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Chapter Three

Shri Nityananda-milana


Meeting Lord Nityananda


Text 1 Glory, glory to Lord Chaitanya, the Lord of my life! Glory, glory to Lord Chaitanya, the master of Nityananda and Gadadhara!

Text 2 Glory, glory to Lord Chaitanya, who is conquered by Advaita and the other devotees! O Lord, please give me the gift of pure devotional service. Please deliver this poor and wretched person.

Text 3 Staying in Navadvipa with His associates, Lord Chaitanya floated in the happiness of devotional service.

Text 4 The Lord loved the devotees like His own life breath. Embracing them, and calling out "Krishna!", He wept.

Text 5 Seeing the Lord's great spiritual love, the devotees around Him in the four directions wept.

Text 6 Seeing Lord Chaitanya's devotional love, even persons whose hearts were like stones or dried wood became overwhelmed with love.

Text 7 Turning from wealth, children, and home, the devotees chanted the holy names day and night in the Lord's company.

Text 8 Haering about Lord Krishna, Lord Chaitanya became overwhelmed with love.

Text 9 Accepting the role of a devotee, for siÝ hours Lord Chaitanya would weep like the Ganga.

Text 10

When He laughed, the Lord laughed for three hours. When He fell unconscuious, for three hours He did not breathe.

Text 11

Sometimes He would manifest His true nature. Proudly declaring, "I am He. I am He.", He would laugh.

Text 12

He said, "Where is the old man who brought Me here? I will carry the nectar of devotional service to every home."

Text 13

The next moment He called out, "O Krishna! O father!", and wept. With His hair He bound His feet.

Text 14

Again and again reciting a verse about Akrura's journey, He fell like a stick to the ground..

Text 15

Then Lord Chaitanya became like Akrura. His external consciousness now far away, He said,

Text 16

"O Nanda, please come with Krishna and Balarama to Mathura. We will all see the great royal festival of the Dhanur-yajna."

Text 17

Seeing these different kinds of ecstati love and different kinds of ecstati talking, the Vaishnavas floated in transcendental bliss.

Text 18

One day, after hearing a verse about Lord Varaha, Lord Chaitanya roared and went to Murari's house.

Text 19

As Lord Ramacandra dearly loved Hanuman, so Lord Chaitanya dearly loved Murari Gupta.

Text 20

Lord Chaitanya went to Murari's home. Murari respectfully bowed down before the Lord's feet.

Text 21

Calling out, "Boar! Boar", Lord Chaitanya ran. Stunned, Murari Gupta looked in the four directions.

Text 22

Lord Chaitanya entered the temple room of Lord Vishnu. There He saw a beautiful waterpot.

Text 23

In that moment Lord Chaitanya manifested the form of Lord Varaha. With His tusks He lifted the waterpot.

Text 24

Roaring and manifesting the form of Varaha with four hooves, Lord Chaitanya said, "Offer prayers to Me, Murari."

Text 25

Murari was stunned at that wonderful sight. What could Murari say? No words came to his mouth.

Text 26

The Lord demanded, "Speak! Speak! Don't be afraid. For so many days you did not know who I am."

Text 27

Trembling, Murari made this request, "O Lord, You alone know how to speak these prayers.

Text 28

Ananta Sesha, who carries countless universes on one of His thousand heads, offers prayers to You.

Text 29

"Still, He cannot come to the end of Your glories. Who else has the power to describe all Your glories?

Text 30

"The whole world accepts the Vedas' opinions. Still, the Vedas do not know everything about You.

Text 31

"O Lord, I see and hear that countless universes come from the pores of Your body, and enter them again.

Text 32

"You are full of transcendental bliss. How can the Vedas know all Your pastimes?

Text 33

"Therefore You alone know Yourself. When You reveal Yourself, persons who have Your mercy can know something about You.

Text 34

"How can I be qualified to offer prayers to You?" Speaking these words, Murari Gupta wept and bowed down.

Text 35

Pleased with Murari Gupta's words, Lord Varaha then spoke this angry criticism of the Vedas:

Text 36

"Saying that I have no hands, feet, face, or eyes, the Vedas mock Me.

Text 37

"In Varanasi a teacher named Prakasananda breaks and breaks into pieces the limbs of My body.

Text 38

"He teaches the Vedas, but he does not think that I have a body. All his limbs have leprosy, but he does not know it.

Text 39

"My limbs are supremely pure. They contain all yajnas within them. Brahma, Siva, and all the demigods sing the glories of My nature and My pastimes.

