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Chapter Twenty-three

Shri Navadvipa-nagara-bhramana


Wandering in Navadvipa City


Text 1 Glory, glory to Shri KrishnaChaitanya, whom is a treasure-house of transcendental virtues! Glory top Lord Chaitanya, the maintainer of the worlds! Glory to Lord Chaitanya, the great treasure cherished by Lord Siva and the demigods!

Text 2 Glory, glory to Lord Chaitanya, who is the king of the brahmanas and dear to Lord Nityananda! Glory, glory to Lord Chaitanya's devotees!

Text 3 Lord Chaitanya enjoyed pastimes in Navadvipa, but those pastimes were not seen by the eyes of all.

Text 4 Day after day Lord Chaitanya, the king of Vaikuntha, was present in Navadvipa City.

Text 5 Accompanied by most dear Nityananda, He enjoyed many pastimes. Accompanied by His devotees, He relished the nectar of His own holy names.

Text 6 Every evening He performed kirtana. Only the devotees, and none else, were allowed in these kirtanas.

Text 7 Lord Chaitanya's powers were very glorious. No one in the three worlds had the power to know their limit.

Text 8 Barred from the kirtana, five or ten persons complained. They were hurrying to Yamaraja's abode.

Text 9 One of them said, "Who can be a true Vaishnava in Kali-yuga? These people are only pretending so they can fill their bellies."

Text 10

Another one said, "If we tie their hands and feet and throw them in the water, then all our sufferings will go away."

Text 11

Another one said, "O my brothers, please know for certain that this Nimai Pandita will destroy our village."

Text 12

Sometimes they would threaten the devotees to gain entrance and see the kirtana. But they were not fortunate at heart. What could they accomplish by mere expert plans and tricks?

Text 13

Lord Chaitanya performed kirtana. In this way He purified the thoughts of everyone in the world.


Text 14

Unable to see the Lord's kirtana, some people blamed themselves. Saying, "We are unfortunate", they sighed.

Text 15

Some asked the devotees to secretly bring them inside so they could see the kirtana.

Text 16

All the Lord's servants knew, "The Lord knows everything." Afraid, no one would bring anyone in.

Text 17

A certain austere, saintly, and faultless brahmacari lived in Navadvipa.

Text 18

He always lived only by drinking milk and he never ate rice. This brahmana yearned to see the Lord's kirtana.

Text 19

Lord Chaitanya personally closed the doors and began the kirtana. Only the devotees, and none else, were allowed to enter.

Text 20

Every day this brahmana came to Shrivasa's house. He yearned to see the Lord's dancing.

Text 21

He would say, "If for one day you are merciful to me, please allow me to enter the house.

Text 22

"Then I will be able to see the great panditas dance. Then my eyes will have attained their goal. Then I will attain the goal of my life."

Text 23

Every day the brahmana repeated this request. One day Shrivasa replied,

Text 24

"I know you have always been a very good person. The time has not come for you to taste the fruit of your long brahmacarya.

Text 25

"I know that no sins stay in your body. You are qualified to see the Lord's kirtana.

Text 26

"The Lord's order is that no one should enter. Therefore I tell you: I will secretly let you in."

Text 27

Speaking these words, he let the brahmana inside and gave him a place to hide.

Text 28

Lord Chaitanya, the master of the fourteen worlds, began to dance. In the four directions were the very fortunate devotees.

Text 29

Everyone sang, "Krishna! Rama! Mukunda! Murari! Vanamali!" There was a great tumult.

Text 30

Nityananda and Gadadhara embraced. Advaita joyfully ran in the four directions.

Text 31

Overcome with spiritual bliss, no one was in external consciousness. Lord Chaitanya, the king of Vaikuntha, danced.

Text 32

"Haribol! Haribol! O my brothers, Haribol!" No one could hear any sounds but these.

Text 33

Lord Chaitanya wept, trembled, and loudly roared. The hairs of His body stood erect. Who can describe all His symptoms of ecstasy?

Text 34

Lord Chaitanya, the crest jewel of the all-knowing, knew, "A brahmana is hiding here".

Text 35

Stopping, Lord Chaitanya said, "Why do I not feel ecstasy today?

Text 36

"I know that someone is in this house. More I don't know. Tell Me the truth."

Text 37

Frightened, Shrivasa said, "Lord, no blasphemer has come to this house.

Text 38

"There is only one good brahmana brahmacari. He lives only by drinking milk. His whole life he is sinless.

Text 39

"With great faith he wants to see Your dancing. He is hiding now. This You know very well."

Text 40

Hearing this, Lord Chaitanya angrily said, "Quickly, quickly take him from this house!

Text 41

"What power has he to see My dancing? By drinking milk he will become My devotee?"

Text 42

Raising His arms and spreading His fingers, Lord Chaitanya declared, "Merely by drinking milk one will never attain Me!

Text 43

"If an outcaste takes shelter of Me, then he is Mine, and I am his. Know that without doubt.

Text 44

"If a sannyasi does not take shelter of Me, then he is not Mine. I speak the truth.

Text 45

"What austerities did Gajendra, or the monkeys, or the gopas do? How did they attain Me? Tell.

Text 46

"The demons perform austerities. What happens to them? Without taking shelter of Me, no one has the power to attain Me."

Text 47

Then the Lord said, "Merely by drinking milk one does not get the power to attain Me. When I see that fellow I will rip him to pieces."

Text 48

Frightened, the brahmacari went outside. In his heart the saintly brahmana thought,

Text 49

"I am very fortunate that I briefly saw the Lord. Only because of my offenses that was I punished.

Text 50

"I saw His wonderful dancing and His wonderful kirtana. Only because of my offenses was I rebuked."

Text 51

When the Lord punishes him, a true devotee thinks in this way.

Text 52

Thinking in this way, the brahmana walked. Lord Chaitanya, who is the Supersoul in the hearts of all, knew the brahmana's thoughts.

Text 53

Calling for him and bringing him back, Lord Chaitanya, who is an ocean of kindness, placed His lotus feet on the brahmana's head.

Text 54

The Lord said to him, "Don't try to become powerful by performing austerities. Know that devotional service to Lord Vishnu is the best of all spiritual activities."

Text 55

The brahmana wept with joy. He always remembered the Lord's kindness.

Text 56

Happily calling out, "Hari! Hari!", the devotees offered dandavat obeisances.

Text 57

Anyone who faithfully hears these confidential pastimes will certainly meet Lord Chaitanya. That meeting is inevitable.

Text 58

After thus giving His mercy to the brahmana, Lord Chaitanya danced in great ecstasy.

Text 59

I offer my respectful obeisances to that brahmana, who thought in that way when the Lord punished him.

Text 60

In this way the Lord performed kirtana every evening. The non-devotees did not have the power to see them.

Text 61

For this reason the people of Nadiya were unhappy at heart. The pious people rebuked the materialists and blasphemers,

Text 62

"The good sense of these sinners and blasphemers is completely destroyed. Because of them we cannot see these great festivals.

Text 63

"The sinners and blasphemers speak ill of everyone. Because of them we are cheated of seeing these kirtanas.

Text 64

"Nimai Pandita will never open the door to those sinners and blasphemers.

Text 65

"He is a great devotee of Lord Krishna. That we all know. His heart is supremely pure.

Text 66

"If we have true devotion for the Lord, then some day we will certainly see His dancing."

Text 67

Some of the townspeople said, "Brothers, let us wait here. Eventually we will fill our eyes with the sight of this kirtana.

Text 68

"To deliver the entire world Nimai Pandita has come to Nadiya.

Text 69

"In town after down and home after home, at every door He will perform sankirtana. This I tell you."

Text 70

Every time the Lord descends to this world the pious people become fortunate and the blasphemer panditas perish.

Text 71

When day came all the pious people of Nadiya went to see the Lord.

Text 72

Some brought new goods. Some held bananas in their hands. Some brought ghee, some yogurt, and some splendid garlands.

Text 73

Everyone had come to see the Lord. Seeing the Lord, everyone offered dandavat obeisances.

Text 74

The Lord said, "All of you please devotedly serve Lord Krishna. Please always chant Lord Krishna's names and describe His glories."

Text 75

The Lord personally taught them, "Please happily hear from Me the maha-mantra of Lord Krishna's names. It is:


Text 76

"Hare Krishna Hare Krishna

†††† Krishna Krishna Hare Hare

Hare Rama Hare Rama

†††† Rama Rama Hare Hare"


Text 77

The Lord said, "Regularly chant japa of this maha-mantra.

