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Chapter Ten



Description of the Very Great Revelation


A Song



Refrain mora bandhuya



     Lord Chaitanya, who is a treasure-house of transcendental virtues, is my true friend.


Text 1

 jaya jaya mahaprabhu shri-gaurasundar

jaya jaya nityananda anadi-iswar


     Glory, glory to Lord Chaitanya! Glory, glory to Lord Nityananda, the Supreme Lord who has no beginning!


Text 2 In this way Lord Chaitanya gave a boon to Shridhara. Then, rocking His head from side to side, Lord Chaitanya called out, "Nar#a! Nar#a! Nar#a!"

Text 3 Lord Chaitanya said, "Acarya, ask for a boon." "What I prayed for, I have attained", Advaita Acarya replied.

Text 4 Then Lord Chaitanya roared. No one has the power to describe His roar.

Text 5 In this way Lord Chaitanya manifested His glories and opulences. Gadadhara brought betelnuts, and Lord Chaitanya chewed them.

Text 6 Lord Nityananda, who is Ananta Sesha, the holder of the earth, held a parasol. Advaita and the great devotees stood before the Lord.

Text 7 Lord Chaitanya commanded Murari, "Look at My form." Murari looked and saw Lord Ramacandra manifested before his eyes.

Text 8 He saw Lord Chaitanya was now dark like durva grass. Lord Chaitanya held a bow and sat in a virasana posture.

Text 9 Murari saw Sita and Lakshmana on the Lord's left and right. From the four directions the kings of monkeys offered prayers.

Text 10

 Seeing that he also had become a monkey, the physician Murari fainted.

Text 11

 Unconscious, Murari fell to the ground. In this way he fell into Lord Chaitanya's trap.

Text 12

 Lord Chaitanya called out, "O monkry, you have forgotten how the thief that kidnapped Sita set you on fire.

Text 13

 "Then you set fire to his city and destroyed his dynasty. In am that same Lord. Now I give you the power to remember all this.

Text 14

 "Rise. Rise, Murari. You are My very life. I am Ramacandra. You are Hanuman.

Text 15

 "Look at Lakshmana, who is like your life and soul. Carrying the Gandhamadana Mountain, you saved His life.

Text 16

 "Bow down before Sita's feet. Seeing her torment, you wept a shoreless ocean of tears."

Text 17

 With these words of Lord Chaitanya, Murari Gupta regained consciousness. Seeing all this, everyone there wept with love.

Text 18

 By hearing Murari Gupta's story, every dry sticks begin to weep. All the devotees melted into tears.

Text 19

 Again Lord Chaitanya said to Murari, "Ask for a boon, whatever you wish."

Text 20

 Murari said, "Lord, I do not want anything. Lord, please give me the boon that I will always sing Your glories.

Text 21

 " Lord, please do not place me in any birth where I will forget You.

Text 22

 "Birth after birth please allow me to live among Your devotees, who know that You are the master and they are Your servants.

Text 23

 "You are the master, and I am Your servant. It is not otherwise. O Lord, please make these words true. Please do not throw me away.

Text 24

 "Whenever You descend to this world with Your associates, please allow me to come and be Your servant."

Text 25

 Then the Lord said, "Good. Good. I grant that boon." At that moment a great, great sound of "Jaya!" arose.

Text 26

 All the Vaishnavas loved Murari. Murari was kind to everyone. That was his nature.

Text 27

 Wherever Murari goes, that place becomes all holy places. It becomes Shri Vaikuntha.

Text 28

 Who has the power to describe Murari's glories? Every time He descends to this world, the Supreme Lord becomes Murari's dear friend.

    Texts Texts 29-30

 Lord Chaitanya said, "Everyone please listen. Whoever once criticizes Murari will not be purified by millions of baths in the Ganga. Neither the Ganga nor the holy name of Lord Hari will remove his sin.

Text 31

 "The Supreme Personality of Godhead, Lord Murari, secretly (gupta, sits in his heart. Therefore his name `Murari Gupta' is supremely appropriate."

Text 32

 Seeing the Lord's mercy to Murari, the devotees called out "Krishna!", and wept with love.

Text 33

 Anyone who hears how Lord Chaitanya gave mercy to Murari Gupta will attain pure love and devotion to the Lord.

Text 34

 Murari and Shridhara fell down before the Lord and wept. Again and again roaring like thunder, Lord Chaitanya chewed betelnuts.

Text 35

 Then Lord Chaitanya was merciful to Haridasa. "Look at Me, Haridasa", He called out.

Text 36

 "Your body is better than My body. Your birth is more exalted than My birth.

Text 37

 "My heart broke to think of how the sinful Muslims tortured you.

    Texts Texts 38-39

 "Listen. Listen, O Haridasa. When the Muslims beat you in village after village, and I saw how you were suffering, I took my cakra and came down from Vaikuntha to sever their necks.

