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Chapter Nineteen

Shri Advaita-grihe vilasa-varnana


Description of Pastimes in Lord Advaita's Home


Text 1 O Lord Chaitanya, O master of all the Vaishnavas, glory to You! O Lord, please give the conditioned souls the gift of devotional service. Please accept them as Your own devotees.

Text 2 In this way Lord Chaitanya enjoyed pastimes in Navadvipa. Still, His pastimes were not visible to the eyes of everyone.

Text 3 In home after home He enjoyed pastimes with Nityananda, Gadadhara, and the other devotees.

Text 4 The devotees became filled with spiritual bliss given them by the Lord. They saw all the worlds were filled with Lord Krishna's presence.

Text 5 They were always rapt in the ecstasy of love for Lord Krishna. They were never in external consciousness. Sankirtana was their only activity. They did nothing else.

Text 6 Lord Advaita was the most wild of all the devotees. No one understood the fathomless deep meaning of His activities.

Text 7 Only by Lord Chaitanya's mercy can one understand Advaita Acarya, who is Lord Chaitanya's great devotee and is thr master of Santipura.

Text 8 When He returned to external consciousness, Lord Chaitanya devotedly served the Vaishnavas. Especially He served Advaita Acarya.

Text 9 At this Advaita Acarya was very unhappy. In His thoughts He made sounds like thunder. In His heart He was not happy.

Text 10

He thought, "This thief always cheats and mocks Me. Renouncing His position as the Supreme Master, He grasps My feet.

Text 11

"The Lord is very powerful. I have no power against Him. He forcibly takes the dust of My feet.

Text 12

"The power of devotional service is My only recourse. Without engaging in devotional service no one can understand Lord Chaitanya.

Text 13

"When I break apart material illusion and crush it into powder, the people call Me, `Advaita, the lion'.

Text 14

"This thief defeated Bhrigu Muni. I will gather hundreds and hundreds of disciples like Bhrigu.

Text 15

"Then great anger will take birth in the Lord's body. With His own hand the Lord will punish Me.

Text 16

"The Lord descended to this world to teach devotional service. I will not give any importance to devotional service. That I will teach.

Text 17

"When I say that devotional service is not important, the Lord will forget Himself with anger. Then the Lord will gra‚ Me by the hair and punish Me."

Text 18

Thinking in this way, Advaita became very happy. Accompanied by Haridasa, Advaita went on a journey.

Text 19

To execute His plan, He went to His home in Santipura. To further the plan of His heart, He began to study.

Text 20

Rapt in ecstati love, He became like a wild man. Preaching the philosophy of impersonalism, He began to give lectures on the book Yoga-vasishtha.

Text 21

He said, "Without first accepting the philosophy of impersonalism, devotion to Lord Vishnu has no power. Impersonalism is the life of all spiritual activity. Impersonalism has all spiritual power.

Text 22

"Not understanding the truth of impersonalism, people leave the wealth they have at home and go to the forest.

Text 23

"Devotion to Lord Vishnu is a mirror, and impersonal philosophy is a pair of eyes. How can a man without eyes look in a mirror?

Text 24

"I have studied all the scriptures from beginning to end. In this way I have understood that impersonalism alone is the true teaching of the scriptures."

Text 25

Haridasa understood Advaita's actions very well. Hearing these explanations, Haridasa laughed very, very, very loudly.

Text 26

Advaita Acarya's actions are inconceivable. No one can plum‚ their depths. Pious persons think His actions are good. Impious persons think they are bad.

Text 27

Lord Chaitanya, who is like a kalpa-vriksha tree that fulfills all desires, in His heart understood Advaita's desire.

Text 28

One day Lord Chaitanya happily walked in the town. Accompanied by Lord Nityananda, He looked at the world He had created.

Text 29

Concluding that his work was good, the demigod Brahma thought in his heart, "With His own eyes the Supreme Lord looks at my craftsmanship."

Text 30

Like two moons, the two Lords walked about. To the extent that they possessed humbleness and devotion, the people were able to see the two Lord.

Text 31

Staying in the sky, the demigods saw everything. In their hearts they thought the two Lords were two moons.

