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Chapter Seventeen



Description of the Glories of the Devotees


Text 1 Glory, Glory to Lord Chaitanya Mahaprabhu! Glory to Lord Nityananda, whose transcendental form should be served by all!

Text 2 Anyone who hears the narrations of this Madhya-khanda, narrations sweet like nectar, destroys the sins and offenses in his heart.

Text 3 Concealing His true identity, Lord Chaitanya always performed sankirtana in Navadvipa.

Text 4 When Lords Chaitanya walked in the town, all who saw Him thought He was Kamadeva himself.

Text 5 Seeing His activities, the people thought the Lord was proud. Seeing the great power of His learning, the materialists and offenders feared Him.

Text 6 Lord Chaitanya thought the bhattacaryas learned in Sanskrit grammar no more important than a blade of grass.

Text 7 Accompanied by His servants, and His true identity concealed, Lord Chaitanya happily walked in the town.

Text 8 The materialists and offenders said, "Nimai Pandita, soon the king will send out an order for You.

Text 9 "In secret You perform kirtana at night. Even though they cannot see You, the people curse You moment after moment.

Text 10

"These are not lies. The people's words will bear this fruit. We are Your friends. That's why we tell You."

Text 11

The Lord replied, "So be it. So be it. I have wished to hear words like this. I will see the king.

Text 12

"From childhood I have studied all the scriptures. But, thinking me only a boy, no one will question Me about them.

Text 13

"It is My desire that people seek Me out and ask questions of Me."

Text 14

Then the materialists and offenders said, "The king just wants to hear the k.irtana. He doesn't want a scholarly debate. He is a Muslim."

Text 15

Thinking the materialists and offenders no more important than a blade of grass, Lord Chaitanya returned to His home.

Text 16

The Lord said, "Today I spoke with some materialists and offenders. Everyone please do sankirtana. Then My unhappiness will perish."

Text 17

The Lord Chaitanya, the king of Vaikuntha, danced. Surrounding Him in the four directions, His followers sang.

Text 18

After dancing and dancing, the Lord said, "O My brothers, why do I not feel ecstati love today?

Text 19

"Today Im spoke with some materialists and offenders. Perhaps that is why I do not feel ecstati love.


Text 20

"Perhaps I offended you all. Please forgive My offense and save My life."

Text 21

Exalted Lord Advaita knitted His eyebrows and danced. He said, "Why would You feel ecstati love? Nar#a had dried it all up.

Text 22

"I did not attain ecstati love. Neither did Shrivasa attain it. Go ahead. Enjoy pastimes of ecstati love with the sellers of flowers and sesame seeds.

Text 23

"You made Your avadhuta a servant of ecstati love. Meanwhile I am left outside. Shrivasa Pandita is also left outside.

Text 24

"We are not qualified to attain ecstati love. Your avadhuta come here and became the gatekeeper of the store-house of ecstati love.

Text 25

"Lord, if You do not give Me ecstati love, then I will dry up all Your love, and I will not be even slightly at fault."

Text 26

Lord Advaita is always intoxicated with ecstati love for Lord Chaitanya. He gives no thought to what He says or does.

Text 27

He always praises the devotees of Lord Krishna. They have the power to sell Him as they wish.

Text 28

By the power of His pure devotion, Advaita can sell even Lord Krishna. Why should it be surprising, then, that Advaita speaks in this way?

Text 29

The Lord makes His devotees flourish in many different ways. Who has the power to understand His mercy and punishment?

Text 30

Lord Chaitanya was morose. He could not attain the happiness of ecstati love. However Advaita clapped His hands and happily danced.

Text 31

Hearing Advaita's words, Lord Chaitanya gave no reply.

Text 32

The Lord broke the door and ran outside. Nityananda and Haridasa ran after Him.

Text 33

Thinking that His body was now empty of all spiritual love, the Lord decided to drown in the Ganga.

Text 34

Lord Chaitanya jumoed into the Ganga. Nityananda and Haridasa jumped in after Him.

Text 35

Nityananda hastily grabbed the Lord's hair and Haridasa grabbed His feet.

Text 36

Then they dragged Him to the shore. Lord Chaitanya said, "Why did you drag Me out?

Text 37

"Why should I stay alive if there is no ecstati love in My life? Why did You two rescue Me?"

Text 38

Trembling, they thought, "What will happen now?" Looking at Nityananda, Lord Chaitanya said,

Text 39

"Why did You gra‚ Me by the hair?" Nityananda replied, "Why did You try to commit suicide?"

Text 40

Lord Chaitanya said, "I know You are always very agitated." Nityananda said, "Lord, please forgive everything.