Text 40

 "Even though they were beating you to end your life, in your heart you were concerned for their welfare.

Text 41

 "You did not see that they were trying to kill you. In your heart you only saw them as good people.

Text 42

 "Because you saw them as good people, I had no power to act against them. My cakra became powerless.

Text 43

 "Because of your dfesire, I could not kill them. Seeing how they were ferociously beating you, I fell on your back.

Text 44

 "The blows meant for you I took on My body. The marks are still there. I do not lie.

Text 45

 "Whatever other reasons made Me come to this world, I quickly came because I could not tolerate that you were suffering.

Text 46

 "Advaita always sings My glories. My Nar#a knew the truth about you."

Text 47

 The Lord knows how to glorify His devotees. What will He not say, what will He not do for their sake?

Text 48

 For His devotees' sake the Lord will swallow a blazing fire. The Lord yearns to became the servant of His devotees.

Text 49

 Lord Krishna does not know anything but His devotees. He does not think even the endless universes are equal to one of His devotees.

Text 50

 Anyone who is not pleased with the devotees of Lord Krishna is a wretched sinner. His past must be full of sins.

Text 51

 O my brothers, with your own eyes please see the glories of the devotees, glories Lord Chaitanya Himself described to Haridasa.

Text 52

 Hearing from the Lord's own mouth the description of His great mercy, Haridasa at once fell unconscious.

Text 53

 His external consciousness fled far away, Haridasa rested on the ground. He was plunged in bliss. He did not breathe for even half a sesame seed of time.

Text 54

 Then the Lord said, "Rise. Rise, O My Haridasa.Fulfilling your desire, gaze at My powers and opulences.

Text 55

 With the Lord's words, Haridasa regained external consciousness. Gazing at the Lord's form, he wept.

Text 56

 He fell to the ground and rolled about in the courtyard. One moment he sighed, and another moment he fainted.

Text 57

 Great ecstasy filled Haridasa's body. Although Lord Chaitanya tried to pacify him, Haridasa would not be pacified.

Text 58

 Haridasa said, " O father Visvambhara, O master, O Lord of the universes, please be merciful to this sinner. I fall down before You.


Text 59

 "I have no good qualities. I am lowly and degraded. I am outside varnasrama. O Lord, how can I describe Your pastimes and glories?

Text 60

 "By seeing me one becomes sinful. By touching me one must bathe. O Lord, how can I describe Your glories?

    Texts Texts 61-62

 "This truth You have spoken with Your own mouth: You will never abandon a person who remembers Your feet, even if he is like a worm or an insect. However, You push down even a great king if he does not remember Your feet.

Text 63

 "With these words You do not describe me, for I never remember You. You protect even the most fallen person who remembers You.

Text 64

 "In the middle of the assembly the sinners Duryodhana and Duhsasana tried to disrobe Draupadi.

Text 65

 "In that dangerous situation, she remembered You. Because she remembered You, You entered her garments.

Text 66

 "Because she remembered You, her garments became limitless. The sinful-hearted people could not understand how this all happened.

Text 67

 "One day some witches surrounded Goddess Parvati and trued to eat her. She remembered You.

Text 68

 "Because she remembered You, You suddenly appeared there, punished the witches, and protected Your devotee.

Text 69

 "O father, even though I am a sinner who never remembers You, please give me shelter at Your feet.

Text 70

 "With poison, snakes, fire, water, and stones the demon Hiranyakasipu tried to kill Prahlada.

Text 71

 "Prahlada always remembered Your feet. By the power of that memory, he was freed from all sufferings.

Text 72

 "You broke the teeth of some of the attackers and destroyed the power of others. Because Prahlada remembered You, You appeared before him.

Text 73

 "Afraid of Dyrvasa, the Pandavas remembered You. Out of kindness to them, You suddenly appeared before their eyes.

Text 74

 "You said, `Yudhishthira, don't worry. Look. Look. I am here. I will feed the sages. You just sit down.'

Text 75

 "One crumâ of vegetable remained in the pot. To protect Your servants, You happily ate it.

Text 76

 "Their bellies suddenly swelling as they bathed, the sages fled in fear.

Text 77

 "Thus, by the power of remembering You, the Pandavas were rescued, Thus remembering You brings a very wonderful result.

Text 78

 "By always remembering You, everyone becomes saintly. This is not surprising. You deliver all who remember You.

Text 79

 "Ajamila was very sinful. No one was sinful like him. Still, by remembering You, he attained glory without limit.

Text 80

 "Terrified of the Yamadutas, he lovingly looked at his son's face. By calling out his son's name, he remembered the form of Lord Narayana.

Text 81

 "When he remembered You, his great danger broke into pieces. This is not surprising. The devotees' memory of You brings all good fortune.

Text 82

 "O Lord, please don't reject me, even though I never remember Your feet.

Text 83

 "How did I become qualified to see You? O Lord, I wish only one boon. I do not wish anything but this one boon."