Text 40

"The touch of My limbs makes everything pure and sacred. Still, this fellow in Varanasi says that my body is an `illusion'. How can I tolerate that?

Text 41

"Please listen, O Murari Gupta, and I will tell you the truth. I will tell you the secret of the Vedas.

Text 42

"I am Lord Varaha. I am the truth described in the Vedas. In ancient times I rescued the earth.

Text 43

"I have descended to this world to begin the sankirtana movement. I will stay among the devotees. I will kill the demons.

Text 44

"I will not tolerate an attack on My servant. Even if the attacker is My son, I will kill him.

Text 45

"If he touches my servant, I will cut My own son into pieces. I do not speak a lie. O Murari Gupta, please listen with all your heart.


Text 46

"When I lifted up the earth, her wom‚ touched Me.

Text 47

"In this way a powerful son named Naraka was born. I taught My son everything about religion.

Text 48

"My son became a great king. He protected the demigods, brahmanas, gurus, and devotees.

Text 49

"Still, because of past bad karma he fell into bad association. He associated with King Bana. Then he took pleasure in tormenting the devotees.

Text 50

"I will not tolerate an attack on My servants. To protect My servants, I cut My son into pieces..

Text 51

"Birth after birth you have served Me. Therefore I have told all this to you."

Text 52

Overwhelmed by hearing the Lord's words, Murari Gupta wept.

Text 53

Glory, glory to Lord Chaitanya and to Murari Gupta! Glory to Lord Varaha, the protector of His servants!

Text 54

In this way, in home after home, the Lord mercifully revealed His true identity to all of His servants.

Text 55

Recognizing their Lord, all His servants felt great bliss in their hearts.

Text 56

No longer were they afraid of the materialists and offenders. In all the marketplaces and bathing ghatas they loudly chanted "Krishna!"

Text 57

Gathering together with their Lord, the devotees blissfuly chanted the holy names day and night.

Text 58

All the devotees were there. Only Lord Nityananda was absent. Seeing that His brother was not there, Lord Chaitanya became very unhappy.

Text 59

Lord Chaitanya always meditated on Lord Nityananda. He knew that Lord Nityananda is the Ananta Sesha.

Text 60

Please hear about Lord Nityananda. In the form of sutras I will now tell something of His birth and activities.

Text 61

In the land of Radha-desa is the village named Ekacakra, where Lord Nityananda was born.

Text 62

A short distance away is the Siva-linga Deity named Maudesvara". Lord Nityananda-Balarama worshiped that Deity.

Text 63

In that village lived a brahmana named Hadai Pandita. He was merciful and very renounced.

Text 64

His wife was named Padmavati. She was chaste and devoted to her husband. She was a transcendental potency of Lord Vishnu. She was the mother of the worlds.

Text 65

This brahmana and brahmani were very noble and generous. In their home Lord Nityananda took birth.

Text 66

Lord Nityananda was the eldest of their sons. The eyes that saw His handsome features and virtues became filled with pleasure.

Text 67

In the Adi-khanda I narrated Lord Nityananda's childhood pastimes in some detail. If I repeat them again, this book will become very large.

Text 68

For some days Lord Nityananda enjoyed pastimes in the home of Hadai Pandita.

Text 69

Lord Nityananda decided in His heart to leave home. Still, He did not leave, for that would make His mother and father unhappy.

Text 70

There was not a sesame-seed's worth of time that His mother did not gaze on Lord Nityananda. A moment without Him seemed longer than a yuga to His father.

Text 71

Hadai Pandita did not leave his son Nityananda for even a sesame-seed's worth of time.

††† Texts Texts 72-73

When he went about his duties plowing, at the temple, at the marketplace, or on the pathways, every half-sesame seed of time he would turn around and look at Lord Nityananda following behind.

Text 74

Again and again he would embrace Lord Nityananda, whose body was soft and delicate like a puppet made of cream.

Text 75

Wherever he went, Hadai Pandita took his son. Lord Nityananda was the life breath in Hadai's body.

Text 76

The Supersoul in everyone's heart, Lord Nityananda understood everything. He always stayed with His father and make him happy.

Text 77

Then, by divine arrangement, one day a handsome sannyasi came to the home of Lord Nityananda's father.

Text 78

Lord Nityananda's father offered alms him. He happily offered hospitality.

Text 79

The whole night Lord Nityananda's father talked with him about Lord Krishna.

