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Chapter Nine

Shri Advaita-mahima-varnana


Description of Lord Advaita's Glories


Text 1 Glory, glory to Shri Krishna Chaitanya, the beloved of Goddess Lakshmi! Glory to Lord Chaitanya, who is dear to all the Vaishnavas!

Text 2 Glory, glory to the merciful king of Vaikuntha! O Lord, please place Your glance of mercy on the conditioned souls.

Text 3 In this way the Supreme Personality of Godhead joyfully performed kirtana with the devotees.

Text 4 The circle of Vaishnavas knew the foods Lord Chaitanya liked since His childhood.

Text 5 With great love the brought these foods for Him.

Text 6 With great love they cooked these foods and invited the Lord to take His meal.

Text 7 On the day the devotees invited Him, the Lord would come and very happily eat.

Text 8 The Vaishnavas' wives were all amsa expansions of Goddess Lakshmi. What were all the wonderful foods they cooked? I do not know.

Text 9 Every mouth was always filled with Lord Krishna's holy names, and every eye was always flooded with tears.

Text 10

 The Vaishnavis in Navadvipa knew what were Lord Chaitanya's favorite foods.

Text 11

 With great love they cooked these foods, and with great love Lord Chaitanya ate them.

Text 12

 One day noble-hearted, lionlike Advaita Acarya said to Lord Chaitanya, "Today please accept Your meal at My home.

Text 13

 "Lord, with My own hand I will cook for You. Please accept a meal from My hand."

Text 14

 Lord Chaitanya said, "Anyone who eats the food You cook will attain Lord Krishna. He will attain pure devotion to Lord Krishna.

Text 15

 "Acarya, Your cooking is My very life. What You cook Lord Krishna eats.

Text 16

 "I am very inclined to accept a meal You have personally cooked."

Text 17

 How did Advaita Acarya float in bliss when He heard Lord Chaitanya's words? I do not know.

Text 18

 Happily returning home, Lord Advaita prepared Lord Chaitanya's meal.

Text 19

 Advaita's devoted wife, who was an amsa expansion of Goddess Lakshmi born in this world, happily helped cook.

Text 20

 From West Bengal They had brought many of Lord Chaitanya's favorite foods.

Text 21

 When Lord Advaita sat down to cook, Lord Chaitanya entered His heart.

Text 22

 Advaita's devoted wife was an expert cook. According to the desire in her heart, she cooked.


Text 23

 Thinking, "Saka is the Lord's favorite", she prepared many kinds of saka ten different ways.

Text 24

 Advaita Acarya cooked and His wife helped. They both floated in an ocean of bliss.

Text 25

 Advaita said, "Please listen, O mother of Krishnadasa. I will tell you what is in My heart.

Text 26

 "Whatever I cook Lord Chaitanya will accept.

Text 27

 "If He brings many sannyasi companions, then I will not be able to eat anything. This I know.

Text 28

 "The Lord will bring all His sannyasi friends to take this meal.

Text 29

 "The Lord will happily invite them to this meal."

Text 30

 In His heart Lord Advaita thought, "Now I am cooking. Soon the Lord will come.

Text 31

 "Then I will offer food to the Lord. Then all My desires will be fulfilled."

Text 32

 Thinking in this way in His heart, Lord Advaita cooked.

Text 33

 Meanwhile Lord Chaitanya chanted His fixed number of holy names. Then in His heart He decided to perform His midday duties.

Text 34

 At midday all the sannyasis came to take their meal with the Lord.

Text 35

 At that moment, by Lord Advaita's will, the demigod Indra sent a sudden rainstorm.

Text 36

 In the four directions a hailstorm made a great tumult. There were impossible winds. The rains had no end.

Text 37

 Every direction was covered with blinding darkness. No one had the power to leave his house and walk on the streets.

Text 38

 In this way the great storm fell. No one had the power to stay peaceful. No one knew from where such a storm had come.

Text 39

 But where Advaita was cooking only very little rain fell.

Text 40

 None of the sannyasis came to take their meal with Lord Chaitanya. No one could go anywhere.

Text 41

 Meanwhile lionlike Lord Advaita finished cooking. He set out all the preparations of rice and vegetables.

Text 42

 He set out many preparations made with ghee, yogurt, milk, condensed milk, and butter. He set out pishtakas, sandesas, kadalakas, and many kinds of sweets made with sugar.

Text 43

 Over everything He placed Tulasi-manjaris. He sat down. In meditation He brought Lord Chaitanya there.

Text 44

 As Advaita meditated in His heart, Lord Chaitanya came.

Text 45

 By Lord Advaita's desire, Lord Chaitanya in truth came there.

Text 46

 Chanting, "Hare Krishna! Hare Krishna!", Lord Chaitanya lovingly came before Lord Advaita.

Text 47

 Withâ great respect Advaita bowed down before Lord Chaitanya's lotus feet. He offered a seat. Lord Chaitanya sat.

Text 48

 Lord Chaitanya had come alone, without any companions. Seeing this, Advaita became wild with joy.

Text 49

 Accompanied by His wife, He happily served Lord Chaitanya. He washed the Lord's feet. He anointed the Lord with sandal paste. He fanned Him.

Text 50

 Lord Chaitanya sat down and happily ate. Advaita served Him.


Text 51

 Advaita happily placed many vegetable preparations before the Lord. Tasting the nectar of ecstati love, Lord Chaitanya accepted them.

Text 52

 Lord Chaitanya ate the vegetables. Of each preparation He left a small part uneaten.

Text 53

 Smiling, Advaita said to Lord Chaitanya, "Why did Your leave part of the vegetables uneaten? Please let Me know the reason.

Text 54

 "I see that You ate most of the vegetables. Only a small part of each preparation You did not eat."

Text 55

 Smiling, Lord Chaitanya said, "Please listen, O Acarya. Where did You learn how to cook?

Text 56

 "I have never tasted saka like this. This cooking is all very wonderful."

Text 57

 Whatever Advaita Acarya brought, Lord Chaitanya ate everything. Lord Chaitanya is a kalpa-vriksha tree that fulfills the devotees' desires.

Text 58

 Whatever preparations made with yogurt, milk, ghee, and condensed milk Advaita brought, and whatever sandesa sweets He brought, Lord Chaitanya accepted.

