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Shri Chaitanya Bhagavata  Madhya-khanda                         


Chapter One

Shri Sankirtanarambha-varnana


Description of the Sankirtana Movement's Beginning


Text 1

 ajanu-lambita-bhujau kanakavadatau

     sankirtanaika-pitarau kamalayatakshau

visvambharau dvija-varau yuga-dharma-palau

     vande jagat-priya-karau karunavatarau


     I offer my respectful obeisances to the two fathers of the sankirtana movement, whose long arms reach to Their knees, who are splendid like gold, whose large eyes are lotus flowers, who are the maintainers of the worlds, the best of the brahmanas, and the protectors of the yuga-dharma (the religion of the age), who bring happiness to the people of the world, and who have come to this place because They are very merciful.


Text 2

 namas tri-kala-satyaya

     jagannatha-sutaya ca

sa-bhrityaya sa-putraya

     sa-kalatraya te namah


     O Lord who exists eternally in the three phases of time, O son of Jagannatha Misra, O Lord accompanied by Your servants, sons, and wives, I offer my respectful obeisances unto You.


Text 3 Glory, glory, glory to Lord Chaitanya, the king of the brahmanas and the maintainer of the worlds! Glory to the Vaishnavas, who are very dear to Lord Chaitanya!

Text 4 Glory to Lord Chaitanya, the saintly protector of the true religion! Glory to Lord Chaitanya, whose handsome form is rapt in the activities of sankirtana!

Text 5 Glory to He who is the friend, wealth, and life of Nityananda! Glory to He who is the abode of spiritual love for Advaita and Gadadhara!

Text 6 Glory to He who is very affectionate to Jagadananda! Glory to He who is the heart of Vakresvara and Kasisvara!

Text 7 Glory to He who is the master of Shrivasa and other dear friends! O Lord, please place Your glance of mercy on the conditioned souls.

Text 8 The words of this Madhya-khanda are like a stream of nectar. When one hears these words, the darkness in the heart dies.

Text 9 O my brother, with a single heart please hear these words of the Madhya-khanda, words that describe the beginning of the sankirtana movement.

Text 10

 The towns of Nadiya were all filled with the news of Lord Chaitanya's return from Gaya.

Text 11

 The Lord's kinsmen ran to accompany Him home. Some walked ahead, others alongside Him, and others behind.

Text 12

 The Lord spoke appropriately with everyone. Gazing at Lord Chaitanya, everyone was joyful.

Text 13

 Walking ahead of Him, they brought Him home. To them all Lord Chaitanya described His pilgrimage.

Text 14

 The Lord said, "It is only by the blessings of you all that I, after seeing the land of Gaya, I returned here without any trouble.

Text 15

 The Lord was very humble as He spoke. Seeing the Lord's humbleness, everyone became pleased.

Text 16

 Some placed their hands on the Lord's head and declared, "May You live long." Others, placing their hands on the Lord's different limbs, chanted mantras.

Text 17

 Others, placing their hands on the Lord's chest, gave the blessing, "May Lord Krishna, who delights Goddess Sitala, be merciful to You."

Text 18

 Gazing at her son, joyful and fortunate Saci was not aware of anything but Him.

Text 19

 Bliss arose among Goddess Lakshmi's kinsmen. Gazing at her husband's face, Lakshmi felt her sufferings run far away.

Text 20

 All the Vaishnavas were very happy. At that moment they all came to see the Lord.

Text 21

 The Lord humbly spoke with everyone. Then, taking their permission, He retired to His own room.

Text 22

 Taking with Him two or four Vaishnavas, there He sat down to talk confidentially.

Text 23

 The Lord said, "O My friends, please listen to what I say. I saw many wonders of Lord Krishna.

Text 24

 "When I first entered Gaya I at once heard something auspicious.

Text 25

 "Thousands and thousands of brahmanas were chanting the Vedas. Then someone said to Me, `Look. Look at this place made sacred by the water that washed Lord Vishnu's feet.'

Text 26

 "In ancient times Lord Krishna came to Gaya. Stopping in this place, He washed His feet.

Text 27

 "Touching the water from the Lord's feet, the Ganga has become glorious. Siva holds this water on his head. He knows the spiritual truth about the water from the Lord's feet.

Text 28

 "This place is holy by the power of the water that washed the Lord's feet. That is why this place is known as `Padodaka-tirtha' (the place made holy by the water that washed the Lord's feet, in this world."

Text 29

 When He spoke the name of the place sacred because of the Lord's lotus feet, Lord Chaitanya shed incessant tears from His lotus eyes.

Text 30

 At the end the Lord became very restless. Repeating the word "Krishna!", He wept again and again.

Text 31

 The Lord sighed and said, "Krishna! Krishna!" His tears of love could have filled a forest of flowers.

Text 32

 The hairs of His body stood erect. The Lord could not stay still. He trembled violently.

Text 33

 Shriman Pandita and the other devotees gazed at the Lord as He shed wonderful tears of love for Lord Krishna.

Text 34

 From His eyes the Lord shed a flood of tears that filled the four directions. It was as if the Ganga had suddenly descended to that place.

Text 35

 Struck with wonder, everyone thought in his heart, "I have never seen anything like this.

Text 36

 "Lord Krishna must be very merciful to me, that these ecstati symptoms now walk on the pathway of my eyes."

Text 37

 After some moments the Lord returned to external consciousness. At the end He spoke to everyone.

Text 38

 The Lord said, "My friends, now please return to your homes. I wish that tomorrow you will all return.

Text 39

 "Then, in a secluded place, I will describe to you My unhappiness.

Text 40

 "Tomorrow hurry to Suklambara Brahmacari's house and bring Sadasiva with you."

Text 41

 Speaking gracefully, everyone took their leave. Lord Chaitanya stayed in His room.

Text 42

 Now Lord Chaitanya always thought of Krishna. Mostly He was in the mood of separation from Krishna.

Text 43

 Mother Saci had no power to understand her son's activities. Still, whenever she saw her son, she was very happy.

Text 44

 Mother Saci looked at her son. He called out "Krishna! Krishna!" and wept. The house was flooded with tears.

Text 45

 "Where is Krishna? Where is Krishna?" Overcome with love, the Lord called out these words again and again.

Text 46

 Mother Saci did not know why her son had changed. With folded hands she took shelter of Lord Krishna.

Text 47

 Now Lord Chaitanya was beginning to reveal His true nature. Now the limitless universes became joyful.

