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Chapter Four

Shri Acyutananda-caritra Shri Madhavendra-tithi-puja-varnana


Description of Shri Acyutananda's Pastimes and the Worship on Shri Madhavendra-tithi


Text 1 Glory, glory to He who is an ocean of mercy! Glory to Lord Chaitanya! Glory, glory to He whose feet contain all auspiciousness!

Text 2 Glory, glory to Shri Krishna Chaitanya, the king of sannyasis! Glory, glory to Lord Chaitanya's devotees!

Text 3 After delivering everyone, accompanied by His devotees Lord Chaitanya set out for Mathura.

Text 4 He walked on the path by the Ganga's bank. By bathing and drinking, He fulfilled Goddess Ganga's desire.

Text 5 Near Gauda, by the Ganga's shore, was a village named Ramakeli, a village of brahmanas.

Text 6 The Lord went to that holy place. After four or five days no one knew He was there.

Text 7 How long can the sun remain hidden? Soon everyone heard that Lord Chaitanya had come there.

Text 8 With happy hearts everyone, including women, children, elders, pious, and impious, came to see Him.

Text 9 The Lord was always rapt in ecstasy. Nothing but pure devotion and ecstati love pleased Him.

Text 10

He roared, thundered, trembled, and wept. The hairs of His body stood erect. Again and again He stumbled and fell.

Text 11

Again and again He performed kirtana with the devotees. Not for a moment did He perform even half a sesame seed's worth of any other activity.

Text 12

The Lord very loudly wept. For two miles on the path the people heard Him weeping.

Text 13

Even though they did not understand the nectar of ecstati devotional service, everyone felt happy when they saw the Lord.

Text 14

From afar everyone offered dandavat obeisances. Gathering together, they loudly sang, "Hari! Hari!"

Text 15

Hearing the people chant the holy names of Lord Hari, Lord Chaitanya became very happy.

Text 16

"Chant! Chant! Chant!", the Lord said, raising His arms. Everyone happily chanted louder.

Text 17

Lord Chaitanya manifested so much bliss there that even the Muslims, what to speak of the others, all chanted.

Text 18

Even the Muslims offered dandavat obeisances from afar. Lord Chaitanya manifested great mercy.

Text 19

Lord Chaitanya always performed sankirtana. He did not do even half a sesame seed's worth of any other activity.

Text 20

From the four directions the people came to see. Gazing at the Lord, who did not feel his heart run to Him?

Text 21

Gathering together, the people chanted the holy names of Lord Hari. In the four directions no one could hear any other sound.

Text 22

The Muslim king's court was nearby. Still, fear did not take birth in anyone's heart.

Text 23

Forgetting all sufferings, sorrows, homes, and duties, everyone fearlessly chanted, "Hari!"


Text 24

A policeman went to the Muslim king and said, "A sannyasi has come to Ramakeli-grama.

Text 25

"he always does kirtana glorifying some ghost. How many people have come to meet Him? I do not know."

Text 26

The king said, "What is this sannyasi like?

Tell me. Tell. What does He eat? What is His name? What is the shape of His body?"

Text 27

The policeman said, "Listen. Listen, my lord. This is a wonder I have never seen or heard before.

Text 28

"This sannyasi is very handsome to see. He is equal to Kamadeva himself. I do not have the power to describe Him.

Text 29

"He conquers the splendor of gold. He is very tall. His arms reach to His knees. His navel is very deep.

Text 30

"he has a lion's neck, an elephant's shoulders, and lotus eyes. Millions of moons do not equal His face.

Text 31

"His lips are gloriously red. His teeth defeat pearls. His knitted eyebrows are like the archer Kamadeva's bows.

Text 32

"His handsome broad chest is anointed with sandal paste. A saffron garment graces His broad hips.

Text 33

"His feet are like red lotuses. His ten toenails glisten like ten mirrors.

Text 34

"He must have been the king of some country, or the son of some king. He must have attained spiritual knowledge and accepted sannyasa. Now He travels from place to place.

Text 35

"His every lim is soft like butter. Now please hear this wonder. He violently falls to the ground.

Text 36

"In half an hour He falls hundreds and hundreds of times. His falls break stone, but still His body is not broken.

Text 37

"The hairs on this sannyasi's body always stand erect. In this way His limbs look like panasa fruits.

Text 38

"Moment after moment this sannyasi trembles. A hundred men have no power to hold Him still.

Text 39

"The tears flowing from His two eyes are a wonder to be seen. His tears flow like how many rivers? I have no power to say.

Text 40

"Sometimes this sannyasi loudly laughs. Even after si hours He does not stop.

Text 41

"Sometimes, after listening to the kirtana, He falls unconscious. No can revive Him. Everyone becomes frightened.

Text 42

"Again and again He raises His arms and chants the names of Lord Hari. He has no desire to eat, sleep, or do anything else.

Text 43

"From the four directions people come to see Him. No heart there wishes to go home.

Text 44

"How many sannyasis, yogis, and philosophers have I seen? I have never seen or heard of any wonderful person like Him.


Text 45

"O great king, I say that this person's arrival makes your country glorious and fortunate.

Text 46

"Now no one eats. No one sleeps. No one talks. At every moment everyone enjoys only pastimes of sankirtana."

