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Chapter Two

Shri Sankirtanarambha-varnana


Description of the Sankirtana Movement's Beginning


Text 1 Glory, glory to Lord Chaitanya, the auspiciousness of the world! O Lord, please place Your feet in my heart. Please give this charity to me.

Text 2 Glory, glory to Lord Chaitanya and His devotees! Anyone who hears about Lord Chaitanya will certainly attain pure devotional service.

Text 3 Seeing Lord Chaitanya's pure love for Lord Krishna, the devotees felt their hearts become filled with wonder.

Text 4 Joyfully they went to Advaita's home and told Him what they had seen.

Text 5 Lord Advaita was very powerful in devotional service. All the Vaishnavas thought, "He must be the Supreme Lord Himself, descended to this world."

Text 6 Still, no one could understand the truth of Lord Advaita. Sometimes He would reveal His true nature, and other times He would conceal it.

Text 7 Hearing the Vaishnavas' words, Lord Advaita became very happy. First He was rapt in thought. Then He spoke.

Text 8 He said, "O My brothers, please hear what I will tell you today. Last night I saw something in a dream.

Text 9 "Unable to understand a certain passage of Bhagavad-gita, and very unhappy, I fasted.

Text 10

"In that dream at night someone said to Me, `Rise, Acarya! Eat at once.

Text 11

" `I will tell You the meaning of that passage. Rise, eat, and worship Me.

Text 12

" `Why are You unhappy? Your vow has now borne its fruit.

††† Texts Texts 13-14

" `Your fasting, Your worship, Your weeping and crying out `Krishna!", and Your raising Your arms and declaring many vows have now convinced Your Lord to become manifested in this world.

Text 15

" `Now in every country, in every city, and in every home, and at every moment Lord Krishna's holy names will be chanted.

Text 16

" `By Your mercy everyone in the world will see a kind of devotional service so exalted that even the demigod Brahma finds it difficult to attain.

Text 17

" `In Shrivasa's home the Vaishnavas will see an exalted kind of devotional service even Brahma finds difficult to attain.

Text 18

" `But You eat. I will. Another time, after You have eaten, I will return.'

Text 19

"Then I opened My eyes. Then, within My heart, I gazed and gazed at Visvambhara.

Text 20

"I do not have the power to know Lord Krishna's secrets, what forms He manifests and before whom He shows Himself.

Text 21

"Some time ago, Visvambhara's elder brother, who was named Visvrupa, would discuss Bhagavad-gita with Me.

Text 22

"At that time the child Visvambhara, who was very charming and handsome, would come to My house to call for His brother.

Text 23

"My heart enchanted by seeing this handsome boy, I blessed Him, saying, `May You attain devotional service'.

Text 24

"Visvambhara was born in a very exalted family. He is the son of an exalted father and the the grandson of Nilambara Cakravarti.

Text 25

"He has all virtues, and He is a great pandita. Therefore it is appropriate that He has attained devotional service.

Text 26

"I am very happy to hear this news of Him. All of you please bless Him, saying, `May this be so.'

Text 27

"By Lord Krishna's mercy may everyone in the world become mad with chanting the holy names of Lord Krishna.

Text 28

"If this news is true, then everyone in the world will approach this young brahmana."

Text 29

Then Lord Advaita roared with transcendental bliss, and all the Vaishnavas shouted "Jaya! Jaya!"

Text 30

Every mouth shouted "Hari! Hari!" Assuming the form of the chanting of His holy names, Lord Krishna personally descended to this world.

Text 31

One person said, "Nimai Pandita is very good. He will very blissfully sing the holy names.

Text 32

Bowing down before Advaita Acarya, and singing Lord Hari's holy names, the devotees left.

Text 33

Now Lord Chaitanya would speak respectfully to anyone He saw.

Text 34

When at dawn He went to bathe in the Ganga, the Lord would see the Vaishnavas.

Text 35

Seeing Shrivasa and the other devotees, the Lord would bow down before them. Very pleased, the devotees would bless the Lord.

Text 36

They said to Him, "May You attain devotion to Lord Krishna's feet. With Your mouth may You always chant, `Krishna!' With Your ears may You always hear, `Krishna!'

Text 37

"My son, whoever worships Lord Krishna attains a benefit that is eternal. Whoever does not worship Lord Krishna will not attain either wisdom or glory.

Text 38

"Lord Krishna is the father of all the universes. Lord Krishna is the life of everyone. O My son, You should very earnestly worship Lord Krishna's feet."

Text 39

Hearing these blessings, Lord Chaitanya became very happy. Lifting His handsome face, He gazed at everyone.

Text 40

He said, "The blessings you speak must certainly come true. Who but you devotees has the power to give these blessings?

Text 41

"You have the power to give someone the gift of service to Lord Krishna. Lord Krishna is merciful to anyone who serves His devotees.

Text 42

"I think that it is because of My past very good karma that now you are teaching Me My duty to Lord Vishnu.

Text 43

"Whoever serves you will certainly attain devotion to Lord Krishna." After speaking these words, Lord Chaitanya grasped the devotees' feet.

