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Chapter Twenty-four



Description of the Revelation of the Universal Form and Other Pastimes


Text 1 Glory, glory, glory to the fair lion that is saintly Lord Chaitanya! Glory, glory to the Lord who protects the devotees! Glory to the Lord who heroically vanquishes the demons!

Text 2 Glory, glory to Lord Chaitanya, the son of Saci and Jagannatha Misra! Glory, glory, glory to Lord Chaitanya, hearing and chanting whose glories purify the heart!

Text 3 Glory, glory to Lord Chaitanya, the life of Jagadananda! Glory to Lord Chaitanya, the life and wealth of Haridasa and Kasisvara!

Text 4 O ocean of mercy, O friend of the downtrodden, O father of all, if anyone says to You, "I am Yours", You accept him and become his master.

Text 5 In this way Lord Chaitanya always enjoyed many different kinds of sankirtana pastimes in Navadvipa.

Text 6 Simply by hearing Lord Krishna's name in hari-sankirtana, Lord Chaitanya would fall to the ground.

Text 7 Whether He was in the town, in a courtyard, by the water, or in the forest, a stream of tears would flow from His graceful eyes without stop.

Text 8 The Lord's associates would always rescue Him. Lord Chaitanya always tasted the nectar of devotion to the Lord.

Text 9 If he heard anyone say the name of Lord Hari in any way, Lord Chaitanya would forget Himself and fall to the ground.

Text 10

 He would tremble and weep. The hairs of His body stood erect. In the middle of town he would be overcome with ecstasy and would roll on the ground.

Text 11

 The people of Nadiya regularly saw the Lord's ecstasies, ecstasies even Brahma and the demigods would think themselves fortunate to see.

Text 12

 At the end of His ecstasies the Lord would fall unconscious. Then His servants would gather, pick Him up, and carry Him to His home.

Text 13

 Once in the Lord's house they would perform sankirtana. In this way the numberless universes became filled with bliss.

Text 14

 The Lord's ecstasies cannot be described. How was the Lord overwhelmed by tasting the necatr of Lord Krishna? I do not know.

Text 15

 One moment He would say, "I am Krishna, the cowherd boy more handsome than Kamadeva." The next moment He would say, "I am Lord Krishna's servant eternally."

Text 16

 On some days He would chant japa of, "Gopi! Gopi! Gopi!" Then when He heard Lord Krishna's name, He would burn with great anger.

Text 17

 He would say, "Where is your Krishna? He is a great thief. He is an arrogant rogue, a deceiver. Who would worship Him?

Text 18

 "First He conquers women. Then He cuts off their ears and noses. Like a hunter He took away Vali's life.

Text 19

 "Why should I hear talk of this thief?" In this way Lord Chaitanya would become angry if someone spoke the word "Krishna".

Text 20

 Moment after moment He would chant, "Gokula! Gokula!" Then, on other days, He would chant, "Vrindavana! Vrindavana!"

Text 21

 On other days He would happily chant, "Mathura! Mathura!" On other days He would scratch the ground with His toenail.

Text 22

 Sometimes He would draw on the ground a three-fold bending form. Gazing at the form, He would weep. The ground floated in His tears.

Text 23

 Sometimes He would say, "I see a great forest filled with lions, tigers, and bears."

Text 24

 Sometimes He would say that night was day and day was night.

Text 25

 Seeing the Lord's ecstasies, the devotees would hold each other's necks and weep.

Text 26

 The Vaishnava servants of the Lord easily saw ecstasies that even Brahma yearns to see.

Text 27

 Avoiding His own home, Lord Chaitanya always stayed in the homes of the Vaishnavas.

Text 28

 Only sometimes, to please His mother, would the Lord participate in external, ordinary activities.

Text 29

 All the devotees were filled with happiness. Everyone joyfully chanted Lord Krishna's holy names.

Text 30

 Enjoying endless pastimes, the wild lion that was Lord Nityananda wandered in home after home in Nadiya.

Text 31

 Taking Advaita with them, Nityananda and Gadadhara always stayed with Lord Chaitanya. Their conversation was always about Lord Vishnu.

Text 32

 One day, as with great love everyone sang a kirtana, Advaita danced in the mood of a gopi.

