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Chapter Nine



Description of Shridhara's Story


Text 1 Although He is the master of all the worlds, Lord Chaitanya playfully accepted the role of a sannyasi.

Text 2 Glory to Lord Chaitanya, the son of Saci and Jagannatha Misra! Glory to Lord Chaitanya, the wealth of the sankirtana movement!

Text 3 Glory to Lord Chaitanya, the life of Nityananda and Gadadhara! Glory, glory to Lord Chaitanya, the life's treasure of Advaita and Shrivasa!

Text 4 Glory to Lord Chaitanya, the life of Jagadananada and Hari dasa! Glory to Lord Chaitanya, the treasure of love for Vakresvara and Pundarika Vidyanidhi!

Text 5 Glory to Lord Chaitanya, the life's master of Vasudeva and Shrigarbha! O Lord, please place Your glance of mercy on the conditioned souls.

Text 6 Glory, glory to Lord Chaitanya and His devotees! Anyone who hears these narrations of Lord Chaitanya's pastimes attains pure devotional service.

Text 7 O my brothers, with one mind please hear this Madhya-khanda's descriptions of Lord Chaitanya's pastimes.

Text 8 Now please hear of Lord Chaitanya's great revelation (maha-prakasa, of His true identity. By hearing this the Vaishnavas attain all their desires.

Text 9 This pastime is famous in the world, and is known by the name "sata-prahariya-bhava" (the ecstasies of twenty-one hours). In this pastime Lord Chaitanya assumed the forms of His different incarnations.

Text 10

 In this pastime Lord Chaitanya manifested many wonderful forms, ate wonderfully, and gave to His devotees pure devotional service to Lord Vishnu.

Text 11

 On that day the devotees performed a great abhisheka, crowning Lord Chaitanya the king of the kings of the kings.

    Texts Texts 12-13

 One day, overcome with love, and accompanied by Lord Nityananda, Lord Chaitanya went to Shrivasa Pandita's home. Little by little, all the devotees assembled there.

Text 14

 Lord Chaitanya entered an ecstati trance. Manifesting His supreme powers and opulences, He gazed in the four directions.

Text 15

 Understanding the Lord's hint, the devotees filled the four directions with a loud kirtana.

Text 16

 On other days the Lord, in the mood of a devotee, would dance. Only for a moment would He sometimes reveal His true powers and opulences. Then that revelation would be broken.


Text 17

 On this day, to the devotees' good fortune, Lord Chaitanya, standing up as if to dance, instead went to the altar and sat down on the throne of Lord Vishnu.

Text 18

 On other days when the Lord manifested His glories and sat on Lord Vishnu's throne, He acted as if He were unaware of His actions.

Text 19

 But on this day, when He manifested His glories for twenty-one hours, He abandoned all pretense. Now for twnety-one hours He manifested His true indentity as the Supreme Personality of Godhead Himself.

Text 20

 Their hearts filled with bliss, the devotees stood with folded hands.

Text 21

 What wonderful delight everyone felt! Everyone felt they were enjoying pastimes in the world of Vaikuntha.

Text 22

 Lord Chaitanya sat down on the throne as if He were the king of Vaikuntha. There was not even half a sesame seed's worth of material illusion anywhere.

Text 23

 Lord Chaitanya ordered, "Sing My abhisheka song." Hearing these words, the devotees happily sang.

Text 24

 Hearing the abhisheka song, Lord Chaitanya gently moved His head back and forth. With glances of mercy, glances free from material illusion, He looked at everyone.

Text 25

 Understanding the Lord's hint, the devotees decided to perform the abhisheka ceremony.

Text 26

 The devotees brought Ganga water and filtered it through a splendid cloth.

Text 27

 In the filtered water they placed camphor, sandal, aguru, kunkuma, musk, and other fragrances. With great love they prepared the water.

Text 28

 Hearing great shouts of pJaya! Jaya!" in the four directions, everyone began to recite the abhisheka mantras.

Text 29

 First of all, Lord Nityananda, saying, "Jaya! Jaya!", happily poured water over Lord Chaitanya's head.

Text 30

 Chanting the Purusha-sukta prayers, Afvaita, Shrivasa, and the other prominent devotees devotees bathed Lord Chaitanya.

Text 31

 Lord Chaitanya devotees were very learned in the art of chanting mantras. Chanting mantras, they happily poured water on the Lord.

