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Chapter Eight



Description of the Display of Powers and Opulences


Text 1 Glory, glory to Lord Chaitanya, the life of all! Glory to Lord Chaitanya, the abode of pure love for Nityananda and Advaita!

Text 2 Glory to Lord Chaitanya, the life of Shri Jagadananda and Shrigarbha! Glory to Lord Chaitanya, the life's treasure of Pundarika Vidyanidhi!

Text 3 Glory to Lord Chaitanya, the master of Jagadisa and Gopinatha! Glory to the followers of Lord Chaitanya!

Text 4 In this way, accompanied by Lord Nityananda, Lord Chaitanya happily enjoyed pastimes in Navadvipa.

Text 5 Accompanied by Advaita Acarya, the circle of Vaishnavas sang and danced. They made a great tumult of chanting Lord Krishna's names.

Text 6 Lord Nityananda stayed at Shrivasa's home. He was always in the mood of a child. He never manifested any other mood.

Text 7 He would not lift His hand to eat. Considering Him her son, Malini would feed Him.

Text 8 Chaste Malini felt ecstati in Lord Nityananda's presence. She always served Him. They were like mother and son.

Text 9 One day Lord Chaitanya sat down with Shrivasa and spoke with him about Lord Krishna's pastimes.

Text 10

Testing Shrivasa Pandita, Lord Chaitanya said, "Why do you always give shelter to this avadhuta?

Text 11

"You don't know anything about His birth or His family. I say that you are very generous.

Text 12

"If you wish to protect your own good birth and good family, you should send this avadhuta away at once."

Text 13

Gently smiling, Shrivasa Pandita said, "Lord, it is not right that You test me.

Text 14

"Anyone who for only one day worships You becomes my very life. Lord Nityananda is Your own body. There is ample evidence to prove this.

††† Texts Texts 15-16

"Even if Nityananda is a drunkard, and even if my noble birth, my life, and my wealth all perish because of Him, in my heart I will not think bady of Him. I will not think He is at all different from You. What I tell You is the truth. It is the truth."

Text 17

Hearing these words from Shrivasa's mouth, Lord Chaitanya stood up and roared.

Text 18

The Lord aid, "Shrivasa Pandita, what did you say? You have faith in Nityananda?

Text 19

"You have understood the secret of Nityananda. I am pleased. I give you this boon:

Text 20

"Even if Goddess Lakshmi goes begging from town to town, poverty will never enter your home.

Text 21

"Even the dogs, cats, and other animals in your house will find peace in My devotional service.


Text 22

"I place Nityananda in your home. Please serve Him in every way."

Text 23

After giving this boon to Shrivasa, Lord Chaitanya returned home. Lord Nityananda requalrly wandered in the villages of Nadiya.

Text 24

Sometimes He would swim in the Ganga. Carried by the current, His happiness had no end.

Text 25

Sometimes he would play with the children. Sometimes He would go to the homes of Ganga dasa or Murari.

Text 26

Sometimes He would run to Lord Chaitanya's home. Seeing Him, Mother Saci was always very affectionate.

Text 27

In the mood of a child, Nityananda would try to touch Mother Saci's feet, and she would run away.

Text 28

One night Mother Saci saw something in a dream. In private she said to Lord Chaitanya,

Text 29

"At the end of night I saw a dream. You and Nityananda were together.

Text 30

"You were both five years old. You were running in the house, playing and fighting.

Text 31

"Then the two of You brought Krishna and Balarama out of the temple room.

Text 32

"Nityananda had Krishna in His head. You carried Balarama. Then the four of You began to fight in front of me.

Text 33

"Becoming angry, Krishna and Balarama said, `Who are You thugs? Get out of here.

Text 34

" `This house and this room belong to Us. The milk, yogurt, and sandesa are offered to Us.'

Text 35

"Then Nityananda said, `The time is gone when You two could steal and eat butter and yogurt.

Text 36

" `You aren't cowherd boys any more. Now You are brahmanas. With this in mind, You should renounce all these offerings.

Text 37

" `If You will not voluntarily renounce them, then You will perish. Who will tolerate Your plundering and eating?'

Text 38

"Then Krishna and Balarama said, `If We take You two cheaters, tie You up, and throw You outside, We will not have done anything wrong.'

Text 39

"Then Balrama said, `If Krishna orders this, I will not disobey Him.' Then Balarama rebuked Nityananda and screamed.

Text 40

"Then Nityananda said, `Why should I bhe afraid of Your Krishna. Chaitanya is My master. He is the master of the world.'

Text 41

"In this way the four of You quarreled, snatched food from each other, and happily ate.


Text 42

"One snatched the food from another's hand and ate it. Another snatched the food from someone else's mouth and put it in His mouth.

Text 43

"Then Nityananda called out to me, `Mother! Give Me food. My hunger is very great.'

Text 44

"I have told You my heart. I do not understand this dream in the least. Can You tell Me what this means."

