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Chapter Five



Description of Lord Nityananda's Pastimes


Text 1 Glory, glory to Lord Chaitanya, the master of all! Glory, glory to the Lord who is a kalpa-vriksha tree that fulfills the devotees' desires!

Text 2 Glory, glory to the king of Vaikuntha, who is now the jewel of sannyasis! O Lord, please place Your glance of mercy on the conditioned souls.

Text 3 Glory, glory to Lord Chaitanya and His devotees! Glory, glory to merciful Lord Chaitanya, who is an ocean of mercy!

Text 4 O my brothers, with one heart please hear the Antya-khanda's narrations of how Lord Chaitanya enjoyed pastimes.

Text 5 After staying for some days in Lord Advaita's home, Lord Chaitanya went to Shrivasa Pandita's home in Kumarahatta.

Text 6 Shrivasa was then rapt in the ecstasy of meditation of Lord. Suddenly, the object of his meditation stood before him.

Text 7 Seeing the master of his life, Shrivasa fell to the gorund and offered dandavat obeisances.

Text 8 Holding the Lord's graceful feet to his chest, Shrivasa loudly sighed and wept.

Text 9 Then Lord Chaitanya embraced Shrivasa and showered him with tears of love and joy.

Text 10

By Lord Chaitanya's mercy Shrivasa's family and friends were all saintly. Seeing Lord Chaitanya, they raised their arms and wept.

Text 11

Now that the king of Vaikuntha had come to his home, how much bliss had suddenly taken birth within Shrivasa? Even Shrivasa himself did not know

Text 12

Carrying the nicest seat on his own head, he placed it before Lord Chaitanya, and the lotus-eyed Lord sat upon it.

Text 13

The Lord's companions sat around Him in the four directions. Moment after moment everyone sang the names of Lord Krishna.

Text 14

The saintly women devoted to their husbands sang, "Jaya! Jaya!" Shrivasa's home was filled with bliss.

Text 15

Hearing the news that Lord Chaitanya had come to Shrivasa Pandita's home, Acarya Purandara arrived.

Text 16

Seeing him, Lord Chaitanya called out, "Father!" Wild with love, the Lord embraced him.

Text 17

Seeing Lord Chaitanya, saintly Acarya Purandara wept without restraint.

Text 18

Accompanied by Sivananda Sena and many others, Vasudeva Datta also came at that moment.

Text 19

Vasudeva Datta was very dear to Lord Chaitanya. By the Lord's mercy Vasudeva Datta knew everything.

Text 20

Vasudeva Datta wanted to do good to the entire world. He was merciful to every living being. He was wild with love for Lord Chaitanya.

Text 21

He only saw the good in others. He never saw their faults. His heart was appropriately filled with love for the Supreme Personality of Godhead and for the Vaishnavas.

Text 22

Seeing Vasudeva Datta, Lord Chaitanya embraced him and wept again and again.

Text 23

Grasping the Lord's feet, Vasudeva Datta loudly wept.

Text 24

When he wept, Vasudeva Datta made even stones and dry sticks, what to speak of human beings, weep.

Text 25

Vasudeva Datta had the most exalted virtues. No one was like Vasudeva Datta.

Text 26

Lord Chaitanya dearly loved Vasudeva Datta. The Lord said, "I am the property of Vasudeva Datta. Of this there is no doubt."

Text 27

Again and again Lord Chaitanya said, "My body is Vasudsva Datta's property.

Text 28

"If Vasudeva Datta sells Me, I am sold. That is the truth. It is the truth. It is not otherwise.

Text 29

"Lord Krishna will deliver anyone who even touches the breeze that blows by Vasudeva Datta.

Text 30

"I speak the truth. Please listen, O circle of Vaishnavas. My body belongs to Vasudeva Datta alone."

Text 31

Hearing of the Lord's mercy to Vasudeva Datta, the Vaishnavas joyfully called out, "Hari!"

Text 32

Lord Chaitanya knew how to glorify His devotees.

Text 33

In this way Lord Chaitanya happily stayed for some days at Shrivasa's home.

Text 34

As two brothers Shrivasa and Ramai sang the Lord's glories, Lord Chaitanya, who was in truth the king of Vaikuntha Himself, danced in ecstasy.

Text 35

Shrivasa and Ramai were very dear to Lord Chaitanya. The two of them were Lord Chaitanya's own body. They never quarreled.

Text 36

They were always engaged in sankirtana and in reading and lecturing from Shrimad-Bhagavatam. They were always playful and witty.

Text 37

Shrivasa, in whose home the Lord manifested the best of His pastimes, greatly pleased Lord Chaitanya.

Text 38

One day, in private, Lord Chaitanya asked Shrivasa about his livelihood.

Text 39

Lord Chaitanya said, "I see that you never go anywhere. How do you maintain your family? How will you maintain them in the future?

Text 40

Shrivasa replied, "Lord, in my heart there is no desire to go anywhere. This I tell You."

Text 41

The Lord said, "You have a big family. If you don't do anything, what will happen to them?"

Text 42

Shrivasa said, "Whatever is destined will happen. That will come."

Text 43

The Lord said, "You should accept sannyasa." Shrivasa said, "I have no power to do that."

Text 44

The Lord said, "If you will not accept sannyasa, why do you not go out to beg alms?

Text 45

"How will you feed your family? I do not at all understand your words.

Text 46

"If you never go anywhere, you will not get anything.

Text 47

"If nothing comes to your door, what will you do then? Please tell Me that."

Text 48

Then Shrivasa clapped his hands three times and said, "One. Two. Three. That is my explanation."

Text 49

The Lord said, "What does, `One. Two. Three' mean? Why did you clap your hands? Please explain."

Texts 50-51

Shrivasa said, "This is my solemn vow: If three times food does not come to me, and I must fast, then I will tie a waterpot around my neck and drown myself in the Ganga."

Text 52

Hearing Shrivasa's words, Lord Chaitanya at once stood up and roared.

Text 53

He said, "Shrivasa Pandita! What are you saying? Why should you fast three times?

Text 54

"Even if some day Goddess Lakshmi becomes poverty-stricken and has to beg alms, poverty still will not enter your house.

Text 55

"Shrivasa, have you forgotten what I said in Bhagavad-gita (9.22):


Text 56

ananyas cintayanto mam

†††† ye janah paryupasate

tesham nityabhiyuktanam

†††† yoga-kshemam vahamy aham


†††† "But to those who always worship Me with exclusive devotion, meditating on My transcendental form-to them I carry what they lack and I preserve what they have."*


Text 57

"to anyone who always meditates on Me with exclusive devotion, I give alms. I carry the alms on My head, and I give it to them.

Text 58

"Anyone who meditates on Me need never leave his door. Of their own accord, all perfections will come to him.

Text 59

"Piety, wealth, happiness, and liberation will come to him. My servant need not ask for them. They will never leave My servant.

Text 60

"My Sudarsana-cakra will always protect My servant. Even when all the universes are destroyed he will not perish.

Text 61

"Anyone who remembers my devotee I will feed and protect.

Text 62

"The servant of My servant is very dear to Me. Without even trying, he easily attains Me.

Text 63

"Why should he worry? I personally bring him food. I personally feed My servant.

Text 64

"Shrivasa, you happily stay where you are. I will bring everything to your door.

Text 65

"You and Advaita are very dear to Me. Your bodies will never be devoured by old-age."

Text 66

Then Lord Chaitanya called fro Ramai Pandita. The Lord said, "Listen, Ramai. You are very dear to Me.

Text 67

"You should always serve your elder brother Shrivasa Pandita as if he were the Supreme Personality of Godhead Himself. That is My order to you.

Text 68

"Shri Ramai Pandita, you are as dear top Me as My own life. Please never give up serving Shrivasa."

Text 69

Hearing the Lord's words, Shrivasa and Shri Ramai both felt happiness that had no end. Their desires were all fulfilled.

Text 70

Even today, by Lord Chaitanya's mercy everything needed comes of its own accord to Shrivasa's door.

Text 71

How can I describe Shrivasa's noble and generous character? The three worlds become purified by remembering him.

Text 72

Lord Chaitanya enjoyed pastimes at Shrivasa's home and Shrivasa sincerely served Him.

Text 73

By Shrivasa's desire, Lord Chaitanya happily stayed for some days at Shrivasa's home.

Text 74

Gazing and gazing at Lord Chaitanya, Shrivasa and his family floated in transcendental bliss.

Text 75

After staying for some days at Shrivasa's home, Lord Chaitanya went to Raghava's home in Panihati.

Text 76

Busily engaged in service to Lord Krishna, Shri Raghava Pandita suddenly found Lord Chaitanya standing before him.

Text 77

Seeing the master of his life, Raghava Pandita fell to the ground and offered dandavat obeisances.

Text 78

Tightly embracing the feet of Goddess Lakshmi's beloved husband, Raghava Pandita wept in bliss.

Text 79

Lord Chaitanya embraced Raghava Pandita and sprinkled his body with tears of joy and love.

Text 80

His body filled with bliss, Raghava Pandita did not know what he should do to greet the Lord.

Text 81

Seeing his sincere devotion, Lord Chaitanya, the king of Vaikuntha, placed His merciful glance on Raghava Pandita.

Text 82

The Lord said, "Now that I have come to his home, and now that I see Raghava Pandita, I forget all My sufferings.

Text 83

"By bathing in the Ganga one becomes happy. In the same way I become happy by entering Raghava Pandita's home."

Text 84

Smiling, Lord Chaitanya said, "Listen, Raghava Pandita. Quickly go and cook for Lord Krishna."

Text 85

Attaining this order, and now tasting the nectar of ecstati love, Raghava Pandita happily went to cook.

Text 86

Following his heart's desire, the brahmana Raghava cooked a limitless quantity of food.

Text 87

Accompanied by His associates and by Nityananda, Lord Chaitanya came to eat.

Text 88

Then Lord Chaitanya, the beloved of Goddess Lakshmi, ate. He praised every food.

Text 89

The Lord said, "How beautiful is Raghava's cooking! Never have I tasted saka like this!"

Text 90

Aware that Lord Chaitanya was fond of saka, Raghava cooked different kinds of saka in different ways and placed all these saka preparations before the Lord.

Text 91

In this way Lord Chaitanya happily ate. At last He left and rinsed His mouth.