Text 84

 Then Lord Chaitanya said, "Speak. Speak. There is nothing I will not give you."

Text 85

 Folding his hands, Haridasa said to the Lord, "Lord, I am very unfortunate. Still, I have a very great desire.

Text 86

 "I wish that my food will be the remnants of what was eaten by the servants who worship Your feet.

Text 87

 "Let that be my worship birth after birth. Let Your devotees' remnants be my property. Let this be the duty prescribed by my birth.

Text 88

 "By birth I am sinful. That is why I do not remember You. Therefore please make my life successful by allowing me to eat the remnants left by Your servants.

Text 89

 "An offense stays in my heart. I yearn to be an exalted and important person. Such a desire is not right for me.

Text 90

 "O Lord, O master, O father Visvambhara, I am like a dead man. Please forgive my offense.

Text 91

 "O son of Saci, O father, please be merciful to me. Please make me into a dog and keep me in Your devotee's home."

Text 92

 Haridasa was filled with love and devotion to the Lord. Again and again he begged with plaintive words. His desire was not fulfilled.

    Texts Texts 93-94

 Then Lord Chaitanya said, "Listen. Listen, O My Haridasa. Anyone who sits down with you, or who talks with you for even half a sesame seed of time will certainly attain Me. It will not be otherwise.

Text 95

 "Anyone who has faith in you has faith in Me also. I stay always in your body.

Text 96

 "You are My master, and I am your servant. You keep Me always imprisoned within your heart.

Text 97

 "I give you the gift that without offense you will devotedly serve Me and all the Vaishnavas."

Text 98

 When the Lord gave this boon to Haridasa, a great sound of "Jaya! Jaya!" at once arose.

Text 99

 High birth, noble family, pious deeds, and material riches will not help anyone attain the great wealth of pure love for Lord Krishna. Only an intense desaire to attain it, and nothing else, will help one attain the great wealth of pure love for the Lord.

Text 100

 A Vaishnava may take birth in any family. Why not? All the scriptures declare that a Vaishnava is the best of persons.

Text 101

 The evidence of this is Haridasa, who was born in a Mulsim family. He saw the Lord's powers and opulences, opulences even Brahma and the demigods cannot see.

Text 102

 Anyone who thinks a Vaishnava belongs to a certain caste is a sinner. He is pushed into sinful wombs lifetime after lifetime. In this way he suffers.

Text 103

 Anyone who hears these prayers of Haridasa Thakura will certainly attain a great wealth of pure love for Lord Krishna.

Text 104

 These are not my words. All the scriptures say it. Anyone who hears narrations of the devotees activities attains pure devotion for Lord Krishna.

Text 105

 Glory, glory to the great devotee Haridasa Thakura! By remembering him a person destroys all his sins.

Text 106

 One person said, "Haridasa is like Brahma". Another person said, "He is like Prahlada."

Text 107

 In every way Haridasa was a great devotee of the Lord. He enjoyed pastimes with Lord Chaitanya and His associates.

Text 108

 Brahma and Siva are always happy at heart to associate with devotees like Haridasa.

Text 109

 The demigods yearn to touch Haridasa. Goddess Ganga yearns that Haridasa will enter her waters.

Text 110

 What to speak of his touch, even the sight of Haridasa cuts apart the beginningless ropes of karma that bind all conditioned souls.

Text 111

 As Prahlada was a "demon", and as Hanuman was a "monkey", so Haridasa was "born in a low family".

Text 112

 Haridasa wept. Murari and Shridhara wept. Smiling, Lord Chaitanya chewed betelnuts.

Text 113

 Sitting on the Deity throne, Lord Chaitanya became very effulgent. Also very effulgent, Lord Nityananda held a parasol over the Lord's head.

Text 114

 Looking at Advaita, and smiling and smiling, Lord Chaitanya revealed the thoughts in His heart.

Text 115

 He said, "Listen. Listen, O Acarya. One night I fed You. Does the memory of that awaken in Your heart?

Text 116

 "At that time I had not yet descended to this world and You were struggling with a limitless effort top bring Me here.

Text 117

 "Reading and lecturing on Bhagavat-gita, You interpreted everything only in terms of devotional service. Who was qualified to understand Your explanations?

Text 118

 "One day You found a verse that You could not explain in terms of devotional service. You did not find fault with the verse. You renounced eating.

Text 119

 "Unhappy, You lay down to rest. You were fasting. Then I came and appeared before You.

Text 120

 "When You fast, then I must fast also. When You feed Me, then I eat.

Text 121

 "I cannot tolerate that You feel even half a sesame seed's worth of suffering. As You slept, I spoke to You in Your dream.

Text 122

 "I said, `Rise. Rise, Acarya. Listen to the meaning of that verse. You should know the meaning of that passage without doubt.

Text 123

 " `Rise. Eat. Don't fast. I will reveal the meaning to You.'

