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Chapter Twenty-six

Suklambara-vijaya-prasada-varnanam Tatha Vidyarthi-sodhana-rupa-yati-dharma-grahaneccha-varnanam ca


Description Of Mercy to Suklambara Brahmacari, and Description of the Lord's Desire to Accept Sannyasa When His Students Tried to Correct Him


A Song


(Refrain) jaya jaya jagata-mangala gauracandra

dana deha' hridaye tomara pada-dwandwa


     O Lord Chaitanya, O auspiciousness of the worlds, glory, glory to You! O Lord, please place in my heart the gift of Your two feet.


Text 1

 eka dina suklambara-brahmacari-sthane

kripaya tahnte anna magila apane


     One day Lord Chaitanya mercifully begged food from Suklambara Brahmacari.


Text 2 The Lord said, "I have a strong desire to eat food that you offer. Don't be afraid. What I tell you is My firm decision."

Text 3 Again and again Lord Chaitanya spoke in this way. Hearing this, Suklambara, in a voice choked with emotion, said,

Text 4 "I am beggar, a lowly, degraded, condemned sinner. You are the eternal religion personified, and I am fallen.

Text 5 "O Lord, when will You give me the shade of Your feet? I am not as good as a worm or an insect. You are only playing a big trick on me."

Text 6 Lord Chaitanya said, "Please do not think in your heart that this is a trick. I feel a strong desire for your cooking.

Text 7 "Go quickly and prepare an offering to the Lord. I will come at midday today."

Text 8 Still, Suklambara was frightened at heart. He asked the devotees what he should do.

Text 9 They all said, "Why are you afraid? The truth is that He is not different from the Supreme Personality of Godhead Himself.

Text 10

 "He always tries to eat food offered by persons who worship Him with love.

Text 11

 "He begged food from Vidura, who was a sudra's son. He did that because of Vidura's devotion,

Text 12

 "The Lord begs food from His devotees and eats what they offer. That is His nature. You go home, prepare an elaborate meal, and offer it to Him with love.

Text 13

 "If you still feel fear in Your heart, then don't touch anything while you cook.

Text 14

 "You are very fortunate that the Lord is so kind to you." Hearing these words, the brahmana happily returned to his home.

Text 15

 After bathing, Suklambara carefully heated some scented water.

Text 16

 He cooked rice with splendid garbha-khoda. Not touching anything as he cooked, the brahmana folded his hands.

Text 17

 "Jaya Krishna! Govinda! Gopala! Vanamali!", Suklambara happily chanted.

Text 18

 At that moment Goddess Lakshmi, who is very devoted to her husband, and who is the mother of the worlds, glanced at the devotee's food.

Text 19

 At that moment the food because the sweetest nectar. After His bath, Lord Chaitanya came there.

Text 20

 He came with Nityananda and some other associates. Lord Chaitanya changed out of His wet clothing.

Text 21

 Hungry, the Lord happily glanced at Suklambara.

Text 22

 The house was near the Ganga. Then the food was very happily offered to Lord Vishnu.

Text 23

 Smiling, Lord Chaitanya sat down and happily ate. Filling His eyes, He glanced at His servants.

Text 24

 Lord Chaitanya, who eats what Brahma and the demigods offer in yajnas, now ate the food offered by Suklambaea. It is very difficult to become fortunate like Suklambara.

Text 25

 Lord Chaitanya said, "From the time of My birth I have never tasted any food more delicious than this.

Text 26

 "How delicious is this garbha-khoda! I cannot describe it. How, not even touching it, did you cook food like this?

Text 27

 "You are one of My friends. Friends like you are the root from which I grow."

Text 28

 Lord Chaitanya cast a glance of mercy at Suklambara. All the devotees wept.

Text 29

 Again and again the Lord relished the food in this way. Filled with bliss, He ate.

Text 30

 The non-devotee sinner millionaires should see the mercy the beggar Suklambara attained.

Text 31

 By wealth, followers, and material learning one does not attain Lord Chaitanya. "The Supreme Lord is conquered by the nectar of devotional service." This all the Vedas sing.

Text 32

 The Lord sat and lovingly ate. Then, smiling and smiling, the Lord chewed betelnuts.

Text 33

 Accepting the remnants from the Lord's plate, the devotees, overcome with bliss, forgot everything else. Brahma, Siva, and Ananta Sesha would respectfully place that plate to their heads.