Text 47

Although he was naturally very passionate and ferocious, when he heard these words the Muslim king felt great wonder in his heart.

Text 48

The wonder-struck king called for Kesava Khan and asked him,

Text 49

"Kesava Khan, what is your opinion of the person named Shri Krishna Chaitanya? Tell me.

Text 50

"What is the talk about Him? What kind of man is He? What kind of sannyasi? You must tell me.

Text 51

"From the four directions people come to see Him. Why do they come? Please say what you think."

Text 52

Hearing these words, saintly Kesava Khan became afraid. Hiding his true opinion, he said,

Text 53

"Who says He is a great gosvami? He's just a sannyasi beggar. He's just a poor man from another country. He lives under a tree."

Text 54

Then the king said, "Don't call Him a poor man. It is a great offense to hear those words with the ear.

Text 55

"Everyone should know without doubt that He is the same person the Hindus call `Krishna' and the Muslims call `Khoda'.

Text 56

"In my kingdom everyone follows my order. But in every kingdom everyone places this person's order on their head.

Text 57

"In my own kingdom how many enemies try to stop me?

Text 58

"If this person were not the Supreme Personality of Godhead, why would these people from every country worship Him with their bodies, words, and thoughts?

Text 59

"If for si months I did not pay them, every one of my servants would make many complaints against me.

Text 60

"These people arrange for their own eating, and then they serve Him. Who does not gaze on Him with a loving heart?

Text 61

"Therefore please know that He is the Supreme Personality of Godhead. That is the truth. Please don't say that he is a `poor person'."

Texts Texts 62-65

The king said, "This I say to everyone: If anyone, be he a kazi, or a policeman, or anyone, makes trouble for this sannyasi, I will personally take away the troublemaker's life. This sannyasi may go wherever He likes. He may preach whatever He likes from His own scripture. He may happily perfom kirtana with all the people. He may do whatever is in His heart."

Text 66

After giving this order, the king retired to the inner rooms of His palace. Thus Lord Chaitanya was able to continue His pastimes.

Text 67

This Muslim king was Hussein Shah, who broke many Deities and temples throughout Orissa.

Text 68

Even that Muslim king honored Lord Chaitanya. Therefore only a blind person will not honor Lord Chaitanya.

Text 69

Though they may shave their heads and wear sannyasi's garments, these blind people burn in their hearts when they hear Lord Chaitanya's glories.

Texts Texts 70-72

Anyone who is not happy to hear Lord Chaitanya's glories, glories that fill the numberless universes, glories that crush ignorance into powder, glories that make Lakshmi, Siva, Brahma, and Ananta Sesha wild with happiness, glories that the four Vedas always sing, finds that all his virtues become faults.

Text 73

If he remembers Lord Chaitanya's feet, even a person with no virtues will go to Vaikuntha.

Text 74

O my brothers, listen. Please listen to these pastimes of the Antya-khanda, pastimes where Lord Krishna performed sankirtana.

Text 75

Hearing these truthful words from the king, the saintly people became happy.

Text 76

Meeting in secret, the saintly devotees discussed the situation, saying,

Text 77

"The king is a ferocious Muslim. He is always agitated by the mode of ignorance.

Text 78

"In Orissa how many millions and millions of Deities and temples did he wildly break?

Text 79

"By divine arrangement the mode of goodness is now born in his heart. That is why he now speaks good words to us.

Text 80

"But if someone comes and gives him bad advice, then he may again become wicked and ferocious.

Text 81

"Aware of this situation, we should tell the sannyasi, `Lord, why did You come to see this place?'

Text 82

"We should sent Him a letter that says, `Why should You stay in a village so close to this king?' "

Text 83

Everyone agreed to this plan. A good brahmana secretly carried the letter.

Text 84

Tasting the nectar of ecstati love, and always wild with bliss, Lord Chaitanya roared and thundered again and again.

Text 85

Gathering together, thousands and millions of people sang Lord Hari's holy names. In their midst Lord Chaitanya, the jewel of sannyasis, joyfully danced.

Text 86

Not for a moment did anyone say or do anything else. Day and night everyone performed sankirtana.

Text 87

Seeing this, the brahmana became filled with wonder. There was no opportunity to deliver the letter.

Text 88

Lord Chaitanya would not speak even to His close associates. Why would He speak to others?

Text 89

Was it day? Was it night? Was He among friends or strangers? Was He in water? Was He on land? Was He in a village?

Text 90

Lord Chaitanya did not know. By tasting the nectar of devotion to a person who was actually His own self, He had become wild. Day and night He swam in an ocean of love for a person who was actually His own self.

Text 91

Not finding an opportunity to speak to the Lord, the brahmana spoke to the devotees.

Text 92

The brahmana said, "You are all the close associates of the Lord. When you find the opportunity, please tell the Lord this message:

Text 93

`Why should You stay in a village so close to this king?' All of you please tell Him this message."


Text 94

After speaking these words, and after offering millions of dandavat obeisances to the Lord, the brahmana left and returned to his home.

Text 95

Hearing these words, the Lord's associated began to worry in their hearts.

Text 96

Still, they could not find an opportunity to tell the Lord. Lord Chaitanya did not manifest external consciousness.

Text 97

Raising His two arms, all He would say was, "Chant! Chant! Chant `Hari!' Chant `Hari!' "

Text 98

In the four directions millions and millions of people clapped their hands and joyfully chanted, "Hari!"

