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Chapter Eleven

Shri Nityananda-carita-varnana


Description of Lord Nityananda's Pastimes


A Song in Mallara-raga


Refrain. nidhi gauranga kotha haite aila prema-sindhu

anathera natha prabhu patita-janera bandhu


     O fair-limbed Lord Chaitanya, O great treasure, O ocean of spiritual love, O master of they who have no master, O Lord, O friend of the fallen, from where have You come?


Text 1

 jaya jaya viswambhara dvija-kula-simha

jaya ha-u tora jata caranera bhringa


     O maintainer of the worlds, O lion of the brahmanas, glory, glory to You! O Lord at whose lotus feet the bumblebees of Your devotees come, glory to You!

Text 2

 jaya shri-paramananda-purira jiban

jaya damodara-swarupera prana-dhan


     O life of Shri Paramananda Puri, glory to You! O life's treasure of Svarupa Damodara, glory to You!


Text 3

 jaya rupa-sanatana-priya mahasay

jaya jagadisa-gopinathera hriday


     O Lord dear to Rupa and Sanatana, glory to You! O heart of Jagadisa and Gopinatha, glory to You!


Text 4 In this way Lord Chaitanya enjoyed pastimes in Navadvipa. Still, it was not every eye that saw them.

Text 5 Staying in Shrivasa's home, Lord Chaitanya revealed to fortunate Shrivasa the limitless and blissful pastimes described in the Madhya-khanda.

Text 6 Without duplicity Shrivasa served Lord Chaitanya. Accompanied by his associates, Shrivasa saw the Lord reveal His glories and opulences.

Text 7 Lord Nityananda lived in Shrivasa's home and affectionately called Shrivasa "father".

Text 8 Day and night Nityananda was in the mood of a small boy. He was not aware of external events. He regularly drank the milk at the breast of Shrivasa's wife, Malini.

Text 9 There was no milk in her breasts, but when Lord Nityananda touched them, there was. Malini saw this as the inconceivable power of Lord Nityananda.

Text 10

 On Lord Chaitanya's order, she did not tell anyone of these happenings. Lord Nityananda always showed Himself as a child before Malini.

Text 11

 Lord Chaitanya said, "Listen, Nityananda. You are always fighting with someone.

Text 12

 "Don't do mischief in Shrivasa's house." Hearing these words, Lord Nityananda remembered Lord Krishna.

Text 13

 Lord Nityananda said, "I never do mischief. You cannot find anyone well-behaved like Me."

Text 14

 Lord Chaitanya said, "I know You all too well." Lord Nityananda said, "Tell Me My faults, the faults You have seen and heard."

Text 15

 Laughing, Lord Chaitanya said, "What are Your faults? You make a great rain of food in every room."

Text 16

 Lord Nityananda said, "Some madman did that. This is a trick so You won't give Me any rice.

Text 17

 "If You don't give Me any rice, then You can happily eat it all. But why do You tell everyone how bad I am?"

Text 18

 Lord Chaitanya said, "When You act badly I am embarrassed. That's why I try to teach You what is right."

Text 19

 Smiling, Lord Nityananda said, "Very good. Good. Whenever You see Me do mischief, correct Me.   Text 20

 "You know the truth. I am mischievous." After speaking these words, He looked at Lord Chaitanya and laughed mischievously.

Text 21

 Overcome with bliss, Lord Nityananda was not aware of the external world. What did He do? Removing His clothes, He would tie them like a turban around His head.

Text 22

 Laughing and laughing, He jumped about. Wandering in the courtyard, He staggered like a drunkard.

Text 23

 Seeing Lord Nityananda clothed only by the four directions, Gadadhara, Shrivasa, and Haridasa understood that these pastimes were the Lord's mercy and meant to teach a great lesson.

Text 24

 Lord Chaitanya called out, "What are You doing? This is not the way to act in a householder's house.

Text 25

 "You said to Me, `How can I be a madman?' Now You are destroying Your own words."

Text 26

 How can mere words embarrass a person who is not even aware of the external world? Lord Nityananda was floating in an ocean of bliss.

Text 27

 Lord Chaitanya personally put clothes on Lord Nityananda. This is the description of Lord Nityananda's inconceivable pastimes.

Text 28

 Lord Chaitanya's words were like a sharp iron hook. But Lord Nityananda, now become like a maddened lion, did not know anything that was said.