Text 59

 In this way Lord Chaitanya, the Supreme Personality of Godhead, ate. He fulfilled all the desires in the heart of lionlike Advaita Acarya.

Text 60

 When Lord Chaitanya had finished eating, Advaita Acarya recited Indra's prayers.

Text 61

 He said, "Today I, Indra, know Your great powers. Today I know that You are without doubt a great Vaishnava.

Text 62

 "Today I shower flowers on You. I am Indra. Today You have purchased Me."

Text 63

 Then Lord Chaitanya said, "Why did Indra speak these prayers to Me today? Please tell Me."

Text 64

 Advaita Acarya said, "You please eat. Why must I listen to You?"

Text 65

 Then Lord Chaitanya said, "Why do You hide, O Acarya? That sudden rainstorm was all Your doing.

Text 66

 "It was not time for rain. It was so sudden. It was such a great rain. There was hail."

Text 67

 "By Your desire those calamities came. This I know directly.

Text 68

 "Therfore I say, when You say these prayers are `by Indra', I know what You mean.

Text 69

 " `If He brings many sannyasis, then I will not eat anything.' That thought was in Your heart.

Text 70

 "You thought, `If the Lord comes alone and eats, then My desire will be fulfilled.'

Text 71

 "That is why You created all those calamities. Staying in their hearts, You forbade the sannyasis to come.

Text 72

 "What power has Indra to give commands to You? It is Indra's good fortune that he has a chance to serve You.

Texts 73-74

 "He whose desire Lord Krishna never thwarts, He who has the power to make Lord Krishna directly manifest, He who always obeys Lord Krishna's command made this rainstorm. What is surprising about that?

Texts 75-76

 "He whose command Yamaraja, Time, and Death place on their heads, He who he whose feet the kings of yoga and the kings of the sages yearn to attain, He the memory of whom frees everyone from material bondage made this rainstorm. What surprising about that?

Text 77

 "Who in this world of birth and death knows the truth about You? The person to whom You give Your mercy attains the fruit that is pure devotional service."

Text 78

 Then Lord Advaita said, "You love Your servants. With My body, mind, and words I hold You close to Me. I have that power.

Text 79

 "By the power of devotion to You, I have become a lion that lives forever. I ask this boon: `Please never abandon Me'."

Text 80

 When the meal was finished, the two Lords joyfully tasted the nectar of this kind of talk.

Text 81

 Everything that Lord Advaita said with His graceful mouth was the truth. It was the truth. It was the truth. It was not otherwise.

Text 82

 Anyone who is not happy to hear these talks is very lowly and degraded. Lord Advaita certainly remains invisible to him.

Text 83

 As they do not understand the talks of Lord Krishna and Lord Siva, so the materialist fools do not understand the talks of Lord Chaitanya and Lord Advaita.

Text 84

 Anyone who does not like one of these two Lords does not like both Lords. Lord Chaitanya and Lord Advaita are like Lord Krishna and Lord Siva.

Text 85

 Always speaking words like these, merciful-hearted Lord Advaita delivers the entire world.

Text 86

 Please know that anyone who has the power to understand Lord Advaita's words will never be separated from the Supreme Lord.

Text 87

 Anyone who devotedly hears these narrations will attain pure devotion to Lord Krishna. Everything will be auspicious for him.

Text 88

 Then, having fulfilled the desire in lionlike Lord Advaita's heart, Lord Chaitanya, the Supreme Personality of Godhead, returned to His home.

Text 89

 In this way accepting meals in the homes of Shrivasa and the other devotees, Lord Chaitanya fulfilled everyones' desire.

Text 90

 Accompanied by His devotees, Lord Chaitanya performed sankirtana. Moment after moment He personally danced and made others dance also.

Text 91

 Damodara Pandita went to see Mother Saci. Adter seeing Mother Saci, he quickly went to Jagannatha Puri.

Text 92

 Seeing Damodara Pandita, Lord Chaitanya took him to a private place and asked about Mother Saci.

Text 93

 Lord Chaitanya said, "You went to see her. Is My Mother devoted to Lord Vishnu? Tell the truth."

Text 94

 Hearing these words, renounced and austere Damodara Pandita became angry and said,

Text 95

 "Master, how can I describe Your mother's devotion? Master, why do You ask this question?

Text 96

 "It is by Your mother's mercy that You have devotion to Lord Vishnu. Whatever power You have all comes from her.


Text 97

 "Please know without doubt that whatever devotion to Lord Vishnu has arisen within You comes from Your mother's mercy.

Texts 98-99

 "Tears, trembling, perspiration, fainting, shouting, and the body's hairs standing erect, the symptoms of ecstasy that come from pure devotion to Lord Vishnu, never for a moment stop being manifested on Your mother's body. On her graceful mouth is always manifested the holy name of Lord Krishna.

Text 100

 "Master, You have asked about Your mother's devotion. Anyone who asks about her devotion to Lord Vishnu should see Your mother.

Text 101

 "Your mother is devotional service personified. This I tell to You. You know this already. Your question is only to bewilder me.

Text 102

 "Anyone who speaks the ordinary word `a-i' (mother, will, by the power of the word "a-i" no longer suffer any troubles.

Text 103

 Hearing His mother's glories from Damodara's mouth, Lord Chaitanya felt bliss that had no limit.

Text 104

 Tasting the nectar of ecstati love, Lord Chaitanya happily embraced Damodara Pandita again and again.

Text 105

 Lord Chaitanya said, "Damodara, from this day you have the right to sell Me. You spoke what was in My heart.

Text 106

 "Whatever wealth of devotion to Lord Vishnu I possess is all by My mother's mercy. That is not a lie.

Text 107

 "It is by her desire that I came to this earth. Never will I have the power to repay My debt to her.

Text 108

 "I am a prisoner in My mother's home. Listen, Damodara. I see My mother at every moment."

Text 109

 In this way Lord Chaitanya gave His mercy to Damodara Pandita. Then Lord Chaitanya returned and sat amongst His devotees.

Text 110

 By asking about His mother's devotion, Lord Chaitanya taught a lesson to the entire world.

Text 111

 Then Lord Chaitanya asked an old friend about Their friends and kinsmen. He said, "Please tell Me about My friends and kinsmen. Do they have an auspicious life?"