Text 33

 Distraught, and a blade of grass placed between His teeth, He danced again and again.

Text 34

 Tasting the nectar of ecstati love, Advaita rolled on the ground. In the four directions around Him, the devotees sang with great joy.

Text 35

 For sių hours He danced without stop. At the end all the devotees were exhausted.

Text 36

 Gathering together, they stopped Advaita. Advaita Acarya sat down, and the devotees sat around Him in the four directions.

Text 37

 As Advaita Acarya peacefully sat, Shrivasa, Ramai, and others left to bathe.

Text 38

 Then Advaita's distress increased more and more. Falling to the ground, He rolled about in Shrivasa's courtyard.

Text 39

 Busy in some other activities, Lord Chaitanya was in His own home. In His heart He could see Advaita's distress.

Text 40

 The eternally blissful Lord, who pacifies His devotees' distress, went to where Advaita was rolling on the ground.

Text 41

 Seeing Advaita's distress, with His own hand Lord Chaitanya picked Him up, took Him into Lord Vishnu's temple-room, and sat down.

Text 42

 Smiling, Lord Chaitanya said, "Listen, Acarya. What do You want. Tell Me what You want?"

Text 43

 Advaita replied, "You are the essence of the Vedas. Lord, I want You. What else would I want?"

Text 44

 Smiling, Lord Chaitanya said, "I am here before Your eyes. What more do You want? Tell Me."

Text 45

 Advaita said, "Lord, I speak the real truth. You are the truth described in the Vedanta and in all the Vedas.

Text 46

 "Still, I want to see some of Your powers and opulences." Lord Chaitanya said, "What do You want? Tell Me."

Text 47

 Advaita said, "Lord, what Arjuna saw in ancient times, I yearn to see."

Text 48

 The moment He spoke these words, Advaita saw Himself sitting on a chariot. In the four directions around Him, great armies ferociously fought.

Text 49

 On the chariot Advaita saw dark and handsome Lord Krishna, a conchshell, cakra, club, and lotus in His four hands.

Text 50

 The next moment He saw the form of the numberless universes, a form that had a moon and sun, and many oceans, mountains, rivers, and gardens.

Text 51

 Again and again He saw millions of eyes, arms, and faces. Then He saw Arjuna offering prayers.

Text 52

 Great flames burned in each mouth of the universal form. Flying like moths into the flames, the demons and blasphemers were at once consumed.

Text 53

 The sinners who blasphemed and attacked others perished in the great flames of Lord Chaitanya's mouth.

Text 54

 By Lord Chaitanya's mercy, Advaita Acarya saw this form. Others had no power to see it.

Text 55

 Advaita wept with joy and love. Placing a blade of grass between His teeth, again and again He begged for service to the Lord.

Text 56

 Meanwhile, Lord Nityananda was joyfully wandering in Nadiya.

Text 57

 Nityananda knew all that Lord Chaitanya had manifested. He knew the Lord was revealing His universal form.

Text 58

 Lord Nityananda hurried there. Standing before the door of of Lord Vishnu's temple-room, Nityananda roared.

Text 59

 Aware that Nityananda had come, Lord Chaitanya quickly opened the door.

Text 60

 Seeing the limitless universal form, Nityananda offered dandavat obeisances and then closed His eyes.

Text 61

 Lord Chaitanya said, "Rise, Nityananda. You are My very life. You know all about Me.

Text 62

 "In truth I become the property of anyone who loves You. To Me no one is more dear than You.

Text 63

 "Anyone who thinks that You and Advaita are different persons does not know that You are both My incarnations. You are both supremely pure."

Text 64

 Then, glancing at both Nityananda and Advaita, Lord Chaitanya blissfuly danced in the temple-room of Lord Vishnu.

Text 65

 Then Lord Chaitanya roared. "Look! Look!", He loudly called again and again.

Text 66

 Saying, "Lord! Lord!", Nityananda and Advaita offered prayers. Gazing at the universal form, their hearts became filled with bliss.

Text 67

 Even though these wonderful pastimes were manifested in Shrivasa's home, no one else had the power to see them.

Text 68

 This true story comes from Lord Advaita's mouth. Anyone who does not believe it is a sinner.