Text 44

The Lord would wash the devotees garments, fold their dhotis, and personally bring them.

Text 45

He would bring them kusa grass and Ganga mud. Some days He would bring garments and ornaments to their homes.

Text 46

All the Vaishnavas would say to Lord Chaitanya, "Ah! Ah! What are You doing? What are You doing?"

Text 47

In this way, every day Lord Chaitanya acted like a servant of His servants.

Text 48

What will the Supreme Lord not do for His servants? He renounces His own nature and serves them.

Text 49

"Lord Krishna is the friend of everyone." This all the scriptures say. Lord Krishna does not hate anyone.

Text 50

Still, for His devotees' sake the Lord turns away from His neutrality. His killing of Duryodhana's family bears witness to this truth.

Text 51

It is the devotee's nature to serve Krishna, and Krishna feels happy to be with His devotees.

Text 52

By tasting the nectar of devotional service, the devotees are able to purchase Lord Krishna. Satyabhama, who resides in Dvaraka bears witness to this truth.

Text 53

Concealing His true identity, this same Lord Krishna, who was now fair and handsome Lord Chaitanya, stayed in Navadvipa.

Text 54

No one had the power to know that the Supreme Lord had descended to this world and was staying in their midst.

Text 55

Whoever desires to worship Lord Krishna must first worship Lord Krishna's dear and saintly servant.

Text 56

Lord Chaitanya taught this truth to everyone. The Lord personally served the Vaishnavas.

Text 57

He washed their garments and folded their dhotis. He was not ashamed to serve. Respectfully folding His hands, He honored the Vaishnavas.

Text 58

Seeing Lord Chaitanya's humbleness, the devotees sincerely blessed Him at every moment.

Text 59

They said to Him, "Worship Krishna. Remember Krishna. Hear Krishna's holy name. Make Krishna Your wealth, breath, and life.

Text 60

"Chant, chant `Krishna!' Become Krishna's servant. Keep Krishna in Your heart.

Text 61

"Keep Krishna, and no one else, in Your heart. Then all Your sufferings will flee far away.

Text 62

"By Your power, may the lowly people who now mock the chanting of the holy names become plunged in the nectar of Lord Krishna.

Text 63

"As, with knowledge of scripture You conquered the entire world, in the same way, with worship of Lord Krishna You should conquer the materialists and offenders.

Text 64

"By Your mercy we are all overcome with spiritual love. Now we happily chant `Krishna!' and dance."

Text 65

Placing their hands on the Lord's body, they blessed Him. Then they spoke of their own unhappiness.

Text 66

They said, "My son, many teachers live in Navadvipa, but when asked to speak about devotion to Krishna, they all become like silent ducks.

Text 67

"In Navadvipa there are many big big sannyasis, tapasvis, and jnanis.

Text 68

"But, O my son, they will not talk about Lord Krishna. They will not glorify Lord Krishna. Instead, at every moment they insult Lord Krishna.

Text 69

"The sinners hear their words and accept them. In that way the people do not think us as good as blades of straw.

Text 70

"O my son, for this reason our bodies burn with pain: We do not anywhere hear the chanting of Lord Krishna's names.

Text 71

"Lord Krishna is now merciful to us, for He has made You walk on the path of devotional service.

Text 72

"Because of You the materialists and offenders will perish. This we know in our hearts.

Text 73

"May You live long. May You always chant Krishna's name. May You manifest Lord Krishna's glories in this world."

Text 74

The Lord placed the devotees' blessings on His head, for a devotee's blessing makes one attain devotion to Lord Krishna.

Text 75

Hearing of the devotees' sufferings, in His heart Lord Chaitanya decided to reveal Himself at once.

Text 76

The Lord said, "You are all very dear to Lord Krishna. Whatever you say will certainly be.

Text 77

"Because of your kind words, My life is now glorious. Time has not the power to devour you.

Text 78

"Who are these sinners, these offenders, these people like ashes? Please continue happily singing the names of Lord Krishnacandra.

Text 79

The Lord cannot bear to see the devotees suffer. That is why He repeatedly descends to this world and associates with them.

Text 80

The Lord said, "This I know: You will bring Lord Krishnacandra to this world, and He will bring the bliss of Vaikuntha to Navadvipa.

Text 81

"Because of you the entire world will be delivered. You will make Lord Krishna descend to this world.

Text 82

"Please know that I am always your servant. Please bless Me by saying, `We will never leave You'."

Text 83

Lord Chaitanya touched the dust of the devotees' feet. Many times they blessed Him.

Text 84

After bathing in the Ganga, everyone returned to their homes. As He walked home, Lord Chaitanya smiled in His heart.

Text 85

Hearing of the devotees' sufferings, the Lord became very angry at the materialists and offenders.

Text 86

"I will kill them all!", He roared. "I am He! I am He!", He said again and again.

Text 87

One moment He laughed. Another moment He wept. Another moment He fell unconscious. Another moment, when He saw Goddess Lakshmi, He tried to strike her.

Text 88

In this way the Lord was rapt in a trance, thinking of Himself as a Vaishnava. Saci did not know what kind of disease this was.

