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Chapter Six

Shri Advaita-milana


Meeting Lord Advaita


Text 1

 jayati jayati devah krishna-chaitanya-candro

     jayati jayati kirtis tasya nitya pavitra

jayati jayati bhritays tasya visvesa-murter

     jayati jayati bhrityas tasya sarva-priyanam


     Glory, glory to Lord Krishna Chaitanyacandra! Glory, glory to Lord Chaitanya's pure eternal fame! Glory, glory to the servants of Lord Chaitanya, the master of the worlds! Glory, glory to Lord Chaitanya's servants, who are dear to all!


Text 2 Glory, glory to Lord Chaitanya, the life of the worlds! O Lord, please place Your two feet in my heart.

Text 3 Glory, glory to Lord Chaitanya, the auspiciousness of the worlds! Glory, glory to Lord Chaitanya's servants!

Text 4 Glory to Lord Chaitanya, the life of Paramananda Puri! Glory to Lord Chaitanya, who is the life's treasure of Svarupa Damodara!

Text 5 Glory, glory to Lord Chaitanya, who is dear to Rupa Gosvami and Sanatana Gosvami! Glory to Lord Chaitanya, who is the heart of Jagadisa and Gopinatha!

Text 6 Glory, glory to Lord Chaitanya, the master of the gatekeeper Govinda! O Lord, please cast Your glance of mercy on the conditioned souls.

Text 7 In this way Lord Chaitanya enjoyed blissful pastimes of sankirtana with Lord Nityananda and the devotees.

Text 8 Now please hear of Advaita's arrival. This will be seen in the Madhya-khanda.

Text 9 One day Lord Chaitanya, in His mood as the Supreme Lord, sweetly ordered Ramai Pandita,

Text 10

 "Ramai, go to Advaita's home. Tell Him that I have come.

    Texts Texts 11-12

 "Tell Him that the person He worshiped, wept for, and fasted for, has now come.

Text 13

 "I have come to give devotional service. He should come to Me at once.

Text 14

 "In a secluded place tell Him of Lord Nityananda's arrival. Tell Him all you have seen.

Text 15

 "Tell Him to come here at once and bring His wife and also offerings to worship Me."

Text 16

 Placing the Lord's order on his head, and in his heart thinking, "Hari! Hari!", Shrivasa's younger brother Ramai left at once.

Text 17

 Overcome with bliss, Ramai did not know the way. Accepting Lord Chaitanya's order, somehow he went to the right place.

Text 18

 Ramai Pandita bowed down before Advaita Acarya. Filled with bliss, he had no power to speak.

Text 19

 By the power of His devotional service, Advaita knew everything. He thought, "The Lord's order has come."

Text 20

 Seeing Ramai, Advaita smiled and said, "I know the order you bring for Me."

Text 21

 Respectfully folding his hads, Ramai Pandita said, "You know everything. Please come at once."

Text 22

 Overcome with bliss, Lord Advaita did not know anything of His own body.

Text 23

 Who can understand Lord Advaita's deep pastimes? He knows everything. Still, He speaks many different opinions.

Text 24

 He said, "Where is it said that the Supreme Personality of Godhead comes to stay among human beings? In what scripture is it said that the Supreme Lord will descend to Nadiya?

Text 25

 "Your brother Shrivasa knows all about My devotion, renunciation, and spiritual knowledge."

Text 26

 Ramai well knew about Advaita's exalted nature. Therefore he did not reply. He only smiled in his heart.

Text 27

 Lord Advaita's nature is unfathomable. Still, the saintly devotees can easily understand it, although the impious cannot.

Text 28

 Lord Advaita again said, "Tell. Tell, O Ramai Pandita. Why have you come?"

Text 29

 Aware of everything, Lord Advaita was peaceful at heart. Weeping, Ramai Pandita said,

    Texts Texts 30-31

 "The person You worshiped, wept for, and fasted for, has now come.

Text 32

 "He has come to give devotional service. He has sent me to give You this order:

Text 33

 "By the Lord's order You should come, bringing Your wife and also bringing proper offerings to worship the Lord's six-armed form.

