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Chapter Twenty-eight



Accepting Sannyasa


Text 1 O fair-limbed Lord Chaitanya, O hubsand of Vishnupriya, glory, glory to You! O Lord, please place Your glance of mercy on the conditioned souls.

Text 2 Lord Chaitanya always enjoyed the bliss of sankirtana.

Text 3 Lord Chaitanya is the all-powerful Supreme Personality of Godhead, whose desires are always fulfilled. No one has the power to understand what is in His heart.

Text 4 Accompanied by His devotees, He always enjoyed the bliss of sankirtana.

Text 5 Overcome with bliss, the devotees forgot that the Lord would leave them.

Text 6 In this way the devotees enjoyed pastimes with the Supreme Personality of Godhead, whom all the Vedas yearn to see.

Text 7 As the day for Lord Chaitanya's acceptance of sannyasa approached, in a secluded place Lord Chaitanya said to Nityananda,

Text 8 "Please listen. Listen, O Nityananda Gosvami. Now I will leave five people.

Text 9 "On the day when the sun begins to travel north, I will travel and accept sannyasa.

Text 10

"Near Katwa, in the village named Indrani, stays a person who bears the pure name Kesava Bharati.

Text 11

"From him at that place I will certainly accept sannyasa. This five people will soon know.

Text 12

"Those five people are: My mother, Gadadhara, Brahmananda, Shri Candrasekhara Acarya, and the peerless Mukunda.

Text 13

Lord Chaitanya spoke these words only to Nityananda. No one else knew of these plans.

Text 14

When Lord Chaitanya had departed, Lord Nityananda repeated these words to the five persons.

Text 15

That day Lord stayed with the Vaishnavas. Every day passed in the joys of sankirtana.

Text 16

With great bliss the Lord enjoyed these pastimes. In the evening He would take His meal and then go to see the Ganga.

Text 17

He would offer obeisances to the Ganga and then sit by the Ganga's shore. After some time He would return home.

Text 18

One day, surrounded in the four directions by His followers, Lord Chaitanya sat at home.

Text 19

On that day the Lord would leave home. This no one knew. They all happily enjoyed pastimes with the Lord.

Text 20

The Lord sat down. His eyes were lotus flowers. His every lim‚ was splendid with flower garlands and fragrant with sandal paste.

Text 21

All the Vaishnavas came to see Him. They all brought sandal paste and flower garlands in their two hands.

Text 22

Like a magnet, the Lord attracted them all. From wherever they were, they all came to Him. How this happened I do not know.

Text 23

Many townspeople came to see the Lord. Neither Brahma nor all the demigods have the power to write all that happened then.

Text 24

Everyone fell down and offered dandavat obeisances. As if with a single pair of eyes they all gazed at the Lord's graceful face.

Text 25

The Lord placed a flower garland around each devotee's neck. Then the Lord ordered, "Sing `Krishna!'

Text 26

"Talk of Krishna. Worship Krishna. Sing Krishna's name. Think only of Lord Krishna. Think of no one else.

Text 27

"If you love Me, then please sing only of Lord Krishna. Sing of no one else.

Text 28

"Whether asleep, awake, or eating your meals, think only of Lord Krishna day and night. With your mouths speak only of Him."

Text 29

Speaking in this way, Lord Chaitanya placed His glance of mercy on everyone. After speaking these instructions, Lord Chaitanya said to everyone, "Now please go home."

Text 30

In this way they came and went. No one understood the meaning of what had just happened. Everyone floated in bliss.

Text 31

The Lord's graceful form was covered with sandal paste and flower garlands. How many times more splendid than the moon was the Lord's form? I cannot say.

Text 32

Attaining the Lord's mercy, everyone was very happy. Everyone loudly chanted the names of Lord Hari.

Text 33

At that time saintly Shridhara, carrying a lau squash in his hand, came there.

Text 34

Seeing the gift of a squash, Lord Chaitanya smiled and asked, "Where did you get it?"

Text 35

In His heart Lord Chaitanya thought, "Tomorrow I will leave. I will not be able to eat this squash.

Text 36

"How can I reject Shridhara's gift? I must eat this squash today."

Text 37

Thinking in this way, out of love for His devotee Lord Chaitanya asked His mother to cook the squash.

Text 38

Then another fortunate devotee brought a gift of milk.

Text 39

Lord Chaitanya smiled and said, "Good. Very good. Cook the squash and milk together."

Text 40

Saci happily cooked them. In this way Lord Chaitanya loves His devotees.

Text 41

In this way the king of Vaikuntha happily enjoyed pastimes for siÝ hours of the night.