Text 92

Hearing that Lord Chaitanya had come, Gadadhara dasa ran to Raghava Pandita's house.

Text 93

Gadadhara dasa was very dear to Lord Chaitanya. He was filled with the bliss of devotional service. Lord Chaitanya personally appeared in his body.

Text 94

Seeing him, Lord Chaitanya placed His graceful feet on saintly Gadadhara's head.

Texts 95-96

Purandara Pandita and Paramesvari dasa, in whose bodies Lord Chaitanya also appeared, also ran there. Seeing the Lord, they both wept with love.

Text 97

Raghunatha Vaidya also came. He was a great Vaishnava. His virtues had no end.

Text 98

These Vaishnavas all came before the Lord.

Text 99

There was great bliss in Panihati-grama. Lord Chaitanya had personally come there.

Text 100

In private Lord Chaitanya revealed to Raghava Pandita a secret. The Lord said,

Text 101

"Raghava, I will tell you a secret. Nityananda is not different from Me.

Text 102

"Whatever Nityananda does, I do. This I tell to you.

Text 103

"My actions are all done by Nityananda. I do not try to trick you when I say this.

Text 104

"Nityananda and I are the same person. We are not different. Everyone in your home will come to know this.

Text 105

"What the kings of yoga attain with great difficulty is easily attained from Nityananda.

Text 106

"Therefore with great care you should serve Nityananda. Serve Him as if He were the Supreme Personality of Godhead Himself."

Text 107

To Makaradhvaja Lord Chaitanya said, "You should serve Shri Raghava Pandita.

Text 108

"Please know that when you please Raghava Pandita you please Me."

Text 109

Making it glorious and fortunate, Lord Chaitanya stayed for some days at Panihati-grama.

Text 110

Then Lord Chaitanya went to a very fortunate brahmana's home in Varaha-nagara.

Text 111

This brahmana was very learned in Shrimad-Bhagavatam. At the moment when he first saw the Lord, the brahmana was reading Shrimad-Bhagavatam aloud.

Text 112

Hearing the Shrimad-Bhagavatam's description of devotional service, Lord Chaitanya-Narayana was overcome with ecstasy.

Text 113

"Read! Read!", Lord Chaitanya roared again and again.

Text 114

Plunged in bliss, the brahmana read. Forgetting the external world, Lord Chaitanya danced.

Text 115

Hearing and hearing vesres glorifying devotional service, Lord Chaitanya fell again and again to the ground.

Text 116

Seeing the Lord overwhelmed with ecstati love, and seeing Him violently fall to the ground, everyone became afraid.

Text 117

In this way nine hours of the night passed. Hearing Shrimad-Bhagavatam, Lord Chaitanya, the treasure-house of all virtues, danced.

Text 118

Finally returning to external consciousness, Lord Chaitanya sat down. He happily embraced the brahmana.

Text 119

Lord Chaitanya said, "Not from any mouth have I ever heard Shrimad-Bhagavatam as you read it.

Text 120

"Your name is now `Bhagavatacarya' (teacher of Shrimad-Bhagavatam). Please do not do anything but read Shrimad-Bhagavatam."

Text 121

Hearing Lord Chaitanya's very appropriate words, everyone made a great sound of "Hari! Hari!"

Text 122

In this way, in village after village on the Ganga's bank, Lord Chaitanya stayed at the homes of different devotees.

Text 123

After thus fulfilling everyone's desires, Lord Chaitanya returned to Jagannatha Puri.

Text 124

Anyone who hears this pastime of the Lord's return to West Bengal will never suffer again.

Text 125

In all of Jagannatha Puri were born the words, "The Lord who is the crest-jewel of sannyasis has returned."

Text 126

"Jaya! Jaya!" everyone blissfully chanted. "The moving Jagannatha has come to Nilacala."

Text 127

Hearing this news, Sarvabhauma and all the Lord's associates in Orrisa at once came.

Text 128

For many days the devotees were separated from the Lord. Seeing Him, they joyfully sang kirtana.

Text 129

With great love the Lord embraced everyone. Everyone's limbs He spirnkled with tears from His eyes.

Text 130

In Jagannatha Puri Lord Chaitanya happily stayed at Kasi Misra's home.

Text 131

Overcome with ecstasy, wherever He was Lord Chaitanya always sang and danced.

Text 132

Dancing before Lord Jagannatha, Lord Chaitanya was overcome with ecstati love. He did not have even half a sesame seed's worth of external consciousness.

Text 133

Sometimes Lord Chaitanya danced in Kasi Misra's home and sometimes He danced by the seashore.

Text 134

The Lord always enjoyed pastimes like these. He did not do even half a sesame seed's worth of any other activity.

Text 135

The moment the conchshell sounded He was up. He waited at the door to see Lord Jagannatha.

Text 136

Gazing at Lord Jagannatha, He manifested the signs of ecstati love. How wonderful those signs were! They cannot be described. His tears flowed like the Ganga.

Text 137

Gazing at this wonder, the people of Orissa found that material joys and griefs no longer stayed in their bodies.

Text 138

Wherever Lord Chaitanya went, everyone chanted, "Hari! Hari!"

Text 139

King Prataparudra also heard, "Lord Chaitanya has returned to Jagannatha Puri."

Text 140

The moment he heard these words, King Prataparudra at once left Cuttack and went to Jagannatha Puri.

Text 141

The king was very eager to see Lord Chaitanya, but Lord Chaitanya never allowed him.

Text 142

The king asked Sarvabhauma and the Lord's other associates, but out of fear none of them informed the Lord.

Text 143

The king said, "If you are all afraid to do anything, at least allow me to see Him without His knowledge."

Text 144

Seeing the king's anxiety, the devotees met and decided,

Text 145

"When He dances in kirtana, the Lord is not in external consciousness.

Text 146

"That is the opportunity for this great-devotee king. Unseen, he may gaze on the Lord."

Text 147

Deciding on this, they told the king. The king said to them, "I will see Him any way I can."

Text 148

One day, by divine arrangement, hearing that Lord Chaitanya was dancing at a certain place, the king hurried there.

Text 149

Hiding, the king saw the Lord as He danced. How wonderful! Never had he seen anything like this.

Text 150

An endless stream of tears flowed from Lord Chaitanya's eyes. Moment after moment the Lord manifested trembling, perspiration, paleness, and standing up of the body's hairs.

Text 151

When the Lord violently fell the ground, the frightened king could bear to watch.

Text 152

When the Lord roared and thundered. King Prataparudra covered his ears.

Text 153

When Lord Chaitanya wept in separation from Lord Krishna, the king watched. Streams of tears flowed from the Lord's eyes.

Text 154

What were all the numberless ecstati symptoms Lord Chaitanya manifested? I have no power to write of them all.

Text 155

Raising the two maces of His arms and chanting, "Haribol!", again and again Lord Chaitanya joyfully danced.

Text 156

For some time Lord Chaitanya danced in this way.. Then, returning to external consciousness, He sat down among his associates.

Text 157

Happy to have seen the Lord dance, the king left unseen.

Text 158

Having seen the Lord's wonderful dancing and wonderful ecstati symptoms, the king felt limitless happiness in his heart.

Text 159

Then, by the Lord's mercy, a thought entered the king's mind.

Text 160

When Lord Chaitanya danced, a splendid stream of tears always flowed from His eyes, and saliva flowed from His graceful mouth.

Text 161

As the Lord was overcome with ecstati love in the kirtana, saliva flowed from His graceful mouth and covered His every limb.

Text 162

Not understanding this symptom of ectsati love, the king had a slight doubt in his heart.

Text 163

Not revealing this doubt to anyone, the king very happily returned to his home.

Text 164

Very happy after seeing the Lord, the king returned home and went to sleep.

Text 165

"Assuming the form of a sannyasi, Lord Jagannatha has descended to the earth. Now He enjoys pastimes of chanting His own holy names in sankirtana."

Text 166

Bewildered by the Lord's Maya, the king did not understand the heart of this truth. Therefore the Lord Himself retealed this truth to him.

Text 167

At night saintly Prataparudra saw a dream. In the dream Lord Jagannatha came before him.

Text 168

The king saw Lord Jagannatha, His limbs covered with dust, and from His eyes tears flowing like the Ganga.

Text 169

From His nostrils mucus flowed again and again. From His graceful mouth saliva flowed. It covered His entire body.

Text 170

In that dream the king thought in his heart, `What kind of pastime is this? Why does Lord Jagannatha enjoy a pastime like this? I have no power to understand it."

Text 171

The king went to touch Lord Jagannatha's feet. Lord Jagannatha said, "King, this is not right.

Text 172

"When you anoint them with camphor, musk, fragrances, sandal, and kunkuma, then My limbs are good.

Text 173

"But you see that now My limbs are covered with saliva and dust. How can it be right for you to touch My limbs now?

Text 174

"Today I went to dance. By My mercy you saw My limbs cotered with dust and saliva.

Text 175

"Look! My limbs are covered with dust and saliva. You are a great king. You are the son of a great king.

Text 176

"How can it be right for you to touch Me?" After speaking these words, the merciful Lord looked at His servant and smiled.

Text 177

The next moment the king saw Lord Chaitanya sitting on Lord Jagannatha's throne.

Text 178

Lord Chaitanya's graceful limbs were covered with dust and saliva. The king smiled and said, "Why is it not right?

Text 179

"You have kindly entered my heart. Therefore why should You not touch me?"

Text 180

In this way giving His mercy to Prataparudra, Lord Chaitanya sat on the throne and smiled.

Text 181

At that moment the king awakened. Now awake, he wept.

Text 182

He said, "I am a great offender, a wicked sinner. I did not know that Lord Chaitanya is the Supreme Personality of Godhead Himself descended to this world.

Text 183

"How can any living being have to power to understand Him? Even Brahma and all the demigods are bewildered by His Maya.

Text 184

"I am an offender. Lord, please forgive me. Please make me Your servant and give me Your mercy."

Text 185

Then the king understand that Lord Chaitanya is Lord Jagannatha Himself. They are not different.

Text 186

Now the king very earnestly yearned to see the Lord. Still, no one would arrange for him to see Him.

Text 187

By divine arrangement, one day Lord Chaitanya sat with some associates in a flower-garden.

Text 188

Going there alone, King Prataparudra fell down before the Lord's feet.

Text 189

The king trembled and wept. The hairs of his body stood erect. His ecstati symptoms had no end. He fell unconscious in ecstasy.

