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Chapter Five



Description of Vyasa-puja


Text 1 Glory to Lord Chaitanya, who is Lord Krishna Himself, He is the lamp of Navadvipa and the lion who attacks the offenders. On a knotted string He chants a fixed number of His own holy names.

Text 2 Glory, glory to Lord Chaitanya, the master of all lives! Glory to Lord Chaitanya, the masterof Nityananda and Gadadhara!

Text 3 Glory, glory to Lord Chaitanya, who becomes the submissive servant of Advaita and the other devotees! O Lord, giving them the gift of pure devotional service, please deliver the poor people of this world.

Text 4 In this way, in Lord Nityananda's association, the devotees became overwhelmed, happily tasting the nectar of topics about Lord Krishna.

Text 5 They were all generous, kind, and noble-hearted devotees of the Lord. Intoxicated by tasting the nectar of Lord Krishna, they roared with happiness.

Text 6 Looking in the four directions, smiling Lord Nityananda saw streams of bliss flowing from everyone's eyes.

Text 7 Observing this bliss, Lord Chaitanya said to Lord Nityananda,

Text 8 "Please hear, Hear, O Shripada Nityananda Gosvami. Where will Your Vyasa-puja be?

Text 9 "You know that tomorrow is the full-moon day of Vyasa-puja. Please say what is in Your heart."

Text 10

 Understanding Lord Chaitanya's hint, Lord Nityananda placed His hand on Shrivasa Pandita.

Text 11

 Smiling, Lord Nityananda said, "Please hear, O Visvambhara. My Vyasa-puja will be at this young brahmana's home.

Text 12

 Then Lord Chaitanya said to Shrivasa, "A great burden is now placed on you."

Text 13

 Shrivasa replied, "My Lord, it is not a burden. By Your mercy my home has everything.

Text 14

 "Cloth, mudga dal, a yajna-sutra, ghee, betelnuts and betel leaves are all ready for the ceremony.

Text 15

 "I need only get a book describing how to perform this rite. Tomorrow I will become very fortunate. Then i will see the Vyasa-puja."

Text 16

 Lord Chaitanya was very pleased with Shrivasa's words. All the Vaishnavas said, "Hari! Hari!"

Text 17

 Lord Chaitanya said, "Listen, O Shripada Gosvami. Let us all go to Shrivasa Pandita's home. We will make it auspicious."

Text 18

 Accepting Lord Chaitanya's order, blissful Lord Nityananda at once departed.

Text 19

 Accompanied by all the devotees, Lord Chaitanya also departed. Lord Chaitanya and Lord Nityananda looked like Krishna and Balarama surrounded by Their servants in Gokula.

Text 20

 Simply by entering Shrivasa's home, everyone felt the intense bliss of Lord Krishna present in their bodies.

Text 21

 By Lord Chaitanya's order the doors were closed. Exceot for relatives and close friends, no one could enter.

Text 22

 Then Lord Chaitanya gave the order for kirtana. The sound of kirtana arose, and the external world went far away.

Text 23

 Thus there was a blissful kirtana on the day before the Vyassa-puja. Surrounded by the singing devotees, the two Lords danced.

Text 24

 Lord Chaitanya and Lord Nityananda love each other eternally. Thinking of each other, They danced together.

Text 25

 Some devotees shouted. Some devotees roared. Some devotees fell unconscious. Some devotees wept.

Text 26

 Lord Chaitanya and Lord Nityananda trembled, perspired, and fainted in ecstasy. They wept, and the hairs of Their bodies stood erect. Who can describe Their ecstati symptoms?

Text 27

 The two Lords danced in spiritual bliss. One moment They embraced, and the next moment They wept.

Text 28

 Each of the two Lords wished to grasp the other's feet, but because They were both very intelligent, neither succeeded.

Text 29

 Overcome with bliss, They rolled about on the ground. Enjoying transcendental pastimes, They did not know who They were.

