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Chapter Four

Shri Nityananda-milana


Meeting Lord Nityananda


A Song


(Refrain)jaya jaya jagata-jibana gauracandra

anukshana ha-u smriti taba pada-dwandwa


     Glory to Lord Chaitanya, the life of the worlds! May I remember His feet at every moment.


Text 1

 nityananda-sammukhe rahila biswambhar

cinilena nityananda apana iswar


     Lord Chaitanya stood before Lord Nityananda. Lord Nityananda recognized His Lord.


Text 2

 harishe stambhita haila nityananda-ray

eka-drishti ha-i' biswambhara-rupa cay


     Stunned with happiness, with unblinking eyes Lord Nityananda gazed at Lord Chaitanya's form.


Text 3

 rasanaya lihe jena darasane pan

bhuje jena alingana nasikaye ghran


     It was as if with His tongue Lord Nityananda licked Lord Chaitanya's form. It was as if with His eyes Lord Nityananda drank the handsomeness of Lord Chaitanya's form. It was as if with His arms Lord Nityananda embraced Lord Chaitanya. It was as if with His nose Lord Nityananda smelled Lord Chaitanya.


Text 4

 e-i mata nityananda haiya stambhita

na bole na kore kichu sabe-i bismita


     Lord Nityananda stood stunned and motionless. He neither said nor did anything. At this, everyone there was filled with wonder.


Text 5 Lord Chaitanya is the master of all living entities. He knew how to briog Lord Nityananda out of His trance.

Text 6 Lord Chaitanya hinted that Shrivasa should recite a verse from Shrimad-Bhagavatam.

Text 7 Understanding the Lord's hint, Shrivasa Pandita at once recited a verse describing meditation on Lord Krishna.

Text 8 He recited (Shrimad-BhagavatamText 10



barha-pidam nata-vara-vapuh karnayoh karnikaram

     bibhrad vasah kanaka-kapisam vaijayantim ca malam

randhran venor adhara-sudhaya purayan gopa-vrindair

     vrindaranyam sva-pada-ramanam pravisad gita-kirtih


     "They remembered how Krishna dressed, decorated with a peacock feather on His head, just like a dancing actor, and with blue flowers pushed over His ear. His garment glowed yellow gold, and He was garlanded with a vaijayanti necklace. Dressed in such an attractive way, Krishna filled up the holes of His flute with the nectar emanating from His lips. So they remembered Him, entering the forest of Vrindavana, which is always glorified by the footprints of Krishna and His companions."*


Text 9 Simply by hearing the recitation of this verse, Lord Nityananda fainted. He was no longer conscious.

Text 10

 Lord Nityananda had fainted in ecstasy. "Recite! Recite!", Lord Chaitanya ordered Shrivasa.

Text 11

 After some moments of hearing this verse repeated, Lord Nityananda regained consciousness. Touching Lord Chaitanya, He wept.

Text 12

 Again and again hearing the verse, Lord Nityananda became mad and roared like a lion. Hearing His roar, the universe broke into pieces.

Text 13

 Unseen by the others, Lord Nityananda violently fell to the ground. In their hearts everyone thought, "His bones must have broken into pieces."

Text 14

 Afraid that He was hurt, the Vaishnavas called out, "Krishna, save Him! Krishna, save Him!"

Text 15

 Lord Nityananda rolled on the ground. His body was flooded with tears from His eyes.

Text 16

 Gazing at Lord Chaitanya's face, He sighed. Bliss was in His heart. Moment after moment He laughed aloud.

Text 17

 One moment He danced. Another moment He bowed down. Another moment He slapped His arms. Another moment He jumped with both feet.

Text 18

 Seeing this great wonder of the mad bliss of love for Lord Krishna, Lord Chaitanya and the Vaishnavas wept.

Text 19

 Again and again Lord Nityananda was overcome with ecstasy. Everyone tried to hold Him still, but no one could.

Text 20

 When no Vaishnava could hold Him still, Lord Chaitanya embraced Him.

Text 21

 Lord Nityananda had surrendered His life to Lord Chaitanya. When Lord Chaitanya embraced Him, He became still.

Text 22

 The Lord to whom He had surrendered His life now embracing Him, Lord Nityananda became motionless.

Text 23

 Lord Nityananda now floated in the waters of love for Lord Chaitanya. He was like Lakshmana, who became powerless in Lord Rama's embrace.

Text 24

 Struck by the arrow of pure spiritual love, Lord Nityananda fell unconscious. Still embracing Lord Nityananda, Lord Chaitanya wept.

Text 25

 I heard that the blissful love They felt in separation was like love of Shri Rama and Lakshmana.

Text 26

 Lord Chaitanya and Lord Nityananda felt the highest love. Except for the love of Shri Rama and Lakshmana, it cannot be compared to any other love.

Text 27

 After a few moments Lord Nityananda returned to external consciousness. Everyone shouted "Hari!" and "Jaya!"

Text 28

 Lord Chaitanya embraced Lord Nityananda. Thinking that Their roles were now reversed, Gadadhara smiled within his heart.

Text 29

 Lord Ananta Sesha, who always holds up the Supreme Lord, now rests in His Lord's embrace. Now Lord Ananta's pride is crushed into powder.

Text 30

 Gadadhara understood Lord Nityananda's power. Lord Nityananda understood Gadadhara's heart.

Text 31

 Gazing at Lord Nityananda, all the devotees felt their hearts become filled with Lord Nityananda.

Text 32

 Lord Chaitanya and Lord Nityananda gazed at each other. Neither said anything. They only shed tears from Their eyes.

