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Chapter Six

Shri Nityananda-mahatmya-varnana


Description of Lord Nityananda's Glories


Text 1 Glory, glory to Lord Chaitanya! Glory to Lord Nityananda! Glory, glory to the Lord's devotees!

Text 2 Accompanied by His servants, Lord Nityananda enjoyed the bliss of sankirtana in this way.

Text 3 Lord Nityananda enjoyed the same pastimes He had enjoyed in Vrindavana.

Text 5 He made every heart sincerely attracted to Lord Chaitanya.

Text 5 In His company the devotees became wild with ecstasy. Lord Nityananda, the abode of great glory and effulgence, wandered in all of Navadvipa.

Text 6 His body was fully decorated with ornaments and flower garlands. His red lips glistened with betelnuts and camphor.

Text 7 Seeing Lord Nityananda-Rama's pastimes some people became delighted, but in other people faith in Lord Nityananda did not take birth.

Text 8 In Navadvipa lived a brahmana who had previous been a student of Lord Chaitanya.

Text 9 Seeing Lord Nityananda's pastimes, this brahmana felt a doubt take birth in his heart.

Text 10

 This brahmana had firm devotion to Lord Chaitanya. Still, he had no power to understand Lord Nityananda.

Text 11

 By the Lord's will this brahmana when to Jagannatha Puri, where he happily stayed for some days.

Text 12

 Every day this brahmana went to visit Lord Chaitanya. He had great faith in Lord Chaitanya's feet.

Text 13

 One day, by the Lord's will, in a private place, this brahmana asked a question that stayed in his heart.

Text 14

 The brahmana said, "Lord, there is one request I would like to place before You. If You wish You may grant it.

Text 15

 "Lord, if in Your heart You accept me as Your servant, then please tell me something with Your graceful mouth.

Text 16

 "Nityananda Avadhuta wanders in Navadvipa. I do not understand what kind of person He is.

Text 17

 "The people say He is in the sannyasa asrama. But at every moment He chews betelnuts and camphor.

Text 18

 "On His body He wears ornaments of gold, silver, and pearls, things a sannyasi should not touch.

Text 19

 "Rejecting a saffron kaupina, He wears splendid silk garments. He is always decorated with sandal paste and flower garlands.

Text 20

 "Why does He reject a sannyasi's danda and instead hold an iron rod in His hand? Why does He always stay in a sudra's home?

Text 21

 "I do not see how these actions are permitted by the scriptures. Therefore a a shoreless ocean of doubt now stays in my heart.


Text 22

 "Everyone says, `Nityananda is very exalted'. Why, then, does He not follow the rules of conduct proper for the sannyasa asrama?

Text 23

 "What is at the heart of all this? Lord, if in Your heart You accept me as Your servant, then please tell me with Your graceful mouth.

Text 24

 When at that auspicious moment the saintly brahmana asked this question, Lord Chaitanya, without trying to deceive him, explained to him the truth.

Text 25

 Hearing the brahmana's words, Lord Chaitanya smiled and said,

Text 26

 "Listen, O brahmana. Neither material faults nor material virtues take birth in very elevated persons.

Text 27

 "In Shrimad-Bhagavatam (11.20.36, Lord Krishna explains:


na mayy ekanta-bhaktanam

     guna-doshodbhava gunah

sadhunam sama-cittanam

     buddheh param upeyusham


     "My pure devotees have no material faults or material virtues. They are equal to all material things. They have attained Me, who am beyond all material ideas."


Text 28

 "As a lotus leaf is always untouched by water, so Lord Nityananda is always untouched by material impurity.

Text 29

 "O brahmana, please know without doubt that Lord Krishna always stays in Nityananda's body. There He always enjoys pastimes.

Text 30

 "If someone not highly qualified like Lord Nityananda were to act as He does, then that person would suffer. Sins would take birth within him.

Text 31

 "If someone other than Lord Siva were to drink an ocean of poison, that person would perish. All the Puranas give proof of this.

Text 32

 "In Shrimad-Bhagavatam (10.33.30 and 29, it is said:


naitat samacareź jatu

     manasapi hy anisvarah

vinasyaty acaran maudhyad

     yatharudro 'bdhijam visham


     "Conditioned followers, who are not actually in control, should never imagine imitating the uncommon activities of the controller. One should not even think of imitating Krishna's rasa dance. If out of foolishness one tries to imitate Krishna's rasa dance, he will be killed, just like a person who wants to imitate Lord Siva's drinking an ocean of poison."*


Text 33

 dharma-vyatikramo drishta

     isvaranam ca sahasam

tejiyasam na doshaya

     vahneh sarva-bhujo yatha


     "Transgressions of religious principles by the supreme controller testify to His great power. For example, fire can consume any abominable thing. That is the manifestation of the supremacy of fire."*


Text 34

 "Anyone who, not knowing these truths, criticizes the actions of a very exalted person, will suffer birth after birth for his offense.