Text 30

 External consciousness was far from Them. Now They were without clothes. The Vaishnavas tried to catch them. No one could.

Text 31

 Who can catch the person who holds the three worlds? Like wild madmen, the two Lords enjoyed pastimes of chanting the holy names.

Text 32

 "Chant! Chant!", Lord Chaitanya screamed. His entire body was covered with perspiration from these blissful pastimes.

Text 33

 For many days Lord Chaitanya longed to meet Lord Nityananda. Now He was no longer aware of the external world. Now He floated in an ocean of bliss.

Text 34

 Lord Chaitanya's dancing was very graceful. He danced so enthusiastically that His feet touched His head.

Text 35

 When Lord Nityananda's feet struck the ground, the Vaishnavas thought the whole earth trembled.

Text 36

 In this way the two Lords danced in ecstasy. Who has the power to describe the bliss They felt?

Text 37

 Then, to reveal the truth about Lord Nityananda, Lord Chaitanya, accepting the mood of Lord Balarama, ascended the throne of Lord Vishnu.

Text 38

 Accepting the mood of Lord Balarama, Lord Chaitanya, as if wild with intoxication, called out, "Bring wine! Bring wine!"

Text 39

 To Lord Nityananda Lord Chaitanya said, "At once give Me the plow and club."

Text 40

 Accepting Lord Chaitanya's order, with His own hands Lord Nityananda placed something in Lord Chaitanya's hands.

Text 41

 Some saw. Others did not see. Some saw the plow and cluā with their own eyes.

Text 42

 They to whom the Lord was merciful, saw. Others had no power to see.


Text 43

 Although Lord Nityananda was openly manifested before everyone, only some few persons were able to understand these confidential truths.

Text 44

 Accepting the plow and cluā from Lord Nityananda, Lord became like a madman. "Varuni! Varuni!", He screamed.

Text 45

 No one understood. No one knew what to do. Everyone looked at each other's faces.

Text 46

 In their hearts everyone thought of what to do. They gave a pot of Ganga water to the Lord.

Text 47

 The Lord offered the water to everyone, and then He Himself drank. The Lord thought He was drinking wine made of kadamba flowers.

Text 48

 Surrounding Him on four sides, the devotees recited prayers to Lord Balarama. At every moment the Lord called, "Nar#a! Nar#a! Nar#a!"

Text 49

 As if intoxicated, again and again He nodded His head,

168Nar#a! Nar#a!", He called. No one knew what "Nar#a" meant.

    Texts Texts 50-51

 Everone asked, "Lord, who is Nar#a? Please tell us." The Lord replied, "He called out for Me, and I came. You call Him Advaita Acarya. It is because of Nar#a that I descended to this world.

Text 52

 "Nar#a brought Me here from Vaikuntha. Now He happily stays with Haridasa.

Text 53

 "I have descended to this world to begin the sankirtana movement. In home after home I will make people chant the holy names.

Text 54

 "Persons who are mad after academi learning, wealth, family, material knowledge, and dry austerity naturally commit offenses to My devotees.

Text 55

 "To those lowly people I will not give pure love of Krishna. But to the people of Nadiya I will give pure love of Krishna, love that delights Brahma and all the demigods.

Text 56

 Hearing this, all the devotees floated in bliss. The next moment Lord Chaitanya became peaceful and sober.

Text 57

 "Was I restless?", the Lord asked. The devotees replied, "There was nothing wrong."

Text 58

 The Lord affectionately embraced everyone. He said, "Please don't take seriously the offenses I make at every moment."

Text 59

 When the Lord spoke these words, all the devotees smiled. Then Lord Chaitanya and Lord Nityananda rolled about on the ground.

Text 60

 Rapt in ecstati trance, wild Lord Nityananda accepted no restraint.The Lord who bears the name Sesha was overcome with the nectar of love for Krishna.

