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Chapter Eighteen

Shri Gaurangasya gopika-nritya-varnana


Description of Lord Chaitanya's Pastime of the Gopis' Dancing


Text 1 O Lord Chaitanya, O auspiciousness of all the worlds, glory, glory to You! O Lord, in my heart please place the gift of Your two feet.

Text 2 O life of Nityananda and Svarupa Damodara, glory, glory to You! O abode of transcendental virtues, O Lord who love Your devotees, glory, glory to You!

Text 3 O Lord Chaitanya, O Lord accompanied by Your devotees, glory, glory to You! Anyone who hears these narrations about Lord Chaitanya will attain pure devotional service.

Text 4 In Navadvipa Lord Chaitanya always tasted the nectar of sankirtana.

Text 5 O my brothers, please hear this narration of the Madhya-khanda, a narration of Lord Chaitanya's dancing in the dress of Goddess Lakshmi.

Text 6 One day Lord Chaitanya told everyone, "Today I will dance in a dance-play."

Text 7 The Lord called for Sadasiva and Buddhimanta Khan and told them, "Arrange for costumes.

Text 8 "Arrange for the conchshell, bodices, stage-curtain, and ornaments. Arrange everything.

Text 9 "Gadadhara will wear the costume of Rukmini. Brahmananda will wear the constume of Rukmini's friend Suprabhata.

Text 10

 "Nityananda will be My grandmother. Haridasa will be the guard who wakes the others.

Text 11

 "Shrivasa will wear the costume of Narada. Shrirama will be his brahmana disciple. Shriman will certainly say: `I must be the torchbearer'."

Text 12

 Then Advaita asked, "What costume will I wear?" Lord Chaitanya replied, "You will be Lord Krishna, the master of the gopis, and You will sit on a throne.

Text 13

 "O Buddhimanta Khana, please go quickly and arrange all the costumes. Then I will dance."

Text 14

 Placing the Lord's order on their heads, Sadasiva and Buddhimanta went to their homes. Their bliss had no end.

Text 15

 They soon brought a kathiya canopy and beautiful costumes.

Text 16

 Buddhimanta Khan placed the costumes before the Lord.

Text 17

 Pleased at heart by seeing the costumes, Lord Chaitanya said to all the Vaishnavas,.

Text 18

 "Assuming the role of the Supreme Lord's potency, I will dance. Only persons who have conquered their senses are qualified to see Me dance.

Text 19

 "Only they who have the power to control their senses may enter the house today."

Text 20

 The Vaishnavas were very happy that Lord Chaitanya would play the role of Goddess Lakshmi in a dance-drama.

Text 21

 But when they heard the Lord's final declaration, they all became morose.

Text 22

 Scratching the ground, Advaita Acarya said, "I should not see this play today.

Text 23

 "I have not conquered My senses." Then Shrivasa Pandita said, "These words are mine also."

Text 24

 Hearing this, the Lord smiled and said, "If You do not come, then for whom will I dance?"

Text 25

 Lord Chaitanya, the crest-jewel of the dancing-stage then declared, "Don't worry.

Text 26

 "Today you will all be the great kings of yoga. When you see Me not one of you will be bewildered."

Text 27

 Hearing the Lord's words, Advaita, Shrivasa, and all the others became joyful.

Text 28

 Then, accompanied by all the devotees, Lord Chaitanya went to Candrasekhara Acarya's house.

Text 29

 Accompanied by her daughter-in-law, Mother Saci also came to see the wonderful dance in the role of Goddess Lakshmi.

Text 30

 Many Vaishnava kinsmen and friends came with Mother Saci to see the dance.

Text 31

 Shri Candrasekhara's good fortune has no limit, for in his home the Supreme Lord revealed His glories.

Text 32

 Accompanied by all the Vaishnavas, Lord Chaitanya sat down. By His order, everyone accepted their costumes.

Text 33

 Again and again Advaita asked with folded hands, "Lord, please order Me. Which costume should I wear?"

Text 34

 Lord Chaitanya replied, "All the costumes are Yours. Pick the costume You like."

Text 35

 Advaita was not in external consciousness. Walking back and forth and knitting His eyebrows, He thought, "Which costume will I take?"