Text 45

Hearing of this dream, Lord Chaitanya smiled and sweetly told His mother,

Text 46

"Mother, you saw a very wonderful dream. Please don't repeat this story to anyone.


Text 47

"Assuming the forms of the Deities in Our home, the Supreme Lord Himself has really come before Our eyes. My heart has firm faith in your dream.

Text 48

"Again and again I saw that after it was offered to the Deities, not even half of the food remained. Embarrassed, I did not tell anyone.

Text 49

"I suspected your daughter-in-law. That suspicion in My heart is now destroyed."

Text 50

Hiding nearby and eavesdropping on the story of the dream, Goddess Lakshmi, the mother of the universes, smiled at her husband's words.

Text 51

Then Lord Chaitanya said, "Mother, please hear My words. I will quickly bring Nityananda here, and You will feed Him."

Text 52

Hearing her son's words, Saci became happy. She gathered the ingredients for the meal.

Text 53

Lord Chaitanya went to Nityananda's place. At once He offered an invitation.

Text 54

He said, "Today in My home there will be a special offering to the Deities. Please do not misbehave." In this way He instructed Lord Nityananda.

Text 55

Covering His ears, Nityananda said, "Vishnu! Vishnu!" Hew said, "Only madmen misbehave.

Text 56

"You think I will misbehave because You think everyone is like Yourself."

Text 57

Talking in this way, the two of them laughed and laughed. Talking and talking about Lord Krishna, They finally came to the house.

Text 58

Smiling and laughing, the two of Them sat down together. Gadadhara and other close friends were also there.

Text 59

The servant Isana gave the two Lord's water to wash Their feet. Then Lord Chaitanya and Lord Nityananda went to enjoy the meal.

Text 60

As They sat down to enjoy the meal, the two Lords were like Rama and Lakshmana in Kausalya's home.

Text 61

As did Rama and Lakshmana, the two Lords enjoyed the meal. They had the same thoughts and the same affection. They were the same two persons.

Text 62

Mother Saci very happily brought the meal, which was in three courses. The two Lord's smiled.

Text 63

Returning, Mother Saci saw that the two Lords had now become five-year old boys.

Text 64

She saw that one was dark and the other fair. They were both handsome and charming. They both had four arms. They were both clothed only by the four directions.

Text 65

She saw Them holding a conchshell, cakra, club, lotus, and plow, marked with Shrivatsa, and decorated with Kaustubha jewels and shark-shaped earrings.

Text 66

She saw her daughter-in-law resting on her son's chest. Seeing this once, suddenly she did not see it.

Text 67

Fainting, she fell to the ground. All her garments were wet with the tears from her eyes.

Text 68

The food was scattered in the house. Because of the wonder that she saw, she was no longer aware of external things.

Text 69

Lord Chaitanya rinsed His mouth, ran to His mother, extended His hand, and picked her up.

Text 70

He asked, "Rise. Rise, mother. Why did you suddenly fall to the ground?"

Text 71

Regaining external consciousness, she hastily tied her hair. Mother Saci did not say anything. In her own room she wept.

Text 72

She sighed deeply. Her every lim‚ trembled. She was filled with spiritual love. Nothing else mattered to her.

Text 73

The servant Isana cleaned the whole house. He took whatever remained.

Text 74

Isana always served Mother Saci. He is the most fortunate person in the fourteen worlds.

Text 75

Every day the close servant Isana saw many wonders like this. No one else knew the secrets he knew.

Text 76

This Madhya-khanda is like a pitcher of nectar. Whoever hears it kills the sins in his heart.

Text 77

Accompanied by His devotees, Loed Chaitanya performed sankirtana in Navadvipa.

Text 78

From whatever places they were born, the Lord's personal associates came, one by by one, to Navadvipa.

Text 79

Learning that the Supreme Personality of Godhead had descended to this world, they all became joyful at heart.

Text 80

Seeing the Lord reveal His true nature, the Vaishnavas became fearless. They became agitated with bliss.

Text 81

The Lord saw every devotee to be as dear as life to Him. Every devotee thought he was the Lord's dearest friend.

Text 82

The Supreme Lord, whom the Vedas always seek, affectionately embraced His devotees.

Text 83

Lord Chaitanya always visited His devotees' homes. There He revealed His four-armed form, siÝ-armed form, and other forms also.

Text 84

Sometimes the Lord went to the homes of Ganga dasa or Murari. Other times He went to the home of Acaryaratna.

Text 85

He always went with Lord Nityananda. Lord Chaitanya and Lord Nityananda were never apart.

Text 86

Lord Nityananda was always in the mood of a child. Lord Chaitanya manifested many different moods.

Text 87

Like bumblebees at the Lord's feet, the devotees saw, according to their different destinies, the Lord's forms of Matsya, Kurma, Varaha, Vamana, or Nrisimha.

Text 88

Some days, accepting the mood of the gopis, He wept, unaware whether it was day or night.