Text 190

Seeing the king's symptoms of pure devotion to Lord Vishnu, Lord Chaitanya said, "Rise". Then He placed His graceful hand on the king's body.

Text 191

With the touch of the Lord's graceful hand, the king regained consciousness. Grasping the Lord's feet, he wept.

Text 192

King Prataparudra prayed, "Sate me! Save me, O master of all living entities, O ocean of mercy! Please place Your glance of mercy on me, a sinner.

Text 193

"Save me! Save me, O independent Lord who enjoy whatever pastimes You wish, O ocean of mercy! Save me! Save me, O Shri Krishna Chaitanya, O friend of the poor!

Text 194

"Save me! Save me, O Lord before whom all the demigods bow, O beloved of Goddess Lakshmi! Save me! Save me, O only object of the devotees' love!

Text 195

"Save me! Save me, O Lord whose form is pure and spiritual! Save me! Save me, O Lord Krishna eager to enjoy pastimes of sankirtana!

Text 196

"Save me! Save me, O Lord whose nature, names, and virtues are beyond the understanding of mere human beings! Save me! Save me, O abode of gentleness and virtue!

Text 197

"Save me! Save me, O Lord before whose graceful feet Brahma and Siva bow! Save me! Save me, O ornament of sannyasa-dharma!

Text 198

"Save me! Save me, O Lord Chaitanya Mahaprabhu! O Lord, please give Your mercy to me! Please never leave me!"

Text 199

Hearing King Prataparudra's prayers spoken in a voice breaking with emotion, Lord Chaitanya became pleased and gave His mercy.

Text 200

The Lord said, "May you attain devotion to Lord Krishna. Don't do any action but devotional service to Lord Krishna.

Text 201

"Always sing sankirtana of chanting Lord Krishna's holy names. Lord Vishnu's Sudarsana-cakra will always protect you.

Text 202

"You, Sarvabhauma, and Ramananda Raya are the three. For the sake of you three I have come here.

Text 203

"I place one request before you three: Don't reveal to anyone the truth about Me.

Text 204

"If you reveal it, I will go away. That is the truth."

Text 205

Speaking these words, the Lord placed His own flower-garland around the king's neck. Pleased, the Lord gave the king permission to depart.

Text 206

Again and again offering dandavat obeisances, and placing the Lord's order on his head, the king departed.

Text 207

Having seen the Lord, the king thought all his desires were now fulfilled. Again and again he meditated on the Lord's feet.

Text 208

Anyone who hears this narration of King Prataparudra seeing Lord Chaitanya will attain a great wealth of spiritual love.

Text 209

Happily enjoying pastimes of sankirtana in this way, Lord Chaitanya stayed in Jagannatha Puri.

Text 210

The devotees who had taken birth in Jagannatha Puri all recognized Lord Chaitanya as the master of their lives.

Text 211

Shri Pradyumna Misra was an ocean of love for Lord Krishna. Lord Chaitanya personally gave His lotus feet to him.

Text 212

Shri Paramananda Mahapratra was very saintly. His body was filled with the nectar of devotion to Lord Chaitanya.

Text 213

Kasi Misra was always overwhelmed by tasting the nectar of love for Lord Krishna. Lord Chaitanya stayed in his home.

Text 214

Accompanied by His servants, Lord Chaitanya always enjoyed pastimes of sankirtana.

Text 215

One by one, the renounced servants of Lord Chaitanya all came and resided in Jagannatha Puri.

Text 216

Effulgent and wild Lord Nityananda roamed in Jagannatha Puri.

Text 217

He was always wild, intoxicated by tasting transcendental bliss. The truth of Him is beyond human understanding. I have no power to write of it.

Text 218

He always chanted japa of the name, "Shri Krishna Chaitanya". Even in His dreams no other word came from Lord Nityananda's mouth.

Text 219

As in His heart Lakshmana loved Lord Ramacandra, so Nityananda loved Lord Chaitanya.

Text 220

It is because of Lord Nityananda's mercy that even today the whole world sings of the Supreme Lord's descent as Shri Chaitanya to this world.

Text 221

In this way Lord Chaitanya and Lord Chaitanya lived like two brothers in Jagannatha Puri.

Text 222

One day Lord Chaitanya-Nrisimha sat down in a private place with Lord Nityananda.

Text 223

Lord Chaitanya said, "O noble-hearted Nityananda, please hear. Please go quickly to Navadvipa.

Text 224

"With My own mouth I vowed, `I will make every wretched, fallen fool float in the bliss of ecstati love.'

†††† 225-Text 226

"If You stay like a peaceful, silent sage, and do not become wildly active, then how will You deliver the fallen fools of this world? Tell Me that.

Text 227

"You are the giver of the nectar of devotional service. If You hide that truth, then how will You fulfill Your mission in descending to this world?

Text 228

"If You think My words are right, You should go to West Bengal without delay.

Text 229

"Give devotional service to the degraded, fallen, suffering fools, and deliver them all."

Text 230

Accepting Lord Chaitanya's order, Lord Nityananda at once went with His companions to West Bengal.

Text 231

Rama dasa, Gadadhara dasa, and Raghunatha Vaidya Ojha were all filled with the nectar of devotional service.

Text 232

Krishna dasa Pandita, Paramesvari dasa, and Purandara Pandita were all filled with joy.

Text 233

These were Lord Nityananda's companions. They all accompanied Lord Nityananda.

Text 234

Saintly Nityananda, who was filled with ecstati love, walked in front as He and His companions traveled on the road.

Text 235

Everyone completely forget themselves. The ecstasies that filled their bodies had no end.

Text 236

At the beginning the great Vaishnava Rama dasa manifested the nature of a cowehrd boy.

Text 237

In the middle of the road Rama dasa manifested a threefold-bending form. For nine hours he forgot the existence of the external world.

Text 238

Gadadhara dasa manifested the nature of Shri Radha. "Who will buy yogurt?", he called out and loudly laughed.

Text 239

The saintly scholar Raghunatha Vaidya became Revati personified.

Text 240

Krishna dasa and Paramesvari dasa both manifested the natures of cowherd boys. Again and again they called out, "Hai! Hai!"

Text 241

Declaring, "I am Angada," Puranadara Pandita climbed a tree and jumped to the ground.

Text 242

In this way Lord Nityananda, who is the resting-place of Lord Ananta Sesha, made everyone wild with spiritual ecstasy.

Text 243

In half an hour they walked four or eight miles. Forgetting themselves, they went south.

Text 244

After some time on the road, they asked someone, "How can we get to the Ganga's bank? O brother, please tell us."

Text 245

The people said, "Hay! Hay! You are lost on this road. Turn from this road and travel for siÝ hours."

Text 246

Following the people's words, they turned from the road, but again they became lost in the same way.

Text 247

Again they asked some people about the right path. The people said, "Stay on this path for twenty miles. It is on the left."

Text 248

Smiling, they continued on the road. They were not aware of their own bodies, what to speak of whether they walked on the right path.

Text 249

They were not aware of their own bodies, of hunger, thirst, fear, or pain. They were filled with spiritual bliss.

Text 250

Traveling on that road, Lord Nityananda enjoyed many pastimes. Who can describe them? Who knows of them? They were all endless.

Text 251

In this way Lord Nityananda, who is the resting-place of Lord Ananta Sesha, came to Panihati-grama on the Ganga's bank.

Text 252

Cccompanied by His companions, Lord Nityananda first went to Raghava Pandita's home.

Text 253

Raghava Pandita, Shri Makaradhvaja, and their families became filled with bliss.

Text 254

In this way Lord Nityananda and His associates stayed at Panihati-grama.

Text 255

Lord Nityananda always roared with bliss. He knew nothing by the ecstasies in His body.

Text 256

In His heart He desired to dance. Suddenly all the singers converged around Him.

Text 257

Saintly Madhava Ghosha, who was very devoted to singing in kirtana, came. In the whole earth there was no kirtana singer like him.

Text 258

His songs about Vrindavana were very dear to Lord Nityananda.

Text 259

The three brothers Madhava Ghosha, Govinda Ghosha, and Vasudeva Ghosha sang while Lord Nityananda danced.

Text 260

As the powerful Avadhuta danced, the earth trembled with the weight of His steps.

Text 261

"Hari! Hari!", He roared again and again. Seeing Him violently fall to the ground, everyone became filled with wonder.

Text 262

Whoever attained Lord Nityananda's glance would dance and dance. Overcome with ecstati love, that person would fall to the ground.

Text 263

In this way Lord Nityananda, who is filled with the nectar of ecstati love, began His auspicious work of delivering the entire world.

Text 264

Manifesting limitless symptoms of ecstati love, Lord Nityananda danced.

Text 265

After some time Lord Nityananda sat on the Deity's throne on the altar and ordered everyone to perform an abhisheka.

Text 266

Raghava Pandita as his companions at once performed an abhisheka.

Text 267

They brought thousands and thousands of jars of Ganga water and scented them all with various fragrances.

Text 268

As in the four directions they chanted, "Hari! Hari!", everyone happily poured this water over Lord Nityananda's head.

Text 269

Everyone sang songs and mantras right for an abhisheka. Everyone was overcome with bliss, the hairs on their bodies standing erect.

Text 270

The abhisheka completed, the devotees dressed Lord Nityananda with new clothes and anointed His limbs with sandal paste.

Text 271

With many splendid garlands of forest flowers and tulasi they covered His broad chest.

Text 272

Then they made Him sit on a golden throne.

Text 273

As Lord Nityananda sat on the throne, Raghava Pandita held a parasol over His head.

Text 274

The devotees made great sounds of "Jaya!" Joyful instrumental musi rose in the four directions.

Text 275

"Save us! Save us!", everyone chanted with their arms raised. No one was in external consciousness. Everyone was filled with bliss.

Text 276

Filled with the bliss of accepting His true identity, Lord Nityananda showered glances of ecstati love in the four directions.

Text 277

Then Lord Nityananda commanded, "Listen, O Raghava Pandita. At once bring Me a garland of kadamba flowers.

Text 278

"I like kadamba flowers. I always stay in a kadamba forest."

Text 279

Folding his hands, Raghava Pandita said, "It is not the season for kadamba flowers."

Text 280

Lord Nityananda said, "Go to the garden and look. Perhaps there are some blooming somewhere."