Text 78

In this way you will attain all perfections. Chant at any time and in any circumstance. There are no other rules for chanting.

Text 79

Gather together, five or ten, in your own homes, clap hands and sing kirtana of these holy names.

Text 80

"You may also sing these words:


haraye namah krishna yadavaya namah

gopala govinda rama shri-madhusudana


Text 81

Gathering at home with parents, wife, and children, please sing kirtana in this way."

Text 82

Attaining these mantras from the Lord's own mouth, everyone became joyful. They offered dandavat obeisances and then they returned to their homes.

Text 83

With mind and body always thinking of the Lord's feet, they always chanted japa of the holy names of Lord Krishna.

Text 84

At sunset they gathered in their homes, clapped their hands, and performed kirtana.

Text 85

In this way Saci's son established kirtana in village after village.

Text 86

Picking them up, Lord Chaitanya embraced everyone. He personally placed garlands around their necks.

Text 87

Placing a blade of grass between His teeth, the Lord begged, "O My brothers, please worship Lord Krishna day and night."

Text 88

Gazing at the Lord, everyone wept. Engaging their voices, thoughts, and bodies, they performed sankirtana.

Text 89

Clapping their hands, the townspeople joyfully chanted, "Rama! Narayana!"

Text 90

In every home were sounds of mridangas, karatalas, and conchshells. The people played the instruemnts played at Goddess Durga's festivals.

Text 91

At the time of kirtana they played all these insturments. With happy hearts everyone sang,

Text 92

"Hari!" and then "Rama! Rama!", and then "Hari!", and then "Rama! Rama!" In this way the holy names of the Supreme Lord arose in the village.

Text 93

Chanting and chanting Lord Hari's holy names, the bananaleaf-seller Shridhara was walking down the road.

Text 94

Hearing the kirtana, he began to dance wildly. That great servant of Lord Chaitanya was overcome with bliss.

Text 95

Seeing joyful Shridhara, the townspeople surrounded him. Now the kirtana was in the four directions around him.

Text 96

Tasting the nectar of ecstati love, Shridhara rolled about on the ground. Standing aloof, the materialists laughed.

Text 97

One sinner said, "O my brothers, look! The bananaleaf-seller has become a Vaishnava!

Text 98

"he has no proper clothing. There is no food in his belly. He wants everyone to know, `I am in ecstasy!' "

Text 99

Another said, "They are celebrating Goddess Durga's festival at the wrong time."

Text 100

Even though the blasphemers spoke in this way, the townspeople daily chanted Lord Krishna's holy names.

Text 101

One day, by divine arrangement, the kazi was walking on the road. He could hear the mridangas, karatalas, and conchshells.


Text 102

Hearing a tumult of Lord Hari's holy names in the four directions, the kazi remembered his own scripture.

Text 103

The kazi called out, "Catch them! Catch them! Today I will act. What will your teacher, Nimai Pandita, do now?"

Text 104

There was a great commotion. The townspeaople fled. Frightened, some did not even tie their hair.

Text 105

Some successfully fled. The kazi had the others beaten. He broke mridangas. He acted badly.

Text 106

The kazi said, "There is still Hinduism in Nadiya. I will punish the Hindus.

Text 107

"Night is coming. For now I will forgive. Do this on another day, and I will take away your caste."

Text 108

Every day, on the kazi's order, a gang of thugs wandered the town, looking for any kirtana.

Text 109

Unhappy, the townspeople hid. The kazi's men attacked and beat Hindus.

Text 110

Some said, "Lord Hari's name should be chanted in the mind. What Purana says one should made a great commotion of chanting?

Text 111

"They who jump over the Vedas' words will be punished. These people are not afraid that they will lose their caste.

Text 112

"Nimai Pandita is very proud. Soon the kazi with rip His pride to pieces.

Text 113

"Nityananda, who wanders from village to village, will some day see all these happy things.

Text 114

"They call us blasphemers. These people are all hypocrites. Soon they will all run from Nadiya."

Text 115

Afraid, no devotee answered. They all went to the Lord and said,

Text 116

"Afraid of the kazi, we can no longer perform kirtana. Every day he sends a thousand men wandering about.

Text 117

"We will leave Nadiya and go to another place. We place this news before Your two feet."

Text 118

Hearing that the kirtana was stopped, Lord Chaitanya became angry. He became like Lord Siva personified.

Text 119

Saci's son made a thunderous cry. Touching their ears, the townspeople called out, "Hari!"

Text 120

Lord Chaitanya said, "Nityananda, give Me Your attention. At this moment go to all the Vaishnavas' homes.

Text 121

"Today I will do kirtana in all of Navadvipa. I will see who will do what to Me.

Text 122

"I will see. Today I will set the kazi's door and house on fire. What will the king do? That I will see.

Text 123

"Today I will make a great rainstorm of pure devotional service and ecstati love for Lord Krishna. Today time personified stands before the blasphemers.

Text 124

"O people of Nadiya, O My brothers, go. Go everywhere and repeat this order:

Text 125

"Let everyone who wishes to see Lord Krishna's secret come here with a torch.

Text 126

"I will smash the kazi's house. I will perform kirtana at the kazi's door. I will see what he will do.

Text 127

"The numberless universes are filled with the servants of My servants. Why be afraid when I am present?

Text 128

"No one should feel in their hearts even half a sesame seed's worth of fear. Everyone should eat lunch, and then quickly assemble here in the afternoon."

Text 129

Then the townspeople left. The hairs on their bodies stood up. How could the people eat lunch?

Text 130

Going from house to house, they said, "Today Nimai Pandita will dance in village after village."

Text 131

In the past thousands and millions of the people in Nadiya lamented because they did not see Lord Chaitanya dance.

Text 132

Now there was great joy in home after home, for now Lord Chaitanya would openly dance in village after village.

Text 133

If a father made a torch, the son would also make his own torch. Everyone worked happily. No one could stop them.

Text 134

One made a large torch. Another also made a large torch. All made large torches. Great, great barrels of oil were used for the torches.

Text 135

Countless millions of people lived in Nadiya. Who had the power to count the torches there?

Text 136

Everyone became very busy. Some people made a thousand torches.

Text 137

The town of Nityananda was filled with torches, Women, children, and elders all became very happy.

Text 138

Who but Lord Krishna Himself has the power to do all this? Only the sinners do not understand this truth.


Text 139

Thus by a single casual order, all of Navadvipa came, bearing torches, to the Lord.

Text 140

Hearing that all the Vaishnavas had come, Saci's son gave them instructions.

Text 141

Lord Advaita would dance in front. Some devotees would sing in His group.

Text 142

Haridasa would dance in the middle. Some devotees would sing by his side.

Text 143

Then Shrivasa Pandita would dance. Some devotees would sing in his group.

Text 144

Then Lord Chaitanya looked at Nityananda. Nityananda said, "I will never leave You.

Text 145

"Wherever I go, I will take You with Me. That is My duty. Not for a single sesame seed's worth of time will I ever abandon the feet You keep in My heart.

Text 146

"Lord, what power have I to dance independently, away from You? As You act, so do I. That is My devotional service to You."

Text 147

Seeing tears of bliss and love streaming over Lord Nityananda's limbs, Lord Chaitanya embraced Him and kept Him always by His side.

Text 148

The hearts of all became filled with bliss. Some danced in separate groups, and some danced by the Lord's side.

Text 149

O my brothers, please attentively hear of this kirtana in the city. One who hears this description kills his past karma.

†††† 150-Text 152

Gadadhara, Vakresvara, Murari Shrivasa, Gopinatha, Jagadisa, Gangadasa Vipra, Ramai, Govindananda, Shri Candrasekhara, Vasudeva, Shrigarbha, Mukunda, Shridhara, Govinda, Jagadananda, Nandana Acarya, Suklambara, and many others were in that kirtana.

Text 153

Who know all the names of Lord Chaitanya's numberless servants? In the future Vedavyasa will reveal their names in the Puranas.

Text 154

What human being has the power to say how Lord Chaitanyad danced with His associates, servants, weapons, and confidential companions?

Text 155

What wonderful pastimes did the Lord reveal when He became the son of Saci!

Text 156

Little by little, Lord Chaitanya's joy grew. In this way the afternoon passed.