Text 42

After bidding farewell to everyone, Lord Chaitanya, who is the master of the thirty-million demigods, sat down to eat.

Text 43

After eating, Lord Chaitanya washed His mouth and went to to His bedroom.

Text 44

Although in truth He withdrew into a yogi trance, to every eye it seemed that Lord Chaitanya was asleep. Haridasa and Gadadhara slept nearby.

Text 45

Aware that on the next day the Lord would leave, Mother Saci could not sleep. She wept at every moment.

Text 46

The Lord thought, "Two hours of the night remain." Taking a deep breath through His nostrils, Lord Chaitanya rose to depart.

Text 47

Aware of what was to happen, Gadadhara and Haridasa also rose. Gadadhara said, "I will go with You."

Text 48

The Lord replied, "No one will go with Me. I will go alone, without any companion. That is My happiness."

Text 49

Aware that Lord Chaitanya would depart, Mother Saci sat, waiting, at the door.

Text 50

Seeing His mother, the Lord held out His hand and embraced her. Sitting down, He spoke many words to enlighten her.

Text 51

He said, "For a long time you protected Me. It is because of you that I heard and read the scriptures.

Text 52

"From the time of My birth I did not feel even half a sesame seed's worth of happiness that you did not gite to Me.

Text 53

"Even in millions of kalpas I could not repay the love you gave Me moment after moment.

Text 54

"I cannot repay the mercy you gave Me. Birth after birth I am in debt to you.

Text 55

"Listen, mother. The whole world is dependent on the Supreme Personality of Godhead. No one is independent of Him

Text 56

"The Supreme Personality of Godhead brings people together, and then He also pushes them apart. How has the power to understand what He wills?

Text 57

"After ten days I will return. Please don't worry.

Text 58

"All the service you have given now touches Me. You are very dear to Me."

Text 59

Placing His hand on His chest, Lord Chaitanya said again and again, "You are very dear to Me."

Text 60

Saci listened to all the Lord said, but she gave no reply. From her eyes she shed tears without stop.

Text 61

Saci is the mother of the universes. She is the earth-goddess personified. Who can understand the narrations of Lord Krishna's inconceivable pastimes?

Text 62

On His head Lord Chaitanya placed the dust of His mother's feet. Then He circumambulated her, and then He quickly departed.

Text 63

The king of Vaikuntha left His home. To deliver all the conditioned souls He would accept sannyasa.

Text 64

O my brothers, please listen. Please listen. Anyone who hears the story of the Lord's sannyasa breaks all the bonds that tie him to this world.

Text 65

When Lord Chaitanya left, Mother Saci was stunnedShe was like an inanimate object. She spoke not a word.

Text 66

The devotees did not know what had happened. At dawn they all took their baths.

Text 67

Then they went to the Lord's home to bow down before Him. They saw Mother Saci outside the door.

Text 68

Kind and generous Shrivasa spoke first: "Mother, why are you outside the door?"

Text 69

Like an inanimate object, stunned Mother Saci gave no reply. A stream of tears flowed without stop from her eyes.

Text 70

After a moment, Mother Saci said, "O my fathers, please listen. Every Vaishnava is entitled to share in the property of Lord Vishnu.

Text 71

"You all have a right to His property. This the scriptures teach.

Text 72

"Now that you have gathered here, you may do what you like. The Lord has left me."

Text 73

Hearing that the Lord had left, the devotees fell unconscious to the ground.

Text 74

Who can describe the Vaishnavas' grief? Loudly expressing their grief, they wept.

Text 75

Resting their arms on each other's necks, they lamented in many ways.

Text 76

Saying, "O Gopinatha, why did this terrible night have to end?", they held their hands to their faces and wept.

Text 77

Someone said, "Never again will I see the moon of His face. How will I live now? How can I keep this sinful life alive?

Text 78

"Why did this thunderbolt suddenly fall on me?" Some, striking themselves, rolled about on the ground.

Text 79

The devotees did not stop weeping. The Lord's house was filled with weeping.

Text 80

The devotees who came to see the Lord were now drowning in a great ocean of separation.

Text 81

The devotees fell to the ground and wept. They said, "The Lord has gone to take sannyasa.

Text 82

"he who is the Lord of the helpless has now gone away. Now we are all thrown into the ocean of separation."

Text 83

The devotees fell unconscious. They louldy called, "Hari! Hari!" They all wept. They lamented, "The Lord, who is our wealth, who is our life, has left us all!"

Text 84

They held their hands to their heads. They beat their chests. They lamented, "Alas! Alas! Lord Chaitanya left us to take sannyasa. He did not even tell us of His plans." Covered with dust, the devotees wept.