Text 89

Other days He would accept the mood of Uddhava or Akrura. Other days, accepting the mood of Balarama, He would ask for wine.

Text 90

Other days, accepting the mood of four-faced Brahma, He would fall the ground and recite prayers.

Text 91

Other days, accepting the mood of Prahlada, He would recite many prayers. In this way the Lord played in the ocean of devotional service.

Text 92

Seeing all this, Saci, the mother of the worlds, floated in bliss. Still, in her heart she told herself, "Some day my son may leave home."

Text 93

When Mother Saci said, "Son, now You should go and bathe in the Ganga.", the Lord would reply, "Mother, please say, `Jaya Krishna Rama!' "


Text 94

Whenever Saci spoke to Him, Lord Chaitanya would always reply by saying "Krishna." He never said anything else.

Text 95

No one can understand these inconceivable ecstati moods of the Lord. Everything that He revealed was wonderful and unprecedented.

Text 96

One day a singer of Lord Siva's glories came. Playing a dambura drum, he sang about Lord Siva.

Text 97

Arriving at the Lord's house to beg alms, he sang about Lord Siva and danced.

Text 98

Hearing about Lord Siva's glories, Lord Chaitanya at once manifested the form of Lord Siva, a form with splendid matted hair.

Text 99

With one jump he came on the singer's shoulders. He screamed, "I am Siva!"

Text 100

The people watched as matted-hair Lord Chaitanya played the drum and horn and said again and again, "Sing! Sing!"

Text 101

That day the great-soul attained the full benefit of singing Lord Siva's glories.

Text 102

Because he sang without offense, Lord Chaitanya climbed on his shoulders.

Text 103

Returning to external consciousness, Lord Chaitanya climbed down from the singer's shoulders. In the singer's cloth bag the Lord placed some alms.

Text 104

His life now a perfect success, the singer departed. The auspicious sound of "Hari!" then rose from everyone.

Text 105

The Lord thus enjoyed pastimes with His servants. In this way the glories of devotion to Lord Krishna were manifested.

Text 106

The Lord said, "My brothers, please hear this, the best of all advice. Why should our nights be wasted in false and useless activities?

Text 107

"From now on every night we should sing Lord Hari's auspicious names.

Text 108

"When we all chant the Lord's names in this way, we will become plunged in the sacred Ganga of pure devotional service.

Text 109

"When it hears the names of Lord Krishna, the entire world be become delivered. Therefore the holy name should become the only treasure of you all."

Text 110

Hearing these words, all the Vaishnavas became joyful. In this way Lord Chaitanya's sankirtana pastimes began.

Text 111

At night Lord Chaitanya performed kirtana in Shrivasa's home. On some nights the kirtana was in Candrasekhara's home.

†††† 112-Text 116

Present at those kirtanas were Nityananda Gadadhara, Advaita, Shrivasa, Pundarika Vidyanidhi, Murari, Hiranya, Haridasa, Gangadasa, Vanamali, Vijaya, Nandana, Jagadananda, Buddhimanta Khan, Narayana, Kasisvara, Vasudeva, Rama, Garudai, Govinda, Govindananda, Gopinatha, Jagadisa, Shriman, Shridhara, Sadasiva, Vakresvara, Shrigarbha, Suklambara, Brahmananda, Purushottama, Sanjaya, and many others. I do not know the names of all the countless servants of Lord Chaitanya.

Text 117

Accompanied by these devotees, the Lord danced. He did not enjoy these pastimes with any but these devotees, His personal associates.

Text 118

Every night the Lord roared the names of Lord Hari. Hearing this roar, the universe broke apart.

Text 119

Hearing the kirtana, the materialists and offenders jumped about and complained, "All night long these fellows drink wine.

Text 120

"They know the Tanri secrets of enjoying with drunken girls. Chanting five kinds of mantras at night, they lure tirgins to go to them.

Text 121

"Twelve hours have passed like this. We cannot sleep." This the materialists said when they heard the loud roars of "Bol! Bol!" in the kirtana.

Text 122

While the materialists and offenders jumped about and complained in this way, Lord Chaitanya blissfully performed kirtana.

Text 123

Simply by hearing the kirtana, Lord Chaitanya was no longer aware of the external world. In this condition He would fall to the ground.

Text 124

When the Lord fell again and again to the ground, the ground would break again and again. In this way everyone became afraid.

Text 125

Seeing the Lord's delicate body violently fall to the ground, Mother Saci would close her eyes and think, "Govinda!"

Text 126

Although the Lord would fall in an ecstati trance of love for Lord Vishnu, still Mother Saci, overcome with love, would feel very unhappy.

Text 127

With words choked with emotion, Mother Saci earnestly prayed for a remedy to counteract her awareness of the Lord violent falls.

†††† 128-Text 129

She prayed, "O Lord Krishna, please be merciful and give me this boon: Let me not be aware when Visvabhara falls down. O Lord Krishna, please be merciful to me in this way.