Text 157

What bliss was in the devotees' hearts! The devotees floated in an ocean of happiness.

Text 158

Lord Chaitanya, Goddess Lakshmi's husband, would dance in the city. Seeing this would happen, everyone felt all their sufferings would soon perish.

Text 159

The women, children, elders, and all other moving and unmoving living entities who saw the dancing became free from all material bondage.

Text 160

Who was not in ecstasy? Then the sun set.

Text 161

Millions and millions of people were at the Lord's door. They filled the universe with sounds of "Hari!"

Text 162

Then the Lord who is Saci's son made a great sound, a sound that filled the ears of all.

Text 163

That sound excited everyone. Calling out, "Hari!", everyone lighted their torches.

Text 164

In the four directions thousands and millions of torches burned brilliantly. In the four directions thousands and millions of people chanted, "Hari!"

Text 165

Who has the power to describe the glory of all this? What great bliss descended on that place? I do not know.

Text 166

How splendid is the moon? How splendid is the sun? How splendidly do the stars shine? I do not know even slightly.

Text 167

The sky became filled with light. It was as if Lord Krishna Himself stood there in the form of light.

Text 168

Fair-limbed, handsome Lord Chaitanya called out, "Hari!" All the Vaishnavas became agitated.

Text 169

A kirtana surrounded Lord Chaitanya. The devotees' bodies were garlanded with flowers and anointed with sandal paste and red phagu powder.

Text 170

Playing karatalas, everyone made a glorious sound. Their power defeated millions of lions.

Text 171

In the four directions the devotees surrounded the Lord who is Saci's son.

Text 172

Everyone around the Lord drank the nectar of dancing. Chanting, "Hari!", everyone floated in bliss.

Text 173

Gazing at the Lord's face, everyone became free of material sufferings. Everyone blissfully chanted "Hari!"

Text 174

Lord Chaitanya's handsomeness defeated millions of Kamadevas. I cannot speak any metaphor or simile to describe how handsome the Lord was.

Text 175

Still, by the Lord's mercy, I will say something to describe Him. Who has the power to describe Him completely?

Text 176

His form was effulgent like God. He was the essence of all the Vedas. Anointed with sandal pace, He was like the moon personified.

Text 177

On His curly hair was a splendid jasmine garland. Defeating all beauties the arts can create, He smiled very sweetly.

Text 178

Sandal paste and drops of phagu paste shone on His forehead. He raised His arms and with His graceful moonlike mouth He chanted, "Hari!"

Text 179

Reaching to His knees, a great garland swung to and fro across His body. His entire body was wet with tears from His lotus eyes.

Text 180

His great arms were like two golden pillars. His limbs with hairs standing up were like golden kadamba flowers.

Text 181

His lips were very red. His teeth were beautiful. His glorious eyebrows reached almost to the root of His ears.

Text 182

His shoulders defeated the king of elephants. His chest was broad. His white and thin sacred-thread was splendid.

Text 183

Lakshmi and Tulasi stay at His lotus feet. His garments were fine, pure, and splendid.

Text 184

His nose was raised. His neck was charming like a lion's neck. His body was very tall and fair.

Text 185

The people there said, "Look how the Lord's hair is beautiful with many flowers."

Text 186

A great multitude was present there. Even a great host of mustard seeds fallen to the ground would not equal the number of people there.

Text 187

Having attained His mercy, everyone there happily gazed at the Lord's face.

Text 188

Gazing at the Lord's face, the ladies made auspicious sounds and chanted "Hari!" at every moment.

Text 189

Every doorway was decorated with bananas, coconuts, mangoes, and full waterpots.

Text 190

Beautiful ghee-lamps burned. Yogurt, rice, and durva grass were sprinkled on the splendid walkways.

Text 191

Every doorway in Nadiya was like this. Who arranged for all this? I do not know.

Text 192

Every man and woman followed the Lord. Filled with bliss, they were not aware of anything else.

Text 193

The thieves thought, "This is our opportunity. Now we will ro‚ every house."

Text 194

At the end also filled with ecstasy, the thieves forgot all about robbing others. Placing the word, "Hari!" on their mouths, they did not enter anyone's house.

Text 195

Some threw puffed-rice and coins on the path, and some followed the procession. There was great joy.

Text 196

Please do not think these descriptions are all exaggerations. When Lord Krishna enjoys pastimes, things like this happen.

Text 197

In an eyeblink Lord Krishna made nine-hundred thousand jewel palaces appear in Dvaraka.

†††† 198-Text 199

When Lord Krishna enjoyed water-pastimes with the Yadavas in the ocean around Dvaraka, the salt-water ocean suddenly became transformed into an ocean of nectar.

Text 200

The confidential pastimes are described in the Hari-vamsa. Please do not doubt them.

Text 201

Overcome with bliss, Lord Chaitanya danced in a kirtana of His own holy names. All auspiciousness came there.

Text 202

Dancing, Lord Chaitanya proceeded on the path by the Ganga's shore. Chanting, "Hari!", everyone ran before and behind Him.

Text 203

Lord Advaita and His group went ahead. Dancing, they proceeded with great bliss.

Text 204

Then came Haridasa, who was a nectar-ocean of love for Lord Krishna. On the Lord's order, gracefully dancing Haridasa proceeded on the path.

Text 205

Then Shrivasa danced as he proceeded on the path. His actions were all pastimes filled with the bliss of love for Lord Krishna.

Text 206

These devotees went before the Lord. Another group of devotees surrounded the Lord and sang.

Text 207

Dancing very gracefully, the other devotees followed behind Lord Chaitanya.

Text 208

All the devotees sang with voices sweet like nectar. Perhaps they had never sung before, but now they sang very well.

Text 209

Murari, Mukunda Datta, Ramai, Govinda, Vakresvara, and Vasudeva led the devotees.

Text 210

Surrounded by these singers, Lord Chaitanya danced. Filled with bliss, the Lord's group proceeded on the path.

Text 211

Nityananda and Gadadhara were at the Lord's two sides. They both swam in a nectar ocean of ecstati love.

Text 212

Dancing and dancing, Lord Chaitanya proceeded on the path. Thousands and millions of people ran to see Him.

Text 213

Millions and millions of torches brightly burned. Their light was like moonlight on the bodies of all.

Text 214

In the four directions millions and millions of torches brightly burned. In the four directions millions and millions of people chanted, "Hari!"

Text 215

Gazing at the Lord's dancing and wonderful ecstati symptoms, everyone in Nadiya became agitated with transcendental bliss.

Text 216

One moment the Lord's limbs were covered with dust. The next moment His limbs were washed with tears from His eyes.

Text 217

Seeing the Lord's ecstati symptoms of trembling, perspiring, and bodily hairs standing erect, even the blapshemers felt their thoughts begin to dance.

Text 218

A great tumult of Lord Krishna's holy names arose in the town. Everywhere everyone chanted "Hari!" Everywhere everyone danced.

Text 219

Chanting, "Hari" and "Rama! Rama!" and "Hari!" and "Rama! Rama!", all the fortunate people danced.

Text 220

In place after place five or ten people would meet in this way. Some sang, some played musical instruments, and, in the middle, some danced.

Text 221

Thousands and thousands and millions and millions of people were there. Blissfully dancing, they proceeded in Navadvipa.

Text 222

They sang:


haraye namah krishna yadavaya namah

gopala govinda rama shri-madhusudana


Text 223

Some danced alone. Some, clapping their hands, danced in groups of five or ten.

Text 224

Some carried in their two hands torches and the oil that was the torches' food. How were all these wonders happening?

Text 225

I think it was like Vaikuntha come to Navadvipa. The spiritual nature of Vaikuntha was then present on the earth.

Text 226

Every living entity had become a four-armed resident of Vaikuntha. Still, overcome with the bliss of love for Lord Krishna, no one knew it.

Text 227

Everyone now had four hands, but no one knew it. They had forgotten all about themselves. How could they know it?

Text 228

In this way the bliss of Vaikuntha came to Navadvipa. Dancing, everyone proceeded on the path by the Ganga's bank.

Text 229

As He went, Lord Chaitanya had become like Nanda's son. Garlanded with forest flowers, and a charming flute in His hand, He proceeded on the path.

Text 230

In this way everyone performed kirtana. They forgot their bodies and their duties. They forgot all their sufferings and their lamentations.