99-Text 102

The Supreme Personality of Godhead, the remembrance of whose servants' names breaks the bonds of repeated birth and death and throws all obstacles far away, whose potency enables the individual souls to move and act, whom the Vedas describe as the "eternal and pure Supreme Brahman", and whose Maya makes the conditioned souls forget Him, has now descended to the earth to deliver the conditioned souls from the bondage of repeated birth and death by allowing them to taste the nectar of pure devotional service.

Text 103

Who is the king that has the right to rule over Him? Of whom need He fear? The Vedas affirm, "Death, time, and their companions are all His servants."

Text 104

By His own wish supremely independent Lord Chaitanya, the crest jewel of all persons, performed sankirtana with all the people.

Text 105

If they should be afraid of anyone, the people should be afraid of Lord Chaitanya. Still, they were not afraid. From the four directions they came to see Him.

Text 106

Lord Chaitanya gave spiritual bliss to everyone. They were not afraid of the king.

107-Text 108

Although the people were not learned in spiritual matters, when the saw Lord Chaitanya spiritual bliss was suddenly born in their bodies. Even Yamaraja, the king of death, did not frighten them. Why would they be afraid of some king?

Text 109

Again and again everyone chanted the names of Lord Hari. No other sound was heard in anyone's mouth.

Text 110

Surrounded by everyone, the king of Vaikuntha performed sankirtana in this way.

Text 111

A slight worry then entered the hearts of the Lord's associates. Lord Chaitanya, the Supersoul in the hearts of all, became aware of that.

Text 112

Slightly smiling, the Lord came to external consciousness. Breaking the illusion of His devotees, the Lord spoke.

Text 113

The Lord said, "Why are you afraid that the king will come to see Me?

Text 114

"Anyone who comes to see Me I will see. But not everyone will come to see Me.

Text 115

"Why are you afraid at heart? What can the king say that will force Me to go and see him?

Text 116

"What power has the king to order Me?

Text 117

Only if I place the words in his mouth will this king say that he wishes to see Me.

Text 118

"What power has he to see Me without My will? The Vedas search for Me, but they do not see Me.

Text 119

"The devarshis, rajarshis, siddhas, Puranas, and Mahabharata search for Me, but they do not see Me.

Text 120

"To begin the sankirtana movement I have descended to this world. I will deliver the whole fallen world.

Text 121

"My heart does not care whether the people are yavanas or demons. In this yuga everyone will chant My names.

Text 122

"I will deliver the untouchables, demons, yavanas, outcastes, women, sudras, and everyone else.

Text 123

"In this yuga I will give to everyone the devotional service that the demigods, sages, and siddhas yearn to attain.

Text 124

"But persons intoxicated by learning, wealth, aristocrati family, knowledge, and austerity, will not become My devotees. They commit offenses.

Text 125

"In this yuga these people are cheated. They do not understand My transcendental pastimes.

Text 126

"In every village and country on this earth My name will be preached.

Text 127

"I have come to this earth, but still the people do not search to find Me.

Text 128

"Why would this king come to see Me? These words are all false. This I tell you all."

Text 129

Manifesting external consciousness, Lord Chaitanya spoke these words. Hearing them, the devotees became happy.

Text 130

Staying for some days in that village, Lord Chaitanya fearlessly performed the sankirtana of chanting His own holy names.

Text 131

Who has the power to know the Supreme Lord's desire? He did not go to Mathura. He turned and went back.

Text 132

He told His devotees, "I will go to Lord Jagannatha, the moon of Nilacala."

Text 133

Saying these words, the supremely blissful and independent Lord, continuing His pastimes of sankirtana, went south.

Text 134

He joyfully continued on the path by the Ganga's bank. After some days He came to Advaita's home.

Text 135

Seeing His son's glory, Advaita turned from His other duties and became rapt in bliss.

Text 136

At that time Lord Chaitanya came to Advaita's home.

Text 137

Please happily listen and I will tell the very wonderful story of why Advaita was rapt in bliss in His son's company.

Text 138

Advaita had a worthy son who in this world was known by the name "Acyutananda".

Text 139

One day, by divine arrangement, an exalted sannyasi came to Advaita Acarya's home.

Text 140

Seeing the sannyasi, Advaita became very humble. First He bowed down, and then He offered the sannyasi a sitting place.

Text 141

Advaita said, "Gosvami, please accept alms." The sannyasi said, "You may offer alms.

Text 142

"But first I wish to ask a question of You. The alms I ask is that You answer my question."

Text 143

Advaita Acarya said, "Please accept a meal first. Later you may ask questions and we will talk."


Text 144

The sannyasi said, "First I will ask my question." Advaita Acarya said, "Ask Me whatever you like."

Text 145

The sannyasi said, "Who is Kesava Bharati to Lord Chaitanya? Please tell me that."

Text 146

In His heart Lord Advaita thought, "There are two sides: material and spiritual.

Text 147

"Although He has neither father nor mother, the Supreme Personality of Godhead is still called `Devakinandana' (the son of Devaki).

Text 148

"Although from the spiritual point of view no one can be Lord Chaitanya's guru, still everyone says that He has a guru.