    Texts Texts 48-49

 Hearing the words, "Lord Chaitanya has begun to shower the nectar of love for Krishna", the Vaishnavas came to see the Lord. The Lord said to them,

Text 50

 "Tomorrow please gather at Suklambara's house. There I will sit down in s secluded room and tell you of My sufferings."

Text 51

 Seeing Lord Chaitanya's wonderful love for Krishna, Shriman Pandita became filled with joy.

Text 52

 The next morining at dawn, the devotees got dressed and happily went to pick flowers.

Text 53

 At Shrivasa's home there was a jasmine vine that was actually a kalpa-lata vine descended to this world.

Text 54

 The Vaishnavas had no power to empty it of flowers. It always had the same number of flowers at every moment.

Text 55

 At dawn the Vaishnavas would meet there to pick flowers.

Text 56

 Thus Gadadhara, Gopinatha, Ramai, and Shrivasa picked flowers and talked about Krishna.

Text 57

 That morning Shriman Pandita also came there. He was smiling and smiling.

Text 58

 They all said to him, "We see that you have many smiles today." Shriman Pandita replied, "They do indeed have a cause."

Text 59

 "Tell us", the devotees said. Shriman Pandita said, "Please hear what the cause is.

Text 60

 "I wonderful, impossible news. Nimai Pandita has become a great Vaishnava.

Text 61

 "Hearing that He had safely returned from gaya, I went tin the evening to speak with Him.

Text 62

 "All His words were about renunciation of the world. He did not display even half a sesame seed of pride or arrogance.

Text 63

 "In a secluded place He talked about the wonders He had seen in that hold place, and He also talked bout Lord Krishna.

Text 64

 "When He heard the name of the holy place of the Lord's lotus footprints, He filled that place with tears from His eyes.

Text 65

 "When He said the words, "O Krishna!", His every limâ trembled, the hairs on them stood erect, and He fell to the ground.

Text 66

 "No sign of life was present in any limb. He was completely unconscious. Then, after some moments, he regained external vision. It was a great wonder.

Text 67

 "At the end He called out, "Krishna!" and wept. I think His tears were like Goddess Ganga flowing in that place.

Text 68

 "The devotion that with my own eyes I saw His manifest was not like the devotion any human being has.

Text 69

 "When He regain external consciousness, He told everyone, `Tomorrow you should all come to Suklambara's house.

Text 70

 " `Bring Sadasiva and Murari Pandita, and I will tell you of My sufferings.'

Text 71

 "Thus I have told you the very auspicious news that is the cause of my happiness."

Text 72

 Hearing Shriman Pandita's words, the devotees made a great sound of, "Hari!"

Text 73

 Generous Shrivasa declared, "May Lord Krishna increase the numâers of our Vaishnava family."

Text 74

 This is like the famous blessing,


gotram no vardhatam


     "May our family increase."


Text 75

 The devotees happily talked about Lord Krishna. There arose many charming and auspicious words.

Text 76

 The devotees said, "So be it.", "So be it.", and "Everyone should worship Lord Krishnacandra's feet."

Text 77

 After they had finished picking flowers in this way, the devotees went to their homes to worship their Deities.

Text 78

 Shriman Pandita then went to the Ganga's bank, where Suklambara Brahmacari had his home.

Text 79

 Having heard all this news, Gadadhara Prabhu also hurried to Suklambara's house.

Text 80

 Thinking, "I will go and hear what He says about Lord Krishna", Gadadhara went to Suklambara's house and hid.

Text 81

 Sadasiva, Murari, Shriman, and Suklambara, who were all followers of the path of prema (pure love for Lord Krishna), met there.

Text 82

 Then Lord Chaitanya, the jewel of the brahmanas, came and met with these Vaishnavas.

Text 83

 They all conversed very happily. The Lord did not manifest external vision.

Text 84

 The moment He saw the Vaishnavas, Lord Chaitanya recited this verse describing the nature of devotional service:

Text 85

 "I found My Lord, but then He disappeared. In what direction did He go?" Speaking these words, the Lord became paralyzed and fell down unto one of the pillars of the house.

Text 86

 Embracing the pillar, the Lord said, "Where is Krishna?", and threw His disheveled hair to the ground.

Text 87

 The Lord said, "O Krishna!" All the devotees also fell down. They were overcome with ecstati love.

Text 88

 Hiding in the house, Gadadhara suddenly fell unconscious. No longer did he know who he was, where he was, or what was the different between himself and others.

Text 89

 Everyone fell unconscious, overwhelmed by the bliss of pure love for Lord Krishna. Very surprised, Goddess Ganga smiled and laughed.

Text 90

 After some moments Lord Chaitanya manifested external consciousness. Calling out "Krishna!", He wept again and again.

Text 91

 "O Krishna! O My Lord! In what direction did You go?" Again and again saying these words, He fell to the ground.

Text 92

 Overcome with love for Lord Krishna, Saci's son wept, and the devotees around Him in the four directions also wept.

Text 93

 Even falling violently to the ground many times, the Lord's graceful limbs showed no sign of being hurt. Overcome with love for the Lord, who is actually His own self, Lord Chaitanya was not even slightly aware of external events.

Text 94

 A great sound of kirtana arose. There was weeping in spiritual love. Suklambara's house became filled with spiritual love.

Text 95

 Becoming still for a moment, Lord Chaitanya sat down. A flood of bliss continued to flow from Him.

Text 96

 The Lord asked, "Who is in the house?" Suklambara Brahmacari replied, "Your Gadadhara."

Text 97

 Seeing Gadadhara weeping with his head in his hands, Lord Chaitanya became very pleased.

Text 98

 The Lord said, "Gadadhara, you are a great saint. Since your childhood you have always been rapt in meditation on Lord Krishna.

Text 99

 "Trying to taste what is worthless, I wasted my life. Finally I found a priceless treasure. Then, by the fault of my past impious deeds, the treasure fled."

Text 100

 After speaking these words, Lord Chaitanya fell to the ground. The transcendental body meant to be worshiped by all now rolled about in the dust.

Text 101

 Again and again He regained external consciousness, and again and again He fell to the ground. By divine intervention His nose and face were always protected when He fell.

Text 102

 He could not open His two eyes filled with tears of love. "Krishna! Krishna!" were the only words He spoke with His graceful mouth.

Text 103

 The Lord approached everyone, grasped them, wept, and asked, "Where is Krishna? O My brothers, please tell Me at once."

Text 104

 Seeing the Lord, the devotees shed tears of grief. No words came to their mouths.

Text 105

 The Lord said, "Please break My sufferings into pieces. Take Me to the son of the gopa-king Nanda. Place Me before Him."