Text 61

 One moment He laughed. The next moment He danced. The next moment He was clothed only by the four directions. His body was filled with the mood of being a child.

Text 62

 Lord Nityananda, who is the root from which all has come, was not aware where His danda, kamandalu, and garments had gone.

Text 63

 Peaceful and grave Lord Nityananda was now restless. Lord Chaitanya held Him. Then Lord Nityananda became still.

Text 64

 Everyone thought Lord Chaitanya's words were an iron rod for controlling wild animals. They did not think Lord Nityananda was anything other than a ferocious wild lion.

Text 65

 "Be still. Tomorrow You will see the Vyasa-puja." After pacifying Lord Nityananda with these words, Lord Chaitanya went to His own home.

Text 66

 All the devotees also went to their homes. Lord Nityananda stayed in Shrivasa's home.

Text 67

 Late at night Lord Nityananda, screaming, tore apart His danda and kamandalu, and threw the pieces here and there.

Text 68

 Who understands the Supreme Lord's perfect actions? Why did He break his danda and kamandalu?

Text 69

 At sunrise Ramai Pandita arose. Seeing the broken danda and kamandalu, he was very surprised.

Text 70

 He told everything to Shrivasa Pandita. Shrivasa said, "Go to Lord Chaitanya."

Text 71

 Hearing the news from Ramai's mouth, Lord Chaitanya came. Lord Nityananda was not in external consciousness. He was laughing wildly.

Text 72

 Lord Chaitanya picked up the danda in His graceful hands. Taking Lord Nityananda with Him, He went to bathe in the Ganga.

Text 73

 Shrivasa and the other devotees also came to bathe in the Ganga. Lord Chaitanya then threw the danda into the Ganga.

Text 74

 Restless Lord Nityananda did not pay attention to anyone's words. For this Lord Chaitanya rebuked Him.

Text 75

 Seeing a crocodile, Lord Nityananda ran to catch it. Gadadhara and Shrivasa screamed, "Haya! Haya!"

Text 76

 Lord Nityananda fearlessly swam to the middle of the Ganga. Only Lord Chaitanya's words could stop Him.

Text 77

 Lord Chaitanya called out to Lord Nityananda, "Come at once and perform Vyasa-puja!"

Text 78

 Hearing Lord Chaitanya's words, Lord Nityananda emerged from the water. After bathing, He went home with Lord Chaitanya.

Text 79

 There all the devotees had gathered. There was continual chanting of "Krishna!! Krishna!"

Text 80

 Shrivasa Pandita became the acarya of Vyasa-puja. On Lord Chaitanya's order, he performed all the rituals.

Text 81

 Everyone sang in a sweet, sweet kirtana. Shrivasa's home became the world of Vaikuntha.

Text 82

 Learned in all the scriptures, Shrivasa Pandita performed all the rituals.

Text 83

 Placing a beautiful, splendidly fragrant garland in Lord Nityananda's hand, Shrivasa said,

Text 84

 "Listen. Listen, O Nityananda. Offering prayers, bow down before Lord Vyasa.

Text 85

 "Pleased, Lord Vyasa fulfills all the desires of a person who, following the rules of scriptures, offers a garland to Him."

Text 86

 Hearing these words, Lord Nityananda said, "It is so. It is so." Still, He did not understand anything that was said.

Text 87

 Shrivasa patiently repeated his words again and again. Still Lord Nityananda did not understand. Holding the garland in His hands, Lord Nityananda looked in the four directions.

Text 88

 Saintly Shrivasa called out to Lord Chaitanya, "Your Shripada Nityananda will not worship Lord Vyasa!"

Text 89

 Hearing Shrivasa's words, Lord Chaitanya at once came before Lord Nityananda.

Text 90

 Lord Chaitanya said, "O Nityananda, please hear My words. At once offer the garland to Lord Vyasa and worship Him."

Text 91

 Lord Nityananda looked at Lord Chaitanya. He at once placed the garland around Lord Chaitanya's head.