Text 34

 How much bliss there was in that beggar's home! In this way Lord Chaitanya happily enjoyed pastimes.

Text 35

 After some time spent in talking about Lord Krishna, Lord Chaitanya lay down for a nap.

Text 36

 The devotees also lay down for a nap. Then one in their midst saw a great wonder.

Text 37

 Shri Vijaya dasa was one of the Lord's students. That great soul then saw something of the Lord's glories and opulences.

Text 38

 No one in Navadvipa wrote as gracefully as He. He personally copied many books for Lord Chaitanya.

Text 39

 Everyone called him, "Vijaya the penman". Still, because they had no devotion, most people did not understand his heart.

Text 40

 As He lay down, Lord Chaitanya rested His hand on Vijaya's body. Vijaya suddenly saw many great wonders.

Text 41

 He saw the Lord's hand suddenly become like a great lofty pillar. Then he saw the Lord was covered with jewel ornaments.

Text 42

 Then he saw many jewel rings on the Lord's fingers. With the splendor of how many millions of suns and moons did those jewels glisten? He did not know.

Text 43

 Seeing Lord Chaitanya's effulgent hand spread everywhere, even up to the demigod Brahma, Vijaya rejoiced.

Text 44

 On seeing all this, Vijaya suddenly called out. Lord Chaitanya then placed His graceful hand over Vijaya's mouth.

Text 45

 Lord Chaitanya said, "For as many days as I am here, don't tell anyone of this."

Text 46

 Speaking these words, the Lord smiled and glanced at Vijaya. Vijaya jumped up and roared.

Text 47

 Vijaya's orar awakened the devotees. They tried to hold Vijaya still. No one could hold him.

Text 48

 For some moments Vijaya was like a madman. At the end he fainted in ecstasy.

Text 49

 The devotees knew Vijaya must have seen some wonder. Everyone wept.

Text 50

 The Lord asked everyone, "What did he say? Suddenly Vijaya began to scream."

Text 51

 Then the Lord said, "I think it must be the power of the Ganga. Vijaya was very devoteed to the Ganga.

Text 52

 "Or perhaps not. Perhaps it is because of the Deities in Suklambara's home. Or perhaps Vijaya saw Lord Krishna."

Text 53

 After speaking these words, Lord Chaitanya placed His hand on Vijaya's body. Vijaya suddenly regained consciousness. All the Vaishnavas smiled.

Text 54

 Rising up, Vijaya was stunned like an inanimate object. For seven days he wandered Nadiya like that.

Text 55

 He did not eat. He did not sleep. He ignored his body. In this way Vijaya wandered about. No one understood his heart.

Text 56

 After some days Vijaya returned to external consciousness. These wonderful pastimes happened in Suklambara's home.

Text 57

 Who has the power to describe Suklambara's good fortune? Lord Chaitanya personally accepted the food he cooked.

Text 58

 Accompanied by His associates, Lord Chaitanya enjoyed these pastimes in fortunate Suklambara's home.

Text 59

 Simply by hearing these pastimes of the Lord's eating Suklambara's cooking and giving mercy to Vijaya, one attains the great treasure of pure devotional service.

Text 60

 In this way Lord Chaitanya, before whom all the Vedas bow down, always enjoyed pastimes in Navadvipa.

Text 61

 Accompanied by Nityananda, Lord Chaitanya enjoyed pastimes like this every day in the homes of each of the Vaishnavas.

Text 62

 Lord Chaitanya was always agitated by tasting the nectar of ecstati love. In this way He manifested His different natures.

Text 63

 He manifested the natures of Matsya, Kurma, Nrisimha, Varaha, Vamana, Ramacandra, Buddha, Kalki, and Krishna.

Text 64

 He manifested the natures of all these avataras. On the preText of being in ecstasy, the Lord manifested all these forms.

Text 65

 Each of them He manifested and then hid. For many days He would not stop the nature of Lord Balarama.

Text 66

 Entering the nature of Lord Balarama, He became as if wildly intoxicated. "Bring wine! Bring wine!", He screamed.

Text 67

 Understanding the Lord's mood, Nityananda filled a cup with Ganga water and respectfully offered it to the Lord.

Text 68

 The Lord screamed and roared. Because of that roar Navadvipa and every other place in the three worlds trembled.

Text 69

 Then the Lord danced wildly and the whole earth seemed to break into pieces.

