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Chapter Twenty-five



Description of a Dead Boy's Explanation of the Truth


Text 1 Glory, glory to Lord Chaitanya, the m,aster of all the worlds! Glory to Lord Chaitanya, supreme king of the brahmanas, the Vedas, the true religion, and the sannyasis!

Text 2 Glory to Lord Chaitanya, who is an ocean of mercy, and who is the jewel that came from Saci's womb! Glory to Lord Chaitanya! Glory, glory to Lord Nityananda!

Text 3 Glory, glory to Lord Chaitanya and His devotees! Anyone who hears these topics of Lord Chaitanya will attain pure devotional service.

Text 4 The stories in this Madhya-khanda are a great treasure-house of the nectar of pure devotional service. Lord Chaitanya, who is the life of all, enjoyed pastimes in Navadvipa.

Text 5 Lord Chaitanya performed hari-sankirtana without stop. At every moment He revealed His powers and opulences.

Text 6 Overwhelmed by chanting His own holy name, Lord Chaitanya danced. Roaring, He loudly laughed.

Text 7 Always wild by tasting the nectar of ecstati love, He rolled on the ground. In this way the limbs that the demigod Brahma bows down before became covered with dust.

Text 8 The Lord's ecstasy had no end. Filling their eyes, the fortunate devotees gazed at Him.

Text 9 When He was in external consciousness, the Lord would sit with His associates. On some days He would enjoy pastimes in the Ganga's waters.

Text 10

 On other days He would dance and then sit in the courtyard. He and the devotees would then bathe in the house.

Text 11

 While the Lord was dancing in ecstasy, a fortunate maidservant named Duhkhi (sad, would fetch the water.

Text 12

 For a moment she would see the Lord dance with tears in His eyes, and then again and again she would bring more and more water from the Ganga.

Text 13

 Seeing the rows of waterputs in the four directions, Lord Chaitanya became very pleased.

Text 14

 Lord Chaitanya asked Shrivasa, "Who brings the Ganga water every day?"

Text 15

 Shrivasa replied, "Lord, Duhkhi brings it." Lord Chaitanya said, "Everyone should call her Sukhi (happy).

Text 16

 "The name Duhkhi is not right for such a person. In My heart she is always Sukhi."

Text 17

 Hearing these merciful words from the Lord's graceful mouth, the devotees wept with love and joy.

Text 18

 Thus, by the Lord's order everyone called her Sukhi. Shrivasa no longer thought her a maidservant in any way.

Text 19

 By loving devotional service one attains Lord Krishna. Simply by shaving one's head one will not escape the punishments offered by Yamaraja.

Text 20

 One's beauty, wealth, material learning, and noble family do not please Lord Krishna. Lord Krishna is pleased when a devotee worships Him with love.

Text 21

 This truth, which the Vedas and Shrimad-Bhagavatam teach, Lord Chaitanya openly showed so all could see it with their own eyes.

Text 22

 Persons proud for no good reason cannot see the great mercy Lord Chaitanya gave to the maidservant named Duhkhi.

Text 23

 How can I glorify the good fortune of Shrivasa, whose servants and maidservants are fortunate without limit?

Text 24

 One day, as Shrivasa and the other devotees happily performed kirtana, Lord Chaitanya danced in Shrivasa's house.

Text 25

 By divine arrangement, Shrivasa's son died of a disease, went to the spiritual world, and saw Lord Narayana.

Text 26

 Then, as Lord Chaitanya danced in ecstasy, weeping suddenly arose in Shrivasa's home.

Text 27

 Hurrying to the room, Shrivasa saw that his son was now living in the spiritual world.

Text 28

 Shrivasa, a very grave and learned devotee, instructed the ladies, who were his relatives,

Text 29

 "You all know the glories of Lord Krishna. Everyone stop crying. Be peaceful at heart.

Text 30

 "By once, at the last moment, hearing Lord Krishna's name even a great sinner goes to Lord Krishna's abode.

Text 31

 "The Supreme Personality of Godhead is personally dancing here. Brahma and the demigods are His servants. They sing His glories.

Text 32

 "If someone dies at this moment, why should anyone lament for him?

Text 33

 "Now my son has attained great auspiciousness. I know that he has attained the goal of life.

Text 34

 "If you cannot stop these material emotions, then keep your weeping in your hearts. Weep later.

Text 35

 "No one say anything about this, for then the Lord's joy in dancing will break.

Text 36

 "If the Lord hears of this and then returns to external consciousness, today I will drown myself in the Ganga."

Text 37

 Because of Shrivasa's words everyone became peaceful. Then Shrivasa returned to the Lord's kirtana.

Text 38

 Shrivasa joyfully sang in the kirtana. Again and again his joy increased.

Text 39

 These are the glories ofShrivasa Pandita. Lord Chaitanya's personal associates possess the greatest virtues.

Text 40

 Lord Chaitanya blissfullydanced. The devotees stayed around Him at every moment.

Text 41

 One after the other, the devotees heard that Shrivasa's son had gone to Vaikuntha.

Text 42

 Still, no one revealed that news. Everyone hid the sorrow in his heart.

Text 43

 Then Lord Chaitanya, ther crest jewel of they who know everything, placed a question before the hearts of all the devotees.

Text 44

 The Lord said, "Now My heart is unhappy. What sorrow has entered Shrivasa Pandita's house?"

Text 45

 Shrivasa Pandita said, "Lord, how can I have a sorrow? Your blissful face is present in my home."

Text 46

 Finally all the great devotees recounted the story of Shrivasa's son.