Text 231

Some rolled on the ground. Some slapped their arms. Some found many words appearing on their tongues.

Text 232

Some said, "Where will this rascal kazi go now? If I catch him I will sever his head and throw it away."

Text 233

Some went off to catch some blasphemers. Some, speaking the names of certain blasphemers, struck the ground with their fists.

Text 234

How many people played mridangas? I do not know. How many people blissfully sang? I do not know.

Text 235

It was as if a great shower of ecstati love fell on all of Nadiya. The Lord's servants in Vaikuntha always yearn to find such a shower.

Text 236

All the people of Nadiya floated in the nectar of bliss, the same bliss that overwhelms Brahma, Siva, and Ananta Sesha.

Text 237

Dancing with His associates, servants, weapons, and confidential companions, the king of Vaikuntha proceeded on the path by the Ganga's bank.

Text 238

Never had such bliss come to the earth. Every path in every direction was filled with bliss.

Text 239

It was as if there was no longer even a single sesame seed's worth of sin anywhere on the earth. The highest purity was present in every place.

Text 240

Dancing, handsome and fair-limbed Lord Chaitanya proceeded on the path. Surrounding Him in the four directions, the singing devotees followed Him.


A Song


Text 241

(refrain, tuya carane mana lagahum re

†††† saranga-dhara tuya carane mana lagahum re


†††† "I place my heart at Your feet. Well-aware of what is the best, I place my heart at Your feet."


Text 242

chaitanyacandrera e-i adi-sankirtan

bhakta-gana gaya nace shri-sacinandan


This was Lord Chaitanya's first sankirtana. The devotees sang, and Lord Chaitanya danced.


Text 243

Everyone accompanied Lord Chaitanya in the kirtana. "Where are we going?" No one knew.

Text 244

Thousands and millions of people sang the names of Lord Hari. It was as if, hearing the kirtana, the material universe was about to break apart.

Text 245

All the worlds, up to Brahmaloka, Sivaloka, and Vaikunthaloka, became filled with bliss. The bliss had no end.

Text 246

Accompanied by their associates, the demigods came to see. Seeing, they and their associates fell unconscious.

Text 247

That moment all the demigods attained Lord Chaitanya's association. Assuming human forms, they joined in the kirtana.

Text 248

Brahma, Siva, Varuna, Kuvera, Indra, Yamaraja, Soma, and many other demigods came.

Text 249

Seeing the wonderful and unprecedented spiritual bliss, they all assumed human forms and attained Lord Chaitanya's association.

Text 250

In this way the demigods and human beings together chanted, "Hari!" Filling the sky, all the great torches burned brightly.

Text 251

At every doorway were banana trees, full waterpots, rice, durva grass, lamps, and mangoes.

Text 252

Who has the power to describe the opulences of Nadiya? Within it were numberless towns, houses, courtyards, and marketplaces.

Text 253

Hundreds of millions of people lived there. Who is foolish enough to try to count them all?

Text 254

When the Lord descended to this world, He arranged that all these people would take birth there. That is why so many people lived in that one place.

Text 255

The women called out, "Jaya!" and "Hari!" Even in a hundred thousand years I could not describe the glory of these pastimes.

Text 256

Everyone gazed at the Lord as He danced. No one had the power to think of anything but Him.

Text 257

Seeing the Lord's mercy and hearing Him weep, even the most sinful debauchees fell to the ground and also wept.

Text 258

Calling out, "Chant! Chant!", handsome and fair-limbed Lord Chaitanya danced. A very charming flower-garland decorated His entire body.

Text 259

The Lord wore a sacred-thread and thrice-folded garments. His eyes were lotus flowers. His body was covered with dust.

Text 260

His tears of love flowed like the celestial Ganga. Anyone who sees His face will no longer think the moon very glorious.

Text 261

Tears flowed along His nose without stop, tears like a slender string of pearls.

Text 262

His handsome curly hair was wonderfully bound and splendid with a string of jasmine flowers.

Text 263

"O Lord, please give me this gift birth after birth: Please always enjoy pastimes in my heart."

Text 264

The whole world spoke this prayer as the Lord who is Saci's son gracefully danced.

Text 265

The dearest devotees danced in front, and He who is the king of Vaikuntha danced behind them.

Text 266

Lord Chaitanya knows how to encourage His devotees. As the devotees acted, so did He.

Text 267

In this way Lord Chaitanya danced and danced. Accompanied by everyone, the Lord proceeded on the Ganga's path.

Text 268

He who is the king of Vaikuntha danced in all of Nadiya. In the four directions the devotees sang His sacred glories.


A Song


Text 269

(refrain, hari bolo mugdha loka hari hari bolo re

namabhase nahi raya samana-bhaya re


†††† "O bewildered people, Chant, `Hari!' Chant, "Hari! Hari!' When even the dim reflection of the holy name is present, there is no longer any fear of Yamaraja."


Text 270

e-i saba kirtane nacaye gauracandra

brahmadi sebaye yamra pada-padma-dwandwa


†††† As everyone sang these words, Lord Chaitanya, whose two lotus feet Brahma and all the demigods serve, danced.


A Song in Pahir#a-raga


Text 271

nace biswambhara†††††† jagata-iswar


jam'ra pada-dhuli††††††† ha-i' kutuhali

sabe-i dharila sire


†††† Lord Chaitanya, who is the king of all the universes, and the dust of whose feet everyone joyfully placed on their heads, danced by the Ganga's bank.


Text 272

apurba bikar††††† nayane su-dhar

hunkara garjana suni

hasiya hasiya†††††† shri-bhuja tuliya

bole hari-hari-bani


†††† His ecstati symptoms were wonderful and unprecedented. A stream of tears flowed from His eyes. Everyone heard His load roars. Laughing and laughing, with upraised arms He called out, "Hari! Hari!"


Text 273

madana-sundar††††††††† gaura-kalebar

dibya-basa paridhan

cancara cikure††††† mala manohare

jena dekhi panca ban


†††† Lord Chaitanya's fair form was more handsome than Kamadeva. His garments were splendid. A garland of flowers decorated His charming curly hair. He looked like Kamadeva.


Text 274

candana carcit††††††† shri-anga-sobhit

gale dole bana-mala

dhuliya padaye††††††††† preme thira nahe

anande sacira bala


†††† His graceful arms were anointed with sandal paste. A garland of forest flowers swung to and fro on His neck. He swayed to and fro and then He fell down. Overcome with love, he could not stand still. Saci's son was filled with bliss.


Text 275

kama-sarasan††††††††† bhru-juga-pattan

bhale malayaja-bindu

mukuta-dasan†††††† shrijuta badan

prakriti karuna-sindhu


†††† His eyebrows were Kamadeva's quivers. His forehead was decorated with sandal-paste dots. His teeth were pearls. His face was glorious. His nature was an ocean of mercy.


Text 276

kshane sata sat††††††† bikara adbhut

kata koriba niscoy

asru kampa gharma††††††† pulaka baibarnya

na jani kateka hoy


†††† Each moment He manifested hundreds and hundreds of ecstati symptoms. How could He be peaceful? He wept, trembled, perspired, and became pale. The hairs of His body stood erect. I do not know all the ecstati symptoms He manifested.


Text 277

tribhanga hoiya††††††† kabhu dandaiya

angule murali ba'y

jini' matta gaj††††††††† cala-i sahaj

dekhi' nayana juday


†††† Sometimes His form bent in three places and with His fingers He played the flute. His graceful motions defeated the graceful maddened elephants. He looked with graceful eyes.


Text 278

ati-manohar†††††† yajna-sutra-bar

sadaya hridaye sobhe

e bujhi anant†††††† ha-i' gunabant

rahila parasa-sobhe


†††† A very charming sacred-thread graced His merciful chest. I think that thread was saintly Ananta Sesha Himself, who assumed that form so he could touch the Lord.


Text 279

nityananda-cand††††††† madhava-nandan

sobha kore dui-pase

jata priya-gan††††††††† koraye kirtan

saba' ca'hi ca'hi hase'


†††† Nityanandacandra and Gadadhara were splendid at His two sides. The multitudes of dear devotees performed kirtana. Looking and looking at them all, the Lord smiled.