Text 149

"Why should I begin by talking from the spiritual point of view? First I will speak in ordinary, in material terms."

Text 150

Thinking in this way, Lord Advaita said, "Kesava Bharati is Lord Chaitanya's guru.

Text 151

"You have seen that Kesava Bharati is His guru. Why do you ask this question of Me?"

Text 152

The moment Advaita spoke these words, Acyutananda ran into the room.

Text 153

He was a charming five-year-old boy. His limbs, clothed only by the four directions, were covered with dust from his childhood playing.

Text 154

His every lim was handsome. He was like Karttikeya. He knew everything. He was very devoted. He held all the power of pure devotional service.

Text 155

Hearing the words, "Lord Chaitanya's guru", Acyutananda laughed and laughed. Filled with anger, he said,

Text 156

"Father! What are You saying? Say again what You think. You think, `Lord Chaitanya has a guru'?

Text 157

"How can You dare to place such words on Your tongue? I do not know the reason.

Text 158

"If You place words like those on Your tongue then I think the Kali-yuga has certainly come.

Text 159

"Or perhaps Lord Chaitanya's Maya potency, which bewilders Brahma, Siva, and the demigods, has also bewildered You.

Text 160

"I think Lord Vishnu's Maya potency bewilders You. Who has the power to cross over Lord Chaitanya's Maya?

Text 161

"If You are not bewildered by Maya, then why do You say, `Lord Chaitanya has a guru'?

Text 162

"By Lord Chaitanya's wish the numberless universes enter the pores of Lord Chaitanya's body.

Text 163

"Lord Chaitanya enjoys pastimes on the water. He plays alone. Nothing different from Him exists.

Text 164

"many proud sages do not even know where they are.

Text 165

"By Lord Chaitanya's inconceivable will, Brahma was playfully born from Lord Chaitanya's lotus navel.

Text 166

"At that moment Brahma had no power even to see where he was. At the end Brahma worshiped Lord Chaitanya with unalloyed devotion.


Text 167

"Pleased by Brahma's devotion, Lord Chaitanya taught him the truth.

Text 168

"Placing Lord Chaitanya's order on his head, Brahma then created the universe and taught everyone what he had learned.

Text 169

"Sanaka and the other sages learned that knowledge from Brahma and mercifully taught it to the whole world.

Text 170

"In this way the knowledge was passed down. Why, then, do you say that Lord Chaitanya has a guru?

Text 171

"You are my father. You are my siksha-guru. How will I learn the truth from You? Why did You say all those false things?"

Text 172

After speaking these words, Acyutananda became silent. Hearing his words, Advaita became filled with bliss.

Text 173

Saying, "Son! Son!", Advaita embraced Acyutananda. With tears of love He sprinkled Acyutananda's limbs.

Text 174

He said, "You are My father. I am your son. Pretending to be My son, You have come here to teach Me.

Text 175

"Father, please forgive My offenses against you. Never again will I talk as I did. This I promise you."

Text 176

Hearing himself praised, saintly Acyutananda became embarrassed. He would not lift his head.

Text 177

Hearing Acyutananda's words, the sannyasi at once offered dandavat obeisances.

Text 178

The sannyasi said, "Advaita's son is worthy. As the father is, so is the son. His words are beyond the knowledge of ordinary human beings.

Text 179

"The power of the Supreme Personality of Godhead rests in Acyutananda. It cannot be otherwise. How can such words come from the mouth of a child?

Text 180

"The moment when I came to see Advaita is auspicious. With my own eyes I have seen very wonderful glory."

Text 181

After offering respectful obeisances to Advaita and His son, the sannyasi departed, chanting, "Hari! Hari!"

Text 182

That is why I say the Advaita's son was worthy. His only shelter was Lord Chaitanya's feet.

Text 183

If someone worships Advaita but rejects Lord Chaitanya, then, even if he be Advaita's own son, he must go.

Text 184

Seeing His son's glory, Advaita Acarya abandoned all duties, embraced His son, and wept.

Text 185

He took the dust from His son's limbs and happily smeared it on His own body.

Text 186

Saying, "Lord Chaitanya's own associate is born in My home!", Lord Advaita clapped His hands and danced.

Text 187

Embracing His son, Lord Advaita danced. No one in the three worlds can know the heights of His devotion.

Text 188

Seeing His son's glory, Advaita was overcome. At that moment everything was very auspicious.

Text 189

Accompanied by His associates, Lord Chaitanya came to Advaita's home at that moment.

Text 190

Seeing His worshipable Deity, the master of His life, Advaita fell to the ground and offered dandavat obeisances.

Text 191

Advaita roared, "Hari!" Overcome with bliss, He forgot His own body.Text 192

The women chanted "Jaya! Jaya!" Great bliss arose in Advaita's home.

Text 193

Lord Chaitanya embraced Advaita to His chest. He sprinkled Advaita's limbs with tears of ecstati love.

Text 194

Holding Lord Chaitanya's feet to His chest, Advaita wept. He was not in external consciousness.

Text 195

In the four directions the devotees wept. How wonderful was the love they felt. I do not have the power to describe it.

Text 196

After some moments becoming peaceful, Advaita humbly offered Lord Chaitanya an asana.

Text 197

Lord Chaitanya sat on that glorious asana. In the four directions were the glorious devotees.