Text 32

Thinking the two Lords were moons, the demigods mistook their worlds for the earth and the earth for Svargaloka.

Text 33

The idea that they were human beings took birth among them. The effulgence of the two moons convinced them that the human beings must be demigods.

Text 34

Gazing at the two moons, they said, "In Svargaloka there never were two moons."

Text 35

One demigod said, "Please hear my words. One of Them is the original moon. The other is a reflection."


Text 36

Another demigod said, "I think that we are fortunate, for Lord Narayana has created two moons for us."

Text 37

Another demigod said, "Father and son often look alike. I think one of these is the moon, and the other is the moon's son Mars."

Text 38

Even the Vedas cannot understand the truth of the Lord's form. Therefore it is not surprising that the demigods were so bewildered.

Text 39

In this way Lord Chaitanya and Lord Nityananda walked about the town.

Text 40

Lord Chaitanya said to Lord Nityananda, "Let Us visit Advaita Acarya's home in Santipura."

Text 41

Happy and playful, the two Lords walked on the path to Advaita Acarya's home.

Text 42

Half way on the path to Santipura, near the Ganga, They came to a village called Lalitapura.

Text 43

In this village lived a householder-sannyasi. His house was by the path near the Ganga.

Text 44

Lord Chaitanya asked Lord Nityananda, "Whose house is this, and who lives here? Please tell."

Text 45

Lord Nityananda replied, "This is a sannyasi's home." Lord Chaitanya said, "If We are fortunate, We may see him."

Text 46

Smiling and laughing, the two Lords went to the sannyasi's house. Lord Chaitanya offered obeisances tothe sannyasi.

††† Texts Texts 47-48

Gazing at the charming forms, blossoming faces, and graceful limbs of the two brahmana's sons, the sannyasi happily offered many blessings. "May You have wealth, fame, a good marriage, and great learning," he said.

Text 49

Then Lord Chaitanya said, "A true sannyasi does not give a blessing like that. A true sannyasi will say, `May you atatin Lord Krishna's mercy.'

Text 50

"Devotion to Lord Vishnu is the true blessing. It is eternal and can never be lost. That blessing a true sannyasi will give. What you said is not right."

Text 51

Laughing, the sannyasi said, "Today I have found the proof of what I heard before.

Text 52

"A person who speaks sweet words will find himself beaten with sticks. This brahmana's son acts like that.

Text 53

"I cheerfully blessed Him that He will become wealthy. What has happened to the good deed I just did? What fault is there on my part?"

Text 54

The sannyasi continued, "Listen, brahmana boy. Why do You criticize my blessing?

††† Texts Texts 55-56

"If a person born in this world does not enjoy pastimes with beautiful amorous women, and does not have any welath, then what is he doing with his life? I give You the blessing to become wealthy, and You only become embarrassed to receive it!

Text 57

"You may be a devotee of Lord Vishnu, but how do You maintain Your body without money? Tell me that."

Text 58

Hearing the sannyasi's words, Lord Chaitanya laughed. Lifting His graceful hand, He placed it to His forehead.

Text 59

By these actions Lord Chaitanya taught everyone: One should not desire anything but devotional service.

Text 60

Lord Chaitanya said, "Please listen. Listen, O sannyasi-gosvami. It is because of his past karma that a living being eats food and encounters various situations.

Text 61

"If the purpose of life in this world is to enjoy wealth and family, then please tell Me: Why are wealth and family always taken away at death?

Text 62

"No one desires disease. Why do diseases torture our bodies?

Text 63

"Listen. Listen, O sannyasi-gosvami. The reason for all this is karma. A person who is wise understands the heart of all this.

Text 64

"Someone may claim that the Vedas teach how to ascend to Svargaloka. This teaching is an example of the Veda's mercy to fools.

Text 65

"Most people are happy to enjoy material sense pleasures. Knowing the people's heart, the Vedas speak about Svargaloka. Are the Vedas are not at fault for this?

Text 66

"Hearing the Vedas say, `By bathing in the Ganga and chanting the holy name of Lord Hari one attains wealth and happy family life', the people follow.

