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Chapter Thirteen



Description of the Deliverance of Jagai and Madhai


Text 1

ajanu-lambita-bhujau kanakavadatau

†††† sankirtanaika-pitarau kamalayatakshau

visvambharau dvija-varau yuga-dharma-palau

†††† vande jagat-priya-karau karunavatarau


†††† I offer my respectful obeisances to the two fathers of the sankirtana movement, whose long arms reach to Their knees, who are splendid like gold, whose large eyes are lotus flowers, who are the maintainers of the worlds, the best of the brahmanas, and the protectors of the yuga-dharma (the religion of the age), who bring happiness to the people of the world, and who have come to this place because They are very merciful.


Text 2 Glory, glory to Lord Chaitanya Mahaprabhu! Glory to Lord Nityananda, whose transcendental form should be served by all!

Text 3 In this way Lord Chaitanya enjoyed pastimes in Navadvipa. Still, it was not every eye that saw them.

Text 4 Ordinary people saw that He was the same Nimai Pandita as before. They did not see that something extraordinary had happened to Him.

Text 5 In the company of the devotees, Lord Chaitanya floated in the bliss of His pastimes.

Text 6 To those who were fortunate, He revealed the truth about Himself. From those absorbed in the external, material world, He hid.

Text 7 One day, unexpectedly, Lord Chaitanya gave an order to Nityananda and Haridasa.

Text 8 He said, "Listen. Listen, O Nityananda. Listen, O Haridasa. In every respect please follow the order I will now give to You.

Text 9 "Go to every home with this request, `Please chant Krishna's name, worship Krishna, and teach others about Krishna.'

Text 10

"Don't tell them anything else. Make them chant. At the end of the day come back and tell Me what has happened.

Text 11

"Beg them to chant. If anyone will not chant, then, with the cakra in My hand, I will cut him apart."

Text 12

Hearing this order, the circle of Vaishnavas smiled. Who has the power to disobey Lord Chaitanya's order?

Text 13

Lord Nityananda carried this order on His head. Persons who have no faith in this order have no intelligence.

Text 14

Lord Advaita happily destroys anyone who serves Lord Advaita but has no faith in Lord Chaitanya.

Text 15

Placing Lord Chaitanya's order on their heads, Nityananda and Haridasa, smiling, at once walked out into the streets.

Text 16

Following the Lord's order, they went from house to house and requested, "Please chant Krishna's name, worship Krishna, and teach others about Krishna.

Text 17

"Krishna is your very life. Krishna is your true wealth. Krishna sustains your life. Therefore please chant, `Krishna!' "

Text 18

In this way, following the order of the master of the universes, they went from house to house in Nadiya.

Text 19

Dressed as sannyasis, they went from house to house with this request as the alms they asked.

Text 20

Nityananda and Haridasa said, "Please give us this in charity: Please chant Krishna's name, worship Krishna, and teach others about Krishna."

Text 21

After speaking these words, they would leave. Pious persons became happy.

Text 22

After hearing these wonderful words from the mouths of the two devotees, different people spoke different replies and felt happy in different ways.

Text 23

Some people happily said, "I will do it. I will do it." Other people said, "You two are misled by bad advice.

Text 24

"Bad association has turned you into madmen. Why do you want to make us all into madmen too?

Text 25

"All the good people have now become madmen. Nimai Pandita has ruined everyone."

Text 26

The persons who were could not enter to see Lord Chaitanya's dancing chased them away, saying, "Kill them! Kill them!"

Text 27

Someone else said, "They are both thieves. Their going from house to house is a trick.

Text 28

"Why would religious people act like that? If they come again I will take them to the king's court."

Text 29

Hearing words like this again and again, Nityananda and Haridasa laughed. Because of the power of Lord Chaitanya's order, they did not become afraid.

Text 30

Every day they went from house to house. Returning to Lord Chaitanya, and told Him everything.

Text 31

One day they saw on the street two very drunken thieves.

Text 32

The drunkards talked without stop. There wasn't a sin they hadn't committed.

Text 33

Though born in brahmana families, they drank wine and ate cow's flesh. They were always stealing and seeting other's home on fire.

Text 34

The police ordered them to go to the king's court, but they did not go. They will not let the time pass without drinking wine and eating flesh.

Text 35

They both fell down and began to roll about on the ground. Soon they were punching each other.

Text 36

From a distance Nityananda, Haridasa, and many others watched the drunkards' antics.

Text 37

One moment the two drunkards were affectionate to each other. The next moment they were pulling each other's hair. They loudly spoke obscene words, like the c-word and the b-word.

Text 38

The destroyed the reputation of the brahmanas of Nadiya. Wine destroys all good fortune.

Text 39

All sins had taken birth in the bodies of these two. The only sin they did not commit was the sin of blaspheming a Vaishnava.

Text 40

Day and night they associated with drunkards. Still, they never blasphemed the Vaishnavas.

Text 41

Even elevated and respectable people loose all their piety if they blaspheme Vaishnavas.

Text 42

If sannyasis blaspheme Vaishnavas, the sannyasis become lower than drunkards.

Text 43

Even drunkards will eventually attain salvation. But persons who blaspheme Vaishnavas will never have a good future.

Text 44

If he blasphemes the Vaishnavas, even a person who studies the scriptures will find his intelligence is destroyed. A person who blasphemes Lord Nityananda will be destroyed completely.

Text 45

Rolling on the ground, the two drunkards fought, punching each other. Staying far away, Nityananda and Haridasa watched.

Text 46

Lord Nityananda asked some of the people there, "What caste are these men? Why do they act like that?"

Text 47

The people replied, "Lord, these two men are brahmanas. Their glorious mother and father were born in very exalted families.

Text 48

"For generation after generation there was not even half a sesame seed worth of fault in their family staying in Nadiya.

