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Chapter Twenty-two

Shri Nityananda-guna-varnana


Description of Lord Nityananda's Virtues


Text 1 Glory, glory to Lord Chaitanya, who is an ocean of mercy! Glory to the handsome son of Saci and Jagannatha Misra!

Text 2 Glory, glory to Saci's son, Shri Krishna Chaitanya! By giving it the holy name of Lord Krishna, Lord Chaitanya has made this world fortunate and glorious.

Text 3 Accompanied by Nityananda and Gadadhara, Lord Chaitanya enjoyed pastimes in Navadvipa.

Text 4 After striking Devananda with the stick of His words, Lord Chaitanya returned to His home.

Text 5 Devaananda Pandita returned to his home. Because of bad association, he was now unhappy.

Text 6 Even though the people may think them pious and saintly, persons like Devananda are not qualified to stand before Lord Chaitanya.

Text 7 Only by the mercy of a Vaishnava can one attain Lord Chaitanya. If a person has no love and devotion, his austerities and japa will not help him attain the Lord.

Text 8 Even if he has attained Lord Krishna's mercy, a person who offends a Vaishnava is stopped from attaining ecstati love for Lord Krishna.

Text 9 I do not speak these words. They are the Vedas' words. Saci's son proved that they are true.

Text 10

 Mother Saci, in whose womâ Lord Chaitanya descended to this world, once offended a Vaishnava.

Text 11

 Lord Chaitanya destroyed her offense, taught her, and gave her the gift of ecstati spiritual love.

Text 12

 Please carefully hear this story. By hearing it one's offenses to Vaishnavas are destroyed.

Text 13

 One day handsome fair-limbed Lord Chaitanya rose and then sat down on the throne of Lord Vishnu.

Text 14

 Placing on His lap His Salagrama-sila forms, Lord Chaitanya happily manifested His transcendental glories.

Text 15

 He said, "I am Krishna, come to the Kali-yuga. I am Narayana. I am Ramacandra, who bridged the ocean.

Text 16

 "I slept in the milk-ocean. Then Nar#a's loud calls broke My sleep.

Text 17

 "I am here to freely distribute pure spiritual love and pure devotional service. Ask, Nar#a. Ask for a boon. Ask for a boon, Shrivasa."

Text 18

 Seeing that Lord Chaitanya was now openly manifesting His glories, Nityananda held a great parasol over the Lord's head.

Text 19

 On the left Gadadhara held betelnuts. In the four directions the devotees waved camaras.

Text 20

 Lord Chaitanya freely distributed pure devotional service. He gave many boons. He gave whatever the devotees desired.

Text 21

 Someone said, "My father is sinful at heart. PLease make his heart good. That will be a great relief to me."

Text 22

 Some asked blessing for their teachers, some for their students, some for their children, and some for their wives. They asked whatever they wished.

Text 23

 Lord Chaitanya granted whatever was asked. Smiling, He gave everyone the gift of pure love and pure devotion.

Text 24

 Saintly Shrivasa said, "Lord, to Your mother please give the gift of ecstati love for Lord Krishna. Everyone wants You to give her that gift."

Text 25

 Lord Chaitanya said, "Shrivasa, I will not give it. To her I will not give the pastimes of ecstati love for Lord Krishna.

Text 26

 "She offended a Vaishnava. Therefore she cannot have ecstati love for Lord Krishna."

Text 27

 Eloquent Shrivasa said again, "Lord, these words will make us all leave our bodies.

Text 28

 "You are her son. You entered her womb. Why is she not qualified to attain ecstati love for Lord Krishna?

Text 29

 "Your mother is everyone's life. She is the mother of all the worlds. Lord, please give up Your tricks and illusions and give her ecstati love for Lord Krishna.

Text 30

 "Lord, You are her son, and therefore she is also the mother of us all. How can a mother offend her son? That is my opinion.

Text 31

 "If she has offended a Vaishnava, then please be kind and break her offense into pieces."

Text 32

 Lord Chaitanya said, "I have the power to teach her, but I have no power to break apart her offense to a Vaishnava.

Text 33

 "Only the offended Vaishnava can forgive the offense. On then is the offense destroyed. There is no other way.

Text 34

 "You know how Durvasa's offense to Maharaja Ambarisha was finally destroyed.

Text 35

 "My mother offended Nar#a. Only when Nar#a forgives her will she attain the mercy that gives ecstati love for Lord Krishna.

Text 36

 "When she takes the dust of Advaita's feet and places it on her head, then, by My order, My mother will attain ecstati love for Lord Krishna."

Text 37

 Then everyone went to Advaita and told Him all that Lord Chaitanya had said.