Text 67

"However, by the power of bathing in the Ganga and chanting the holy name of Lord Hari, the people attain devotional service to the Lord.

Text 68

"This secret purpose of the Vedas the fools do not know. Rejecting devotional service to Lord Krishna, they plunge into material pleasures.

Text 69

"O gosvami, please consider what is good and bad. Nothing is better than devotional service to Lord Krishna."

Text 70

Assuming the role of teacher (siksha-guru, to the sannyasi, the Supreme Lord explained that the Vedas teach the superiority of devotional service.

Text 71

What Lord Chaitanya says is the truth. Only sinners mock and reject His words

Text 72

Hearing Lord Chaitanya's words, the sannyasi laughed and thought, "I think this brahmana is crazy. Some mantra must be the reason for His craziness.

Text 73

"I think the sannyasi with Him must have given Him these ideas. That is why the brahmana boy is so bewildered."

Text 74

Then the sannyasi said, "The time has come. Standing before a child, I know nothing.

††† Texts Texts 75-76

"I have traveled over the earth. I have traveled to Ayodhya, Mathura, Maya, Badarikasrama, Guruvata, Varanasi, Gaya, Vijayanagari, Simhala, and all the important cities.

Text 77

"I do not know what is right. What I say is wrong. Now a boy still drinking His mother's milk must give Me instruction."

Text 78

Laughing, Lord Nityananda said, "Listen, sannyasi. You shouldn't argue with a child.

Text 79

"I know how glorious you are. Please glance at Us and forgive everything."

Text 80

Hearing himself praised, the sannyasi became happy and cheerfully invited his guests to a meal.

Text 81

Lord Nityananda said, "We must hurry on urgent business. Please give Us something. After bathing, We will stop on the path and eat.

Text 82

The sannyasi said, "Bathe here. Eat something, rest, and then go."

Text 83

The two Lords had descended to this world to save the sinners. That is why They stayed at that sannyasi's home.

Text 84

Bathing in the Ganga, They washed away the fatigue of Their journey on the road. Then They sat down to eat some fruit.

Text 85

They offered some milk, mangoes, panasa, and other fruit to Lord Krishna, and then, as the sannyasi looked on, They ate the remnants.

Text 86

A follower of the left-path, the sannyasi was accustomed to drink wine. Again and again gesturing to Lord Nityananda, he said,

Text 87

"Listen, Shripada. Shall I bring some `bliss'? Where will I find guests like You?"

Text 88

Having traveled in different places, Lord Nityananda understood everything. In His heart He thought, "This sannyasi drinks wine."

Text 89

Again and again the sannyasi said, "I will bring some `bliss'." Lord Nityananda said, "We must leave now."

Text 90

Gazing at the two Lords handsome like Kamadeva, and becoming rapt in thinking of Them, the sannyasi's wife desired Them.

Text 91

She rebuked the sannyasi, "Why do you interrupt Their meal?"

Text 92

Then Lord Chaitanya said, "What is this `bliss' the sannyasi talks about?" Lord Nityananda said, "He means `wine'."

Text 93

Calling out, "Vishnu! Vishnu!", Lord Chaitanya rinsed His mouth and ran from the house.

Text 94

The two Lords ran and jumped in the Ganga. They swam in the Ganga until They came to Advaita Acarya's house.

Text 95

In this way the Lord was merciful even to a debauchee wine-drinker. Still, He destroys even the Vedantists if they become blasphemers.

Text 96

This sannyasi drank wine and enjoyed the company of women. Still, Lord Chaitanya visited his home.

Text 97

Lord Chaitanya conversed with him, taught him, rested in his home, and accepted the meal he offered.

Text 98

In that birth the sannyasi did not become saintly. But in another birth he will. But the blasphemers do not soon become saintly at heart.

Text 99

A non-devotee sannyasi cannot see the Lord. The sannyasis of Varanasi bear witness to this truth.

Text 100

In the Antya-khanda of this book the sannyasis of Varanasi hear of Lord Chaitanya's arrival there.