Text 49

"These two men have forgotten righteousness. From their birth they have always sinned in this way.

Text 50

"Seeing how badly these two men acted, their family disowned them. Staying with other drunkards, these two men wander where they like.

Text 51

"When they see them, the people fear that some day these two men will set their homes on fire.

Text 52

"There is no sin these two have not committed. They are thieves, drunkards, and meat-eaters."

Text 53

Hearing these words, Lord Nityananda became very merciful at heart. He decided to deliver them.

Text 54

He thought, "Lord Chaitanya descended to this world to save the sinners. Who is more sinful than these two?

Text 55

"Lord Chaitanya conceals His true glory and opulence. Unaware of His true glory, the people mock Him.

Text 56

"If Lord Chaitanya is merciful to these two, then the whole world will see His glory.

Text 57

"If I can bring these two to their senses, then I, Nityananda, will be a true servant of Lord Chaitanya.

††† Texts Texts 58-59

"These two men are so drunk they don't even know who they are. If they could become rapt in chanting Lord Krishna's holy name, if they could call out, "O My Lord!", and weep, then my travels in this world will be successful.

Text 60

"When touched by the shadow of these two men, the people run to bathe in the Ganga with all their clothes.

Text 61

"If, when they see these two men the people think they have become purified as if they have just bathed in the Ganga, then I will feel happy when I write My name."

Text 62

Lord Nityananda's glory is an ocean that has no shore. He descended to this world to deliver the fallen people.

Text 63

Thinking for a moment, Lord Nityananda said to Haridasa, "Haridasa, look at how those two are misled.

Text 64

"Though born in a brahmana fmaily, they act very badly. They will not escape Yama's abode.

Text 65

"When the Muslims had almost killed you, you were still kind to them in your heart.

Text 66

"If in your heart you are kind to these two persons, then the Lord will certainly deliver them.

Text 67

"The Lord will not go against your wishes. He will do what you wish. That is the truth.

Text 68

"If Lord Chaitanya delivers these two people, then the whole world will see His great power and glory.

Text 69

"As the Puranas sing about the deliverance of Ajamila, so the three worlds should directly see how Lord Chaitanya delivers these two sinners."

Text 70

Haridasa knew very well the truth about Lord Nityananda. In his heart Haridasa knew these two persons were already saved.

Text 71

Haridasa said to the Lord, "Please listen, O Lord. Whatever You desire, Lord Chaitanya will do without fail.

Text 72

"As one tricks an animal, so You are tricking me. Again and again You must teach me."

Text 73

Smiling, Lord Nityananda embraced him. Then He gently said,

Text 74

"Following the Lord's order, we walk here and there. Let us speak to these two drunkards.

Text 75

"By the Lord's order we tell everyone to worship Krishna. Especially we tell the great sinners.

Text 76

"To speak to these two is our duty. Whether chant the holy names or not is in the power of the Lord."

Text 77

To repeat to them Lord Chaitanya's order, Nityananda and Haridasa approached the two sinners.

Text 78

The respectable people there said, "Don't go near them. Save your lives.

Text 79

"Because of these two we are always afraid for our lives. How can we bear that you approach them.

Text 80

"How can these two know the true glory of a sannyasi? The times they have murdered brahmanas and killed cows have no end."

Text 81

In spite of this warning, chanting "Krishna! Krishna!", Nityananda and Haridasa happily approached the two sinners.

Text 82

Coming close, so the sinners could hear, they loudly repeated the Lord's order:

Text 83

"Say, "Krishna!", worship Krishna, chant Krishna's name. Krishna is your mother. Krishna is your father. Krishna is your wealth and your life.

Text 84

"Lord Krishna has now descended to this world to save all of you. Please give up your sins and worship Lord Krishna."

Text 85

Hearing these shouted words, the two sinners lifted their heads and looked. Their eyes were red with great anger.

Text 86

Lifting their heads and seeing the two sannyasis, the two sinners called out, "Catch them! Catch them!", and ran to catch them.

Text 87

Nityananda and Haridasa fled. Running after them, the two thieves called out, "Stop! Stop!"

Text 88

Shouting insults, the two drunkards ran in pursuit. Frightened, the two devotees fled.

Text 89

The people said, "We warned them. Now the two sannyasis are in danger."

Text 90

Within their hearts the materialists and offenders laughed. They said, "It is right that Lord Narayana punish these hypocrites."

Text 91

"Krishna! Protect them! Krishna! Protect them!", the saintly brahmanas said. Everyone fled in fear.

Text 92

The two thieves pursued, and the two saintly devotees fled. "I will catch you! I will catch you!", the thieves called out. The thrives did not catch them.

Text 93

Lord Nityananda said, "If we live through this we will be good Vaishnavas indeed."

Text 94

Haridasa said, "My Lord, why do You talk? Because of Your ideas we are running to our death.

Text 95

"Because You thought it would be good to teach these drunkards about Lord Krishna, our lives are about to end."

Text 96

As they spoke in this way, Lord Nityananda laughed and laughed as He ran. Chasing Him, the two thieves shouted insults.

Text 97

The two drunkards both big and fat. They could not run very fast. Still, they ran as fast as they could.

Text 98

The two thieves said, "Brothers! Why are you running? Why do you flee from Jagai and Madhai today?

Text 99

"You don't understand the true nature of Jagai and Madhai. You misjudged us."

Text 100

Hearing these words, the two devotees continued to run in fear. "Krishna! Save us! Krishna! Save us! Govinda!", they called out.

Text 101

Haridasa said, "Aware that I am with such a troublemaker, I don't have any power to continue running.

Text 102

"Lord Krishna protected me from the Muslims, but because of a certain troublemaker's ideas, I will now lose my life."