Text 106

 Speaking these words, He sighed and wept again and again. He rolled on the ground. His hair was no longer bound.

Text 107

 In this way whole day happily passed like a single moment. Somehow the Lord bid farewell to everyone.

Text 108

 Gadadhara, Sadasiva, Shriman Pandita, Suklambara, and the others were all filled with wonder.

Text 109

 Whoever saw the Lord's spiritual love became speechless. After seeing this wonder, they did not return to external consciousness.

Text 110

 They happily went to the Vaishnavas and told them everything, from beginning to end.

Text 111

 Hearing all this, the great devotees said, "Hari! Hari!" and wept.

Text 112

 Hearing of the Lord's unprecedented spiritual love, everyone became filled with wonder. Someone said, "Perhaps He saw the Supreme Personality of Godhead."

Text 113

 Someone else said, "Nimai Pandita is very good. He has the power to break the heads of the atheists and offenders."

Text 114

 Someone else said, "He will reveal secret truths about Lord Krishna. Of this I have no doubt. I know it must be."

Text 115

 Someone else said, " Perhaps, by associating with Isvara Puri, He saw Lord Krishna at Gaya."

Text 116

 In these ways the devotees happily spoke their opinions.

Text 117

 Everyone assembled and spoke this benediction: "In truth, may Lord Krishna's mercy be on Him. May it be."

Text 118

 Then they happily chanted the holy names of the Lord. Some sang, some danced, and some wept.

Text 119

 In this way the devotees became joyful. Meanwhile, Lord Chaitanya had entered the nectar of His own spiritual love.

Text 120

 Again manifesting external consciousness, Lord Chaitanya went to the home of Gangadasa Pandita.

Text 121

 The Lord bowed down before His teacher's feet. His teacher respectfully picked Him up and embraced Him.

Text 122

 The teacher said, "Son, Your life is very fortunate and glorious. Your father's and mother's families have now attained liberation.

Text 123

 "All Your students are waiting for You. Even if the demigod Brahma orders them, they will not open their books.

Text 124

 "Now You returned to us all. For today, go home. Tomorrow teach."

Text 125

 Bowing down before His teacher, Lord Chaitanya left. He was a moon surrounded on four sides by His students.

Text 126

 He went to Shri Mukunda-Sanjaya's house. Entering the candi-mandapa, He sat down.

Text 127

 Saintly Mukunda-Sanjaya and His family felt a bliss that had no end.

Text 128

 The Lord embraced the great soul Sanjaya. With the tears from His eyes, the Lord soaked Sanjaya's limbs.

Text 129

 The ladies made glorious sounds. Mukunda's home was filled with bliss.

Text 130

 After placing a merciful glance on everyone, Lord Chaitanya returned to His own home.

Text 131

 Sitting down at the door to the Vishnu temple, He affectionately bade everyone farewell.

Text 132

 When visitors came to speak to Him, they could not understand the Lord's new nature.

Text 133

 No one saw the pride of learned He had before. Now at every moment He was disinterested in material things.

Text 134

 Saci did not understand anything of her son's new nature. Praying for her son's welfare, she worshiped Lord Vishnu and Goddess Ganga.

Text 135

 She prayed, "O Lord Krishnacandra, You took away my husband. You took away my son. I have only one relative remaining.

Text 136

 "O Lord Krishna, to me, a widow, please give this benediction: Let my Visvabhara be sane and stay at home."

Text 137

 She made Goddess Lakshmi sit down before her son. The Lord did not like to look at her.

Text 138

 Reciting verses, He always wept. "Where is Krishna? Where is Krishna?", He repeated at every moment.

Text 139

 Whenever the Lord screamed, Goddess Lakshmi fled in fear. Saci was also afraid.

Text 140

 Rapt in tasting the nectar of Lord Krishna, Lord Chaitanya did not sleep at night. Overcome with feelings of separation from Lord Krishna, He could not be peaceful. He stood. He fell. He sat.

Text 141

 If He saw strangers, He would cover His new nature. At dawn He went to bathe in the Ganga.

Text 142

 The Lord had come only to bathe in the Ganga. But His students came and sat around Him.

Text 143

 No word but "Krishna!" came to the Lord's mouth. The students did not understand.

Text 144

 On their request, the Lord sat down to teach the students there.

Text 145

 Saying, "Hari!", the students opened their books. Hearing this, Saci's son became filled with bliss.

Text 146

 Hearing the holy name of Lord Hari, Lord Chaitanya no longer manifested external consciousness. Then Lord Chaitanya, the jewel of the brahmanas, cast a merciful glance on everyone there.

Text 147

 Rapt in meditating on Lord Krishna, Lord Chaitanya explained that all sutras, histories, and commentaries were in truth names of Lord Krishna.

Text 148

 "The holy name of Lord Krishna is eternal and exists in all phases of time. The scriptures do not describe anything but Krishna.

Text 149

 "Krishna is the Supreme Personality of Godhead. He is the creator, maintainer, and destroyer. Brahma. Siva, and a host of others are all Krishna's servants.

Text 150

 "A person who leaves Lord Krishna's feet and talks about other things wastes his life. His words are all lies.

Text 151

 "The Agamas, Vedanta, philosophy books, and all scriptures together declare, `Devotion to Lord Krishna's feet is the greatest treasure'.

Text 152

 "Teachers bewildered by maya avoid devotion to Krishna and walk instead on a different path.

     153-Text 154

 "A person who in his heart does not like to call out Lord Krishna's names, names like `Krishna' (all-attractive), `Karuna-sagara' (ocean of mercy), `Jagaę-jivana' (the life of the worlds), `Sevaka-vatsala' (affectionate to His servants), and `Nandagopa-nandana' (the son of Nandagopa), may study all the scriptures, but the destination he awaits is not good.

Text 155

 "A person may be poor and lowly, and he may have many faults, but if he chants Lord Krishna's holy name, he will certainly go to Lord Krishna's spiritual abode.

Text 156

 "This is the teaching of all the scriptures. Whoever doubts this will suffer.

Text 157

 "A person who rejects the worship of Lord Krishna and busies himself with discoursing on the scriptures is very lowly and degraded. He does not understand the scriptures' heart.

Text 158

 "He does not know the scriptures' heart, but still he teaches. He is like a donkey beaten as it carries a burden.

Text 159

 "Although he hears and reads the scriptures, he is burned to ashes. He is cheated of the great, great festival of love for Krishna.

Text 160

 "Lord Krishna gave liberation to Putana. Even though Lord Krishna is like that, these persons reject Him and meditate on someone else.