Text 89

Saci did not know anything but love for her son. She told everyone of Lord Chaitanya's activities.

Text 90

She said, "The creator took away my husband. He took away a son. He left me with only one kinsman.

Text 91

"I do not know what has come over my son's mind. One moment He laughs. Another moment He weeps. Another moment He falls unconscious.

Text 92

"Sometimes He talks to Himself. Sometimes He says, `I will break them! I will break the offenders' heads!'

Text 93

"Sometimes He climbs a tree's branches, does not keep His eyes open, and then falls to the ground.

Text 94

"Sometimes He grinds His teeth. Sometimes He slaps His thighs. Sometimes He rolls about on the ground. He does not say a word to explain all this."

Text 95

The people did not see that these were symptoms of ecstati love for Krishna. Thinking these actions were caused by a disorder of the life airs, the people said she should tie up the Lord.

Text 96

Hearing these words form Saci's mouth, the people went to see for themselves. Concluding that it was a disorder of the life airs, they laughed, and ran away.

Text 97

Mother Saci ran after them, grabbed them, and brought them back. The people said, "The purva air has given birth to this condition."

Text 98

Someone said, "You are only a foolish brahmana's wife. Why do you even ask about this?

Text 99

"The purva air has given birth to this condition in His body. Bind His feet and keep Him at home.

Text 100

"Give Him coconut milk. Then the air that causes this madness will not be strong."

Text 101

Someone else said, "What will a little weak medicine do? You must give Him siva ghee. That will cure the disorder of His life airs.

Text 102

"Place paka oil on His head and bathe Him. Then His madness will not be strong."


Text 103

Supremely kind and geenrous Saci is the mother of all the worlds. When the people heard her complaint, they spoke these words to her.

Text 104

Very worried, Mother Saci did not know what to do. She surrendered her body, mind, and words to Lord Krishna. She took shelter of Him.

Text 105

She sent messengers with letters to Shrivasa and the other Vaishnavas.

Text 106

One day Shrivasa Pandita came. Lord Chaitanya attentively stood up and then bowed down before him.

Text 107

Seeing a devotee, Lord Chaitanya became overwhelmed with ecstati love. He wept and trembled. The hairs of His body stood erect.

Text 108

Seeing His devotee begin to circumambulate Tulasi-devi, Lord Chaitanya at once fell unconscious.

Text 109

After a few moments the Lord became conscious again. Now He wept and trembled. He would not stay still.

Text 110

Seeing these ownders, Shrivasa thought in his heart, "These are the signs of ecstati devotional love. Who would say this is a disorder of the life air?"

Text 111

Returning to external consciousness, Lord Chaitanya said to Shrivasa Pandita, "O Pandita, what do you think is the cause of My condition?

Text 112

"Some people say My vital airs are in disarray and I should be tied up. O Pandita, in your heart what do you think is happening to Me."

Text 113

Smiling, Shrivasa Pandita said, "Your madness is a good madness. I wish I could be mad the way You are.

Text 114

"I see on Your body the signs of ecstati love of Krishna. Lord Krishna is very merciful to You."

Text 115

Hearing this from Shrivasa's mouth, the Lord happily embraced Shrivasa.

Text 116

The Lord said, "Everyone says that My life airs are in disarray. You have given Me great hope. Now My life has become glorious.

Text 117

"If you had also said that My life airs were in disarray, then I would have drowned Myself in the Ganga."

Text 118

Shrivasa said, "Brahma, Siva, Sanaka-kumara, and all the sages and demigods yearn to attain the love for Krishna that You possess.

Text 119

"Let us gather and chant the holy names of the Lord. Why should the sinners and offenders not say what they like?"

Text 120

Then Shrivasa spoke these words to Saci, "Please break into pieces all the worries in your heart.

Text 121

"His life airs are not in disarray. I say He has great devotion for Lord Krishna. These other people don't know what is the truth.

Text 122

"If you see these great secrets of love for Lord Krishna, you should not describe them to the ordinary people."

Text 123

After speaking these words, Shrivasa went home. Saci took the idea of the life airs in disarray and threw it far away from her heart.

Text 124

Still, Saci was unhappy at heart. In her heart she feared, "My son will go away."

Text 125

In this way Lord Chaitanya enjoyed pastimes. If He does not reveal the truth about Himself, who has the power to understand Him?

Text 126

One day, accompanied by Gadadhara, Lord Chaitanya happily went to see Advaita Acarya.

Text 127

Lord Chaitanya and Gadadhara Pandita saw Advaita was sitting down and offering tulasi leaves and water to the Deity.

Text 128

Waving His arms, Lord Advaita called out "Hari! Hari!" One moment He laughed. Another moment He wept. He completely forgot Himself.

Text 129

He roared like a maddened lion. His eyes were full of anger. It was as if He were an incarnation of Lord Siva.

Text 130

Simply by seeing Advaita, Lord Chaitanya fell, unconscious, to the ground.

Text 131

Lord Advaita was very powerful in devotional service. He understood, "He is the Lord of My life."