Text 70

 The earth and all the universe was thrown into chaos. Seeing the Lord's dancing, all the devotees became afraid.

Text 71

 Everyone sang songs describing Lord Balarama. Hearing these songs, Lord Chaitanya was overcome with bliss.

Text 72

 Swaying and staggering like an intoxicated person, Lord Chaitanya wandered in the courtyard.

Text 73

 How handsome was Lord Chaitanya in the mood of Balarama! Gazing and gazing at Him, the devotees no longer felt any of the troubles of this world.

Text 74

 Everyone gazed at His indescribable moonlike face. Very loudly He called, "Nityananda! Nityananda!"

Text 75

 Sometimes Lord Chaitanya would return to external consciousness. He told everyone, "My life-breath is leaving Me."

Text 76

 Lord Chaitanya then said, "O father Krishna, Your elder brother Balarama hit Me, and You always protected Me."

Text 77

 After speaking these words, Lord Chaitanya fell into a trance. Seeing all this, the frightened devotees loudly wept.

Text 78

 The Lord enjoyed these very wonderful pastimes. Lord Chaitanya, the son of Jagannatha Misra, danced in many different moods.

Text 79

 Sometimes Lord Chaitanya felt the mood of separation. At those times He was plunged in an indescribable and very wonderful ocean of love.

Text 80

 At those times Lord Chaitanya cried out and wept. Hearing Him, the numberless worlds broke into pieces.

Text 81

 Forgetting who He was, Lord Chaitanya became wild with love for a person that was actually Himself.

Text 82

 Previously the gopis, overcome with feelings of separation, feared they would die when the moon rose.

Text 83

 Accepting the gopis' mood, Lord Chaitanya held the devotees' necks and wept.

Text 84

 Seeing Lord Chaitanya overcome with ecstati love in this way, Saci, the mother of the worlds, wept at home.

Text 85

 How can a mere human being have the power to describe these manifestations of Lord Chaitanya's wonderful ecstati love and devotion?

Text 86

 Accepting different moods, Lord Chaitanya would dance in different ways day after day.

Text 87

 One day Lord Chaitanya, the master of the universes, accepted the mood of the gopis. Then He chanted, "Vrindavana!" and "Gopi! Gopi!" without stop.

Text 88

 Not understanding the heart of the Lord's ecstasy, one of His students approached Him and said,

Text 89

 "O Nimai Pandita, why do You chant, `Gopi! Gopi!'?  Stop chanting,`Gopi! Gopi!' Instead chant, `Krishna!' at once.

Text 90

 "What piety will be born by chanting, `Gopi! gopi!'? Chanting Krishna's name brings piety. The Vedas say so."

Text 91

 The foolish student did not understand Lord Chaitanya's different ecstati moods. Lord Chaitanya give this reply: "Krishna is a thief. Who would worship Him?

Text 92

 "He is an ingrate. He killed Vali, even though Vali did nothing wrong. He is a debauchee conquered by women. He once cut off a woman's nose and ears.

Text 93

 "He robbed Maharaja Bali of all his wealth and threw him down to Patalaloka. What will I gain if I chant this Krishna's name?"

Text 94

 After speaking these words, Lord Chaitanya, still rapt in ecstasy, took a stick in His hand ran after the student to beat him.

Text 95

 The student jumped up and fled. Calling out, "Stop! Stop!", Lord Chaitanya chased him.

Text 96

 Seeing the angry Lord, stick in hand, chasing him, the bewildered student fled.

Text 97

 The student could not understand Lord Chaitanya's different ecstati moods. Fearing for his life, the student fled.

Text 98

 Frantically running, the devotees caught and grabbed the Lord.

Text 99

 Gwthering around Him, they all pacified the Lord while the frightened student ran far away.

Text 100

 Breathing heavily, and his body covered with perspiration, the student ran to the other students.

Text 101

 The students asked the reason of his fear. The student replied, "Why ask? Today I am lucky still to be alive.

Text 102

 "Everyone says, `Nimai Pandita is a great saint.", So today I went to His house to see Him.

Text 103

 "I saw Him sitting down and chanting japa of, `Gopi! Gopi!' day and night. He did not chant anything else.

Text 104

 "I said to Him, `Pandita, what are You doing? You should chant, `Krishna! Krishna!' That is what the scriptures say.

Text 105

 "Hearing these words, He became aflame with anger. To beat me with the stick in His hand, He chased after me.