Text 280

jamhara kirtan†††††††† kori' anukshan

siba digambara bhola

se prabhu bihare†††††††† nagare nagare

koriya kirtana-khela


†††† Assuming the form of a sannyasi clothed only by the four directions, moment after moment Lord Siva sang in the kirtana. In this, going from town to town, Lord Chaitanya enjoyed His kirtana pastimes.


Text 281

je koraye bes††††††††† je anga je kes

kamala lalasa kore

se prabhu dhulay†††††††† gadagadi jay

prati-nagare nagare


The Supreme Personality of Godhead, whose garments, hair, and limbs Goddess Lakshmi yearns to touch, now sways to and fro and rolls on the ground in town after town.


Text 282

laksha koti dipe††††††† candera aloke

na jani ki bhela sukhe

sakala samsar†††††† hari bahi ar

na bola-i kare mukhe


Thousands and millions of torches shone like the moon. How did all this happen? I do not know. In the whole world "Hari!" was the only sound. No other sound came from any mouth.


Text 283

apurba kautuk††††††††† dekhi' sarba lok

anande haila bhor

sabe-i sabar††††††† cahiya badan

bole bhai hari bol


†††† Seeing these wonderful pastimes, everyone became blissful. O my brothers, looking at each other's faces, everyone called out, "Haribol!"


Text 284

prabhura anand†††††††† jane nityanand

jakhana je-rupa hoy

padibara bele††††† dui bahu mele

jena ange prabhu roy


†††† Nityananda understood Lord Chaitanya's ecstasy. Whenever Lord Chaitanya was about to fall, Nityananda held out His arms and caught the Lord's body.


Text 285

nityananda dhori'††††† birasana kori'

kshane mahaprabhu baise

bama kakshe tali††††††††† diya kutuhali

hari hari boli' hase


†††† One time, when Nityananda caught Him, Lord Chaitanya sat down in a virasana yoga-posture. Placing His hand on the left side of His abdomen, the Lord blissfully called out, "Hari! Hari!", and laughed.


Text 286

akapate kshane††††††††† kahaye apane

muni deba narayan

kamsasura mari'††††††††† muni se kamsari

boli choliya baman


†††† Another moment Lord Chaitanya very sincerely said, "I am Lord Narayana. After I killed the demon Kamsa, I became known as Kamsa's enemy. I became Vamana and cheated Bali.


Text 287

setu-bandha kori'††††† rabana samhari'

muni se raghaba-ray

koriya hunkar†† Tattwa apanar

kohi' cari-dige ca'y


†††† "I built the bridge. I killed Ravana. I am Ramacandra, king of the Raghavas." Loudly declaring the truth about Himself, Lord Chaitanya looked in the four directions.


Text 288

ke bujhe se tattwa††††††††† acintya mahattwa

se-i kshane kohe an

dante trina dhori'††††††† prabhu prabhu boli'

magaye bhakati dan


†††† Who can understand these truths, the inconceivable glories of the Lord? The next moment Lord Chaitanya said something completely different. Placing a blade of grass between His teeth, and calling out, "Lord! Master!", Lord Chaitanya begged for the gift of devotional service.


Text 289

jakhana je kore††††††† gauranga-sundare

saba manohara lila

apana badane††††††† apana carane

anguli dhoriya khela


†††† All of handsome and fair-limbed Lord Chaitanya pastimes, like the pastime when He placed His toe in His mouth, charm the heart.


Text 290

baikuntha iswar††††††† prabhu biswambhar

saba nabadwipe nace

swetadwipa nam††††† nabadwipa gram

bede prakasiba pache


†††† Lord Chaitanya, who is the king of Vaikuntha, danced in all of Navadvipa. The town of Navadvipa is identical with Svetadvipa. In the future the Vedas will reveal this truth.


Text 291

mandira mridanga††††††† karatala sankha

na jani kateka baje

maha-hari-dhwani†††††††† catur-dike suni'

majhe sobhe dwija-raje


†††† I do not know how many karatalas, mridangas, and conchshells were sounded. A great sound of "Hari!" was heard in the four directions. In the center of all this shone Lord Chaitanya, the king of the brahmanas.


Text 292

jaya jaya jay††††††††† nagara-kirtan

jaya biswambhara-nritya

bimsa-pada git††††††††† chaitanya-carit

jaya caitanyera bhritya


†††† Glory, glory, glory to the kirtana in the town! Glory to Lord Chaitanya's dancing! Glory to Lord Chaitanya's servants! This song of twenty stanzas glorifies Lord Chaitanya's pastimes.


Text 293

jei-dike ca'y††††††††† biswambhara ray

se dik preme bhase

shri-krishna-chaitanya†††††† thakura nityananda

gaya brindabana dase


†††† Wherever He looked, Lord Chaitanya saw everyone floating in ecstati love. Vrindavana dasa sings this song glorifying Lord Chaitanya and Lord Nityananda.


Text 294

In this way the master of all the worlds joyfully performed kirtana in every town and village.

Text 295

The continual chanting of Lord Hari's names filled all the worlds, broke the boundary of the universe, and entered Vaikuntha.

Text 296

Then Lord Chaitanya, the king of Vaikuntha, joyfully jumped in the air.

Text 297

Defeating the maddened lion, the Lord made great waves. Everyone joyfully encircled Him to watch.

Text 298

Dancing, Lord Chaitanya proceeded on the path that goes by the Ganga's shore in Nadiya.

Text 299

Lord Chaitanya danced for a long time at His own bathing ghata. Then He went to Madhai's ghata.

Text 300

Then He went to Varakona-ghata and Nagariya-ghata. He passed through town after town by the Ganga's bank until He came to Simuliya.

Text 301

Thousands and millions of torches brightly burned in the four directions. Thousands and millions of people chanted, "Hari!" in the four directions.

Text 302

The moonlight was very wonderful to see. No one could tell whether it was day or night.

Text 303

At every doorway were beautiful and auspicious banana trees, full waterpots, mangoes, and burning lamps.

Text 304

Stranding in the sky, all the demigods from Svargaloka showered campaka and jasmine flowers.

Text 305

Thus there was a shower of flowers. In the form of these flowers the earth-goddess of Navadvipa extended her tongue.

Text 306

Aware that the Lord's lotus feet were very delicate and soft, the Goddess extended her tongue in the form of these flowers.

Text 307

In front danced Shrivasa,Advaita, and Haridasa. Behind them danced Lord Chaitanya, the creator of everything.

Text 308

When the Lord entered a town everyone stopped their household duties and ran to Him.

Text 309

Seeing the Lord's moonlike face, which is the life of all the worlds, everyone offered dandavat obeisances.

Text 310

Forgetting their husbands, children, homes, and wealth, the women made auspicious sounds and chanted, "Hari!"

Text 311

In town after town many millions of millions of townspeople became wild, intoxicated by drinking the nectar of love for Lord Krishna.

Text 312

Some danced. Some sang. Some called out, "Hari!" Some, forgetting who they were, rolled on the ground.

Text 313

Some used their mouths to play different musical instruments. Some happily climbed on others' shoulders.

Text 314

Some fell to the ground, grasped others' feet, and wept. Some wrapped their hair around others' feet.

Text 315

Some offered dandavat obeisances to others' feet. Some embraced others.

Text 316

Someone said, "I am Nimai Pandita. I have come to deliver the world."

Text 317

Someone else said, "I am qa Vaishnava in Svetadvipa." Someone else said, "I am the Lord's associate in Vaikuntha."

Text 318

Someone else said, "Where is that rascal kazi? If I catch him today, I will cut his head into pieces."

Text 319

Some went to catch the blasphemers. Someone said, "The sinners and blasphemers are fleeing! Catch them! Catch them!"


Text 320

Someone again and again climbed a tree and jumped to the ground.

Text 321

Angry with the blasphemers, someone tore apart a wicker basket. Someone said, "I am time personified standing before the blasphemers."

Text 322

Someone screamed unnaturally. Someone went to bind Yamaraja and bring him there.

Text 323

Someone said, "O Yamadutas, tell me where is Yamaraja.

Text 324

"The king of Vaikuntha has descended to the world and come into Saci's house. Going from town to town, He now performs kirtana of His own holy names.

Text 325

"The power of His name made your Yamaraja into the king of religion. The power of His name delivered the fallen brahmana Ajamila.

Text 326

"The Supreme Lord now makes every mouth chant His holy name. They who have no power to chant can at least hear.

Text 327

"If every living entity is thus delivered, I am not to be blamed if I at once stop Yamaraja's work.