Text 69

 Anyone who will not say, "Lord Chaitanya is the Supreme Personality of Godhead, the master of all", is a sinner, and is never fit to be seen by Vaishnavas.

Text 70

 "Lord Chaitanya is the master of my master." This I firmly believe in my heart.

Text 71

 Lord Chaitanya manifested His pastimes in Navadvipa. Still, none but the devotees could understand them.

Text 72

 Devotional service is the greatest treasure. Devotional service. Devotional service. Devotion is seen when one weeps on remembering Lord Krishna's holy name.

Text 73

 He who weeps when he chants, "Krishna!" truly chants Lord Krishna's name. It is not by the power of great wealth or noble family that one is able to chant "Krishna!" in truth.

Text 74

 They who hear this story of Nityananda and Advaita seeing the Lord's universal form will certainly attain the great treasure that is Lord Krishna.

Text 75

 Then, in a moment, Lord Chaitanya stopped everything and, accompanied by His devotees, returned to His home.

Text 76

 When They thus saw the universal fornm, Nityananda and Advaita were not in external consciousness. They were filled with spiritual bliss.

Text 77

 Wild with bliss by seeing the universal form, Nityananda and Advaita rolled on the ground everywhere in the courtyard, covering Their bodies with dust.

Text 78

 One of Them danced while the other sang and clapped His hands. Intoxicated with bliss, the two powerful devotees stumbled as They walked.

Text 79

 At first They were both blissful, but in the end they insulted each other.

Text 80

 Advaita said, "Drunken avadhuta, who said You could come here?

Text 81

 "How did You open the door and come inside? Who says that You are a sannyasi?

Text 82

 "You have no caste. You don't eat at Your own home. No one knows Your family and caste.

Text 83

 "Why should a drunkard like You stay among the Vaishnavas? If You don't leave at once, it won't be good for You."

Text 84

 Then Nityananda replied, "O Nar#a, be still, or I will show You My power with a blow from My fist.

Text 85

 "You old brahmana, You are not afraid? I am a wild avadhuta. I am the Lord's brother.

Text 86

 "You have already perished, destroyed by wife, children, and home. I am very exalted. I walk the path of the paramahamsas.

Text 87

 "If I strike You, You cannot say anything to protest. Without reason You have become very proud before Me."

Text 88

 Hearing these words, Advaita burned with anger like fire. Then, after first making Himself clothed only by the four directions, He spoke these insults:


Text 89

 "You eat fish! You eat meat! How are You a sannyasi? Now I take off My clothes! Now I am clothed only by the four directions!

Text 90

 "Where are Your mother and father? In what country is Your home? Who knows? Tell Me that.

Text 91

 "You come like a thief and You eat everything.

Text 92

 "Anyone who calls You a `sannyasi' Doesn't know anything. You call Yourself a `sannyasi', but You eat three times a day.

Text 93

 "Shrivasa Pandita doesn't know anything about caste. From where did he get this avadhuta?

Text 94

 "This avadhuta will destroy the caste status of us all. From where did this drunkard Nityananda come?"

Text 95

 Intoxicated by tasting the nectar of ecstati love for Lord Krishna, Nityananda and Advaita always quarrelled.

Text 96

 Anyone who takes the side of one of Them and then criticizes the other, goes to his destruction.

Text 97

 Anyone who, not understanding the heart of this loving quarrel, criticizes one and praises the other, will perish.

Text 98

 Anyone who takes Advaita's side and criticizes Gadadhara is very lowly and degraded. He will never be Lord Advaita's servant.

Text 99

 When one incarnation of the Supreme Personality of Godhead quarrels with another incarnation of the Supreme Personality of Godhead, who can understand Their quarrel? Their quarrel is only a pastime of Lord Vishnu and the Vaishnavas.

Text 100

 Lord Vishnu and the Vaishnavas are equal. The blasphemers, however, have a different understanding.

Text 101

 A person who sees that the Vaishnavas are not different, and who worships Lord Krishna's feet, will cross beyond this material world.

Text 102

 The two moons Shri Krishna Chaitanya and Shri Nityananda are my life and soul. I, Vrindavana dasa, sing the glories of Their feet.