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Chapter Fifteen



Madhai Feels Transcendental Bliss


A Song in Mayura-raga


Text 1

 (Refrain, dekha gauracandera kati bhati

siba suka narad     dheyamane na pa-oyat

so-pahum akincana-sange dinarati


     Please gaze at Lord Chaitanya's glory. Even Siva, Sukadeva, and Narada cannot find it in their meditations. Still, day and night Lord Chaitanya stays with people who have nothing.


Text 2

 hena-mate nabadwipe biswambhara ray

ananta acintya-lila karaye saday


     In this way Lord Chaitanya always enjoys limitless and inconceivable pastimes in Navadvipa.


Text 3

 eta saba prakase-o keha nahi cine

sindhu-majjhe candra jena na janila mine


     As a fish in the water does not understand the true nature of the moon, so the people of Navadvipa do not understand the true nature of Lord Chaitanya.


Text 4 By Lord Chaitanya's mercy, Jagai and Madhai lived as very religious persons in Nadiya.

Text 5 At sunrise they would bathe in a secluded place in the Ganga. Every day they chanted 200,000 holy names of Lord Krishna.

Text 6 Moment after moment they rebuked themselves. They always chanted "Krishna!" and wept.

Text 7 They always tasted the nectar of love for Lord Krishna. They saw that Lord Krishna is the most merciful in all the worlds.

Text 8 When they remembered their previous violent activities, they wept and fell unconscious to the ground.

Text 9 They called out, "Father Chaitanya, O savior of the fallen!" Remembering Lord Chaitanya, they wept again and again.

Text 10

 Filled with the bliss of remembering Lord Krishna, they did not worry about eating. Remembering Lord Chaitanya's mercy, they wept.

Text 11

 Lord Chaitanya and His associates were kind and always comforted them.

Text 12

 Lord Chaitanya personally came and gave them prasadam. Still, they were not peaceful at heart.

Text 13

 When he remembered how he attacked Lord Nityananda, Madhai wept again and again.

Text 14

 Lord Nityananda had forgiven all his offenses. Still, Madhai was not happy at heart.

Text 15

 "I made blood flow from Lord Nityananda's body." Speaking these words, he rebuked himself again and again.

Text 16

 He said, "I am a sinner. I attacked the body of someone who enjoys pastimes with Lord Chaitanya."

Text 17

 Remembering all this, Madhai would fall unconscious. Day and night he wept. He thought of nothing else.

Text 18

 Thinking Himself a small boy, Lord Nityananda happily wandered in Nadiya day and night.

Text 19

 Lord Nityananda was always blissful. He was never proud. He wandered in all the towns of Nadiya.

Text 20

 One day, in a secluded place, Madhai fell down and grasped Lord Nityananda's feet.

Text 21

 With tears of love He washed the Lord's feet. A blade of grass between his teeth, he glorified the Lord with prayers.

Text 22

 He said, "As Lord Vishnu You protect the worlds. As Lord Ananta Sesha You hold the worlds on Your hoods.

Text 23

 "Your transcendental form is devotional service personified. In their hearts Siva and Parvati always meditate on You.

Text 24

 "Devotional service is Your property. You kindly give devotional service. No one is more dear to Lord Chaitanya than You.

Text 25

 "By Your mercy powerful Garuda happily carries Lord Krishna in His pastimes

Text 26

 "With Your countless mouths You praise Lord Krishna's virtues. You teach that devotional service is the best of all spiritual activities.

Text 27

 "Narada Muni sings Your glories. Lord Chaitanya is Your great treasure

Text 28

 "You divided the Yamuna. By serving You, King Janaka attained transcendental knowledge.

Text 29

 "You are the Supreme Personality of Godhead. All the truths of religion rest within You. The Vedas call You by the name Adi-deva (the first Lord).

Text 30

 "You are the father of the universes and the master of yoga. You are the great bowman Lakshmana.

Text 31

 "You crush the atheists. You are the great teacher and the Lord who enjoys transcendental mellows. You know everything of Lord Chaitanya's mission in this world.

Text 32

 "Because she serves You, Goddess Maha-Maya is worshiped in this world. The countless universes seek the shadow of Your feet.

Text 33

 "You are the greatest devotee of Lord Chaitanya. You are devotional service personified. You have all of Lord Chaitanya's power.

Text 34

 "You are Lord Chaitanya's bed. You are His throne. You are His couch. You are His parasol. You are the treasure of His life.

Text 35

 "You are not different from Lord Krishna. You are all of Lord Chaitanya's incarnations.

Text 36

 "You kill all the atheists and offenders. Still, O Lord, please save this fallen person.

Text 37

 "You protect all the Vaishnavas. You teach the science of Lord Vishnu's devotional service.


Text 38

 "By Your mercy, the demigod Brahma creates the universe. Revati, Varuni, and Kanti all serve You.

Text 39

 "From Your anger Maha-Rudra is manifested. Through him You destroy the worlds.

Text 40

 "This is described in these words of the Vishnu Purana (2.5.19):


sankarshanatmako rudro

     nishkramyatti jagat-trayam


     " `Manifested from Lord Sankarshana, Rudra destroys the three worlds.'


Text 41

 "You do everything, but still You do nothing. You are the master of the countless universes. You hold everything to Your chest.

Text 42

 "Your blissful body is very soft. Lord Krishna enjoys pastimes of sleeping on Your body.

Text 43

 "I attacked Your graceful body. No one is more cruel or sinful than I.

Text 44

 "Goddess Parvati and Lord Siva's nine hundred million maidservants worship Your transcendental body.

Text 45

 "By remembering Your transcendental body one becomes free from the bonds of material life. I made blood flow from that transcendental body.

Text 46

 "By serving Your body King Citraketu easily became the first of Vaishnavas.