Text 103

Lord Nityananda said, "I am not a troublemaker. Look inside your heart. Your master, He is the troublemaker.

Text 104

"Even though He's a brahmana, your master gives orders as if He were a king. It's because of His order that we are going from house to house saying these things.

Text 105

"I never heard anyone else give the orders He gives. No one elsesays, `Go to the thieves and sinners.'

Text 106

"If we don't follow His order, then everything is lost. If we do follow His order, everything is still lost.

Text 107

"You don't think your master is at fault. We should both say, `I am at fault'."

Text 108

Seeing the two exhausted thieves running after them, the two joking devotees playfully argued in this way.

Text 109

In this way they ran to Shrivasa Thakura's house. Bewildered with wine, the two thieves stumbled again and again as they frantically gave pursuit.

Text 110

Unable any longer to see the two devotees, the two drunkards stopped. At the end they fell pushed and fought, making a great commotion.

Text 111

"Where were they now?" Bewildered with wine, they did not know.

Text 112

Turning around for a moment, the two devotees looked to see if the two thieves were still chasing them. The devotees could not see them.

Text 113

Stopping, the two devotees embraced. Laughing, they went to Lord Chaitanya.

Text 114

Lord Chaitanya was sitting down. His eyes were like lotus flowers. His every lim‚ was handsome. He was more enchanting then Kamadeva.

Text 115

The circle of Vaishnavas was in the four directions. Everyone was conversing about Lord Krishna.

Text 116

Like the master of Svetadvipa in the company of Sanaka and the sages, Lord Chaitanya in the company of His devotees was explaining the truth about Himself.

Text 117

At that time Nityananda and Haridasa came before the Lord to report that day's activities.

Text 118

They said, "Today we saw two odd people. We were told that they used to be brahmana, but now they are drunkards.

Text 119

"To do good to them we said, `Please chant Lord Krishna's name.' They became unhappy and chased us. Fortunately we are still alive."

Text 120

Lord Chaitanya said, "Who are these two? What are their names? If they are brahmanas why do they act like that?"

Text 121

Gangadasa and Shrivasa were both there. They described the sins of these two persons.

Text 122

They said, "Lord, these two persons are named Jagai and Madhai. They are both sons of a brahmana. They were born in this town.

Text 123

"By bad association they became like this. From their birth they did not know anything but wine.

Text 124

"Everyone in Nadiya is afraid of them. There is no one like them. No one else robs the homes of others.

Text 125

"I don't have the power to describe all their sins. You see everything. You know, my Lord."

Text 126

Lord Chaitanya said, "I know. I know. If these two sinners come before Me, I will cut them into pieces. Into pieces."

Text 127

Lord Nityananda said, "If You break those two sinners into pieces, I will not stay here.

Text 128

"Why are You angry with them? Let me make them chant, `Govinda!'

Text 129

"Naturally pious people will easily chant Lord Krishna's name. But these two know nothing but sins.

Text 130

"If We deliver them and give them devotional service, then We will be known as "Patita-pavana" (the deliverer of the fallen).

Text 131

"By delivering Me You became glorious. If You deliver these two sinners, Your glory will become much greater."

Text 132

Smiling, Lord Chaitanya said, "The moment they saw You they were at once delivered.

Text 133

"If You are worried for their welfare, then Lord Krishna will soon give them auspiciousness."

Text 134

Hearing these words from the Lord's mouth, the devotees made a great sound of "Jaya! Jaya!"

Text 135

In their hearts everyone thought, "They are already saved." Then Haridasa said to Advaita,

Text 136

"The Lord has sent me out with a very restless person. He says to me, `I will go in this direction. In what direction will you go?'

Text 137

"He swims in the crocodile-infested monsoon-swollen Ganga to catch the crocodiles.

Text 138

"I stand on the banks calling to Him, `Haya! Haya!' He happily floats down the Ganga.

Text 139

"If He sees a boy by the riverbank, He becomes angry and chases the boy to beat him.

Text 140

"When the boy's mother and father come with sticks in their hands, I have to grasp their feet and beg them to go.

Text 141

"Stealing buuter and yogurt from a milman, He flees. Seeing me, they gra‚ me to give me a beating.

Text 142

"What He does has no logic. Seeing a young girl, He says to her, "Will you marry Me."

Text 143

"Climbing an ox, He shouts, `Mahesa!' He milks another's cow and drinks the milk.

Text 144

"If I try to correct Him, He says, `What will your Advaita do to Me?

Text 145

" `The master you call Chaitanya, what will He do to Me?'

Text 146

"I did not tell any of this to the Lord. Today my life was saved only by the Lord's grace.

Text 147

"Nityananda goes to two drunkards lying on the road and tries to teach them about Krishna.

Text 148

"Then the drunkards chased us to kill us. It is only by Your mercy that our lives were saved."

Text 149

Smiling, Lord Advaita said, "This is not surprising. It is right that one drunkard should associate with other drunkards.

Text 150

"It is right that all three drunkards should stay together. But you are a naishthika brahmacari. Why should you stay with such people?


Note: Shrila Bhaktisiddhanta Sarasvati explains that Lord Advaita says here, "Lord Nityananda is a drunkard always intoxicated by drinking the liquor of pure love for Lord Krishna. Therefore, since He is a drunkard, it is right that He associate with Jagai and Madhai, who are also drunkards. All three drunkards, Nityananda, Jagai, and Madhai, should stay together, but Haridasa, a naishthika brahmacari, should not associate with drunkards.


Text 151

"Nityananda will change those drunkards. I know Him well.

Text 152

"You will see. In two or three days He will make those drunkards join our community of Vaishnavas."

Text 153

Then Lord Advaita became angry. Becoming clothed only by the four directions, he said,

Text 154

"I will hear about Lord Chaitanya's devotion to Lord Krishna. I will see His transcendental potency. I will see how He makes those drunkards sing and dance.