Text 32

 Mukunda and other devotees sang the auspicious abhisheka songs. Some devotees wept, some danced, and some were overcome with bliss.

Text 33

 The chaste ladies made auspicious sounds. Bliss personified entered the hearts of all.

Text 34

 Lord Chaitanya, the king of Vaikuntha sat down, and the devotees poured water over His head.

Text 35

 108 pots of water are poured in an ordinary abhisheka, but in this abhisheka there were many thousands of pots of water. Indeed, the thousands of pots of water had no end.

Text 36

 Assuming human forms, the demigods also participated in the abhisheka. Disguised in this way, they made advancement in devotional service.

Text 37

 Anyone who in meditation offers a drop of water to the Lord's lotus feet becomes purified. What benefit, then, is attained by someone who directly bathes the Lord?

Text 38

 A person who in meditation bathes the Lord is never punished by Yamaraja. It is as if he bathed the Lord directly.

Text 39

 Shrivasa's servants and maidservants carried the water. The spiritual benefit they attained was the same as that attained by the devotees who directly bathed the Lord.

Text 40

 One fortunate girl named Duhkhi (unhappy, busily carried water. Seeing her, Lord Chaitanya said, "Bring. Bring."

Text 41

 Seeing her great devotion, Lord Chaitanya destroyed her Duhkhi name and renamed her Sukhi (happy).

Text 42

 Chanting Vedi mantras, the devotees bathed the Lord and then wiped His limbs dry.

Text 43

 Then they clothed Him in new garments, and then they anointed His body with splendid and fragrant sandal paste.

Text 44

 Then they cleaned and decorated The throne of Lord Vishnu in the altar room. Then Lord Chaitanya sat down on that, His own, throne.

Text 45

 Nityananda held a parasol over Lord Chaitanya's head. A fortunate devotee moved a camara fan.

Text 46

 All the devotees brought the ingredients of worship. Then they began to worship Lord Chaitanya's feet.

    Texts Texts 47-48

 They properly offered padya, arghya, acamaniya, fragrances, flowers, incense, lamps, food, garments, and a sacred thread. As far as they had the power, they offered garments and ornaments. In this way they worshiped the Lord with sixteen kinds of offerings.

Text 49

 Again and again on the Lord's feet they placed tulasi-manjaris anointed with sandal paste.

Text 50

 Chanting the ten-syllable Gopala-mantra, the properly worshiped the Lord. Then they recited many prayers.

Text 51

 Then Advaita and the Lord's prominent associates offered dandavat obeisances at the Lord's feet.

Text 52

 A great river of love flowed from the devotees' eyes. Everyone offered prayers. Lord Chaitanya listened with a happy and open heart.

Text 53

 The devotees prayed, "O master of all the universes, glory, glory, glory to You! Please place Your glance of mercy on this world burning with troubles.

Text 54

 "O first cause of all causes, glory to You! O father of all, glory to You! O Lord who to start the sankirtana movement descended to this world, glory, glory to You!

Text 55

 "O Lord who protect the devotees, the Vedas, and the true religion, glory, glory to You! O Lord who give life to all living beings, from Brahma down to the motionless plants, glory, glory to You!

Text 56

 "O Lord who are an ocean of virtues, O Lord deliver the fallen souls, glory, glory to You! O great shelter, O friend of the poor and wretched, glory, glory to You!

Text 57

 "O Lord who wear the garments of a cowherd boy, O Lord who rest on the ocean of milk, glory, glory to You! O playful Lord who enjoy transcendental pastimes, O Lord who make Yourself visible to please Your devotees, glory, glory to You!

Text 58

 "O inconceivable, unapproachable original truth, glory, glory to You! O gentle and graceful Lord, O Lord who stay in pure spiritual goodness, glory, glory to You!

Text 59

 "O ornament and purifier of the brahmanas, glory, glory to You! O life of religion and of the Vedas, glory, glory to You!

Text 60

 "O purifier of fallen Ajamila, glory, glory to You! O Lord who freed Putana of her sins, glory, glory to You!

Text 61

 "O Lord who does not see the faults of others, O beloved of Goddess Lakshmi, glory, glory to You!" In this way the great devotees offered prayers.

Text 62

 Gazing at the Lord's very wonderful form, all the devotees became plunged in bliss.

Text 63

 Now all material illusion was destroyed. Lord Chaitanya offered His feet, and the devotees worshiped them.

Text 64

 Bringing splendid fragrances, some devotees anointed the Lord's feet. Some devotees worshiped the Lord tulasi and lotuses.

