Vanamali Acarya bowed before Mother Saci and said, "What does the goddess command?"  He bowed his head and said, "Order me.  I am your servant."

24      Mother Saci said, "O dear one, you proposed this marriage and now you may make the arrangement that it will be performed.  You are very dear to us.  You are a friend.  You are our kinsman."

25      Hearing Saci's words, saintly and pure-hearted Vanamali Acarya, who was learned in all the scriptures, at once left to make arrangements for the wedding.

26      His heart filled with happiness, he hurried to the home of Vallabhacarya, who at once rose from his seat to honour his saintly visitor.

27      Offering a nice seat to his guest, who was the jewel of brahmanas, saintly and humble-hearted Vallabhacarya asked the following question:

28      "You have always been kind to me.  Now you have come to my h0ome.  What is your mission?  O noble-hearted one, please tell."

29      Hearing these words, saintly and pure-hearted Vanamali, whose bodily hairs were now erect with joy, and who had come to arrange the Supreme Lord's wedding, spoke the following auspicious words:

30      "Jagannatha Misra's son is filled with virtues.  He is a Kamadeva among men.  His handsome form charms the people of the three worlds.

31      "Collecting together all the handsomeness in the world, the expert creator Brahma created the nectar form of Jagannatha Misra's son.

32      "Creating the moonlike face of Jagannatha Misra's son, the creator Brahma could understand that he had made the best of all faces.  Again and again with his four mouths he declared, "Well done! Well done!"

33      "The handsome form of Jagannatha Misra's son pleases all the people of the world.  As a kalpa-vrksa tree is the perfect match for a kalpa-valli vine, and as precious jewel is the perfect match for a precious pearl, so He is the perfect match for your daughter."

34      Hearing these words, saintly and famous Vallabhacarya thought for a moment and then spoke to the jewel of the brahmanas the following friendly and auspicious words:

35      "O noble-hearted one, great good fortune has now come upon me.  As you have spoken, so may it be.  Your proposal is very pleasing to my heart.

36      "If a person like this becomes the husband of my daughter, then either the Supreme Personality of Godhead is very kind to me, or I must be very fortunate, or my daughter must have performed many pious deeds.  That is my conclusion."

37      "As the union of a precious jewel and a golden necklace is very glorious, so the union of these two will be very glorious."

38      Please to hear these humble words, Vanamali Acarya said, "They who are saintly and humble like you attain all suspiciousness."

39      His heart trembling with happiness for the wedding to come, the very fortunate and exalted brahmana Vanamali Acarya returned to Saci's home and told her everything.

40      When she learned of all this, mother Saci felt her body become filled with happiness.  Thinking of how personified good-fortune had come to her, in a secluded place she said to her jewel son:

41      "Now is the happy and auspicious time of Your marriage."  Hearing this, the most wise Lord at once understood what was to be.

42      By Mother Saci's order many beautiful ingredients for the ceremony were brought to a secluded place.  The time of the ceremony, a time decorated with auspicious arrangements of the stars, came.

43      There were tumultuous waves of mrdanga music.  There was jubilant dancing.

44      With sounds everywhere of brahmanas chanting the Vedas, sounds of mrdangas, sounds of "Jaya!" and the scents of sandal paste, aguru, asusira and incense, that time shone with great splendour.

45      As the nectar moon-god shines with his wife Rohini by his side, so the Supreme Lord shone with the splendid goddess of fortune, a jewel placed among the brahmanas of the earth, by His side.

46      Then the Lord gave garlands, sandal paste, and betel nuts to the brahmanas, who with smiling faces dove into an ocean of happiness.

47      Accompanied by many brahmanas and brahmanis, and bearing scents and fragrant garlands, wise Vallabhacarya approached and gave his blessings to Lord Mahaprabhu.

48      Then, as dawn was decorated with the glorious sun, the Lord bathed and properly performed nandimukha-sraddha to worship the pitas.

49      Then there was a great sound of brahmanas reciting the Vedas, musicians playing mrdangas and panavas, and beautiful girls trilling ululas.

50      When the brahmana ladies worshipped her, Mother Saci told them, "What is the use of worshipping me?  I am only a woman who has lost the lotus feet of her husband.  Better that you worship my son."

51      Hearing His mother's sad words, the Lord remembered His father.  Overcome with grief, He shed great-pearl tears that flowed from His eyes to His broad chest.

52      Accompanied by the other ladies, mother Saci gazed at her son.  She said, "O son, why do you make this auspicious moment inauspicious with these tears from Your eyes?"