Text 130

"Although He is in bliss and feels no pain, still I will be very happy to remain unaware of all this."

Text 131

Aware of the desire in His mother's heart, Lord Chaitanya happily granted that boon.

Text 132

Therefore whenever the Lord performed sankirtana of chanting Lord Hari's holy names, Saci entered an ecstati trance and was no longer aware of the external world.

Text 133

There was no stopping the Lord's blissful dancing. Surrounded by His devotees, He sang day and night.

Text 134

Some days Lord Chaitanya and His devotees would sing and dance in the Lord's home.

Text 135

Sometimes Lord Chaitanya would manifest His true identity as the Supreme Person. Other times He would weep, affirming, "I am the Lord's servant."

Text 136

O my brothers, please listen attentively. In the countless universes there is nothing like Lord Chaitanya's display of ecstati love.

Text 137

When Lord Chaitanya danced, the devotees blissfully sang.

Text 138

On ekadashi Lord Chaitanya, the life of the worlds, would chant Lord Hari's names and dance.

Text 139

In the courtyard of fortunate Shrivasa would rise the auspicious chanting of "Gopala! Govinda!"

Text 140

LordChaitanya would begin dancing before sunrise. In group after group, the devotees sweetly sang.

Text 141

Shrivasa Pandita led the singing in one group. Mukunda led the singing in another group.

Text 142

Govinda led the singing in another group. They all sang as Lord Chaitanya danced.

Text 143

Powerful Nityananda circumambulated Lord Chaitanya. Unseen, Advaita touched the dust of Lord Chaitanya's feet.

Text 144

As Lord Chaitanya sang, Gadadhara and the other devotees became agitated with love. Their eyes filled with tears.

Text 145

Now please hear forty verses describing Lord Chaitanya's kirtana, describing how Lord Chaitanya, the life of the worlds, danced in ecstasy.


A Song in Bhatiyari-raga


Text 146

caudike govinda-dhwani sacira nandana nace range

bihwala haila saba parishada sange

hari o ram


The word "Govinda!" resounded in the four directions. Saci's son danced in ecstasy. Overcome with love, the Lord's associates sang, "Hari!" and, "Rama!"


Text 147

jakhana kandaye prabhu prahareka kande

lotaya bhumite kesa taha nahi bandhe


†††† When He wept, Lord Chaitanya wept for three hours. He fell to the ground. His hair was no longer neatly bound.


Text 148

se krandana dekhi' hena kona kashtha ache

na pade bihwala haiya se prabhura kache


†††† Only a person made of wood will not, overcome with ecstati love, fall to the ground when he sees Lord Chaitanya weep in the kirtana.


Text 149

jakhana hasaye prabhu maha-atta-has

se-i haya prahareka ananda-bilas


†††† Loudly laughing, Lord Chaitanya enjoys blissful pastimes for three hours.


Text 150

dasya-bhabe prabhu nija mahima na jane

jinilum jinilum boli' uthe ghane ghane


Thinking of Himself as a servant, Lord Chaitanya does not know His own glories. "Glory! Glory!", He says again and again.


Text 151

It is also said,


jitam jitam iti ati-harshena kadacid yukto

vadati tad-anukaranam karoti jitam jitam iti


†††† "Lord Chaitanya would happily say, `Glory! Glory!' The devotees would repeat, `Glory! Glory!' "


Text 152

Sometimes Lord Chaitanya loudly sang the holy names. Hearing His singing, the universe seemed to break apart.

Text 153

Sometimes His body would become as heavy as the universe, and no one had the power to lift Him.

Text 154

Sometimes He became lighter than a cotton swab, and everyone happily carried Him on their shoulders.

Text 155

Carrying the Lord on their shoulders, the devotees would walk happily in the courtyard.

Text 156

When the Lord would faint in ecstasy, the frightened devotees would chant "Hari!" in His ear.

Text 157

Sometimes His whole body would tremble, and His teeth would chatter like a child's teeth in winter.

Text 158

Sometimes there would be great perspiration on His body. It seemed like the Ganga personified flowed on His limbs.

Text 159

Sometimes His limbs burned with fever, drying up the sandal paste anointing it.

Text 160

Sometimes He sighed so deeply that everyone fled, staying to one side.

Text 161

Sometimes He ran to catch everyone's feet, and all the Vaishnavas fled in the four directions.

Text 162

Sometimes He would rest His back against Lord Nityananda's body, lift His feet, look at everyone, and smile.

Text 163

Understanding this hint, all the devotees would plunder the priceless jewel of the dust at the Lord's feet.

Text 164

Then Lord Advaita Acarya would say, "Ah! Ah! O thief, now I will ro‚ all Your power and glory and pride. Now it is Mine!"

Text 165

Lord Chaitanya rolled on the ground in ecstasy. In the four directions were devotees singing the glories of Lord Krishna.