Text 112

 To reveal that "devotional service" is the true meaning of the word "auspicious", Lord Chaitanya asked this question.

Text 113

 When devotional service is present, everything is auspicious. When devotional service is absent, even a king has a life that is inauspicious.

Text 114

 If a person has all wealth, fame, and pleasures, but no devotional service to the Lord, then everything he has is inauspicious.

Text 115

 If a person has not even today's food, and if he lives at the very limit of poverty, but he has devotion to Lord Vishnu, then he is wealthy.

Text 116

 On the preText of accepting invitations for meals, Lord Chaitanya explained this truth to everyone.

Text 117

 Smiling, Lord Chaitanya would say to the person inviting Him for a meal, "O master of a hundred thousand, please come before Me.

Text 118

 "Only the master of a hundred thousand may invite Me to a meal." Hearing this, all the brahmanas became anxious at heart.

Text 119

 The brahmanas then offered this prayer, " O Lord, who of us has a hundred thousand coins? None of us have even one thousand coins.

Text 120

 "If You will not accept meals from us householders, we will all burn into ashes."

Text 121

 Then Lord Chaitanya said, "Do you know what the phrase `master of a hundred thousand' means? It describes a person who every day chants a hundred thousand holy names.

Text 122

 "That person I call, `master of a hundred thousand'. That person may offer Me a meal. I will not enter any other house."

Text 123

 Hearing the Lord's merciful words, the brahmanas lost their worries and became happy at heart.

Text 124

 They said, "Lord, we will chant a hundred thousand holy names. Please accept meals from us. We are fortunate that You have taught this to us."

Text 125

 So Lord Chaitanya would accept meals from them, the brahmanas now chanted a hundred thousand holy names daily.

Text 126

 In this way teaching how to engage in devotional service, the king of Vaikuntha played in an ocean of devotional activities.

Text 127

 In this way Lord Chaitanya taught how to engage in devotional service. The Lord did not ask any question that was not about devotional service.

Text 128

 The Lord said, "A person who engages in devotional service has an auspicious life. I always stand behind him."

Text 129

 Lord Chaitanya would not look at any face that did not glorify devotional service.

Text 130

 One day Lord Chaitanya asked His spiritual master, Kesava Bharati about bhakti (devotional service, and jnana (impersonal speculation).

Text 131

 Lord Chaitanya said, "Which is better: bhakti or jnana? O master, please consider this and tell me your final conclusion."

Text 132

 Thinking in his heart for some moments, Keaava Bharati spoke to Lord Chaitanya.

Text 133

 Kesava Bharati said, "After thinking in my heart, I see that devotional service is more glorious than anything else."

Text 134

 Then Lord Chaitanya said, "Why is devotional service better than impersonal speculation? The sannyasis say impersonal speculation is better."

Text 135

 Kesava Bharati said, "They do not know the path the great souls walk.

Text 136

 "Fools leave the path of the scriptures, the path great souls walk.

     137-Text 138

 "Brahma, Siva, Narada, Prahlada, Sukadeva, Vyasa, Sanaka and the sages, Yudhishthira and the Pandavas, Priyavrata, Prithu, Dhruva, Akrura, and Uddhava are the names of the great souls (mahajanas).

Text 139

 "Approaching the Supreme Lord's feet, they all beg for devotional service. Why do they beg for devotional service and not impersonal speculation?

Text 140

 "Why, without stopping to think, do the great souls turn from impersonal liberation and moment after moment beg for devotional service?

Text 141

 "All the words of the Puranas prove this. What boon did the demigod Brahma beg from the Supreme Personality of Godhead?

Text 142

 "Brahma said (Shrimad-Bhagavatam (10.14.30):


tad astu me natha sa bhuri-bhago

     bhave 'tra vanyatra tu va tirascam

yenaham eko 'pi bhavaj-jananam

     bhutva nisheve tava pada-pallavam


     " `My dear Lord, I pray that I may be so fortunate that, in this life or in another life, wherever I may take my birth, I may be counted as one of Your devotees. Wherever I may be, I pray that I may be engaged in Your devotional service.'*


Text 143

 "These words mean: `I may take birth as Brahma, or I may take birth in any form of life. I will always be Your servant, and I will always serve You.'

Text 144

 "In this way the great souls turn from everything else and desire only devotional service.


Text 145

 "In the Vishnu Purana it is said:


natha yoni-sahasreshu

     yeshu yeshu vrajamy aham

teshu tesht acyuta bhaktir

     acyutastu sada tvayi


     " `O Lord, I make take birth in thousands of wombs, one after another. O infallible Lord, I pray that in each birth I may have unflinching devotion to You.


Text 146


     yam yam yonim vrajamy aham

tasyam tasyam hrishikesa

 Tvayi bhaktir dridhastu me


     " `O Supreme Lord, O master of the senses, I pray that wherever I take birth I will always have firm devotion to You.'


Text 147

 "In Shrimad-Bhagavatam (10.47.67, it is said:


karmabhir brahmyamananam

     yatra kvapisvarecchaya

mangalacaritair danai

     ratir nah krishna isvare


     " `Wherever I wander in the material universe under the influence of karma by the will of the Lord, may our auspicious activities cause our attraction to Lord Krishna to increase.'*


Text 148

 "In this way all scriptures declare that devotional service is the best spiritual path, the path of the great souls.

Text 149

 "In Mahabharata (Vana-parva Text 131

1.17, it is said:


tarko 'pratishthah srutayo vibhinnah

     nasat rishir yasya matam na bhinnam

dharmasya tattvam nihitam guhayam

     mahajano yena gatah sa panthah


     " `Dry arguments are inconclusive. A great personality whose opinion does not differ from others is not considered a great sage. Simply by studying the Vedas, which are variegated, one cannot come to the right path by which religious principles are understood. The solid truth of religious principles is hidden in the heart of an unadulterated self-realized person. Consequently, as the sastras confirm, one should accept whatever progressive path the mahajanas advocate.'*"


Text 150

 "Hearing from Kesava Bharati's mouth the words, "Devotional service is the best", with joy and love Lord Chaitanya roared, "Hari!"

Text 151

 Lord Chaitanya said, "Now I will stay a few days more on the earth. I tell you the truth.