Text 155

"Tomorrow you will see Chaitanya and Nityananda bring those two drunkards here and make them dance.

Text 156

"They will make those two drunkards join our community of Vaishnavas. Then you and I will flee to save our castes."

Text 157

Seeing Lord Advaita's anger, Haridasa smiled. In his heart he now knew that the two drunkards would be saved.

Text 158

Who has the power to understand Lord Advaita's words? Because he thought in the same way, Haridasa understood Lord Advaita.

Text 159

The sinners who think themselves associates of Lord Advaita, but who criticize Gadadhara Pandita, will perish and burn.

Text 160

A sinner who takes the side of one Vaishnava and criticizes another Vaishnava runs to his destruction.

Text 161

Meanwhile the two drunkards wandered from place to place. Eventually they came to the place where Lord Chaitanya bathed in the Ganga.

Text 162

By divine arrangement they came there. They went everywhere and attacked the people.

Text 163

Everyone, where famous and important, rich, or poverty-stricken, became frightened at heart.

Text 164

At night no one went to bathe in the Ganga. If they went, they went in groups of ten or twenty.

Text 165

At night the two drunkards stayed near Lord Chaitanya's home. Hearing the Lord sing, they stayed awake all night.

Text 166

In the Lord's kirtana mridangas and karatalas were sounded. Hearing the music, the two drunken men happily danced.

Text 167

Even from far away they could hear the kirtana. Listening to the kirtana, they danced, and then they drank more wine.

Text 168

Listening to the kirtana, sometimes they sang, sometimes they sat down, and sometimes they stood up and danced.

Text 169

Overcome by drinking wine, they did not know where or who they were.

Text 170

Seeing Lord Chaitanya, they said to Him, "Nimai POandita! You sing all the beautiful songs to Goddess Durga.

Text 171

You sing very well. We will visit You and bring gifts."

Text 172

Seeing these rogues, Lord Chaitanya would go far away. Others would take a different path to avoid them.

Text 173

One evening, as He was wandering in the city, Lord Nityananda was stopped by the two drunkards.

Text 174

"Who? Who?", Jagai and Madhai called out. Nityananda replied, "I am going to the Lord's house."

Text 175

Bewildered with wine, they said, "What's Your name?" Nityananda replied, "My name is Avadhuta."

Text 176

Wild Lord Nityananda, who was always in the mood of a small boy, playfully conversed with the two drunkards.

Text 177

In His heart Lord Nityananda thought, "I will deliver these two." That is why He had come by that path at night.

Text 178

Hearing the word "Avadhuta", Madhai picked up an earthen pot and angrily hit Lord Nityananda on the head.

Text 179

When He was hit by the pot, blood flowed from His head. Lord Nityananda meditated on Lord Krishna.

Text 180

Seeing the blood on the Lord's head, Jagai felt compassionate. When Madhai raised his hand to strike again, Jagai said,

Text 181

"Why do you act like that? You are very cruel, merciless. Why do you hit this foreigner?

Text 182

"Stop. Stop. Don't again hit the avadhuta. How will any good come to you if you hit a sannyasi?"

Text 183

The people frantically ran to Lord Chaitanya and told Him what had happened. Accompanied by many devotees, Lord Chaitanya went there at once.

Text 184

Blood had flowed over all of Lord Nityananda's body. Lord Nityananda was smiling at the two drunkards.

Text 185

Seeing the blood, Lord Chaitanya became angry. Now He was not aware of the external world. "Cakra! Cakra! Cakra!", He called out again and again.

Text 186

The Sudarsana-cakra came at once. Jagai and Madhai saw it with their own eyes.

Text 187

The devotees thought a great calamity was about to fall. Lord Nityananda quickly approached and begged,

Text 188

"Lord, Madhai wanted to hit Me, but Jagai stopped him. Because of My past karma, some blood has fallen. I am not unhappy.

Text 189

"Lord, please give to Me the bodies of these two. I am not at all unhappy. Please be peaceful."

Text 190

Hearing the words, "Jagai stopped him", joyful Lord Chaitanya embraced Jagai.

Text 191

He said to Jagai, "Lord Krishna be merciful to you. By protecting Nityananda, you have purchased Me.

Text 192

"You may ask any desire you see in your heart. From today on you will have pure love and devotion for Lord Krishna."

Text 193

Hearing this boon given to Jagai, all the devotees made a great sound of "Jaya! Jaya!" and "Hari!"

Text 194

When Lord Chaitanya said, "You will have pure love and devotion for Lord Krishna", Jagai at once fell unconscious, overwhelmed with love.

Text 195

The Lord said, "Jagai, rise. Look at Me. I truly give you the gift of pure love and devotion for Lord Krishna."

Text 196

Then Jagai saw Lord Chaitanya manifest a four-armed form holding a conch, disc, club, and lotus.

Text 197

Seeing this form, Jagai fell unconscious. Then Lord Chaitanya placed His foot on Jagai's chest.

Text 198

Jagai grasped the great treasure that is the Lord's feet, a treasure that is the very life of Goddess lakshmi, a treasure that is like a priceless jewel.

Text 199

Grasping the Lord's feet, saintly Jagai wept. In this way Lord Chaitanya enjoyed wonderful pastimes.

Text 200

One life lived in the two bodies of Jagai and Madhai. The same piety and the same sin stayed in them both.

Text 201

When the Lord gave mercy to Jagai, Madhai's heart at once became purified.

Text 202

Neglecting Lord Nityananda, Madhai hurriedly grasped Lord Chaitanya's feet and fell down like a stick before Him.

Text 203

He said, "Lord, Jagai and I both committed the same sins. Lord, why are You not merciful to us both?