Text 132

In His heart Advaita thought, "Today I have captured You. For so many days You traveled here and there cheating people.

Text 133

"You will not cheat Advaita. Now I will cheat the cheater."

Text 134

Aware that the time to cheat the cheater had come, Advaita prepared all the articles of worship.

Text 135

Bringing padya, arghya, acamana water, Advaita Acarya worshiped Lord Chaitanya's feet.

Text 136

Bowing down and offering fragrances, flowers, incense, and lamps to Lord Chaitanya's feet, again and again Advaita recited this verse:



Text 137

namo brahmanya-devaya

†††† go-brahmana-hitaya ca

jagad-dhitaya krishnaya

†††† govindaya namo namah


†††† "Let me offer respectful obeisances unto Lord Krishna, who is the worshipable Deity for all brahminical men, who is the well-wisher of cows and brahmanas, and who is always benefiting the whole world. I offer my repeated obeisances to the Personality of Godhead, known as Krishna and Govinda."*


Text 138

Reciting this verse, again and again Advaita bowed down ‚efore the Lord's feet. Recognizing His Lord, He wept.

Text 139

With the tears from His eyes He washed the Lord's feet. Folding His hands, He offered dandavat obeisances before the Lord's feet.

Text 140

Biting his tongue, smiling Gadadhara said, "My Lord, You should treat a boy like that."

Text 141

Laughing at Gadadhara's words, Advaita said, "Gadadhara, for how many days will you continue to think He is just a boy?"

Text 142

Surprised, Gadadhara thought within his heart, "I think He is like the Supreme Personality of Godhead Himself descended to this world."

Text 143

After some moments Lord Chaitanya returned to external consciousness. Then He saw that Advaita Acarya was rapt in an ecstati trance.

Text 144

Lord Chaitanya kept His true identity hidden. Still, folding His hands, Advaita offered prayers.

Text 145

Bowing down, He touched the dust of the Lord's feet. He offered His body to the Lord.

Text 146

He said, "O Lord, please be merciful to Me. I am Yours. Please know this without doubt.

Text 147

"By seeing You, I have become fortunate. Please be merciful to Me, so the holy name of Lord Krishna will be manifested within Me.

Text 148

"You have the power to break the bonds of repeated birth and death. Lord Krishna is always present in Your heart.

Text 149

The Supreme Lord knows very well how to glorify His devotee. As the devotee glorifies Him, so He glorifies His devotee.

Text 150

In His heart, Advaita thought, "With this opulent worship I have now cheated the cheater."

Text 151

Laughing, Advaita said, "O Visvambhara, to Me, You are the greatest of all.

Text 152

"Please stay here and happily talk about Lord Krishna. Then I will see You always.

Text 153

"All the Vaishnavas desire to see You and to chant Lord Krishna's names in Your company."

Text 154

Hearing Advaita's words, Lord Chaitanya happily accepted them. The Lord then went home.

Text 155

Advaita thought, "Perhaps the Supreme Lord has appeared in this world. I will go to Santipura to test if that is true.

Text 156

"If it is true that He is the Supreme Lord and I am His servant, then He will bind Me with ropes and drag Me to Him."

Text 157

Who has the power to understand Advaita's heart? By His power Lord Chaitanya descended to this world.

Text 158

Please know without doubt that anyone who has no faith in these words will fall down.

Text 159

Accomapnied by all the Vaishnavas, Lord Chaitanya performed sankirtana day after day.

Text 160

Seeing Lord Chaitanya, everyone became blissful. Still, no one could see that Lord Chaitanya was the Supreme Lord.

Text 161

Seeing the Lord's very wonderful ecstati trances, everyone began to doubt in their hearts.

Text 162

Who can describe the Lord's ecstati trances? Only Lord Ananta Sesha can describe them.

Text 163

When Lord Chaitanya trembled, a hundred men could not hold Him still. From His eyes flowed hundreds and hundreds of rivers of tears.

Text 164

His bodily hairs standing erect, His body was like a golden panasa fruit. Moment after moment He happily laughed aloud.

Text 165

Sometimes He would fall into an ecstati trance for three hours. Returning to external consciousness, He would say nothing but "Krishna!"

Text 166

Ears would burst to hear His roar. Still, he was merciful to the devotees. He delivered them from the material world.

Text 167

One moment His limbs would be stiff like pillars. Another moment they would be soft like butter.

Text 168

Seeing these wonders, no devotee thought Lord Chaitanya could be a human being.

Text 169

Someone said, "He must be a partial incarnation of the Supreme Lord."Someone else said, "Lord Krishna enjoys pastimes in His body."

Text 170

Someone else said, "Perhaps He is Sukadeva, or Prahlada, or Narada." Someone else said, "I think He will break all calamities."

Text 171

The devotees' wives said, "He is Lord Krishna, taken birth among us."

Text 172

Someone else said, "I think He is an incarnation of the Supreme Lord." In this way each person expressed the opinion in his heart.

Text 173

When Lord Chaitanya returned to external consciousness, everyone embraced Him. No one has the power to describe how He wept.