Text 36

 He danced about like a playful jokester. He floated in an ocean of bliss.

Text 37

 Then a tumultuous sound of Lord Krishna's name arose. All the Vaishnavas were overcome with bliss.

Text 38

 Mukunda sang the auspicious beginning of the kirtana, "Rama Krishna Bolo Hari Gopala Govinda!"

Text 39

 Haridasa entered first. He had two great playful fake mustaches above his mouth.

Text 40

 A great and splendid turban decorated his head. His garments were a loincloth. In his hand was a stick. To everyone he carefully said,

Text 41

 "O brothers, please give me your attention. Accepting the role and costume of Goddess Lakshmi, He who is the life breath of all the worlds will now dance."

Text 42

 He twirled the stick. The hairs of his every limā stood erect. He awakened thoughts of Krishna in everyone.

Text 43

 Then Haridasa arrogantly called out, "Worship Krishna! Serve Krishna! Chant Krishna's name!"

Text 44

 Watching Haridasa, all the devotees laughed. "Who are you? Why are you here?", everyone asked.

Text 45

 Haridasa replied, "I am a policeman from Vaikuntha. I always wander about, awakening in people thoughts of Lord Krishna.

Text 46

 "Leaving the world of Vaikuntha, the Supreme Personality of Godhead has now come to this place. For free He now gives away pure love and pure devotional service.

Text 47

 "Accepting the role and costume of Goddess Lakshmi, the Supreme Lord will now dance. He will freely give away pure love and pure devotional service. All of you please accept His gift with great care."

Text 48

 After speaking these words and twirling his moustache, he and Murari Gupta walked about and made their exit.

Text 49

 Haridasa and Murari Gupta were both dear devotees of Lord Krishna. They were both filled with ecstati love. Staying within their bodies, Lord Chaitanya enjoyed pastimes.

Text 50

 Then Shrivasa, wearing the costume of Narada Muni, joyfully walked before the assembly.

Text 51

 He had a great long beard and great mustaches. A vina rested on his shoulder. A blade of kusa grass was in his hand. He cast a glance in the four directions.

Text 52

 Ramai Pandita followed behind. In his hand was a kamandalu, and under his arm was a sitting-mat.

Text 53

 Ramai Pandita spread out the mat for sitting. Shrivasa looked exactly like Narada himself.

Text 54

 Seeing Shrivasa's costume, everyone laughed. In a deep voice Advaita asked,

Text 55

 "Who are You! And why are you here?" Shrivasa replied, "Please listen, and I will tell you.

Text 56

 "My name is Narada. I sing for Lord Krishna. I wander in the numberless universes.

Text 57

 "I went to Vaikuntha to see Lord Krishna. There I heard that Lord Krishna had gone to a town in Nadiya.

Text 58

 "I saw that the houses in Vaikuntha were empty. There were no husbands, no wives, and no families.

Text 59

 "I could not stay in an empty Vaikuntha, so, meditating on my Lord, I came here.

Text 60

 "Accepting the role and costume of Goddess Lakshmi, my Lord will dance today. That is why I have come to this assembly."

Text 61

 Hearing Shrivasa's words, and believing them exactly like the words of Narada himself, the Vaishnavas smiled and made a great sound of "Jaya!"

Text 62

 In his form, words, and actions Shrivasa Pandita was not in any way different from Narada Muni.

Text 63

 The Vaishnavas' saintly and devoted wives watched all this. As she watched, Mother Saci became plunged in the nectar ocean of love for Lord Krishna.

Text 64

 Mother Saci asked Malini, "Is that Shrivasa Pandita?" Malini replied, "Hearing him sepak, I know it is he."

Text 65

 Gazing at Shrivasa's form, Mother Saci, who is a great Vaishnavi and the mother of all the worlds, became filled with wonder.

Text 66

 Mother Saci fainted in ecstasy. She showed no sign of being still alive. Everyone was afraid.

Text 67

 At once the saintly ladies chanted "Krishna! Krishna!" in her ear.

Text 68

 Regaining consciousness, Mother Saci remembered Lord Krishna. The saintly ladies tried to hold her still, but they could not.

Text 69

 No one in the house was in material consciousness. Everyone wept.