Text 106

 "Again and again He blasphemed Lord Krishna. I have no power to place those blasphemies in my mouth.

Text 107

 "Somehow I saved my life. That why I can speak to you today."

Text 108

 Hearing all this, the foolish students laughed. Then they spoke what was in their hearts.

Text 109

 One student said, "The people say He is a good Vaishnava, but He angrily chases a brahmana to beat him."

Text 110

 Another said, "If He does not chant Lord Krishna's names, how can He be a Vaishnava?"

Text 111

 Another said, "What I have heard is very strange: A Vaishnava who chants only `Gopi! Gopi!'?"

Text 112

 Another said, "Why should we be respectful to Him? Do we not also have brahminical power?

Text 113

 "he may be a brahmana. Are we not brahmanas also? If He attacks us, why should we tolerate it?

Text 114

 "He is not the king. Why should He punish us? We should all gather together.

Text 115

 "If He attacks us again, we should not tolerate it.

Text 116

 "He may be the son of Jagannatha Misra in Navadvipa, but we are not the sons of ordinary men either.

Text 117

 "Yesterday we all studied together. Why should this fellow all of a sudden become the `big master'?"

Text 118

 In this way the sinners expressed their opinions. Lord Chaitanya, who is the Supersoul in the hearts of all, knew all they said.

Text 119

 One day Lord Chaitanya sat down with His associates around Him in the four directions.

Text 120

 Suddenly He said something unusual. No one understood its meaning. Everyone was startled.

Text 121

 He said, "The medicine pippalikhanda was prepared to cure excess mucus, but it had the opposite effect. The muus only increased."

Text 122

 Saying these words, Lord Chaitanya, the master of sll the worlds, loudly laughed. No one knew why the Lord spoke these words. Fear was born in everyone.

Text 123

 Nityananda knew the Lord's heart. He thought, "Soon the Lord will leave home."

Text 124

 Aware that Lord Chaitanya would accept sannyasa, Nityananda became plunged in grief.

Text 125

 Thinking of how Lord Chaitanya would become a shaven-headed sannyasi, Nityananda felt His life-breath attacked by grief.

Text 126

 The next moment Lord Chaitanya grasped Nityananda's hand, took Him to a secluded place, and sat down with Him.

Text 127

 Lord Chaitanya said,"Saintly Nityananda, please listen. I will tell My heart to You.

Text 128

 "I came here to deliver the world. It has not become delivered. Now it seems that I have come here to destroy the world.

Text 129

 "How is their material bondage becoming destroyed. I see that where there was one rope of material bondage now there are millions of ropes.

Text 130

 "Now they have decided to beat Me. That means they will enter into complete bondage.

Text 131

 "I descended to this place to deliver the world, but now its seems that I must kill everyone here.

Text 132

 "Look. Tomorrow I will shave My sikha and take away My sacred thread. Becoming a sannyasi, I will go begging. I will travel from place to place.

Text 133

 "Tomorrow I will be a beggar at the doors of the people who now want to beat Me.

Text 134

 "Seeing Me, they will respectfully grasp My feet. In this way I will deliver all the worlds.

Text 135

 "Everyone bows down before a sannyasi. No one will attack a sannyasi.

Text 136

 "Tomorrow I will become a sannyasi. I will beg from every house. I will see who will attack Me.

Text 137

 "I have told You My heart. I will renounce household life. That is certain.

Text 138

 "Please don't be unhappy at heart because of this. Please give Me permission to accept sannyasa.

Text 139

 "I will do whatever You say. You know why I descended to this world. Therefore please give Me permission.

Text 140

 "If You wish to deliver the world, then please do not forbid Me.

Text 141

 "Please don't be unhappy, even for a moment. You know why I descended to this world."

Text 142

 Hearing that Lord Chaitanya's sikha would be gone, Nityananda felt His heart, mind, body, and life-breath become ripped into shreds.

Text 143

 What would Nityananda say? No words came to His mouth. In His heart He thought, "The Lord will do it. No one can stop Him."

Text 144

 Nityananda said, "Lord, Your wish is always fulfilled. Lord, whatever You wish will certainly happen.

Text 145

 "Who has the power to order You to do anything or forbid You to do anything? Whatever is in Your heart must be the spiritual truth.

Text 146

 "You are the protector of everyone. You are the master of everyone. Whatever You decide is good.

Text 147

 "Lord, You know what should be done to deliver the world. Who else knows?