Text 166

When Lord Chaitanya danced enthusiastically, the earth trembled, and the devotees fled in fear.

Text 167

When He danced sweetly and gracefully, Lord Chaitanya looked like Nanda's son, the best of dancers.

Text 168

When He roared like millions of lions, Lord Chaitanya kindly protected His devotees' ears.

Text 169

When He walked, sometimes Lord Chaitanya did not touch the ground. Some saw this. Others had no power to see it.

Text 170

Overcome with ecstasy, Lord Chaitanya would stare with red eyes. First frightened, and then laughing, the devotees fled.

Text 171

Overcome with ecstasy, Lord Chaitanya danced wildly, not knowing who He was or who were the others.

Text 172

Overcome with ecstasy, one time Lord Chaitanya grasped a devotee's feet, and another time He clim‚ed up on a devotee's head.

Text 173

One moment He would approach someone, embraced them, and weep. Another moment He would clim‚ on someone's shoulders.

Text 174

Another moment He would act like a restless child. With His mouth He would imitate the sounds of musical instruments, aschildren do.

Text 175

One moment He would make His feet dance. Then He would give a mischievous laugh. Then, thinking Himself a child, He would crawl on His knees.

Text 176

Then for many moments Lord Chaitanya assumed the role of three-fold-bending handsome Krishna. He stayed like that for three hours.

Text 177

Meditating, He began to play the flute. Thus He revealed the truth that He is Lord Krishna Himself, the moon of Vrindavana.

Text 178

Regaining external consciousness, Lord Chaitanya again thought Himself a servant of the Lord. He wept. Placing a blade of grass between His teeth, He yearned to serve the Vaishnavas.

Text 179

Once, bending His body like a circle, He made His head touch His feet. He stayed like this for three hours.

Text 180

His ecstasies were wonderful. Feeling the bliss of chanting His own holy names, Lord Chaitanya, the son of Jagannatha Misra, danced.

Text 181

He loudly roared. His every lim‚ trembled. He could not stay still. He fell to the ground.

Text 182

Normally His complexion was fair. Now, from moment to moment His complexion changed into different colors. Before the devotees' eyes His form appeared double.

Text 183

Thinking Himself a devotee, the Lord acted in extraordinary ways. He spoke in ways that were not appropriate.

Text 184

Seeing a Vaishnava He previously would call "master", the Lord now grabbed him by the hair and announced, "He is My servant".

Text 185

Seeing a Vaishnava whose feet He previously would grasp, the Lord now pushed His own feet onto the Vaishnava's chest.

Text 186

Seeing the Lord's blissful pastimes, the devotees, their arms around each other's necks, wept.

Text 187

The devotees' limbs shone with garlands and sandal paste. Tasting the nectar of blissfully singing about Lord Krishna, they forgot everything else.

Text 188

The sounds of mridangas, karatalas, conchshells, and clapping hands joined with the sound of the holy names.

Text 189

The sound of the holy names filled the universe and made it break in two. All that was inauspicious fled in the four directions.

†††† 190-Text 191

How wonderful it is that the Supreme Lord, the dancing of whose servants destroys all obstacles and purifies all the worlds, now personally dances and sings His own holy name. What result will come from the Lord dancing and singing His own holy name? Can the Puranas describe that result?

Text 192

The chanting of Lord Hari's auspicious names filled the four directions. In the midst of that chanting Lord Chaitanya, the son of Jagannatha Misra, danced.

Text 193

The Supreme Personality of Godhead, the bliss of whose holy name makes Lord Siva forget his clothing,whose glories make Lord Siva dance, now personally dances.

†††† 194-Text 195

The Supreme Personality of Godhead, whose holy name made Valmiki Muni wealthy with renunciation, whose holy name made Ajamila attain liberation, and whose holy name, when heard, cuts the bonds of birth and death, has personally descended in this world. Now He dances in the Kali-yuga..

†††† 196-Text 197

The Supreme Personality of Godhead, whose holy name Sukadeva and Narada sing as they wander in this world, whose glories Ananta Sesha sings with a thousand mouths, and whose holy name is the great atonement for all sins, now personally dances. Anyone who sees Him dance became very fortunate.

Text 198

I am so sinful that in this birth I was not able to personally see the great festival of the Lord's dancing.

Text 199

Aware that the Supreme Lord would descend to the world at that time, in the verses of Shrimad-Bhagavatam Vyasa's son Sukadeva glorified the Kali-yuga.

Text 200

Lord Chaitanya danced with Lord Nityananda. I hear the charming sound that comes from the soles of Their feet as They dance.

Text 201

Overcome with ecstasy, Lord Chaitanya would not keep the garland on His neck. He broke it and threw it at His devotees' feet.

†††† 202-Text 203

The Supreme Personality of Godhead, who often happily rode on Garuda, who often manifested a four-armed form holding a conch, disc, club, and lotus, and who often happily reclined on Ananta Sesha, now thinks that He is a servant of the Lord. Now He rolls in the dust and weeps.