Text 124

 "Happily rise and ate. In a dream I will tell You the meaning."

Text 125

 Whenever Advaita had a doubt about a certain passage, the Supreme Lord appeared before His eyes in a dream and explained the true meaning.

Text 126

 Now the Lord reminded Advaita of the specifi nights, the specifi dreams, and the specifi passages involved.Text 127

 The glory of Advaita's devotion is very, very great. How can I describe the limit of His devotion's power?

Text 128

 The Lord said, "I explained to You all the passages but one. Now I will explain that last passage to You.

Text 129

 "Fools interpret the passage `sarvatah pani-padas tat' in a way to agree with the ideas of their own sampradaya. They have shaken away the true meaning of these words.

Text 130

 "Now, rejecting all duplicity, I tell You these words should be read as `sarvatra pani-padas tat'.


Text 131

 "This is how to interpret these words of Bhagavad-gita (13.14,:


sarvatah pani-padas tat

     sarvato 'kshi-siro-mukham

sarvatah srutimal loke

     sarvam avritya tishthati


     " `Everywhere are His hands and legs, His eyes and faces, and He hears everything. In this way the Supersoul exists.'*


Text 132

 "Thus I have explained to You the secret meaning of this passage. Who but You is qualified to hear this explanation?'

Text 133

 Lord Advaita was secretly a disciple of Lord Chaitanya. Lord Chaitanya's explanations are Advaita Acarya's shelter.

Text 134

 Hearing Lord Chaitanya's words, Advaita began to weep with love. In His heart He joyfully accepted the Lord's words.

Text 135

 Advaita said, "What more can I say? I am very fortunate to have You as My master."

Text 136

 Lord Advaita was overcome with bliss. Again and again gazing at Lord Chaitanya, Advaita did not return to external consciousness.

Text 137

 They who do not believe this story will fall down. Please know this without doubt.

Text 138

 Only the great devotees of the Lord can understand explanations of Advaita, who was personally taught by Lord Chaitanya Himself.

Text 139

 The Vedas sometimes give a variety of explanations. So also does Lord Advaita, whose words cannot be understood by ordinary men.

Text 140

 Who has the power to understand Lord Advaita's words? Please know that Advaita is not different from the Supreme Personality of Godhead.

Text 141

 The autumn clouds rain only on some fortunate places. They do not rain everywhere. They only rain on some places.

Text 142

 This is described in these words of Shrimad-Bhagavatam (10.20.36):


girayo mumucus toyam

     kvacin na mumucuh sivam

yatha jnanamritam kale

     jnanino dadate na va


     "Sometimes in autumn the falls come down from the top of the hill to supply clean water and sometimes they stop. Similarly, sometimes great saintly persons distribute clear knowledge, and sometimes they are silent."*


Text 143

 Therefore Lord Advaita is not at fault. The listeners' piety and impiety determine whether or not they have the power to understand Lord Advaita's explanations.

Text 144

 Lord Advaita always served Lord Chaitanya's feet. The Vaishnavas there can testify to that.

Text 145

 A person who serves Lord Advaita, but does not respect the words of the Lord's other personal associates, is not dear to Lord Chaitanya.

Text 146

 A person who understands, "Lord Chaitanya is the Supreme Personality of Godhead, the master of all masters", is a true devotee of Lord Advaita. Lord Advaita becomes his property.

Text 147

 A person who does not understand that Lord Chaitanya is the Supreme Personality of Godhead, the master of all, finds that his unending service to Lord Advaita is all in vain.

Text 148

 Ravana worshiped Siva but would not worship Lord Ramacandra. For this offense Ravana's ten heads were cut off.

Text 149

 In his heart, Lord Siva rejected Ravana and did not accept his service. Ravana's service to Lord Siva was all in vain. In this way he and his family were all destroyed.

Text 150

 Lord Siva does not reveal whether he is pleased or displeased with his servant. A person who is intelligent can understand in his heart whether Lord Siva is pleased or displeased.

Text 151

 In the same way Lord Advaita does not reveal His heart. Thus some people who call themselves "devotees of Lord Advaita" blaspheme Lord Chaitanya.

Text 152

 Lord Advaita does not say anything to them. Because they do not accept the advice of the great Vaishnavas, whatever goodness was in their hearts perishes.

Text 153

 These persons cannot understand the glory of Lord Chaitanya, who mercifully gave all perfections to Lord Advaita.

Text 154

 They physically attack anyone who tries to explain this truth to them. The illusory potency Maya is very powerful. What more can I say?

Text 155

 These persons do not understand that Lord Advaita is the ornament worn by Lord Chaitanya and is the king of Lord Chaitanya's devotees. They think Lord Advaita is the only master. They have no respect for Lord Chaitanya.

Text 156

 What I have described here are all true. Anyone who does not believe it will perish.