Text 34

 "Lord Nityananda has also come. He is Lord Chaitanya's second form. He is Your very life.

Text 35

 "You already know all this. Do I need to tell You? I am fortunate. For I will see all of You together in one place.

Text 36

 When He heard these words from Ramai's mouth, Advaita raised His arms and wept.

Text 37

 Weeping, He fainted in ecstasy. Seeing this, everyone there became filled with wonder.

Text 38

 Returning, after a moment, to external consciousness, Advaita roared, "I have brought! I have brought My Lord!

Text 39

 "Because of My touch, the Lord left Vaikuntha and came here!" Saying this, and weeping again and again, Advaita fell to the ground.

Text 40

 Hearing that the Lord had appeared in this world, Advaita's devoted wife, who is the mother of the worlds, wept with joy.

Text 41

 Advaita's son named Acyutananda wept without stopping, even though he was only a boy.

Text 42

 Accompanied by His wife and son, Advaita wept. Around them on four sides, their servants and followers also wept.

Text 43

 In what direction was there not weeping? Advaita's home became filled with love for Lord Krishna.


Text 44

 Advaita became peaceful. Then He was not peaceful. He stayed in an ecstati trance. He body rocked to and fro.

Text 45

 Advaita asked Ramai, "What did the Lord say to Me?" Ramai answered, "Come at once."

Text 46

 Advaita said, "Please lsiten, O Ramai Pandita. If He acts like My Lord, then I will have faith in Him.

    Texts Texts 47-48

 "If He reveals His powers and opulences, and if He places His feet on My head, then I will know that He is the Supreme Lord, the master of My life. This is the truth I tell you, the truth."

Text 49

 Then Ramai said, "My Lord, what can I say? If I am fortunate, I will see with my own eyes.

Text 50

 "What You desire, the Suprem Lord desires. Because of You, the Supreme Lord has descended to this world."

Text 51

 Advaita was pleased with Ramai's words. At that moment Advaita began to prepare for the auspicious journey.

Text 52

 He said to His wife, "Quickly and carefully make everything ready for worshiping Him. Then we will go."

Text 53

 Advaita's devoted wife knew the truth about Lord Chaitanya. She carefully prepared fragrances, garlands, incense, and garments.

    Texts Texts 54-55

 Taking with them milk, yogurt, sara, cream, camphor, and betelnuts, Advaita and his wife departed. Advaita forbade Ramai to say anything. He said, "Don't say anything.

Text 56

 "Say, `The Acarya did not come.' Then I will see what My Lord says.

Text 57

 "I will hide in Nandana Acarya's home. You tell Him, "He did not come". Then I will suddenly come before Him.

Text 58

 Lord Chaitanya is present in everyone's heart. Thus he could see the plan in Advaita's heart.

Text 59

 Aware that Advaita Acarya was coming, Lord Chaitanya went to Shrivasa Pandita's home.

Text 60

 By the Lord's wish, His devotees assembled there.

Text 61

 Aware that the Lord had entered an ecstati trance, everyone became silent and anxious.

Text 62

 Then Lord Chaitanya, the master of the thirty million demigods, roaring, sat on Lord Vishnu's throne.

Text 63

 "Nar#a has come! Nar#a has come!", He said again and again. "Nar#a wants to see My supreme dominion over all!"

Text 64

 Understanding Lord Chaitanya's hint, Nityananda at once held a parasol over the Lord's head.

Text 65

 Also understanding, Gadadhara offered the Lord betelnuts and camphor. Everyone rendered service appropriately.

Text 66

 Some recited prayers. Others rendered various services. At that moment Ramai returned.

Text 67

 Ramai could not speak. Lord Chaitanya said to Ramai, "Nar#a told you to test Me."

Text 68

 Saying, "Nar#a has come.", the Lord gently moved His head. "He knows Me. Still, Nar#a always tests Me.

Text 69

 "Nar#a told you to test Me. Nar#a is hiding in Nandana Acarya's home.