Text 174

The Lord recited this verse of Krishna-karnamrita (41,:


amuny adhanyani dinantarani

†††† hare tvad-alokanam antarena

anatha-bandho karunaika-sindho

†††† ha hanta ha hanta katham nayami


†††† "O My Lord, O Supreme Personality of Godhead, O friend of the helpless! You are the only ocean of mercy! Because I have not met You, My inauspicious days and nights have become unbearable. I do not know how I shall pass the time."*


Text 175

"Where will I go to find the flutist Krishna?", the Lord asked. He sighed and wept.

Text 176

Staying with His close friends, the Lord said, I will tell you of My sufferings."

Text 177

The Lord said, "My sufferings have no end. I found and then I lost the Krishna who is My life."

Text 178

Everyone was very happy to hear this secret. Full of faith in His words, they sat on four sides around Him.

Text 179

The Lord said, "There is a village called Kanai-natasala (the dancing place of Lord Krishna). Returning from Gaya, I saw that place.

Text 180

"In that place was a handsome boy dark like a tamala tree. His charming hair was decorated with new gunja.

Text 181

"Above that was a splendid peacock feather. He wore a necklace of glistening jewels. I have no power to describe Him.

Text 182

"In His hands He held a very beautiful flute. Very charming anklets decorated His feet.

Text 183

"Decorated with jewel ornaments, His arms defeated sapphire pillars. The Shrivatsa mark, the Kaustubha jewel, and a great jewel-necklace all shone on His chest.

Text 184

"How can I describe His yellow garments, shark earrings, and lotus eyes?

Text 185

"Smiling and smiling, He approached Me. He embraced Me, and then He ran away."

Text 186

Without first attaining His mercy, who has the power to understand these words of Lord Chaitanya?

Text 187

Speaking and speaking, Lord Chaitanya fell unconscious. Saying, "O Krishna!", He fell to the ground.

Text 188

There was a great commotion. Everyone chanted, "Krishna! Krishna!" Holding the Lord still, they wiped the dust from His feet.

Text 189

First the Lord was peaceful. Then He would not be peaceful. Calling out, "Where is Krishna? Where is Krishna?", He wept.

Text 190

A moment later He would be peaceful again. He was naturally very humble and meek.

Text 191

Hearing the Lord talk about devotional service, everyone became very happy at heart.

Text 192

Everyone said, "O Lord, we must have performed many pious deeds that now we are fortunate to have Your association.

Text 193

"To a person who has attained Your association, of what value is even the world of Vaikuntha? A sesame seed's worth of association with You bears the fruit of pure devotional service.

Text 194

"We are all protected by You. Please become our leader in chanting the holy names.

Text 195

"With Your tears of love please cool our bodies burned by the words of the offenders."

Text 196

After happily speaking words of encouragement to everyone, the Lord, walking like a maddened lion, returned to His home.


Text 197

At home the Lord did not act like an ordinary person. He was always in an ecstati trance.

Text 198

How many streams of bliss flowed from His graceful eyes? The Ganga that was born from His feet now flows over His face.

Text 199

"Where is Krishna? Where is Krishna?" were the only words the Lord spoke. He spoke nothing but this question.

Text 200

Seeing a Vaishnava, the Lord would ask him, "Where is Krishna?"

Text 201

Saying this, the Lord would weep greatly. Understanding, the devotees would try to comfort Him.

Text 202

One day Gadadhara, carrying some betelnuts, happily came before the Lord.

Text 203

Seeing Gadadhara, the Lord asked him, "Where is dark Krishna, who wears yellow garments?"

Text 204

Seeing the Lord's sufferings, everyone thought their hearts were breaking. If someone tried to answer, he found no words would come.

Text 205

Saintly Gadadhara respectfully said, "Lord Krishna is always in Your heart."

Text 206

Hearing the words "Krishna is always in Your heart", Lord Chaitanya tried to rip apart His chest with His fingernails.

Text 207

There was a great commotion. Gadadhara grabbed the Lord's hands and, speaking many words, somehow pacified Him.

†††† 208-Text 209

"Krishna will come. Please be peaceful at heart", Gadadhara said. Seeing all this, Mother Saci became very pleased with Gadadhara. She thought, "I have not seen anyone intelligent like this boy.

Text 210

"Afrain, I will not even approach my son. This boy pacifies Him very easily."

Text 211

Mother Saci said to Gadadhara, "My son, please stay here always. Please don't leave us and go somewhere else."

Text 212

Seeing the Lord's wonderful ecstasy of love, Mother Saci thought about her son. No other thoughts came in her heart.

Text 213

In her heart Mother Saci thought, "He is not a human being. What kind of human being can make flooding rivers of tears flow His eyes?

Text 214

"I do not know what exalted person He is." Afraid, Mother Saci would not come before the Lord.

Text 215

At sunset the devotees gathered, one by one, at the Lord's house.

Text 216

With great devotion Shri Mukunda-Sanjaya read verses aloud.

Text 217

Hearing saintly Mukunda's splendid voice, Lord Chaitanya, the jewel of the brahmanas, entered an ecstati trance.

Text 218

"Haribol!", Lord Chaitanya roared, filling the four directions. Then the Lord fell to the ground. No one could hold Him still.