Text 204

"Please be merciful to me. I will chant Your name. Only You, and no one else, can deliver me."

Text 205

Lord Chaitanya said, "I will not protect you. You made blood fall from Nityananda's body."

Text 206

Madhai said, "You cannot say this. Lord, how can You abandon Your own religious principles?


Text 207

"Why did You give Your feet even to the demons who wounded You with arrows?"

Text 208

Lord Chaitanya said, "You made blood flow from Nityananda's body. Therefore your offense is greater than theirs.

Text 209

"Nityananda body is more dear to Me than My own. What I tell you is very true."

Text 210

Then Madhai said, "Lord, if You are telling me the truth, then please tell me: How may I be saved?

Text 211

"You are the crest jewel of physicians. You destroy all diseases. Please cure my disease, so I may become well.

Text 212

"Lord, please don't trick me. You are the master of the universe. It is known. From whom can You hide it?"

Text 213

Lord Chaitanya, "You have committed a great offense. You must fall down before Nityananda and grasp His feet."

Text 214

"Following Lord Chaitanya's order, Madhai held the priceless treasure that is Lord Nityananda's feet.

Text 215

Anyone who holds Lord Nityananda's feet will never perish. Revati knows this truth about His feet.

Text 216

Lord Chaitanya said, "Listen, Nityananda. He has fallen at Your feet. You must be merciful to him.

Text 217

"He made blood flow from Your body. Therefore only one can forgive him. His has fallen down before You."

Text 218

Lord Nityananda said, "Lord, what can I say? It is You who should be merciful to them. It is You who have the power.

Text 219

"Please hear My decision: Whatever pious deeds I have performed in My past births, I give them all to Madhai.

Text 220

"Whatever offenses were committed against Me, I do not accept them. Lord, please don't trick him. Give Your mercy to Madhai."

Text 221

Lord Chaitanya said, "If You forgive all his offenses, You should embrace Madhai. Then Your forgiveness will bear fruit."

Text 222

Accepting Lord Chaitanya's order, Nityananda tightly embraced Madhai. In this way Madhai became free of all material bondage.

Text 223

By Lord Nityananda's touch, Madhai attained all spiritual potency.

Text 224

In this way the two sinners were delivered. They both offered prayers to the feet of the two Lords.

Text 225

Lord Chaitanya said, "Don't sin again." Jagai and Madhai said, "Father, we will not sin again."

Text 226

Lord Chaitanya said, "Listen. Listen, you two. In truth, in truth, I have delivered you.

Text 227

"If you sin no more, then I accept all your sins from millions of past births.

Text 228

"In your mouths I will place the remnants of food eat by Me. In this way I will enter your bodies."

Text 229

Hearing the Lord's words, Jagai and Madhai fell unconscious, overcome with bliss.

Text 230

Jagai and Madhai fainted. They plunged into an ocean of bliss. Aware of their condition, Lord Chaitanya ordered,

Text 231

"Take these two men to My house. I will perform kirtana with them.

Text 232

"What the demigod Brahma cannot attain, today I will give to them. I will make them the best devotees in the world.

Text 233

"They who would bathe in the Ganga if they touched these two men, will now say these two men are like the Ganga herself.

Text 234

"Nityananda promise will never fail. Please know for certain that all this has happened because of Nityananda's desire."

Text 235

Then all the Vaishnavas took Jagai and Madhai to the Lord's home.

Text 236

Accompanied by the Lord, the devotees entered. Then the doors closed and no one else could enter.

Text 237

Lord Chaitanya sat down. Nityananda and Gadadhara were splendid at His two sides.

Text 238

Exalted Advaita sat facing Lord Chaitanya. The Vaishnavas sat around Them in the four directions.

†††† 239-Text 240

Pundarika Vidyanidhi, Haridasa Thakura, Garuda Pandita, Ramai, Shrivasa, Gangadasa, Vakresvara Pandita, and Candrasekhara Acarya all knew the truth of Lord Chaitanya's pastimes.

Text 241

Many great decotees came to Lord Chaitanya's home and sat down with Jagai and Madhai.

Text 242

Jagai and Madhai shed tears. The hairs of their bodies stood erect. Their every lim‚ trembled. They rolled about on the ground.

Text 243

Who can understand Lord Chaitanya's plan? He transformed two thieves into great devotees of the Lord.

Text 244

He made the greatest materialists into austere sannyasis. In this way Lord Chaitanya's pastimes are full of nectar.

Text 245

Anyone who has faith in these pastimes attains Lord Krishna. Anyone who doubts them will fall down.

Text 246

Then Jagai and Madhai offered prayers as Lord Chaitanya and all the devotees listened.


Text 247

By Lord Chaitanya's order, saintly Goddess Sarasvati sat on their tongues.

Text 248

Seeing Lord Chaitanya and Lord Nityananda sitting together, Jagai and Madhai understood Their true identities.

Text 249

Then they offered prayers to the two Lords. Anyone who hears their prayers will attain pure devotion to Lord Krishna.

Text 250

They prayed, "Glory, glory to Mahaprabhu! Glory to Visvambhara! Glor, glory to Nityananda, the resting place of Lord Visvambhara!

Text 251

"Glory, glory to the Lord, the great teacher who enjoys pastimes of chanting His own holy names! Glory to Lord Nityananda, who fulfills Lord Chaitanya's order!

Text 252

"Glory, glory to the son of Jagannatha Misra! Glory, glory to Nityananda, who takes shelter of Lord Chaitanya!

Text 253

"Glory, glory to Saci's son, who is an ocean of mercy! Glory to Nityananda, the dear friend of Lord Chaitanya!

Text 254

"Glory to He who is the life's Lord of a regal pandita's daughter! Glory to Nityananda, whose transcendental body is made of mercy!