Text 35

 "Anyone who criticizes or mocks a great soul will perish.

Text 36

 "I know this truth from Shrimad-Bhagavatam. I have heard it from the mouths of the Vaishnava gurus.

Text 37

 "With full attention please hear what Shrimad-Bhagavatam says about persons who mock the actions of great souls.

Text 38

 "At the same time Krishna and Balarama left to study. When Their education was complete, they approached Their guru.

Text 39

 " `What dakshina shall We give?' They asked Their guru. The guru consulted with his wife.

Text 40

 "The guru asked Krishna and Balarama to return the guru's dead sons. Then Krishna and Balarama went to the abode of Yamaraja.

Text 41

 "By Krishna and Balarama's order, the karma of the dead sons was at once destroyed. Then Krishna and Balarama took the dead sons from Yamaraja's abode and gave them to Their guru.

Text 42

 "Hearing this very wonderful story, Devaki asked that her dead sons be given to her.

Text 43

 "By divine arrangement one day Devaki called for Krishna and Balarama and told them of her sufferings.

Text 44

 "She said, `Listen, listen, O Krishna and Balarama, O masters of the masters of yoga. Your forms are eternal, transcendental, and pure.

Text 45

 " `You are the two fathers of all the universes. I know that You are the two causes of all existence.

Text 46

 " `By a part of one of Your parts the universes are created, maintained, and destroyed.

Text 47

 " `To break into pieces the burden of this earth You have descended to this world and become my sons.

Text 48

 " `Taking them from Yamaraja's abode, You gave Your guru's sons as dakshina.

Text 49

 " `My heart yearns to see my sių sons that Kamsa killed.

Text 50

 " `Even though they had been dead for some time, You had the power to bring back Your guru's sons.

Text 51

 " `Please fulfill my desire in the same way. Please give me my sių dead sons.'

Text 52

 "Hearing Their mother's words, Krishna and Balarama at once went to Maharaja Bali's abode.

Text 53

 "Seeing the two Lords that were the objects of his worship, Maharaja Bali became plunged in an ocean of bliss.

Text 54

 "He at once placed the dead sons before the Lords' lotus feet.

Text 55

 "His eyes filled with tears and the hairs of his body erect, Maharaja Bali joyfully offered prayers to the Lords' lotus feet. Then he wept.

Text 56

 "He prayed, `Glory, glory to Balarama, who is Sankarshana and Ananta Sesha! Glory, glory to Krishna, who is the ornament of Gokula!

Text 57

 " `Glory, glory to Balarama, the holder of the plow, the teacher of the gopas, friendship personified! Glory, glory to Krishna, who is the wealth, thoughts, and life of His devotees!

Texts 58-59

 " `Even though the demigods and sages in the mode of pure goodness find it very difficult to see You, You are merciful to me. Even though I am a demon in the mode of ignorance, You have come before my eyes.

Text 60

 " `For You there are neither friends nor enemies. This the Vedas say. Now I see it with my own eyes.

Text 61

 " `Though Putana came with poison-smeared breast to kill You, You still sent her to the world of Vaikuntha.

Text 62

 " `Neither the Vedas nor the kings of yoga have the power to understand Your heart.

Text 63

 " `Bewildered by Your Maya, even the kings of yoga do not understand You. How can I, a sinful demon, understand You?

Text 64

 " `O master of all the worlds, please be merciful to me! Please don't make me fall into the blind well of household life.

Text 65

 " `I hold Your two lotus feet to my heart. Peaceful at heart, I fall down before You, who are like a kalpa-vriksha tree.

Text 66

 " `Please make me Your servant. Please give me the association of Your devotees. Those are the only desires in my heart.'

Text 67

 "Holding Krishna and Balarama's lotus feet to his heart, Bali Maharaja prayed in this way.

Text 68

 "Assuming the form of the Ganga, the water that has washed Krishna and Balarama's feet purifies Brahmaloka and Sivaloka.

Text 69

 "By drinking that sacred water and sprinkling it on their heads, Bali Maharaja and his associates became very fortunate.