Text 65

 Placing ornaments of jewels, gold, and silver before the Lord's feet, some devotees bowed down.

Text 66

 Placing white, blue, and bright yellow silk before the Lord's feet, many devotees bowed down.

Text 67

 Many devotees placed metal cups, I do not know how many, before the Lord's graceful feet.

    Texts Texts 68-69

 The servants and maidservants of the Vaishnavas worshiped the feet of Lord Chaitanya, feet that Brahma, Lakshmi, and Siva yearn to worship. That is the benefit obtained by persons who serve Vaishnavas.

Text 70

 Without fear everyone placed durva grass, rice, and tulasi before the Lord's graceful feet.

Text 71

 Bringing different kinds of fruits, someone placed them before the Lord's feet. Someone placed fragrant flowers and sandal paste before the Lord's graceful feet.

Text 72

 Someone worship the Lord with sixteen offerings. Someone else worshiped the Lord with siø offerings.

Text 73

 Everyone happily placed musk, kunkuma, camphor, and red powder before the Lord's graceful feet.

Text 74

 The Lord's graceful toenails were splendid with many campaka, mallika, kunda, kadamba, and malati flowers, and many other kinds of flowers.

Text 75

 In this way He who is the crest jewel of Vaikuntha manifested His true glories. "Bring Me something, and I will eat", the Lord expressed His desire.

Text 76

 The Lord held out His hand. Everyone looked at Him. Everyone offered food, whatever they thought was good to offer.

Text 77

 Someone offered bananas. Someone offered mung dal. Someone offered yogurt, butter, and condensed milk. Someone offered milk.

Text 78

 Everyone placed these offerings in the Lord's hand, and the Lord happily ate.

Text 79

 The devotees ran from village to village. Buying the best delicaies, they ran back.

Text 80

 Someone offered splendid coconuts. Someone placed sugar candy in the Lord's hand.

Text 81

 Someone offered many kinds of sandesa. Taking it is His hand, the Lord ate.

Text 82

 Someone offered moya candy, jambu fruits, and karkatika cucumbers. Someone offered sugar cane. Someone offered Ganga water.

Text 83

 Seeing that the Lord was delighted, the devotees brought more. They brought five times and ten times more than before.

Text 84

 Hundreds and hundreds of men brought water. Lord Chaitanya, the great master of yoga, drank it all.

Text 85

 There were thousands and thousands of pots of yogurt, milk, and condensed milk, thousands and thousands of bunches of bananas, and many pots of mung dal.

Text 86

 There were many sandesas, many fruits and roots, and many thousands of trays of betelnuts with camphor.

Text 87

 What wonderful power did Lord Chaitanya manifest. Whatever was brought, He ate. The devotees could not understand how it all happened.

Text 88

 As He happily ate, the Lord revealed each devotee's previous life and deeds.

Text 89

 Remembering their previous life, the devotees fell to the ground and happily wept.

Text 90

 The Lord said to Shrivasa, "One day You listened to Shrimad-Bhagavatam at Devananada's home.

Text 91

 "As you heard verse after verse, each verse filled with the nectar of love for Lord Krishna, your heart began to melt.

Text 92

 "Then You began loudly to weep. Overcome, you fell to the ground.

Text 93

 "The students, ignorant of pure devotion, did not understand why you wept.

Text 94

 "Overcome by the ecstasy of love, you were not aware of the external world. The students carried you out the door.

Text 95

 "Devananda did nothing to stop them. As the teacher was ignorant, so were his students.

Text 96

 "Outside the door, you regained external consciousness. Feeling unhappy, you returned to your home.

Text 97

 "Unhappy at heart, you would sit down in a secluded place to read Shrimad-Bhagavatam again and again.

Text 98

 "Seeing your unhappiness, I came down from Vaikuntha and entered your body.

Text 99

 "Sitting in your heart, I make you weep. I gave you the spiritual love you feel.

Text 100

 "That is why you feel bliss when you read Shrimad-Bhagavatam, and that is why you then shower many tears."

Text 101

 Understanding the Lord's words, Shrivasa was overwhelmed. He rolled on the ground. He wept. He deeply sighed.

Text 102

 In this way Lord Chaitanya looked at Advaita and the other devotees, and reminded them of their previous deeds.

Text 103

 In this way the devotees became plunged in an ocean of bliss. Sitting down, Lord Chaitanya happily chewed some betelnuts.