Text 70

 "Quickly go and bring Him. With My own joyful mouth I will speak to Him."

Text 71

 Ramai Pandita happily went to Advaita and told Him everything.

Text 72

 Hearing Ramai's words, Advaita floated in bliss. He went to the Lord. His plan succeeded.

Text 73

 Again and again He and His wife offered dandavat obeisances from afar. Again and again they recited prayers.

Text 74

 They approached and gazed at the Lord's wonderful and fearless feet, where all the universes rest.


A Song in Shriraga


Text 75

 jiniya kandarpa-koti labanya sundar

jyotirmaya kanaka-sundara kalebar


     Lord Chaitanya's golden form is effulgent and handsome. His handsomeness defeats many millions of Kamadevas.


Text 76

 prasanna-badana koti-candrera thakur

advaitera prati jena sadaya pracur



     His cheerful face is the master of many millions of moons. He is very merciful to Advaita Acarya.


Text 77

 dui bahu dibya kanakera stambha jini'

tamhi dibya abharana ratnera khicini


     His two splendid arms defeat the golden pillars. He is decorated with splendid jewel ornaments.


Text 78

 shribatsa kaustubha-mahamani sobhe bakshe

makara kundala baijayanti mala dekhe


 The Shrivatsa and the great Kaustubha jewel decorate Lord Chaitanya's chest. Advaita Acarya gazed at Lord Chaitanya's Vaijayanti garland and shark-shaped earrings.


Text 79

 koti maha-surja jini' teje nahi ant

pada-padma rama chatra dharaye anant


     Lord Chaitanya's splendor and glory have no end. They defeat many millions of brilliant suns. Goddess Lakshmi serves His lotus feet. Ananta Sesha holds His parasol.


Text 80

 kiba nakha kiba mani na pare cinite

tri-bhanga bajaya bamsi hasite hasite


     Which are His toenails and which are the jewels decorating them? No one has the power to tell the difference between them. His form is three-fold bending. Smiling and smiling, He plays the flute.


Text 81

 kiba prabhu kiba gana kiba alankar

jyotirmaya ba-i kichu nahi dekhe ar


     Where is Lord Chaitanya? Where are His ornaments? Where are His devotees? Advaita Acarya could see only a great splendor and nothing else.


Text 82

 dekhe padiyache cari-panca-chaya-mukh

maha-bhaye stuti kore naradadi-suk


     Advaita saw Brahma, Siva, Karttikeya, and all the dowigods bowing down before Lord Chaitanya. He saw Narada, Sukadeva, and all the sages reciting prayers with great awe.


Text 83

 makara-bahana ratha eka barangana

danda paranama ache jena ganga-sama


     A Goddess who looked like the Ganga rode on a shark and offered dandavat obeisances to Lord Chaitanya.


Text 84

 tabe dekhe stuti kore sahasra-badan

cari-dige dekhe jyotir-maya deba-gan


 Then Advaita saw Ananta Sesha offering prayers with His thousand mouths. He saw effulgent demigods in the four directions.


Text 85

 ulathi acarye dekhe caranera tale

sahasra sahasra deba padi' krishna bole


 Turning around, Advaita saw thousands and thousands of demigods reciting prayers and repeating the word "Krishna!" as they stood before  Lord Chaitanya's feet.


Text 86

 je pujara samaye je deba dhyana kore

taha dekhe cari-dige caranera tale


     When the demigods meditated on the Lord and worshiped Him, Advaita saw Lord Chaitanya's feet everywhere in the four directions.


Text 87

 dekhiya sambhrama danda-paranama chadi'

uthila advaita adbhuta dekhi badi


     Gazing at all this, Advaita respectfully offered dandavat obeisances. Standing up, He gazed at more wonders everywhere.


Text 88

 dekhe sata-phana-dhara maha-naga-gan

urdhva-bahu stuti kore tuli' saba phan


     He saw many great hundred-hooded serpents offering prayers with raised arms and hoods.