Text 152

 "If you had said, `impersonal speculation is the best", I would have drowned Myself in the ocean."

Text 153

 Then Lord Chaitanya happily embraced His guru's feet. With a happy heart the guru offered obeisances to Lord Chaitanya.

Text 154

 Lord Chaitanya said, "Anyone whose mouth does not talk about devotion to the Lord wears a sikha and a sacred thread in vain."

Text 155

 Lord Chaitanya asked questions only about devotional service and nothing else. Lord Chaitanya was the personified nectar of devotional service.

Text 156

 Night and day the devotees knew nothing but devotional service. They always danced and loudly chanted in kirtana.

Text 157

 One day, Advaita Acarya, wild with bliss, said to the devotees,

Text 158

 "Listen, O My brothers. Filling our mouths with His names, today we will sing about Lord Chaitanya.


Text 159

 "Today we will not sing about any other avatara. Lord Chaitanya is the essence of all avataras.

Text 160

 "Taking Us with Him, Lord Chaitanya descended to the earth to deliver everyone in all the worlds.

Text 161

 "By His mercy We are honored everywhere. He has given Us the great wealth that is sankirtana.

Text 162

 "I will dance. You all sing Lord Chaitanya's glories. Roar like lions. Leave behind all the fear in your hearts."

Text 163

 Lord Chaitanya had hidden Himself. All the devotees thought, "Lord Chaitanya will be angry."

Text 164

 However, no one could disobey Advaita Acarya's command. They all sang Lord Chaitanya's glories.

Text 165

 Wild with bliss, lionlike Advaita Acarya danced. In the four directions everyone sang Lord Chaitanya's glories.

Text 166

 Hearing the names and glories of Lord Chaitanya, the Lord's most recent avatara in this world, all the Vaishnavas became wild with bliss.

Text 167

 Personally singing about Lord Chaitanya, Advaita Acarya danced. In this way He delivered the worlds.

Text 168

 He sang:


shri-chaitanya narayana karuna-sagor

duhkhitera bandhu prabhu mora doya kor


     "O Shri Chaitanya, O Narayana, O ocean of mercy, O friend of the distressed, O Lord, please be merciful to Me!"


Text 169

 When this verse came on lionlike Lord Advaita's mouth, the kirtana became very glorious.

     170-Text 171

 Someone said, "Jaya Shachinandana€````@P@``€``PP@P€°`° `@```ğ`@°°`°°  @@P` ` P@ °P`0@````@`` P`€@ `P€PP```@`PP`°°°Ppppppp p````@@@@€p€€€€€€€pppp````````` P````    ```````€````````_›8œȰ_Ȱ_粜娈粜が粞〼粞!" Someone else said:


jaya gauracandra-narayan


jaya sankirtana-priya shri-gaura-gopal

jaya bhakta-jana-priya pashandira kal


     "Glory to Chaitanya-Narayana! Glory to Chaitanya-Krishna, who is fond of sankirtana! Glory to the Lord who loves the devotees and is destructive time personified to the blasphemers!"


Text 172

 Lionlike Advaita Acarya wildly danced. All the devotees sang of Lord Chaitanya's names, virtues, and activities.


A Song in Shri-raga


.ce on

Text 173

 pulake carita ga 'y        sukhe gadagadi jay

dekhare chaitanya-abatara

baikuntha-nayaka hari         dwija-rupe abatari'

sankirtana korena bihara


.ce off

     Look at Lord Chaitanya! As He joyfully sings the Supreme Lord's glories, He rolls about on the ground, and the hairs of His body stand erect. He is Lord Krishna Hismelf. He is the king of Vaikuntha. Assuming the form of a brahmana, He has descended to this world. Now He enjoys pastimes of sankirtana.


.ce on

Text 174

 (Refrain, kanaka jiniya kanti         shri-bigraha sobhe ati

ajanu-lambita-bhuja saja re

nyasi-bara-rupa-dhar          apana rase bihwal

na jani kemana sukhe nace re


.ce off


     His graceful body's splendor defeats gold. His arms reach to His knees. Assuming the form of a sannyasi, He has become wild by tasting the nectar of love for a person who is actually Himself. Why does He dance so blissfully? I do not know.


.ce on

Text 175

 jaya shri-gaurasundar        karuna-sindhu


jaya jaya brindabana-raya

jaya jaya samprati jay       nabadwipa-purandar

carana-kamala deha' chaya


.ce off


     Glory to Lord Chaitanya, who is handsome and fair, and who is an ocean of mercy! Glory, glory to the king of Vrindavana! Glory, glory, glory to He who is now the king of Navadvipa! O Lord, please give me the shade of Your lotus feet.


Text 176

 All the devotees sang kirtana. Meditating on Lord Chaitanya's feet, Advaita Acarya danced.

Text 177

 Hearing these new verses about the Lord's most recent avatara, the Vaishnavas joyfully sang the names of Lord Krishna.

Text 178

 How wonderful was the bliss in that kirtana! Lord Nityananda alone has the power to describe it completely.

Text 179

 Hearing the loud sounds of the kirtana, Lord Chaitanya, the jewel of the sannyasis, came there.

Text 180

 Seeing Lord Chaitanya, the devotees sang with even more joy, and Advaita Acarya danced with even more bliss.

Text 181

 Filled with bliss, no one feared Lord Chaitanya. Everyone openly sang of Lord Chaitanya's glories.

Text 182

 In His pastimes Lord Chaitanya was always in the mood of Lord Krishna's servant. He would say, "I am a servant of Lord Krishna. Please do not call Me anything else."

Text 183

 No one had the power to face Him and openly call Him "Supreme Personality of Godhead". They could only call Him "Lord Krishna's servant".

Text 184

 Still, by Advaita Acarya's power they were now fearlessly singing songs declaring that Lord Chaitanya was Lord Krishna Himself.

Text 185

 Lord Chaitanya, the jewel of the sannyasis, stood for a moment and listened to the songs glorifying Him. Then He became embarrassed and fled.

Text 186

 To teach everyone, Lord Chaitanya, the Supreme Personality of Godhead, the supreme siksha-guru, went home when He heard others singing a kirtana glorifying Him.

Text 187

 Even so, fear was not born in any heart. Now they sang the Lord Chaitanya's glories all the more.