Text 101

Hearing this news, the sannyasis became joyful. Hearing this news, the great souls there declared, "Let us see Lord Chaitanya."

†††† 102-Text 103

The Vedantists, philosophers, ascetics, famous persons, and persons living from birth in Varanasi all shared the same fault: In commenting on Vedanta-sutra they never discussed devotional service to Lord Vishnu.

Text 104

Because He is the Supersoul in the hearts of all, the fair lion of Lord Chaitanya knew everything. Even though He went to Varanasi, He did not allow the people there to see Him.

Text 105

Hiding in Ramacandra Puri's matha, He stayed for two months in Varanasi.

Text 106

Two days before the festival of Visvarupa-kshaura, He secretly left. Only later did some of them see Him.

Text 107

Only later did the sannyasis hear of this. Lord Chaitanya went to Varanasi, but He did not allow the people to see Him.

Text 108

The sin of blasphemy robs all intelligence. In whose heart will suffering not take birth because of blasphemy?

Text 109

They said, "We are sannyasis. Why did He leave without speaking with us?

Text 110

"Why did He leave two days early and neglect His duty? Why did He refuse to observe the Visvarupa-kshaura ceremony?"

Text 111

Non-devotees think like that. Lord Siva never accept worship offered by blasphemers.

Text 112

The blasphemers who live in Varanasi are all punished by Lord Siva. They who offend Lord Siva are not eligible to worship Lord Vishnu.

Text 113

Lord Chaitanya delivers everyone, except the sinners who blaspheme Vaishnavas.

Text 114

Lord Chaitanya bathed and ate at a wine-drinker's home, but he would not even show Himself to the blasphemer-Vedantists.

Text 115

Souls who in their hearts do not fear punishment from Lord Chaitanya will be punished by Yamaraja birth after birth.

†††† 116-Text 117

A person who is not delighted by Lord Chaitanya's glories, glories always described by the mouths of Brahma, Siva, and Goddess Lakshmi, the mother of all, has uselessly accepted sannyasa. He uselessly studies Vedanta.

Text 118

The two Lords joyfully swam in the Ganga's waves.

Text 119

Again and again Lord Chaitanya roared, "I am He! I am He!

Text 120

"Nar#a broke My sleep and brought Me here. Now He hides the truth of devotional service and preaches impersonalism.

Text 121

"Today I will see Him with My own eyes. I will punish Him. Today everyone will see what happens to the impersonalists."

Text 122

Roaring in this way, Lord Chaitanya swam in the Ganga's current. Remaining silent, Lord Nityananda smiled within His heart.

Text 123

In this way the two Lords swam in the Ganga. They were like Lord Vishnu and Ananta Sesha in the milk-ocean.

Text 124

Very powerful because of His devotional service, Advaita understood what was about to happen. In His heart He thought, "Now My actions will bear fruit."

Text 125

Understanding, "The Lord is coming with great anger", Advaita preached impersonalism more wildly than before.

Text 126

Who has the power to understand the pastimes of Lord Chaitanya's devotees? The two Lords met on the Ganga's path.

Text 127

Accompanied by Lord Nityananda, and His face filled with anger, Lord Chaitanya went to see Advaita. Preaching impersonalism, Advaita happily swayed to and fro.

Text 128

Seeing Lord Chaitanya, Haridasa offered dandavat obeisances. Advaita's son Acyuta also offered obeisances.

Text 129

In her heart Advaita's wife offered obeisances. Seeing the Lord's form, in her heart she worried.

Text 130

Lord Chaitanya was brilliant like ten million suns. Gazing at Him, everyone felt fear take birth in their hearts.

Text 131

His face filled with anger, Lord Chaitanya said, "Ah! Ah! Nar#a! Look at impersonalism and devotional service, and tell Me: Of the two which is better?

Text 132

Advaita replied, "Impersonalism is always better. Unless one is an impersonalist, how can one hope to attain devotional service?"

Text 133

Hearing Advaita say, "Impersonalism is better", Lord Chaitanya became enraged. He forgot the external world.

Text 134

Dragging Him from His seat, Lord Chaitanya raised His fist and struck Advaita.