Text 85

Falling to the ground in the Lord's courtyard, Mukunda, Murari, Shridhara, Gadadhara, and Gangadasa wept. Shrivasa's family wept without stop. Shri Advaita Acarya and Haridasa wwpt.

Text 86

Hearing the weeping, all the people of Nadiya ran to see what had happened. Not seeing the Lord's face, they were overcome with grief. Placing their hands to their heads, they all wept.

Text 87

All the devotees in the town wept without stop. There was no difference between young and old. The men and women all wept. The blasphemers mocked, "I do not see Nimai Pandita."

Text 88

After some time the devotees became quiet. Surrounding Saci, they all sat down.

Text 89

Soon the news spread through all of Navadvipa: "The jewel of the brahmanas left to take sannyasa."

Text 90

Hearing this news, everyone became filled with wonder. Everyone in Nadiya ran to the Lord's house.

Text 91

Seeing that the Lord's house was now empty, everyone wept.

Text 92

Everyone called out, "Haya! Haya!" Even the greatest blasphemers were filled with grief.

Text 93

"We are sinners. We did not understand His greatness!", everyone said. Filled with remorse, everyone loudly wept.

Text 94

Falling to the ground, the townspeople wept. "Never again will we see His moonlike face", they said.

Text 95

Someone said, "I will go home, set a fire inside my doors, put an earring in one ear, and become a yogi.

Text 96

"Now that the Lord has left Navadvipa, why should I stay alive?"

Text 97

Hearing the news, every man and woman in Nadiya was filled with grief. No one was free of grief.

Text 98

Now the Lord would act to deliver all the conditioned souls.

Text 99

In their hearts even the blasphemers felt themselves bitten by the cruel snake of separation from the Lord.

Text 100

Glory, glory to Lord Chaitanya, who is the master of all living entities, who is supremely merciful, and who happily delivered everyone.

Text 101

Please listen. Listen, O my brothers, to the story of the Lord's sannyasa. Anyone who hears this story breaks the bonds of karma.

Text 102

Crossing the Ganga, in one day Lord Chaitanya went to the town of Kantaka-nagara.

Text 103

Following the Lord's previous instructions, one by one the devotees met Him there.

†††† 104-Text 105

Lord Nityananda, Gadadhara, Mukunda, Shri Candrasekhara Acarya, and Brahm.ananda all came there. There Kesava Bharati, powerful like a ferocious lion, stayed with his dear associates.

Text 106

Seeing the wonderful effulgence of Lord Chaitanya's body, saintly Kesava Bharati stood up.

Text 107

Lord Chaitanya offered dandavat obeisances and then, folding His hands, offered prayers.

Text 108

He said, "O saintly one, please be merciful to Me. You are very merciful. You purify the fallen.

Text 109

"Lord Krishna is the master of your life, and you have the power to give Him to others. Lord Krishna always stays with you.

Text 110

"Please give Me service to Lord Krishna. Don't give Me anything but that. Please teach Me."

Text 111

As the Lord spoke, His body floated in tears of love. At the end of His speaking He loudly roared and He danced.

Text 112

As Mukunda and the other devotees sang, Lord Chaitanya, wild with ecstati love for a person that was actually Himself, danced.

Text 113

Hearing all this, many millions and millions of people quickly came. I do not know how so many people could be present in that one place.

Text 114

They gazed at Lord Chaitanya's supremely handsome form. With their eyes they drank the sight of Him without stop.

Text 115

The wonderful stream of tears that flowed from the Lord's eyes cannot be described by words. Even Lord Ananta Sesha with His many mouths has no power to describe it.

Text 116

Dancing in a circle, Lord Chaitanya bathed everyone with the streams of His tears.

Text 117

Everyone was wet with the Lord's tears of love. Men and women, and young and old, sang, "Hari! Hari!"

Text 118

One moment the Lord trembled. The next He perspired. The next He fell unconscious. Seeing all this, everyone became afraid.

Text 119

Now assuming the role of His servant, the master of the numberless universes now places a blade of grass between His teeth and begs everyone to allow Him to serve them.

Text 120

When they saw the Lord's ecstasy, everyone wept. When they heard the word "sannyasa", everyone bitterly lamented.

Text 121

They said, "After this night ends how will Mother Saci be able to stay alive?

Text 122

"How will saintly Saci earn the money to live? Will cruel fate take everything from her?

Text 123

"Our lives break into pieces when we hear these things. How will His wife and mother stay alive?"

Text 124

Speaking these words, the grieving women wept. Falling into Lord Chaitanya's trap, everyone fell to the ground and wept.