Text 80

When dawn came and he wished to depart, the great sannyasi spoke to Lord Nityananda's father.

Text 81

The sannyasi said, "I wish that you give me one thing in charity." Lord Nityananda's father replied, "Whatever you wish."

Text 82

The sannyasi said, "I am traveling to many holy places. I do not have a good brahmana companion.

Text 83

"Give me your eldest son to be my companion for some days.

Text 84

"I will see Him as more dear than my own life. He will see all the holy places."

Text 85

Hearing the sannyasi's words, the saintly brahmana deeply thought again and again in his heart.

Text 86

He thought, "This sannyasi has asked me to give my very life as a gift to him. But if I do not give this gift, then I will become a person whose everything is destroyed.

Text 87

"In ancient times many great souls attained auspiciousness by giving their lives in charity to a sannyasi.

Text 88

"Dasaratha gave his life, His son Ramacandra, when Visvamitra asked.

Text 89

"Although he could not live without Rama, still King Dasaratha gave Him in charity. This is told in the Puranas.

Text 90

"Now I have the same dilemma. O Lord Krishna, please rescue me from this dilemma."

Text 91

Why did Hadai Pandita not understand that this situation was arranged by the Lord Himself? If Hadai Pandita had known, then how would Lord Nityananda have left home?

Text 92

Hadai Pandita approached his wife and told her everything, from beginning to end.

Text 93

Hearing his words, his chaste wife, who was the mother of the worlds, said, "My lord, whatever you wish is what I say also."

Text 94

Lord Nityananda's father returned to the sannyasi. He gave his son to that sannyasi. Then he bowed his head.

Text 95

Then that exalted sannyasi left with Lord Nityananda. In this way Lord Nityananda left home.

Text 96

When Lord Nityananda was gone, Hadai Pandita fell unconscious to the ground.

Text 97

Who can lament as weep as he did? The sound of his weeping broke stones and dry wood into pieces.

Text 98

Overcome with the nectar of spiritual love, he became stunned and motionless. The people said, "Hadai Pandita has gone mad."

Text 99

For tree months he did not accept food. With spiritual power given by Lord Chaitanya, he remained alive.

Text 100

If He loved His parents, why did the Lord leave? The powers and activities of Lord Vishnu and the Vaishnavas are inconceivable.

Text 101

Although His mother Devahuti was like a widow, still Lord Kapila left her and accepted a life of renunciation.

Text 102

Although his father was the great Vaishnava Vyasa, Sukadeva left home and did not even turn his head to look back.

Text 103

In the same way Lord Chaitanya, the jewel of the brahmanas, renounced everything and left His mother, Saci, who was then all alone.

Text 104

Renunciation for a spiritual purpose is not an abandonment of one's duty. Only a great soul advanced in spiritual life can understand all this.

Text 105

Even persons dry like wood melt when they hear the Lord's pastimes meant to deliver the conditioned souls.

Text 106

By hearing the story of Lord Ramacandra's leaving His father and going to a secluded forest, even a yavana will weep.

Text 107

In this way Lord Nityananda left His home and happily traveled to many holy places.

Text 108

Noble-hearted Lord Nityananda visited Gaya, Varanasi, Prayaga, Mathura, Dvaraka, and the asrama of Nara-Narayana Rishi.

Text 109

He went to Lord Buddha's home and Lord Vyasa's home. He visited Ranganatha, Setubandha, and the Malaya Hills.

Text 110

Then the Lord went to Anantapura. He fearlessly wandered in the uninhabited jungles.

Text 111

In these pastimes the Lord visited the Gomati, Ganduki, Sarayu, and Kaveri rivers. He visited Ayodhya and Dandakaranya.

Text 112

He visited Trimalla, Vyenkatanatha, Sapta-godavari, Mahesa-sthana, and Kanyaka-nagari.

Text 113

He visited Reva, Mahishmati, Malla-tirtha, and Hardwar, where the Ganga descended to this world in ancient times.

Text 114

After seeing all these holy places, Lord Nityananda returned to Mathura.

Text 115

No one had the power to understand that Lord Nityananda was the origin of Lord Ananta. When He saw the place in Mathura where He was born in ancient times, Lord Nityananda roared with pleasure.

Text 116

Lord Nityananda always manifested the mood of a child. He manifested no other mood. He happily played in the dust of Vrindavana.

Text 117

He made no effort even to eat. Thinking of Himself as a child, He rolled in the dust of Vrindavana.