Text 70

 "Offering fragrances, flowers, incense, lamps, garments, and ornaments, Bali Maharaja bowed down before Krishna and Balarama's lotus feet.

Text 71

 "Then Bali Maharaja said, `O Lords, if in Your hearts You accept me as Your servant, then please give me a command, a command I may carry on my head.

Text 72

 " `O Lords, anyone who follows Your command is beyond all ordinary commands or prohibitions.'

Text 73

 "Hearing Bali Maharaja's words, the two Lords became pleased. Then they described the reason They had come.

Text 74

 "The Lord said, `Listen. Listen, O saintly Bali, to the reason We have come to your home.

Text 75

 " `The sinner Kamsa killed Our mother's sių sons. They died because of their past sins.

Text 76

 " `Grieving over her dead sons, Our mother Devaki is very unhappy. She always weeps.


Text 77

 " `Those sių sons are now with you. Give them to please Our mother.

Text 78

 " `Those sių souls were previously perfect demigods. They were grandsons of Lord Brahma. Please hear how they came to suffer.

Text 79

 " `Prajapati Marici was a son of Brahma. These sių souls were previously the sons of Marici.

Text 80

 " `By divine arrangement Brahma became bewildered, struck by one of Kamadeva's arrows. Throwing aside all shame, his heart yearned after his own daughter.

Text 81

 " `Seeing that, these sių souls mocked Brahma. For this offenses, they fell down at once.

Text 82

 " `Because they mocked a great soul, they took birth from a demonic womb.

Text 83

 " `Abandoning their demigod bodies, they took birth in the home of Hiranyakasipu, who hated the whole world.

Text 84

 " `Tortured in many ways by Indra's thunderbolt, these sių demons died.

Text 85

 " `Then, by the power of Yogamaya, they were brought down to earth and placed in Devaki's womb.

Text 86

 " `Their sin was that they mocked Lord Brahma. For this they suffered in many ways.

Text 87

 "Even though Devaki was his sister, King Kamsa killed them as soon as they were born.

Text 88

 " `Devaki does not know these secrets about her sons.

Text 89

 " `Taking them from your place, We will give these sių sons to Devaki.

Text 90

 " `When they drink Devaki's breast milk, these sių souls will at once be freed from the curse placed upon them.' "

Texts 91-92

 "Then the Lords said, `Listen. Listen, O saintly Bali. Even a perfect demigod will suffer if he mocks a Vaishnava for his actions. How, then, can We describe how that offense will make an ordinary, imperfect person suffer?

Text 93

 " `An impious person who blasphemes a Vaishnava will suffer birth after birth.

Text 94

 " `Listen, O Bali, and I will teach this to you. Never blaspheme or mock a Vaishnava.

Text 95

 " `If he blasphemes My devotee, even a person who worships Me and chants My holy names will find many obstacles placed before him.

Text 96

 " `But anyone who loves My devotee will attain Me. This I say. It is true without any doubt.'

Text 97

 "In the Varaha Purana it is said:


siddhir bhavati va neti

     samsayo 'cyuta-sevinam

nihsamsayas tu tad-bhakta-



     " `They who serve the infallible Supreme Personality of Godhead may or may not attain perfection. There is some doubt. But they who devotedly serve the Supreme Lord's devotees will certainly attain perfection. Of that there is no doubt.'


Text 98

 " `This means that the Lord says: `Anyone who worhips only Me, and does not worship My devotees also, is proud and arrogant. He does not attain My mercy.'

Text 99

 " `In the Hari-bhakti-sudhodaya (13.76, it is said:


abhyarcayitva govindam

 Tadiyan arcayanti ye

na te vishnu-prasadasya

     bhajanam dambhika janah


     " `Proud and arrogant persons who worship Lord Krishna but do not worship the Lord's devotees, do not attain Lord Krishna's mercy.


Text 100

 " `O Bali, you are My dear servant. That is why I tell this secret to you.'

Text 101

 "Hearing the Supreme Lord's instructions, saintly Bali became very happy at heart.

Text 102

 "Placing Lord Krishna's order on his head, Bali brought the sių sons before Him.

Text 103

 "Krishna and Balarama at once took the sių sons and brought them to Their mother.

Text 104

 "Seeing her previously dead infant sons, with a joyful heart and with great love Devaki at once offered them her breast.

Text 105

 "Drinking from the breast that had once suckled the Supreme Personality of Godhead, the sons at once attained transcendental knowledge.

Text 106

 "They all offered dandavat obeisances to the Lord. Then the Lord glanced at them.

