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Chapter Twenty



Description of Murari Gupta's Glories


Text 1 Glory, glory to the fair lion who is the son of Saci! Glory to the Lord whose feet remove all sufferings!

Text 2 Glory to the Lord who is life and master of Gadadhara! O Lord, please be merciful to me. Please allow my heart to stay always at Your feet.

Text 3 Looking at the devotees, and His heart filled with love, Lord Chaitanya danced, sang, wept, and laughed.

Text 4 Every day, accompanied by His devotees, Lord Chaitanya enjoyed many blissful pastimes.

Text 5 One day, accompanied by Nityananda, Lord Chaitanya went to Shrivasa's home and enjoyed many pastimes there.

Text 6 At that time Murari Gupta also came and offered dandavat obeisances to Lord Chaitanya's feet.

Text 7 Then he offered obeisances to Lord Nityananda's feet. Then he stood before the two effulgent Lords.

Text 8 Very pleased at heart with Murari Gupta, Lord Chaitanya honestly said to him,

Text 9 "Murari, you did not act rightly. You offered obeisances in the wrong way.

Text 10

"Must I teach You? Do you not know? Why do you jump over the rules of etiquette?"

Text 11

Murari replied, "Lord, what do I know? I simply follow my heart."

Text 12

Lord Chaitanya said, "Good. Good. For now go home. Tomorrow I will explain everything to you."

Text 13

Feeling both joy and fear, Murari respectfully left. He returned home and went to sleep.

Text 14

In a dream he saw Lord Nityananda, the best of the Vaishnavas, dressed as a wrestler, walking ahead of many others.

Text 15

He saw great serpent's hoods hovering over Lord Nityananda's head. He saw a plow and a clu‚ in Lord Nityananda's hands.

Text 16

He saw that Lord Nityananda's form was like Balarama. Behind Lord Nityananda walked Lord Chaitanya, a peacock feather in His heir.

Text 17

In the dream Lord Chaitanya smiled and said, "Murari, now you understand. I am younger. Please understand this in your heart."

Text 18

Glancing at Murari, the two Lords smiled. In this way the two brothers taught Murari. Then They left.

Text 19

Waking up, Murari wept. Breathing heavily, he called out "Nityananda!" again and again.Text 20

Worried, Murari's saintly wife began chanting "Krishna! Krishna! Krishna!"

Text 21

Understanding, "Nityananda is the elder brother", Murari happily went to Lord Chaitanya's home.

Text 22

Lotus-eyed Lord Chaitanya was seated, and Lord Nityananda, His face filled with happiness, was at His right.

Text 23

First Murari bowed down before Lord Nityananda's feet. Then he bowed down before Lord Chaitanya's feet.

Text 24

Smiling, Lord Chaitanya said, "Murari, why did You do that?" Murari replied, "Lord, I only follow.

Text 25

"As a dry straw moves in the wind, so all living beings are subject to Your supreme power."

Text 26

Lord Chaitanya said, "Murari, you are dear to Me. That is why I have opened My heart to you."

Text 27

In this way Lord Chaitanya revealed the truth about Himself to Murari Gupta. On the Lord's left was the dear devotee Gadadhara, who held betelnuts in his hands.

Text 28

Lord Chaitanya said, "Murari is the first of My servants". Speaking these words, the Lord took some betelnuts He had chewed and gave them to Murari.

Text 29

Murari respectfully took them in his hands. Chewing them, Murari became wild with bliss.

Text 30

Lord Chaitanya said, "Murari, wash your hands." Murari wiped his hands on his head.

Text 31

Lord Chaitanya said, "Now you've become a low-caste wretch. You placed My remnants on your body."

Text 32

Now Lord Chaitanya entered the mood of being the Supreme Personality of Godhead. Gnashing His teeth, He said,

Text 33

"In Varanasi lives a sannyasi named Prakasananda. Again and again this wretch cuts Me into pieces. In his mind he thinks it is good to cut Me apart.

Text 34

"He teaches Vedanta, but he does not give importance to My form. I have placed leprosy in his body, but still he does not understand.