Text 70

 Then, plunged in the mood of Rukmini, Lord Chaitanya entered the house.

Text 71

 Rapt in Rukmini's mood, Lord Chaitanya no longer knew who He was. He became exactly like Rukmini, the princess of Vidarbha.

Text 72

 Then Lord Chaitanya wrote a letter. The tears from His eyes were the ink. The ground was the paper. His finger was the pen.

Text 73

 Rukmini's letter is in seven verses of Shrimad-Bhagavatam (10.52.3*-43). Reading that letter, Lord Chaitanya wept and wept.

Text 74

 Now please hear the song Lord Chaitanya sang to explain those seven verses. Anyone who hears this explanation will attain Lord Krishna as her husband.

Text 75

 The first of these seven verses is this (Shrimad-Bhagavatam (10.52.37):


srutva gunan bhuvana-sundara shrinvatam te

     nirvisya karna-vivarair harato 'nga-tapam

rupam drisam drisimatam akhilartha-labham

 Tvayy acyutavisati cittam apatrapam me


     "My dwra Krishna, O infallible and most beautiful one, any human being who happens to hear about Your transcendental form and pastimes immediately absorbs through his ears Your name, fame, and qualities. Thus all material pangs subside, and he fixes Your form in his heart. Through such transcendental love for You, he sees You always within himself, and by this process all his desires become fulfilled. Similarly, I have heard of Your transcendental qualities. I may be shameless in expressing myself so directly, but You have captivated me and taken my heart."*


The Lord's Song in Karunyasarada-raga


Text 76

 suniya tomara guna bhubana-sundar

dura bhela anga-tapa tribidha dushkar


     O most handsome man in the worlds, when I heard of Your transcendental qualities, the sufferings of my body fled far away.


Text 77

 sarba-nidhi labha tora rupa-darasan

sukhe dekhe bidhi jare dileka locan


 The sight of Your handsome form is the greatest of all treasures. Only by past pious deeds is one able to gaze on You. You give that person the eyes to see You.


Text 78

 suni' jadu-simha tora jasera bakhan

nirlajja haiya citta jaya tuya sthan


     O lion of the Yadus, when I heard the description of Your glories, my heart shamelessly ran to You.


Text 79

 kona kulabati dhira ache jaga-majhe

kala pai' tomara carana nahi bhaje


     Where in this world is a saintly maiden who not worship Your feet?


Text 80

 bidya kula sila dhana rupa besa dhame

sakala biphala haya tomara bihane


     Without You, knowledge, noble family, good character, wealth, beauty, beautiful garments, and grand palaces are all worthless.


Text 81

 mora dharshtya khama koro tridasera ray

na pari' rakhite citta tomara misay


     O Lord of the thirty-million demigods, please forgive my boldness. I cannot stop my heart from running to You.


Text 82

 eteke barila tora carana-jugal

manah prana buddhi tenho arpila sakal


     I place my heart, mind, intelligence, life, and everything before Your feet.


Text 83

 patni-pada diya more koro nija dasi

mora bhage sisupala nahuka bilasi


     Please make me Your wife. Please make me Your maidservant. Let not Sisupala enjoy me.


Text 84

 kripa kori' more parigraha koro nath

jena simha-bhaga nahe shrigalera sath


     Please be merciful. Please accept me. Let not the jackal take what belongs to the lion.


Text 85

 brata dana guru-dwija-debera arcan

satya jadi sebiyachom acyuta-caran


     If I have in truth followed vows, given charity, worshiped the spiritual masters, brahmanas, and demigods, and served infallible Lord Vishnu's feet, . . .


Text 86

 tabe gadagraja mora ha-u praneswar

dura ha-u sisupala e-i mora bar


 . . . then may Lord Krishna become the master of my life, and may Sisupala flee far away. That is the boon I ask.


Text 87

 kali mora bibaha haiba hena ache

aji jhata aisaha bilamba koro pache


 Tomorrow is my wedding day. Come quickly. Please don't delay.


Text 88

 gupte asi' rahiba bidarbha-pura kache

seshe sarba-sainya-sange asibe samaje


     Secretly enter Vidarbha City. At the end there will be a great assembly with all the great armies.