Text 104

 Some devotees danced. Some devotees did sankirtana. Some devotees chanted, "Jaya Shachinandana€````@P@``€``PP@P€°`° `@```ğ`@°°`°°  @@P` ` P@ °P`0@````@`` P`€@ `P€PP```@`PP`°°°Ppppppp p````@@@@€p€€€€€€€pppp````````` P````    ```````€````````_›8œȰ_Ȱ_粜娈粜が粞〼粞!"

Text 105

 One time a devotee was not present. The Lord ordered that he be brought.

Text 106

 "Give Me something, and I will eat it", the Lord said, extending His graceful hand. Then the devotee offered some food, and the Lord ate everything offered.

     107-Text 108

 After He had eaten, the Lord said, "Do you remember? Assuming the form of a physician, I once destroyed your fever". Hearing these words, the devotee, overwhelmed, fell to the ground.

     109-Text 110

 "Looking at Ganga dasa, Lord Chaitanya said, "Do you remember? Afraid of the king, in the middle of the night you fled with your family  You went to the ferry-place, but there was no boat anywhere. You were in great danger.

Text 111

 "The night was almost over, and still you could not get a boat. Unhappy, you began to weep.

Text 112

 "Before I came, you were afraid that the Muslims would touch your wife, and you decided to enter the Ganga and drown.

Text 113

 "Assuming the form of a ferryman in a boat, I crossed the Ganga and came to where you were.

Text 114

 "You were very happy to see the boat. Very happy, you said,

Text 115

 " `O my brother, please save me. My family, life, wealth, and body are now all yours.

Text 116

 " `Please save me. Please carry me and my family to the other shore. Here is one coin, two coins as a donation for you.'

Text 117

 "In this way I descended from My world of Vaikuntha and ferried you and your family to the other shore."

Text 118

 Hearing these words, Ganga dasa floated in an ocean of bliss. In this way Lord Chaitanya enjoyed pastimes.

Text 119

 He said, "You were very anxious to cross the Ganga, and I carried you across."

Text 120

 Hearing these words, Ganga dasa fainted and fell to the ground. In this way Lord Chaitanya happily spoke with His devotees.

Text 121

 Then Lord Chaitanya, the king of Vaikuntha, sat down. His body was covered with sandal paste and flower garlands.

Text 122

 One very dear devotee fanned His body. Another very dear devotee combed His hair.

Text 123

 One dear servant brought Him betelnuts. Some were on His left. Some danced before Him.

Text 124

 In this way the day passed. At sunset everyone became joyful.

Text 125

 The devotees worshiped the Lord's feet with incense and lamps.

Text 126

 They sounded many concshells, bells, karatalas, mandira cymbals, and mridangas. A joyful noise arose.

Text 127

 Lord Chaitanya happily sat down. In spite of the devotees' activities, the Lord did not say anything.

Text 128

 Everyone placed many different flowers at the Lord's lotus feet. Saying, "O Lord, please protect me", they offered dandavat obeisances.

Text 129

 Some spoke prayers filled with emotion. Some chanted "Jaya!" In the four directions was heard the sound of joyful weeping.

Text 130

 A wonderful happiness entered that night. It was as if everyone had entered the world of Vaikuntha.

Text 131

 As Lord Chaitanya manifested His powers and glories, all the devotees stood with folded hands before Him.

Text 132

 Placing His lotus feet on the devotees' bodies, the fair lion of Lord Chaitanya happily enjoyed pastimes.

Text 133

 Lord Chaitanya was eager to grant boons. The devotees stood before Him with folded hands.

Text 134

 In this ecstasy of twenty-one hours Lord Chaitanya happily gave mercy to everyone.

Text 135

 Lord Chaitanya commanded, "Bring Shridhara here at once. He should come and see My powers and glories.

Text 136

 "Always thinking of Me, he is now unhappy. At once he should come here and see Me.

Text 137

 "Go to the outskirts of town and wait. When someone calls out for Me, bring him here."

Text 138

 Following the Lord's command, the devotees hurried to Shridhara's home.

Text 139

 Please here a little of Shridhara's story. By selling banana leaves, he maintained his life.

Text 140

 He would buy banana leaves and trunks, cut them, and sell the pieces.

Text 141

 Each day he gave half of his earnings to offer food to Goddess Ganga.

Text 142

 The other half he spent to maintain his life. That is the test of a true devotee of Lord Vishnu.