Text 89

 antarikshe paripurna dekhe dibya rath

gaja-hamsa-aswe nirodhila bayu-path


     He saw many elephants, swans, or horses pulling chariots In the pathways of outer space


Text 90

 koti koti naga-badhu sa-jala nayane

krishna boli' stuti kore dekhe bidyamane


     He saw millions and millions of serpent girls offering prayers and chanting "Krishna!", their eyes filled with tears.


Text 91

 kshiti antarikshe sthana nahi abakase

dekhe padiyache maha-rishi-gana pase


     No place on earth or outer space was unoccupied. Advaita saw many great sages offering prayers.


Text 92

 maha-thakurala dekhi' paila sambhram

pati-patni kichu koribara nahe ksham


     Gazing at Lord Chaitanya's glory and opulence, Advaita and His wife became filled with awe. They had not the power to say anything.


Text 93

 Supremely merciful at heart, Lord Chaitanya glanced at Advaita and said,

Text 94

 "Because of Your desire I descended to this world. You worshiped Me many times.

Text 95

 "I was staying in the milk ocean. But when I heard Your loud calls, my sleep was broken.

Text 96

 "Unable to bear to see the sufferings of the conditioned souls, You brought Me here to deliver them all.

Text 97

 "The great multitude You see in the four directions has taken birth in this world because of Me.

Text 98

 "The Vaishnavas that You see here are the objects of loving meditation for Brahma and the demigods."


A Song in Ramakiri-raga


Text 99

 ekeka prabhura bakya advaita suniya

urdhva bahu kori' kande sa-strika haiya


     Hearing Lord Chaitanya's words, Advaita and His wife raised their arms and wept.


Text 100

 "aji se saphala mora dina parakas

aji se saphala haila jata abhilash


     Advaita said, "Today My days have become fruitful. Today My desires have borne their fruit.


Text 101

 "aji mora janma-karma sakala saphal

sakshate dekhilum tora carana-jugal


     "Today My birth and deeds have borne their fruit. Today I have directly seen Your feet.


Text 102

 "ghoshe matra cari bede jare nahi dekhe

hena tumi mora lagi' haila parateke


     "Although they have never seen You, the Vedas chant Your glories. Now You have appeared before a person like Me.


Text 103

 "mora kichu sakti nahi tomara karuna

toma ba-i jiba uddhariba kona jana"


     Your mercy alone can deliver the people. I have no power to deliver them."


Text 104

 Speaking these words, Advaita Acarya floated in spiritual love. Then Lord Chaitanya said to Him, "Worship Me."

Text 105

 Accepting the Lord's order, Advaita perfectly worshiped Lord Chaitanya.

Text 106

 First Advaita washed Lord Chaitanya's feet with scented water. Then He anointed the Lord's lotus feet with fragrances.

Text 107

 Dipping tulasi-manjaris into sandal paste, He placed them, along with arghya, on the Lord's feet.

Text 108

 He worshiped the Lord with the fiva upacaras: fragrance, flower, incense, lamp, and food. From His eyes streamed tears of love.

Text 109

 He offered a lamp with five flames. Again and again He bowed down. At the end he loudly called, "Jaya! Jaya!"

Text 110

 With sixteen offerings he worshiped the Lord's feet. Then He offered garlands, garments, and ornaments.

Text 111

 Seeing through the eyes of scripture, He worshiped the Lord. Then He recited verses and offered dandavat obeisances.

Text 112

 He said,



namo brahmanya-devaya

     go-brahmana-hitaya ca

jagat-dhitaya krishnaya

     govindaya namo namah


     "Let Me offer respectful obeisances unto Lord Krishna, who is the worshipable Deity for all brahminical men, who is the well-wisher of cows and brahmanas, and who is always benefiting the whole world. I offer my repeated obeisances to the Personality of Godhead, known as Krishna and Govinda."*


Text 113

 Speaking these words, Advaita offered respectful obeisances. Then He recited prayers from many different scriptures.

Text 114

 He said, "Glory, glory to Lord Chaitanya, who is the master of all lives! Glory, glory to Lord Chaitanya, who is an ocean of mercy!