Text 161

 "Lord Krishna gave liberation to Aghasura. To attain what great pleasure do these people renounce glorifying Lord Krishna?

Text 162

 "A person who will not chant Lord Krishna's holy name, a name that purifies all the words, must suffer. That is his fate.

Text 163

 "A person who will not sing Lord Krishna's holy name and dance, a holy name that makes Brahma and the demigods wild in a great festival of bliss, creates for himself an inauspicious future.

Text 164

 "Persons intoxicated by wealth, learning, and aristocrati family do not understand the holy name of Lord Krishna, a name that rescued Ajamila.

Text 165

 "O My brothers, please listen. My words are the truth. Please worship the priceless treasure that is the lotus feet of Lord Krishna.

Text 166

 "Goddess Lakshmi yearns to serve those feet. Lord Siva is a pure servant of those feet.

Text 167

 "From those feet Goddess Ganga was manifested. O my brothers, please aspire to serve those lotus feet.

Text 168

 "Who in Navadvipa has the power to come here and break My words into pieces?"

Text 169

 Lord Chaitanya is the Supreme Personality of Godhead. He is eloquent words personified. Whatever He says is the truth.

Text 170

 Bewildered and enthralled, the students listened with a single heart. Overcome with emotion, the Lord spoke the real truth.

Text 171

 Speaking eloquent commentaries, Lord Chaitanya explained that every word of the scriptures means, "Lord Krishna is the Supreme Truth." Lord Chaitanya is the Supreme Lord Himself, so this was not at all surprising.

Text 172

 After some moments, Lord Chaitanya returned to external consciousness. Embarrassed, He said nothing more.

Text 173

 The Lord asked, "How did I explain the sutras today?" The students replied, "We did not understand anything."

Text 174

 "You said that every word in the scriptures means `Krishna'. Who is qualified to understand Your commentaries?"

Text 175

 Laughing, Lord Chaitanya said, "Please hear, O My brothers. For today tie up your books. We will go and bathe in the Ganga."

Text 176

 On the Lord's word they all tied up their books. Accompanied hy Lord Chaitanya, they went to bathe in the Ganga.

Text 177

 Lord Chaitanya played in the Ganga's waters. He was like a full moon rising from the ocean.

Text 178

 The very saintly people of Nadiya gazed at Lord Chaitanya as He played in the Ganga's waters.

Text 179

 Thus manifesting the form of a brahmana, a form Brahma and the demigods yearn to see, the Supreme Personality of Godhead enjoyed pastimes in the water.

Text 180

 All who came to bathe at the Ganga gazed at Lord Chaitanya's face.

Text 181

 The people said to each other, "The father and mother of auch a son must be very glorious and fortunate."

Text 182

 The Lord's touch filled Goddess Ganga with happiness. The goddess happily made many waves.

Text 183

 On the preText of making waves, Goddess Ganga danced. Goddess Ganga is a maidservant of Lord Chaitanya's feet, feet that gave birth to countless universes.

Text 184

 Goddess Ganga surrounded the Lord on four sides. On the preText of many waves, she embraced Him.

Text 185

 Only the Vedas know the heart of these pastimes. In the end, all these pastimes will be revealed in the Puranas.

Text 186

 After bathing, Lord Chaitanya went home, and His students also went to their homes.

Text 187

 The Lord changed His clothes, washed His feet, and watered tulasi-devi.

Text 188

 He properly worshiped the Deity of Lord Govinda, and then He sat down to eat.

Text 189

 Mother Saci brought in the splendid food with tulasi-manjaris and placed it before Him.

Text 190

 After first offering it to Lord Vishnu, He who is the master of endless universes ate.

Text 191

 Saci, the mother of the worlds, sat down before Him. Staying somewhere in the house, Goddess Lakshmi, very devoted to her husband, gazed at Him.

Text 192

 Mother Saci said, "Son, from what book did You lecture today? With whom did You debate?"

Text 193

 The Lord replied, "Today I lectured about Lord Krishna's eternal holy name, lotus feet, qualities, and abode.

Text 194

 "Chanting and hearing Lord Krishna's holy names and qualities is an eternal activity. The persons who become Lord Krishna's servants are also eternal.

Text 195

 "The scriptures that describe devotion to Lord Krishna are eternal. Scriptures that talk of other things are worthless and filled with offenses.

Text 196

 "This is described in the following words of Mahabharata, Asvamedha-parva:


yasmin sastre purane va

     hari-bhaktir na drisyate

srotavyam naiva tat sastram

     yadi brahma svayam vadet


     " `Even if the demigod Brahma personally recites it, one should not hear any Purana or any other scripture that does not describe devotional service to Lord Hari.' "


Text 197

 "A candala who chants "Krishna!" is not a candala. A brahmana who walks on the wrong path is not a brahmana."

Text 198

 Assuming the mood of Lord Kapila, Lord Chaitanya spoke these words to His mother.

Text 199

 He said, "Listen, listen, O mother. Devotion to Lord Krishna is very powerful. O mother, you should love Lord Krishna completely.

Text 200

 "O mother, a servant of Lord Krishna never perishes. Seeing a devotee of Lord Krishna, the wheel of time himself becomes afraid.

Text 201

 "O mother, the servants of Lord Krishna do not know anything of the sufferings of life in the womâ or the sufferings of death.

Text 202

 "Lord Krishna is the father of the universe. A son who does not honor his father, and indeed hates him and thinks of him as an enemy, suffers in hell birth after birth.

Text 203

 "O mother, please give some thought to this. Please listen. A spirit soul who does not worship Lord Krishna creates for himself an inauspicious future.

Text 204

 "Again and again he dies. Again and again he must live in a womb. According to his previous sins, he attains different kinds of bodies.

Text 205

 "When his mother eats spicy, bitter, or salty foods, the child in the womâ suffers greatly.

Text 206

 "He is surrounded by worms that eat the flesh of his body. He has no power to stop them. He is tortured by flames.

Text 207

 "He cannot move. He is trapped in a burning cage. Because of his past deeds, there he must live.

Text 208

 "Some very sinful souls are not even born. Again and again they are born in the womâ and within the womâ they also die.

Text 209

 "O mother, please listen. Please listen to the truth about the spirit soul. After seven months in the womb, the soul becomes conscious.

Text 210

 "He remembers his past sufferings. Sighing, he prays to Lord Krishna.

Text 211

 "The soul prays, `O Krishna, O life-Lord of all the souls in the world, please save me! Without You there is only suffering.'