Text 157

 Please listen. Service to Lord Chaitanya will help one advance in spiritual life. Other things will not.

Text 158

 By the mercy of Lord Chaitanya and Lord Nityananda one become fortunate. Then one attains faith in devotional service.

Text 159

 Day and night Lord Nityananda says, "O My brothers, please say, `Lord Chaitanya is my master'."

Text 160

 Always thinking of Lord Chaitanya, Lord Advaita wept. He did not think of anyone but Him.

Text 161

 By talking with a person who, even after seeing Him has no devotion for Lord Chaitanya, one finds the benefits of his past pious deeds all destroyed.

Text 162

 He is a Vaishnava who knows Lord Advaita is the best of Vaishnavas. Birth after birth such a person attains Lord Krishna.

Text 163

 Such a person is very dear to Lord Advaita. One who does not understand this secret truth is the lowest of persons.

Text 164

 "Lord Chaitanya is the Supreme Personality of Godhead, the master of all." Lord Advaita is very pleased to hear these words.

Text 165

 Lord Advaita Himself speaks these words with His own mouth. Of this there is no doubt at all.

Text 166

 To Advaita Lord Chaitanya revealed the true meaning of the Bhagavad-gita, and then closed the door to others.

Text 167

 Raising His graceful arms, Lord Chaitanya declared, "Everyone look at Me! Everyone may ask a boon!"

Text 168

 Delighted by the Lord's words, each devotee asked a boon, whatever they wished.

Text 169

 Advaita said, "O Lord, My request is: merciful to this wretched, fallen fool."

Text 170

 Someone else said, "My father does not allow me to come here. Please make him favorable. Please grant that boon."

Text 171

 Other devotees asked blessings for their disciples, children, wives, or servants.

Text 172

 Someone said, "May I have devotion for my spiritual master." In this way everyone asked for a boon, whatever they thought appropriate.

Text 173

 Smiling and smiling, Lord Chaitanya, who makes true His devotees' words, granted every boon.

Text 174

 All this while Mukunda was outside, hiding behind a curtain. Mukunda did not have the power to come before Lord Chaitanya.

Text 175

 The great devotee Mukunda was dear to everyone. Everyone thought well of him.

Text 176

 When he sang in kirtana, Lord Chaitanya always listened. Why was he being punished by the Lord? No one knew.

Text 177

 The Lord did not call for him, so he had no power to come. When the devotees saw this, sadness was born in their hearts.

Text 178

 Shrivasa said, "O master of the universes, please listen. How did Mukunda offend You?

Text 179

 "Mukunda is dear to You. To us, he is our life and soul. Who, hearing Mukunda's singing, does not melt?

Text 180

 "He is diligent in devotional service. He is respectful to all. Without seeing an offense in him, You have put him in disgrace..

Text 181

 "If he has committed an offense, then punish him. Why do You reject  Your servant and send him far away?

Text 182

 "If You do not call for him, he cannot come before You. O Lord, please allow him to see You. Please say that he has permission."

Text 183

 Then Lord Chaitanya said, "Never speak like that to Me. Don't plead that wretched person's case to Me.

Text 184

 "The words you have heard, `Sometimes he takes up a blade of grass, and sometimes he takes up an iron mace,' apply to Mukunda. You don't know the truth about him.

Text 185

 "One moment he has a blade of grass between his teeth, and the next moment he attacks Me with an iron mace. I will not look at that fellow holding a blade of grass and an iron mace."

Text 186

 Very eloquent Shrivasa again said, "Who is qualified to understand Your powers?

Text 187

 "We did not see any fault in Mukunda. The fact that Your lotus feet made him fearless is a witness that testifies in his favor."

Text 188

 Then Lord Chaitanya said, "Wherever he goes, that wretch talks like the people he meets.

Text 189

 "When he is with the impersonalists, he talks the imp"ersonal philosophy of Vasistha. When he is with the devotees, he places a blade of grass between his teeth and he sings and dances.

Text 190

 "When he is with people of other sampradayas he does not glorify devotional service. In this way again and again he attacks Me with an iron mace.

Text 191

 "To these people he says, `There is something better than devotional service.' In this way again and again he attacks Me with an iron mace.

Text 192

 "He has committed an offense to devotional service. Therefore he cannot see Me."

Text 193

 Staying outside, Mukunda heard everything. He heard the words, "He cannot see Me".

Text 194

 Previously, by his guru's order, Mukunda did not think highly of devotional service. Lord Chaitanya knew all this. That is Lord Chaitanya's great power.

Text 195

 The great devotee Mukunda thought in his heart, "It is not right for me to keep this body alive.

Text 196

 "I should at once leave this offensive body. When will I see the Lord again? I don't know."

Text 197

 Then Mukunda openly said, "Listen, O Shrivasa Thakura. Please ask the Lord when I will see Him again."

Text 198

 Again and again Mukunda shed tears from his eyes. Because of Mukunda's suffering, all the devotees wept.