Text 92

 The garland was very beautiful by the Lord's curly hair. Then Lord Chaitanya manifested a six-armed form.

Text 93

 In His hands Lord Chaitanya held a conchshell, cakra, club, lorus, mace, and plow. Gazing at this form, Lord Nityananda fainted in ecstasy.

Text 94

 Gazing at this sių-armed form, Lord #Nityananda fainted. He fell to the ground. He showed no sign of being alive.

Text 95

 The Vaishnavas became frightened. Calling out, "Krishna, please save Him! Krishna, please save Him!", they remembered Lord Krishna.

Text 96

 Then Lord Chaitanya, the son of Jagannatha Misra, roared. Placing Lord Nityananda on His lap, the Lord roared like thunder.

Text 97

 When He saw the six-armed form, Lord Nityananda fell unconscious. With His own hands, Lord Chaitanya picked Him up.

Text 98

 He said, "Rise! Rise, Nityananda! Please be peaceful. Carefully listen to the chanting of the holy names in sankirtana.

Text 99

 "You descended to this world to bring the chanting of the holy names. Now You have succeeded in this mission. What more do You want?

Text 100

 "You own pure devotional service and pure love for Krishna. You are made of pure love for Krishna. If You do not give it, no one can attain pure devotional service.

Text 101

 "Please control Yourself. Get up. Look at Your friends. You can give pure devotional service to anyone You wish.

Text 102

 "Even if he worships Me, a person who has even half a sesame seed's worth of hatred for You will never be dear to Me."

Text 103

 In this way Lord Nityananda attained Lord Chaitanya. Hearing Lord Chaitanya's words, and gazing at Lord Chaitanya's sių-armed form, Lord Nityananda became filled with bliss.

Text 104

 Lord Chaitanya always resides in Lord Ananta Sesha's heart. Please do not be surprised to know that Lord Nityananda is Lord Ananta Sesha Himself.


Text 105

 What is surprising about the Lord's showing this sių-armed form. All these playful pastimes are perfectly appropriate for this incarnation of the Lord.

Text 106

 When Lord Ramacandra offered pinda, Dasaratha personally came before the Lord's eyes.

Text 107

 If that was wonderful, then this is also wonderful. Without doubt these are all the playful pastimes of Lord Krishna.

Text 108

 Lord Nityananda never leaves the mood of being a servant (dasya, of Lord Chaitanya. He never accepts even half a sesame seed's worth of any other mood.

Text 109

 At every moment He is like Lakshmana, whose heart, life, and treasure is Lord Ramacandra, the beloved of Sita.

Text 110

 Lord Nityananda's heart is like that. At every moment He is delighted to serve Lord Chaitanya.

     111-Text 113

 Even though He is the Supreme Personality of Godhead Himself, even though He is supremely independent, even though He is the creator, maintainer, and destroyer of the material universes, even though He is all-pervading within the material universes, even though He continues to exist after all the material universes disappear, and even though the Vedas affirm that he is limitless and eternal, Lord Ananta Sesha is always delighted to serve Lord Krishna with great love.

Text 114

 Please know that in yuga after yuga, and in incarnation after incarnation, Ananta Sesha serves Lord Krishna. That is His nature.

Text 115

 When He descended to this world as Lakshmana, He became Lord Rama's younger brother. In this way Lord Ananta Sesha always served Lord Rama.

Text 116

 Neglecting eating, drinking, and sleeping, He served Lord Rama's feet. Moment after moment He desire to serve was never satiated.

Text 117

 When He descended to this world as Balarama, He became Lord Krishna's elder brother. In His heart He never turned away from service to Lord Krishna.

Text 118

 He always addressed Lord Krishna as "Master". He always thought of Lord Krishna with devotion. He never thought of Him in any other way.

Text 119

 Please know without doubt that Lord Nityananda is Lord Ananta Sesha Himself.