Text 115

 "Glory, glory to Lord Chaitanya, who makes the words of the devotees true! Glory, glory to Lord Chaitanya, who is the Supreme Personality of Godhead descended to this world!

Text 116

 "Glory, glory to Lord Chaitanya, whose heart is delighted by Goddess Lakshmi's beauty! Glory, glory to Lord Chaitanya, who is decorated with the Kaustubha jewel and Shrivatsa mark!

Text 117

 "Glory, glory to Lord Chaitanya, who reveals the hare Krishna mantra! Glory, glory to Lord Chaitanya, who enjoys pastimes with His devotees!

Text 118

 "Glory, glory to Lord Chaitanya, who rests on Ananta Sesha! Glory, glory to Lord Chaitanya, who is the shelter of all living entities!

Text 119

 "O Lord, You are Vishnu. You are Krishna. You are Narayana. You are Matsya. You are Kurma. You are eternal.

Text 120

 "O Lord, You are Varaha. You are Vamana. Yuga after yuga You protect the Vedas.

Text 121

 "You kill the rakshasas. You are the life of Sita. You give a benediction to Guha. You deliver Ahalya.

Text 122

 "You came to this world for Prahlada's sake. Killing Hiranyakasipu, You accepted the name Narasimha.

Text 123

 "You are the crest jewel of all the demigods. You are the king of brahmanas. You eat all the offerings in Jagannatha Puri.

Text 124

 "Searching for You, the four Vedas wander from place to place. Hiding from them, You have come here.

Text 125

 "O Lord, You are very expert at hiding. Still the devotees find You and bring You out of Your hiding place.

Text 126

 "You have descended to this world to begin the sankirtana movement. In the countless universes there is nothing but You.

Text 127

 "Siva and Parvati are overcome by tasting the nectar of Your lotus feet.

Text 128

 "With a single mind Goddess Lakshmi serves Your feet. With His thousand mouths Ananta Sesha sings the glories of Your feet.

Text 129

 "Brahma always worships Your feet. The Srutis, Smritis, and Puranas sing the glories of Your feet.

Text 130

 "Your feet crossed beyond Satyaloka. Your feet placed a great treasure on King Bali's head.

Text 131

 "The Ganga descends from Your feet. Siva earnestly places Your feet on his head."

Text 132

 Advaita's intelligence defeated many nmillions of Brihaspatis. Therefore Advaita perfectly understood the pure and exalted position of Lord Chaitanya.

Text 133

 As He glorified Lord Chaitanya's feet, Advaita floated in the tears flowing from His own eyes. Then He fell down before the Lord's glorious feet.

Text 134

 Then Lord Chaitanya, who is the Supersoul in everyone's heart, placed His feet on Advaita's head.

Text 135

 When Lord Chaitanya placed His feet on Advaita's head, a great sound of "Jaya! Jaya!" suddenly arose.

Text 136

 Seeing this wonder, everyone became agitated. Everyone made a great tumult of "Hari! Hari!"

Text 137

 Some rolled on the ground. Some clapped their arms. Some embraced. Some loudly wept.

Text 138

 All the desires of Advaita and His wife were now fulfilled. Placing the Lord's feet on their heads, they attained all they had wished.

Text 139

 Then Lord Chaitanya commanded Advaita, "O Nar#a! Chant My holy names and dance."


Text 140

 Accepting Lord Chaitanya's order, Lord Advaita, manifesting different moods of devotion, danced.

Text 141

 The charming sound of kirtana arose, and Advaita danced before Lord Chaitanya.

Text 142

 One moment He danced enthusiastically. Another moment He danced gracefully. Another moment He held a straw between His teeth.

Text 143

 Another moment He ran in a circle. Another moment He fell and rolled on the ground. Another moment He deeply sighed. Another moment He fell unconscious.

Text 144

 When He heard the kirtana He could not stay still. He danced in ecstasy.

Text 145

 At the end He became like a humble servant. No one could understand His inconceivable power.

Text 146

 Running and running, He came to Lord Chaitanya's side. Seeing Lord Nityananda, He knitted His eyebrows and laughed.