Text 125

After some time, Lord Chaitanya stopped dancing. When He sat down, all His followers sat around Him in the four directions.

Text 126

Seeing the Lord's ecstati devotion, Kesava Bharati, now plunged in an ocean of bliss, prayed,

Text 127

"Only the Supreme Personality of Godhead Himself, and no one else, has the power to manifest the ecstati devotion I saw You manifest.with my own eyes.

Text 128

"I know without doubt that You are the Supreme Personality of Godhead, the spiritual master of all the worlds. No one can ever truly become Your spiritual master.

Text 129

"Still, in order to teach the world, in Your heart You have decided to accept me as Your spiritual master."

Text 130

Lord Chaitanya said, "Please don't try to trick Me. Please give Me initiation, so I may become a servant of Lord Krishna."

Text 131

With these devotees Lord Chaitanya spent the night happily talking about Lord Krishna.

Text 132

When the sun rose, Lord Chaitanya, the master of all the worlds, ordered Shri Candrasekhara,

Text 133

"Please arrange everything for the ceremony. I entrust you with this duty."

Text 134

On Lord Chaitanya's order, Candrasekhara gathered everything needed for the ceremony.

Text 135

He gathered many things from many different villages. Words cannot describe all that he gathered.

Text 136

From everyone he gathered yogurt, milk, ghee, dal, betelnuts, sandalwood, flowers, a sacred thread, and cloth.

Text 137

He gathered many different kinds of food. From where did he get all this? I do not know.

Text 138

Everyone very joyfully chanted the holy names of Lord Hari. Only "Hari", and no other sound, was heard from anyone's mouth.

Text 139

Then Lord Chaitanya, the life-breath of all the worlds, sat down to shave off His sikha.

Text 140

Then the barber sat down facing Him. At that moment a great sound of weeping arose.


Text 141

The barber then placed the razor to the Lord's curly hair. Unable to place his hand on the Lord's head, the barber wept.

Text 142

Nityananda and the other devotees fell to the ground and wept.

Text 143

What could the devotees do? They could only grieve and weep.

Text 144

Someone said, "What are the rituals fro sannyasa?" When this was asked, the women all deeply sighed.

Text 145

Unseen by anyone, the demigods also wept. The numberless universes were filled with weeping.

Text 146

With these pastimes of karunya-rasa (the mellows of grief), Lord Chaitanya made the stones, dry sticks, and other inanimate objects melt.

Text 147

Lord Chaitanya manifested these pastimes to deliver everyone. Seeing these pastimes, everyone wept.

Text 148

Tasting the nectar of ecstati love, Lord Chaitanya became restless. Always trembling and weeping, He could not remain still.

Text 149

Demanding, "Sing! Sing!", Lord Chaitanya stood up. Mukunda sang, and Lord Chaitanya danced without stop.

Text 150

Lord Chaitanya had no power to sit down and remain still. Tasting the nectar of ecstati love, He trembled. He shed streams of tears.

Text 151

"Sing! Sing!", Lord Chaitanya roared. The barber had no power to do the shaving.

Text 152

Somehow or other, after all these days, the act of shaving was completed with great love.

Text 153

Then Lord Chaitanya, the master of all the worlds, bathed in the Ganga, returned, and sat down as a sannyasi.

Text 154

The Vedas say, "Lord Chaitanya is the siksha-guru (instructing spiritual master, of everyone." The Lord's acceptance of Kesava Bharati as His spiritual master was only a trick.

Text 155

Lord Chaitanya said, "In a dream an exalted person whispered the sannyasa-mantra in My ear.

Text 156

"You will see whether it is the right mantra or not". Speaking these words, Lord Chaitanya whispered the mantra in Kesava Bharati's ear.

Text 157

By this trick Lord Chaitanya mercifully accepted Kesava Bharati as His disciple. At that moment great wonder took birth in Kesava Bharati's heart.

Text 158

Kesava Bh.arati said, "This is the best of great mantras. You have certainly attained Lord Krishna's mercy."

Text 159

By Lord Chaitanya's order, noble-hearted Kesava Bharati repeated that mantra to the Lord.

Text 160

Then the four directions became filled with auspicious sounds of Lord Hari's holy names. In this way Lord Chaitanya, the crest jewel of Vaikuntha accepted sannyasa.

Text 161

Accepting a charming saffron cloth, Lord Chaitanya was more handsome than millions of Kamadevas.

Text 162

His head and all His limbs were anointed with sandal paste. Covered with a flower garland, His body was glorious.