Text 212

 " The soul prays, `O Lord, please allow me to leave this place. O Lord, please give me an easy death. Why must maya bewilder me?

Text 213

 " `Birth after birth I tries to taste the false nectar of wealth and sons. I did not worship Your priceless feet.

Text 214

 " `Where did the children I raised to be impious go? They left because of my karma.

Text 215

 " `How will I reach the farther shore of this ocean of sufferings? You are my only friend. Please deliver me.

Text 216

 " `Now I know that Your feet are the eternal truth. O Lord Krishna, please save me! I take shelter of You.

Text 217

 " `Rejecting a master like You, a master like a kalpa-vriksha tree, I made a great mistake. I became a madman. I walked on the wrong path.

Text 218

 " `It is right that You punish me in this way. Still, O Lord, please be merciful to me.

Text 219

 " `Please be merciful and give me the boon that I will never forget You. Give me that, and why should I not take birth in any place at all? Why should I not die?

Text 220

 " `The Vaishnavas do not descend to this world in any place where Your glories are not chanted.

Text 221

 " `I do not wish to go to any place where Your festivals are not celebrated, even if that place is Indraloka.

Text 222

 " `In Shrimad-Bhagavatam (5.19.24, it is said:


na yatra vaikuntha-katha-sudhapaga

     na sadhavo bhagavatas tad-asrayah

na yatra yajnesa-makha mahotsavah

     suresa-loko 'pi na vai sa sevyatam


     " `An intelligent person does not take interest in a place, even at the topmost planetary system, if the pure Ganges of topics concerning the Supreme Lord's activities does not flow there, if there are not devotees engaged in service on the banks of such a river of piety, or if there are no festivals of sankirtana-yajna to satisfy the Lord (especially since sankirtana-yajna is recommended in this age).'*


Text 223

 "O Lord, if I can always remember You here, then it is good that I suffer in this womb.

Text 224

 " `O Lord, please be merciful to me. Please do not throw me into any place where I cannot remember Your lotus feet.

Text 225

 " `O Lord, I have suffered in this way for millions and millions of births. O Lord, I have suffered because of my own karma.

Text 226

 " `O Lord, O essence of all the Vedas, if I can remember You here, then please let me stay always in the midst of these sufferings.

Text 227

 " `O Krishna, in this way please make me qualified to serve You. Make me Your slave and keep me at Your feet.

Text 228

 " `O my Lord, if You carry me across this ocean of sufferings, then I want only You and nothing else.'

Text 229

 "Although in the womâ the soul is tormented at every moment, life in the womâ is still good, for there the soul can remember Lord Krishna.

Text 230

 "By the power of these prayers, the soul does not feel pain in the womb. Then, at a certain time, against his will the soul falls to the ground.

Text 231

 "O mother, please listen, please listen to what happens to the soul when first he falls to the ground.

Text 232

 First the soul becomes unconscious. Then he cries out. Then he breathes. He has no power to speak. He floats in an ocean of sufferings.

Text 233

 "The soul is by nature a servant of Lord Krishna. Bewildered by Lord Krishna's maya, the soul does not worship Lord Krishna. In this way the soul suffers.

Text 234

 "After some days, by the power of time, the soul attains intelligence and knowledge. A soul who then worships Lord Krishna is very fortunate.

Text 235

 "However, a soul who because of bad association does not worship Lord Krishna, again and again drowns in Maya's sins.

Text 236

 "In Shrimad-Bhagavatam (3.31.32, the Supreme Personality of Godhead declares:


yady asadbhih pathi punah


asthito ramate jantus

 Tamo visati purvavat


     " `If, therefore, the living entity again associates with the path of unrighteousness, influenced by sensually minded people engaged in the pursuit of sexual enjoyment and the gratification of the palate, he again goes to hell as before."*


Text 237

 "It is also said in the scriptures:


anayasena maranam

     vina dainyena jivanam


     caranasya katham bhavet


     " `How can a person who does not worship Lord Krishna's feet have an untroubled life and an easy death?"


Text 238

 "A person who remembers and worships Lord Krishna does have an untroubled life and an easy death.

Text 239

 "Therefore, O mother, please associate with devotees and worship Lord Krishna. With your mind think of Lord Krishna. With your mouth chant `Hari!'

Text 240

 "Non-devotional activities bring no good result. Non-devotional activities bring only calamity."

Text 241

 Assuming the mood of Lord Kapila, Lord Chaitanya taught His mother in this way. Hearing these words, Saci became very joyful.

Text 242

 Whether He was eating, sleeping, or awake, Lord Chaitanya did not talk of anything but Lord Krishna.

Text 243

 Devotees hear descriptions of Lord Krishna, speak them, and think about them in their hearts.

Text 244

 The devotees think, "When will Lord Krishna appear before me? When will I be able to associate with devotees? When will I become pure at heart?"

Text 245

 This is how the devotees think in their hearts. These thoughts bring them great happiness.

Text 246

 By appearing in this world, Lord Chaitanya destroyed the materialists and offenders and broke the devotees' sufferings.

Text 247

 Assuming the role of a Vaishnava, Lord Chaitanya always saw Lord Krishna present everywhere in the world.

Text 248

 With His ears He heard Lord Krishna's names day and night. With His mouth He spoke the word "Krishnacandra" without stopping.

Text 249

 Lord Chaitanya forgot the nectar of learning. Now He was not attracted to anything but Lord Krishna.

Text 250

 Early every morning, His students would gather for class.

Text 251

 He who is the master of the three worlds would sit down to lecture. However, nothing but Krishna came to His tongue.

Text 252

 The students asked, "What is the perfection of varnasrama and the scriptures?" The Lord replied, "Lord Narayana is the perfection of all the varnas."

Text 253

 A student asked, "How is He the perfection of the varnas?" The Lord replied, "Lord Krishna's glance created the varnas."

Text 254

 A student said, "O pandita, please give the right explanation." The Lord said, "You should remember Lord Krishna at every moment.

Text 255

 "I have describe the worship of Lord Krishna. That is the right teaching of all the scriptures. In their beginning, middle, and end, the scriptures teach the worship of Lord Krishna."

Text 256

 Hearing the Lord's explanation, the students laughed. Someone said, "I think an imbalance of the life-airs is the cause of this explanation."

Text 257

 The students said, "Why do you talk like this?" The Lord replied, "This is the teaching of the scriptures."

Text 258

 The Lord said, "If you cannot understand it now, then this afternoon please think about it and try to understand it.

Text 259

 "Each student go to a secluded place and look at his books. In the afternoon we will meet again."