Text 143

 He was truthful like Yudhishthira. Once quoting a price for something, he would never change it.

Text 144

 Knowing the truth of him, the people paid whatever price he quoted.

Text 145

 In this way that great soul stayed in Navadvipa. People know him as "khola-veca" (the banana-leaf seller). They did not know his name.

Text 146

 For twelve hours of the night he did not sleep. All night he chanted Krishna's names. All night he called out, "Hari!"

Text 147

 The materialists and offenders complained, "Shridhara screams all night long. We cannot even sleep. Our ears are breaking..

Text 148

 "He could not fill his belly with rice. Tortured by hunger, he stays awake all night. He must be on the verge of death."

Text 149

 By complaining in this way, the materialists and offenders brought their own deaths near. Meanwhile, Shridhara happily performed his activities.

Text 150

 Shridhara continued to call out, "Hari!" Overcome with spiritual love, Shridhara spent the night loudly chanting.

Text 151

 When they had gone half the way, the devotees heard Shridhara's loud chanting.

Text 152

 Following the sound of the loud chanting, the devotees eventually found Shridhara.

Text 153

 "Come. Come, O great one. Come and see the Lord. By touching you we have made our lives glorious and perfect.

Text 154

 Hearing the Lord's name, Shridhara fainted. Overcome with bliss, he fell to the ground.

Text 155

 Hurriedly they picked him up. Gently they led him to Lord Chaitanya.

Text 156

 Seeing Shridhara, Lord Chaitanya was very pleased. He said, "Come. Come. You always call for Me.

Text 157

 "For a long time you worshiped Me. At the end of many lifetimes  you gave up your life remembering Me with love.

Text 158

 "In this lifetime you always served Me. Again and again I ate the bananas you gave.

Text 159

 "Again and again I ate what you gave with your own hand. Many times you touched Me. Many times you and I talked."

Text 160

 When He was enjoying pastimes as a scholar, Lord Chaitanya acted like a person who was always very proud and arrogant.

Text 161

 At this time He secretly associated with Shridhara. On the preText of buying banana leaves, He enjoyed many pastimes in this way.

Text 162

 Every day He went to Shridhara's shop and bought bananas, banana leaves, and banana roots.

Text 163

 Every day He would argue for two hours. In this way He would buy everything at half price.

Text 164

 Honest Shridhara quoted an appropriate price. Then the Lord raised His hand to take the goods at half price.

Text 165

 Then Shridhara stood up to take the goods back. In the attempt to claim the goods, Lord Chaitanya and Shridhara would shove each other.

Text 166

 Lord Chaitanya said, "Brother Shridhara, why do you live like an ascetic? You are very wealthy, but still you live like this.

Text 167

 "You take the goods right out of My hand. To this day you don't know who I really am."

Text 168

 Very devoted to the brahmanas, Shridhara would not become angry. Seeing this on Shridhara's face, Lord Chaitanya would forcibly take the goods.

Text 169

 Lord Chaitanya was more handsome than Kamadeva. Charming Vaishnava tilaka shone splendidly on His forehead.

Text 170

 His garments were folded thrice. His curly hair was splendid. His two eyes were very restless.

Text 171

 A white sacred thread splendidly rested on His body. It was as if Ananta Sesha, assuming a very slender form, rested there.

Text 172

 Betelnuts were on His lips. Smiling, He looked at Shridhara. Again and again He forcibly took the banana leaves.


Text 173

 Shridhara said, "Please listen, O saintly brahmana. Please forgive me. I am Your dog."

Text 174

 The Lord said, "I know you are very clever. You must be very wealthy by selling banana leaves."

Text 175

 "Are there no other shops?" Shridhara said. "Purchase banana leaves from them with only a few coins."

Text 176

 Then the Lord said, "I will not leave a good supplier. Give Me some banana leaves, and I will give you some coins."

Text 177

 Gazing at the Lord's form, Shridhara became charmed and smiled. Then Lord Chaitanya gleefully spoke harsh words.

Text 178

 He said, "Every day you buy offerings for Goddess Ganga. Rejecting the usual price, you should give to Me for free.

Text 179

 "I am the father of the Ganga you worship. What I tell you is the truth. It is the truth."

Text 180

 Placing his hands over his ears, Shridhara called out, "Vishnu! Vishnu!" Gazing at the proud brahmana, he gave Him the banana leaves.

Text 181

 Every day They quarreled like this. Shridhara thought, "This brahmana is very mischievous."