Text 199

 Lord Chaitanya said, "After ten million births he will see Me again. Of this there is no doubt."

Text 200

 Hearing these words from the Lord's mouth, Mukunda became splashed with bliss.

Text 201

 Calling out, "I will! I will!", he danced wildly. Mukunda, a true servant of the Lord, was overcome with love.

Text 202

 With his ears hearing the words, "He will see", Mukunda danced in bliss.

Text 203

 Seeing Mukunda, Lord Chaitanya laughed and said, "Bring Mukunda at once."

Text 204

 All the Vaishnavas called out, "Bring Mukunda!" Overcome with bliss, Mukunda was not aware of anything.

Text 205

 The Lord said, "Mukunda, your offense is now destroyed. Come. Look at Me. Take My mercy."

Text 206

 By the Lord's order everyone went, picked up Mukunda and carried him there. Seeing the Lord, Mukunda at once fell down before Him.

Text 207

 The Lord said, "Rise. Rise, Mukunda. You do not have even half a sesame seed worth of an offense to Me.

Text 208

 "Your fault of associating with bad people is now destroyed. Now you have conquered Me.

Text 209

 "When I said the words, `After ten million births he will see Me again', in half a sesame seed's worth of time you destroyed all your offenses.

Text 210

 "You had full faith in My words. By that faith you have made Me eternally a prisoner in your heart.

Text 211

 "You are My singer. Stay in My association. I enjoy talking and joking with you.

Text 212

 "Even if you commit ten million offenses, those offenses are not really offenses, for you are very dear to Me.

Text 213

 "Your body is filled with devotional service. You are My servant. I always stay on your tongue."

Text 214

 Hearing these reassuring words from the Lord, Mukunda wept. He rebuked himself. He described himself as a fool.

Text 215

 He said, "I have no faith in devotional service. I am worthless like a pile of ashes. I am completely empty of devotion. Why is it, then, that when I gaze at Your face I become filled with bliss?

Text 216

 "Duryodhana saw Your universal form, which scholars search the Vedas to see.

Text 217

 "Although he saw Your universal form, Duryodhana and his family all perished. He did not find happiness, for he had no devotion to You.

Text 218

 "Like him, I have no faith in devotional service. I am worthless like a pile of ashes. Why is it, then, that when I gaze at Your face I become filled with bliss and love?

Text 219

 "When You went to kidnap Rukmini, all the kings saw You flying on Garuda.

Text 220

 "At the time of the abhisheka named Raja-rajesvara all the kings saw Your effulgent form.

Text 221

 "The form You directly manifested in the city of Vidarbha, Brahma and all the demigods yearn to see.

Text 222

 "When they saw Your form, all the kings perished. They did not attain happiness, for they had no devotion to You.

Text 223

 "Assuming the form of a boar whose limbs were made of the Vedi yajnas, You appeared from the waters.

Text 224

 "Then You, the limitless Lord, picked up the earth in Your tusks. All the demigods yearned to see this form of Yours.

Text 225

 "The demon Hiranyaksha saw this wonderful form. Still, he did not attain happiness, for he had no devotion to You.

Text 226

 "Hiranyaksha's brother also saw a very confidential form of Yours, and form whose chest is the resting-placed of Goddess Lakshmi.

Text 227

 "The three worlds call this wonderful form `Nrisimha'.Even though he saw this form, Hiranyaksha's brother perished, for he had no devotion to You.

Text 228

 "I am worthless like a pile of ashes. I have no faith in devotional service. It is a great wonder, then, that my head has not already been severed and fallen to the ground.

Text 229

 "How is it that Kubja, the yajna-patnis, the women of Mathura, and the garland-maker were able to see You?

Text 230

 "They attained You because they engaged in devotional service. At the same time Kamsa saw You and perished.

Text 231

 "I am worthless like a pile of ashes. I have no faith in devotional service. Still You are merciful and You protect me.

Text 232

 "By the power of His devotional service, very powerful Lord Ananta Sesha happily holds up the countless universes.

Text 233

 "Passionately chanting Your glories, He is not even aware of the universes, which rest like a single drop on one of His thousand hoods.

Text 234

 "Although He does not rest on anything, everything rests on Him. It is by the power of His ldevotional service that He is able to support everything.

Text 235

 "I am a sinner. I have no faith in devotional service. For endless births my future will not be good.

Text 236

 "Because he engaged in devotional service Lord Siva became the giver of auspiciousness. Because he engaged in devotional service, Narada became the best of the sages.

Text 237

 "Vyasadeva compiled many scriptures describing the religion of the Vedas. Still, he did not feel even half a sesame seed worth of satisfaction in His heart.

     238-Text 239

 "When He briefly explained the secrets of devotional service, all the offenses in His heart perished.

Text 240

 "On Narada's order, He explained devotional service in detail. Then the sadness in His heart fled. Then He transcended the world of birth and death.