Text 107

 "The Lord placed His glance of mercy on them. Then the merciful Lord said to them,

Text 108

 " `Go. Go, O demigods. Go to your own abodes. Do not again mock a great soul.

Text 109

 " `Brahma is empowered by the Supreme Personality of Godhead. He is equal to the Supreme Lord Himself. He never acts badly.

Text 110

 " `Because you mocked him, you suffered great torments. Do not again think as you did before.

Text 111

 " `Go to Brahma and beg forgiveness for your offense. Then you will again have My mercy in your hearts.'

Text 112

 "Hearing these words, the sių souls very respectfully accepted the Lord's command.

Text 113

 "Bowing down before Krishna, Balarama, and their father and mother, the sių souls returned to their own home among the demigods.

Text 114

 "O brahmana, thus I have told you this story from Shrimad-Bhagavatam. You should give up all hostility to Lord Nityananda.

Text 115

 "Lord Nityananda is very exalted. But a person whose good fortune is small does not have the power to understand that truth.

Text 116

 "Anyone who respectfully sees Lord Nityananda's supernatural activities becomes delivered.

Text 117

 "To deliver the fallen souls Lord Nityananda descended to this world. He will deliver every soul.

Text 118

 "His actions are beyond all ordinary commands and prohibitions. Who has the power to understand Him?

Text 119

 "Anyone who, not understanding His fathomless virtue, criticizes Lord Nityananda, will find his progress in devotional service to Lord Vishnu is stopped.

Text 120

 "O brahmana, go. Go at once to Navadvipa. Repeat these words. Teach this to everyone.

Text 121

 "Anyone who in any way blasphemes Lord Nityananda will not be spared from Yamaraja's place.

Text 122

 "Anyone who loves Nityananda, loves Me. O brahmana, what I tell you is the truth. It is the truth. It is the truth.

Text 123

 "Even if He drinks wine, and even if He embraces an outcaste girl, Nityananda is fit to be worshiped by Lord Brahma. This I tell to you.

Text 124

 "This I tell you:


grihniyad yavani-panim

     vised va saundikalayam

tathapi brahmano vandyam



     "Even if Lord Nityananda holds an outcaste girl's hand, and even if He enters a wine-shop, His lotus feet are still fit to be worshiped by Brahma."


Text 125

 Hearing these words of Lord Chaitanya, the saintly brahmana became very happy.

Text 126

 Great faith in Lord Nityananda took birth within him. He returned to his home in Navadvipa.

Text 127

 Returning to Navadvipa, that fortunate brahmana at once approached Lord Nityananda.

Text 128

 Without deception he described his offense to the Lord. Listening, Lord Nityananda gave His mercy.

Text 129

 Lord Nityananda activities are like this. They are hidden from the Vedas. They are beyond the knowledge of ordinary people.

Text 130

 Lord Nityananda is always on the spiritual platform. He is the king of yoga. This I say: He is Lord Ananta Sesha, the first of the demigods.

Text 131

 He is thousand-headed Lord Ananta Sesha, whose form is eternal and pure. Without attaining Lord Chaitanya's mercy no one can understand this.

Text 132

 Some people say, "Nityananda is like Balarama." Others say, "He is the great abode of Lord Chaitanya's love."

Text 133

 Still others say, "He is the amsa incarnation of someone who is very powerful." Still others say, "I have no power to understand Him."

Text 134

 Some may say that Nityananda is a jiva. Others may say He is a devotee or a philosopher. Why should they not say what they like or what they think?

Text 135

 Why should they not speak in these ways about Lord Chaitanya's Nityananda? I only pray that Lord Nityananda's lotus feet may always stay in my heart.

Text 136

 He is my Lord. I am His servant birth after birth. My desires all rest in His feet.

Text 137

 I kick the head of anyone who insults Him or blasphemes Him.

Text 138

 Lord Chaitanya is the master of my master. With great faith I embrace Him in my heart.

Text 139

 Will the day come when I will see Lord Chaitanya and Lord Nityananda surrounded by Their devotees in the four directions?

Text 140

 Glory, glory to Lord Chaitanya! O Lord, please give to me Lord Nityananda. Please allow me to meet Lord Nityananda.

Text 141

 O Lord Chaitanya, please be merciful to me. Please allow that I will never forget You and Lord Nityananda.

Text 142

 O my Lords, You two have descended to this world. Please grant that I will be a fit person to serve You both.

Text 143

 The two moons Shri Krishna Chaitanya and Shri Nityananda are my life and soul. I, Vrindavana dasa, sing the glories of Their feet.