Text 89

 caidya salba jarasandha mathiya sakal

haribeka more dekhaiya bahu-bal


     Sisupala, Salva, Jarasandha, and all the others will make trouble. You must kidnap me as all the powerful kings watch.


Text 90

 darpa-prakasera prabhu e-i se samay

tomara banita sisupala-jogya nay


     Lord, this will be Your chance to show Your kshatriya pride and glory. Your wife should not be given to Sisupala.


Text 91

 bini bandhu badhi' more hariba apane

tahara upaya balom tomara carane


     You must kidnap me without killing my kinsmen. I will tell You a stratagem to accomplish this. I place it now before Your feet.


Text 92

 bibahera purba-dine kula-dharma ache

naba-badhujana jaya bhabanira kache


     My family's custom is that the day before her marriage the bride will visit Goddess Durga's temple.


Text 93

 se-i abasare prabhu haribe amare

na mariba bandhu dosha khamiba amare


     Lord, this is Your opportunity to kidnap me. In this way You will not kill my kinsmen. If I am at fault to say all this, please forgive me.


Text 94

 jahara carana-dhuli sarba ange snan

umapati cahe cahe jateka pradhan


     Lord Siva yearns to bathe his limbs in the dust of Your feet. He sees You as the Absolute, the Supreme.


Text 95

 hena dhuli prasada na koro jadi more

mariba koriya brata balilum tomare


     If You will not be merciful and give me the dust of Your feet, then I will kill myself. This oath I take before You.


Text 96

 jata janme pana tora amulya caran

tabat mariba suna kamala-locan


     O lotus-eyed Lord, please listen. I will take birth and die as many times as I must, but I will attain Your priceless feet.


Text 97

 cala cala brahmana satwara krishna-sthane

kaha giya e sakala mora nibedane


     O brahmana, go. Go quickly to Lord Krishna. Repeat my request before Him.


Text 98

 Ecstati in the mood of Rukmini, Lord Chaitanya sang this song. Overcome with love, the Vaishnavas wept and smiled.

Text 99

 In this way there was great joy in Candrasekhara's house. Loud sounds of "Hari!" were heard in the four directions.

Text 100

 "Awake! Awake! Awake!", Haridasa called out. Wearing Narada's costume, Shrivasa Pandita danced.

Text 101

 The first three hours passed happily in this way. During the second three hours Gadadhara entered.

Text 102

 Gadadhara was accompanied by Brahmananda, who wore the costume of an elderly lady, the friend Suprabhata. They both walked across the stage.

Text 103

 Brahmananda was playing the role of an elderly lady. He wore fine cotton clothing, and he had a stick in his hand and a wicker tray under his arm.

Text 104

 Haridasa called out, "Who are you?" Brahmananda replied, "We are going to Mathura."

Text 105

 Shrivasa asked, "Ladies, who are your husbands?" Brahmananda replied, "Why do you ask?"

Text 106

 Shrivasa asked, "We should not know?" "So be it", Brahmananda replied, shaking his head.

Text 107

 Gangadasa asked, "Where will you stay today?" Brahmananda replied, "You will give us a place to stay?"

Text 108

 Gangadasa said, "You ask many questions, but you won't give any answers. Go away."

Text 109

 Advaita said, "Why should we ask so many questions? Others wives are like one's own mother. Why should we embarrass them?

Text 110

 "Our master is very fond of singing and dancing. Dance, and you will get great wealth."

Text 111

 Hearing Advaita's words, Gadadhara happily danced in ecstati love.

Text 112

 Rapt in the mood of Goddess Lakshmi, Gadadhara gracefully danced as the devotees sang appropriate songs.

Text 113

 Seeing Gadadhara dance, who did not weep, overcome with ecstati love?

Text 114

 A stream of ecstati love flowed from Gadadhara's eyes. Sprinkled by these tears, Goddess Earth thought herself fortunate.

Text 115

 Gadadhara became like the Ganga personified. Gadadhara is Lord Krishna's spiritual potency. That is the truth. That is the truth.

Text 116

 Again and again Lord Chaitanya said, "Gadadhara is My friend in Vaikuntha."