Text 255

"O Lord, glory to You! Please engage me in Your devotional service. Glory to Nityananda, the king of the Vaishnavas!

Text 256

"Glory to the Lord who holds a conch, disc, club, and lotus! Glory to the avadhuta, who is a form of the Supreme Lord!

Text 257

"Glory, glory to Lord Chaitanya, who is the life of Advaita Acarya! Glory, glory to Lord Nityananda, who is thousand-faced Ananta Sesha!

Text 258

"Glory to the Lord who is the life of Gadadhara and the master of Murari Gupta! Glory to the Lord who is the delight of Haridasa and Vasudeva Datta!

Text 259

"Many times You descended to this world and delivered the sinners. The whole world sings the glories of Your wonderful activities.

Text 260

"When You saw us two sinners, You delivered us. That was a small glory in comparison to Your previous glories.

Text 261

"When You delivered Ajamila, that was a great glory. When You delivered us, that was only a small glory.

Text 262

"We say the truth. We are not just flattering You. It is right that Ajamila attained liberation.

Text 263

"A sinner who kills millions of brahmanas, but then chants Your name, at once attains liberation. The Vedas affirm that this is true.

Text 264

"Ajamila chanted Your holy name. Therefore it is not surprising that he attained liberation.

Text 265

"You descend to this world to establish the truth of the Vedas. If You did not deliver the sinners, the Vedas would be proved false.

Text 266

"We attached the body of Your beloved Nityananda. Still, You delivered us.

Text 267

"Lord, please consider this. Please look into our hearts. Please count us among Your many millions of devotees.

Text 268

"Hearing the word `Narayana' come from his mouth, four Vishnudutas at once came before Ajamila. Ajamila directly saw them.

†††† 269-Text 270

"When we saw You, we made blood flow from Your body. Lord, then You openly manifested Your expansions, weapons, and persopnal associates, which before You had kept hidden. You revealed all Your glory.

Text 271

"Now the truth about You is openly revealed. Now Ananta Sesha openly sings Your glories.

Text 272

"Your transcendental qualities, which had been kept secret, are now openly revealed. Now Your name `the deliverer of the fallen' is openly revealed.

Text 273

"If You say, `Kamsa and many other demons tried to kill Me, but still they attained liberation.'

†††† 274-Text 275

"Then we say: `Lord, please look at the desire within Your heart.' Whenever they saw You, the kings, following the kshatriya-dharma, fought with You. But in their hearts they were always afraid of You.

Text 276

"Because of the sin of attacking You, they and their dynasties all fell down.

Text 277

"Even though they saw You as they gave up their lives, what devotee is now eager to touch them?

†††† 278-Text 279

"The devotees who would bathe in the Ganga if theyr touched us or touched our shadow now treat us with respect. O Lord, Your glory is very gerat. Whom will You cheat? Everyone knows Your glories now.

Text 280

"The great devotee Gajendra offered prayers to You, took shelter of You, saw You, and attained liberation.

Text 281

"Now one was sinful like the demonness Putna. No one was sinful like Agha, Baka, and a host of other demons.

Text 282

"Still, when they left their bodies they went to the spiritual world. Without studying the Vedas, who has the power to see the truth of Your activities?

Text 283

"Now the whole world has seen how You delivered us two sinners.

Text 284

"The sinners You delivered previously all had some kind of virtue.

Text 285

"We two brahmana-demons had no good qualities, but still You delivered us. You did this because You are all merciful."

Text 286

Speaking and speaking, Jagai and Madhai wept. In this way Lord Chaitanya worked a wonderful miracle.

Text 287

Seeing this wonder, the devotees offered dandavat obeisances, folded their hands, and spoke prayers.

Text 288

They said, "O Lord, without Your mercy, these two drunkards would not be able to offer such prayers.

Text 289

"Who has the power to understand Your inconceivable power? In this way You give Your mercy."

Text 290

Lord Chaitanya said, "These two are no longer drunkards. From today on they are My servants.

Text 291

"All of you please give your mercy to them, so that birth after birth they will never forget Me.

Text 292

"Please forgive any offenses they may have committed against you. Please be merciful to them."

Text 293

Hearing the Lord's words, Jagai and Madhai fell before all the devotees and grasped their feet.

Text 294

All the great devotees blessed them. In this way Jagai and Madhai became free from their offenses.

Text 295

Lord Chaitanya said, "Rise. Rise, Jagai and Madhai. You are My servants. You have no worries.

Text 296

"The prayers you spoke are all the absolute truth. No one can refute them.

Text 297

"In these bodies you could never have attained what you attained. Know for certain that you attained it only by Lord Nityananda's mercy.

Text 298

"I will destroy all your sins. My brothers, this you will see with your own eyes."

Text 299

At once there were no longer any sins in the bodies of Jagai and Madhai. Tnen Lord Chaitanya's body suddenly became black.

Text 300

Lord Chaitanya said, "Why does everyone stare at Me?" Advaita replied, "You look like Lord Krishna, the moon of Gokula."

Text 301

Hearing Advaita's very intelligent words, Lord Chaitanyalaughed. All the devotees made a great sound of "Hari!"

Text 302

Lord Chaitanya said, "Look. This blackness comes from the sins of these two. Perform kirtana, and these sins will go to the blasphemers."

Text 303

Hearing the Lord's words, everyone became joyful. They blissfully sang a kirtana.

Text 304

Lord Chaitanya danced with Lord Nityananda. Surrounding Them, the devotees sang Their glories.

Text 305

Advaita also danced. It was because of Him that Lord Chaitanya descended to this world. Therefore it was also because of Him that Jagai and Madhai were delivered.

Text 306

Everyone sang in the kirtana and clapped their hands. Everyone joyfully danced.

Text 307

Overcome with bliss, no one was afraid of the Lord. How many thousands of times did they push Him in the kirtana?