Text 135

Understanding everything, Advaita's devoted wife, who is the mother of the worlds, became agitated.

Text 136

She called out, "He's an old brahmana! An old brahmana! Spare, spare His life! By punishing Him, whom do You teach?

Text 137

"What more will You do to this old brahmana? Why can You not leave Him in peace?"

Text 138

Hearing the saintly woman's words, Lord Nityananda smiled. Frightened, Haridasa meditated on Lord Krishna.

Text 139

Angry Lord Chaitanya did not hear the saintly woman's words. With angry words He loudly rebuked Advaita,

Text 140

"I slept on the milk-ocean. Then You, Nar#a, woke Me to fulfill Your mission.

Text 141

"You brought Me here to teach devotional service. Now You are hiding devotional service and teaching impersonalism.

Text 142

"If You wanted to hide devotional service, if that's what was in Your heart, then why did You bring Me here to teach it?

Text 143

"I did not go against Your desire. Why do You cheat Me?"

Text 144

After thus rebuking Advaita, Lord Chaitanya sat down by the door. Then, speaking in a loud voice, He reveled the truth about Himself,

Text 145

"Ah! Ah! It was I who killed Kamsa! Look, Nar#a. You know everything.

Text 146

"Brahma, Siva, Sesha, and Lakshmi all serve Me. My cakra killed the jackal Vasudeva.

Text 147

"My cakra burned Varanasi. My arrow killed powerful Ravana.

Text 148

"My cakra cut Banasura's many arms. My cakra killed Narakasura.

Text 149

"I held the hill with My left hand. I brought the parijata from Svargaloka.

Text 150

"I cheated Bali. I gave him mercy. I killed Hiranyakasipu and rescued Prahlada."

Text 151

Hearing Lord Chaitanya reveal His own glories, Advaita floated in an ocean of ecstati love.

Text 152

Attaining this punishment, Advaita became filled with bliss. Now humble and submissive, He clapped His hands and danced.

Text 153

He said, "As I offended, so I was punished. The Lord was good to Me. I got only a small punishment.

Text 154

"Now I know that You are My master. You punished Me for My misdeed.

Text 155

"Lord, in My heart I now have the strength to be Your servant." Speaking these words, Advaita joyfully danced.

Text 156

Advaita joyfully danced everywhere in the courtyard. Then, knitting His eyebrows, He placed these words before Lord Chaitanya's feet:

Text 157

"Where has Your falttery of Me gone? Where has all Your cheating gone?

Text 158

"I am not Durvasa, that You can insult Me by anointing Your limbs with the remnants of My meal.

Text 159

"Neither am I Bhrigu Muni, the dust of whose feet You happily keep on Your chest as the Shrivatsa mark.

Text 160

"My name is Advaita. I am Your pure servant. Birth after birth I yearn to taste the remnants of what You have eaten.

Text 161

"The power of tasting what You have eaten has made Me free of Maya. You have punished Me. Now please give Me the shade of Your feet."

Text 162

After speaking these words, Advaita humbly and devotedly fell to the ground and placed on His head Lord Chaitanya's feet.

Text 163

Respectfully picking Him up, Lord Chaitanya embraced Advaita. Embraced, Advaita wept without restraint.

Text 164

Seeing Advaita's devotion, Nityananda also wept. It was as if a river of tears flowed from Him.

Text 165

Falling to the ground, Haridasa wept. Advaita's wife wept. Advaita's servants wept.

Text 166

Advaita's son Acyutananda wept. Advaita's home was filled with ecstati love for Lord Krishna.

Text 167

Now Lord Chaitanya was embarrassed that He struck Advaita. To Advaita He happily offered a boon.

†††† 168-Text 169

He said, "If anyone for even half a sesame seed's worth of time takes shelter of You, even if he is an insect, a worm, a beast, or a bird, or even if he has offended Me a hundred times, then I will give My mercy to him."

Text 170

Hearing this boon, the great soul Advaita wept. Grasping the Lord's feet, He humbly said,

Text 171

"O Lord, whatever You speak is never false. O Lord, please hear the solemn vow I now make.