Text 219

The Lord manifested fear, laughter, trembling, perspiring, roaring, and standing up of the body's hairs. He manifested all the symptoms of ecstasy simultaneously.

Text 220

Seeing these wonders, the devotees happily sang the holy names. Nothing checked the Lord's ecstasy.

Text 221

In this way the night passed like a moment. At sunrise the Lord somehow returned to external consciousness.

Text 222

Day and night, in this way Saci's sun always chanted the holy names in His home.

Text 223

In this way Lord Chaitanya began the sankirtana movement. Seeing this, the devotees found that their sufferings perished.

Text 224

Saci's son roared, "Haribol!" In home after home, the materialists and offenders woke up.

Text 225

Their happy sleep broken, the materialists became angry. They felt frustrated.

Text 226

Someone said, "What kind of madness has come over these people?" Someone else said, "We cannot even sleep at night!"

Text 227

Someone else said, "All this screaming will anger God. Then all these people will perish."

Text 228

Someone else said, "Shunning philosophy, they have become very arrogant."

Text 229

Someone else said, "What are they singing about? Who knows? This is a conspiracy planned by the brahmana Shrivasa.

Text 230

"Just so they can eat, those four brothers get together and scream "Krishna!" They are all madmen.

Text 231

"Does one earn no piety by chanting in the mind? How does one earn piety by screaming?"

Text 232

Someone else said, "O my brothers, Shrivasa has gone mad. He will ruin the whole country.

Text 233

"Today I heard in the royal court that the king ordered tow boats to come here.

Text 234

"They will arrest anyone they hear singing the holy names in Nadiya. That was the king's order.

Text 235

"Shrivasa Pandita will then run away and allof us will be destroyed.

Text 236

"I already told you, `Throw Shrivasa's house into the Ganga!'

Text 237

"You thought I was only joking. Now you will see how we are all destroyed."

Text 238

Someone else said, "Why should the calamity fall on us? We will tie up Shrivasa and hand him over."

Text 239

In town after town the talk spread: "The king will arrest the Vaishnavas."

Text 240

Hearing this talk, the Vaishnavas said, "We will remember Lord Krishna. He will save us from this danger.

Text 241

"Whatever Lord Krishnacandra wills, that will happen. Why should these degraded people frighten us while our Lord is present?"

Text 242

Shrivasa Pandita was very kind and generous. When he heard this talk he believed it was true.

Text 243

Seeing the Muslim king, Shrivasa became afraid at heart. Lord Chaitanya knew the devotees' hearts.

Text 244

The devotees did not understand that the Supreme Lord had descended in their midst. Now Saci's son began to reveal the truth to them.

Text 245

Lord Chaitanya, more handsome than Kamadeva and with no rival anywhere in the three worlds, fearlessly walked about.

Text 246

His every lim‚ was anointed with fragrant sandal paste. His lips were red. His eyes were lotus flowers.

Text 247

His hair was curly. His face was a full moon. A sacred thread decorated His shoulder. His form was charming.

Text 248

His garments were splendid. Betelnuts were on His lips. He happily walked by the Ganga's bank.

Text 249

When pious people saw Him they became happy. When materialists and offenders saw Him, they became morose.

Text 250

Someone said, "He must have heard of the danger. Still He has no fear. He walks about town as if He were a prince."

Text 251

Someone else said, "O my brother, I know what is happening. What you see is all a trick to escape."

Text 252

Lord Chaitanya fearlessly looked in the four directions. He looked at the Ganga's beauty and the riverbank's beauty.

Text 253

Walking by the riverbank, He saw a herd of cows. They were mooing and drinking water.

Text 254

With raised tails some ran in the four directions. Some fought. Some napped. Some drank water.

Text 255

Seeing them, the Lord began to roar. "I am He! I am He!", He shouted again and again.

Text 256

In this way He ran to Shrivasa's house. "Shrivasa, what are you doing now?", the Lord bellowed.

Text 257

Within his home, Shrivasa was worshiping Lord Nrisimha. Pounding again and again, Lord Chaitanya broke the door open.

Text 258

"Whom do you worship? On whom do you meditate? Look! The person you worship has come!", He roared.

Text 259

Shrivasa saw a form like blazing fire, Then his meditation broke. He looked in the four directions.

Text 260

He saw Lord Chaitanya sitting in a virasana yoga posture. Lord Chaitanya had four arms. He held a conchshell, cakra, club, and lotus.

Text 261

He roared like a maddened lion. Slapping the palm of His hand against His left shoulder, He made a great sound.

Text 262

Seeing all this, Shrivasa trembled. Then he bnecame stunned. He did not move.

Text 263

The Lord roared, "O Shrivasa! For so many days you did not know My true identity?

Text 264

"Because of your loud sankirtana I left Vaikuntha and came here with all My associates.

Text 265

"Not knowing Me, You left Me and went to Sastipura.

Text 266

"I will rescue the devotees. I will kill all the demons. Don't worry. Now recite prayers to Me."