Text 120

 Anyone who sees that Lord Nityananda and Lord Balarama are different persons is bewildered in his heart.

Text 121

 Anyone who disrespects a devotee of the Lord, a devotee who is like devotional service personified, commits a great offense to Lord Vishnu.

Text 122

 Even though Brahma and Siva bow down before her, Goddess Lakshmi enjoys pastimes of serving Lord Vishnu's feet. That is her nature.

Text 123

 Even though He is the all-powerful master of all potencies, Lord Ananta Sesha serves Lord Vishnu. That is His nature.

Text 124

 The Supreme Personality of Godhead is very happy to describe this service attitude of His devotees.

Text 125

 The Supreme Lord is completely subservient to His devotees. That is His nature. The glory of this truth can be heard from the Supreme Lord's own mouth.

Text 126

 Lord Vishnu and the Vaishnavas are both delighted to glorify each other's natures. The Vedas declare that this is Their natural tendency.

Text 127

 The nature of Lord Vishnu and the Vaishnavas is carefully described in the Puranas. The opinions I express in writing are based on the evidence of the Puranas.

Text 128

 In His heart Lord Nityananda thinks, "Lord Chaitanya is My master, and I am His servant."

Text 129

 Day and night no other worlds come to His mouth. He says, "I am His servant, and He is My master in every way.

Text 130

 "Anyone who offers prayers to Lord Chaitanya and to Me, and who glorifies Me as a servant of Lord Chaitanya, will certainly attain Me."

Text 131

 To please Lord Nityananda I have described how He gazed on Lord Chaitanya's six-armed form.

Text 132

 The spiritual truth is that Lord Chaitanya resides in Lord Nityananda's heart. There They both gaze at each other. Of this there is no doubt.

Text 133

 According to the pastimes of Their different incarnations, Lord Nityananda serves Lord Chaitanya. Who can understand Their pastimes?

Text 134

 Thus the Supreme Personality of Godhead accepts service from Himself. This is described in the Vedas, Mahabharata, and Puranas.

Text 135

 The books that describe the Supreme Lord's activities are called "Vedas". The Vedas completely reject the idea that Lord Chaitanya and Lord Nityananda are different persons.

Text 136

 Without engaging in devotional service, no one can understand these truths. Some few persons who have attained Lord Chaitanya's mercy can understand them.

Text 137

 All the Vaishnavas are eternally pure and full of transcendental knowledge. Sometimes you may see that they disagree about some point. There disagreements are only their pastimes.

Text 138

 Persons who do not understand this find that their intelligence becomes destroyed. Persons who praise one Vaishnava and criticize another perish.

Text 139

 This is described in the following words of Shri Narada Purana:


abhyarcayitva pratimasu vishnum

     nindan jane sarva-gatam tam eva

abhyarcya padau hi dvijasya murdhni

     druhyann ivajno narakam prayati


     "A fool who worships the Deity of Lord Vishnu but blasphemes the Supersoul present in all beings, or who worships the feet of a brahmana, but then attacks the brahmana's head, goes to hell."


Text 140

 Therefore, you should stay far away from persons whose talk harms the Vaishnavas and from persons who givepain to ordinary living entities.

Text 141

 A person who gives pain to other living beings and then worships Lord Vishnu, worships in vain. In death he suffers.

Text 142

 A person attached to material things may, unaware that Lord Vishnu is the Supersoul present in everyone's heart, still worship Lord Vishnu.

Text 143

 On the one hand he washes a brahmana's feet, and on the other hand he kicks the brahmana's head.

Text 144

 How can such a person attain auspiciousness for even a moment? What will become of him? Please think about this in your heart.

Text 145

 Blaspheming a Vaishnava is a hundred times more sinful than harming an ordinary living being.

Text 146

 A person who faithfully worships the Deity of the Lord, but then neither respects the devotees nor shows mercy to the fallen conditioned souls is a degraded fool.