Text 118

No one had the power to understand His exalted nature. Except for tasting the nectar of topics about Lord Krishna, He did not eat.

Text 119

On some days He would drink a little milk, if it was offered unasked.

Text 120

At the time Lord Nityananda was thus staying in Vrindavana, Lord Chaitanya appeared in Navadvipa.

Text 121

Always chanting the holy names, Lord Chaitanya was filled with bliss. Still, because He could not see Lord Nityananda, He was also unhappy.

Text 122

Until He heard news of Lord Chaitanya, Lord Nityananda waited in Vrindavana.

Text 123

When He learned about Lord Chaitanya, Lord Nityananda at once went to Nityananda, where He stayed at Nandana Acarya's home.

Text 124

Nandana Acarya was a great devotee of the Lord. He gazed at Lord Nityananda, who was splendid like the sun.

Text 125

Lord Nityananda wore the garments of an avadhuta. His body was tall. He was always grave and profound.

Text 126

The holy name of Lord Krishna stayed on His tongue day and night. He had no rival in the three worlds. He was the home of Lord Chaitanya Himself.

Text 127

Moment after moment He roared with bliss. He was wild, as if He were an incarnation of Lord Balarama Himself.

Text 128

His charming face defeated millions of moons. His smile was the life of all the worlds. His lips were graceful and handsome.

Text 129

The splendor of His teeth defeated pearls. His glistening eyes were large and red.

Text 130

His long arms reached to His knees. His chest was broad. He walked with soft and graceful feet.

Text 131

He spoke very kind words to everyone. When the people heard the words from His mouth, their bonds of karma were at once destroyed.

Text 132

When Lord Nityananda came to the towns of Nadiya, all the worlds exclaimed, "Jaya! Jaya"

Text 133

Who has the power to properly glorify Lord Nityananda, who personally broke Lord Chaitanya's sannyasa danda?

Text 134

Even a merchant, or a lowly person, or a fool who chants Lord Nityananda's name becomes able to purify the entire world.

Text 135

Nandana Acarya happily offered hospitality to Lord Nityananda.

Text 136

Whoever hears of Lord Nityananda's arrival in Navadvipa will attain a great wealth of spiritual love.

Text 137

When He heard of Lord Nityananda's arrival, Lord Chaitanya felt limitless happiness in His heart.

Text 138

Speaking to the Vaishnavas, Lord Chaitanya revealed what was to happen, but no one understood the heart of His words.

Text 139

He said, "O My brothers, in two or three days a great person will come here."

Text 140

By divine arrangement, on that day Lord Chaitanya worshiped Lord Vishnu and then hurried to meet the Vaishnavas.

Text 141

The Lord told everyone, "Last night I saw a great wonder in a dream.

Text 142

"There was a chariot that was the best in the world. It had a palm-tree flag. It stopped before My door.

Text 143

"On that chariot I saw a very tall person. On His shoulder He carried a mace. He was not peaceful.

Text 144

"In His left hand He held a cane-kamandalu. He wore blue garments. A blue turban decorated His head.

Text 145

"On His left ear was a colorful earring. I think He looked like Lord Balarama.

Text 146

" `Is this Nimai Pandita's home?' He repeated ten or twenty times.

Text 147

"He wore the garments of an avadhuta. He was very powerful. I never saw anyone powerful like Him.

Text 148

"Very respectfully I gazed at Him. I asked, `O great personality, who are You?'

Text 149

"He smiled and said to Me, `We are brothers. Tomorrow You and I will meet.'

Text 150

"Hearing His words, I became very happy. I felt that He and I are the same person."

Text 151

Speaking these words, Lord Chaitanya left external consciousness far behind. Entering the mood of Lord Balarama, He ‚egan to roar.

Text 152

"Bring wine! bring wine!" He roared. Hearing His roar, everyone felt that their ears would split.

Text 153

Shrivasa Pandita said, "O my Lord, please hear. You already possess the wine You desire.

Text 154

"Others can taste it only if You give it to them." Trembling, the devotees stayed far away.

Text 155

In their hearts the Vaishnavas thought, "There must be a reason for all this."

Text 156

Laughing, singing arya and taraja songs, and rocking His body to and fro, red-eyed Lord Chaitanya became like Lord Balarama.

Text 157

After some moments the Lord returned to His natural state. Then He explained the dream.

Text 158

He said, "In My heart I think there is only one explanation: An exalted personality has come here.

Text 159

"As I told you all before: We will soon see an exalted person.