Text 260

 Hearing the Lord's words, the surprised students tied up their books and left.

Text 261

 All the students told Ganga dasa what the Lord had said.

Text 262

 They said, "Nimai Pandita says that all words in the scriptures refer to Lord Krishna.

Text 263

 "From the time He returned home from Gaya, he talks only of Krishna and nothing else.

Text 264

 "The hairs of His body erect, He always chants, `Krishna!' Sometimes He laughs and sometimes He screams in ecstasy.

Text 265

 "Every day He teaches that every dhatu-sutra (grammar rule about verbs, somehow describes Lord Krishna.

Text 266

 "We do not have the power to understand His explanations. O pandita, please tell us: What should we do?"

Text 267

 Hearing the students' words, the brahmana Ganga dasa, who was the crest jewel of teachers, smile.

Text 268

 He said, "Go home. Return tomorrow morning. This afternoon I will give Him some advice.

Text 269

 "Thinking this a good arrangement, the students studied from their books. In the afternoon the met with Lord Chaitanya.

Text 270

 That afternoon everyone assembled and very happily sat down with Lord Chaitanya.

Text 271

 On His head Lord Chaitanya placed the dust of His teacher's feet. His teacher, Ganga dasa, blessed Him with the words, "May You attain true learning."

Text 272

 His teacher said, "Visvambhara, my son, please hear my words. It is not a small good fortune for one to be a teacher of brahmanas.

Text 273

 "Your maternal grandfather is Nilambara Cakravarti. Your father is Jagannatha Misra.

Text 274

 "Neither Your mother's nor Your father's families are illiterate fools. You are very expert at speaking commentaries.

Text 275

 "If one renounces study, will he then attain devotion to the Lord? Are Your father and maternal grandfather not devotees of the Lord?

Text 276

 "Understanding this, You should apply Yourself to the path of scholarship. It is by study and learning that one becomes a Vaishnava brahmana.

Text 277

 "How can an uneducated brahmana know what is right and what is wrong? Understanding this, You should chant `Krishna!' and also continue Your teaching and studies.

Text 278

 "Please sit down and teach the scriptures in the right way. Your wrong explanations chew on my head."

Text 279

 The Lord said, "By the mercy of Your feet no one in Navadvipa has the power to debate with Me.

Text 280

 "I will explain the sutras. Who in Navadvipa has the power to break apart My explanations and prove his own?

Text 281

 "I will sit down in the town and I will lecture. I will see who has the power to find fault with my explanations."

Text 282

 Hearing these words, the Lord's teacher became happy. After offering obeisances to His teacher's feet, the Lord left.

Text 283

 Thus He who counts the husband of Sarasvati and the master of the Vedas among His students bowed down before the feet of Ganga dasa Pandita.

Text 284

 What good fortune was attained by Ganga dasa Pandita? The Supreme Lord, who is worshiped by the fourteen worlds, became his student.

Text 285

 Like a full moon surrounded hy a host of stars, Lord Chaitanya, surrounded by His students, walked.

Text 286

 The Supreme Lord, whose feet stay on Goddess Lakshmi's breast, sat down at the entrance of the city.

Text 287

 Tying His garment in the yoga-patta style, the Lord explained the sutras, proving and breaking various interpetations.

Text 288

 The Lord said, "In Kali-yuga even a fool with no knowledge even of sandhi claims that he is a bhattacarya.

Text 289

 "A fool who does not even know the meanings of words will try to debate logi and philosophy. None of these fools can defeat Me.

Text 290

 "I will see who can prove what I break apart or break apart what I prove."

Text 291

 In this way Lord Chaitanya, the master of the universes, spoke. Who had the power to challenge Him?

Text 292

 Many teachers had come there to see the Ganga. When they heard the Lord's challenge, their pride was crushed into powder.

Text 293

 Who in Navadvipa has the power to approach Lord Chaitanya and defeat Him in debate?

Text 294

 As if rapt in meditation, Lord Chaitanya lectured for a long time. Two hours of the night had passed and still He did not stop.

Text 295

 By divine arrangement a certain very fortunate brahmana lived in the outskirts of the city.

Text 296

 His name was Ratnagarbha Acarya. He was a friend of the Lord's father, for they were both born in the same village.

Text 297

 His three sons were bumblebees attracted to the honey at the lotus flower of Lord Krishna's feet. Their names were Krishnananda, Jiva, and Yadunatha Kavicandra

Text 298

 This brahmana had great love for Shrimad-Bhagavatam. At that moment he was lovingly reading this verse of Shrimad-Bhagavatam (10.23.22):


Text 299

 syamam hiranya-paridhim vana-malya-barha-

     dhatu-pravala-nata-vesam anuvratamse

vinyasta-hastam itarena dhunanam abjam



     "The brahmanas' wives saw Krishna putting on a garment glittering like gold. He wore a nice garland of forest flowers and a peacock feather on His head. He was also painted with the minerals found in Vrindavana, and He looked exactly like a dancing-actor on a theatrical stage. They saw Him keeping one hand on the shoulder of His friend, and in His other hand He was holding a lotus flower. His ears were decorated with lilies, He wore marks of tilaka, and He was smiling charmingly."*


Text 300

 Read with great devotion and happiness, this verse entered the Lord's ears.

Text 301

 Hearing about the glory of devotional service, Lord Chaitanya at once fell down. He was unconscious.

Text 302

 The students were astonished. After a moment the Lord returned to external consciousness.

Text 303

 Returning to external consciousness, Lord Chaitanya repeated, "Say it. Say it." Then He rolled on the ground.

Text 304

 The Lord said, "Say it. Say it." The brahmana repeated the verse. An enchanting ocean of Krishna happiness rose up.

Text 305

 With tears from His eyes the Lord sprinkled the ground. He wept and trembled. The hairs of His body stood erect.

Text 306

 Seeing the Lord's ecstati happiness, the brahmana, with devotion and happiness, again read that verse about devotional service.

Text 307

 Seeing that the brahmana was reading with great devotion, the Lord, very pleased, embraced Him.

Text 308

 Embraced by the king of Vaikuntha, Ratnagarbha became filled with ecstati love.

Text 309

 Ratnagarbha grasped the Lord's feet and wept. Now the brahmana was caught in Lord Chaitanya's trap of love.

Text 310

 Filled with love, he read the verse again and again. "Say it. Say it.", Lord Chaitanya loudly demanded.

Text 311

 Seeing this, everyone became filled with wonder. Seeing this, the townspeople bowed down to offer respect.