Text 117

 The devotees who sang in the kirtana and watched all these pastimes floated in ecstati love. By Lord Chaitanya's mercy no one was aware of the external world.

Text 118

 Calling out, "Hari! Hari!", the circle of Vaishnavas wept. A tumult of blissful sounds arose from everyone.

Text 119

 In the four directions could be heard sounds of weeping in ecstati love for Lord Krishna. Then, in the costume of a gopi, Gadadhara began to dance.

Text 120

 Then, Lord Chaitanya, who is thr master of all, and who was then wearing the costume of His original spiritual potency, entered.

Text 121

 Then, in the costume of an bent-over elderly lady, Lord Nityananda entered. He floated in the nectar of ecstati love.


Text 122

 At that moment a great sound of "Jaya! Jaya!" arose from the circle of Vaishnavas.

Text 123

 Some could not recognize Lord Chaitanya. He was very beautiful. It was as if He was not an actor wearing a costume at all.

Text 124

 Playing the role of an elderly lady, Nityananda walked behind Lord Chaitanya. There was not the slightest sign of Their true identities.

Text 125

 Everyone tried to guess, "That one must be Lord Chaitanya." When they guessed, "That one must be Lord Chaitanya", many guessed wrong.

Text 126

 Was Goddess Lakshmi, who rose from the ocean, now standing before their eyes? Did Goddess Sita, the wife of the lion of the Raghavas, now walk before them?

Text 127

 Had Goddess Maha-Lakshmi come? Had Parvati come? Had the personified glory and opulence of Vrindavana forest come?

Text 128

 Had Goddess Ganga come? Had mercy personified come? Had Goddess Maha-Maya, who bewilders even Lord Siva, come?

Text 129

 In this way no one could recognize Lord Chaitanya. They were all bewildered at heart.


Text 130

 Many had seen Loed Chaitanya from the time of His birth. But now they had not even half a sesame seed worth of power to recognize Him.

Text 131

 What to speak of others, eevn Mother Saci did not recognize Him. Mother Saci said, "Has Goddess Lakshmi come to dance before us?"

Text 132

 Lord Krishna had now personally become the inconceivable and spiritual goddess of devotional service, the queen of all yogas.

Text 133

 When they saw this form, Siva and Parvati both become bewildered.

Text 134

 However, on this occasion the Vaishnavas did not become bewildered in that way. The Lord was merciful to them. That was the reason why.

Text 135

 Lord Chaitanya became an ocean of mercy. He became like a mother staying in the devotees' hearts.

Text 136

 It was as if their mother had come from the spiritual world. Unaware of themselves, the devotees wept with bliss.

Text 137

 They all gazed at Lord Chaitanya. Advaita and the other devotees swam and floated in an ocean of ecstati love for Lord Krishna.

Text 138

 Rapt in the mood of the universes' mother, Lord Chaitanya danced as the devotees sang appropriate songs.

Text 139

 In the mood of which potency was Lord Narayana dancing? The devotees were never certain.

Text 140

 Sometimes the Lord said, "O brahmana, has Krishna come?" Then they knew the Lord was in the mood of Princess Rukmini.

Text 141

 When He shed streams of blissful tears, the devotees thought the Lord was like Goddess Ganga personified.

Text 142

 When He loudly laughed in ecstasy, the devotees thought the Lord was like Goddess Durga.

Text 143

 When He stumbled as He danced, the devotees thought the Lord was like Revati intoxicated by drinking kadambari nectar.

Text 144

 When He said, "Come, dear old lady, let Us go to Vrindavana", the devotees knew the Lord was in the mood of a beautiful girl in Gokula.

Text 145

 When He sat down in a virasana yoga posture and meditated, the devotees saw that He was like the great goddess who rules over many millions of yogas.

Text 146

 Although He was dressed in Rukmini's costume, Lord Chaitanya manifested the different natures of all His many different potencies who stay in the numberless universes.

Text 147

 In this way Lord Chaitanya taught everyone, "No one should disrespect My potencies."

Text 148

 By honoring the potencies of Lord Krishna, potencies described in the Vedas and in tradition, one attains firm devotion to Lord Krishna.

Text 149

 Persons who offend the demigods displease Lord Krishna. Persons who worship Lord Krishna along with His associates please Lord Krishna.