Text 38

 Hearing these words, Advaita remembered Lord Vishnu and said, "You all want to take away My life.

Text 39

 "Through Saci's womâ Lord Chaitanya entered this world. She is My mother. I am her son.

Text 40

 "It is I who should take the dust of Mother Saci's feet. I do not understand even a single sesame seed of her power and glory.

Text 41

 "Mother Saci is the personification of devotional service to Lord Vishnu. She is the mother of the worlds. How can you talk the way you have done?

Text 42

 "Even a person who, thinking it an ordinary material word, speaks the word `a-i' (mother), the power of that word `a-i' is such that the speaker will no longer suffer.

Text 43

 "Mother Saci is Goddess Ganga. They are not different. Mother Saci is Devaki and Yasoda. That is the nature of Mother Saci."

Text 44

 After speaking the truth about Mother Saci, Advaita entered an ecstati trance and fell to the ground. He was not in external consciousness.

Text 45

 Aware that this was her opportunity, Mother Saci came and placed the dust of Advaita's feet on her head.

Text 46

 Mother Saci is a great Vaishnavi. She is pure devotional service personified. She had the power to hold Lord Chaitanya in her womb.

Text 47

 When she took the dust from Advaita's feet, Mother Saci became overwhelmed and fell to the ground. She was no longer in external consciousness.

Text 48

 The Vaishnavas called out, "Jaya! Jaya Hari!" They made a great tumult of chanting Lord Chaitanya's names.

Text 49

 By Mother Saci's power, Advaita was not in external consciousness. By Lord Advaita's power, Mother Saci was not in external consciousness.

Text 50

 They were both overwhelmed by each other's power. Meanwhile the circle of Vaishnavas chanted, "Hari! Hari!"

Text 51

 Sitting on the Deity's throne, Lord Chaitanya smiled and laughed. Pleased, He said to His mother,

Text 52

 "Now you may have pure devotion to Lord Vishnu. Your offense to Advaita is no more."

Text 53

 Hearing these merciful words from the Lord's graceful mouth, everyone called out, "Jaya! Jaya Hari!"

Text 54

 Making an example of Mother Saci, the Supreme Personality of Godhead, who is the teacher (siksha-guru, of all, taught everyone to carefully avoid offending Vaishnavas.

Text 55

 If even a person equal to Lord Siva offends a Vaishnava, the offender will perish. This the scriptures say.

Text 56

 They who will not follow these instructions and blaspheme good people are sinners. They will suffer birth after birth.

Text 57

 What to speak of others, even Lord Chaitanya's own mother was punished for offending a Vaishnava.

Text 58

 In truth Mother Saci had not committed any offense. Still, Lord Chaitanya said that she had.

Text 59

 Why do the people call Him "Advaita"? Why did Saci, displeased, call Him "Dvaita"?

Text 60

 Now I will tell this story. Please listen carefully. This is related to the story of Visvarupa.

Text 61

 Saintly Visvarupa was Lord Chaitanya's elder brother. Handsomeness like His was difficult to find in all the worlds. He was very powerful and glorious.

Text 62

 He was learned in all the scriptures. He was very saintly and peaceful. His body was not different from Lord Nityananda's body.

Text 63

 The people in Navadvipa could not understand His very learned lectures. Still, accepting the mood of a boy, He stayed with the boys.

Text 64

 One day Jagannatha Misra went to a meeting of panditas, and his very handsome son Visvarupa followed behind him.

Text 65

 Jagannatha Misra entered the assembly of bhattacaryas. Seeing Visvraupa, the whole assembly was filled with wonder.

Text 66

 Handsome, all-powerful Visvarupa, who was Lord Nityananda Himself, stole the hearts of everyone there.

Text 67

 One bhattacarya asked, "What are you studying?" Visvarupa replied, "A little. A little of everything."

Text 68

 Thinking Him only a child, no one said anything more. Only Jagannatha Misra became unhappy to hear that arrogant reply.

Text 69

 As They walked home on the path, Jagannatha Misra rebuked Visvarupa,

Text 70

 "Rascal, why did You not tell the assembly what books You study?

Text 71

 "You acted as if You were more learned than anyone else. Now the others will mock me and embarrass me."

Text 72

 Very angry with his son, very generous and fortunate Jagannatha Misra walked home.

Text 73

 Returning to the assembly, smiling Visvarupa said to the bhattacaryas,

Text 74

 "You did not ask Me any questions. Now My father is punishing Me.

Text 75

 "In My heart is the thought that you should ask me questions. All of you please gather together and ask Me questions."