Text 188

 External consciousness was not present in anyone's body. Everyone saw that Lord Chaitanya was present in the kirtana glorifying Him.

Text 189

 Everyone wildly sang Lord Chaitanya's glories. They became almost like madmen. The saintly devotees heard that kirtana with joy. The wicked were unhappy to hear it.

Text 190

 Of what value are brahmacarya or sannyasa to a person who is not pleased by Lord Chaitanya's glories?

Text 191

 In this way the devotees always joyfully sang sankirtana of Lord Krishna's holy names.

Text 192

 Anyone who reads or hears of all these blissful pastimes will one day meet all the personal associates of Lord Chaitanya.

Text 193

 Singing and dancing, all these great devotees went to see Lord Chaitanya.

Text 194

 Hearing the kirtana glorifying Him, and then seeing how everyone had come, Lord Chaitanya became afraid. He lay down to go to sleep.

Text 195

 Saintly Govinda informed the Lord, "All the Vaishnavas are at Your door."

Text 196

 Lord Chaitanya ordered Govinda to bring them all inside. Then Lord Chaitanya went to sleep. No one looked in any other direction. They looked only at Him.

Text 197

 Afraid, all the devotees meditated on Lord Chaitanya's feet.

Text 198

 In a moment Lord Chaitanya, who dearly loves His devotees, awakened. He said, "Ah! All the Vaishnavas!

Text 199

 "Ah! Ah! Saintly Shrivasa Pandita! Why have You all come here today?

Text 200

 "Why, abandoning Lord Krishna's holy names, and abanonding kirtana glorifying Lord Krishna, have you all come and awakened Me?"

Text 201

 Very eloquent Shrivasa said, "Lord, the individual souls have no power to act independently, against Your will.

Text 202

 "As the Supreme Personality of Godhead makes me act and speak, so I act and speak. This I tell to You."

Text 203

 Lord Chaitanya said, "You are all panditas. Why do you hide your knowledge?"

Text 204

 Hearing Lord Chaitanya's words, Shrivasa Pandita moved his hand as if he were trying to cover the sun. Then he laughed.

Text 205

 Lord Chaitanya said, "What do you hint by moving your hand like that? Tell Me what your gesture means."

Text 206

 Shrivasa said, "With this hand I will cover the sun. Thus I tell You the meaning of this gesture.

Text 207

 "Do I have the power to cover the sun with one hand? In the same way, You have no power to hide Yourself.

Text 208

 "Even if some day I get the power to cover the sun with my hand, You will still have no power to hide Yourself.

Text 209

 "On the ocean of milk You could not hide Yourself. How will You hide Yourself in the world of human beings?

Text 210

 "Your pure glories will fill every direction, from the Himalayas to Setubandha to the entire earth.

Text 211

 "The kirtana glorifying You will fill the entire universe, reaching up to Brahmaloka. How many people will sing in that kirtana? How will You punish them all?"

Text 212

 The Supreme Personality of Godhead always chants the glories of His devotees. Now a great wonder had come to the Lord's own door.

Text 213

 From where did so many thousands and thousands of people come? I do not know. After seeing Lord Jagannatha, they all went to see Lord Chaitanya.

Text 214

 Some had come from Tripura, others from Catigrama, orthers from Shrihatta, and others from East Bengal.

Text 215

 Thousands and thousands of people sang a kirtana glorifying Lord Chaitanya.

Text 216

 They sang:


jaya jaya shri-krishna-chaitanya banamali

jaya jaya nija-bhakti-rasa-kutuhali


     "Glory, glory to Shri Krishna Chaitanya, who is forestflower-garlanded Lord Krishna! Glory, glory to the Lord who now happily tastes the nectar of devotional service to a person who is actually Himself!


Text 217

 jaya jaya parama-sannyasi-rupa-dhari

jaya jaya sankirtana-lampata murari


     "Glory, glory to the Lord who has now assumed the form of the supreme sannyasi! Glory, glory to Lord Krishna, who is now eager to enjoy pastimes of sankirtana!


218-Text 219

 jaya jaya dwija-raja baikuntha-bihari

jaya jaya sarba-jagatera upakari


jaya krishna-chaitanya shri-sacira nandan


     "Glory, glory to the king of brahmanas, who is actually the Supreme Personality of Godhead, the master who enjoys pastimes in Vaikuntha! Glory, glory to the Lord who blesses all the worlds! Glory to Saci's son, Shri Krishna Chaitanya!"


     In this way everyone sang while a hundred persons danced.


Text 220

 Then Shrivasa said, "Lord, what will You do? The whole world is singing. Where will You hide?

Text 221

 "Lord, what should I teach the whole world? Lord, the whole world is singing like this.

Text 222

 "Lord, You do not appear before the conditioned souls. They cannot see You. But because You are merciful You now stand before their eyes.

Text 223

 "You hide from them, and also You reveal Yourself to them. They who attain Your mercy understand You."

Text 224

 Lord Chaitanya said, "By your own power you arranged all this. With your own mouth you told everyone in the world. This I know.

Text 225

 "I am defeated by you. Listen, O pandita, I know you have all powers."

Text 226

 The Supreme Personality of Godhead always praises His devotees. That is His nature. This the Vedas and the Shrimad-Bhagavatam say.

Text 227

 With a smiling face Lord Chaitanya bid farewell to all the Vaishnavas. They all returned to their homes.

Text 228

 Lord Chaitanya loves His devotees. Because of Him everyone chants, "Krishna!"

Text 229

 Lord Nityananda, Lord Advaita, and all the other personal associates of the Lord affirm, "Shri Krishna Chaitanya is the Supreme Personality of Godhead."

Text 230

 They who disagree with the Supreme Lord's words and say that Lord Chaitanya is not Lord Krishna are unfortunate.

Text 231

 Lord Krishna rests on Ananta Sesha, bears the mark of Shrivatsa, is decorated by the Kaustubha jewel, and is carried by Garuda.

Text 232

 Also, the Ganga is not born from any place but His lotus feet. Please know without doubt that the presence of these indicates that a person is Lord Krishna.

Text 233

 Except for Lord Chaitanya, no one else in this age manifested these symptoms of Lord Krishna. This the Vedas, the other scriptures, and the Vaishnavas all declare.

Text 234

 They who honor these words of the Vaishnavas become victorious and glorious everywhere.