Text 147

 Laughing, He said, "O Nityananda, it is good that You have come. For some days I have not seen You.

Text 148

 "Today I will tie You up. Where will You go then?" One moment He spoke like a Lord, and another moment he spoke like an intoxicated person.

Text 149

 Nityananda laughed at Advaita's activities. Actually They were both the same person, now manifested in two for Lord Krishna's pastimes.

Text 150

 Previously I explained that Lord Nityananda, assuming many different forms, serves Lord Chaitanya with great happiness.

Text 151

 In one form He describes His Lord. In another form He meditates on Him. In another form He becomes His bed and parasol. In another form He sings songs glorifying Him.

Text 152

 He is fortunate who knows that Lord Nityananda and Lord Advaita are not different and They both descended to this world from the world of spirit.

Text 153

 Please see that Their quarrels are all pastimes, are the inconceivable playing of the Supreme Lord Himself.

Text 154

 They love the Lord as Siva and Ananta Sesha love Him. They are both dear to Lord Krishna Chaitanya.

Text 155

 Anyone who, not understanding Their quarrels, takes sides, bowing down before one and criticizing the other, perishes.

Text 156

 Seeing Lord Advaita's dancing, the Vaishnavas become plunged in an ocean of bliss.

Text 157

 Then Lord Chaitanya commanded Advaita to stop dancing. Placing the Lord's command on His head, Advaita stopped at once.

Text 158

 Taking the garland from His won neck, Lord Chaitanya gave it to Advaita. Laughing, Lord Chaitanya said, "Ask for a boon. Ask for a boon."

Text 159

 Hearing these words, Advaita gave no reply. "Ask. Ask.", again and again Lord Chaitanya demanded.

Text 160

 Then Advaita said, "For what more should I ask? The boon I desire I have already attained.

Text 161

 "I have danced before You. In this way I have attained all the desires in My heart.

Text 162

 "O Lord, what more can I desire? I have directly seen You in this incarnation.

Text 163

 "You know what I desire and what I do not desire. With transcendental eyes You can see what I do not desire."

Text 164

 Moving His head, Lord Chaitanya said, "Because of You I came here.

Text 165

 "In home after home I will preach the sankirtana movement. The whole world will sing My glories and dance.

Text 166

 "the devotional service that Brahma, Siva, Narada, and all the sages and demigods perform austerities to attain, I will freely give away. This I tell You.

Text 167

 Then Lord Advaita said, "If You will give away devotional service, then please also give it to the women, sudras, fools, and other lowly beings.

     168-Text 169

 "The sinners who are intociated with pride of their learning, wealth, noble family, austerity, and other things, and who try to stop Your devotees and devotional service will burn in hell. But Your devotees, even down to the candalas will sing Your holy names and dance."

Text 170

 Hearing Advaita's words, Lord Chaitanya roared, "I accept all that You say. It is all true."

Text 171

 The whole world has now become a witness who affirms the truth of these words. The Lord is indeed merciful to the lowly and foolish.

Text 172

 Thus the candalas and other lowly people sing the Lord's glories and dance, while the bhattas, misras, and cakravartis mock and criticize.

Text 173

 They may study the scriptures, and they may shave their heads, but their intelligence is dead. Blaspheming Lord Nityananda, they run to hell.

Text 174

 By Lord Advaita's power the whole world attained pure love for Lord Krishna. This I have now described in the Madhya-khanda.

Text 175

 Goddess Sarasvati, the mother of the worlds, knows all the conversations Lord Chaitanya and Lord Advaita had about pure love for Lord Krishna.

Text 176

 Entering the devotees' tongues, Goddess Sarasvati sings the limitless glories of Lord Chaitanya.

Text 177

 I bow down before the feet of all the Vaishnavas. I pray that I will not offend them.

Text 178

 Lord Advaita Acarya and His wife thus attained teh fulfillment of Their desire.

Text 179

 The two moons Shri Krishna Chaitanya and Shri Nityananda are my life and soul. I, Vrindavana dasa, sing the glories of Their feet.