Text 76

 Smiling, one bhattacarya asked, "Listen, child. Please tell a little of what You studied today."

Text 77

 Lord Visvarupa explained a sutra. In their hearts everyone decided that His explanations were very good.

Text 78

 Everyone said, "You explained the sutra well." Lord Visvarupa replied, "You did not understand anything of it. Now I will tear My own explanation into pieces."

Text 79

 Explaining again, He refuted all He had just proved. Wonder entered everyone's hearts.

Text 80

 Three times He refuted His explanations and three times He refuted the refutations and re-established the original premise.

Text 81

 "He is very, very intelligent," everyone said. Still, bewildered by Lord Vishnu's illusory potency, no one there could understand Visvarupa's true identity.

Text 82

 In this way Visvarupa stayed in Navadvipa. Seeing the people empty of devotion to the Lord, He was not happy.

Text 83

 The whole world was intoxicated by material things. No one understood the glories and auspiciousness of devotion to Lord Vishnu.

Text 84

 They lost great wealth on festivals for their children and others. No one was aware of worship offered to Lord Krishna, or the religion of devotion to Lord Krishna.

Text 85

 The learned teachers lectured on material logic. None of them knew anything about devotion to Lord Krishna or worship of Lord Krishna.

Text 86

 If someone lectured on Bhagavad-gita or Shrimad-Bhagavatam, he would not say anything about devotional service. His explanations were all dry.

Text 87

 Not hearing descriptions of devotional service anywhere, Lord Visvarupa became very unhappy.

Text 88

 The lion who bears the name Advaita and who is full of Lord Krishna's powers lectured on Yoga-vasishtha. But His explanations were all about devotional service.

Text 89

 Who could understand Advaita's explanations? Advaita was the foremost of the Vaishnavas in Nadiya.

Text 90

 Looking in the four directions, Visvarupa felt unhappy at heart. On in Advaita did He find the happiness of pure love for Lord Krishna.

Text 91

 Visvarupa always stayed with Advaita. Accompanied by Visvarupa, Advaita happily tasted the mellows of pure dveotion.

Text 92

 At this time Lord Chaitanya was still a small boy. His limbs were fair and handsome. His hair was gracefully curly. His charming form stole everyone's heart.

Text 93

 Mother Saci would tell Him, "Visvambhara, Quickly go, call Your brother, and bring Him home."

Text 94

 On His mother's order, Lord Chaitanya would run to Advaita's home.

Text 95

 There Advaita sat, surrounded by many devotees. Shrivasa and many other great souls were there.

Text 96

 Lord Chaitanya would say, "Brother, come home and eat rice. Don't delay." Smiling and smiling, the Lord would speak these words.

Text 97

 Lord Chaitanya stole the hearts of everyone. They all gazed at the very handsome form of the boy Lord.

Text 98

 Completely enchanted, Advaita gazed at the Lord. Forgetting everything, He gazed at the Lord's face.

Text 99

 In this way, on the preText of calling for Visvarupa on Their mother's order, Lord Chaitanya came there every day.

Text 100

 Gazing at Lord Chaitanya, Advaita thought in His heart, "This very handsome boy has stolen My heart.

Text 101

 "This person who now enchants Me must be My Lord. Who else has the power to steal My heart? That is what My heart now thinks."

Text 102

 Understanding Advaita's thoughts, Lord Chaitanya, who is the Supersoul in the hearts of all beings, quickly returned to His home.

Text 103

 Rejecting material pleasures, Visvarupa stayed always with Advaita.

Text 104

 Visvarupa's story was elaborately told in the Adi-khanda. In the form of Lord Nityananda, Visvarupa enjoyed limitless pastimes.

Text 105

 The incarnations of the Supreme Lord know the Supreme Lord's will very well. After some days, Visvarupa accepted sannyasa.

Text 106

 Known in this world by the name Sankararanya, He was the foremost of Vaishnavas. He walked on the path of the limitless Supreme Lord.

Text 107

 Accepting a sannyasi's danda, He traveled about. Mother Saci's heart was always broken with grief.

Text 108

 Becoming thoughtful, Saci decided in her heart, "Advaita made My son leave home."

Text 109

 Afraid to offend a Vaishnava, Mother Saci said nothing. In her heart she was very unhappy.

Text 110

 Looking at Lord Chaitanya, Mother Saci forgot her grief. The Lord made His mother's happiness grow.

Text 111

 After some days, by divine arrangement, Lord Chaitanya manifested His true nature. Then He always enjoyed pastimes with Advaita.

Text 112

 Neglecting Goddess Lakshami and leaving the happiness of His own home, Lord Chaitanya stayed at Advaita's home.