Text 235

 In these ways Lord Chaitanya always enjoyed pastimes with His devotees.

Text 236

 Like the moon illuminating the four directions, Lord Chaitanya was surrounded by His devotees.

Text 237

 In the midst of that circle of devotees, Lord Chaitanya, who is the jewel of the sannyasis and the king of Vaikuntha, always talked about Lord Krishna and chanted Lord Krishna's names.

Text 238

 At that time two very fortunate persons approached Lord Chaitanya.

Text 239

 Lord Chaitanya cast His merciful glance on those two brothers, one of whom bore the name Sakara Mallik.

Text 240

 From afar they offered dandavat obeisances. Blades of grass between their teeth, in voices breaking with emotion they said,

Text 241

 "Glory, glory to Shri Krishna Chaitanya mahaprabhu, by whose mercy the whole world has become fortunate.

Text 242

 "Glory to the friend of the fallen, the benefactor of the whole world! Glory, glory to the Lord who now has the form of the most exalted sannyasi!

Text 243

 "Glory, glory to the Lord who enjoys pastimes of sankirtana without end! Glory, glory, glory to the Supreme Lord, who is the beginning, middle, and end of everything!

Text 244

 "O Lord, assuming the form of a Vaishnava, You descended to this world. Giving it the gift of pure devotional service, You delivered the whole world.

Text 245

 "But Lord, why did You not deliver us two? Are we not also in this world?

Text 246

 "From birth we were bewildered by sense pleasures. We did not know that Your feet were our true welfare.

Text 247

 "We did not associate with Your devotees. We did not sing or hear Your kirtana.

Text 248

 "Making us ministers of the king, You cheated us. Why did You give us that king of birth in the world of human beings?

Text 249

 "We took birth among human beings, a birth even the demigods desire. O Lord, but then, after giving us that birth, You cheated us.

Text 250

 "Lord, please do not cheat us. Give us Your mercy. We chant Your names. We offer dandavat obeisances to You.

Text 251

 "We stand at Your door. We beg for the remnants of mercy left by the dear devotees who take shelter of You."

Text 252

 In this way the two brothers, Rupa and Sanatana, offered prayers. Lord Chaitanya listened.

Text 253

 Placing His glance of mercy on them, Lord Chaitanya mercifully spoke.

Text 254

 The Lord said, "You are both very fortunate. Breaking the bonds of material life, you left your homes.


Text 255

 "The whole world is bound by sense pleasures. You two escaped those bonds.

Text 256

 "If you wish to attain devotional service and spiritual love, then fall down before Advaita Acarya and grasp His feet.

Text 257

 "Saintly Advaita Acarya is the treasury-house of the most valuable pure devotion. By Advaita Acarya's mercy you will attain pure devotion to Lord Krishna."

Text 258

 Hearing Lord Chaitanya's command, the two great souls offered dandavat obeisances to Lord Advaita's feet.

Text 259

 They said, "Glory, glory to Shri Advaita, the purifier of the fallen. O Lord, please deliver us two fallen souls."

Text 260

 Lord Chaitanya said, "Listen. Listen, O Lord Advaita Acarya. In the Kali-yuga no person is renounced like these two.

Text 261

 "They renounced kingly pleasures. With only two waterpots and some patchwork clothing, they stayed in Mathura and chanted Lord Krishna's holy names.

Text 262

 "Please dont cheat them. Give them both pure devotion to Lord Krishna. Birth after birth they never forget Lord Krishna.

Text 263

 "You are the treasure-house of pure devotional service. If You do not give the gift of pure devotional service, how will Lord Krishna, His devotees, and their pure devotional service meet together?"

Text 264

 Then Lord Advaita said, "Lord, You are the giver of everything. If You order Me to give, then I will give.

Text 265

 "Lord, if You order, then I can give the whole treasury to whomever You give Your mercy.

Text 266

 "With My body, heart, and words I say: May these two attain perfect pure devotional service and ecstati spiritual love."

Text 267

 Hearing Lord Advaita's merciful words, everyone made a great sound of Lord Hari's holy names.

Text 268

 Then Lord Chaitanya said to Dabir Khas, "Now you will perfect pure devotional service and ecstati spiritual love.

Text 269

 "By Lord Advaita's mercy you will attain pure devotion to Lord Krishna. Please know that Lord Advaita has all the powers of Lord Krishna.

Text 270

 "After some days spent gazing at Lord Jagannatha's graceful face, you two brothers pleasego to Mathura.

Text 271

 "Leaving passion and ignorance far behind, go to the west and give everyone the nectar of pure devotional service.

Text 272

 "Going to Mathura-mandala, I will see you again. Please prepare a secluded place for Me to stay."

Text 273

 Abandoning his former name, Sakar Mallik accepted the name Sanatana Gosvami.

Text 274

 Even today those two brotherh-Rupa Gosvami and Sanatana Gosvami' are famous as the abodes of Lord Chaitanya's mercy.

Text 275

 Lord Chaitanya spreads the fame of His devotees and their devotional service.

Text 276

 He preaches the truth about Lord Nityananda and Lord Advaita. He glorifies His very dear devotees.

Text 277

 Lord Chaitanya happily revealed their glories.

     278-Text 279

 Lord Chaitanya happily revealed everything about His devotees: their identity, how they descended to this world, how they took birth as amsa incarnations of liberated Vaishnavas and Vaishnavis, their glories, and how they worship and serve the Lord.

Text 280

 One day, Advaita, Shrivasa, and the other devotees around Him in the four directions, Lord Chaitanya revealed these truths.

Text 281

 At that time Shrivasa Pandita asked Lord Chaitanya to speak about Advaita Acarya.

Text 282

 Lord Chaitanya said, "Shrivasa, you tell Me. What great Vaishnava dwells in Advaita Acarya?"

Text 283

 Thinking in his heart, saintly Shrivasa said, "My heart thinks Advaita Acarya is like Sukadeva or like Prahlada."

Text 284

 Hearing that Advaita Acarya was like Sukadeva or like Prahlada, Lord Chaitanya angrily struck Shrivasa.

Text 285

 Like a father lovingly training his son, Lord Chaitanya hit Shrivasa.

Text 286

 Lord Chaitanya said, "What did you say? What did you say, Shrivasa Pandita? You said My Nar#a is Sukadeva or Prahlada?