Text 308

Accompanied by her daughter-in-law, Mother Saci gazed at all this. She floated in an ocean of bliss.

Text 309

Who by seeing all this bliss did not become lost in the joy of Krishna consciousness?

Text 310

As they danced, the two drunkards brushed against the limbs of the Supreme Lord, limbs even Goddess Lakshmi is afraid to touch.

Text 311

Lord Chaitanya delivered the two drunkards, but He also pushed the blasphemers of Vaishnavas into the burning hell called Kumbhipaka.

Text 312

Blasphemy does not help spiritual life. Rather, it brings only sin. Therefore one should never blaspheme the fortunate devotees of the Lord.

Text 313

After transforming the two thieves into devotees, Lord Chaitanya, who is Lord Hari Himself in a form with fair limbs, danced with His associates.

Text 314

After dancing, Lord Chaitanya sat down. Then the circle of Vaishnavas around Him in the four directions also sat down.

Text 315

Four fingers of dust had come upon every body. Still, there was not a speck of dust on any limb.

Text 316

His body now fair as before, Lord Chaitanya laughed and said to everyone,

Text 317

"Please don't think these two are sinners. I have personally burned away all their sins.

Text 318

"Staying in their bodies, I act, speak, walk, and eat. When I leave, their bodies will fall away.

Text 319

"The soul screams when even the slighest pain is present in the body. If I were not present, the body would not move. It would at once burn away.

Text 320

"In spite of the fact that he always suffers, the soul becomes proud. Declaring, `I act. I speak.", the soul runs to a terrible death.

Text 321

"These two thought in this way. They thought, `I am the doer'. Now I have ended all that.

Text 322

"Please know that these two are now Vaishnavas. Please don't see them as different from you.

†††† 323-Text 324

"Please hear My order. Anyone who respectfully offers food to these two persons lovingly places in Lord Krishna's mouth the sweetest nectar in the countless universes.

Text 325

"Anyone who gives them even a small quantity of food, places nectar in Lord Krishna's mouth.

Text 326

"However, anyone who mocks or offends them will be completely destroyed."

Text 327

Hearing the Lord's words, the Vaishnavas wept with love. They bowed down before Jagai and Madhai.

Text 328

Then the Lord said, "O devotees, please listen. Let us all walk to the Ganga."

Text 329

Accompanied by His associaties, Lord Chaitanya, who is forestflower-garlanded Lord Krishna Himself, dived into the Ganga's waters.

Text 330

In the bliss of kirtana, the devotees became like mischievous children at every moment.

Text 331

Even the elder, ordinarily grave, devotees had become like children. This happened by the power of their devotional service.

Text 332

At the end of the kirtana there was a great festival of bathing in the Ganga. Everyone was filled with bliss. The distinctions of master and servant had gone away.

Text 333

Lord Chaitanya splashed water on all the Vaishnavas' bodies. No one had the power to defeat Him in splashing. Everyone fled.

Text 334

Whomever the Lord engaged in a water-fight became, after a few moments of fighting, broken in defeat.

Text 335

One moment Lord Chaitanya, Lord Advaita, and Lord Nityananda played in the water. Another moment Haridasa, Shrivasa, and Mukunda played.

†††† 336-Text 338

Shrigarbha Shri Sadasiva, Murari, Shriman, Purushottama, Mukunda-Sanjaya, Buddhimanta Khan, Vidyanidhi, Gangadasa, Jagadisa, Gopinatha, Haridasa, Garuda, Shri Rama, Govinda, Shridhara, Krishnananda, Kasisvara, Jagadananda, Govindananda, and Shri Suklambara all played in the water.

Text 339

How many names do I now of the countless servants of Lord Chaitanya? In the future Vedavyasa will reveal their names in the Puranas.

Text 340

Everyone played in the water. Some were victorious and joyful. Others were defeated.

Text 341

Lord Chaitanya played in the water with Gadadhara, and Nityananda played with Advaita.

Text 342

Powerful Nityananda gleefully splashed water in Advaita's eyes.

Text 343

Advaita could not open His eyes. Angrily hurling abuse, He said,

Text 344

"Nityananda, You drunkard, You've blinded My eyes! Why do I stay near a drunkard like You?

Text 345

"Shrivasa Pandita found You as a wandering avadhuta. He gave You a place to stay, but even he doesn't know where You were born or what is Your caste.

Text 346

"Saci's son acts like a thief. He always enjoys pastimes with You, a wild avadhuta."

Text 347

The Nityananda said, "You don't feel shame on Your face? You lost. Why argue?"

Text 348

Then Lord Chaitanya said, "I don't think once is enough. I only count a victory or a defeat when it is repeated three times."

Text 349

Advaita and Nityananda again playfully fought. They seemed like one body in two places.

Text 350

They fought in the water, but neither could win three times. Sometimes they won and sometimes they lost.

Text 351

Again Nityananda ferociously splashed water in Advaita's eyes.

Text 352

Distraught, Advaita said, "Drunkard, You won't become a sannyasi by killing a brahmana.

Text 353

"In the west You went from house to house so You could eat. No one knows Your family, birth, or caste.

Text 354

"Who are Your father, mother, and guru? No one knows. You only eat. And everyone calls You `Avadhuta'."

Text 355

On the preText of speaking insults, Advaita spoke words that were actually prayers glorifying Lord Nityananda. Hearing these covered prayers, Nityananda and the devotees laughed.

Text 356

"I will kill everyone! And I will not be wrong to do it!" Speaking these words, Advaita Acarya burned with anger.

Text 357

Hearing Advaita Acarya's angry insults, the devotees laughed. On the preText of being angry, Advaita described the spiritual truth about Lord Nityananda.