Text 241

 "I am a worm who has no faith in devotional service. How did I get the power to see You?"

Text 242

 Raising his arms, the great devotee Mukunda wept. His body trembled. He sighed.

Text 243

 By his nature he was a pure devotee of the Lord. What more can I say? He was one of Lord Chaitanya's personal associates.

Text 244

 Seeing Mukunda's unhappiness, Lord Chaitanya became embarrassed and said,

Text 245

 "Mukunda, your devotion is very pleasing to Me. Whenever you sing, I will at once come to that place.

Text 246

 "What you have said is the truth. Without engaging in devotional service, no one can see Me.

     247-Text 248

 "What I say is the truth: You are very dear to Me. Who has the power to destroy what I have spoken, through the Veda's mouth, about pious deeds and about returning to the spiritual world?

Text 249

 "Only I have the power to these rules. Only I.

Text 250

 "I placed the truth in your mouth. ,No action is auspicious if it is not devotional service to Me.

Text 251

 "When someone has no faith in devotional service, that brings pain to My heart. My pain destroys any happiness they might feel by seeing Me.

Text 252

 "A washerman saw Me. I even asked something of him. But he was cheated, for he had no love for Me.

Text 253

 "That washerman had performed austerities for millions of lifetimes just to see Me.

Text 254

 "Those pious deeds made him fortunate to see Me. Still, he could not feel happiness by seeing Me, for he had no devotion to Me.

Text 255

 "I do not give mercy to persons who have no devotion to Me. I stop them from feeling happiness by seeing Me.

Text 256

 "Offenses to devotional service destroy devotion. When devotion is absent, one has not power to reap the true result that comes from seeing Me.

Text 257

 "What you have spoken are actually all My words. Why should any other words enter your mouth?

Text 258

 "This I tell you: I will distribute pure devotional service. I will place pure devotion and love in the words that come from your throat.

Text 259

 "Look. When they hear your songs, the circle of Vaishnavas will melt.

Text 260

 "You are very dear to Me. In the same way you will be dear to all the great devotees.


Text 261

 "Whenever I descend to this world you will be My singer."

Text 262

 A great sound of "Jaya! Jaya!" arose when Lord Chaitanya gave this boon to Mukunda.

Text 263

 There were sounds of "Haribol! Haribol! Jaya Jagannatha!" Folding his hands, Mukunda said, "Hari!" Text 264

 Anyone who hears these prayers of Mukunda will sing with him.

Text 265

 These topics of Lord Chaitanya are hidden even from the Vedas. Only very intelligent persons can understand them. Fools cannot.

Text 266

 Anyone who feels happiness by hearing these narrations will certainly meet Lord Chaitanya face-to-face.

Text 267

 In this way everyone in the circle of devotees offered prayers, and everyone received a boon.

Text 268

 Shrivasa Pandita was very kind and generous. That is why these pastimes were manifest in his home.

Text 269

 The Lord manifested the forms of His different incarnations. Thus each devotee saw the form of the incarnation he yearned to see.

Text 270

 In this way I have described how Lord Chaitanya happily revealed His great, great powers and opulences.

Text 271

 Day after day the Lord Chaitanya's servants and their wives saw the Lord's revelation of His powers and glories.Text 272

 Anyone who becomes a sincere servant of the Lord can see all these pastimes.

Text 273

 How many ascetics, sannyasis, philosophers, and yogis stayed in Navadvipa!

Text 274

 They spent all their time studying Bhagavad-gita and Shrimad-Bhagavatam. Some gave lectures. But none of them knew what was the true religion.

Text 275

 Some never accepted any gift from anyone. Some from their very childhood made their bodies wither and dry up with useless austerities.

Text 276

 Falsely proud, none of them could see that the happiness of Vaikuntha had now come to this world.

Text 277

 Shrivasa's servants and maidservants saw, but the scholars of the scriptures did not understand what had happened.

Text 278

 The sannyasis who shaved their heads could not see the great mercy attained by Murari Gupta's servants.

Text 279

 Wealth, noble family, and material learning will not help one attain Lord Chaitanya. Lord Chaitanya becomes conquered only by devotional service.

Text 280

 A person who yearns to hear others praise him does not attain Lord Chaitanya. The four Vedas sing, "The Supreme Lord is completely conquered by devotional service."

Text 281

 Thus the great bhattacaryas did not know the Supreme Lord had revealed His powers and glories in the town of Navadvipa.

Text 282

 Why were the bhattacaryus cheated of the ability to see Lord Chaitanya's powers and opulences? They were impious. They were like a lake that has no water.

Text 283

 There is not a time when the Lord's pastimes come to an end. The Vedas declare, "Sometimes the Lord's pastimes are visible to the people of this world, and other times there are not visible."

Text 284

 At this very moment Lord Chaitanya is enjoying pastimes. Whoever is properly qualified can see them even now.