53      Hearing these words, the Lord gave out a long sigh.  His broad chest wilting and the moon of His face fading like the moon at daybreak, the Lord spoke the following sad words:

54      "I have neither wealth nor followers.  O mother, you have described My plight.  I am very poor and miserable.  Tell Me: What should I do?"

55      "At once distribute to the brahmanas and devotees what you see of wealth, betel nuts, fragrant flower garlands, garments, and ornaments.

56      "I have no father.  I am weak.  O mother, what shall I say?  Although We have the power to perform duties to please the demigods, still We perform these worldly duties instead."

57      When she heard this, mother Saci comforted her son with many sweet words.  Then she anointed His chest with sandal and aguru.

58      Decorated with ornaments, flower garlands, and fragrant ointments, glorious with the sweetness of the three worlds, filled with the glory of handsomeness, and His face sweetly smiling, the Lord shone with great splendour.

59      Then the brahmana Vallabhacarya performed the duties to please the pitas and demigods.  Then he decorated his daughter with many valuable ornaments.

60      Then many brahmanas were sent to bring the bridegroom, who was the most handsome of men.  To Him they spoke the following auspicious and elegant words:

61      "O child, may Your path always be auspicious".  Then the happy Lord entered a palanquin and travelled in the company of His relatives and the brahmanas and devotees.

62      Then the Lord entered Vallabhacarya's home, which was splendid with many shining lamps.  Vallabhacarya considered himself very fortunate.

63      Vallabhacarya honoured the Lord of Navadvipa by worshipping Him with padya and other offerings.  His form the most graceful and handsome in the three worlds, Lord Mahaprabhu shone with great splendour.

64      His broad arms splendid with golden armlets and bracelets, charming Lord Gaurachandra eclipsed the handsomeness of golden Mount Meru and the handsomeness of the kalpa-druma tree of all glory and splendour.

65      Then Vallabhacarya offered his nicely decorated daughter, who was splendid like the autumn moonlight destroying the darkness of all directions, to Lord Mahaprabhu.

66      The girl gazed at the Lord's lotus feet, which she had long yearned to attain.  She was splendid like beautiful Goddess Laksmi when that goddess voluntarily accepted Lord Narayana as her husband.

67      Decorated with many sumanah flowers, They gazed at each other, Their glances exchanging the nectar of Their love.  They were like the wonderful glory of two glistening moons.

68      Properly sitting to offer his daughter to the Lord, learned Vallabhacarya offered padya to the bridegroom.  With eyes of love he offered the affection that was in his heart.

69      Then pure-hearted Vallabhacarya offered arghya decorated with madhuparka to the Lord, and then he offered a beautiful seat to the Lord, who is the greatest of the greatest and whose transcendental form is the most glorious.

70      Then Vallabhacarya offered his daughter to the glorious Supreme Lord.  Vallabhacarya became very happy in his heart.  The hairs of his body stood erect with his joy.

71      When the glorious wedding festival came to an end, the Lord, who is a great ocean of mercy, departed with His beloved.  His face shone like the moon filled with moonlight.

72      Lord Mahaprabhu, who maintains all the universes removed everyone's suffering and showered happiness on everyone in the world.  Taking with Him the beautiful goddess of fortune, who had appeared in the form of Vallabhacarya's daughter, the Lord went to His own home.

73      Accompanied by a host of brahmana ladies and filled with happiness because of her son's wedding, Mother Saci made her son and His bride enter Their home.

74      Jubilant Mother Saci gave abundant wealth, many precious garments, and much sandal paste to the brahmanas.  When all this was done exalted Mother Saci became very happy.

75      Residing at home, the Lord was always enchanted by His beloved, the beautiful goddess of fortune.  Reminded by His mother, he carefully fulfilled the duties of household life.

76      Touching the limbs of her beloved, Vallabhacarya's daughter became flooded with streams of nectar.  The tree of desire in her heart blossoming into many flowers, she shone with great splendour.

77      Are these two lotus buds growing on the lake of her chest?  Are they two beautiful fruits growing on the vine of her necklace?  Are the two baby koka birds playing in the ocean of beauty?  Are they the two bulging frontal lobes on Kamadeva's elephant?

78      Are they two golden pitchers the creator Brahma fashioned to show his skill in making beautiful things?  The two jewellery cases of her youthful breasts bringing great happiness to the Lord, Vallabhacarya spoke to Him the following words:

79      Employing her face, shy and gentle glances, splendid smiles, and smiling cheeks white like madhuka flowers, she stole the heart of He who was already the ruler of her heart.

80      Employing her large flower-bud breasts, slender waist marked with three folds of skin, and graceful hips and thighs, this beautiful girl stole the heart of He who was already the ruler of her heart.