Text 281

Raghava Pandita went to the garden and looked. Looking, he was filled with wonder.

Text 282

On a lime tree were many peerless kadamba flowers in full bloom.

Text 283

How wonderful was their color! How wonderful was their fragrance! Anyone who saw those flowers became at once free of all material bondage.

Text 284

When Raghava Pandita saw those kadamba flowers, his external consciousness fled far away. He became very joyful.

Text 285

Picking those flowers, he quickly made a garland and placed it before Lord Nityananda.

Text 286

Seeing the kadamba garland, Lord Nityananda very happily placed it around His neck.

Text 287

Gazing at these wonders, all the Vaishnavas were agitated with bliss by the sweet fragrance of that kadamba garland.

Text 288

After some moments another great wonder came. Everyone smelled the fragrance of wonderful damanaka flowers.

Text 289

The fragrance of damanaka flowers charmed everyone's heart. That fragrance filled the four directions of the house.

Text 290

Smiling, Lord Nityananda said, "O My brothers, what is that wonderful fragrance? Please tell Me."

Text 291

Folding their hands, everyone said, "A wonderful fragrance of damanaka flowers fills the four directions."

Text 292

Hearing everyone's words, Lord Nityananda mercifully told them a secret.

Text 293

The Lord said, "Everyone please listen to the great secret I will now reveal.

Text 294

"Hearing the kirtana, today Lord Chaitanya came here from Jagannatha Puri.

Text 295

"His every lim‚ fragrant like damanaka galrands, He came here and assumed the form of a tree.

Text 296

"This splendid fragrance of damanaka flowers that fills the four directions and delights everyone comes from His graceful limbs.

Text 297

"To see your singing and dancing, Lord Chaitanya has personally come here from Jagannatha Puri.

Text 298

"Therefore everyone please forget all other duties. Forget even your selves and always chant, "Krishna!"

Text 299

"May everyone's body be filled with the glories of Shri Krishna Chaitanya and the nectar of love for Him."

Text 300

After speaking these words, Lord Nityananda roared, "Hari!" and cast His glance of love in every direction.

Text 301

Lord Nityananda's glance of love made everyone forget their own body, their own self.

Text 302

Listen! Listen, O my brothers, to Lord Nityananda's power, the power with which to the whole world He gave pure devotional service.

Text 303

Because of Lord Nityananda the whole world attained the pure devotion the gopis felt, devotion described in Shrimad-Bhagavatam.

Text 304

Lord Nityananda sat on the Deity's throne as His companions danced.

Text 305

Someone, climbing out on the fragile branches of the trees, still did not fall.

Text 306

Someone roared in the ecstasy of spiritual love. Calling out, "Hari! Hari!", someone jumped from the trees.

Text 307

Roaring, "Hari! Hari!", someone uprooted trees and threw them about.

Text 308

Running among the betelnut trees, someone uprooted five or seven at once.

Text 309

The great power of ecstati love had entered their bodies. That is why the devotees had the power to uproot trees.

†††† 310-Text 312

By Lord Nityananda's power of divine love, all the symptoms of ecstati love for Lord Krishna, symptoms described in Shrimad-Bhagavatam, symptoms beginning with tears, trembling, being stunned, perspiration, standing up of the body's hairs, thundering, speaking with a choked voice, turning pale, roaring like a lion, and fainting in bliss, were fully manifested in the devotees bodies.

Text 313

In whatever direction glorious Lord Nityananda glanced, a great shower of ecstati spiritual love fell.

Text 314

Whoever received Lord Nityananda's glanced fainted in ecstati love. No longer keeping his clothes, he fell to the ground and rolled here and there.

Text 315

He ran to embrace Lord Nityananda. Lord Nityananda sat on the Deity's throne and smiled.

Text 316

In this way Lord Nityananda's foremost associates became resting-places of all the Lord's powers.

Text 317

The devotees became all-knowing and perfect in eloquent speech. Their bodies became handsome like Kamadeva.

Text 318

Whoever was touched by the hand of any of these great devotees forgot everything and became overwhelmed with ecstati love.

Text 319

In this way for three months at Panihati-grama Lord Nityananda enjoyed pastimes of devotional service

Text 320

For three months external consciousness was not present in any body. No one had even half a sesame seed's worth of concern for his body.

Text 321

For three months no one ate. Everyone only danced in ecstati love. They did nothing else.

Text 322

In the future the four Vedas will describe all these pastimes of ecstati love in Panihati-grama.

Text 323

Who has the power to describe all the pastimes Lord Nityananda enjoyed in even half an hour?

Text 324

Moment after moment, His companions around Him in the four directions, Lord Nityananda joyfully danced.

Text 325

Sometimes Lord Nityananda would sit in a virasana posture and have the devotees dance, one by one.

Text 326

Flooded with the nectar of ecstati love, everyone in the four directions watched as one devotee joyfully danced.

Text 327

Overcome with ecstati love, everyone collapsed. They fell like a forest of banana trees in a hurricane.

Text 328

The devotees did whatever Lord Nityananda commanded.

Text 329

Accompanied by the devotees, Lord Nityananda sang kirtanas glorifying Lord Shri Krishna Chaitanya.

Text 330

Whoever came to see this wonderful display of divine love became wild and ecstatic.

Text 331

Whatever in their hearts the devotees desired at once came to them.

Text 332

Joyfully tasting the nectar of spiritual love, everyone felt the time pass like a single moment. They did not know that three months had passed.

Text 333

One day, in His heart Lord Nityananda desired many ornaments.

Text 334

Simply by His desire, many ornaments at once were placed before Him.

†††† 335-Text 336

Placing before Lord Nityananda many beautiful ornaments of gold, sliver, emeralds, many different kinds of priceless jewels, and coral, and also many kinds of silk cloth, and pearl necklaces, the saintly devotees bowed down.

Text 337

How many ornaments were there! How gloriously and beautifully were they designed! Whatever ornaments the Lord desired were given to Him.

Text 338

To His heart's desire Lord Nityananda decorated His arms and wrists with golden armlets and bracelets.

Text 339

He placed rings of gold and jewels on His ten fingers.

Text 340

On His neck He placed many different beautiful glistening necklaces of jewels, pearls, coral, and other things.

Text 341

To please Lord Siva He placed on His neck two golden and silver necklaces with rudraksha and vidalaksha.

Text 342

On His ears Hew placed very beautiful earrings of gold and pearls.

Text 343

On His lotus feet He placed silver anklets and above them He placed a mala ornament that charmed the worlds.

Text 344

He wore different kinds of white, yellow, and blue silk cloth. In this way He was decorated with wonderful grace.

Text 345

Garlands of malati, mallika, yuthi, and campaka flowers playfully moved to and fro on His graceful chest.

Text 346

His graceful limbs were decorated with wonderful pictures and designs drawn in splendid and fragrant sandal paste mixed with gorocana.

Text 347

His graceful head was decorated with a turban of various colors. Above the turban was a splendid and graceful garland of different-colored flowers.

Text 348

His graceful and cheerful face defeated millions of moons. Smiling, He always chanted the names of Lord Hari.

Text 349

In whatever direction Lord Nityananda's two lotus eyes glanced, a great shower of ecstati spiritual love fell on everyone.

Text 350

In two directions the Lord held two iron rods glistening like silver and inlaid with gold.

Text 351

The Lord always held those two iron rods as if they were His mae and plow.

†††† 352-Text 353

The Lord's associates decorated themselves with armlets, bracelets, malla ornaments, anklets, necklaces, horn-bugles, flutes, sticks, rope, and gunja-necklaces. These devotees were all amsa and kala incarnations of cowherd boys.

Text 354

Then Lord Nityananda enjoyed blissful pastimes with His companions.

Text 355

Accompanied by His companions, Lord Nityananda then visited, one by one, the homes of the devotees.

Text 356

Effulgent Lord Nityananda walked to all the villages on both sides of the Ganga.

Text 357

Simply by seeing Lord Nityananda, every living entity felt enchanted. Manifest in two ways, in the way of His own form and in the way of His holy name, Lord Nityananda was sweet like nectar.

Text 358

Seeing Lord Nityananda, even the blasphemers offered prayers to Him and yearned in their hearts to offer all they possessed to Him.

Text 359

Lord Nityananda, His glorious form sweet and charming, placed merciful glances on everyone.

Text 360

Whether He ate, slept, or walked, He did not waste a moment, spending it without performing sankirtana.

Text 361

When Lord Nityananda danced in the sankirtana of Lord Krishna's holy names, many many people went wild, overcome with ecstasy.

Text 362

Small children, who did not know anything, uprooted big, big trees.

Text 363

Loudly roaring, they uprooted trees and threw them about. Shouting, "I am a cowherd boy!", they ran here and there.

Text 364

So great was the power in those small children that even a hundred men could not catch them and hold them still.

Text 365

Chanting, "Shri Krishna Chaitanya Jaya Nityananda!", the children joyfully roared like lions.

Text 366

Overcoime with ecstasy, Lord Nityananda, who was naturally like a child, joined the children.

Text 367

For one month those children had not eaten anything. Therefore, when the people saw all this, they felt great wonder in their hearts.

Text 368

All the devotees became wild with ecstasy. Lord Nityananda became the protector of them all.

Text 369

Thinking they were His sons, Lord Nityananda embraced everyone. He fed them with His own hand.

Text 370

He kept them by His side. He tied them up, hit them, and loudly laughed.

Text 371

One day, to please him, Lord Nityananda went to Gadadhara dasa's home.

Text 372

Thinking himself a gopi, Gadadhara dasa was filled with bliss.

Text 373

Placing a pot of Ganga-water on his head, again and again he called out, "Who will buy cow's milk?"

Text 374

In the temple at his home was a very handsome Deity of Lord Krishna as Shri Bala-Gopala.

Text 375

Seeing this charming Deity of Bala-Gopala, with great joy and love Lord Nityananda embraced the Deity to His chest.

Text 376

With a heart filled with endless love, Lord Nityananda gazed at Lord Bala-Gopala as the devotees joyfully chanted the names of Lord Hari.

Text 377

Roaring, Lord Nityananda, the king of wrestlers, danced. In this way He enjoyed pastimes with Lord Bala-Gopala.

Text 378

Then Madhava Ghosha sang about Lord Krishna's dana-keli (pastimes of pretending to be a toll-collector). Hearing this, Lord Nityananda, the lion of avadhutas, was very pleased.