Text 328

"Quickly go and tell Citragupta to throw away all the records of the sinners' sins.

Text 329

"The power of the Supreme Lord's holy name made Varanasi into the king of holy places. The liberated residents of Svetadvipa always chant the Lord's holy name.

Text 330

"It is the power of the Supreme Lord's holy name that made the demigod Siva worshiped by all. Now the whole world has heard chanted the Lord's name.

Text 331

"Renounce all sins and chant the Lord's holy name. Worship Lord Chaitanya. Then I will not kill you."

Text 332

Another person called in all the directions, "Catch him! Catch him! Where is that kazi? He has cheated us and fled.

Text 323

"Where are the blasphemers, the sinners who do not like the chanting of Lord Krishna's names?"

Text 334

Beating the ground with his fist, someone called out, "Blasphemers!" Walking from place to place, someone loudly called, "Hari!"

Text 335

In this way everyone spoke and acted as if intoxicated with love for Lord Krishna. They did not remember who they were.

Text 336

Seeing the townspeople wild with ecstati love, the blasphemers burned with anger.

†††† 337-Text 338

Meeting together, the blasphemers decided, "When the kazicomes, what will happen to their happy festival? What will happen to their loud calling out? What will happen to their singing and dancing?What will happen to their big parade?

Text 339

"What will happen to their banana trees, waterpots, and mangoes? Then all their words will be washed away.

†††† 340-Text 341

"When the kazi comes, sees all the burning lamps, sees the circle of devotees, and hears the great tumult, then we will see all these devotees jump into the Ganga."

Text 342

Someone said, "I will stay here. I will tie the necks of the fleeing townspeople."

Text 343

Someone else said, "I will go and tell the kazi." Someone else said, "That is not a good idea."

†††† 344-Text 345

Someone else said, "My brother, there is only one action we should take. We should approach the devotees and tell them, `The kazi is coming'. When they have weighed the importance of these words, not a single person will stay in this place."

Text 346

As the blasphemers chewed all these thoughts, Lord Chaitanya's associates, now wild with ecstasy, chanted the holy names of Lord Hari.

Text 347

Everyone's limbs were splendid with sandal paste and flower garlands. Everyone blissfully chanted "Krishna!"

Text 348

The town named Simuliya was in an isolated part of Nadiya. Dancing and dancing, Lord Chaitanya proceeded toward it.

Text 349

Hearing Lord Hari's name come from numberless millions of mouths, Lord Chaitanya, the jewel of the brahmanas, roared and danced.

Text 350

How many tears flowed from the Lord's lotus eyes? How many streams of tears flowed over the Lord's pure and splendid limbs?

Text 351

Trembling, Lord Chaitanya jumped up into the sky and fell back again. Lord Nityananda wept. He could not hold the Lord still.

Text 352

At the end Lord Chaitanya fainted in ecstasy. His body showed no sign of life. Everyone was frightened.

Text 353

Seeing these wonders, everyone said, "This person must be Lord Narayana."

Text 354

Someone said, "He is like Narada, Prahlada, and Sukadeva." Someone else said, "He may be whoever He is, but He is not a human being."

Text 355

In this way everyone spoke according his own realization. A great philosopher said, "He is the best of Vaishnavas."

Text 356

Tasting the nectar of great devotion, the Lord was not in external consciousness. Raising His arms, he called out, "Haribol! Haribol!"

Text 357

Hearing these words from the Lord's graceful mouth, everyone at once shouted, "Hari! Hari!"

Text 358

Wherever Lord Chaitanya went as He danced, everyone followed.

Text 359

The Lord had taken the path that led to the kazi's house. Then the kazi heard the tumultuous musi of the kirtana.

Text 360

The kazi said, "Listen, O my brothers. What is that singing and music? Is it a marriage procession? Is it songs for worshiping ghosts?

Text 361

"Who, jumping over my order, is performing the Hindu rituals? Quickly go and find out. Then I will go myself."

Text 362

On the kazi's order, a servant ran there. Seeing the great multitude, he recited some verses from his scripture.

Text 363

Then numberless millions of people shouted, "Death to the kazi!" At this, the kazi's servant fled.

Text 364

He quickly returned and told the kazi, "What can you do? quickly go. Flee.

Text 365

"Nimai Acarya is with millions and millions of people. How can you punish Him?

Text 366

"There are thousands and millions of burning torches. Thousands and millions of people are performing this Hindu ritual.

Text 367

"At every door are banana trees, waterpots, and mangoes. I saw that all the roads in Nadiya are strewn with flowers.

Text 368

"I do not know how many coins, flowers, and grains of puffed rice are scattered about. When I hear the loud musi I feel my two ears are being pulled up by their roots.

Text 369

"Even when the king comes no one acts like this in the towns of Nadiya.

Text 370

"Nimai Pandita is the leader of these devotees. Wherever He goes as He dances, the others follow.

Text 371

"The townspeople we attacked are there. They all shouted, `Kill the kazi!'

Text 372

"Nimai Acarya shouted very loudly. He is a Hindu saint, and this is how He acts!"

Text 373

Then someone said, "Why does this brahmana weep? Streams of tears flowed from this brahmana's eyes."

Text 374

Someone else said, "Where is this brahmana at? I think He always weeps because He is unhappy."

Text 375

Someone else said, "I am afraid to look at this brahmana. Thinking He will devour me, I tremble."

Text 376

Then the kazi said, "I think He is going to a wedding.

Text 377

"If not, then He is performing a Hindu ritual. If that is so, then today I will take away the caste of the whole town."

Text 378

In this way the kazi reasoned to everyone. Then he a great tumult of the music.

Text 379

Lord Chaitanya, the crest jewel of all people, had come, dancing, to the kazi's town.

Text 380

The great tumult of millions and millions of people chanting the names of Lord Hari filled the Svarga, Martya, and Patala, and other worlds.

Text 381

Hearing that sound, the kazi and his men trembled and fled. Like frogs frightened by a snake, they fled the Hindus.

Text 382

Lord Chaitanya's followers filled every place. The kazi's frightened men did not know where to flee.

Text 383

Some loosened their turbans and danced unoticed. In their hearts they trembled.

Text 384

They who had beards, lowered their heads. Shy, they did not lift their heads. Their hearts trembled in fear.

Text 385

The numberless millions of people did not notice them. The people were not even aware of their own bodies.

Text 386

Everyone danced, Everyone joyfully sang. Filling the universe, everyone called out, "Hari!"

Text 387

Coming to the kazi's door, Lord Chaitanya roared with anger.

Text 388

The Lord angrily said, "Where is the demon kazi? I will catch him and sever his head.

Text 389

"Today I will make the whole world a place where no Muslims live. As I did before, I will now kill all the yavanas.

Text 390

"Where will the kazi go to save his life? Break the doors and the house! Break them!" Again and again the Lord spoke those words.

Text 391

Lord Chaitanya is the Supersoul in the hearts of all beings. Who can jump over His order?

Text 392

The people had become wild by tasting the nectar of love for Lord Chaitanya. On the Lord's order they all began to enter the house.

Text 393

Some broke the door. Some began breaking the house. Some kicked. Some roared.

Text 394

Some broke and threw around the branches of mango and jackfruit trees. Some broke the grove of banana trees and cried out, "Hari!"

Text 395

Thousands and thousands entered the flower gardens, pulled up the flowers, threw them about, and roared.

Text 396

Again and again they broke the flowers and branches. Chanting "Hari!", they danced. The placed the Lord's name in every ear.

Text 397

Not a single petal or leaf remained in the garden. Nothing at all remained intact in the kazi's house.

Text 398

After breaking everything, everyone left the house. Then the Lord said, "Set the house on fire.

Text 399

"Everyone start a fire. Set the four walls of this house on fire.

Text 400

"I will see how this king will punish Me. Today I will see what these people do to escape.

Text 401

"Yamaraja, Time personified, and Death personified are all the servants of My servants. All existence has come from My glance.

Text 402

"I descended to this world to start the sankirtana movement. I will kill anyone who tries to stop the sankirtana movement.

Text 403

"If a sinner joins the sankirtana movement, I will certainly remember him.

Text 404

"If ascetics, sannyasis, philosophers, yogis, or anyone else will not join the sankirtana movement, then I will kill them.

Text 405

"Set the house on fire. Don't fear. Today I will kill the Muslims."