Text 33

 Gazing at each other, They felt great bliss. With tears from Their eyes They flooded the earth.

Text 34

 Lord Chaitanya said, "Today is an auspicious day for Me. Today I have seen the pure devotional service that is the true meaning of the four Vedas.

Text 35

 "How can this kind of trembling, tears, and roaring be manifested, if it is not manifested by the personal potency of the Supreme Lord Himself?

Text 36

 "Lord Krishna will never abandon any person who with his own eyes has once seen this kind of pure devotion.

Text 37

 "I think that You must be the Supreme Lord's spiritual potency. Anyone who worships You will certainly attain pure devotion to Lord Krishna.

Text 38

 "You purify the fourteen worlds. Your nature and activities are confidential, inconceivable, and unattainable.

Text 39

 "Everyone can see that You are the personification of the great treasure of pure love for Lord Krishna.

Text 40

 "Millions of sins and illusions cannot stay with a person who attains even half a sesame seed's worth of association with You.

Text 41

 "I know that Lord Krishna will deliver Me, for He has given Me Your association.

Text 42

 "I am very fortunate to see Your feet. Anyone who worships Your feet will attain a great treasure of pure love for Lord Krishna."

Text 43

 In an ecstati trance Lord Chaitanya glorified Lord Nityananda. He did not stop.

Text 44

 Lord Chaitanya and Lord spoke of many things, but their conversation was all in hints and gestures. They did not speak openly.

Text 45

 Lord Chaitanya said, "I am afraid to ask: From what direction did You make Your glorious journey to this place?"

Text 46

 Very agitated, Lord Nityananda became like a child. He spoke restlessly, like a child.

Text 47

 In His heart thinking, "My Lord has descended to this world", he folded Hi hands and spoke with great humbleness.

Text 48

 Hearing the prayers Lord Chaitanya spoke, Lord Nityananda became embarrassed. Now Lord Nityananda proceeded to refute every word of those prayers.

Text 49

 Lord Nityananda said, "I went to many holy places. There I saw many of Lord Krishna's holy places.

Text 50

 "I saw only the places. I was not able to see Lord Krishna. I asked the good people there,

Text 51

 " `I saw the Deity thrones were all covered. O My brothers, please tell Me: Where did Lord Krishna go?'

Text 52

 "They all told Me, `Lord Krishna went to West Bengal. He went to Gaya. But after some days He returned to West Bengal.

Text 53

 "Someone who had heard the great chanting of Lord Hari's names in Nadiya said, `Lord Narayana Himself has taken birth here.'

Text 54

 "I heard that in Nadiya even the most lowly and fallen souls are delivered. That is why I, a great sinner, have come here."

Text 55

 Then Lord Chaitanya said, "We are all very fortunate that a great devotee like Yourself has come amongst us.

Text 56

 "I think that today My life has become a great success, for today I have seen You weep streams of tears in ecstati love."

Text 57

 Smiling, Murari Gupta said, "We do not understand anything of what You two have said."

Text 58

 Shrivasa said, "What do I know? I worship these two as if They were Lord Krishna and Lord Siva."

Text 59

 Then Gadadhara said, "The Pandita has spoken well. I think these two are like Rama and Lakshmana."

Text 60

 Then someone said, "They are like two Kamadevas." Then someone else said, "They are like Krishna and Balarama."

Text 61

 Someone else said, "I do not know who They are for certain, but I think They are like Ananta Sesha embraced by Lord Krishna."

Text 62

 Someone else said, "They are two friends like Krishna and Arjuna. When I see Them I think They are filled with spiritual love."

Text 63

 Someone else said, "I do not understand what They say. They speak only in hints and signs."

Text 64

 Gazing at Lord Nityananda, the happy devotees spoke in this way.

Text 65

 Anyone who hears this account of the first time Lord Chaitanya and Lord Nityananda saw each other becomes free from the bonds of repeated birth and death.

Text 66

 Lord Nityananda becomes Lord Chaitanya's associate, friend, brother, servant, bed, and carrier.. No one else assumes these roles.

Text 67

 He voluntarily serves the Lord in many ways. If He makes one qualified, a person becomes able to serve the Lord.

Text 68

 Even Lord Siva, who is very powerful, a great yogi, a great Vaishnava, and the first of the demigods, does not know the end of Lord Nityananda's glories.

Text 69

 Persons who, not understanding His very profound pastimes, criticize Lord Nityananda, find that their devotional service to Lord Vishnu becomes stopped.

Text 70

 Lord Nityananda is very dear to Lord Chaitanya. My heart's desire is that Lord Nityananda may always remain the master of my life.

Text 71

 By His mercy I always remember Lord Chaitanya. By His order I write this book glorifying Lord Chaitanya.

Text 72

 As "Raghunatha" (the Lord of the Raghus, and "Yadusimha" (the lion of the Yadavas, are two names for the same person, so "Nityananda" and "Balarama" are two names for the same person. This I know.

Text 73

 Anyone who desires to cross beyond the material world of birth and death and then dive into the ocean of pure devotional service should worship Lord Nityananda.

Text 74

 If a devotee repeats these pastimes, then Lord Chaitanya blesses him, his family, and his friends.

Text 75

 The holy name of Lord Chaitanya is very rare and difficult to find in this world. Lord Chaitanya is the life breath and the great wealth of everyone.

Text 76

 The two moons Shri Krishna Chaitanya and Shri Nityananda are my life and soul. I, Vrindavana dasa, sing the glories of Their feet.