Text 29

 Holding up His hands, Lord Nityananda would not eat. Thinking Him her son, Malini would feed Him.

Text 30

 Chaste Malini understood Lord Nityananda's ecstasy. She served Lord Nityananda as a mother serves her son.

Text 31

 One day a crow came, snatched a grass cup, and flew into the trees.

Text 32

 When the crow flew out of sight, a great anxiety was born in Malini's heart.

Text 33

 The crow returned, but Malini saw the cup was not in its beak.

Text 34

 Shrivasa Pandita would be very angry that the cup of ghee, which was meant for Lord Krishna, had been stolen.

Text 35

 Malini had heard him become angry before. In her heart deciding that this problem had no soultion, Malini wept.

Text 36

 At that time Lord Nityananda came and saw Malini weeping, the tears flowing from her eyes.

Text 37

 Smiling, Lord Nityananda asked, "Why are you weeping? Tell me what makes you suffer. I will break all your sufferings into pieces."

Text 38

 Malini said, "My Lord, please listen. A crow stole a cup of ghee and left."

Text 39

 Lord Nityananda said, "Mother, don't worry. I will give the cup to You. Wipe away your tears.".

Text 40

 Smiling, Lord Nityananda said to the crow, "Crow, return the cup at once."

Text 41

 Lord Nityananda resides in the hearts of all. Who has the power to disobey Him?

Text 42

 Hearing the Lord's order, the crow flew away. Anxious Malini watched the crow.

Text 43

 In a moment the crow flew out of sight. Then, holding the cup in its beak, it returned.

Text 44

 The crow set the cup down before Malini. Malini now knew well the great power of Lord Nityananda..

Text 45

 Seeing these wonders, she was overcome with bliss. standing up, she prayed to Lord Nityananda,

    Texts Texts 46-47

 "For He who brought His guru's son back from the dead, who protects all the worlds, and who has the power even to bring souls back from Yama's house, what is glory in taking a cup from a crow?

    Texts Texts 48-49

 "For Ananta Sesha, who carries the countless universes on His head, Who in His pastimes is not even aware of the universes' weight on His head, and whose holy name destroys the material illusion that has no beginning, what is the glory in taking a cup from a crow?

    Texts Texts 50-52

 "For You, who in ancient times were Lakshmana and lived in the forest, who were the guardian always staying by Sita's side, who only looked at Sita's feet on the ground, but never at her directly, and who with arrows killed Ravana's dynasty, what is the glory in taking a cup from a crow?

Text 53

 "Finally understanding Your great power and glory, Yamuna-devi approached Your feet and offered prayers.

Text 54

 "For You, who protect the fourteen worlds with Your power, what is the glory in taking a cup from a crow?.

Text 55

 "Still, whatever You do is never small or unimportant. Whatever You do is eternal and transcendental. This the four Vedas say."

Text 56

 Hearing these prayers, Lord Nityananda smiled and, in the mood of a little boy, said, "I will eat."

Text 57

 As Malini looked at Lord Nityananda, the milk began to flow from her breasts. In the mood of an infant, Lord Nityananda drank at her breast.

Text 58

 Lord Nityananda inconceivable pastimes are like this. Shall I narrate more of them? They are already known by all the world.

Text 59

 Lord Nityananda's activities are extraordinary and inconceivable. Anyone who know the truth about Lord Nityananda worships Him.

Text 60

 Overcome with ecstasy and supremely independent, effulgent Lord Nityananda wandered in Nadiya day and night.

Text 61

 Some say that Lord Nityananda is a great yogi. Some may say He is a great philosopher. Others may say what they like. Why should they not say these things?

Text 62

 Why should they not say these things about Lord Chaitanya and Lord Nityananda. I always keep Lord Chaitanya's and Lord Nityananda's feet in my heart.

Text 63

 If sinners blaspheme Lord Chaitanya and Lord Nityananda, then I kick the sinners' heads.

Text 64

 In this way Lord Nityananda stayed in Shrivasa's home. Lord Chaitanya always protected Him.

Text 65

 One day supremely handsome Lord Chaitanya was staying at home with Goddess Lakshmi.

Text 66

 Goddess Lakshmi gave betelnuts to the Lord. Lord Chaitanya was so happy He did not know whether it was day or night.