Text 379

Listening to fortunate Madhava Ghosha's voice, Lord Nityananda, the jewel of avadhutas, was overcome with ecstati love.

Text 380

In this way, with great joy and love, Lord Nityananda enjoyed pastimes with saintly Gadadhara dasa.

Text 381

Always thinking of himself as a gopi, Gadadhara was never in external consciousness.

Text 382

Hearing the song about Lord Krishna's dana-keli pastime, Lord Nityananda danced. No one has the power to properly describe His dancing.

Text 383

He manifested all the symptoms of ecstati love. His dancing had no peer.

Text 384

His graceful motions were like lightning. How glorious were the wonderful movements of His arms!

Text 385

How wonderful were the graceful movements of His eyes! How beautiful was His smile! How wonderful were the playful and graceful movements of His head!

Text 386

He placed His feet together, and then He gracefully jumped.

Text 387

Wherever, tasting the nectar of ecstati love, He glanced, there the men and women floated in the nectar of love for Lord Krishna.

Text 388

Whoever received Lord Nityananda's merciful glance became filled with bliss. No longer did he remember his own body.

Text 389

By Lord Nityananda's mercy everyone attained the pure devotional service the sages and the kings of yogis yearn to find.

Text 390

When he does not eat for three days, a man strong like an elephant becomes thin and has no power even to walk.

Text 391

The small children there had not eaten for a month, but still they acted as if they were lions.

Text 392

This was all a manifestation of Lord Nityananda's power. Still, bewildered by Lord Chaitanya's Maya, no one could understand that truth.

Text 393

Thus tasting the nectar of ecstati love, for some days Lord Nityananda stayed at Gadadhara dasa's home.

Text 394

External consciousness was not present in Gadadhara dasa's body. Again and again he made everyone chant, "Haribol!"

Text 395

In this village lived a ferocious kazi who had limitless hatred for sankirtana.

Text 396

Wild with bliss, saintly Gadadhara dasa went to the kazi's home one night.

Text 397

Afraid of the kazi, everyone else would always run away from him. But that night Gadadhara dasa fearlessly went to the kazi's home.

Text 398

Again and again chanting the holy names of Lord Hari, Gadadhara dasa entered the kazi's home.

Text 399

Seeing him, the kazi's men sat down. No word came to anyone's mouth.

Text 400

Gaddhara dasa said, "Aha! Where is that fellow, that kazi? This moment say, `Krishna!' If you do not, I will cut off your head."

Text 401

Angry like fire, the kazi came out. Seeing Gadadhara dasa, he became peaceful.

Text 402

The kazi said, "Gadadhara, why have you come?" Gadadhara replied, "I will tell you something.

Text 403

"Lord Chaitanya and Lord Nityananda are the Supreme Personality of Godhead descended to this earth. They make every mouth in this world speak the words, `Hari! Hari!'

Text 404

"You are the only person who does not chant the holy names of Lord Hari. Therefore I have come here to convince you to chant.

Text 405

"Please chant the supremely auspicious holy name of Lord Hari. I will deliver you from all your sins."

Text 406

Although he was a very violent man, the kazi said nothing. He was stunned.

Text 407

Smiling, the kazi said, "Listen, Gadadhara dasa. Tomorrow I will chant, `Hari!' For now, please go home."

Text 408

Hearing the holy name of Lord Hari come from the kazi's mouth, Gadadhara dasa became filled with joy and love.

Text 409

Gadadhara dasa said, "Why wait for tomorrow? At this moment the word, `Hari' has appeared on your mouth.

Text 410

"Now that you have spoken the word, `Hari!', your sins no longer exist."

Text 411

Speaking these words, Gadadhara dasa clapped His hands and wildly danced again and again.

Text 412

After some time he returned to his home. Lord Nityananda's home was in Gadadhara dasa's body.

Text 413

Gadadhara dasa's glories were well known among Lord Chaitanya's associates.

Text 414

Fearing that they would at once lose their caste-status, the pious people would not come near even the breeze that blew by the kazi.

Text 415

They thought that if they once saw the violent kazi, their caste-status would be lost. To that kazi sainlty Gadadhara dasa gave his glance of mercy.

Text 416

In this way Gadadhara dasa made everyone forget their cruel and violent sins. He made everyone be always intent on chanting, "Krishna!"

Text 417

Fires, snakes, and tigers have no power to attack a person in whose body love for Lord Krishna stays.

Text 418

Love for Lord Krishna is always manifested in the gopis. Brahma and the demigods yearn to attain this love.

Text 419

With a glance Lord Nityananda mercifully gave this love to all His dear companions.

Text 420

O my brothers, please worship Lord Nityananda's feet. By His mercy you will attain Lord Chaitanya's shelter.

Text 421

After some days, in His heart Lord Nityananda desired to see Mother Saci.

Text 422

Accompanied by His associates, He began a glorious journey to Navadvipa.

Text 423

Thus the Lord came to the temple-home of Purandara Pandita in the village of Khadadaha-grama.

Text 424

I have no power to describe how Lord Nityananda danced when He came to Kadadaha-grama.

Text 425

Now become like a wild man, Purandara Pandita climbed a tree and roared like a lion.

Text 426

External consciousness no longer present in his body, Chaitanya dasa would run like a tiger into the jungle.

Text 427

There he would jump on the tigers' backs. By Lord Krishna's mercy the tigers had no power to attack him.

Text 428

Cheerfully and feerlessly he would sit down with a python in his lap.

Text 429

He played with the tigers. All this happened by the great avadhuta Nityananda's mercy.

Text 430

Lord Nityananda is very affectionate to His servants. With a glance He allows them to taste the spiritual nectar even Brahma and the demigods cannot taste.

Text 431

Completely forgetting himself, Chaitanya dasa always spoke whatever was in his joyful heart.

Text 432

Once he stayed underwater for two or three days without any pain or discomfort in his body.

Text 433

Sometimes he would be stunned and motionless. Other times he would be ferocious like a tiger.

Text 434

I have no power to describe the symptoms of devotional ecstasy Chaitanya dasa displayed. They are all endless.

Text 435

Anyone who touches even the breeze that blows by Shri Chaitanya dasa or by Murari Gupta will attain Lord Krishna. That is certain.

Text 436

Some people who call themselves by the name "Chaitanya dasa" (servant of Lord Chaitanya) never, even in their dreams, chant Lord Chaitanya's glories.

Text 437

Shri Krishna Chaitanya is the master of life for Advaita Acarya. It is by Lord Chaitanya's mercy and by devotion to Lord Chaitanya that Advaita Acarya has become glorious in truth.

Text 438

Glory, glory to Advaita Acarya's devotion to Lord Chaitanya! By Lord Chaitanya's mercy Advaita Acarya has attained all power.

Text 439

Truly saintly people say Advaita Acarya is glorious because of Lord Chaitanya's mercy. Other people think this idea is an offense to Advaita Acarya.

Text 440

Though they may call themselves by the name "Chaitanya dasa", these people are worthless like a pile of ashes. How can sinners like them take shelter of Advaita Acarya?

Text 441

These sinners may call themselves "followers of Advaita Acarya", but they do not know what is truly in Advaita Acarya's heart.

Text 442

A cannibal may call himself by the name "punyajana" (saint). As a cannibal calls himself a saint, so these people call themselves "Chaitanya dasa" (servants of Lord Chaitanya).

Text 443

After staying for some days in Khadadaha-grama, Lord Nityananda and His associates went to Saptagrama.

Text 444

In Saptagrama is the place of the seven sages. Throughout the universe this place is known as "Triveni-ghata" (the place where three rivers meet).

Text 445

In ancient times the seven sages performed austerities at this ghata by the Ganga. There they attained Lord Krishna's feet.

Text 446

Three goddesses: Ganga, Yamuna, and Sarasvati met at that place.

Text 447

That is why is place is famous in the three worlds as "Triveni-ghata". By seeing this holy place one destroys all his sins.

Text 448

Accompanied by His associates, Lord Nityananda joyfully bathed at this ghata.

Text 449

On the bank at this place where three rivers meet Lord Nityananda stayed at the home of fortunate Uddharana Datta.

Text 450

With his body, mind, and words Uddharana Datta sincerely worshiped Lord Nityananda's feet.

Text 451

Uddharana Datta became qualified to serve Lord Nityananda directly. What greater good fortune can anyone attain?

Text 452

Birth after birth Lord Nityananda is the Supreme Personality of Godhead. Birth after birth Uddharana Datta is His servant.

Text 453

Because of Uddharana Datta all the merchants there became purified. Of this there is no doubt.

Text 454

Lord Nityananda went there to deliver the merchants. He made those merchants qualified to attain ecstati love and devotion.

Text 455

Going from house to house among the merchants there, Lord Nityananda enjoyed pastimes of kirtana.

Text 456

All the merchants took shelter of Lord Nityananda's feet and worshiped them in every way.

Text 457

Seeing how the merchants were worshiping Lord Krishna, everyone in the world felt wonder in his heart.

Text 458

Lord Nityananda's mercy is an ocean that has no shore. He delivered all those foolish, lowly merchants.

Text 459

Accompanied by His associates, Lord Nityananda enjoyed pastimes of sankirtana at Saptagrama.

Text 460

Even if he had a hundred years to do it, no one could describe all the sankirtana pastimes Lord Nityananda enjoyed at Saptagrama.

Text 461

As He had enjoyed in the towns and villages of Nadiya, so Lord Nityananda enjoyed pastimes at Saptagrama.

Text 462

Every direction was filled with the sankirtana of Lord Hari's holy names. Now there was no day or night, hunger or thirst, sleep or fear.

Text 463

From house to house, and in every village and crossroads, Lord Nityananda enjoyed pastimes of kirtana.

Text 464

No one had every seen anything like the ecstasy Lord Nityananda manifested. Wild ecstasy like this had never before been manifested in this universe.

Text 465

What to speak of others, even the Muslims, who hate Lord Krishna, now took shelter of Lord Krishna's lotus feet.

Text 466

Streams of tears of ecstati love flowed from the Muslims' eyes, tears that made even the brahmanas rebuke themselves for their lack of devotion.

Text 467

Glory, glory to saintly Lord Nityananda, the moon of avadhutas! By His mercy everyone became filled with bliss.