Text 204

Enjoying the happiness of being a servant of the Lord, now He forgets the happiness He enjoyed in Vaikuntha.

Text 205

He who often enjoyed the happiness of gazing at Goddess Lakshmi's face has now accepted the mood of separation from the Lord. Raising His face and arms, now He weeps.

Text 206

The Supreme Personality of Godhead, who is served by Siva, Narada, and all the demigods and sages, has now renounced His supreme power and opulence. Now He has become a devotee, a servant of the Lord.

Text 207

The Supreme Personality of Godhead, rejecting all other happinesses, now places a blade of grass between His teeth and begs for devotional service.

Text 208

A person who rejects devotional service and desires something else is like a person who rejects nectar and drinks poison.

†††† 209-Text 210

Anyone who reads or lectures on Shrimad-Bhagavatam but does not place the glories of devotional service on his tongue cannot understand or teach the true meaning, the heart of the scriptures. He is like a donkey painfully carrying a great burden of many holy books.

Text 211

In this way he carries a great burden of many holy books, but he does not understand what they truly mean. To an assembly of fools he gives foolish lectures.

Text 212

The Vedas and the Shrimad-Bhagavatam declare that devotional service is the greatest treasure. Lakshmi, Brahma, and Siva always engage in devotional service.

Text 213

A person who does not believe that Lord Chaitanya's words are the truth does not attain Lord Chaitanya. What more can I say about such a person?

Text 214

Thinking Himself a servant of the Lord, Lord Chaitanya danced as the beautiful sound of the holy names filled the four directions.

Text 215

Hearing and hearing the holy names, Advaita entered an ecstati trance. A blade of grass between His teeth, He approached Lord Chaitanya.

Text 216

Covering His body, from head to foot, with grass, and knitting His eyebrows, Advaita danced.


Text 217

Seeing Advaita's devotional activities, everyone became frightened. But Nityananda and Gadadhara laughed.

Text 218

Lord Chaitanya, the life of the worlds, danced. His symptoms of ecstasy had no end. They continued again and again,.

Text 219

Lord Chaitanya manifested symptoms of ecstay that no one had personally seen or even heard of in Shrimad-Bhagavatam.

Text 220

Sometimes His body became like a motionaless pillar, and no one had the power to bend it the distance of even half a sesame seed.

Text 221

Sometimes His body became like butter. It seemed not to have any bones.

Text 222

Sometimes His body seemed to be multiplied by two or three. Sometimes it seemed to become very slender.

Text 223

Sometimes He staggered about as if drunk. Sometimes He laughed and happily rocked His body to and fro.

Text 224

Looking at all the Vaishnava, Lord Chaitanya, rapt in ecstasy, called out the names they bore in their previous births.

Text 225

He called out, "Balarama!", "Siva!", "Sukadeva!", "Narada!", "Prahlada!", "Lakshmi!", "Brahma!", and "Uddhava!"

Text 226

Looking at each one, on this preText the Lord revealed the true identity of each devotee.

Text 227

Happily filling their eyes, the Lord's servants gazed at Lord Chaitanya's wonderful dancing and wonderful ecstati love for Lord Krishna.

Text 228

Some were already within the house. Meanwhile many others wanted to enter.

Text 229

By the Lord's, order the door was firmly closed. Thus the people of Nadiya could not enter.

Text 230

Hearing the kirtana, everyone ran there, but no one could enter, for the door was firmly shut.

Text 231

Thousands and thousands of people came. They called out, "We want to see the kirtana! Break down the door!"

Text 232

meanwhile all thew Vaishnavas inside were absorbed in the ecstasy of the kirtana. They were not aware that many others were outside.

Text 233

Unable to enter at the door, the materialists and offenders outside spoke foolishly.

Text 234

Someone said, "These people eat by begging alms. Thay are ashamed someone may recognize them. That's why they won't open the door."

Text 235

Someone lese said, "That's right. What you said is right. They couldn't get anything to eat. That's why they've been screaming for the past twenty-four hours."

Text 236

Someone else said, "My brothers, these people have been drinking wine all night. That's why they're hiding from us."

Text 237

Someone else said, "Nimai Pandita used to be a good person. Why did Lord Narayana make His heart like that?"

Text 238

Someone else said, "I think He acts like this because of His past deeds." Someone else said, "I think it is because of bad association.

Text 239

"He didn't have a father to discipline Him. That's why He went crazy, and that's why, one day, He fell into bad association."


Text 240

Someone else said, "If even only one month passes without study, Sanskrit grammar will quickly be forgotten."

Text 241

Someone else said, "O my brothers, I know the reason why they have kirtana behind closed doors.

Text 242

"By chanting mantras they attract five kinds of young girls. Then they enjoy with the girls in many different ways.

Text 243

"They enjoy opulent feasts. They wear costly garments and decorate themselves with fragrances and flower garlands. In many ways they enjoy pastimes with these young girls.