Text 67

 When Lord Chaitanya enjoyed pastimes with Goddess Lakshmi in this way, Mother Saci felt great happiness in her heart.

Text 68

 Aware of the happiness in His mother's heart, Lord Chaitanya stayed at home and enjoyed pastimes with Goddess Lakshmi.

Text 69

 At a time like this, Lord Nityananda, overcome with bliss and very restless, came to Lord Chaitanya's home.

Text 70

 Thinking of Himself as a little boy, He stood up straight, clothed only by the four directions. Overcome with bliss, he felt no shame.

Text 71

 Lord Chaitanya said, "Nityananda, why are You clothed only by the four directions?" Lord Nityananda replied, "It is. It is."

Text 72

 Lord Chaitanya said, "Nityananda, put on some clothes." Lord Nityananda replied, "I am poing."

Text 73

 Lord Chaitanya said, "Nityananda, why do You act like this?" Lord Nityananda replied, "Otherwise I cannot eat."

Text 74

 Lord Chaitanya said, "I say one thing, and You say something different. Why do You do that?" Lord Nityananda replied, "I will go ten times."

Text 75

 Becoming angry, Lord Chaitanya said, "It is not My fault." Lord Nityananda replied, "My Lord, Saci is not here."

Text 76

 Lord Chaitanya said, "Please be kind and put on Your clothes." Lord Nityananda said, "I will eat."

Text 77

 Lord Nityananda was mad with ecstati love for Lord Chaitanya. Lord Nityananda would hear one thing, say another, and then laugh.

Text 78

 Standing up, Lord Chaitanya personally put clothes on Lord Nityananda. Unaware of external events, Lord Nityananda, the son of Padmavati, laughed.

Text 79

 Seeing Lord Nityananda's activities, Mother Saci laughed. In her heart she felt that Lord Nityananda was very much like her son Visvarupa.

Text 80

 Hearing Lord Nityananda's words, Mother Saci saw that He was very like Visvrupa.

Text 81

 Mother Saci loved Lord Chaitanya and Lord Nityananda equally. She thought Them both her sons. She did not tell this to anyone.

Text 82

 Returning to external consciousness, Lord Nityananda accepted clothing. Then Mother Saci brought sandesa candy for Him to eat.

Text 83

 Accepting from Mother Saci five sandesas, Lord Nityananda ate one and threw the others away.

Text 84

 "Haya! Haya!", Mother Saci said. "Why did You throw them away?" Lord Nityananda replied, "Why did your put them all in one place?"

Text 85

 Mother Saci said, "I have nothing else. What will You eat now?" Lord Nityananda replied, "Look. You will find them."

Text 86

 In the house Mother Saci saw a great wonder. There were the four sandesas, all neatly together, right before her.

Text 87

 Mother Saci said, "Where did the sandesas fall? How could they be here in this room?"

Text 88

 Wiping the dust from them, Mother Saci returned with the sandesas. Then she saw another wonder.

Text 89

 Returning, she saw Lord Nityananda eating some laddu candies. Mother Saci said, "Son, where did You get those laddus?"

Text 90

 Lord Nityananda replied, "I saw you were unhappy when I threw the others away, so I got these."

Text 91

 Seeing these womders, Mother Saci thought in her heart, "No one knows Nityananda's power."

Text 92

 Mother Saci said, "Nityananda, why do You trick me. I know that You are the Supreme Personality of Godhead. Please remove the illusions of Maya that bewilder me."

Text 93

 Thinking Himself a little boy, Lord Nityananda ran to touch Mother Saci's feet. Saci fled.

Text 94

 Lord Nityananda pastimes are unfathomable. The pious think these pastimes are good. The impious think they are bad.

Text 95

 When see sees the sinners who blaspheme Lord Nityananda, Goddess Ganga flees.

Text 96

 Lord Nityananda is Ananta Sesha, the Supreme Personality of Godhead, who holds up all the worlds, and is the king of the Vaishnavas.

Text 97

 Why should Lord Chaitanya and Lord Nityananda not be glorified in this way. I pray that in my heart I may keep the treasure that is Their feet.

Text 98

 I bow down before the Vaishnavas' feet. I pray that Lord Nityananda, who is Lord Balarama Himself, will always be my master.

Text 99

 The two moons Shri Krishna Chaitanya and Shri Nityananda are my life and soul. I, Vrindavana dasa, sing the glories of Their feet.