Text 312

 "Don't read any more", Gadadhara said. Everyone sat around Lord Chaitanya.

Text 313

 After some moments Lord Chaitanya returned to external consciousness. "Tell Me what happened. Tell Me what happened.", the Lord asked.

Text 314

 The Lord said, "Did I act restlessly?" The students replied, "You are glorious and learned.

Text 315

 "What power have we to say anything about You?" Then the Lord's friends said, "Please don't praise Him."

Text 316

 Now in external consciousness and His ecstati emotions supressed, the Lord went with everyone to see the Ganga.

Text 317

 After first offering obeisances to the Ganga and t placing some Ganga water on His head, the Lord sat down with His companions by the Ganga's bank.

Text 318

 Lord Chaitanya was just like Nanda's son who, accompanied by many cowherd boys, enjoyed pastimes by the Yamuna's bank.

Text 319

 In this way, by the Ganga's banks, and in the company of the devotees, Saci's son enjoyed pastimes of talking about Lord Krishna.

Text 320

 After some moments, everyone took their leave and returned to their homes. Then Lord Chaitanya also returned to His home.

Text 321

 Then He who is the master of all the worlds enjoyed His meal. Then He cast a glance on transcendental pastimes of sleep.

Text 322

 The night came to an end. All the students came, sat down, and studied their books.

Text 323

 The Lord came, quickly bathed in the Ganga, sat down, and taught from His books.

Text 324

 The did not say anything that was not about Lord Krishna. Every word of His explanations was about devotional service to Lord Krishna.

Text 325

 One student asked, "How are verbal roots explained?" The Lord replied, "All words are potencies of Lord Krishna.

Text 326

 "Now I will explain the sutras about verbal roots. O My brothers, please listen. Who has the power to break apart My explanations?

Text 327

 "Look at a king. He has a splendid, splendid body. He is decorated with gold ornaments. He is glorious with sandal paste.

Text 328

 "The people say, `His words are the words of Yamaraja, or the words of Goddess Lakshmi'. Still, please hear what happens to such a king when the breath of life is gone.

Text 329

 "Where does the handsomeness of his limbs go? Sometimes it becomes ashes, and other times it is buried in the earth.

Text 330

 "The potency of Lord Krishna lives in all bodies as the breath of life. It is that force that one loves. It is to that force that one is devoted.

Text 331

 "Although they argue, "It is true", or "It is not true", ordinary teachers do not understand this truth. Please give your thoughts to this and understand it.

Text 332

 "There may be a very respected person before whom I bow down to offer respect. But when the life breath leaves him, I must bathe if I touch his body.

Text 333

 "The son may very happily embrace his father. But when the life breath leaves, the son must place fire on the father's head.

Text 334

 "Therefore the life breath is the potency of Lord Krishna. It is loved by everyone. That is how I see it. Who has the power to refute My words?

Text 335

 "Lord Krishna's potency is supremely pure. It is worthy of our worship. O My brothers, you should all be very firmly devoted to Lord Krishna.

Text 336

 "Chant, "Krishna!" Worship Krishna. Hear Krishna's name. Day and night meditate on Lord Krishna's feet.

Text 337

 "Yamaraja has no power over anyone who offers water and durva grass to Lord Krishna's feet.

Text 338

 "Worship, worship the feet of Nanda's son, feet that gave liberation to Agha, Baka, and Putana.

Text 339

 "Even though he was thinking of his son, Ajamila somehow remembered Lord Krishna. For that reason Ajamila went to Vaikuntha. Therefore you should worship Lord Krishna's feet.

Text 340

 "Clothed only by the four directions, Siva serves Lord Krishna's feet. Goddess Lakshmi very respectfully serves Lord Krishna's feet.

Text 341

 "Ananta Sesha chants the glories of Lord Krishna's feet. Placing a straw between your teeth, you should also worship Lord Krishna's feet.

Text 342

 "As long as there is life within your bodies, you should engage in devotional service to Lord Krishna's lotus feet.

Text 343

 "Krishna is your mother. Krishna is your father. Krishna is your life and your wealth. Therefore I say you should grasp Lord Krishna's feet and declare, `To Lord Krishna I give my body and my thoughts'."

Text 344

 Accepting the role of His servant, the Lord described His own glories. Siř hours passed. Still He did not stop.

Text 345

 Enthralled, the students listened with a single heart. No one spoke a word.

Text 346

 Please know without doubt that all these students were eternal servants of Lord Krishna. If this were not so, how could they have studied under Lord Krishna Himself?

Text 347

 After some moments Lord Chaitanya returned to external consciousness. Embarrassed at heart, He looked at the faces of them all.

Text 348

 The Lord asked, "How did I explain the sutras about verbal roots?" The students replied, "You gave the right explanation.

Text 349

 "Who can contradict Your explanations?

Text 350

 "Whatever You say is the truth. What others teach is not the truth."

Text 351

 The Lord said, "Tell Me what You Me do. My life airs are very agitated.

Text 352

 "How did I explain verbal roots? " The students replied, "You said they were all names of Lord Krishna.

Text 353

 "Your explanations of the sutras and commentaries spoke of Lord Krishna only. Who has the power to understand Your explanations?

Text 354

 "When You heard about devotional service You acted in such a way that we do not think You are a mere human being."

Text 355

 The Lord asked, "What did You see Me do?" The students replied, "It was a great wonder.

Text 356

 "You trembled and wept. The hairs of Your body stood erect. We have not seen this in anyone else.

Text 357

 "Yesterday, when in the town You were lecturing on books, a brahmana read a verse aloud.

Text 358

 "Hearing this verse of Shrimad-Bhagavatam, You at once fell unconscious. There was no life in any of Your limbs. We were very surprised.

Text 359

 "Regaining consciousness, You wept. Your tears were like the Ganga.

Text 360

 "At the end You trembled. A hundred men could not have held You still.

Text 361

 "From Your head to Your feet, the hairs of Your body stood erect. Your fair form was covered with perspiration, saliva, and dust.

Text 362

 "Gazing at You, everyone was filled with wonder. Everyone said, `This person must be Lord Narayana Himself.'

Text 363

 "Someone said, `He must be Vyasa, or Sukadeva, or Narada, or Prahlada. He has the Lord's mercy as much as they.'

Text 364

 "We gathered around You and held You still. After some moments You regained external consciousness.

Text 365

 "You did not know any of this. We will tell You something more. Please hear it with attention.

Text 366

 "For the past ten days Your lectures on the scriptures have described only Lord Krishna's holy name and Lord Kris„na's devotional service.