Text 468

In this way Lord Nityananda enjoyed joyful pastimes at Saptagrama and Ambika Kalna

Text 469

After some days Lord Nityananda went to dear Advaita Acarya's home in Santipura.

Text 470

Gazing at Lord Nityananda's graceful face, Advaita Acarya could not understand how much bliss had suddenly taken birth within Him.

Text 471

"Hari! Hari!" He roared. He circumambulated. He offered dandavat obeisances.

Text 472

Embracing Lord Nityananda, Advaita Acarya sprinkled His limbs with tears of joy and love.

Text 473

Gazing at each other, They both became overwhelmed. A limtiless and indescribable sweet nectar of love took birth within Them.

Text 474

Embracing each other, they rolled on the ground. They struggled to touch each other's feet.

Text 475

They roared like lions. They seemed to defeat many millions of lions. They could not restrain themselves. The two Lords were now wild with ecstasy.

Text 476

After some time the two Lords became peaceful. The two peaceful Lord sat down together.

Text 477

Folding His hands, noble-hearted Advaita Acarya joyfully offered prayers to Lord Nityananda,

Text 478

"Because You are eternal (nitya, bliss (ananda, personified, You bear the name `Nityananda'. You are Lord Chaitanya's glories and virtues personified.

Text 479

"You are the protector of all living entities. You are the cause of liberation. You are the preacher of the true religion.

Text 480

"You preach loving devotion to Lord Chaitanya. You bear all the power given by the kalpa-vriksha tree that is Lord Chaitanya.

Text 481

"You are the transcendental teacher of Brahma, Siva, Narada, and all others who bear the name `devotee'.

Text 482

"It is from You that they attained devotion to Lord Vishnu. Still, no pride even touches You.

Text 483

"You are the purifier of the fallen. You do not see the faults of others. Only the great saints understand You.

Text 484

"Your form is the resting-place of all yajnas. By remembering You, one breaks the bonds of ignorance.

Text 485

"If You do not reveal Yourself, who has the power to understand You?

Text 486

"You are the Supreme Personality of Godhead, blissful and free from anger. You are thousand-faced Ananta Sesha, the first of the demigods and the holder of the worlds.

Text 487

"You are Shri Lakshmana, the killer of the rakshasas. You are a gopa's son. You are Lord Balarama personified.

Text 488

"To deliver the fallen, lowly, degraded fools You have now descended to this earth.

Text 489

"From You everyone will attain the pure devotion the sages and the kings of yoga yearn after."

Text 490

Overcome with bliss, and forgetting His own Self, Advaita Acarya glorified Lord Nityananda with these prayers.

Text 491

Advaita Acarya understood the power and glory of Lord Nityananda. Only some few fortunate souls know Lord Nityananda's heart.

Text 492

If a person knows the truth he knows that the quarrels of Nityananda and Advaita are only joyful play.

Text 493

Who has the power to understand Lord Advaita's words? Please know that Lord Advaita is not different from the Supreme Personality of Godhead.

Text 494

Exchanging auspicious talks about Lord Krishna, these two Lords enjoyed blissful pastimes.

Text 495

Lord Nityananda and Lord Advaita exchanged many secrets. Perfect love for each other was born within Them.

Text 496

Then, after taking permission from Lord Advaita, Lord Nityananda went to Navadvipa.

Text 497

First He went to Mother Saci's home and bowed down before her feet.

Text 498

Seeing Lord Nityananda, what happiness did Mother Saci feel? It had no end.

Text 499

Mother Saci said, "Son, You are truly the Supersoul staying in the hearts of all. I wished to see You, and now I do.

Text 500

"Knowing my heart, You hurried here. Who in this world knows You?

Text 501

"Son, for some days please stay in Navadvipa. Then I will see You for ten days, or fifteen days, or a month.

Text 502

"I am full of sorrow. That is why I yearn to see You. By the Supreme Lord's arrangement You have come here to deliver unhappy me."

Text 503

Hearing Mother Saci's words, Lord Nityananda smiled. He know that Mother Saci's power and glory had no end.

Text 504

Lord Nityananda said, "O mother, O mother of everyone, please listen. I came here to see you.

Text 505

"My desire to see you is very strong. With your permission, I will stay in Navadvipa."

Text 506

After talking with Mother Saci in this way, Lord Nityananda joyfully wandered in Navadvipa.

Text 507

With His companions going from house to house in Navadvipa, Lord Nityananda enjoyed pastimes of kirtana.

Text 508

In these kirtanas in Navadvipa Lord Nityananda became like bliss personified.

Text 509

Going from house to house with His companions, Lord Nityananda always enjoyed pastimes of sankirtana.

Text 510

Elaborately dressed as the great wrestler of sankirtana, how charming was Lord Nityananda! Simply by seeing Him, everyone attained piety and bliss.

Text 511

On His head was a turban of many different kinds of silk. Above that were many different graceful flower garlands.

Text 512

On His neck were necklaces of gold, pearls, and many kinds of jewels. On His ears were peerless earrings of pearls and gold.


Text 513

On His wrists and arms were golden bracelets and armlets. I do not know how many flower garlands decorated His body.

Text 514

His every lim‚ was anointed with sandal paste and gorocana. His pastimes were always like those of Lord Krishna as a small cowherd boy.

Text 515

With His ten fingers, each wearing a golden ring, He playfully held a wonderful iron rod.

Text 516

He was playfully and splendidly dressed in wonderful colorful yellow, blue, and white silk.

Text 517

A flute and a bamboo rod were stuck in His belt. Seeing Him or remembering Him, the people of the world felt their hearts drawn to Him.

Text 518

Silver anklets glistened on His graceful feet. His words were sublimely sweet. His walking and gestures were graceful like the king of elephants.

Text 519

In whatever direction Lord Nityananda looked, the personified nectar of pure love for Lord Krishna at once appeared.

Text 520

In this way Lord Nityananda very happily enjoyed pastimes in Navadvipa, the place of Lord Chaitanya's birth.

Text 521

Navadvipa was like the royal capital of Mathura. Many, many people lived there. I do not know how many.

Text 522

Seeing the saintly people there, a sinner would become free of the greatest sins.

Text 523

Also, touching the shadow of the sinners there would destroy all piety.

Text 524

By Lord Nityananda's mercy the people there were sincerely attracted to the path of devotion to Lord Krishna.

Text 525

Many had already been saved by Lord Chaitanya. Now Lord Nityananda would deliver everyone else in the three worlds.

Text 526

Lord Nityananda delivered many swindlers, thieves, and fallen sinners.

Text 527

Hear. Please hear how Lord Nityananda delivered many thieves.

Text 528

In Navadvipa lived a brahmana's son who had no peer among the thieves.

Text 529

He was a brahmana in name only. His heart was filled with evil. He was the commander of an army of thieves.

Text 530

There was no mercy in his body. He always happily stayed among thieves.

†††† 531-Text 532

Seeing Lord Nityananda's ornaments, and glistening necklaces of gold, pearls and coral, and seeing the many valuable things that decorated His graceful limbs, the brahmana-thief decided to ro‚ them all.

Text 533

Concealing his desire to ro‚ the Lord of His wealth, the thief stayed always in Lord Nityananda's company.

Text 534

In His heart Lord Nityananda knew this wicked brahmana was not a good person.

Text 535

A good brahmana named Hiranya Pandita, lived in Navadvipa. He had no material possessions.

Text 536

Associating with no one else, Lord Nityananda now stayed in the home of this fortunate devotee.

Text 537

Meanwhile the evil-minded brahmana-thief met with other thieves and told them this plan:

Text 538

"O my brothers, why should we be unhappy any longer? Mother Durga has brought a great treasure-house of wealth to a place nearby.

Text 539

"On the limbs of avadhuta Nityananda are many ornaments of gold, pearls, and diamonds. There is nothing like these ornaments.

Text 540

"What is the money value of all these ornaments? I do not know. Mother Durga has put them all in one place.

Text 541

"Now they are all in Hiranya's house. In half an hour we will ro‚ them all.

Text 542

"Taking our swords and shields, tonight we will go there and attack."

Text 543

Agreeing on this plan, the thieves met at night.

Text 544

Armed with swords, daggers, and tridents, the thieves went to the place where Lord Nityananda stayed.

Text 545

Sending a spy ahead, the thieves waited at a certain place.

Text 546

Meanwhile Lord Nityananda was eating, and in the four directions the devotees chanted the holy names of Lord Hari.

Text 547

Lord Nityananda's companions were wild with the ecstasy of love for Lord Krishna. One devotee roared like a lion. Another made a sound like thunder.

Text 548

Another, tasting the nectar of love for Lord Krishna, wept. Another clapped his hands and loudly laughed.

Text 549

"Hai! Hai! Haya! Haya!" another exclaimed. Filled with the bliss of love for Lord Krishna, no one slept.

Text 550

The spy returned to the thieves. "The avadhuta is eating. Everyone is awake," was his report.

Text 551

The thieves said, "Let them eat. When they are asleep, we will attack."

Text 552

Happy that they would soon plunder great wealth, the thieves sat under a tree.

Text 553

One of them said, "The gold bracelets and armlets are mine." Another said, "I will take the pearl necklace."

Text 554

Another said, "I will take the earrings." Another said, "I will take the gold necklace."

Text 555

Another said, "I will take the silver anklets." Their minds became absorbed in these thoughts.

Text 556

By Lord Nityananda's wish, the goddess of sleep came and put a veil around those thieves.

Text 557

At once the thieves fell asleep. They were all unconscious.

Text 558

They were all bewildered by the Lord's Maya. The dawn came. Still they were not awake.

Text 559

When the crows cawed, the thieves awakened. They did not even see the night. They were unhappy at heart.

Text 560

They hurriedly hid their swords and shields in the forest. Then the thieves hurried to bathe in the Ganga.

Text 561

At the end the thieves returned to their own place. They violently quarreled.

Text 562

One of them said, "You fell asleep first." Another said, "You slept very soundly."

Text 563

Another said, "Why should we quarrel? Today saintly Goddess Durga rescued us."

Text 564

The wicked brahmana who was the commander of that army of thieves said, "Why should we quarrel?

Text 565

"Whatever happened was all Goddess Durga's will. One day may pass. Does that mean that all the days are gone?

Text 566

"I think Goddess Durga bewildered us. We did not worship Goddess Durga before we left. That is the reason for all this.