Text 47

 "I, a great sinner, attacked the body countless universes meditate on.

Text 48

 "By serving Your body Saunaka and the other sages at Naimisharanya become free from the bondage of birth and death.

Text 49

 "By attacking Your body, Indrajit ran to his own destruction. By attacking Your body, Dvivida perished.

Text 50

 "By attacking Your body, Jarasandha ran to his death. I attacked Your body. I cannot be happy.

Text 51

 "When he insulted You, Krishna's brother-in-law Rukmi had to give up his life.

Text 52

 "Although he was supposed to live as long as Brahma, Romaharshana Suta found his long life burned to ashes when he did not rise upon seeing You.

Text 53

 "When they insulted You, King Duryodhana and his kinsmen almost lost their lives. No one could save them.

Text 54

 "By divine arrangement, some great devotees there knew the truth about You.

Text 55

 "Thus by the words of Kunti, Bhishma, Yudhishthira, Vidura, and Arjuna, Duryodhana and his kinsmen were saved.

Text 56

 "Simply by insulting You, they lost their lives. By violently attacking You, in what hellish world must I live?"

Text 57

 Speaking and speaking in this way, Madhai floated in spiritual love. Then he grasped Lord Nityananda's feet to his chest.

Text 58

 He prayed, "Anyone who holds these feet will never die. You have come to this world to save the fallen souls.

Text 59

 "O father, please save this surrendered soul. You are Madhai's maintainer, wealth, and life.

Text 60

 "Glory, glory to Padmavati's son! Glory to Nityananda, the Vaishnavas' treasure!

Text 61

 "Glory, glory to the blissful Lord free of all anger! O Lord, please forgive this surrendered soul's offense.

Text 62

 "I am a cruel outcaste. I am an ungrateful poisonous snake. O Lord, please forgive me."

Text 63

 Hearing Madhai's emotional prayers, Lord Nityananda smiled and said,

Text 64

 "Rise. Rise, Madhai. You are My servant. I am present in your body.

Text 65

 "When he hits his small son, does the father become unhappy? I think your hitting Me is like that.

Text 66

 "Anyone who hears your prayers will become devoted to My feet.

Text 67

 "You have attained My master's mercy. Therefore I cannot find even a single sesame seed's worth of fault in you.

Text 68

 "Anyone who worships Lord Chaitanya is My very life. Yuga after yuga, I rescue him.

Text 69

 "Anyone who worships Me but does not worship Lord Chaitanya, brings pain to Me. Such a person suffers birth after birth."

Text 70

 After speaking these words, Lord Nityananda happily embraced Madhai. In this way Madhai become free of all sufferings.

Text 71

 Grasping Lord Nityananda's feet, Madhai spoke again. He placed another request before the Lord.

Text 72

 He said, "Lord, You reside in the hearts of all living beings. I have done violence to many living beings.

Text 73

 "I do not know all the living beings I have violently attacked. If I knew them, I would beg forgiveness from them.

Text 74

 "How will the people I offended ever forgive me?

Text 75

 "Lord, if You are merciful to me, please tell me what I should do."

Text 76

 Lord Nityananda said, "Listen. I will tell you what to do. Build a bathing-ghata by the Ganga.

Text 77

 "When the people find it easy to bathe in the Ganga, they will bless you.

Text 78

 "Service to the Ganga breaks offenses into pieces. What better blessing can you attain?

Text 79

 "Greet everyone very humbly and bow down before them. Then everyone will forgive all your offenses."

Text 80

 Accepting this advice, Madhai many times circumambulated Lord Nityananda.

Text 81

 He chanted "Krishna! Krishna!", and tears fell from his eyes. He built that bathing-ghata by the Ganga. Everyone watched.

Text 82

 Watching, everyone became filled with wonder. Madhai offered dandavat obeisances to everyone.

Text 83

 He said, "Please be merciful and forgive all the offenses I committed, knowingly or unkowingly, against you."

Text 84

 Madhai wept. Everyone else wept. Everyone blissfully remembered Lord Krishna.

Text 85

 Hearing of this, everyone said, "Nimai Pandita changed Jagai and Madhai into people of the highest character."

Text 86

 Hearing of this, everyone became surprised. They said, "Nimai Pandita is not a human being.

Text 87

 "Not knowing the truth, wicked men criticized Him. Nimai Pandita truly glorifies the Supreme Lord.

Text 88

 "Nimai Pandita is truly a servant of Lord Krishna. Anyone who mocks Him will perish.

Text 89

 "Anyone who has the power to turn these two sinners into good jmen must be the Supreme Personality of Godhead Himself, or at least a person to whom the Lord has given His powers.

Text 90

 "Nimai Pandita is not an ordinary human being, a resident of the material world. Now His glory is openly known."

Text 91

 In this way the people of Nadiya spoke. They did not associate with anyone who blasphemed the Lord.

Text 92

 Madhai performed severe austerities. People called him "brahmacari".

Text 93

 He always stayed at the bathing-ghata and looked at the Ganga. Spade in hand, he worked very hard.

Text 94

 Even today the mark of Lord Chaitanya's mercy is still present. Everyone still calls that bathing-place "Madhai-ghata".

Text 95

 How great is Lord Chaitanya's glory! By Lord Chaitanya's mercy, the two thieves were delivered.


Text 96

 The words of this Madhya-kha.nda are like nectar, for they describe the Lord's deliverance of the two offenders.

Text 97

 Only demons are unhappy to hear these pastimes of Lord Chaitanya.

Text 98

 The narration of these pastimes of Lord Chaitanya are a great treasure hidden even from the four Vedas. Please hear them with great attention.

Text 99

 The two moons Shri Krishna Chaitanya and Shri Nityananda are my life and soul. I, Vrindavana dasa, sing the glories of Their feet.