Text 41

"The person You now tried to punish is the same person for whose sake You tried to leave Your body.

Text 42

"Your servant may have spoken arrogantly. Does that mean You should leave us? You are the very life of Your servants."

Text 43

Nityananda shed tears of love. Lord Chaitanya was His life, wealth, and fried. He was everything to Him.

Text 44

The Lord said, "Listen, Nityananda and Haridasa. You followed Me here.

Text 45

"If anyone asks about Me, tell them, `I did not see Him.'

Text 46

"Now I will go into hiding. If you tell anyone, the result will not be My fault."

Text 47

After speaking these words, Lord Chaitanya went to Nandana Acarya's home. Following the Lord's order, Nityananda and Haridasa kept the secret.

Text 48

Not hearing any news of Lord Chaitanya, the devotees were filled with grief. They became rapt in thinking of Lord Krishna.

Text 49

Overcome with feelings of separation, everyone wept. They could not speak. Their hearts were on fire.

Text 50

It was as if lightning had fallen on everyone. Advaita thought Himself a great offender.

Text 51

Considering Himself a great offender, and unhappy in separation from the Lord, Advaita stayed at home and fasted.

Text 52

Overcome with grief, everyone returned to their homes. In their hearts they carefully kept the treasure of Lord Chaitanya's feet.

Text 53

Arriving at Nandana Acarya's home, Lord Chaitanya sat down on the throne of Lord Vishnu.

Text 54

Seeing that great auspiciousness had come to his house, Nandana Acarya, falling to the gound, offered dandavat obeisanes.

Text 55

He quickly brought new garments. Lord Chaitanya shed His wet clothes.

Text 56

With prasadam sandalpaste, garlands, splendid arghya, and fragrances, Nandana Acarya decorated Lord Chaitanya's graceful limbs.

Text 57

Bringing betelnuts and camphor, he placed them in their Lord's mouth. To please His devotee, the Lord happily chewed them.

Text 58

Nandana Acarya's service made Lord Chaitanya forget all His sufferings. Holding more betelnuts, Nandana sat down.

Text 59

Lord Chaitanya said, "O Nandana, please hear My words. Will you give Me a place to hide?"

Text 60

Nandana said, "Lord, that is a very difficult task. Where can I hide You in this material world?

Text 61

"I cannot hide You in my heart. The devotees will know You are there.

Text 62

"If I cannot hide You even in the midst of the milk-ocean, how can I hide You in this external world?"

Text 63

Hearing Nandana Acarya's words, Lord Chaitanya smiled. The Lord spent that night in Nandana's home.

Text 64

Fortunate Nandana Acarya spent the whole night conversing with Lord Chaitanya.

Text 65

As the two of them talked about the nectar of Lord Krishna, the night passed like a single moment. Then the Lord said, "Now it is day."

Text 66

At first the Lord wanted to punish Advaita, but at the end in His heart He became very merciful.

Text 67

Glancing at Nandana Acarya, the Lord gave this order: "Go and bring the devotee Shrivasa Pandita here."


Text 68

Nandana quickly went to Shrivasa's house, returned, and placed Shrivasa before the Lord..

Text 69

Seeing the Lord, Shrivasa Pandita wept with love. The Lord said, "Don't be unhappy at heart."

Text 70

The merciful Lord then asked, "Please tell Me the news of Advaita Acarya. How is He?"

Text 71

"What is the news?", Shrivasa repeated. "Lord, since yesterday Advaita Acarya has been fasting.

Text 72

"Lord, He is like a walking corpse. Please show Yourself to Him and make Him happy.

Text 73

"How can we bear this? Lord, You are our very life.

Text 74

"Since yesterday we have been without You. You are the very life for all of us. Why must we continue to suffer in this way?

Text 75

"You have already beaten us with words like a stick. Now please give us Your mercy."

Text 76

After hearing Shrivasa's words, the merciful Lord went to Advaita.

Text 77

Lord Chaitanya saw that Advaita had fallen unconscious. In His heart Advaita thought Himself a great offender.

Text 78

When He had the Lord's mercy, He was intoxicated with pride. Now that He was punished by the Lord, His body trembled.

Text 79

Looking at Advaita, merciful Lord Chaitanya said, "Rise, Advaita Acarya. It is I, Visvambhara."

Text 80

Embarrassed, Advaita said nothing. In a heart filled with love He meditated on Lord Chaitanya's feet.

Text 81

Again Lord Chaitanya said, "Rise, Advaita Acarya. Don't worry. Rise and perform Your duties."

