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Chapter Twenty-seven



Description of the Awakening of Feelings of Separation


Text 1 Glory, glory to Lord Chaitanya, the maintainer of the worlds and the son of Saci! Glory, glory to the golden lion of Lord Chaitanya, the purifier of the fallen!

Text 2 Thinking they would be separated from the Lord, all the devotees wept.

Text 3 They said, "Where will the Lord go when He accepts sannyasa? Where will we go to see Him?

Text 4 "When He accepts sanyasa, He will not stay in this village. In what direction will He go?"

Text 5 In this way the devotees were rapt in ecstati love. By eating no one felt his body become pleased.

Text 6 That His servants were suffering was not something Lord Chaitanya could tolerate. Becoming cheerful, the Lord instructed everyone.

Text 7 Lord Chaitanya said, "Why do you worry. I will stay with you at every moment.

Text 8 "You all think I will take sannyasa, leave you all, and go far away.

Text 9 "Please don't think that. I will not leave you for even a moment.

Text 10

 "All of you always enjoy pastimes with Me. Not only in this birth, but in birth after birth.

Text 11

 "In this birth you will always enjoy blissful sankirtana pastimes with Me.

Text 12

 "Birth after birth, whenevr I descend to this world, you will always stay with Me.

Text 13

 "I have descended to this world in two forms. My two forms are:Text 1 sankirtana, andText 2 the bliss of Deity worship.

Text 14

 "Please find happiness with these two forms. In My company you will continue to perform sankirtana with great joy.

Text 15

 "To teach the world I will accept sannyasa. Please end all your worries."

Text 16

 Sfter speaking these words the Lord affectionately embraced everyone again and again.

Text 17

 The devotees were all somewhat pacified by the Lord's words. After enlightening everyone, Lord Chaitanya returned to His home.

Text 18

 Hearing all this news from the others, Mother Saci almost could not remain alive in that body.

Text 19

 Hearing that Lord Chaitanya would accept sannyasa, Saci, the mother of the worlds, felt a pain she had never know before.

Text 20

 In a moment she fell unconscious to the ground. From her a stream of tears endlessly flowed. She had no power to stop it.

Text 21

 Approaching her, lotus-eyed Lord Chaitanya sat down. Weeping, Saci said,


A Song in Bhatiyari-raga


(Refrain, gauranga he


     "O Gauranga!


Text 22

 na ja-iya na ja-iya bapa mayere chadiya

papa ji-u ache tora shri-mukha cahiya


     "Don't go. Dear son, don't leave me and go away. Only by gazing at Your beautiful face can we stay alive.


Text 23

 kamala-nayana tora shri-candra-badan

adhara suranga kunda-mukuta-dasan


     "Your eyes are lotus flowers. Your face is the moon. Your red lips are beautiful. Your teeth are pearls and jasmine flowers.


Text 24

 amiya barikhe jena sundara bacan

na dekhi banciba ki se gajendra-gaman


     "Your beautiful words are like nectar showering down on me. If I cannot see Your walking and gestures, graceful like the movements of a graceful elephant, how can I remain alive?


Text 25

 adwaita-shribasa-adi tora anucar

nityananda ache tora pranera dosar


     "Beginning with Advaita and Shrivasa, You have a host of followers. Nityananda is Your own life manifested in another form.


Text 26

 parama-bandhaba gadadhara-adi-sange

grihe rahi' sankirtana koro' tumi range


     "Beginning with Gadadhara, You have a host of dear friends. Please stay at home and happily perform sankirtana here.


Text 27

 dharma bujha-ite bapa tora abatar

janani chadiba e kon dharmera bicar


     "Dear son, it is to teach the true religion that You descended to this world. If You abandon Your mother, how will You teach religion?


Text 28

 tumi dharma-maya jadi janani chadiba

kemate jagate tumi dharma bujha-iba


     "You are religion personified. If You abandon Your mother, how will You teach religion to the world?"


Text 29

 Overcome with love and grief, Saci spoke these words, and Lord Chaitanya listened. His voice choked with love, Lord Chaitanya gave no reply.

Text 30

 Then Saci said, "Your elder brother left me and went away. Then Your father went to Vaikuntha.

Text 31

 When I see You, I forget all my sufferings. If You go away, I will give up this life.


A Song in Karuna-bhatiyari-raga


Text 32

 pranera gauranga hera bap

anathini chadite na jujay


     "Dear son more dear than life, dear Gauranga, look. It is not right for You to abandon Your widowed, helpless mother.


Text 33

 (Refrain, saba layna koro' nija-angane kirtan

nityananda achaye sahay


     "Perform kirtana with everyone in Your own courtyard. Nityananda will help You.


Text 34

 prema-maya du-i ankhi        dirgha du-i bhuja dekhi'

bacanete amiya borishe

bina-dipe ghara mor  Tora angete ujor

ranga pa'ye kata madhu borishe


     "I gaze at Your love-filled eyes and Your long arms. Your words shower nectar upon me. Even when there are no lamps, Your limbs fill my house with light. How much nectar rains freom Your reddish feet?"


Text 35

 prema-soke kohe saci         biswambhara sune basi'

(jena, raghunathe kausalya bujhay

shri-chaitanya nityananda       sukha-data sadananda

brindabana-dasa rasa gay


     With love and grief Saci spoke these words. Lord Chaitanya sat and listened. Saci was like Kausalya speaking to Lord Rama. Lord Chaitanya and Lord Nityananda are full of bliss and They give bliss to others. I, Vrindavana dasa, sing the nectar of Their glories.


Text 36

 In this way Mother Saci lamented. Lord Chaitanya lifted His face, but He did not say anything.

Text 37

 Saci had turned white. She was skin and bones. Overcome with grief, she did not eat.

Text 38

 Seeing that His mother would not remain alive, Lord Chaitanya sat down in a secluded place and spoke to her certain secrets.

Text 39

 Lord Chaitanya said, "Mother, please be peaceful at heart. Please listen. For many births I have been your son.

Text 40

 "Please carefully listen to your own glories. There was a time when you had the name Prisni.

Text 41

 "There was a time when you were Aditi in Svargaloka. Then also I was your son.

Text 42

 "At that time I descended to this world and was known as Vamana. Then you were also My mother.

Text 43

 "Then again you became Devahuti, and I became your son, Kapila.

Text 44

 "Another time you became Kausalya, and I became your son Ramacandra.

Text 45

 "Another time you became Devaki in Mathura and you were imprisoned by the demon Kamsa.

Text 46

 "Then also you were My mother. You were Devaki, and I was your son.

Text 47

 "I have taken birth twice to begin the sankirtana movement. Both times I am your son.

Text 48

 "You are the earth goddess, and therefore you are the mother of My Deity-form. You are also the tongues of everyone, and therefore you are the mother of My form as the holy name.

Text 49

 "In this way you are My mother birth after birth. In My heart I will never leave you.

Text 50

 "I am not lying. I speak the truth. Please do not feel unhappy at heart."

Text 51

 Hearing the Lord speak these secret truths, Saci became a little peaceful at heart.

Text 52

 The two moons Shri Krishna Chaitanya and Shri Nityananda are my life and soul. I, Vrindavana dasa, sing the glories of Their feet.