Text 172

"If anyone has devotion for Me, but does not honor You, then I will destroy his devotion for Me.

Text 173

"Anyone who does not worship Your lotus feet of give honor to You is not My devotee.

Text 174

"Lord, anyone who worships You is My very life. I cannot stay in the company of anyone who offends You.

Text 175

"I will not even look at a person, even if he is My son or My servant, who offends a Vaishnava.

Text 176

"If a person rejects You and worships ten million demigods instead, the demigods, on some preText , will destroy him.

Text 177

"It is not I who say this. This is the teaching of the Vedas. Sudakshina's death is the proof of this.

Text 178

"A prince of Varanasi named Sudakshina worshiped Lord Siva in deep trance.

Text 179

"Very pleased with him, Lord Siva said, `Ask for a boon. You will get whatever you wish. Perform an abhicara-yajna.

Text 180

" `However, if You offend a devotee of Lord Vishnu, that yajna will take away your life.'

Text 181

"Lord Siva spoke these words to decieve Sudakshina. This Sudakshina did not understand. So, on Lord Suiva's order Sudakshina performed an abhicara-yajna.

†††† 182-Text 183

"From that yajna arose a very fearful being, a being with three hands, three feet, and three heads, a being taller than a plam tree. The creature said, `Ask for a boon.' Prince Sudakshina said, `O noble one, burn up the city of Dvaraka.'

Text 184

"Hearing this, the creature, an incarnation of Lord Siva, became unhappy, for he knew that desire would not be fulfilled.

Text 185

"Following the order, the creature went to Dvaraka, where he was promptly attached by the cakra that protects Dvaraka.

Text 186

"Finding no way to escape, the great form of Lord Siva fell down before the cakra's feet and said,

Text 187

" `Durvasa could not escape from you. Brahma and Siva could not protect Durvasa from you.

Text 188

"What is my power compared to the power of these great Vaishnavas? Where can I flee? Lord, you may do with me whatever you like.

Text 189

" `Glory, glory to my master, who bears the name Sudarsana. Glory to the cakra, who is the abode of Lord Krishna and who is another glory of Lord Siva.

Text 190

" `Glory to the great cakra. Glory to the greatest of Vaishnavas. Glory to he who makes the demons fearful. Glory to he who protects they who are not demons.'

Text 191

"Hearing this prayer, the Sudarsana-cakra happily said, `Go and burn up the prince of Varanasi.'

Text 192

"Then the fearsome creature returned and burned up the prince of Varanasi.

Text 193

"Neglecting You, the prince worshiped only Lord Siva. That is why the prince died in his yajna.

Text 194

"O Lord, this I say: If anyone neglects You and serves Me instead, then I will destroy him. I will burn him up.

Text 195

"You are the master of My life. You are My wealth. You are My mother and father. You are My kinsman.

Text 196

"If anyone neglects You and bows down before Me, then I will cut of his head.

Text 197

"King Satrajit directly saw the sun-god and worshiped him with devotion.

Text 198

"But when Satrajit disobeyed Your order, the sun-god became displeased. When Satrajit and his brother both died, the sun-god was happy to see it.

Text 199

"Duryodhana was Lord Balarama's disciple. Still, when he offended You, Duryodhana perished with all his kinsmen.

Text 200

"Hiranyakasipu obtained a great boon from the demigod Brahma. Still, when he offended You, Hiranyakasipu perished with all his kinsmen.

Text 201

"Cutting off some of his heads, ten-headed Ravana worshiped Lord Siva. Still, when he offended You, Ravana perished with all his kinsmen.

Text 202

"You are the root of all the demigods. You are the master of all. All persons, visible and invisible, are Your servants.

Text 203

"When a person neglects the master and worships the servant, the servant eats the offerings, and then destroys the offender.

Text 204

"A person who neglects You and then worships Siva and the other demigods is like a person who cuts off a tree's roots and then worships the twigs and branches.

Text 205

"You are the root of the Vedas, brahmanas, yajnas, and religion. I do not accept worship from anyone who does not worship You."