Text 148

 "You are completely independent. Whatever You do is full of bliss. Whatever You decide will certainly be.

Text 149

 "Still, please tell this to all Your servants. Please hear what they will say.

Text 150

 "Then You may do whatever You wish. Who has the power to thwart Your will?"

Text 151

 Pleased by Nityananda's words, Lord Chaitanya embraced Him again and again.

Text 152

 Accepting this advice, Lord Chaitanya went with Nityananda to the assembly of Vaishnavas.

Text 153

 Nityananda thought, "The Lord will renounce His home". Externally Nityananda did not manifest anything. His whole body was numb.

Text 154

 Stunned, Nityananda thought in His heart, "After the Lord has left, how will Mother Saci remain alive?"

Text 155

 "How will Mother Saci pass the time: her days and nights?" Thinking in this way, noble-hearted Nityananda fell unconscious.

Text 156

 Thinking of how Mother Saci would suffer, Lord Nityananda went to a secluded place and repeatedly wept.

Text 157

 Meanwhile Lord Chaitanya went to Mukunda's home. Seeing the Lord, Mukunda became joyful.

Text 158

 Lord Chaitanya said, "Sing a song about Lord Krishna's auspicious glories." Mukunda sang. Listening, Lord Chaitanya was agitated with ecstati love.

Text 159

 Listening to saintly Mukunda's splendid voice, Lord Chaitanya, the jewel of the brahmanas, roared, "Sing! Sing!"

Text 160

 After some moments stopping His ecstasy, Lord Chaitanya conversed with Mukunda.

Text 161

 Lord Chaitanya said, "Mukunda, please hear My words. I will leave. I will not stay here.

Text 162

 "I will definitely renounce household life. I will shave My sikha and travel from one place to another."

Text 163

 Hearing that the Lord would shave His sikha, Mukunda, overwhelmed by thoughts of separation, fell to the ground. All His joy was now destroyed.

Text 164

 With a voice trembling with emotion, Mukunda begged, "Lord, if that is Your wish, You will do it without fail.

Text 165

 "Please stay like this for a few more days and perform kirtana here. After that, O Lord, do what is in Your heart."

Text 166

 After hearing Mukunda's words, Lord Chaitanya went to Gadadhara.

Text 167

 Gadadhara respectfully offered obeisances to the Lord's feet. Lord Chaitanya said, "Please hear My words.

Text 168

 "Gadadhara, I will not stay at home. I will go wherever Lord Krishna orders.

Text 169

 "I will not keep My sikha. I will shave My head and go in one direction or another."

Text 170

 Hearing that the Lord would shave His sikha, Gadadhara felt as if a thunderbolt had fallen on his head.

Text 171

 Unhappy at heart, Gadadhara said, "Lord, Your words are very strange.

Text 172

 "Merely by shaving his sikha can anyone attain Lord Krishna? Why can You not remain as a householder and a Vaishnava?

Text 173

 "By shaving Your head will You gain some religious benefit? Obviously You think that You will. The Vedas do not hold that opinion.

Text 174

 "How can You abandon Your widowed mother? From the first You will be responsible for Your mother's death.

Text 175

 "If You go, she will not stay alive. You are all she has left. You are her life.

Text 176

 "Is the Supreme Lord not pleased by devotees who stay in their homes? A householder is pleasing to everyone.

Text 177

 "If You still wish to shave Your head, then do it and go away from this place."

Text 178

 In this way Lord Chaitanya visited the different Vaishnava, one after another, and told them all, "I will shave My sikha."

Text 179

 Hearing that the Lord would shave His sikha, each one of them fell down. Consciousness did not stay in their bodies.

Text 180

 Thinking of how Lord Chaitanya would shave His sikha, all the devotees wept.

Text 181

 Someone said, "How will we place flower garlands on His graceful curly hair?"

Text 182

 Another said, "If I cannot see His neatly-tied hair, how will I be able to maintain this sinful life?"

Text 183

 Saying, "Never again will I smell the splendid fragrance of His hair", another beat his head.

Text 184

 Another said, "Will I ever again anoint his graceful hair with amalaka?"

Text 185

 Calling out, "Hari! Hari!", everyone loudly wept. The devotees were drowning in an ocean of grief.

Text 186

 The two moons Shri Krishna Chaitanya and Shri Nityananda are my life and soul. I, Vrindavana dasa, sing the glories of Their feet.