Text 567

"Tonight we will all worship Goddess Durga. We will offer her meat and wine. Then we will go to the same place.

Text 568

Agreeing to this plan, the thieves, offering meat and wine, worshiped Goddess Durga.

Text 569

The next day they cleaned their weapons, dressed in black clothing, and left.

Text 570

The night was very dark. Everyone slept. The thieves assembled.

Text 571

Approaching the house, the thieves saw many tall men guarding the four directions.

Text 572

Standing in the four directions, the armed guards again and again chanted the holy names of Lord Hari.

Text 573

They were giants. They were powerful and ferocious. Their weapons were raised.

Text 574

The thieves saw that each of those giants had the power to kill a hundred thieves.

Text 575

The giants had flower garlands around their necks and sandal paste on their limbs. Again and again they chanted sankirtana of the holy names.

Text 576

As Lord Nityananda slept, the giants in the four directions sang, "Krishna!"

Text 577

Seeing this, the thieves became filled with wonder. They left the house and sat down together.

Text 578

The thieves said, "From where did these guards come?"

Text 579

One of them said, "Somehow the avadh.uta must have known. He asked the guards and brought them here."

Text 580

Another said, "My brothers, this avadhuta is a great sage and a philosopher. Again and again I heard this from many mouths.

Text 581

"This saintly avadhuta has great knowledge. He can protect Himself.

Text 582

"We all saw those guards. I don't think they were human beings.

Text 583

"I think this avadhuta has great mysti powers. That is why the people call Him `Gosai' (master)."

Text 584

Another thief said, "My brother, you are a fool. How can anyone who eats as He does and decorates Himself with fancy clothes, as He does, be a `gosai'?"

†††† 585-Text 587

The brahmana who was the commander of that little army of thieves said, "I know the reason.

Text 586

"Some big, big important person must have come to see the avadhuta.

Text 587

"An emissary from the king must have come. The giants were his personal bodyguards.

Text 588

"Those bodyguards were all religious fanatics. That is why they chanted, `Hari! Hari!'

Text 589

"While the guards are here, we should not come. After some days they will leave.

Text 590

"For now let us go to our homes. My brothers, for ten days let us quietly stay at home."

Text 591

When the leader had spoken these words, the thieves returned to their homes. Meanwhile Lord Nityananda, the moon of avadhutas, enjoyed pastimes as He wished.

Text 592

Whoever worships Lord Nityananda's feet and remembers them breaks all obstacles into pieces.

Text 593

Who has the power to place obstacles before Lord Nityananda?

Text 594

Who has the power to place obstacles before the Supreme Lord? Simply by remembering the Lord's servants, one breaks all ignorance into pieces.

Text 595

Ganesa and all his associates are all servants of the Supreme Lord. Siva, who destroys the worlds, is an amsa incarnation of the Supreme Lord.

Text 596

Who can bring fear to Lord Nityananda? When the Lord's amsa incarnation Ananta Sesha moves, all the worlds tremble.

Text 597

By His own will Lord Nityananda performed kirtana in all of Navadvipa. By His own will He enjoyed pastimes of eating and sleeping.

Text 598

His every lim‚ was decorated with priceless ornaments. He looked exactly like Rohini's son Balarama.

Text 599

Lord Nityananda chewed betelnuts mixed with camphor. His gentle smile charmed the heart of every person in the world.

Text 600

Fearless and blissful, and accompanied by a host of fearless and blissful devotees, He went everywhere.

Text 601

Another time the thieves made a plan and came to the house where Lord Nityananda stayed.

Text 602

By the Lord's arrangement there were great clouds. The darkness was blinding. The night was very fearsome. No person walked anywhere.

Text 603

On that very fearsome night each thief armed himself with five or ten weapons.

Text 604

They approached the house. Then every thief became blind. No one had the power to see.

Text 605

They could not see anything. All the thieves were now blind. Each one of them felt his mind, intelligence, and breath were under attack.

Text 606

One of them fell into a ditch and was ferociously bitten by mosquitoes and leeches.

Text 607

Another fell into a garbage-pit and was ferociously bitten by mosquitoes and scorpions.

Text 608

Another fell among thorns. His every lim‚ wounded by the thorns, he had no power to move.

Text 609

Another fell into a canal. His hands and feet broken, he wept.

Text 610

Another burned with fever. Every thief felt terror in his heart.

Text 611

At that moment the demigod Indra sent a great rainstorm to that very place.

Text 612

The thief bitten by mosquitoes and leeches was especially tortured by the rainstorm.

Text 613

Then hailstones fell on the thieves' bodies. They could not save their lives. Everyone was plunged in an ocean of sufferings.

Text 614

One thief became dizzy and fell down. Forgetting who he was, he was filled with terror.

Text 615

An endless rainstorm fell on the thieves. Their bodies trembled from the freezing cold.

Text 616

Now blind, the thieves had no power to see. Attacked by the freezing rain, they were on the verge of death.

Text 617

Aware that these people were enemies of Lord Nityananda, the demigod Indra became angry and tortured them very badly.

Text 618

After some moments the brahmana who was commander of that little army of thieves suddenly become fortunate. Now he understood.

Text 619

In his heart that brahmana thought, "Nityananda is not a human being. In truth He must be the Supreme Personality of Godhead Hismelf. How can anyone say He is a human being?

Text 620

"One day He bewildered us and mad us all fall asleep. Still, because of His powerful Maya, I did not understand.

Text 621

"Another day He showed us many very wonderful guards. Still I did not understand.

Text 622

"I am a great sinner. Everything I do is bad. In my heart I wanted to ro‚ the Supreme Lord of His wealth.

Text 623

"Who has the power to throw me into all these calamities? Lord Nityananda is my only shelter, I have no other shelter."

Text 624

Thinking in this way, the brahmana meditated on Lord Nityananda's feet. With great love he took shelter of them and surrendered himself to them.

Text 625

When the brahmana meditated on Lord Nityananda's feet, the calamities suddenly stopped. At that moment the brahmana became free of many millions of his past offenses.

Text 626

The brahmana prayed, "Save me! Save me! O Nityananda, O cowherd boy Krishna, O master, O protector of all living entities, please save me!

Text 627

"A person who trips and falls to the ground takes shelter of the earth.

Text 628

"In the same way a person who commits offenses against You must meditate on You. On then can he be delivered from his sufferings.

Text 629

"You forgive all offenses. You are merciful to the fallen.

Text 630

"I have killed many brahmana and many cows. O Lord, no one is a greater offender than I am.

Text 631

"Still, even the greatest sinners may find shelter in You and break into pieces the bonds that tie them to this world of birth and death.

Text 632

"From the moment of birth You protect the lives of the living entities, O Lord, and at the end of their lives You protect them also.

Text 633

"O Lord, please protect me today from these dangers. If I remain alive, I will have learned my lesson.

Text 634

"Birth after birth I am Your servant, O Lord. Whether I live or die, I only wish to be Your servant."

Text 635

Hearing these words, merciful Lord Nityananda delivered all the thieves.

Text 636

In this way the thieves became conscious again. Their eyes were suddenly released from blindness.

Text 637

By the power of the thief's surrender to Lord Nityananda, the terrible rainstorm no longer fell.

Text 638

After some moments the thieves again could see the path. They walked as if they were on the verge of death.

Text 639

They went to their homes and then bathed in the Ganga.

Text 640

The commander of that little army of thieves wept and wept. In his heart he took shelter of Lord Nityananda's feet.

Text 641

Meanwhile, Lord Nityananda, who is the master of all the worlds, sat down and placed His merciful glance on the fallen souls.

Text 642

In the four directions the devotees sang the holy names of Lord Hari. Lord Nityananda, the jewel of avadhutas, roared with bliss.

Text 643

At that moment the brahmana-thief came, lifted his arms, called out, "Save me!", and offered dandavat obeisances.

Text 644

From head to feet, the hairs of his body stood erect. From him an unending stream of tears flowed. He trembled.

Text 645

Again and again the brahmana roared and thundered with ecstati love. He was not in external consciousness. He wept.

Text 646

Gazing at Lord Nityananda's glory, the brahmana joyfully danced

Text 647

"Save me, Father Nityananda, purifier of the fallen!", the brahmana roared, his arms raised.

Text 648

Seeing this, the devotees became filled with wonder. "How did the thief become like this?"

Text 649

One devotee said, "It is a trick. It is a sham. Any moment he will attack us."

Text 650

Another devotee said, "Lord Nityananda is the purifier of the fallen. By His mercy this man has become good at heart."

Text 651

Seeing the endless symptoms of the brahmana devotional ecstasy, Lord Nityananda gently smiled and asked a question.

Text 652

The Lord said, "What has become of you? O brahmana, please tell Me. I see that your activities have become wonderful.

Text 653

"What have you seen? What have yoy heard of Lord Krishna's glories? Without worrying, and without trickery, please tell everything."

Text 654

Hearing the Lord's words, the saintly brahmana had no power to say anything. He only wept.

Text 655

He fell to the ground and rolled in the courtyard. Spontaneously he laughed, wept, danced, and sang.

Text 656

After some time the brahmana became peaceful. Then he said to Lord Nityananda,

Text 657

"Lord, my home is in Nadiya. I am a brahmana in name only. My actions are those of a hunter or a candala.

Text 658

"By always associating with wicked people, I became a violent thief. From the time of my birth I have not been anything but that.

Text 659

"When they see me, everyone in Navadvipa trembles in fear. There is not a sin that does not rest in my body.

Text 660

"When I saw Your glistening ornaments, in my heart I decided to ro‚ them.

Text 661

"One night I came with my band of thieves to ro‚ the treasures that decorate Your graceful limbs.

Text 662

"Lord, that night You bewildered us all. Bewildered by Your Maya, I did not know who You were.

Text 663

"Another night, after worshiping Goddess Durga in many ways, and armed with swords, daggers, and tridents, we came again.

Text 664

"That night we saw a great wonder. Your house was surrounded by guards.

Text 665

"Each guard was powerful like a mad elephant. Each wore a flower garland from his neck to his knees.

Text 666

"As the holy name of Lord Hari stayed in every guard's mouth, You happily slept in the house.

Text 667

"I was so sinful at heart that even then I did not understand Your glories.

Text 668

" `Whose guards are these? From where did they come?' Thinking these thoughts, I left.