Text 147

 Such a person worships one incarnation of the Lord but does not worship the other incarnations. He thinks that Lord Krishna and Lord Ramacandra are different persons.

Text 148

 The scriptures affirm that a devotee who has no love and devotion fro Lord Balarama is the lowest of devotees.

Text 149

 This is described in the following words of Shrimad-Bhagavatam (11.2.47):


arcayam eva haraye

     pujam yah sraddhayehate

na tad-bhakteshu canyeshu

     sa bhaktah prakritah smritah


     "A prakrta or materialisti devotee does not purposefully study the sastra and try to understand the actual standard of pure devotional service. Consequently he does not show proper respect to advanced devotees. He may, however, follow the regulative principles learned from his spiritual master or from his family who worships the Deity. He is to be considered on the material platform, although he is trying to advance in devotional service. Such a person is a bhakta-praya (neophyte devotee), or bhaktabhasa, for he is a little enlightened by Vaishnava philosophy."*


Text 150

 In this way I have described the nature of the lowest devotees. Gazing at Lord Chaitanya's sių-armed form, Lord Nityananda became satisfied.

Text 151

 Anyone who hears this description of Lord Nityananda's gazing at Lord Chaitanya's sių-armed form will become free from the bonds of repeated birth and death.

Text 152

 Returned to external consciousness, Lord Nityananda wept. From His two lotus eyes flowed a river of tears.

Text 153

 Then Lord Chaitanya said to everyone, "The Vyasa-puja is now completed. Please begin kirtana."

Text 154

 Accepting the Lord's order, everyone became blissful. The sound of Lord Krishna's name suddenly arose in the four directions.

Text 155

 Lord Chaitanya and Lord Nityananda danced together. The two brothers were like wild madmen. They were no longer aware of external things.

Text 156

 All the Vaishnavas were overcome with bliss. In this way the festival of Vyasa-puja was very happily performed.

Text 157

 Some danced, some sang, some rolled on the ground, and some held the Vaishnavas' feet.

Text 158

 Hiding, Lord Chaitanya's mother, who is indeed the mother of all the worlds, gazed at all the blissful pastimes.

Text 159

 Gazing at Lord Chaitanya and Lord Nityananda, in her heart she thought, "There are my two sons."

Text 160

 Only Lord Ananta Sesha has the power to describe the great glory of this Vyasa-puja festival.

Text 161

 Writing in sutras, I have thus described a little of Lord Chaitanya's pastimes. A person who in any way glorifies Lord Krishna attains auspiciousness.

Text 162

 For the remainder of that Vyasa-puja festival day, the devotees, accompanied by Lord Chaitanya, happily danced.

Text 163

 The devotees became mad with bliss. Calling out, "O Krishna!", they wept.

Text 164

 In this way Lord Chaitanya revealed the truth of pure devotion to Himself. Becoming peaceful, Lord Chaitanya approached the devotees.

Text 165

 Lord Chaitanya said to Shrivasa Pandita, "Bring at once the food that was offered to Lord Vyasa."

Text 166

 The food was at once brought, and with His own hand Lord Chaitanya distributed it to everyone.

Text 167

 Accepting the food from the Lord's haned, the devotees blissfully ate.

Text 168

 Calling whoever was in the house, with His own hand the Lord distributed food to everyone.

Text 169

 The servants and maidservants in the home of the Vaishnavas Shrivasa thus attained the very sacred food that Brahma and all the demigods think themselves very fortunate to attain.

Text 170

 Everyone in Shrivasa's home became blissful. Who has the power to describe Shrivasa's good fortune?

Text 171

 Every day the Lord enjoyed many blissful pastimes in Navadvipa. Still, the people were not aware of them.

Text 172

 The two moons Shri Krishna Chaitanya and Shri Nityananda are my life and soul. I, Vrindavana dasa, sing the glories of Their feet.