Text 182

 Shridhara said, "I will give to You, even if You don't give any coins. Please forgive me.

Text 183

 "If I give away a piece of banana leaf, a piece of banana trunk, and a piece of banana root, then what is the harm?"

Text 184

 Then the Lord said, "Good. Good. Don't give any more than that." Every day the Lord ate His meal on a new banana-leaf plate given by Shridhara.

Text 185

 The Lord likes to accept gifts given by His devotees. But if non-devotees give Him millions of gifts, the Lord will not accept them.

Text 186

 The Lord likes to enjoy pastimes like this. That is why He arranged that Shridhara sell banana leaves.

Text 187

 To engage in this pastime, Shridhara became a seller of banana leaves. Who has the power to understand the pastimes of Lord Vishnu and the Vaishnavas?

Text 188

 Without receiving the Lord's mercy, no one can understand these pastimes. The Lord acted in this way so that this story would make the world remember Him.

Text 189

 Then the Lord said, "Shridhara, look at My form. Today I give the eight mysti perfections to you."

Text 190

 Raising his head, Shridhara looked at the Supreme Personality of Godhead. He saw that Lord Chaitanya was now dark like a tamala tree.

Text 191

 In His hand the Lord held a charming flute. On the Lord's right was Balarama. Shridhara saw that everything was very effulgent.

Text 192

 Goddess Lakshmi was offering the Lord the betelnuts she held in her hands. Four-faced Brahma and five-faced Siva were offering prayers before the Lord.

Text 193

 Ananta Sesha raised His great hoods like a parasol over the Lord's head. Gazing at the Lord, Sanaka, Narada, and Sukadeva offered prayers.

Text 194

 From the four directions many beautiful goddesses offered prayers with folded hands.

Text 195

 Seeing all this, Shridhara became filled with wonder. In this way he fainted and fell to the ground.

Text 196

 "Rise. Rise, Shridhara", Lord Chaitanya commanded. Because of the Lord's words, Shridhara regained consciousness.

Text 197

 Then Lord Chaitanya said, "Shridhara, offer prayers to Me." The Shridhara said, "O Lord, I am a fool.

Text 198

 "What prayers do I know? What power have I to speak prayers?" Then Lord Chaitanya said, "Simply speak some words, and that will be prayers to Me."

Text 199

 Then, by Lord Chaitanya's command, Goddess Sarasvati entered Shridhara's tongue. Then Shridhara spoke these prayers:

Text 200

 "O Lord Chaitanya Mahaprabhu, glory to You! O maintainer of the worlds, glory to You! O king of Navadvipa, glory, glory, glory to You!

Text 201

 "O master of countless millions of universes, glory, glory to You! O Lord born in the womâ of saintly Saci, glory, glory to You!

Text 202

 "O Lord hidden from the Vedas, glory, glory to You! O king of the brahmanas, glory to You! In many forms You come yuga after yuga to protect the true religion,

Text 203

 "Concealing Your true identity,. You wander from village to village. Without first receiving Your mercy, no one has the power to understand You.

Text 204

 "You are religion. You are pious deeds. You are devotional service and spiritual knowledge. You are the scriptures. You are the Vedas. You are all spiritual meditations.

Text 205

 "You are the mysti perfections. You are the sages. You are yoga and enjoyment both. You are faith. You are mercy. You are greed and illusion.

Text 206

 "You are Indra. You are Candra. You are Agni and Varuna. You are Surya. You are Vayu. You are wealth and strength.

Text 207

 "You are devotional service. You are liberation. You are Brahma and Siva. What will You be? Everything belongs to You.

Text 208

 "In the past You told me, `Look at your Ganga. Its water comes from My feet.'

Text 209

 "At that time my sinful heart could not understand. I did not understand the priceless treasure that is Your feet.

Text 210

 "In the past You made the village of Gokula glorious. Now You are the king of Navadvipa.

Text 211

 "Pure devotional service resides within Your body. Now it is as if You have taken pure devotional service out of Your body and placed it in Navadvipa.

Text 212

 "By the power of devotional service, Bhishma defeated You in battle. By the power of devotional service Yasoda tied You up.

Text 213

 "By the power of devotional service Satyabhama purchased You. Defeated by their devotional service, You carried the cowherd boys on Your shoulders.

Text 214

 "Limitless millions of universes are manifested from Your thoughts. Still, You personally carry the gopa Shridama.