Text 198

Nityananda and Advaita embraced. Gazing at each other, They became happy at heart.

Text 199

The devotees offered obeisances to Advaita Acarya. With great love Advaita Acarya embraced them all.

Text 200

Except for Vedavyasa Himself, who has the power to describe the bliss that was born in Advaita's home?

Text 201

In a moment Advaita's small son Acyutananda offered obeisances to Lord Chaitanya's feet.

Text 202

Embracing him, Lord Chaitanya covered Acyutananda's body with tears of love.

Text 203

Lord Chaitanya would not let Acyutananda leave His chest. Acyutananda clung to the Lord's body.

Text 204

Seeing the Lord's mercy to Acyutananda, the devotees wept with love.

Text 205

Of all of Lord Chaitanya's associates, none was more dear than Acyutananda. No one was like him.

Text 206

For Nityananda and Svarupa Damodara, he was as dear as life. He was the foremost disciple of Gadadhara Pandita.

Text 207

Therefore I say that Acyutananda was a worthy son of Advaita. As the father was, so was the son. It was right that they were together.

Text 208

In this way, accompanied by Lord Advaita's associates, Lored Chaitanya plunged in the nectar of spiritual bliss.

Text 209

By Advaita's wish, Lord Chaitanya stayed for some days and enjoyed pastimes of sankirtana in Advaita's home.

Text 210

Overcome with bliss by the Lord of His life's presence in His home, Lord Advaita Acarya did not know where He was.

Text 211

When noble-hearted Advaita became a little peaceful He sent a messenger running to Mother Saci.

Text 212

Taking with him a palanquin, the messenger quickly went to Navadvipa and told Mother Saci the message.

Text 213

Mother Saci was plunged in a nectar ocean of ecstati love. What did she say? What did she hear? She was not in external consciousness.

Text 214

When she saw anyone before her she would say, "Please tell me the news from Mathura.

Text 215

"How are Krishna and Balarama in Mathura? What is that sinner Kamsa doing now?

Text 216

"What is the news of Akrura, the thief who stole my Krishna and Balarama? Please tell me.

Text 217

"I heard that the sinner Kamsa died. Is it true that Ugrasena is now king?"

Text 218

Sometimes Mother Saci would call out, "Krishna! Balarama! Quickly milk the cows. I will go to sell the milk.

Text 219

Sometimes Mother Saci would gra a stick and say, "Gra Him! Gra Him, everyone! The butter-thief flees.

Text 220

"Where will You run noe? Now I will tie You up." Speaking these words, Mother Saci, now rapt in ecstasy, would run here and there.

Text 221

Seeing a woman come before her, she would say, "Come, let us go to the Yamuna and take our baths."

Text 222

Sometimes she would loudly weep. Hearing her weep, any heart would melt.

Text 223

An unbroken stream of tears flowed from her two eyes. Hearing her emotional lament, even stones and dry sticks would split apart.

Text 224

Sometimes, Lord Krishna would appear in her meditation. Forgetting who she was, then she would very loudly laugh and laugh.

Text 225

This laughter was very blissful and wonderful. Even after si hours it did not end.

Text 226

Sometimes Mother Saci would faint in ecstasy. For three hours there was no sign of life in her body.

Text 227

Sometimes she trembled. Again and again someone picked her up, and again and again she fell to the ground.

Text 228

Who has ecstati love for Lord Krishna like Mother Saci? No one is like her.

Text 229

Devotion to Krishna resides in Lord Krishna's transcendental body. It was Lord Krishna Himself who gave the power of devotion to Mother Saci.

Text 230

Who has the power to describe the devotional ecstasies Mother Saci felt?

Text 231

Day and night Mother Saci very happily swam in the waves of the ocean of ecstati love.

Text 232

Whenever she was slightly in external consciousness Mother Saci would worship her deity of Lord Vishnu. Please know this for certain.

Text 233

When Mother Saci had thus sat down to worship Lord Krishna, the messenger came with the good news.

Text 234

He said, "Lord Chaitanya has come to Santipura. Mother, come quickly and see Him."

Text 235

Hearing this news, Mother Saci became very happy. Then the messenger went to tell the others.

Text 236

When the devotees heard this news of the Lord, their hearts became filled with great joy and love.

Text 237

Taking Mother Saci with him, the Lord's dear devotee Gangadasa Pandita at once departed.

Text 238

Murari Gupta and the other devotees all accompanied Mother Saci.

Text 239

Mother Saci quickly came to Santipura. Lord Chaitanya heard this news.

Text 240

Seeing His mother from afar, Lord Chaitanya at once offered dandavat obeisances.

Text 241

Again and again He circumambulated her and offered dandavat obeisances. Again and again He recited prayers.

Text 242

He said, "I say You are the mother of the universe. You are pure devotional service personified. Your form is spiritual, beyond the modes of material nature.

Text 243

"If you cast a merciful glance on them, the conditioned souls find their hearts have fallen in love with Lord Krishna.

Text 244

"You are personified pure devotion to Lord Vishnu. From you everything has come. You are Lord Vishnu's potency.

Text 245

"You are Ganga, Devaki, Yasoda, and Devahuti. You are Prisni, Anasuya, Kausalya, and Aditi.

Text 246

"From your glance everything arose. You are the protector. By you everything is destroyed.