Text 150

 Lord Krishna personally teaches this. Therefore it is the truth. Only unfortunate persons with sinful hearts will not accept this truth.

Text 151

 Lord Chaitanya danced the roles of all His different potencies. No one had ever seen beautiful dancing like this.

Text 152

 All who saw, listened, or sang as the Lord enjoyed these pastimes floated in waves of ecstati love.

Text 153

 A great flood of tears flowed everywhere from the devotees' eyes.

Text 154

 As the fair lion of Lord Chaitanya danced the role of His original spiritual potency, the devotees happily watched. Their eyes were like bumblebees drawn to the lotus flower of the Lord's feet.

Text 155

 Lord Chaitanya became like Goddess Bhakti personified. His trembling, perspiration, bodily hairs standing up, and tears had no end.

Text 156

 Holding Nityananda's hand, Lord Chaitanya danced. Who has the power to describe Their sidelong glances?

Text 157

 Shriman Pandita held a lamp. Speaking in the four directions, Haridasa reminded everyone to be attentive.

Text 158

 Then Lord Nityananda-Balarama fell to the ground unconscious.

Text 159

 Where was His playing the role of elderly lady now? Nityananda-Anantasesha was overcome with love for Lord Krishna.

Text 160

 When Lord Nityananda fell to the ground, the Vaishnavas in the four directions wept.

Text 161

 How wonderful was that great weeping pushed by ecstati love for Lord Krishna! Lord Chaitanya Himself was the force that caused all these activities.

Text 162

 Some devotees embraced. Some wept. Some grasped each other's feet. Some rolled on the ground.

Text 163

 Lord Chaitanya embraced Gopinatha Acarya. Then Lord Chaitanya, now rapt in the mood of Goddess Maha-Lakshmi, stood on the Deity's throne.

Text 164

 With folded hands everyone stood before the Lord. "Offer prayers to Me", Lord Chaitanya-Krishna demanded.


Text 165

 Understanding that Lord Chaitanya was now in the mood of Goddess Lakshmi, the devotees offered prayers. Lord Chaitanya listened.

Text 166

 Some devotees offered prayers to Goddess Laksmi, and other devotees offered prayers to Goddess Durga. They fell top the ground and pffered prayers according to their understanding. They prayed:


A Song in Malasi-raga


Text 167

 jaya jaya jagata-janani maha-maya

duhkhita jibera deha' ranga-pada-chaya


     "O Maha-Maya, O mother of the worlds, glory, glory to You! O goddess, please give the pleasing shade of Your feet to the suffering conditioned souls.


Text 168

 jaya jaya ananta-brahmanda-kotiswari

tumi juge juge dharma rakha abatari'


     "O goddess who rule the countless millions of universes, glory, glory to You! Yuga after yuga, You descend to this world and protect the principles of religion.


Text 169

 brahma vishnu mahesware tomara mahima

bolite na pare anye keba dibe sima


     "Even Brahma, Vishnu, and Siva cannot properly describe all Your glories, what to sepak of others.


Text 170

 jagata-swarupa tumi tumi sarba-sakti

tumi sraddha daya lajja tumi vishnu-bhakti


     "You are the form of the universes. You have all powers. You are faith, mercy, and shyness. You are devotional service to Lord Vishnu.


Text 171

 jata bidya sakala tomara murti-bhed

sarba-prakritira sakti tumi keha bed


     "All branches of knowledge are parts of Your form. The Vedas declare, `You are the potency that controls all of the Lord's potencies.'


Text 172

 nikhila brahmanda-ganera tumi mata

ke tomara swarupa kahite pare katha


     "You are the mother of all the universes. You has the power to describe Your true nature?


Text 173

 tri-jagata-hetu tumi guna-traya-mayi

brahmadi tomare nahi jane e-i kahi


     "You are the origin of the three worlds. The three modes exist within You. Brahma and the demigods have not the power to understand You. This we declare.


Text 174

 sarbasraya tumi sarba-jibera basati

tumi adya abikara parama prakriti


     "You are the shelter of everything. You are the home where all conditioned souls live. You are the origin. You are changeless. You the best of the Lord's potencies.