Text 113

 Seeing that her son no longer stayed at home, Mother Saci thought, "Advaita will take My son away."

Text 114

 Unhappy, she told everyone, "Who says He is `Advaita'? That Vaishnava is `Dvaita' (full of duplicity).

Text 115

 "He has already driven away one moonlike son. Now he will not leave my other son alone.

Text 116

 "I am a helpless widow. No one is kind to me. To the world He is `Advaita'. But to me He is `Dvaita-maya' (full of duplicity).

Text 117

 This was the entirety of her offense. There was nothing more than that. Because of this offense Lord Chaitanya would not give His mother devotional service.

Text 118

 A person who calls one Vaishnava a `big Vaishnava' and another Vaishnava a `little Vaishnava' may be peaceful and happy for now, but for how long will he remain peaceful and happy?

Text 119

 On the preText of rebuking His mother, Lord Chaitanya, the supreme teacher (siksha-guru), taught everyone to carefully avoid offending a Vaishnava.

Text 120

 Anyone who jumps over lionlike Lord Chaitanya's order and foolishly offends a Vaishnava will be punished for his offense.

Text 121

 Please give me your attention and hear why Lord Chaitanya spoke as He did.

Text 122

 Lord Chaitanya knows everything that happens in all three phases (past, present, and future, of time. He knows that in the future some demoni people will serve Lord Advaita.

Text 123

 They will refer to Lord Advaita by the name "Shri Krishna". In this way they will reject the words of the true Vaishnavas.

Text 124

 These sinners will thus disobey the devotees who affirm that Advaita is "the greatest Vaishnava".

Text 125

 Many persons will consider themselves the followers of Lord Advaita, but they will not have the power to see how in the future they will be punished.

Text 126

 Lord Chaitanya, the crest jewel of they who know everything, knew all this. Therefore He did something to try to stop this from happening.

Text 127

 By punishing His mother, Lord Chaitanya showed the result that comes from offending Lord Advaita or any other Vaishnava.

Text 128

 No one can protect a person who has offended a Vaishnava.

Text 129

 Therefore one should avoid persons who offend Vaishnava.

Text 130

 One should avoid an offender, even if the offender is otherwise very qualified. A little association with an offender will make one fall down.

Text 131

 Who has the power to understand why the Lord gives punishment? By punishing His mother, He taught everyone.

Text 132

 Anyone who blasphemes they who use the word `Vaishnava" to address Lord Advaita will be punished. He will perish.

Text 133

 Lord Chaitanya is theSupreme Personality of Godhead, the master of all. To be called His follower is very great praise.

Text 134

 Without any intention to deceive, Lord Chaitanya openly said that Lord Nityananda is the Supreme Personality of Godhead Himself.

Text 135

 By Lord Nityananda's mercy I know Lord Chaitanya. By Lord Nityananda's mercy I know the Vaishnavas.

Text 136

 By Lord Nityananda's mercy offenses are destroyed. By Lord Nityananda's mercy one attains devotion to Lord Vishnu.

Text 137

 Blasphemy directed to Lord Nityananda's servants never enters my mouth. Day and night I happily sing Lord Chaitanya's glories

Text 138

 I carefully serve Lord Nityananda's devotees. Lord Chaitanya is the life and wealth of Lord Nityananda's servants.

Text 139

 A person who has only a little good fortune will not become Lord Nityananda's servant, for Lord Nityananda's servant is able to see Lord Chaitanya.

Text 140

 Anyone who hears this story of Lord Visvarupa becomes a servant of the limitless Supreme Personality of Godhead. He feels that Lord Nityananda is his very life.

Text 141

 Lord Nityananda and Lord Visvarupa do not have different bodies. This Mother Saci knew. Some other great souls also knew.

Text 142

 Glory to Lord Nityananda, who takes shelter of Lord Chaitanya! Glory, glory to Lord Nityananda, who is thousand-faced Ananta Sesha!

Text 143

 O Lord Nityananda, O king of Gauda-desa, glory to You! Who can attain Lord Chaitanya without first attaining Your mercy?

Text 144

 Anyone who loses Lord Nityananda will not be happy in this life.

Text 145

 Will I some day see Lord Chaitanya, Lord Nityananda, and their associates all thogether in one place?

Text 146

 Lord Chaitanya is my master. With great faith and hope I meditate on Him within my heart.

Text 147

 I bow down before Lord Advaita's feet. I pray that he will always be dear to me and that He will always stay in my thoughts.

Text 148

 The two moons Shri Krishna Chaitanya and Shri Nityananda are my life and soul. I, Vrindavana dasa, sing the glories of Their feet.