Text 267

Gazing at the Lord, Shrivasa wept tears of love. The fears in his heart died. Now He was confident.

Text 268

His whole body was filled with joy. He offered dandavat obeisances. Then, folding his hands, he recited prayers.

Text 269

By his nature, Shrivasa Pandita was a great devotee of the Lord. He accepted the Lord's order. By the Lord's desire, he recited prayers.

Text 270

He began his prayers by quoting a verse from Shrimad-Bhagavatam (10.14.1), a verse where demigod Brahma, his illusion was dispelled, said:


Text 271

naumidya te 'bhra-vapushe tadid-ambaraya

†††† gunjavatamsa-paripiccha-lasan-mukhaya

vanya-sraje kavala-netra-vishana-venu-

†††† lakshma-shriye mridu-pade pasupangajaya


†††† "My dear Lord, You are the only worshipful Supreme Lord, Personality of Godhead. Therefore I am offering my humble obeisances and prayers just to please You. Your bodily features are of the color of clouds filled with water. You are glittering with a silver electri aura emanating from Your yellow garments.*

†††† "Let me offer my respectful repeated obeisances unto the son of Maharaja Nanda, who is standing before me with conchshell, earrings, and a peacock feather on His head. His face is beautiful. He is wearing a helmet, garlanded with forest flowers, and He stands with a morsel of food in His hand. He is decorated with cane and bugle, and He carries a buffalo-horn and flute. He stands before me with small lotus feet."*


Text 272

Then Shrivasa said, "I offer my respectful obeisances unto the feet of Lord Visvambhara. He is dark like a monsoon cloud. He wears yellow garments.

Text 273

"I offer my respectful obeisances to the feet of Saci's son. He is decorated with a peacock feather and a necklace of new gunja.

Text 274

"I offer my respectful obeisances to the feet of Ganga dasa's student. He wears a garland of forest flowers. He holds rice and yogurt in His hand.

Text 275

"I offer my respectful obeisances to the feet of Jagannatha Misra's son. His face and form are more glorious than millions of moons.

Text 276

"You are the same Supreme Lord who carried a buffalo-horn bugle, a flute, and a cane. O my Lord, I offer my respectful obeisances to Your feet.

Text 277

"You are the same person the four Vedas call, `the son of Maharaja Nanda'. O Lord, I offer my respectful obeisances to Your feet.

Text 278

After reciting Brahma's prayer, Shrivasa offered his own prayers to the Lord's feet. Then the following prayers appeared on Shrivasa's mouth:

Text 279

"You are Vishnu. You are Krishna. You are the master of all yajnas. The most sacred Ganga is the water that has washed Your feet.

Text 280

"You are Ramacandra, the life of Sita. You are Nrisimha. Brahma, Siva, and all the demigods are bumblebees attracted to Your feet.

Text 281

"You are known by study of Vedanta. You are Narayana. You are Vamana, who cheated Maharaja Bali.

Text 282

"You are Hayagriva. You are the life of the worlds. You are the moon of Nilacala. You are the origin of everything.

Text 283

"Who is not broken by Your maya? Even Goddess Lakshmi, who stays always with You, has no power to understand You.

Text 284

"Your brothers, friends, and companions all serve You in every way. What, then, can be said of others, of persons bewildered by false pride, persons who think themselves masters?

Text 285

"Disguised as a householder, You bewildered me. I did not know who You are. My birth was very lowly.

Text 286

"Displaying many illusions, You cheated me. You washed my garments, folded my dhoti, and served me in many ways.

Text 287

"I am no longer afraid. O master of my life, please hear my words: You are my Lord. Now You have come before my eyes.

Text 288

"Today all my sufferings are destroyed. On this day You have appeared before me.

Text 289

"Today my birth and all my deeds have borne fruit. Today all auspiciousness has come before me.

Text 290

"Today my ancestors are delivered. Today my home has become glorious.

Text 291

"Today my eyes have become fortunate without limit. Today I gaze on You, the Supreme Lord whose feet Goddess Lakshmi serves."

Text 292

Speaking these words, Shrivasa Pandita entered an ecstati trance. Raising his arms, he wept and sighed.

Text 293

Gazing at Lord Chaitanya's wonderful form, fortunate Shrivasa rolled on the ground.

Text 294

Wonderful happiness entered Shrivasa's body. The brahmana Shrivasa drowned in an ocean of bliss.

Text 295

Smiling, the Lord heard Shrivasa's prayers. Then the merciful Lord said to Shrivasa,

Text 296

"Bring your wife, children and the others in your house. They should see My form.

Text 297

"You and your wife should worship My feet. You may ask a boon, whatever you desire in your heart."

Text 298

Accepting the Lord's order, Shrivasa Pandita quickly came with all his associates.

Text 299

To Lord Chaitanya's feet he offered all the flowers intended for Lord Vishnu's worship.

Text 300

Accompanied by his wife, with fragrances, flowers, incense, and lamps the brahmana worshiped the Lord's graceful feet and wept.

Text 301

Accompanied by his brothers, wife, servants, maidservants, and everyone else, Shrivasa fell down before the Lord's feet and spoke prayers in a voice choked with emotion.