Text 406

Seeing the Lord's anger, the devotees wrapped their shawls around their necks and fell to the ground.

Text 407

Extending their arms, the devotees grasped the Lord's feet and prayed,

Text 408

"Lord Sankarshana, Your first expansion, never becomes angry at the wrong time.

Text 409

"Only when it is time to destroy the material creation does Lord Sankarshana angrily appear as Rudra.

Text 410

"This Rudra destroys the entire creation in a moment. Then, at the end, he enters Your body.

Text 411

"Therefore it is an expansion of Your expansion that angrily destroys everything. Who has the power to stop You when You become angry?

Text 412

" `O Lord, You are full of bliss. You never become angry.' This the Vedas sing. O Lord, it is not right that You refute the Vedas' words.

Text 413

"You do not become angry at Brahma and the other living entities. For You the creation, maintenance, and destruction of the material worlds are all Your pastimes.

Text 414

"Today You have given enough punishment to this kazi. If he again acts against You, then You can take away his life."

Text 415

Then they said, "Glory to Visvambhara, the great king Visvambhara! Glory to the fair and handsome master of all the worlds!

Text 416

"Glory, glory to He who reclines on Ananta, to He who is the husband of Goddess Lakshmi!" Raising their arms, the great devotees chanted these prayers.

Text 417

Lord Chaitanya smiled at His servants' words. Saying, "Hari!", He began to taste the nectar of dancing.

Text 418

The Lord punished the kazi in this way. Then, dancing and tasting the nectar of sankirtana with His associates, Lord Chaitanya, who is the king of all the worlds, departed.

Text 419

Playing mridangas, karatalas, and conchshells, and clapping their hands, the devotees sang, "Jaya Rama, Krishna, Govinda, Gopala!"


Text 420

After destroying the kazi's house, the townspeople, joyfully singing, "Hari!", and dancing, departed.

Text 421

The blasphemers's hearts were broken. The blasphemers were morose, and the devotees were joyful.

Text 422

Clapping their hands, the townspeople sang, "Jaya Krishna, Mukunda, Murari, Vanamali!"

Text 423

In every town there was a great tumult of "Jaya!" Everyone swam in an ocean of bliss.

Text 424

Who danced where? Who sang and who played musical instruments? Who went where? I don't know.

Text 425

Dancing, the devotees went ahead and Lord Chaitanya followed them.

Text 426

Brahma, Siva, and Ananta Sesha sang as Lord Chaitanya, the crest jewel of Vaishnavas, danced.

Text 427

In your heart please do not doubt any of this story. Then Lord Chaitanya will give you His mercy.

Text 428

Then, accompanied by numberless millions of people, Lord Chaitanya entered a village of conchshell-merchants.

Text 429

Great bliss arose in the village of conchshell merchants. Chanting, "Hari!", the people sounded mridangas, bells, and conchshells.

Text 430

Dancing, Lord Chaitanya proceeded down the flower-strewn path. The very beautiful torches glistened in the four directions.

Text 431

How can I describe the beauty of the moon that night when fair-limbed Lord Hari performed kirtana?

Text 432

At every door were banana trees, mangoes, and full waterpots. Chanting "Hari!", the women made a tumult of glorious sounds.

Text 433

Every town and village was splendid and beautiful. Then Lord Chaitanya entered the village of weavers.

Text 434

A great tumult of "Jaya!" and of mridanga musi arose. The weavers were wild with bliss.

Text 435

Clapping their hands and singing, "Hari bol! Mukunda! Gopala! Vanamali!", the townspeople danced.

Text 436

Hearing the name Hari come from every mouth, Lord Chaitanya smiled. Dancing, Lord Chaitanya proceeded to Shridhara's home.

Text 437

Lord Chaitanya went to Shridhara's home, which was a single broken-down room.

Text 438

A single iron cup rested at Shridhara's doorway, a cup patched in many places, a cup even a thief would not take.

Text 439

Lord Chaitanya danced in Shridhara's courtyard. Then He saw Shridhara's cup.

Text 440

Knowing His devotee's pure love, Lord Chaitanya at once picked up that iron cup.

Text 441

Lord Chaitanya happily drank the water in that cup. Who had the power to say to Him, "Don't do it."?

Text 442

"Now I am dead! I am dead!", Shridhara screamed. "You came to my house only to kill me!"

Text 443

Saying these words, saintly Shridhara fainted. Then Lord √aitanya said, "Now My body has become sanctified.

Text 444

"Now that I have drunk Shridhara's water, I have finally attained devotion to Lord Krishna's feet.

Text 445

"Now I possess true devotion to Lord Vishnu." Again and again saying these words, the Lord shed streams of tears from His eyes.

Text 446

In this way Lord Chaitanya taught everyone: "By drinking water from a Vaishnava, one attains devotion to Lord Vishnu."

Text 447

In the Padma Purana (Adi-khandaText 31

112) it is said:


prarthayed vaishnavasyannam

†††† prayatnena vicakshanah


Tad-abhave jalam pibet


†††† "To become purified of all sins, a wise man will beg food from a Vaishnava. In the absence of food, he may drink the water offered by a Vaishnava."


Text 448

Seeing how the Lord loves His devotee, the devotees wept with joy.

Text 449

Nityananda and Gadadhara wept and fell to the ground. Advaita and Shrivasa fell to the ground and wept.

Text 450

Haridasa, Gangadasa, Vakresvara, Murari, Mukunda, and Candrasekhara wept.

Text 451

Govinda, Govindananda, Shrigarbha, Shriman, Kasisvara, Jagadananda, and Ramai wpet.

Text 452

Jagadisa, Gopinatha, Nandana, Suklambara, and Garuda, and everyone else all wept.

Text 453

Placing their hands on their heads, thusands and millions of people wept, saying, "Lord Krishna, the master of they who have no other master, is my master."

Text 454

Why did Lord Chaitanya display this pure love and devotion at Shridhara's house? I have not the power to say.

Text 455

Calling out, "Krishna!", the whole world wept. His desire now fulfilled, Lord Chaitanya smiled.

Text 456

O my brothers, just see the glory of the Lord's devotees! For His devotees the Lord feels the highest love.

Text 457

Lord Chaitanya very respectfully drank the water in the iron cup.

Text 458

Because with the highest motive the Lord desired to drink it, the devotee's water became sweet like nectar.

Text 459

To teach the truth about devotional service, the Lord drank water from that cup. Everything that belongs to a Vaishnava is pure and spiritual.

Text 460

To drink from it the Lord will not cast His glance on splendid jeweled water-cup of a proud person.

Text 461

With great love He at once eats whatever His servant offers. He has no desire to wait until all the rituals of offering are performed.

Text 462

If the devotee has very little food, and therefore does not offer it, the Lord eats it by force. The brahmana's broken rice at Dvaraka bears witness to this truth.

Text 463

The Lord also eats the remnants of His servant's meal. The vegetables of Yudhishthira when he lived in the forest bear witness to that truth.

Text 464

Lord Krishna's servant is Lord Krishna's father, mother, wife, and brother. Lord Krishna does not consider His servant at all different from His own self.

Text 465

As the servant meditates on the Lord, so the Lord manifests a form. He gives His servants the power to sell Him to others.

Text 466

"The Supreme Personality of Godhead loves His servants." So the Vedas sing. Lord Krishna always appears before His devotees.

Text 467

Filling your eyes, please gaze at the power of the Lord's servants. Out of love Lord Krishna becomes the servant of His servants.

Text 468

Please don't use the word "small" with the word "servant of Lord Krishna". Lord Krishna never uses the words "small" or "great" to describe His servants.

†††† 469-Text 470

A person who for millions of births performs his prescribed religious duties, is non-violent and honest, does all his work, and day and night prays to become a servant of the Lord, at the time of his death chants, "Narayana".

Text 471

Then he becomes liberated. His material bondage is completely destroyed. After he is liberated in this way he becomes a true servant of Lord Krishna.

Text 472

All the true commentators of scripture give this explanation: After he attains liberation, a soul attains a body suitable for joining Lord Krishna's pastimes. In that body the soul worships and serves Lord Krishna directly.

Text 473

The all-knowing commentator (Shrila Shridhara Svami, explains (in his commentary on Shrimad-BhagavatamText 10



mukta api lilaya vigraham kritva bhagavantam bhajante


†††† "The liberated souls accept forms suitable for joining the Lord's pastimes. Then they worship and serve the Supreme Personality of Godhead directly."