Text 82

Advaita said, "Lord, I will perform My duties. Lord, whatever You say I will do.

Text 83

"You always give Me bad advice. By making Me proud, You push Me into danger.

Text 84

"Lord, to everyone else You give the mood of service. But to Me You give only affection and honor.

Text 85

"Please punish Me. With Your mouth You say one thing, but in Your heart You think another.

Text 86

"You are My life, wealth, body, and mind. You are everything to Me. You may give suffering to Me. You are the Supreme Lord. That is Your right.

Text 87

"Lord, please give Me the mood of service, as You give the others. Please make Me like a maidservant's son and keep Me at Your feet."

Text 88

Hearing Advaita's words, Lord Chaitanya spoke to Advaita as all the Vaishnavas listened.

Text 89

The Lord said, "Listen. Listen, Advaita Acarya. I will tell You the truth. Please look at an example drawn from ordinary life.

Text 90

"When the king's officer arrives at the palace, the guards at the door make a request.

Text 91

"If he sees the king, the officer gets the money and gives the people their wages.

Text 92

"The officer reuqests the king, and on the king's order he pays the wages to the people.

Text 93

"To the officer the king may give the burden of governing the kingdom, or, if the officer commits an offense, the king may, with his left hand, punish him.

Text 94

"In the same way Lord Krishna is the supreme king. The king of the kings of kings. The creator Brahma and the destroyer Siva are both His servants.

Text 95

"Lord Krishna gives them the power to create and other powers also. If Lord Krishna punishes them, no one can criticize Him.

Text 96

"The demigoddesses headed by Lakshmi and the demigods headed by Siva are all subject to be punished by Lord Krishna. Still, Lord Krishna always forgives the offenses of His servants.

Text 97

"When He sees someone commit an offense, Lord Krishna gives punishment. Birth after birth You are Lord Krishna's servant. This I tell to You.

Text 98

"Rise, bathe, and perform Your worship. Don't worry. Take Your meal."

Text 99

Hearing the Lord's words, Advaita became joyful. Hearing how the Lord's servant is sometimes punished, Advaita smiled broadly.

Text 100

Calling out, "I say You are the Lord. You have sovereignty over all.", Advaita happily clapped His hands and danced.

Text 101

Hearing Lord Chaitanya's words of concolation, Advaita was overcome with bliss. He completely forgot how He was separated from the Lord.

Text 102

All the Vaishnavas became blissful. Nityananda and Haridasa smiled and laughed.

Text 103

Because of previous sinful deeds some persons are cheated of the sweet nectar that is the narration of these blissful pastimes.

Text 104

Advaita Acarya has attained the great love of Lord Chaitanya. Anyone who says that Advaita is only a little fortunate is bewildered by Maya.

Text 105

Please do not think that any person who is only a little fortunate can attain the name "servant of Lord Krishna". Lord Krishna will never give the name "servant" to a person who is only a little fortunate.

Text 106

First one attains liberation. Then all material bondage is destroyed. Only after that can one become a servant of Lord Krishna.

Text 107

The great commentators on scripture give this explanation. All the liberated souls worship Lord Krishna and recount His pastimes.

Text 108

All the servants of Lord Krishna carry Lord Krishna's own power. If any of them commits an offense, Lord Krishna punishes him.

Text 109

Beginners who go by the name "devotees of Lord Krishna" always quarrel, for their knowledge is small.

Text 110

Please know that this quarreling is a great misdeed. True Vaishnavas never take sides in these quarrels.

Text 111

Lord Chaitanya is the Supreme Personality of Godhead. Persons who doubt this truth do nto have pure devotion to the Lord. They act badly.

Text 112

Persons who are like wolves and mules busily collect disciples and tell them, "I am Lord Ramacandra Himself."

Text 113

A servant of Lord Chaitanya is more exalted even than the demigods who create, maintain, and destroy the universe. No one is greater than a servant of Lord Chaitanya.

Text 114

Lord Balarama holds up the countless universes. Who is greater than Him? He is a servant of Lord Chaitanya.

Text 115

Glory, Glory to Lord Nityananda-Balarama! By His mercy the glories of Lord Chaitanya are now manifested in this world.

Text 116

By Lord Nityananda's mercy one attains love for Lord Chaitanya. It is only by the power given by Lord Nityananda that I am able to speak these words.

Text 117

Lord Chaitanya is the master of my master. With great faith I always meditate on Them in my heart.

Text 118

The two moons Shri Krishna Chaitanya and Shri Nityananda are my life and soul. I, Vrindavana dasa, sing the glories of Their feet.