Text 160

"Haridasa, go! Shrivasa Pandita, go! Go and find who this person is."

Text 161

On the Lord's order these two great devotees happily searched every part of Navadvipa.

Text 162

As they searched and searched, the two devotees said, "I think this person must be Lord Balarama Himself."

Text 163

Wild with happiness, the two devotees searched the city, but they did not find even half a sesame seed's worth of news.

Text 164

For nine hours they searched in all of Nadiya. Not finding the object of their search, they returned to Lord Chaitanya.

Text 165

To the Lord's feet they presented this report: "We did not see Him anywhere.

Text 166

"We looked in the homes of every Vaishnava, every sannyasi, every pious householder, and every materialist, but we did not see Him.

Text 167

"We looked everywhere in Navadvipa. Only in the villages outside Navadvipa did we not look."

Text 168

Hearing their words, Lord Chaitanya smiled. He knew Lord Nityananda was playing a trick. He thought, "Nityananda has hidden Himself very well."

Text 169

In this incarnation of the Lord some people sing the names of Lord Chaitanya, but when they hear the name of Lord Nityananda, they jump up and run away.

Text 170

They are like persons who worship Lord Krishna but do not honor Lord Siva. These sinners go to Yamaraja's abode.

Text 171

In this incarnation Lord Nityananda is carefully hidden. Only if Lord Chaitanya Himself reveals Him can anyone see Lord Nityananda.

Text 172

Persons who, not understanding the truth, blaspheme Lord Chaitanya or Lord Nityananda find great obstacles blocking their progress in devotional service to Lord Vishnu.

Text 173

Shrivasa and the other devotees certainly knew the truth about the Lord. Still, they could not see Lord Nityananda. This is a great wonder.

Text 174

After a moment Lord Chaitanya gently smiled and said, "Come with Me and we will find Him."

Text 175

Chanting "Jaya Krishna!" as they walked, the devotees happily went with Lord Chaitanya.

Text 176

Accompanied by the devotees, Lord Chaitanya, who knew everything, at once went to Nandana Acarya's home.

Text 177

In that home stayed the jewel of exalted persons. Everyone gazed at Him. He was splendid like millions of suns.

Text 178

Rapt in meditation, He did not know that anyone had come. Filled with the happiness of meditation, He smiled.

Text 179

Aware that this was a person very advanced in devotional service, Lord Chaitanya and His associates bowed down before Him.

Text 180

Everyone respectfully stood. No one said anything. They only gazed at Him.

Text 181

Lord Chaitanya stood before Lord Nityananda. Lord Nityananda thought, "Here is the Lord of My life".


A Song in Kedara-raga


Text 182

biswambhara-murti jena madana-saman

dibya gandha malya dibya basa paridhan


†††† Lord Chaitanya's form is handsome like Kamadeva. His fragrances, garlands, and garments are all splendid.


Text 183

ki haya kanaka-dyuti se dehera age

se badana dekhite candera sadha lage


†††† What is gold's splendor before His form? The moon yearns to gaze on His face.


Text 184

(Refrain, manohara shri-gauranga nityananda ray

bhakata-jana-sange nagare beday


†††† Accompanied by the devotees, charming Lord Chaitanya and Lord Nityananda walk in the city.


Text 185

se danta dekhite kotha mukutara dam

se kesa-bandhana dekhi' na rahe geyan


†††† Where can anyone find pearls like Their teeth? Anyone who gazes at Their tied-up hair will not remain conscious of this external world.


Text 186

dekhite ayata dui aruna nayan

ara ki kamala ache hena haya jnan


†††† Anyone who sees Their large reddish eyes will think, "These are lotus flowers."


Text 187

se ajanu dui bhuja hridaya su-pin

tahe sobhe sukshma yajna-sutra ati kshin


Their arms reach to Their knees. Their broad chests are decorated with fine and graceful sacred threads..


Text 188

lalate bicitra urdhwa-tilaka sundar

abharana bina sarba-anga manohar


†††† Beautiful and wonderful Vaishnava-tilaka decorates Their foreheads. Even without ornaments, Their limbs are charming and handsome.


Text 189

kiba haya koti mani se nakhe cahite

se hasya dekhite kiba kariba amrite


†††† Anyone who gazes at Their toenails sees millions of jewels. Anyone who gazes at Their smiles drinks nectar.


Text 190

The two moons Shri Krishna Chaitanya and Shri Nityananda are my life and soul. I, Vrindavana dasa, sing the glories of Their feet.