Text 35

"The numberless universes all reside in My body. Still this wretch says My body is only an illusion. How can I tolerate this?

Text 36

"Murari, you are My servant. What I tell you is the truth. Anyone who does not respect My body will perish.

Text 37

"Brahma, Siva, and Ananta Sesa serve My body. Thinking it as dear as their own lives, all the demigods worship My body.

Text 38

"Simply by touching My body one becomes the purest of the pure. Still this wretch says that My body is an illusion. How can I tolerate this?

Text 39

"This form I now show to you is eternal. It is eternal. I am eternal. My servants are eternal. We are eternal.

Text 40

"My pastimes are eternal. My abode is eternal. Anyone who says they are illusions cuts Me into pieces.

Text 41

"Simply by hearing My glories one destroys the beginningless ignorance of this world. Still, the sinners teach, `The Lord's pastimes are illusions'.

Text 42

"By tasting the nectar of hearing My glories, Lord Siva becomes so intoxicated that he is clothed only by the four directions. Ananta Sesha, who holds up all the worlds, always chants My glories.

Text 43

"Sukadeva, Narada, and all the sages become intoxicated by hearing My glories. The four Vedas describe the greatness of My glories.

Text 44

"O Murari Gupta, anyone who does not honor My sacred glories will not understand My descent to this world.

Text 45

In this way Lord Chaitanya taught Murari Gupta. He said, "My form, servants, pastimes, and abodes are all eternal."

Text 46

In this way Lord Chaitanya taught the truth about Himself. Anyone who does not agree with these conclusions will perish.

Text 47

The next moment Lord Chaitanya returned to external consciousness. Again He was the most humble of penniless brahmanas.

Text 48

Calling him "brother", Lord Chaitanya embraced Murari Gupta. Showing great affection for him, Lord Chaitanya kindly said,

Text 49

"Murari, I tell you the truth: You are My pure servant. You know the truth about Nityananda.

Text 50

"Even if he claims to be My devotee, anyone who has even a single sesame seed's worth of hatred for Lord Nityananda is not dear to Me.

Text 51

"Now please go home, Murari Gupta. You have purchased Me. You know the secret of Nityananda."

Text 52

In this way Lord Chaitanya made Murari Gupta the object of His mercy. Only Hanuman received mercy like Murari.

Text 53

Murari Gupta joyfully returned home. Lord Chaitanya and Lord Nityananda stayed in his heart.

Text 54

Agitated at heart, Murari returned home. He said one thing, did another, and then happily laughed.

Text 55

With great joy he said, "I will eat." His devoted wife brought his meal.

Text 56

Agitated by tasting the nectar of love for Lord Chaitanya, Murari called out, "Eat! Eat!", and scattered handsful of food everywhere.

Text 57

Mixing rice and ghee, he poured the combination on the floor. "Krishna, eat! Eat! Eat!", he said again and again.

Text 58

Watching Murari Gupta's actions, his devoted wife smiled. Again and again she brought him food, and again and again he poured on the floor.

Text 59

The devoted wife knew, "Murari Gupta is a great devotee of the Lord". Chanting, "Krishna!", she reminded her husband of Lord Krishna.

Text 60

In this way Murari Gupta offered food to Lord Krishna and Lord Krishna accepted it. Lord Krishna never rejected Murari's request.

Text 61

Murari offered food in this way, and Lord Krishna ate it. The next morning Lord Chaitanya rose early and went to visit Murari Gupta.

Text 62

Muraru Gupta sat, rapt in the bliss of chanting Lord Krishna's name. At that time Lord Chaitanya entered. Seeing Him, Murari Gupta at once offered obeisances.

Text 63

With great respect Murari Gupta offered the Lord a place to sit. Lord Chaitanya, the son of Jagannatha Misra, sat down.

Text 64

Murari Gupta said, "Lord, why have You come?" Lord Chaitanya replied, "I have come for a medicine."

Text 65

Murari Gupta said, "Can You say what is the cause of Your indigestion? What did You eat yesterday?"