Text 287

 "If you say He is Sukadeva, then tommorrow all the children will say Nar#a is Sukadeva.

Text 288

 "Shrivasa, by saying this about My Nar#a, you make Me very unhappy."

Text 289

 After speaking these words, Lord Chaitanya angrily took in His hand a stick to beat Shrivasa and drive him away.

Text 290

 At once standing up, sianlty Advaita humbly grabbed Lord Chaitanya's hand.

Text 291

 Lord Advaita said, "When he trains his son, a father has mercy in his heart. Who in the three worlds is the object of Your anger?"

Text 292

 Hearing Advaita Acarya's words, Lord Chaitanya threw His anger far away. In ecstasy He described Lord Advaita's glories.

Text 293

 Lord Chaitanya said, "Whom You accept as Your son, I also accept as My son. That is why I now throw My anger far away.

Text 294

 "To teach the people, Nar#a broke My sleep and brought Me here."

Text 295

 Lord Chaitanya continued, "O saintly Shrivasa, you should be very meek and humble before My Nar#a.

Text 296

 "Sukadeva and all the sages of Nar#a's sons. Please know they all took birth after Nar#a.

Text 297

 "It is because of Advaita Acarya that I descended to this world. Nar#a's loud calls entered My ear.

Text 298

 "I peacefully slept on the milk-ocean. Then Nar#a's loud calls wakened Me and brought Me here."

Text 299

 Hearing Lord Chaitanya's very affectionate words describing Advaita Acarya, Shrivasa became very pleased.

Text 300

 Trembling with fear, Shrivasa said, "I committed an offense. O Lord, please forgive me."

Text 301

 "You alone know the truth about Your Advaita Acarya. Now that You teach us, Your servants also many know it.

Text 302

 "Today I have become veryfortunate. Today everything is auspicious, for You have taught this to me.

Text 303

 "Your explanation of Advaita's exalted position increases the honor I feel for Him in my heart.

     304-Text 305

 "From today on I make this vow: Even if He drinks wine, or even if He embraces an outcaste woman, I will always have great devotion to Advaita Acarya. Lord, these words I say to You are the sincere truth."

Text 306

 Lord Chaitanya was pleased with Shrivasa's words. Then the three of Them happily sat down as before.

Text 307

 Anyone who hears this very secret and sacred narration will attain Lord Krishna.

     308-Text 309

 Lord Chaitanya has all power and all devotion. His power begins and ends everything. He knows everything. A person who knows this sincerely worships Lord Chaitanya.

Text 310

 A person who cannot understand these words of Lord Chaitanya describing the truth of Lord Vishnu cannot understand the truth of the great Vaishnavas either.

Text 311

 Persons who, not understanding a perfect Vaishnava's sometimes harsh actions, criticize that Vaishnava, suffer in the world of birth and death.

Text 312

 Therefore please see the harsh actions of a perfect Vaishnava to be like his most eloquent words of teaching.

     313-Text 314

 Bhrigu Muni, who was the foremost of Vaishnavas, who was Brahma's son, and who aay and night he meditated on the Supreme Lord's feet, kicked the Supreme Lord's chest. Even so, please see him as the best of Vaishnavas.

Text 315

 Please hear Shrimad-Bhagavatam's account of how Bhrigu Muni fulfilled his desire.

Text 316

 In ancient times many great sages met on the bank of the Sarasvati to perform great yajnas and hear the Puranas.

Text 317

 They were all authors of sastras. They all possessed a great wealth of austerity. They met to discuss the identity of the Supreme.

Text 318

 That assembly of sages considered the question: Of Brahma, Vishnu, and Siva, who is the best?

Text 319

 Some sages said, "Brahma is the best". Others said, "Siva is the best". Still others said, "Vishnu is the best of all."

Text 320

 The Puranas all had different opinions. In some places Puranas said, "Siva is the best". In other places they said, "Narayana is the best."

Text 321

 The assembled sages sent Bhrigu Muni to learn the truth.

Text 322

 They said to him, "O saintly mind-born son of Brahma, you are the eldest, the best, and the wisest of us all.

Text 323

 "Please go an find to answer to our question. Please break apart our doubt.

Text 324

 "Whatever you say, we accept as the truth." Hearing these words, Bhrigu went first to visit the demigod Brahma.

Text 325

 Arriving in Brahma's assembly, Bhrigu Muni acted very arrogantly before Brahma.

Text 326

 Seeign his son, Brahma became very happy. He asked about his son's welfare.

Text 327

 Then Bhrigu, who was Brahma's son, tested his father. He did not treat his father's words with respect.

Text 328

 He did not offer prayers, act in a humble way, or bow down before his father.

Text 329

 Seeing that his son was not respectful, Brahma became angry. He was like fire personified.

Text 330

 His heart filled with anger, he was about to burn his son to ashes. Seeing his father's form in this way, Bhrigu fled.

Text 331

 Everyone else there grasped Brahma's feet and begged, "Lord, why are you so angry with your own son?"

Text 332

 Filled with love for his son, Brahma forgot his anger. He was like a fire extinguished by water.

Text 333

 Now understanding the true nature of Brahma, Bhrigu went to Mount Kailasa to test Siva.

Text 334

 Seeing Bhrigu, Siva was delighted. Accompanied by Parvati, he offered respectful greetings.

Text 335

 With the respect of an elder brother, Siva stood to lovingly embrace Bhrigu.

Text 336

 Bhrigu said, "Siva! Don't touch me! You embrace the blasphemers.

Text 337

 "The bhutas, pretas, and pisacas are all untoucable. You give sheltrer to all those offenders!

Text 338

 "You have strayed from the right path. In what  scripture is the rule that one should wear bones and smear one's body with ashes?

Text 339

 "If Im touch you, I will have to bathe. Go away! Go away, O king of the ghosts!"

Text 340

 Brighu spoke these words only as a test. True blasphemy of Lord Siva never touched Bhrigu's saintly mouth.

Text 341

 Hearing Bhrigu's words, Siva angrily picked up his trident.

Text 342

 Forgetting that he was Bhrigu's elder brother, Siva became like death personified.

Text 343

 Siva picked up His trident to kill Bhrigu. Goddess Parvati at once grasped Siva's hand.