Text 244

"Then, so others will not see them enjoying in many ways with the young girls, they keep the doors locked."

Text 245

Then someone else said, "Tomorrow I will go to the royal court. I will have them arrested. Each one of them will be shackled at the waist.

Text 246

"Kirtanas, which never existed before in this kingdom, have now come. They will bring a famine. Everyone will flee and stay away forever.

Text 247

"Now the demigods will take away the rains. I know this for a fact. The rice crop will wither and die. No new rice will grow.


†††† 248-Text 249

"For a while we won't do anything. We will only see what Shrivasa and Advaita Acarya will do, or what the avadhuta Nityananda does in Shrivasa's house."

Text 250

In this way the anxious materialists and offenders complained in many ways. Overcome with bliss, the Vaishnavas did not hear any of their words.

Text 251

Someone said, "It is not a brahmana's duty to dance. Acting in this way, these people have fallen from their high position."

Text 252

Someone else said, "It is not right even to look at these people. When we talk about these people all our good qualities flee from us.

Text 253

"Look at what happens if a good person sees these people singing and dancing.

Text 254

"Nimai Pandita used to be very intelligent. But by associating with these people, in His heart He became like them."

Text 255

Someone else said, "As if the Supersoul does not stay in their hearts, these people loudly call out to Him. They do not understand the truth.

Text 256

"The Supreme Lord stays in their bodies. T%hey leave the treasure in their own house to go an search for some other treasure in the forest."

Text 257

Someone else said, "Why should we talk any more about this? Let us go home. What will we gain by looking?"

Text 258

Someone else said, "We cannot see the kirtana because of our past impious deeds. The people in the kirtana have performed many pious deeds. What more can I say about them?"

Text 259

Thinking, "He is one of them", the materialists and offenders gathered together and chased that person away.

Text 260

The materialists said, "What is the harm if we cannot see the kirtana? This kirtana is like hundreds and hundreds of people gathered together for a great fight.

Text 261

"They do not see the importance of japa, austerity, and philosophy. They have invented their own spiritual activities and meditations.

Text 262

"Collecting together rice, bananas, milk, and yogurt, they eat together, destroying all distinctions of caste."

Text 263

People came only to look and to mock. They said, "Look at what those madmen are doing!"

Text 264

After speaking these words, they would go home. Then others would come and make a commotion at the door.

Text 265

When two materialists met, neck to neck they would would talk, mocking the devotees in the kirtana.

Text 266

When they met someone who had not seen the kirtana, they would take them to see it. Only after many requests were the newcomers allowed to leave.

Text 267

Someone said, "O my brothers, I have seen and heard that the followers of Nimai Pandita have all become madmen.

Text 268

"There is always a great commotion at Shrivasa's house. There is a great noise as if they were celebrating a festival for Goddess Durga.

Text 269

"All that I ever hear there are shouts of, `Hai! Hai! Haya! Haya!' Everyone says inglorious things happen there.

Text 270

"There are many thousands of bhattacaryas in Nadiya. But now these thugs have come here also.

Text 271

"Shrivasa Pandita should be thrown out of Nadiya. Tomorrow I will tear his house apart and send it floating down the river.

Text 272

"This brahmana Shrivasa will destroy the auspiciousness of our village. When that happens the Muslims will become powerful here."

Text 273

Even though they made so much trouble, the materialists and offenders of Nadiya were somehow very fortunate.

Text 274

They were born in the same town as the Lord. They directly saw Him, and they heard all about Him.

Text 275

These words of the materialists never entered the ears of Lord Chaitanya's associates, who were always intoxicated by drinking the nectar of love for Lord Krishna.

Text 276

Day and night they made a great tumult of, "Jaya Krishna! Murari! Mukunda! Vanamali!"

Text 277

Day and night Lord Chaitanya danced in the midst of His devotees. No one ever became exhausted. Everyone had a spiritual body.

Text 278

What went by the name of "one year" was actually a yuga. Feeling the bliss of associating with Lord Chaitanya, no one knew how time was passing.

†††† 279-Text 280

As in the great rasa-dance pastime an entire yuga passed, although the gopis thought only half a sesame seed worth of time had passed, in the same way, by the inconceivable power of Lord Krishna, the fortunate servants of Lord Chaitanya thought the yuga that passed was only one year.

†††† 281-Text 282

In this way Lord Chaitanya danced. Then, when only three hours of the night remained, placing the Salagrama-silas on His lap, Lord Chaitanya sat on the Deity throne on thr altar.


Text 283

Then, as the altar began to collapse under Lord Chaitanya's weight, Lord Nityananda, hastily running there, touched it.

Text 284

Now become the resting place of Ananta Sesha, the altar did not break. Lord Chaitanya rocked back and forth.

Text 285

By Lord Chaitanya's order the kirtana stopped. Roaring, the Lord revealed the truth about Himself.