Text 302

Filled with love for Shrivasa, Lord Chaitanya placed His feet on the heads of all.

Text 303

Unseen, the Lord touched the heads of all. Smiling, He said, "May your thoughts always rest in Me."

Text 304

Roaring, Lord Chaitanya called for Shrivasa.

Text 305

He said, "O Shrivasa! Is there some fear in your heart? I hear that the king's boats have come to capture you.

Text 306

"I control the many spirit souls who reside in the countless material universes. I push them to action.

Text 307

"Only if I, residing the king's body, give him the order will the king say that you should be captured.

Text 308

"If I do not give him the order, but he acts independently, then I will look for something else.

Text 309

"I will be the first to go on the boat. There I will approach the king.

Text 310

"Will the king remain on his throne after he sees Me? I will bewilder him and bring him down from his throne.

Text 311

"If he does not become bewildered, then he may ask Me questions. Please hear My plan. I will describe it.

Text 312

"I will say, `Listen. Listen, O king. Please learn what is true and what is false. Please assemble all the mullahs and kazis.

Text 313

" `O king, please bring all the elephants, horses, animals, and birds to your court.

Text 314

" `Order all the kazis to read aloud from your scriptures and inspire everyone to weep.'

Text 315

"If they have no power to do that, then I will reveal Myself to the king.

Text 316

" I will tell him, `On the word of these men you have forbidden sankirtana. You have seen the little power they possess.

Text 317

" `With your own eyes you will see My power.' Then I will capture a mad elephant and bring it here.

Text 318

"I will bring many elephants, horses, animals, and birds. I will make them chant `Krishna!' and I will make them weep.

Text 319

"Then I will make the king and his followers also chant `Krishna!', and I will make them weep also.

Text 320

"If in your heart you don't believe Me, then I will show you. You will see with your own eyes."

Text 321

The Lord saw Shriva'sa's young niece, who was named Narayani.

Text 322

Even today among the Vaishnavas it is said, "Narayani was the object of Lord Chaitanya's mercy.

Text 323

Then Lord Chaitanyacandra, who is the Supersoul in all living beings, gave this order: "Narayani! Chant `Krishna!' and weep."

Text 324

Then four-year old Narayani acted with wild abandon. She called out, "O Krishna!" and she wept. She was not aware of the external world.

Text 325

Streams of tears flowed over her limbs and fell to the ground. Her eyes were filled with tears.

Text 326

Smiling and smiling, Lord Chaitanya said, "Have your fears died?"

Text 327

Eloquent Shrivasa understood everything. Throwing his arms in the air, he told the Lord,

†††† 328-Text 329

"When Your formm of time destroys the entire creation, I will chant Your name and I will not be afraid. Now that You are here in my house, why should I be afraid?

Text 330

When he had spoken these words, Shrivasa Pandita and his associates entered an ecstati trance. There they saw the Lord's form.

Text 331

Shrivasa and his servants and maidservants gazed at the Lord's form, a form even the four Vedas yearn to see.

Text 332

How will I describe the glorious activities of Shrivasa, the dust of whose feet purifies the world?

†††† 333-Text 334

As Lord Krishna appeared in Vasudeva's home, but enjoyed pastimes in Nanda's home, so Lord Chaitanya appeared in Jagannatha Misra's home, but enjoyed pastimes in Shrivasa Pandita's home.

Text 335

Shrivasa Pandita was dear to all the Vaishnavas. All who came to his home became happy.

Text 336

Shrivasa's servants and maidservants happily gazed at the Supreme Lord, whom the Vedas glorify with prayers in their mouths.

Text 337

By serving a Vaishnava one attains the supreme goal. By a Vaishnava's mercy one meets Lord Krishna. That becomes inevitable.

Text 338

Lord Chaitanya ordered Shrivasa, "Don't tell anyone about this."

Text 339

Regaining external consciousness, Lord Chaitanya became embarrassed at heart. He reassured Shrivasa and then He returned home.

Text 340

Shrivasa Pandita and his wife, brothers, servants, and maidservants were all filled with happiness.

Text 341

Anyone who hears the prayers Shrivasa spoke when he saw the Lord's form will become a servant of Lord Krishna.

Text 342

Lord Balarama, who stays in my heart as the Supersoul, has ordered me to sing of Lord Chaitanya's pastimes.

Text 343

I bow down before the feet of the Vaishnavas. I pray that Lord Balarama may be my master birth after birth.

Text 344

As "Narasimha" and "Yadusimha" (the lion of the Yadavas, are two names for the same person, so "Nityananda" and "Balarama" are two names for the same person. This I know.

Text 345

I sing the glories of Lord Nityananda. who is known as "Avadhutacandra" (the moon of avadhutas), who is Lord Balarama Himself, and who is dear to Lord Chaitanya.

Text 346

O my brothers, with a single mind please hear this Madhya-khanda. Hearing this Madhya-khanda is like performing sankirtana for one year.

Text 347

The two moons Shri Krishna Chaitanya and Shri Nityananda are my life and soul. I, Vrindavana dasa, sing the glories of Their feet.