Text 175

 jagata-janani tumi dwitiya-rahita

mahi-rupe tumi sarba jiba pala' mata


     "You are the mother of the universes. You have no rival. O mother, assuming the form of the earth, You potect the conditioned souls.


Text 176

 jala-rupe tumi sarba-jibera jiban

toma sanarile khande asesha bandhan


     "Assuming the form of water, You give life to the conditioned souls. By remembering You, the conditioned souls break the bonds of material life.


Text 177

 sadhu-jana-grihe tumi lakshmi-murtimati

asadhura-ghare tumi kala-rupakriti


     "In the homes of the saintly You appear as Goddess Lakshmi. In the homes of the impious You appear as time personified.


Text 178

 tumi se karaha tri-jagatera shrishti-sthiti

toma na bhajile paya tri-bidha durgati


     "You create and maintain the three worlds. They who do not worship You find themselves in the three kinds of calamities.


Text 179

 tumi sraddha vaishnavera sarbatra udaya

rakhaha janani diya caranera chaya


     "You give faith ot the Vaishnavas. O mother, please give me shelter in the shade of Your feet.


Text 180

 tomara mayaya magna sakala samsar

tumi na rakhile mata ke rakhibe ar


     "The whole material world is plunged in the illusions You create. O mother, if You do not protect someone, who will protect him?


Text 181

 sabara uddhara lagi' tomara prakas

duhkhita jibera mata koro nija das


     "You have come here to deliver everyone. O mother, please make all the suffering conditioned souls into Your servants.


Text 182

 brahmadira bandya tumi sarba-bhuta-buddhi

toma sanarile sarba-mantradira suddhi


     "Brahma and all the demigods bow down before You. You are the intelligence in all living beings. By remembering You, one purifies all mantras and everything else."


Text 183

 In this way the great devotees offered prayers. Eager to grant boons, Lord Chaitanya carefully listened.

Text 184

 Again and again everyone offered dandavat obeisances. Again and again everyone offered prayers. Again and again everyone recited Sanskrit verses.

Text 185

 They said, "O mother, You are our shelter. Please cast a merciful glance upon us, so our thoughts may always stay at Your feet."

Text 186

 In this way everyone offered prayers. Raising their arms, they wept.

Text 187

 The saintly ladies in the house also wept. Great bliss was present in Candrasekhara's home.

Text 188

 Materialists cannot understand this bliss. All this happened at night.

Text 189

 Filled with bliss, the devotees were not aware how the night was passing. Then the brilliant and cruel dawn came.

Text 190

 The night, which was their opportunity for ecstatic dancing, had come to an end. Everyone felt their hearts had been pierced by arrows.

Text 191

 Startled, everyone looked in the four directions. Declaring, "the night is over", they wept.

Text 192

 The grief of losing a hundred sons was not equal to the grief that took birth in the Vaishnavas' hearts.

Text 193

 The Vaishnavas unhappily stared at the rising sun. It was only by Lord Chaitanya's mercy that the sun was not burned to ashes.

Text 194

 The devotees' rejoicing was now transformed into lamentation. Lord Chaitanya Himself was the force behind this change.

Text 195

 Unhappy, the devotees wept. Throwing themselves to the ground, the devotees' saintly wives also wept.

Text 196

 These wives of the Vaishnavas were the internal potencies of Lord Narayana. They were the mothers of the universes.

Text 197

 All the saintly wives wept. They all grasped Mother Saci's feet.

Text 198

 Impelled by devotion to Lord Vishnu, a great weeping arose in the four directions. Candrasekhara's home became filled with ecstati love for Lord Krishna.

Text 199

 It was very natural for the Vaishnavas to weep in this way. Birth after birth they had known of Lord Krishna's pastimes and glories.

Text 200

 Someone said, "Alas! Why did the night end? Why did Lord Krishna cheat us of this nectar?"

Text 201

 Seeing the Vaishnavas' weeping in the four directions, Lord Chaitanya felt compassionate.

Text 202

 As a mother loves her child, so Lord Chaitanya loved them all. He considered them all His children.

Text 203

 Assuming the form of a mother, Lord Chaitanya very affectionately offered them His breast to drink.