Text 474

Therefore the Supreme Personality of Godhead and the devotee are equal. Indeed, the Supreme Lord thinks that He is defeated by His devotee.

Text 475

All the garlands of prayers that exist in the numberless universes are not enough to properly glorify the Lord's devotees.

Text 476

Brahma and Siva happily call themselves "servant of the Lord". Ananta Sesha, who holds up all the worlds, yearns for the qualification to serve the Lord.

Text 477

Although they are naturally equal to the Lord, the devotees Love the Lord dearly.

Text 478

Because of their past sinful deeds the sinners are unhappy when someone happily calls Advaita Acarya a "devotee of the Lord".

Text 479

Lord Krishna Himself is cappy to be called a "devotee". Who but Lord Krishna Himself knows the devotee's true nature?

Text 480

Only to fill their bellies do the sinners declare, "I am the Supreme Lord Himself". At the root these people are worthless like old and tired oxen.

Text 481

Their disciples are like donkeys and jackals. Some of them declare, "Now I have become Lord Ramacandra."

Text 482

Bewildered by Lord Vishnu's Maya, they declare, "I am the Supreme Lord", even though the truth is that their bodies are fit to be eaten by dogs.

Text 483

Lord Chaitanya is the master of all. Filling your eyes, please gaze at His powers.

Text 484

By His will millions and millions of powers and glories and opulences are at once manifest. How many millions of torches burned with great brilliance because of His will?

Text 485

By whose power were banana trees suddenly planted beside every door? By whose power were great singing and instrumental musi suddenly manifested? By whose power did flowers rain from the sky?

Text 486

I do not understand the great love the Lord displayed by drinking water from Shridhara's cup.

Text 487

Seeing the Lord's love for His devotees, the three worlds wept. Some people fell to the ground and their hair did not stay neatly tied.

Text 488

Shridhara wept. Placing a blade of grass between his teeth, he loudly called out, "Hari!" as tears flowed from his eyes.

Text 489

"Why did the king of the three worlds drink this water?", Shridhara asked. Shridhara danced, wept, and called out, "Haya! Haya!"

Text 490

Lord Chaitanya drank His devotee's water. The king of Vaikuntha danced in Shridhara's courtyard.

Text 491

Tasting the sweet nectar of devotion, the dear devotees surrounded Him in the four directions and sang. Nityananda and Gadadhara were splendid at His two sides.

Text 492

Please gaze on the ultimate in good fortune, good fortune attained by the banana-leaf seller Shridhara, a servant of the Lord. Gazing on Shridhara's glories, Brahma and Siva weep.

Text 493

By wealth, followers, and learning one does not attain Lord Krishna. Only by pure devotional service does one bring Lord Chaitanya under one's control.

Text 494

After giving mercy to Shridhara by drinking his water, Lord Chaitanya again entered the town.

Text 495

As loud sounds of "Hari!" were heard in the four directions, Lord Chaitanya, the master of all the mellows of devotional service, danced.

Text 496

The splendor and beauty of Navadvipa defeats the splendor and beauty of all the worlds. In Navadvipa the word "Hari!" is heard from every tongue.

Text 497

The same spiritual bliss tasted by Sukadeva, Narada, and Siva made all the towns of Nadiya wild with joy.

Text 498

The king of the three worlds danced in every part of Navadvipa. He went to Gadigacha, Paradanga, and Majida.

Text 499

Please do not think all this happened in a single night. Many kalpas passed during that night of the Lord's kirtana.

Text 500

Nothing is impossible for Lord Chaitanya. By moving His eyebrow He destroys the universes.

Text 501

A very fortunate person can understand this truth. A sinful dry logician cannot understand it at all.

Text 502

In whatever town the king of Vaikuntha danced everyone swam in an ocean of bliss.

Text 503

Seeing the shouts, the tumult, and the streams of tears, the men and women in Nadiya wept.

Text 504

Someone said, "I offer my respectful obeisances to the feet of Saci, from whose wom‚ this great person was born.

Text 505

Someone else said, "Jagannatha Misra was a great saint." Someone else said, "The good fortune of Nadiya has no end."

Text 506

Lord Chaitanya enjoyed pastimes in this way for many kalpas. Everyone said, "From this night the sun will not rise."

Text 507

Everyone called out, "Jaya!" No sound but "Hari!" was spoken by anyone.

Text 508

Seeing tLord Chaitanya, everyone offered dandavat obeisances. The men, women, and children all fell to the ground.

Text 509

Casting a merciful glance on everyone, Lord Chaitanya continued His blissful pastimes.

Text 510

These pastimes never come to an end. The Vedas say only that sometimes they can be seen (avirbhava, and sometimes they cannot be seen by ordinary peoiple (tirobhava).

Text 511

The Lord appears before the devotees in whatever form they meditate on Him.

Text 512

This is described in these words of Shrimad-Bhagavatam (3.9.11):


yad-yad-dhiya ta urugaya vibhavayanti

Tat-tad-vapuh pranayase sad-anugrahaya


†††† "O my Lord, You are so merciful to Your devotees that You manifest Yourself in the particular eternal form of transcendence in which they always think of You."*


Text 513

Even at this very moment Lord Chaitanya enjoys all these pastime. They who are fortunate see these pastimes eternally.

Text 514

Every time He descends to this world, the Supreme Lord takes His liberated devotees with Him. Only the devotees, and no one else, can understand the Lord's activities.

Text 515

If, passing many millions of births in yoga, yajnas, and austerities, a person does not perform devotional service, he will not obtain any good result from his endeavors.

Text 516

A person who does not serve the devotees will not attain devotional service. Therefore all the scriptures say that one should serve the devotees.

Text 517

Glory, glory to Lord Nityananda, the Supreme Personality of Godhead, by whose mercy Lord Chaitanya manifested the sankirtana movement!

Text 518

Someone said, "Nityananda is the same person as Balarama." Someone else said, "He is most dear to Lord Chaitanya."

Text 519

Someone else said, "He is a very powerful expansion of the Lord." Someone else said, "I do not have the power to understand who He is."

Text 520

The people may say that Nityananda is an individual soul, or that He is a devotee or a philosopher. Why should the people not say whatever they like about Lord Nityananda?

Text 521

Why should Nityananda not be thought a devotee of Lord Chaitanya? Lord Nityananda feet are the great treasure I keep in my heart.

Text 522

I kick the heads of the sinners who mock and blaspheme Lord Nityananda.

Text 523

I offer respectful obeisances to the feet of Lord Chaitanya's dear devotees. May Lord Nityananda, the moon of avadhutas, be my master.

Text 524

By Lord Chaitanya's mercy I know the truth of Lord Nityananda. Because Lord Nityananda teaches me, I know the truth of Lord Chaitanya.

Text 525

Lord Chaitanya and Lord Nityananda are Lord Ramacandra and Lakshmana. Lord Chaitanya is Krishna, and Lord Nityananda is Sankarshana.

Text 526

Lord Nityananda is devotion to Lord Chaitanya personified. He has all the powers of the Lord.

Text 527

The exalted servants of Lord Chaitanya can understand the narrations of Lord NityanandaShrimad-Bhagavatam's pastimes.

Text 528

If you see the devotees quarreling among themselves, please know that this is all Lord Krishna's pastime. Please do not understand it in any other way.

Text 529

If a person takes the side of one Vaishnava in this quarrel and then blasphemes another Vaishnava, the blasphemer will perish.

Text 530

A person who worships Lord Krishna in all respects and does not blaspheme others will be counted among the Vaishnavas.

Text 531

I offer my respectful obeisances to the feet of Lord Advaita. May I think of Him with love.

Text 532

Glory, glory to Lord Chaitanya and all His associates! Anyone who hears this Madhya-khanda will attain devotional service.

Text 533

Anyone who in a quarrel takes Advaita's side and then criticizes Gadadhara is a sinner. He is not a true servant of Lord Advaita.

Text 534

My the sweet nectar of these descriptions of Lord nourish the thoughts of all spirit souls.

Text 535

Anyone who enjoys hearing these descriptions of Lord Chaitanya will some day gaze on Lord Chaitanya's face. That is inevitable.

Text 536

The two moons Shri Krishna Chaitanya and Shri Nityananda are my life and soul. I, Vrindavana dasa, sing the glories of Their feet.