Text 215

 "You are conquered by devotional service. This is a great secret, a secret the people of this world do not understand.

Text 216

 "Devotional service always defeats You. After defeating You, devotional service enters You and hides within You.

Text 217

 "Material illusion cannot touch devotional service. Because of devotional service, material illusion becomes crushed into pieces. Look! All the worlds beg for devotional service.

Text 218

 "When they beg for devotional service, the people defeat You two and four times over. When they beg for devotional service, the people make You their captive."

Text 219

 Hearing saintly Goddess Sarasvati speak these words through Shridhara, all the Vaishnavas became filled with wonder.

Text 220

 Then Lord Chaitanya said, "Shridhara, ask for a boon. Today I give you the eight mysti powers. Now they are in your grip."

Text 221

 Shridhara said, "Lord, what will I buy from You? Please be peaceful at heart. I do not want anything."

Text 222

 Then the Lord said, "Look, I am not unhappy. I must give you a boon, whatever is in your heart."

Text 223

 "Ask. Ask.", again and again Lord Chaitanya demanded. Shridhara said, "Lord, give me this boon.

Text 224

 "May the brahmana who gave coins for My banana leaves be my master birth after birth.

Text 225

 "May the brahmana who quarreled with me be my master. May He give me His lotus feet."

Text 226

 Again and again speaking these words, Shridhara was overcome with love. Raising his arms, he loudly wept.

Text 227

 Seeing Shridhara's great devotion, the Vaishnavas were overcome. They also wept.

Text 228

 Smiling, Lord Chaitanya said, "Listen, O Shridhara. I will give you a great kingdom. I will make you a king."

Text 229

 Shridhara said, "I don't want that. You please become my master, and I will sing Your name."

Text 230

 Then Lord Chaitanya said, "Shridhara, I am your servant. Look at how I appear before you.

Text 231

 "Still, I won't argue with you. Now I give you pure devotional service, which is hidden even from the Vedas."

Text 232

 Then sounds of "Jaya! Jaya!" came from the circle of Vaishnavas. Everyone heard how Shridhara received the boon he wished.

Text 233

 How does one recognize a true servant of Lord Chaitanya? Not by his possessing wealth. Not by many followers. Not by material education.

Text 234

 What is the value of material education, wealth, beauty, fame, and noble family? They only increase false pride without limit.

Text 235

 Shridhara, who sold bananas and banana roots, was able to see the Supreme Lord, whom even millions of kings cannot see after millions of kalpas.

Text 236

 False pride and aversion to devotional service lead one to a life of hedonism. Hedonism makes one fall down. Then one's future becomes unknown.

Text 237

 A proud person who mocks the devotees, thinking them fools or people suffering in poverty, goes to the hell called Kumbhipaka. That is the punishment for his misdeed.

Text 238

 Who has the power to understand the Vaishnavas? The Vaishnavas possess all mysti perfections. Anyone who mocks the Vaishnavas goes to an inauspicious future.

Text 239

 The banana-leaf seller Shridhara bears witness to this truth. Siomply by engaging in devotional service, he attained the eight mysti perfections.

Text 240

 If you see a Vaishnava suffering, you should know that his suffering is spiritual, actually, in the end, it is spiritual bliss.

Text 241

 Persons blind with the desire for sense pleasures cannot understand. Persons mad with the desire for material education and material wealth cannot understand a Vaishnava.

Text 242

 Persons who study Shrimad-Bhagavatam but do not accept devotional service find their intillgence is destroyed. Persons who blaspheme Lord Nityananda find themselves completely destroyed.

Text 243

 Anyone who hears this description of Shridhara attaining a boon and offering prayers to the Lord will attain a great treasure of pure love for the Supreme Lord.

Text 244

 Persons who do not blaspheme the Vaishnavas attain Lotrd Krishna. They attain pure love and devotion for the Supreme Lord's lotus feet.

Text 245

 One should never blaspheme the Vaishnavas, for such activities bring great sin. Anyone who doe snot blaspheme the Vaishnavas becomes very, very fortunate.

Text 246

 Lord Krishna delivers anyone who once, without offense, says, "Krishna!" That it is the truth. It is the truth.

Text 247

 I bow down before the Vaishnavas' feet. Lord Chaitanya and Lord Nityananda are my life and soul.

Text 248

 The two moons Shri Krishna Chaitanya and Shri Nityananda are my life and soul. I, Vrindavana dasa, sing the glories of Their feet.