Text 206

Hearing Advaita's description of these spiritual truths, Lord Chaitanya roared,


†††† 207-Text 208

"Everyone please give your thoughts to Me. Please hear the truth I will now say. Anyone who neglects My servant and then worships Me is very lowly and degraded. Such a person cuts Me into pieces. His worship is like fire burning My body.

Text 209

"My holy name, which is a kalpa-vriksha tree, destroys anyone who once blasphemes My servant.

Text 210

"The living entities who live in the numberless universes are all My servants. Therefore any living entity who harms another living entity will perish.

Text 211

"You are more dear to Me than My own body. Anyone who offends You will not be able to bear the fate that waits for him.

Text 212

"If a sannyasi blasphemes an innocent person, the sannyasi will fall down. All his piety will perish."

Text 213

Raising His arms, fair Lord Chaitanya declared to the entire world, "Renouncing criticism of others, everyone please chant Lord Krishna's name.

Text 214

"I will personally deliver anyone who does not criticize others and who once chants `Krishna!' That is the truth. It is the truth."

Text 215

When Lord Chaitanya spoke these words, the devotees responded with "Jaya! Jaya! Jaya!"

Text 216

Grasping Lord Chaitanya's feet, Advaita wept. Embracing Advaita, Lord Chaitanya wept.

Text 217

The whole world floated in love for Advaita. That is the very inconceivable story of Lord Advaita.

Text 218

Who has the power to understand Advaita's words? Please know that Advaita is not different from the Supreme Personality of Godhead Himself.


Text 219

If he truly understood them, the hearer would find the arguments and insults Nityananda and Advaita speak to each other are filled with bliss.

Text 220

The words and activities of Lord Vishnu and the Vaishnavas are very difficult to understand. Only by Their mercy can one understand the heart of those words and activities.

†††† 221-Text 222

Only Lord Ananta Sesha, who sings Their names and glories with His thousand mouths, has the power to understand the conversations of Nityananda aned Advaita.

Text 223

Glancing for a moment at Lord Advaita, Lord Chaitanya smiled and said,

Text 224

"I was a little mischievous. I acted like a child." Advaita replied, "Nothing about You is material."

Text 225

Lord Chaitanya said, "Please listen, O noble-hearted Nityananda. If I was a little mischievous, please forgive Me."

Text 226

Looking at each other, Nityananda, Chaitanya, Advaita, and Haridasa all laughed.

Text 227

Then, addressing her as "mother", Lord Chaitanya spoke to Advaita's saintly and devoted wife.

Text 228

Lord Chaitanya said, "Go quickly. Cook. Offer the meal to Lord Krishna. Then I will eat the remnants."

Text 229

Then, accompanied by Nityananda, Haridasa, Advaita, and the others, Lord Chaitanya went to bathe in the Ganga.

Text 230

In the future the Vedas will elaborately describe all these blissful pastimes. After bathing, the Lord and the devotees returned to Advaita's home.

Text 231

After washing His feet, Lord Chaitanya offered dandavat obeisances before the Deity of Lord Krishna.

Text 232

Then Advaita fell down before the soles of Lord Chaitanya's feet, and Haridasa fell down before the soles of Advaita's feet.

Text 233

Seeing these wonderful pastimes, Nityananda smiled. He who is the original author of religion was manifest in three forms.

Text 234

Seeing Advaita at the soles of His feet, Lord Chaitanya hastily rose and chanted "Vishnu! Vishnu!"

Text 235

Accompanied by Nityananda, and holding Advaita's hand, Lord Chaitanya happily entered the dining roon.

Text 236

The three Lords: Lord Chaitanya, Lord Nityananda, and Lord Advaita, sat down together in the dining room.

Text 237

Each of the three Lords had His own nature. Lord Nityananda's nature was that of a mischievous boy.

Text 238

Haridasa sat down at the dining room's entrance. He was qualified to see all these pastimes.

Text 239

Chanting "Hari! Hari!", Advaita's saintly wife, who was the queen of yoga, served the meal to the three Lords.

Text 240

The three Lords eagerly ate the meal of splendid rice, ghee, milk, and sweet-rice.

Text 241

Glancing at Advaita, Nityananda smiled. He who is one person had become two for Lord Krishna's pastimes.