Text 669

"After some days, I cam again last night, but at once my eyes were blinded.

Text 670

"When I came with my band of thieves, we surrounded Your house. Then we all became blind and we fell into different situations.

Text 671

"We were bitten by mosquitoes, leeches, and thrones. There were torrential rains and a hailstorm. We suffered badly. We had no power to move.

Text 672

"First we suffered Yamaraja's tortures. Then, at the end, we became Your devotees.

Text 673

"By Your mercy, with unalloyed love we meditated on Your feet.

Text 674

"Then You restored vision to our eyes. You are the Supreme Personality of Godhead, the purifier of the fallen.

Text 675

"Simply by thinking of You, we all escaped the tortures of Yamaraja. How great is Your glory!

Text 676

"Simply by remembering You, a person breaks the bonds of ignorance and easily goes to Vaikuntha."

Text 677

Speaking and speaking in this way, the brahmana loudly wept. In this way Lord Nityananda manifested His pastimes.

Text 678

Hearing these wonders, everyone bowed down before the brahmana.

Text 679

Then the brahmana said, "Lord, please give me permission to depart. No longer do I wish to keep this body alive.

Text 680

"In my heart I desired to harm You. Therefore my penance is that I will die by drowning in the Ganga."

Text 681

Hearing the brahmana's sincere words, Lord Nityananda and the devotees became pleased,

Text 682

Lord Nityananda said, "brahmana, you are very fortunate. Birth after birth You are Lord Krishna's servant.

Text 683

"If you had not attained the Lord's mercy, how could all those events have passed? How could they have passed if you were not a servant of the Lord?

Text 684

"Lord Chaitanya has descended to this world to purify the fallen. It is not otherwise.

Text 685

"Listen, brahmana. If you commit no more sins, I will accept all your karma.

Text 686

"Give up violence, theft, and all misdeeds. Do them no more.

Text 687

"Walk on the path of religion. Chant the holy names of Lord Hari. Then you can deliver others.

Text 688

"Go among the thieves and criminals. Bring them all to the path of religion."

Text 689

Speaking these words, Lord Nityananda took the garland from His won neck and happily gave it to the brahmana.

Text 690

Then there was a great sound of "Jaya! Jaya!" The brahmana was now free of all material bondage.

Text 691

The brahmana spoke words choked with emotion. Grasping Lord Nityananda feet, he wept and wept.

Text 692

He called out, "Lord Nityananda! Master! Purifier of the sinners! Please give the shelter of Your feet to me, a sinner!

Text 693

"In my heart I wished You harm. Who is more sinful than me?"

Text 694

Then Lord Nityananda, who is an ocean of mercy, placed His lotus feet on the brahmana's head.

Text 695

When his head received the mercy of Lord Nityananda's feet, the brahmana's offenses were all broken into pieces.

Text 696

Whenever thieves came to his door, the brahmana guided them on the path of religion. He taught them to take shelter of Lord Chaitanya.

Text 697

Renouncing theft, violence, and all misdeeds, they all became very saintly.

Text 698

They all chanted the holy names of Lord Hari hundreds of thousands of time. They all became expert in devotional service to Lord Vishnu.

Text 699

Wild with love for Lord Krishna, Lord Nityananda always sang Lord Krishna's holy names. In this way Lord Nityananda was an ocean of mercy.

Text 700

In no other incarnation did the Supreme Lord act in this way. Lord Nityananda always chanted, "Chaitanya!"

Text 701

A brahmana who does not honor Lord Nityananda becomes counted among the thieves and ruffians.

†††† 702-Text 703

By Lord Nityananda's power these thieves and ruffians attained ecstati devotional service, devotional service where the devotee weeps, trembles, shouts, and finds the hairs of his body standing erect, devotional service the kings of yoga yearn to attain.

Text 704

O my brothers, please worship, please worship Lord Nityananda. By His mercy you will attain Lord Chaitanya.

Text 705

Anyone who hears these stories of Lord Nityananda will someday meet Lord Chaitanya, the Supreme Personality of Godhead.

Text 706

Anyone who with an attentive heart hears this pastime of the thieves' deliverance will someday see Lord Chaitanya and Lord Nityananda.

Text 707

In this way Lord Nityananda fearlessly and joyfully enjoyed many pastimes.

Text 708

Wandering in village after village with His associates, Lord Nityananda enjoyed pastimes of kirtana.

Text 709

In this way He visited Khanacaur#a, Bar#agachi, Dogachiya, and, on the other side of the Ganga, Kuliya.

Text 710

The people of Bar#agachi were very pious. Their village was an important place of Lord Nityananda's pastimes.

Text 711

No one has the power to describe the glory and good fortune of Bar#agachi.

Text 712

Lord Nityananda associates were always very joyful at heart.

Text 713

They did nothing but sankirtana. Moment after moment they became more and more rapt in the ecstasy of being gopas.

Text 714

They carried sticks, flutes, buffalo-horns, and rope for tying cows. They wore gunja-necklaces. On their wrists were bracelets and on their ankles anklets.

Text 715

Ecstati love for Lord Krishna was always present in their bodies. They were attracted to Lord Krishna. They wept and trembled. The hairs of their bodies stood erect.

Text 716

They were very handsome. It was as if they were not different from Kamadeva himself. They always performed sankirtana.

Text 717

Accompanied by their master, fearless Lord Nityananda, these devotees were always joyful.

Text 718

Even in a hundred years I could not describe all the glories of Lord Nityananda's servants.

Text 719

Still, I will at least tell their names, as far as I know them. Simply by remembering their names one crosses beyond this world of birth and death.

Text 720

In their company Lord Nityananda enjoyed pastimes. They are all eternal associates of Maharaja Nanda. They are gopas and gopis descended to this world.

Text 721

Lord Nityananda has forbidden us. He said that their previous names should not be revealed or written.

Text 722

Ramadasa was one of the Lord's inmportant associates. He always spoke in the mood of the Supreme Lord Himself.

Text 723

No one had the power to understand his words. Lord Nityananda always stayed in his heart.

Text 724

Ramadasa was always in the grip of intense ecstati love. For three months Lord Krishna personally stayed in his body.

Text 725

Murari Pandita was a famous devotee of Lord Chaitanya. He would play with snakes and tigers.

Text 726

Raghgunatha Vaidya Upadhyaya was very noble-hearted. His glance made every heart fall in love with Lord Krishna.

Text 727

Gadadhara dasa always tasted the nectar of ecstati love and devotion. His glance destroyed all sins.

Text 728

The devotee named Sundarananda was like a nectar ocean of ecstati love. He was one of the most important of Lord Nityananda's associates.

Text 729

Kamalakanta Pandita was always wild with ecstasy. Lord Nityananda gave the village of Saptagriama to him.

Text 730

Gauridasa Pandita was very glorious and fortunate. With body, mind, and words he served Lord Nityananda. Lord Nityananda was his very life.

Text 731

Purandara Pandita was very peaceful and self-controlled. He was very dear to Lord Nityananda.

Text 732

Paramesvari dasa considered Lord Nityananda his very life. In his body Lord Nityananda enjoyed pastimes.

Text 733

Dhananjaya Pandita was very exalted. At every moment Lord Nityananda stayed in his heart.

Text 734

Balarama dasa was always wild from tasting the nectar of ecstati love. The breeze that blew past him destroyed all sins.

Text 735

Yadunatha Kaviraja was always filled with the nectar of ecstatic love. Lord Nityananda was always merciful to him.

Text 736

Jagadisa Pandita was the abode of great effulgence. Lord Nityananda and Lord Nityananda's associates were his life and his wealth.

Text 737

Purushottama Pandita was born in Navadvipa. In his heart he was a great servant of Lord Nityananda.

Text 738

In the beginning Lord Nityananda stayed in his home. His mercy makes one's heart drawn to Lord Nityananda.

Text 739

Dvija Krishnadasa was born in Radha-desa. He enjoyed pastimes with Lord Nityananda's associates.

Text 740

Kaliya Krishnadasa is famous in the three worlds. By remembering him one attains Lord Chaitanya.

Text 741

Sadasiva Kaviraja was very glorious and fortunate. His son was named Purushottama dasa.

Text 742

External consciousness was never present in Purushottama dasa's body. In his heart Lord Nityananda always enjoyed pastimes.

Text 743

Uddharana Datta was a noble and generous Vaishnava. He was very qualified to serve Lord Nityananda.

Text 744

Mahesa Pandita was very exalted. Paramananda Upadhyaya was a pure Vaishnava.

Text 745

Gangadasa was the son of Caturbhuja Pandita. In the beginning Lord Nityananda enjoyed pastimes in Gangadasa's home.

Text 746

Acarya Vaishnavananda was very noble and generous. In the beginning he was known by the name Raghunatha Puri.


Text 747

Saintly Paramananda Guota was very famous. In the beginning Lord Nityananda stayed at his home.

Text 748

Krishnadasa was a saintly resident of Bar#agachi. In his home Lord Nityananda enjoyed pastimes.

Text 749

Krishnadasa and Devananda were both very pure at heart. Exalted Acaryacandra had Lord Nityananda as his only shelter.

Text 750

Saintly Madhava Ghosha was a singer. Vasudeva Ghosha always tasted the nectar of ecstati love.

Text 751

Jiva Pandita was very noble, generous, glorious, and fortunate. Lord Nityananda enjoyed pastimes in his home.

Text 752

The four devotees Manohara, Narayana, Krishnadasa, and Devananda were very dear to Lord Nityananda.

Text 753

Even if I had a hundred years to do it, I would not have the power to write about all of Lord Nityananda's servants.

Text 754

Thousands and thousands of devotees were Lord Nityananda's servants. For all of them Lord Chaitanya and Lord Nityananda were their life and wealth.

Text 755

By Lord Nityananda's mercy they all became wild by tasting the nectar of love for Lord Chaitanya.

Text 756

The little that I know I have written. Later Vedavyasa will reveal everything.

Text 757

At the end of all these servants is Vrindavana dasa, who was born from the wom‚ of Narayani, the Narayani who tasted the remnants of Lord Chaitanya's meal.

Text 758

Even today it is heard among the Vaishnavas, "Narayani tasted the remnants of Lord Chaitanya's meal."

Text 759

The two moons Shri Krishna Chaitanya and Shri Nityananda are my life and soul. I, Vrindavana dasa, sing the glories of Their feet.