Text 285

 Lord Chaitanya enjoys pastimes eternally. Some persons see them. Others have no power to see them.

Text 286

 Lord Chaitanya revealed to each devotee the form of the specifi incarnation they had worshiped with mantras and meditation.

Text 287

 He revealed these forms and He also spoke words of instruction. O my brothers, please hear the words He spoke.

Text 288

 He said, "Birth after birth you have attained My association. Your servants will also see My pastimes."

Text 289

 The Lord took the garland from His neck and gave it to everyone. He also gave them the betelnuts He had chewed.

Text 290

 The devotees happily chewed on the betelnuts that had been enjoyed by Lord Chaitanya, who is more glorious than millions of autumn moons.

Text 291

 Saintly Narayani attained the remnants of Lord Chaitanya's meal.

Text 292

 She was Shrivasa's niece, an little girl unaware of many things. Lord Chaitanya gave to her the remnants of His meal.

Text 293

 She happily ate them. All the Vaishnavas blessed her.

Text 294

 She was very fortunate to serve the Lord in this way. Beginning with the time when she was a little girl, she was fortunate for her whole life.

Text 295

 When she finished eating, Lord Chaitanya ordered her, "Narayani, joyfully weep for Lord Krishna. I want to see and hear that."

Text 296

 By the power of Lord Chaitanya's order, that little girl called out, "Krishna!" and wept.

Text 297

 Even today in the circle of Vaishnavas one may hear the words, "Narayani ate the remnants of Lord Chaitanya's meal."

Text 298

 When Lord Chaitanya commanded, everyone quickly came.

Text 299

 Please know for certain that anyone who has no faith in Lord Chaitanya's order will quickly fall down.

Text 300

 Lord Chaitanya is very dear to Lord Advaita. For this reason Lord Advaita is very glorious.

Text 301

 Lord Nityananda is very dear to Lord Chaitanya. For this reason the four Vedas sing Lord Nityananda's glories.

Text 302

 If one does not think, "I am a devotee of Lord Chaitanya", then, even though he may be served by many others, he is no better than a piece of straw.

Text 303

 Lord Nityananda would say, "I am a servant of Lord Chaitanya". At no time of the day or night did He ever manifest Himself as the master.

Text 304

 By His mercy one pleases Lord Chaitanya. One who worships Lord Nityananda will never know calamity.

Text 305

 "Lord Chaitanya is my master." This I always think in my heart.

Text 306

 O Lord Chaitanya, please give me shelter at the feet of Lord Nityananda, who is Ananta Sesha, the maintainer of the worlds.

Text 307

 Out of love for Lord Balarama I sing the glories of Lord Chaitanya. Lord Balarama brings auspiciousness to the whole world.

Text 308

 Lord Nityananda never thinks that He is not the servant of Lord Chaitanya. Lord Nityananda gives the gift of service to Lord Chaitanya.

Text 309

 By Lord Nityananda's mercy one can know the truth of Lord Chaitanya. By Lord Nityananda's mercy one can know the truth of devotional service.

Text 310

 Lord Nityananda is dear to all the Vaishnavas.All the Vaishnavas are devoted to Lord Nityananda.

Text 311

 If anyone offends Lord Nityananda, then Lord Chaitanya Himself says, "This person must go."

Text 312

 The demigods, yogis, and Vaishnavas, and even Lord Siva himself cannot find the end of Lord Nityananda's glories.

Text 313

 A person who never blasphemes anyone, and who chants, "Krishna! Krishna!", easily conquers Lord Chaitanya, who is never conquered by anyone.

Text 314

 All the scriptures declare, "A person who blasphemes others will not attain the Lord." Shrimad-Bhagavatam teaches that one should respect everyone.

Text 315

 The narrations of this Madhya-khanda are like nectar. But the materialists and offenders think they are like bitter nimba juice.

Text 316

 A person who has jaundice thinks sugar tastes like bitter nimba. Because of his misfortune he cannot taste the sweetness of sugar.

Text 317

 In the same way, because of their past impious deeds the materialists and offenders do not feel happiness when they hear of Lord Chaitanya's blissful glories.

Text 318

 Please know that if even a sannyasi does not offer respect to Lord Chaitanya, then that demon sannyasi will be blind birth after birth.

Text 319

 But if even a lowly creature like a bird speaks Loed Chaitanya's name, then that bird will in truth go to Lord Chaitanya's spiritual abode.

Text 320

 All glory to You, O Lord Chaitanya, O life of Lord Nityananda! O Lord Chaitanya, please make Lord Nityananda the great treasure of my life.

Text 321

 O Lord Chaitanya, I offer my respectful obeisances to Your personal associates, with whom You enjoyed so many pastimes.

Text 322

 The two moons Shri Krishna Chaitanya and Shri Nityananda are my life and soul. I, Vrindavana dasa, sing the glories of Their feet.