Text 66

Lord Chaitanya said, "Rascal, how did you know what was my disease? Calling out, `Eat! Eat!', you threw the food on the floor.

Text 67

"You have forgotten, but you wife knows everything. When you offer, how can I not eat?

Text 68

"Now you have to give Me medicine. Your food is the cause of My indigestion.

Text 69

"Drinking water cures indigestion. Your food caused My indigestion. Therefore your water will be the medicine to cure it."

Text 70

After speaking these words, Lord Chaitanya picked up Murari's cup of water, water filled with the nectar of pure devotion, and drank it.

Text 71

Seeing the Lord's mercy, Murari fell unconscious. Murari's family wept in great love.

Text 72

The Lord, His servants, and their devotional service are like this. Lord Chaitanya's mercy manifested all the features of pure devotion.

Text 73

Murari Gupta's servants attained Lord Chaitanya's mercy, mercy the great bhattacaryas in Nadiya never saw.

Text 74

Material learning, wealth, and fame do not bring anything of value. Its is the mercy of the Vaishnavas that brings the very valuable result of engagement in devotional service.

Text 75

Why should one not become a servant or maidservant to the Vaishnavas? The Vedas declare, "The servants and maidservants of the Vaishnavas are the greatest of all."

Text 76

Every day Lord Chaitanya gave His mercy to Murari Gupta.

Text 77

Please hear. Hear the wonderful story of Murari Gupta. One who hears about Murari Gupta attains the great treasure of devotional service.

Text 78

One day, at Shrivasa's home, Lord Chaitanya, roaring, manifested His own form.

Text 79

In His form hands He held a conchshell, cakra, club, and lotus. He called out, "Garuda! Garuda!"

Text 80

At that moment, making a great sound, Murari Gupta entered Shrivasa's home.

Text 81

The mood of Garuda entered Murari Gupta's body. Murari Gupta said, "I am he. I am the great soul Garuda."


Text 82

Lord Chaitanya called out, "Garuda! Garuda!" Murari Gupta replied, "I am he. I am Your servant."

Text 83

Lord Chaitanya said, "Son, you are My carrier?" "I am. I am.", Murari Gupta replied.

Text 84

Murari Gupta said, "You have forgotten. I carried You and the parijata tree from Svaragaloka.

Text 85

"You have forgotten. I carried You to Vanapura. I cut Karttikeya's peacock into pieces.

Text 86

"Lord, please clim‚ on My shoulders. Give the order. To which universe shall I carry You?"

Text 87

The Lord Chaitanya, the son of Jagannatha Misra, climbed on Murari Gupta's shoulders. There was a great sound of "Jaya! Jaya!" in Shrivasa's home.

Text 88

Carrying Goddess Lakshmi's husband on his shoulders, Murari Gupta ran everywhere in the courtyard.

Text 89

The women made auspicious sounds. With great love all the devotees wept.

Text 90

One person said, "Jaya! Jaya!" Another said, "Hari!" Another said, "Never will I forget seeing this."

Text 91

Some joyfully slapped their arms and thighs. Some said, "How glorious is the Lord!" Some smiled and laughed.

Text 92

Someone raised his arms and loudly called, "Glory, glory to Visvambhara, who is carried by Murari Gupta!"

Text 93

Lord Chaitanya rocked to an fro on Murari's shoulders. Then Murari joyfully ran into the house.

Text 94

The impious did not see the pastimes Lord Chaitanya manifested in Navadvipa.

Text 95

Wealth, family, and fame will not help one attain Lord Krishna. Lord Chaitanya is conquered only by devotional service.

Text 96

The Lord's servants and maidservants, who birth after birth had worshiped the Lord, happily gazed at all these pastimes.

Text 97

They who saw these pastimes kindly described them to others. Still the impious would not believe them.

Text 98

In this Madhya-khanda is described the pastime of Lord Chaitanya's climbing on Murari Gupta's shoulders. Every time the Lord descends to this world Murari Gupta is His first of His servants.

Text 99

These pastimes have no end. The Vedas say, "Sometimes they are visible (avirbhava), and sometimes they are hidden (tirobhava).