81      In this way she made the cool nectar stream of her beauty flow before fair Lord Gauranga Mahaprabhu.

82      How many days did the Lord, an ocean of mercy, stay there to give His mercy to the people?  Finally, accompanied by the devotees rich in the wealth of His mercy, He went on a journey.

83      Wherever the Lord, splendid like a hundred moons and unlike any person ever seen before, went, the people became enchanted by gazing at the nectar of His handsomeness.

84      Although again and again they drank with their eyes the sight of the moon of the Lord's face, a moon rising from the nectar ocean of His handsomeness, the people still could not reach the farther shore of their thirst.

85      They said among themselves, "Whose son is He?  Who is the happy and pious woman that carried Him in Her womb?

86      "He is Kamadeva personified.  He is twice as handsome as Kamadeva.  No one like Him has ever come before our ears and eyes."

87      Drinking with their eyes the nectar of the Lord's face, the women said, "Who is this person?  With the glory of His limbs He crushes the pride of Kamadeva.

88      "What peerless vine of playfulness has sprouted from the treasure of His good fortune?  He brings a bliss that places Goddess Rati in the shadows.

89      Hearing the enchanted women speak, the Lord who is a young moon shining in Navadvipa gave them a splendid glance.

90      Simply by hearing His holy name the people cross the great ocean of repeated birth and death.  Who can describe the great mercy Lord Mahaprabhu grants when He walks on the pathway of one's eyes?

91      Bathing in her waters, the merciful Lord made the earthly Ganges very fortunate.  Accompanied by many saintly devotees, Lord Mahaprabhu stayed by her shore and touched her waters.

Note: The word Padmavati (Ganges) here refers to the eastern part of the Ganges, which flows through East Bengal (Bangladesh).

92      Flooded with the nectar of the Lord's touch, the tall-banked earthly Ganges at once became like the Ganges in the world of the devas.

93      With the hands that were her waves, the eyes that were the saphari fish in her waters, and the hips that were her broad banks, the beautiful doe-eyed goddess of the Ganges always pleased her Lord.

94      Walking like an intoxicated elephant, the Lord who delights the saintly devotees enjoyed many blissful pastimes that charmed the hearts of the people in the world.

95      The gentle-hearted Lord, who was splendid like ten million moons and whose moonlike face delighted all the people, stayed there for a few months.  The He enjoyed pastimes of teaching.

96      Meanwhile, the goddess of fortune stayed at home.  Always thinking of the Lord of her life, she diligently served her mother-in-law, massaging and washing her lotus feet, and pleasing her in many ways.

97      For a long time she yearned for the return of the Lord of her life.  She served Him, cleaning and anointing the Lord's house.

98      Hearing her words sweet and pure like a cooling flood of nectar, Saci thought her son's bride was like another goddess of fortune personified.

99      Staying with her daughter-in-law and loving her as she loved her own son, Saci became rapt in thinking of her son's return.  In this way a long time passed.

100     As the Lord enjoyed pastimes, the goddess of fortune became rapt in thinking of Him.  She was afflicted with the disease of His absence.

101     Then, pushed by destiny, a very cruel, wicked, and hard-hearted snake plunged its sharp fangs into the feet of the goddess of fortune, feet fragrant like autumn lotus flowers.

102     Seeing what had happened, Saci tried to drain the poison.  Filled with love for her daughter-in-law, Saci stayed always with her and tried to care for her.

103     Many different attempts were made to counteract the poison.  They all failed.  Understanding that this was all ordained by fate, everyone became bewildered and unhappy.

104     Thinking that this was all arranged by the Supreme Lord Himself, Saci took her delicate limbed daughter-in-law to the Ganges shore.  Overcome with love and burning with grief, Saci created another Ganges of her tears.

105     Then a splendid airplane descended from the sky, the demigods in heaven showered flowers, and the goddess of fortune, tightly embracing her husband's lotus feet, left her body.

106     Grieving Saci placed her daughter-in-law on her lap.  Weeping, she spoke these heavy words in a choked voice:

107     My son, who is now far away and who is very dear to you, gave you to me.  Now I am the home of all sufferings.  Will I ever see my son's face again?

108     You loved Him.  You served Him with great respect and devotion.  How is it that You could not see Him now?

109     You called me mother.  Why do you now not reply with words of happiness or fear, or with smiles, devotion, or shyness?  I am weeping with grief.  Why do you not speak to me?

110     If you do not have even a little love for me, still it is my son who is the Lord of your life.  O girl who speaks sweetly, it is because you did not see Him that you left?

111     O affectionate one, He who is the Lord of your life was always affectionate to you, still, you have not even a little love for Him.  O mother, why have you done this?