Text 247

"Who has the power to describe you? Your home is in the hearts of all."

Text 248

Reciting verses like these, He offered prayers. The Supreme Personality of Godhead, who is eternal religion personified, offered dandavat obeisances.

Text 249

Who but Lord Krishna Himself has the power to be so devoted to father, mother, and guru?

Text 250

Streams of tears of bliss flowed over His limbs. Reciting these verses, He humbly offered obeisances.

Text 251

Simply by seeing Lord Chaitanya's face, Mother Saci was at once stunned with bliss.

Text 252

As Mother Saci remained motionless like a wooden puppet, the king of Vaikuntha joyfully prayed.

Text 253

The Lord said, "Whatever little devotion to Lord Krishna I possess has come only from your mercy.

Text 254

"The millions of servants of your servants are more dear to Me than My own life.

Text 255

"Anyone who once remembers you is no longer bound in the world of birth and death.

Text 256

"By touching you Ganga and Tulasi have become glorious and fortunate. That is why they now purify everything.

Text 257

"You have always been My protector. I have no power to repay the debt I owe you.

Text 258

"Your own spiritual virtues will have to be My repayment for the love you gave Me hour after hour."

Text 259

In this way Lord Chaitanya happily offered prayers. Simply by hearing these prayers, the Vaishnavas floated in bliss.

Text 260

Mother Saci knew her son was Lord Narayana descended to the earth, and He could say whatever He wished.

Text 261

After some moments, Mother Saci said only, "Who can understand Your words?

262-Text 263

"As lifeless objects float in the ocean, helplessly carried here and there by the currents, so all conditioned souls float in the ocean of repeated birth and death, carried here and there by Your Maya.

Text 264

"Son, I reply to Your words by saying that whatever You do is good.

Text 265

"You may recite prayers, circumambulate, and bow down. I know that You will do whatever You wish."

Text 266

Hearing Mother Saci's words, the devotees made a great sound of "Jaya! Jaya!"

Text 267

Who has the power to describe the great heights of Mother Saci's devotion? Within her wom Lord Chaitanya descended to this world.

Text 268

A person who says the material sound "a-i" (mother, will find, by the power of the word "a-i" that he no longer experiences material sufferings.

Text 269

Gazing at the Lord, Mother Saci became filled with bliss. Overcome with bliss, the devotees were not in external consciousness.

Text 270

What human being has the power to describe the bliss they felt?

Text 271

Mother Saci's bliss made Lord Nityananda wild. He happily floated in an ocean of bliss.

Text 272

Reciting prayers that said she was Devaki herself, Lord Advaita offered dandavat obeisances to Mother Saci. His obeisances did not come to an end.

273-Text 274

Mother Saci's bliss made Haridasa, Murari, Shrigarbha, Narayana, Jagadisa, Gopinatha, and the other devotees blissful also.

Text 275

Whoever reads or hears of their bliss will attain a great treasure of pure love for Lord Krishna.

Text 276

"Glorious Mother Saci will cook for the Lord." Advaita repeated this order of the Lord.

Text 277

Mother Saci happily went to cook. With great love she thought, "Chaitanya is Narayana."

Text 278

How many different kinds of food did Mother Saci prepare? I do not know even the names of the different foods she cooked.

Text 279

Mother Saci knew the Lord liked saka, so she cooked twenty different preparations made of saka.

Text 280

With a happy heart Mother Saci prepared each kind of food in ten or twenty different ways.

Text 281

When the cooking was completed, she brought all the foods to the dining room.

Text 282

Over the rice, vegetables, and other foods she placed tulasi manjaris.

Text 283

She placed the rice, vegetables, and other foods in the four directions, and in the middle she placed a comfortable seat.

Text 284

Accompanied by His associates, Lord Chaitanya came to eat.

Text 285

Seeing the nice arrangement of rice, vegetables, and other foods, Lord Chaitanya at once offered dandavat obeisances.

Text 286

The Lord said, "Even without eating, simply by seeing this food one becomes free of the bonds of birth and death.

Text 287

"How beautiful is this food! Words cannot properly praise it. Simply by smelling the fragrance of this food one attains pure devotion to Lord Krishna.

Text 288

"I know that Lord Krishna and His associates have certainly accepted this food."

Text 289

After speaking these words, the Lord circumambulated the food. Then Lord Chaitanya-Nrisimha sat down to eat.

Text 290

With the Lord's permission, in the four directions the devotees sat to watch Him eat.

Text 291

Then the king of Vaikuntha ate. Filling her eyes, fortunate and glorious Mother Saci gazed at Him.

Text 292

One by one, with great pleasure the Lord ate from each kind of food.

Text 293

Most glorious of all was the saka vegetable. Again and again the Lord ate that.


Text 294

Seeing the saka, the Lord was very pleased. At this the Lord's followers smiled.

Text 295

Gently smiling, the Lord ate. He told everyone the glories of saka.

Text 296

The Lord said, "This is the saka named `Acyuta'. By eating it one falls in love with Lord Krishna.

Text 297

"By eating the sakas named `patala-vastuka' and `kala', one attains the association of Vaishnavas birth after birth.

Text 298

"By eating the sakas named `salinca' and `helanca' one becomes free of disease and one also meets Lord Krishna.