Text 204

 Now Lord Chaitanya became the mother of the universe. He became Goddess Lakshmi, Goddess Parvati, Goddess Daya, and Goddess Narayani.

Text 205

 In this way Lord Chaitanya proved the truth of His own statement in Bhagavad-gita: "I am the father and the grandfather. I am the support and the mother."

Text 206

 In Bhagavad-gita (9.17, He said:


pitaham asya jagato

     mata dhata pitamahah


     "I am the father of this universe, the mother, the support, and the grandsire."*


Text 207

 Each Vaishnava joyfully drank milk from Lord Chaitanya's breast. For millions and millions of births they are most fortunate.

Text 208

 As they drank milk from Lord Chaitanya's breast, their feelings of separation fled far away. They became intoxicated with the nectar of ecstati love.

Text 209

 All these pastimes never end. The Vedas say only that sometimes they can be seen (avirbhava), and sometimes they cannot be seen (tirobhava).

Text 210

 Lord Chaitanya, who is the ruler of the kings of kings, enjoyed pastimes like this in Nadiya.

Text 211

 Whatever is gross or subtle in all the universes exists in Lord Chaitanya's form. Lord Chaitanya's form is not different from all the worlds.

Text 212

 By His will there is creation. By His will everything enters Him again. He playfully creates the numberless universes. That is His pastime.

Text 213

 The demigods obey His will. By His will everything is done. How can anything happen without His will?

Text 214

 Whatever He wills becomes reality. He came to this world to deliver the conditioned souls. That is His greatness.

Text 215

 Unaware of His glories, the sinners rebuked Lord Chaitanya when He chanted the word "gopi".

Text 216

 Lord Chaitanya's wonderful dancing in the role of a gopi is a great treasure hidden in the four Vedas. Anyone who hears this pastime attains pure devotion to Lord Krishna.

Text 217

 In this pastime Lord Nityananda assumed the role of an elderly lady, and Lord Chaitanya assumed the role of Goddess Lakshmi.

Text 218

 Lord Nityananda always assisted Lord Chaitanya in His pastimes.

Text 219

 In these pastimes Lord Chaitanya became a gopi and Lord Nityananda became an elderly lady. How can a person who has not seen this pastime understand it?

Text 220

 Only a person who has attained Lord Krishna's mercy can understand the heart of this pastime. A person who has only a little good fortune cannot understand the truth of Lord Nityananda.

Text 221

 Someone may say that Lord Nityananda is a great yogi, or that He is a great devotee or a great philosopher. Why should the people not say whatever they like?

Text 222

 Why should the people not speak in these ways about Lord Chaitanya and Lord Nityananda? I pray that Lord Chaitanya and Lord Nityananda will place Their lotus feet in the people's hearts, no matter what the people say.

Text 223

 The only exception I make is for the sinners who speak blasphemy. Them I will kick on the head.

Text 224

 This Madhya-khanda's description of Lord Chaitanya-Narayana's dancing in the costume of Goddess Lakshmi is like nectar for the ears.

Text 225

 Dancing in the role of Mother Laksmi, Lord Chaitanya taught the truth of devotional service. Then, giving them His breast-milk to drink, He fulfilled His devotees' desires.

Text 226

 For seven days there was a wonderful effulgence in the home of Candrasekhara, the jewel of acaryas.

Text 227

 It was as if the moon, sun, and lightning joined together in one place. All the pious persons very happily gazed on that effulgence.

Text 228

 People who came to Candrasekhara's home found themselves unable to open their eyes.

Text 229

 The people said, "Why can't we open our eyes in Candrasekhara's home?"

Text 230

 Hearing these words, the Vaishnavas smiled in their hearts. No one revealed what had happened.

Text 231

 Lord Chaitanya's Maya potency is supremely bewildering. Because of that potency no one could understand the reason for the effulgence.

Text 232

 In this way Lord Chaitanya enjoyed inconceivable pastimes with His devotees in Navadvipa.

Text 233

 Listen. Listen, O my brothers to this Madhya-khanda's description of Lord Chaitanya's pastimes.

Text 234

 The two moons Shri Krishna Chaitanya and Shri Nityananda are my life and soul. I, Vrindavana dasa, sing the glories of Their feet.