112     O girl with the beautiful eyebrows, O girl whose eyes filled with tears as you waited for your husband's return, please glance at frightened me and shyly wipe the tears from my eyes.

113     Your heart burning with pain in the absence of He who is the Lord of your life, every day you frightened and embarrassed me.  You should be ashamed.

114     The lotus flower of your heart blossomed in the moonlight of your Lord's face.  O hard-hearted one, how can you gaze at His face and then go away?  Where will you go?

115     O cruel-hearted snake, my daughter-in-law was very gentle at heart.  Why did you bite her and make her leave me?  You have not the slightest touch of any kindness.

116     Her limbs were soft like a sirisa flower.  Her limbs were so soft they were troubled by the slight touch of a bunch of flowers.  Now those limbs are burning with tears.  O snake, how could you have burned those limbs with the unbearable fire of your poison.  Now I also am dead.

117     In this way unhappy Saci grieved.  With tears from her eyes again and again she washed the moon of her daughter-in-law's face.

118     Weeping, she returned home and with difficulty resumed her household duties.  Unhappy, she thought, "How can I look at my jewel son when his home no longer holds His bride?"

119     After delivering the people of Bangladesh, the fair moon of Lord Chaitanya returned home.  He yearned to removed His mother's sufferings.

120     Saci did not become happy when she saw her long-absent son.  The unbearable absence of her daughter-in-law made her suffering very great.

121     Then the Lord offered dandavat obeisances and touched the dust of His mother's feet.  He gazed at her, saw that she was unhappy, and asked what had happened.

122     Showering her with the nectar of His words, the Lord said to His mother, "O mother, why are you unhappy?  Please tell."

123     The stream of tears flowing from her eyes spoke to Him.  Smiling Lord Mahaprabhu at once understood.

124     Your daughter-in-law was not a human girl.  She came to this earth to fulfil a mission and now she has returned to the world of spirit.

125     I know why she came to the earth and also why she left.  O mother, please give up your bewilderment.

126     Hearing these words, Saci became happy.  She was happy with her son, her good fortune, and her kinsmen.  She was happy like the wife of Indra.

127     Her thoughts filled with plans for her jewel-son's marriage, glorious Saci met with Kasinatha, the best of brahmanas.

128     At once she said to the brahmana, "I wish to arrange for my son's marriage.  Please ask the great brahmana named Sanatana to give his daughter to my son."

129     Hearing these words, the brahmana at once went to Sanatana and happily repeated Saci's suggestion for the auspicious marriage.

130     Hearing these words, and then conferring with his kinsmen, Sanatana became happy.  "A time should be arranged," he said.

131     After hearing these words the brahmana happily returned and told Saci everything.  When she heard it, fortunate Saci became filled with happiness.

132     Then the brahmana Sanatana sent a messenger who bowed down before Saci and said, "Sanatana requests that his beautiful and virtuous daughter be given to your son."

133     "The girl Vishnupriya is appropriately named.  May your son marry her.  May the two of Them be happy like Siva and Parvati."

134     When the messenger returned and told all he had heard, the learned brahmana Sanatana became filled with eternal bliss.

135     His heart trembling with joy, the brahmana famous for his purity collected many auspicious articles.  Setting an early date for his daughter's wedding, he was filled with happiness.

136     Then, at an auspicious moment, noble-hearted Sanatana fulfilled all the desires of the saintly brahmanas.

137     Then he gave gifts of betelnuts, sandal paste, and flower garlands to many exalted brahmanas.  Accompanied by them, he went to his son-in-law and blessed Him with many mantras.

138     At sunrise of the following day the Lord bathed in the Ganges and performed His daily duties.  For how long did the brahmanas anoint Him with sandal paste and fragrances?

139     They said, "O saintly one, all glories to You!  Now is the auspicious time of Your wedding."  Hearing these words, the merciful Lord mounted a beautiful palanquin.

140     Sitting on the palanquin the Lord's glorious form at once defeated the white autumn clouds, the ocean of milk, and the summit of Mount Sumeru.

141     The hairs of his body erect with joy, Sanatana approached his son-in-law, offered Him padya, a seat, and other gifts, and placed his daughter before Him.

142     Then the brahmana ladies respectfully offered arati to the Lord with auspicious incense and lamps, and then Sanatana offered his daughter to the Lord's lotus feet.

143     Then there was a great sound of patahas, dhakkas, and mardala drums, there were graceful calls of "Victory!" and there was a shower of flowers.  Smiling at each other, the Lord and His bride shone with great splendour.

144     Accompanied by the music of instruments and calls of "Victory!", the Lord took His bride home.  Then joyful Saci invited the jewel of girls into her home.


*** note ***

Chapters 4-20 missing.