Text 286

He said, "In Kali-yuga I am Krishna. I am Narayana. I am He, the Supreme Personality of Godhead, the son of Devaki.

Text 287

"I am the master of countless millions of universes. I am the person whose names you sing. You are all My servants.

Text 288

"Taking all of you with Me, I have descended to this world. The offerings that You make to the Deity form of the Supreme Lord are actually offered to Me.

Text 289

"Now you should give all those offerings to Me." Then Shrivasa said, "Lord, everything is Yours."

Text 290

Then Lord Chaitanya said, "I will eat everything." Advaita said, "Lord, this is very auspicious for us."

Text 291

Everyone became engaged in serving the Lord. They happily offered foods to the Lord, who was now absorbed in the ectasy of revealing the truth about Himself.

Text 292

He drank yogurt. He drank milk. He ate butter. "If there is more, bring it", He said again and again.

Text 293

He ate various kinds of sweet sandesa, sugar candy, and foods made with grains, and He drank fresh coconut juice.

Text 294

He ate bananas, chipped rice, and fried rice. Eating everything, again and again He demanded, "Bring more".

Text 295

In an eyeblink He ate what two hundred men could eat. Then He asked, "What more is there?"

Text 296

The Lord said, "Bring. Bring. This is not anything." Frightened, the devotees approached the Lord.

Text 297

Folding their hands, they fearfully said, "O Lord, what do we know of Your glories?

Text 298

"Countless universes rest in Your belly. How cane we please You with our small gifts?"

Text 299

The Lord said, "My devotees' offerings are not small. Bring at once. Bring at once. What more is there?"

Text 300

The devotees said, "O Lord, please hear. Only some betelnuts mixed with camphor remain." The Lord said, "Don't hesitate. Bring them."

Text 301

The devotees became happy. Their fears fled far away. They all brought the betelnuts.

Text 302

Each devotee carried in his hands as many betelnuts as possible. Seeing this, the Lord laughed.

Text 303

Opening His eyes wide, the Lord roared, "Nar#a! Nar#a! Nar#a!" again and again.

Text 304

Everyone became silent. No one said anything. All the devotees became frightened at heart.

Text 305

He was now manifested as the all-powerful LordAll the devotees gazed at Him. In His presence no one else had any power at all.

Text 306

Nityananda held a parasol over Lord Chaitanya's head. Facing Lord Chaitanya, Advaita, His hands folded, offered prayers.

Text 307

Frightened, the devotees folded their hands, bowed their heads, and in their hearts meditated on Lord Chaitanya's feet.

Text 308

Anyone who feels happiness on hearing of these powers and opulences of the Lord will certainly see Lord Chaitanya face-to-face.

Text 309

However far one is advanced in spiritual life, to that extent one will understand these pastimes. More than that is not possible without the Lord's express command.

Text 310

"Ask for a boon.", Lord Chaitanya said, looking at Advaita's face. It is because of You that I descended to this place."

Text 311

Looking and looking at each devotee, and laughing and laughing, the Lord demanded, "Ask. Ask."

Text 312

In this way the Lord revealed His powers and opulences. Gazing at Him, the devotees floated in an ocean of bliss.

Text 313

No one can understand Lord Chaitanya's inconceivable pastimes. One moment He reveals His power and opulence, and the next moment He falls unconscious.

Text 314

Returning to external consciousness, Lord Chaitanya wept. New He was an eternal servant of the Supreme Lord.

Text 315

Seeing the Vaishnavas, He grasped their necks and wept. He addressed each of them as, "brother", and "friend".

Text 316

Bewildered by Maya, ordinary people have no power to understand the truth about Lord Chaitanya. Who but the Lord's servants has the power to understand that truth?

Text 317

Seeing Lord Chaitanya's nature and pastimes, the devotees smiled and said, "Lord Narayana has descended to this world."

Text 318

For some time Lord Chaitanya remained on the Deity's throne on the altar. Then He fainted in ecstasy.

Text 319

He fell to the ground. He showed no sign of being alive. Looking at Him, all His associates wept.

Text 320

The devotees thought, "Our Lord has abandoned us.

Text 321

"If our Lord is this cruel to us, then we will also leave our bodies."

Text 322

Knowing the devotees thoughts, Lord Chaitanya, the crest jewel of they who know everything, returned to external consciousness and loudly shouted the holy name of Lord Hari.

Text 323

A great tumult of bliss arose among the devotees. Overwhelmed, the devotees did not know in what direction they stood.

Text 324

In this way there was great bliss in the town of Navadvipa. There He who is the king of Vaikuntha enjoyed pastimes of tasting the nectar of spiritual love.

Text 325

Whoever hears these sacred narrations will find that his thoughts always rest in Lord Chaitanya and His devotees.

Text 326

The two moons Shri Krishna Chaitanya and Shri Nityananda are my life and soul. I, Vrindavana dasa, sing the glories of Their feet.