Text 100

Returning to external consciousness, and now very peaceful, Lord Chaitanya climbed down from Murari's shoulders. Murari Gupta's acceptance of Garuda's mood came to a stop.

Text 101

Ordinary people do not understand these confidential pastimes, where Lord Chaitanya climbs on Murari Gupta's shoulders.

Text 102

Seeing the mercy Lord Chaitanya gave to Murari Gupta, the circle of Vaishnavas praised Murari, saying, "Glorious! Glorious! Glorious!"

Text 103

Murari Gupta was a very glorious and fortunate devotee. His devotional service to Lord Vishnu had borne a very great fruit, for he had the power to carry Lord Chaitanya in His pastimes.

Text 104

There are many other sacred stories of Murari Gupta, and they will be described in due course.

Text 105

One day pure-hearted Murari Gupta thought in his heart about the Lord's incarnations.

Text 106

He thought, "I understand that, bringing His limbs and su‚-limbs, the Lord descends to this world to fulfill His mission.

Text 107

"But I do not understand Lord Krishna's pastimes. Why does He act as He does? Sometimes He creates, and sometimes He destroys.

Text 108

"Why, after rescuing Sita and killing Ravana and Ravana's kinsmen, did the Lord abandon Sita at the end?

Text 109

"He peacefully watched as the Yadavas, who were dear to Him as His own life, lost their lives.

Text 110

"Therefore I will give up this body now, while the Lord Himself is personally present in this world.

Text 111

"Now is the time, while the Lord Himself is on this earth, for Me to end this body."

Text 112

In his heart renouncing the world, Murari got a very sharp knife meant for sawing conchshells.

Text 113

Keeping that knife in his house, he thought, "With joy in my heart, tonight I will end this body."

Text 114

Lord Chaitanya, who is the Supersoul in the hearts of all living beings, knew the thoughts in Murari's heart.

Text 115

The Lord quickly went to Murari's house. Murari Gupta respectfully bowed down before the Lord's feet.

Text 116

Feeling very merciful to Murari Gupta, Lord Chaitanya sat down and spoke about Lord Krishna.

Text 117

Lord Chaitanya said, "Murari Gupta, you must follow My order." Murari Gupta said, "Lord, my body is Your property."

Text 118

Lord Chaitanya said, "Is that the truth?" Murari Gupta said, "It is." Lord Chaitanya whispered in Murari's ear, "Give Me the knife.

Text 119

"Bring the knife you will use to leave your body. Give it to Me. It is in this house."

Text 120

"Haya! Haya!", Murari Gupta said, unhappy at heart. Murarii said, "Someone has told You this lie. Who is it?"

Text 121

Lord Chaitanya said, "Murari, I see that you are not very intelligent. You say that someone else told me about this and that how I know of it?

Text 122

"I made that knife, and I gave it to you. That is how I know. I know where you hid the knife."

Text 123

Lord Chaitanya, the Supersoul in the hearts of all, knows everything. He went, found the knife, and returned with it.

Text 124

lord Chaitanya said, "Murari Gupta, this is the way you act! What is My fault that you want to leave Me and go away?

Text 125

"If you go, then who will help Me in My pastimes? Where did you get this idea?

Text 126

"Murari, please give Me this gift: Never think like this again."

Text 127

Lord Chaitanya embraced Murari and then placed His hand on Murari's head.

Text 128

Lord Chaitanya said, "You will eat My head. You will eat My head if you want to leave Me again.".

Text 129

Murari at once fell to the ground. With tears of love he washed the Lord's feet.

Text 130

Grasping the Lord's feet, saintly Murari wept. Embracing Murari, Lord Chaitanya wept.

Text 131

Lakshmi, Brahma, Ananta Sesha, and Siva yearn to attain the mercy that Lord Chaitanya gave to Murari Gupta.

Text 132

The demigods are not different from Lord Chaitanya. "The demigods are not different from Lord Krishna". This the Vedas declare.