Text 358

Anyone who does not understand the heart of these nectar quarrels, thinks Nityananda and Advaita are different from each other, and then praises one and criticizes the other, burns in hell.

Text 359

Persons to whom Lord Chaitanya and Lord Nityananda are merciful will have the power to understand the words of the Vaishnavas.

Text 360

After happily speaking in this way for some time, Nityananda and Advaita embraced.

Text 361

The two Lords were intoxicated by drinking the nectar of love for Lord Chaitanya. Then Lord Nityananda floated and swam in the Ganga.

Text 362

Every evening, after in kirtana tasting the nectar of love for the Lord, the devotees played in this way in the water.

Text 363

Ordinary human beings have no power to see these pastimes of the Lord. Hiding, the demigods watched these pastimes.

Text 364

After bathing in the Ganga, Lord Chaitanya and His associates came to the land and called out, "Hari! Hari!"

Text 365

After giving everyone prasadam garlands and sandal paste, Lord Chaitanya gave everyone permission to return to their homes and take their meals.

Text 366

Then Lord Chaitanya presented Jagai and Madhai before everyone. He took the garlands from His own neck and gave them to the two of them.

Text 367

These pastimes never end. The Vedas say only that sometimes the people of this world can see them (avirbhava, , and other times they cannot (tirobhava).

Text 368

Returning home, Lord Chaitanya washed His feet. Then He bowed down before Tulasi's feet.

Text 369

Then Lord Chaitanya sat down to take His meal. Mother Saci placed before Him the prasadam food offered to the Lord.

Text 370

Then, after offering prayers to all the devotees, He who is the master of the countless universes took His meal.

Text 371

He very happily accepted the maha-prasadam. Then He washed His mouth and sat down by the entrance.

Text 372

Filling her eyes, Mother Saci gazed at her son and daughter-in-law. Then her body became plunged in an ocean of bliss.

Text 373

Who has the power to describe the great height of Mother Saci's good fortune?Only if one hears Lord Ananta Sesha glorify it with His thousand mouths will one have the power to describe it.

Text 374

If one simply speaks the material word "a-i" (mother), by the power of that word "a-i" he will not longer feel material suffering.

Text 375

Gazing at her son's face, Mother Saci, the mother of all the worlds, was not aware of even her own body.

Text 376

When He went to take rest, Lord Chaitanya gave the hiding demigods permission to depart.

Text 377

Brahma, Siva, and other demigods came there and served Lord Chaitanya.

Text 378

Without Lord Chaitanya's order, no one had the power to see them. Only by the Lord's mercy can one speak about this.

Text 379

One day Lord Chaitanya sat down and one of these demigods approached Him.

Text 380

The Lord said to him, "Stay where you are." Brahma, Siva, and other demigods rolled about on the ground in Lord Chaitanya's courtyard.

Text 381

No one can write how many demigods came. Lord Chaitanya said to the devotees, "Do you not see all these visitors?"

Text 382

Folding their hands, the devotees said, "Lord, the three worlds serve You.

Text 383

"Lord, if You do not give us the power, what power have we to see? "

Text 384

Anyone who hears of these wonderful secret pastimes of Lord Chaitanya attains all perfections.

Text 385

Please do not have even the slightest doubt in your heart. Brahma and Siva regularly visited Lord Chaitanya.

Text 386

In this way Lord Chaitanya, who is the life of the universes, delivered Jagai and Madhai.

Text 387

Lord Chaitanya delivered everyone, everyone except the sinners who blasphemed Vaishnavas.

Text 388

If he blasphemes a devotee, even a person equal to Lord Siva will quickly perish. This is confirmed by the following words of Shrimad-Bhagavatam (5.10.25):


Text 389

mahad-vimanat sukritad dhi madrik

†††† nankshaty adurad api sula-panih


†††† "I have committed an offense. Because of this, even though I may be as strong as Lord Siva, I shall be vanquished without delay due to my offense at the lotus feet of a Vaishnava."*


Text 390

If he blasphemes a Vaishnava, even the most wise philosopher will fall down. This all the scriptures declare.

Text 391

Even Lord Krishna's holy name, which is the great atonement for all sins, will not protect one from an offense to a Vaishnava.

Text 392

A person who follows these transcendental words of Padma Purana (Brahma-khanda,Text 25

15, attains pure love for the Lord:


Text 393

satam ninda namnah paramam aparadham vitanute

†††† yatah khyatim yatam katham u sahate tad-vigariham


†††† "Blasphemy of the great saintly persons who are engaged in preaching of the Hare Krishna mantra is the worst offense at the lotus feet of the holy name. The nama-prabhu, who is identical with Krishna, will never tolerate such blasphemous activities, even from one who passes as a great devotee."*

Text 394

Lord Chaitanya will deliver everyone who hears this story of the two thieves' deliverance.

Text 395

Glory, glory to Lord Chaitanya who delivered two brahmana-demons.Lord Chaitanya is supremely kind. He is an ocean of mercy.

Text 396

He is very kind. He is a thousand oceans of mercy. He sees only the virtues of others. He does not see their faults.

Text 397

A person who shuns Lord Chaitanya lives a sinful life. He may live for a long time, but his life is not worth anything.

Text 398

O Lord, please be merciful to me. Please grant that I may always chant and hear Your glories.

Text 399

Lord Chaitanya is the master of my master. I pray that I may always be the servant of my two masters.

Text 400

I know that the narrations of Lord Chaitanya's glories have neither beginning nor end. As far as I know them, I describe Lord Chaitanya's glories.

Text 401

I bow down to offer respects to the lotus feet of Lord Chaitanya and His associates. I pray that I will not commit any offense to Them.

Text 402

The two moons Shri Krishna Chaitanya and Shri Nityananda are my life and soul. I, Vrindavana dasa, sing the glories of Their feet.