Text 299

Again and again praising the glory of saka in this way, and the hairs of His body standing erect with joy, the Lord ate.

Text 300

Lord Ananta Sesha, who has thousands of heads, knows the bliss Lord Chaitanya felt as He ate on that day.

Text 301

With His thousands of tongues Lord Ananta Sesha, the support of the worlds and the first of the demigods, eternally sings the glories of Lord Chaitanya.

Text 302

In Kali-yuga Lord Ananta Sesha has become Nityananda, the king of avadhutas. By His order I write this book in the form of sutras.

Text 303

In the future Vedavyasa and the other great sages will describe all the glories of Lord Chaitanya.

Text 304

If he hears or reads of Lord Chaitanya's glories, a conditioned soul will break the bonds of material ignorance.

Text 305

Sitting, Lord Chaitanya happily ate. Then He left and rinsed His mouth.

Text 306

While the Lord was rinsing His mouth, the devotees fell on the food He left.

Text 307

Someone said, "What right have brahmanas to eat leftovers? I am a sudra. It is right that I eat the leftovers."

Text 308

The other person said, "I am not a brahmana." Some people slipped in, took something, and fled.

Text 309

Someone said, "Sudras have no right to eat these leftovers. Someone may say, `Sudras have a right', and someone else may say, `Sudras have no right.' Let us understand this according to what the scriptures say."

Text 310

Someone else said, "I don't want the leftovers. I will simply take the empty banana-leaf plates and go."

Text 311

Someone else said, "I always throw away the banana-leaf plates. Now, claiming that you are the authority here, you are taking them."

Text 312

Saying these words, the playful devotees eagerly tasted the nectar from the Supreme Lord's lips.

Text 313

This food had been cooked by Mother Saci and tasted by Lord Chaitanya. Within whom would greed to taste these leftovers not take birth?

Text 314

The devotees joyfully ate. Then they approached Lord Chaitanya.

Text 315

Lord Chaitanya sat down, and His followers sat around Him in the four directions.

Text 316

Seeing Murari Gupta before Him, Lord smiled and said,

Text 317

"Murari Gupta, I heard that you wrote eight Sanskrit verses describing Lord Ramacandra. Please recite them."

Text 318

Hearing the Lord's order, ecstati Murari Gupta recited these verses:


(Verse One)


Text 319

agre dhanurdhara-varah kanakojjvalango

jyeshthanusevana-rato vara-bhushanadhyah

seshakhya-dhama-vara-lakshmana-nama yasya

ramam jagat-traya-gurum satatam bhajami


"Again and again I worship Lord Ramacandra, the master of the three worlds. Before Him stands the person named Lakshmana, whose limbs are splendid like gold, who is the best of bowmen, whose is glorious with beautiful ornaments, who is the resting-place of Lord Ananta Sesha, and who is His brother's devoted servant.


(Verse Two)


Text 320

hatva khara-trisirasau sa-ganau kabandham

shri-danda-kananam adushanam eva kritva

sugriva-maitram akarod vinihatya satrum

ramam jagat-traya-gurum satatam bhajami


"Again and again I worship Lord Ramacandra, the master of the three worlds. Killing Khara, Trisirah, Kambandha, and their followers, He made Dandakaranya Forest pure and glorious. Killing the enemy Vali, He befriended Sugriva."


Text 321

After reciting all eight of these verses, by the Lord's order Murari Gupta explained them.


(Verse Three)


Text 322

He said, "Lord Rama is dark like durva grass. He is the diksha-guru of all bowmen. He is a kalpa-vriksha tree that fulfills His devotees' every desire.

Text 323

"His face smiling, He sits on a jewel throne. Sita-devi is at His left.

Text 324

"Before Him is His younger brother, the great bowman Lakshmana, who is splendid like gold and who is decorated with golden ornaments.

Text 325

"This younger brother, who is His elder brother's devoted servant, and who is the resting-place of Lord Ananta Sesha, bears the name `Shri Lakshmana'.

Text 326

"Birth after birth I worship the feet of Lord Ramacandra, who is like this, and who is the great master of all.


(Verse Four)


327-Text 328

Birth after birth I sing the glories of Lord Ramacandra, who delivered Ahalya, who delivered the candala Guha,

whom Bharata and Satrughna fan with camara whisks, and standing before whom Hanuman sings His sacred glories.


(Verse Five)


329-Text 331

"I worship the feet of Lord Ramacandra, who is the master of the three worlds, who, placing on His head His guru's order, left His kingdom and wandered in the forest to benefit the demigods and devotees, who, killing Vali, gave a kingdom to Sugriva, and who mercifully gave His friendship to Sugriva.


(Verse Six)


332-Text 333

I worship the feet of Lord Ramacandra, who with the help of Lakshmana and the monkeys playfully built a bridge across the impassable ocean, and who killed Ravana and his kinsmen, Ravana undefeated even by Indra.


(Verse Seven)


334-Text 335

"I worship the feet of Lord Ramacandra, whose glories even the yavanas hear with faith, and by whose mercy saintly Vibhishana, though he did not desire it, became king of Lanka.