Text 163

A splendid danda and kamandalu rested in His graceful hands. He was always agitated with ecstati love for a person who was actually Himself.

Text 164

His graceful face was more glorious and handsome than millions and millions of moons. His two lotus eyes were filled with streams of tears.

Text 165

Some day Vedavyasa will perfectly describe Lord Chaitanya appearance as a sannyasi.

Text 166

In the Sahasra-nama (Thousand names of Lord Vishnu, Vedavyasa has already described Lord Chaitanya as a sannyasi.

†††† 167-Text 168

In this prayer is a verse that in truth decshribes Lord Chaitanya, the king of brahmanas. All the Vaishnava know the heart of this verse, which declares (Mahabharata, Dana-dharma-parva, Chapter 149, Vishnu-sahasra-nama-stotra, verse 75):


sannyasa-krit chamah santo

†††† nishtha-santi-parayanah


†††† "The Lord will take the fourth order of spiritual life (sannyasa, and will be very self-controlled. He will be distinguished from the Mayavadi sannyasis in that He will be fixed in devotional service and will spread the sankirtana movement."*


Text 169

Then noble-hearted Kesava Bharati considered what name to give the Lord.

Text 170

He said, "the Vaishnavas in the fourteen worlds do not see what my eyes see.

Text 171

"Nowhere is there a name that satisfies me.

Text 172

"The name `Bharati' would mean "`the disciple of Kesava Bharati'. Therefore that name is not appropriate for You."

Text 173

As the fortunate sannyasi Kesava Bharati was thinking in this way, saintly Goddess Sarasvati entered his tongue.

Text 174

In this way he decided on the right name. Placing his hand on the Lord's chest, pure-hearted Kesava Bharati said,

Text 175

"You make the whole world chant the name `Krishna'. In this way You make the whole world alive (chaitanya, with kirtana.

Text 176

"Therefore Your name will be `Shri Krishna Chaitanya'. Because of You everyone in the world will become fortunate."

Text 177

When the noble sannyasi spoke these words there was a shower of flowers and a great sound of "Jaya!"

Text 178

A great tumult of "Hari!" filled the four directions. All the Vaishnavas floated in bliss.

Text 179

All the devotees offered obeisances to Kesava Bharati. The Lord was pleased with His new name.

Text 180

In this way the name Shri Krishna Chaitanya was manifested. Then all the servants of the Lord offered dandavat obeisances.

Text 181

In this way the glorious Lord accepted sannyasa, and in this way He revealed His name: Shri Krishna Chaitanya.

Text 182

Lord Chaitanya enjoys all His pastimes at every moment. When He is merciful He allows others to see them.

Text 183

It is from Lord Nityananda that I learned of all these nectar pastimes.

Text 184

It is by His mercy and on His order that in this book I have written these sutras describing them.

Text 185

I offer respectful obeisances to the feet of the Vaishnavas. I pray that they will not take my offenses seriously.

Text 186

Some day, in the Vedas, Muni Vedavyasa will describe millions and millions of these pastimes.

Text 187

Anyone who in this Madhya-khanda hears the story of the Lord's sannyasa will become a servant of Lord Chaitanya.

Text 188

Anyone who in this Madhya-khanda hears the story of the Lord's sannyasa will attain a great wealth of ecstati love for Lord Krishna.

Text 189

Shri Krishna and Nityananda are my two masters. My desire is that I will never forget Them.

Text 190

Will the day come when I will see Lord Chaitanya and Lord Chaitanya surrounded by devotees in the four directions?

Text 191

Lord Chaitanya is my Lord. In my heart I always keep great faith in Him.

Text 192

Anyone who with his own mouth says, "I am a servant of Nityananda" will some day see Lord Chaitanya. That is inevitable.

Text 193

Nityananda is most dear to Lord Chaitanya. I will never leave the company of the Lord's servants.

Text 194

I worship Lord Chaitanya. Lord Nityananda gives to the whole world the gift of ecstatic love for Lord Krishna.

Text 195

Beyond this world of birth and death lies the ocean of pure devotional service. Anyone who wishes to dive in that ocean should worship Lord Chaitanya and Lord Nityananda.

Text 196

As a puppetmaster makes a wooden puppet dance, so Lord √aitanya makes me speak.

†††† 197-Text 198

As the sky has no end and a bird flies in it as far as it has the power, so the descriptions of Lord Chaitanya's pastimes also have no end and every speaker describes those pastimes as far as he has the power.

Text 199

The two moons Shri Krishna Chaitanya and Shri Nityananda are my life and soul. I, Vrindavana dasa, sing the glories of Their feet.


Thus Ends the Madhya-khanda