Text 133

Assuming the form of Ananta Sesha, Lord Chaitanya holds up the worlds. Assuming the form of Brahma, Lord Chaitanya creates the world.

Text 134

Assuming the form of Siva, Lord Chaitanya destroys the world. With His own mouth He speaks prayers glorifying Himself.

Text 135

The demigods are not different from the Lord. They are not different. They all serve Lord Chaitanya's feet.

Text 136

If even a bird chants Lord Chaitanya's name, that soul with go to Lord Chaitanya's abode. That is the truth.

Text 137

If a sannyasi does not chant Lord Chaitanya's name, that soul will life after life be born blind among wicked beings.

Text 138

He is a thief in the clothing of asnnyasi. He is a blasphemer-sannyasi, a sinner.

Text 139

A blasphemer-sannyasi is not different from a thief. Both are great blasphemers. The Vedas call such a person, "an enemy of others".

Text 140

This enemy is described in these words of the Brihan-Naradiya Purana:


prakatam patitah sreyan

†††† ya eko yaty adhah svayam

baka-vrittih svayam papah

†††† patayaty aparan api


†††† "One kind of sinner falls himself down into hell. Another kind, a hypocrite who deceives others, makes other souls fall into hell.


Text 141

haranti dasyavo 'kutyam

†††† vimohyastrair nrinam dhanam

caritrair ati-tikshnagrair

†††† vadair evam baka-vratah


†††† "As thieves threaten others with weapons in a secluded place and ro‚ them of their wealth, so with very sharp words false preachers ro‚ others."


Text 142

In Shrimad-Bhagavatam (12.3.38, it is said:


sudrah pratrigrahishyanti


dharmam vakshyanty adharma-jna

†††† adhiruhyottamasanam


†††† "To earn their livelihood sudras will dress as sannyasis and accept alms. Persons who know only sins will sit on a high seat and teach religion."


Text 143

Thinking an imposter is a true sannyasi, the peaople hear from him blasphemy of Vaishnavas. In this way the people perish.

Text 144

If one hears blasphemy of saintly persons, his piety will be destroyed. Birth after birth he will be fallen. This the Vedas say.

Text 145

A thief suffers in only one birth, but a blasphemer suffers birth after birth and moment after moment.

Text 146

Therefore a blasphemer-sannyasi is a theif. He is countless times more sinful than a thief.

Text 147

Brom Brahma down to the unmoving plants, every living being is Lord Krishna's potency. Therefore all the scriptures say, "Anyone who blasphemes another angers Lord Krishna."

Text 148

Lord Krishna delivers any person who is not a blasphemer and who once chants "Krishna!" That is the truth. It is the truth.

Text 149

If a person studies the four Vedas and then blasphemes others, he will fall into the hell called Kumbhipaka. There he will suffer birth after birth.

Text 150

A person who studies Shrimad-Bhagavatam and then, his intelligence wrecked, blasphemes Lord Nityananda, will be completely destroyed.

Text 151

The blasphemers have no faith in the eternal pastimes Lord Chaitanya manifested in Navadvipa.

Text 152

They whose thoughts and deeds are placed at Lord Chaitanya's feet stay with Lord Chaitanya birth after birth.

Text 153

Never will I look at yogis who have eight mysti perfections but no devotion to Lord Chaitanya. Such persons are impious sinners.

Text 154

After comforting Murari Gupta, Lord Chaitanya happily returned to His home.

Text 155

These are the glories of Murari Gupta. How can I truly describe all his glories?

Text 156

From Lord Nityananda's mouth I have heard a little of the Vaishnavas' glories.

Text 157

May Lord Nityananda be my master birth after birth. By His mercy I am attracted to Lord Chaitanya.

Text 158

O Lord Chaitanya, O son of Jagannatha Misra, glory, glory to You! I pray that Your Nityananda will be the great treasure of my life.

Text 159

I my heart I always hold Lord Chaitanya, who is the very life of He (Lord Nityananda, who is the master of my life.

Text 160

The two moons Shri Krishna Chaitanya and Shri Nityananda are my life and soul. I, Vrindavana dasa, sing the glories of Their feet.