Text 344

 Grasping Siva's feet, Goddess Parvati said, "Lord, you are his elder, why are you so angry with your brother?"

Text 345

 Embarrassed by the goddess' words, Siva stopped. Then Bhrigu went to Vaikuntha, the abode of Lord Krishna.

Text 346

 At that moment the Supreme Lord reclined on a jewel couch as Goddess Lakshmi served His graceful feet.

Text 347

 At that moment Bhrigu suddenly came and kicked the Supreme Lord's chest.

Text 348

 Seeing Bhrigu, the Supreme Lord at once rose. Cheerfully, affectionately, and respectfully He bowed down before Bhrigu Muni.

Text 349

 Accompanied by Goddess Lakshmi, the Supreme Lord then happily washed Bhrigu's feet.

Text 350

 Then the Lord offered Bhrigu a sitting place on an opulent throne. With His own hand the Supreme Lord anointed Bhrigu's limbs with sandal paste.


Text 351

 Although Bhrigu had acted like an offender, the Supreme Lord begged forgiveness for what He thought was His own offense.

Text 352

 The Supreme Lord said, "I did not know you were coming. Therefore I offended you. Please forgive Me.

Text 353

 "The sacred water that has washed your feet that makes the pilgrimage places holy.

     354-Text 355

 "By now giving Me the water from your feet you have purified all the universes and demigods who stay in My body. These are your actions.

Text 356

 "I am very happy that I now have your dust-foorpint on My chest.

Text 357

 "Now I have a proper place for Goddess Lakshmi to stay on My chest. The Vedas will call your footprint on My chest by the name `Shrivatsa'."

     358-Text 359

 Hearing the Supreme Lord's humble words, and seeing that the Lord was completely beyond all lust, anger, greed, and illusion, the great sage Bhrigu became filled with wonder. Embarrassed, he did not lift his head.

Text 360

 Bhrigu's actions were not ordinary. Please know without doubt that his actions were inspired by ecstatic devotion.

Text 361

 With love and faith, Bhrigu gazed and gazed at the Supreme Lord. Filled with the nectar of pure devotion, he began to dance.

Text 362

 He laughed, trembled, perspired, fainted, and roared, The hairs of his body stood erect. Brahma's son Bhrigu was plunged in the nectar of pure devotion.

Text 363

 He said, "Krishna is the Lord of all! He is the life of all!" Speaking these truths, Bhrigu Muni danced.

Text 364

 Seeing Lord Krishna's peacefulness and humbleness, who would not attain ecstati love and devotion for Him?

Text 365

 Bhrigu Muni was stunned with ecstati devotion. No words came to his mouth. A stream of joyful tears flowed from his eyes.

Text 366

 On his body were all the symptoms of ecstati love for Lord Krishna. Bhrigu Muni finally returned to the assembly of sages.

Text 367

 Seeing Bhrigu, the sages became joyful without limit. They said, "Bhrigu, tell us! Whom did you see? What did they do?

Text 368

 "Tell us who is the best." Then Bhrigu spoke to them.

Text 369

 To all of them Bhrigu described the actions of Brahma, Siva, and Vishnu.

Text 370

 He said, "Lord Narayana, the king of Vaikuntha, is the best of all. That is the truth. It is the truth. It is the truth. This I tell you.

Text 371

 "Lord Krishna is the master of everyone. He is the father of everyone. Brahma and Siva obtain their authority from Him.

Text 372

 "Lord Narayana is the creator, maintainer, and destroyer of all. Therefore, without doubting, please worship His feet.

Text 373

 "Religion, knowledge, good reputation, opulence, and renunciation all come from His potencies.

Text 374

 "Everything belongs to Lord Krishna. Please know this without doubt. Therefore please worship Lord Krishna and sing His glories."


Text 375

 Lord Chaitanya is Lord Krishna Himself, Krishna who now enjoys pastimes of sankirtana.

Text 376

 Hearing Bhrigu's words, the sages became free of all doubts. They agreed, "Narayana is the best of all."

Text 377

 The sages worshiped Bhrgu Muni. They said, "You cut our doubts into pieces. You made our hearts auspicious and pure."

Text 378

 They made their hearts firm in devotion to Lord Krishna. Thinking them true devotees of Lord Krishna, they honored Brahma and Siva.

Text 379

 Therefore I say: Who has the power to understand the sometimes harsh actions of perfect Vaishnavas?

Text 380

 Bhrigu Muni's actions were only a test. They were not anything but that. That is why he kicked the Lord.

Text 381

 Why was the Supreme Personality of Godhead, the creator of the worlds, merciful even after Bhrigu Muni kicked His chest?

Text 382

 "The actions of very elevated persons cannot be understood or copied by ordinary persons." That is the only conclusion. I see no other.

Text 383

 The root of all this is that Lord Krishna Himself entered the body of Bhrigu Muni and arranged all these activities to reveal the great glory of devotional service.

Text 384

 Bhrigu himself did not know in advance what was to happen. By arranging these actions Lord Krishna revealed the glory of both Himself and His devotees.

Text 385

 In order to reveal the glory of Lord Krishna, Brahma and Siva became angry with Bhrigu and made him afraid.

Text 386

 Thus the devotees always sing Lord Krishna's glories, and Lord Krishna even more earnestly praises His devotee's glories.

Text 387

 Anyone who, not understanding his actions, criticizes an elevated Vaishnava will not be delivered.

Text 388

 An elevated Vaishnava sometimes acts in a way superficially like the actions of lowly people.

Text 389

 Anyone who, by Lord Krishna's mercy, has the power to understand an elevated Vaishnava's actions, will end all his troubles. He will become delivered.

Text 390

 In this situation I see only one way a person can save himself from danger: One should humbly glorify every Vaishnava.

Text 391

 A person who does not understand all this should take shelter of Lord Krishna and carefully hear the explanations of great devotees.

Text 392

 Then Lord Krishna will give him spiritual intelligence. He will attain Lord Krishna. Nothing will stop him.

Text 393

 Anyone who devotedly hears these pastimes of Lord Chaitanya will easily attain liberation.

Text 394

 The two moons Shri Krishna Chaitanya and Shri Nityananda are my life and soul. I, Vrindavana dasa, sing the glories of Their feet.