Text 367

 "For the past ten days Your lectures have been like that. We have been afraid to tell you this.

Text 368

 "You know all the meanings of every word. If You explain the meanings of words, who can challenge You?"

Text 369

 The Lord said, "Ten days without lectures! Was it not your duty to tell Me about that?"

Text 370

 The students replied, "Your lectures were right and true. It is true that Lord Krishna is described in all the scriptures.

Text 371

 "It is true that Lord Krishna is the essence of all the scriptures. If we cannot understand it, we are at fault.

Text 372

 "You explained the root of all knowledge. You spoke the truth. It is only because of our past bad karma that our hearts could not understand it."

Text 373

 The Lord was pleased by the students' words. Then He very mercifully spoke to them.

Text 374

 The Lord said, "O My brothers, what you say is the truth. What I will now say should not be spoken to others.

Text 375

 "Brothers! Brothers! This I tell you: I always see a dark boy who plays a flute.

Text 376

 "Every word I hear with My ears is the holy name of Lord Krishna. Every place I see is the holy abode of Lord Krishna.

Text 377

 "Now I must leave you all. From today on I will not lecture.

Text 378

 "You may go to any teacher your heart likes and you may learn from him. I make you fearless in this way.

Text 379

 "I cannot talk of anything but Lord Krishna. Now I have told to you my heart."

Text 380

 After speaking these words to them all, Lord Chaitanya wept and tied up His books.

Text 381

 The students bowed down and said, "We will tell You our desire.

Text 382

 "We have studied under You. How can we study under anyone else?"

Text 383

 Unhappy to be separated from their teacher, the students wept and said,

Text 384

 "The lectures we heard from Your mouth we will keep in our hearts birth after birth. They will be our meditation.

Text 385

 "How could we study under another teacher? What we have learned from You is good enough for us."

Text 386

 With folded hands the students spoke these words to the Lord. Then they tied up their books.

Text 387

 They called out, "Hari!" Weeping, Lord Chaitanya, the jewel of the brahmanas, embraced them all.

Text 388

 Bowing their heads, the students wept. Even so, they were drowning in transcendental bliss.

Text 389

 With a choked voice Lord Chaitanya, the son of Saci, blessed all His students.

Text 390

 He said, "If some day I become a true servant of Lord Krishna, then I will pray that all your desires will be fulfilled.

Text 391

 "All of you please take shelter of Lord Krishna. Please fill your voices with Lord Krishna's holy name.

Text 392

 "Please always hear Lord Krishna's holy name with your ears. Please consider Lord Krishna your great treasure, your life-breath.

Text 393

 "What you have learned so far, that is good enough. Don't strive to learn more. Please gather together and chant `Krishna!'

Text 394

 "By Lord Krishna's mercy all the scriptures will be manifest within you all. You are all My friends birth after birth."

Text 395

 Hearing the Lord's nectar words, the students felt their hearts become filled with transcendental bliss.

Text 396

 Bowing down, I offer respectful obeisances to the feet of these students. They were very fortunate to have been Lord Chaitanya's students.

Text 397

 Please know without doubt that they are Lord Krishna's servants eternally. If this were not so, then how could they have studied under Lord Krishna Himself?

Text 398

 Anyone who sees a person who directly saw the Lord's pastimes of scholarship will become freed from the bonds of repeated birth and death.

Text 399

 I am a sinner. That is why I was not born then. I was cheated of the sight of these blissful pastimes.

Text 400

 O Supreme Lord, please be merciful and allow Your pastimes of scholarship to stay always in my heart.

Text 401

 All of Nadiya still bears the marks of Vaikuntha's king, who taught in Navadvipa.


Text 402

 Lord Chaitanya's pastimes have no beginning or end. The Vedas use the words "avirbhava" (appearance" and "tirobhava" (disappearance, to describe them.

Text 403

 In this way the Lord's pastimes of scholarship came to an end. Then His pastimes of sankirtana began.

Text 404

 In the four directs were weeping students, tears gliding down their necks. The merciful Lord then said to them,

Text 405

 "What you have heard and read for many days now make perfect by chanting the holy names of Lord Krishna."


Text 406

 The students replied, "How shall we chant the holy names of the Lord?" Then Saci's son gave them this instruction:


Text 407

  (hare, haraye namah krishna yadavaya namah

gopala govinda rama shri-madhusudana


     " (Hari!, I offer my respectful obeisances to Lord Hari. I offer my respectful obeisances to Lord Krishna, the descendent of King Yadu. O Gopala! O Govinda! O Rama! O Shri Madhusudana!"


Text 408

 In this way He showed them the right direction. Clapping His hands, the Lord chanted His own holy names with His students.

Text 409

 The four directions around Him filled with His students, the master of kirtana chanted His own holy names.

Text 410

 The Lord entered a spiritual trance. Tasting the nectar of His own holy names, He rolled about on the ground. He became covered with dust.

Text 411

 "Chant! Chant!", the Lord called in the four directions. Again and again the Lord fell to the ground. The earth burst apart.

Text 412

 Hearing the tumult, all of Nadiya ran to the Lord's home.

Text 413

 Hearing the kirtana, all who lived in neighboring Vaishnava homes ran to that place.

Text 414

 Seeing the Lord's ecstati trance, the Vaishnavas felt great wonder in their hearts.

Text 415

 They all felt great happiness in their hearts. They said, "Now there is a great kirtana in the towns of Nadiya.

Text 416

 "Is it possible that this kind of rare and exalted devotional service has come to this world? Our eyes have become fruitful to see this exalted devotional service!

Text 417

 "Visvambhara was the pinnacle of arrogance. Now we see He has attained a spiritual love even Narada cannot attain.

Text 418

 "If an arrogant person like Him can attain devotion like this, then I do not understand Lord Krishna's desire or why this is now taking place."

Text 419

 After some moments Lord Chaitanya returned to external consciousness. Again and again Lord Chaitanya chanted, "Krishna! Krishna!"

Text 420

 Even though He was in external consciousness, He did not talk of external things. He approached the Vaishnavas, embraced them, and wept.

Text 421

 Gathering around Him, the Vaishnavas pacified the Lord. Then the joyful Vaishnavas departed.

Text 422

 Some of the students remained in the Lord's association. Blissful with spiritual love, they walked on the path of renunciation.

Text 423

 In this way Lord Chaitanya openly revealed His true nature. In this way the devotees' sufferings were all destroyed.

Text 424

 The two moons Shri Krishna Chaitanya and Shri Nityananda are my life and soul. I, Vrindavana dasa, sing the glories of Their feet.