Text 47

 The Lord respectfully said, "Tell Me for how long." The Lord heard that it happened two hours after sunset.

Text 48

 The devotees said, "Afraid that Your joy would be broken, Shrivasa did not reveal it to anyone.

Text 49

 "The boy went to the spiritual world seven and a half hours ago. Give the order, and we will perform the last rights at once."

Text 50

 Hearing all this, the Lord was very surprised at Shrivasa. The Lord chanted, "Govinda! Govinda!"

Text 51

 The Lord said, "How can I give up your company?" Speaking these words, the Lord wept.

Text 52

 He said, "How can I leave the company of a person who, out of love for Me, does not even know grief for his own son?"

Text 53

 Speaking in this way, Lord Chaitanya wept greatly. Hearing these glorious words, everyone became thoughtful in his heart.

Text 54

 Among themselves the devotees discussed the meaning of the Lord's words. Everyone was bewildered. No one understood.

Text 55

 The meaning was that in the future Lord Chaitanya would leave household life and accept sannyasa. At that time everyone would sigh and loudly weep.

Text 56

 Seeing that the Lord had become peaceful, the devotees went to the boy to perform the last rites.

Text 57

 Lord Chaitanya said to the dead biy, "Why did you leave Shrivasa's house?"

Text 58

 The boy replied, "Lord, You control my destiny. Who has the power to act against Your will."

Text 59

 Hearing the dead boy reply in this way to the Lord's question, all the devotees became filled with wonder.

Text 60

 The boy said, "I have already experienced the days that were allotted for this body.

Text 61

 "That allotment is now ended. I cannot stop that end. Now I must go to the city of another body.

Text 62

 "I have no power to stop the destiny of this body. Please be merciful, that I may not forget You.

Text 63

 "Who is anyone's father? O Lord, who is anyone's son? Everyone experiences the results of his own karma.

Text 64

 "My auspicious days of staying in Shrivasa's home are now in the past. Now I will do something else. Now I will go to another's home.

Text 65

 "I bow down and offer respects to the feet of You and Your associates. Please do not take my offenses seriously. Now please give me permission to depart."

Text 66

 After speaking these words, the boy's body became silent. In this way Lord Chaitanya manifested wonderful pastimes.

Text 67

 Hearing these wonderful words from the mouth of a dead boy, all the devotees floated in an ocean of bliss.

Text 68

 The grief Shrivasa's relatives felt for the boy was now gone. Everyone became wild with the bliss of ecstati love for Lord Krishna.

Text 69

 Overcome with love for Lord Krishna, Shrivasa's relatives grasped Lord Chaitanya feet, wept, and said,

Text 70

 "Birth after birth You are our father, mother, son, and master. We pray that we may never forget Your feet.

Text 71

 "Lord, if we always have devotion to Your feet why should we not take birth in any form of life?"

Text 72

 In this way, their voices choked with emotion, the four brothers prayed. Around them in the four directions, the devotees loudly wept.

Text 73

 Weeping in ecstati love for Lord Krishna arose in the four directions. Shrivasa's home became filled with ecstati love for Lord Krishna.

Text 74

 Lord Chaitanya said, "Listem. Listen, Shrivasa Pandita. You know all about the ways of this world.

Text 75

 "How can the sufferings of this world trouble you? Anyone who even sees you will never be troubled by this world.

Text 76

 "Because Nityananda and I are your two sons, you will never know suffering.

Text 77

 Hearing these merciful words from the Lord's graceful mouth, the devotees in the four directions made a great sound of "Jaya!"

Text 78

 Performing kirtana, and accompanied by all the devotees, Lord Chaitanya took the dead boy to the Ganga's shore.

Text 79

 After performing the proper rituals, everyone bathed in the Ganga. Chanting, "Krishna!", they all returned to their homes.

Text 80

 The Lord and the devotees returned to their homes. Shrivasa's family was overwhelmed.

Text 81

 Anyone who hears this confidential story will attain a great wealth of ecstatic love for Lord Krishna. That is inevitable.

Text 82

 I offer my respectful obeisances to the feet of Shrivasa, whose two sons were Lord Chaitanya and Lord Nityananda.

Text 83

 All these wonders happened in Navadvipa. The devotees believe them, but the non-devotees do not.

Text 84

 Thus is related in the Madhya-khanda the story of how a dead boy explained the spiritual truth.

Text 85

 In this way, in Navadvipa, Lord Chaitanya always enjoyed pastimes of sankirtana.

Text 86

 Lord Chaitanya had no love for household life. He could not even perform a householder's worship of Lord Vishnu's Deity. How could he perform a householder's other duties?

Text 87

 When He would bathe and then sit down to worship Lord Vishnu's Deity, Lord Chaitanya's limbs and clothing were soon drenched with tears of love.

Text 88

 Lord Chaitanya would then go outside, remove His clothes, put on new clothes, and then return to worship Lord Vishnu.

Text 89

 But again His clothes became drenched with tears of bliss and love. Again He went outside and washed His body.

Text 90

 In this way Lord Chaitanya changed His clothes again and again. Because He was overwhelmed with ecstati love He had not even a single sesame seed's worth of power to worship Lord Vishnu's Deity.

Text 91

 Finally He said to Gadadhara, "You please worship this Deity of Lord Vishnu. I am not fortunate enough to worship Him."

Text 92

 in this way, in Navadvipa, day and night the king of Vaikuntha enjoyed pastimes of tasting the nectar of pure devotional service.

Text 93

 The two moons Shri Krishna Chaitanya and Shri Nityananda are my life and soul. I, Vrindavana dasa, sing the glories of Their feet.