Text 242

When everyone was full, a little more food remained. Then Nityananda became like a boy.

Text 243

Throwing the rice here and there in the house, Nityananda laughed. Lord Chaitanya called out, "Haya! Haya!" Haridasa smiled.

Text 244

Seeing all this, Advaita burned with flames of anger. On the preText of being angry, He explained the truth of Lord Nityananda.

Text 245

He said, "This Nityananda has destroyed our caste. From where did He come? He stays with drunkards.

Text 246

"He has no guru. Still He calls Himself a sannyasi. I do not know for certain even the village where He was born.

Text 247

No one knows Him, and no one knows His family and caste. Swaying to and fro, He wanders about like a drunken elephant.

Text 248

"In the west He ate rice in house after house. Then He came here. Now He stays among the brahmanas.

Text 249

"This drunkard Nityananda will destroy everything. That is the truth, truth, truth. Listen to Me, Haridasa."

Text 250

Filled with anger, Advaita made Himself clothed only by the four directions. Clapping His hands and loudly laughing, He danced.

Text 251

Seeing Advaita's actions, Lord Chaitanya laughed. laughing, Nityananda pointed two fingers at Advaita.

Text 252

The laughter directed at Advaita was completely pure. Young and old laughed.

Text 253

After a moment everyone returned to external consciousness. They rinsed their mouths, and then They happily embraced.

Text 254

Nityananda and Advaita embraced. Tasting the nectar of ecstati love, the two Lords were filled with bliss.

Text 255

Nityananda and Advaita are the two arms of Lord Chaitanya's body. They always love each other. There is not a moment when They do not love each other.

Text 256

Please see this quarrel as Lord Krishna's pastime. Lord Vishnu and the Vaishnavas play like children.

Text 257

In this way Lord Chaitanya enjoyed pastimes in Advaita's home. Filled with bliss, He enjoyed pastimes of sankirtana.

Text 258

Only Lord Balarama has the power to understand these pastimes. Others do not understand all the glories of these pastimes.

Text 259

By Lord Balarama's mercy, Goddess Sarasvati also understands these pastimes. Staying on the devotees' tongues, Sarasvati sings the glories of these pastimes.

Text 260

I do not know the sequence of all these pastimes. I only try to sing the glories of Lord Krishna as far as I am able.

Text 261

I bow down before the feet of Lord Chaitanya's dear devotees. O devotees, please forgive all my offenses.

Text 262

For some days Lord Chaitanya stayed in Advaita's home. Then the three Lords returned to Navadvipa.

Text 263

Accompanied by Nityananda, Advaita, and Haridasa, Lord Chaitanya returned to His home.

Text 264

Hearing, "The Lord has come", the Vaishnavas joyfully ran to see Him.

Text 265

Gazing at the Lord's moonlike face, the devotees felt all their sufferings were taken away. Grasping the Lord's feet, the devotees wept.

Text 266

Lord Chaitanya is the life of all the devotees. He lovingly embraced them all.

Text 267

The Lord's personal associates are like the Lord's own incarnations. They are all very kind and generous. They are the best of the devotees.

Text 268

They all bowed down before Lord Advaita, who devotional activities made Lord Chaitanya descend to this world..

Text 269

The Vaishnavas were all wild with bliss. Accompanied by the Lord, they made a great tumult of chanting Lord Krishna's names.

Text 270

Seeing her son, Mother Saci was overcome with bliss. Accompanied by her daughter-in-law, she offered prayers of thanks to Lord Krishna.

Text 271

Only thousand-faced Lord Ananta Sesha has the power to describe these pastimes. He is my life birth after birth.

Text 272

"Dvija", "vipra", and "brahmana" are three names for the same thing. In the same way Nityananda and Balarama are different names of the same person.

Text 273

Anyone who hears these pastimes Lord Chaitanya enjoyed at Advaita's home will one day attain the Lord. One day he will meet the Lord.

Text 274

The two moons Shri Krishna Chaitanya and Shri Nityananda are my life and soul. I, Vrindavana dasa, sing the glories of Their feet.