(Verse Eight)


336-Text 339

"I worship the feet of Lord Ramacandra, who is the master of all, about whom the Vedas sing, `Rama is the Supreme Brahman. He is the master of the universes.', who to stop the wicked always carries His bow, who protects the citizens as if they were His own children, by whose mercy all the residents of Ayodhya became, in their very same bodies, residents of Vaikuntha, the nectar of whose holy name Lord Siva, clothed only by the four directions, always tastes, and whose feet Goddess Lakshmi always serves."


Text 340

In this way Murari Gupta recited the eight Sanskrit verses he had written, verses describing the nectar glories of Lord Ramacandra.

Text 341

Pleased by hearing these prayers, Lord Chaitanya placed His lotus feet on Murari Gupta's head.

Text 342

He said, "Listen, Murari Gupta. By My mercy without obstacle you will be Lord Ramacandra's servant birth after birth.

Text 343

"Anyone who takes shelter of you, even for only a single moment, will certainly attain Lord Ramacandra's lotus feet."

Text 344

Hearing the boon Lord Chaitanya gave Murari Gupta, everyone made a great sound of "Jaya! Jaya!"

Text 345

In this way the lion of Lord Chaitanya enjoyed pastimes. The four directions around Him were glorious with all the devotees, devptees like bees attracted to the lotus flower of His feet.

Text 346

At that time a leper came before the Lord.


Text 347

He offered dandavat obeisances. He cried in pain. Raising his two arms, he wept with grief.

Text 348

He said, "O merciful Lord, to deliver the whole world You descended to this earth.

Text 349

"Seeing the sufferings of others, You also feel unhappy. That is why I have come before You.

Text 350

"I am tormented by leprosy. My body burns with pain. Please say how I may be cured."

Text 351

Hearing the leper's words, Lord Chaitanya angrily rebuked him, saying,

Text 352

"Die! Die, sinner! When the people here see you, sin takes birth within them.

Text 353

"If even a saintly person sees you, from that day he must suffer.

Text 354

"You are the blasphemer of a Vaishnava. You are a sinner. Your actions are evil. How much more suffering awaits you!

Text 355

"Evil-hearted sinner, if you cannot bear the flames of these sufferings, then how will you live in the hell of Kumbhipaka?

Text 356

"The word "Vaishnava" purifies the entire world. Brahma and the demigods sing the glories of the Vaishnavas.

Text 357

"One who worships the Vaishnavas attains Lord Krishna, who is beyond the conception of conditioned souls. Nothing is greater than worshiping the Vaishnavas.

Text 358

" `The Vaishnavas are dear to Lord Krishna, more dear than Lakshmi, Brahma, Siva, and Ananta Sesha, more dear than the Lord's own body.' This Shrimad-Bhagavatam declares.

Text 359

"Shrimad-Bhagavatam (11.14.15, Lord Krishna says to Uddhava:


na tatha me priyatama

atma-yonir na sankarah

na ca sankarshano na shrir

naivatma ca yatha bhavan


"O Uddhava! Neither Brahma, nor Sankara, nor Sankarshana, nor Lakshmi, nor even My own self is as dear to Me as you."*


Text 360

"Anyone who blasphemes a Vaishnava will suffer, will suffer in birth, in life, and in death.

Text 361

"Anyone who blasphemes a Vaishnava is a sinner, is a person of evil deeds. His education, noble family, austerities, and other virtues are all fruitless.

Text 362

"If he worships Lord Krishna, Lord Krishna does not accept his worship. Anyone who blasphemes a Vaishnava is a sinner.

Text 363

"By a Vaishnava's dancing, the earth is made fortunate and glorious. By a Vaishnava's glance, the sins in the four directions wither and die.

Text 364

"When a Vaishnava raises his arms to dance, the troubles in Svargaloka all perish.

Text 365

"Shrivasa Pandita is a great Vaishnava. You are a sinner. You blasphemed his character.


Text 366

"These flames of leprosy are only the root of your punishment. Yamaraja will punish you much more in the future.

Text 367

"You are unworthy to be seen by Me. I am not the one to deliver you."

Text 368

Hearing the Lord's words, the leper placed a blade of grass between his teeth and pitifully said,

Text 369

"I do not know anything. I ate my own self. I went mad and I blasphemed a Vaishnava.

Text 370

"Therefore it is right that I am punished. Still, You are the Supreme Controller. Please think of my welfare.

Text 371

"A saintly person's nature is to rescue the suffering. A saintly person will be merciful even to a blasphemer.

Text 372

"Therefore I take shelter of You and surrender to You. If You reject me, who will deliver me?

Text 373

"You know everything about atonement. Please tell the atonement I should perform. You are the father of everyone.

Text 374

"I blasphemed a Vaishnava. Therefore it is right that I am punished."

Text 375

Lord Chaitanya said, " `A person who blasphemes a Vaishnava will suffer leprosey.' That is written in the scriptures.

Text 376

"That is only his present punishment. How many torments will he suffer from Yamaraja?

Text 377

"The blasphemer of a Vaishnava again and again suffers fourteen-thousand tortures from Yamaraja.

Text 378

"Leper, run to Shrivasa Pandita and fall before his feet.

Text 379

"You blasphemed him. Only his mercy can deliver you.

Text 380

"When the foot is pierced by a thorn, with another thorn the first can be taken out. What will one gain by massaging the shoulders?

Text 381

"Now I say the way you can be delivered: Shrivasa Pandita must forgive you. Then your sufferings will go.

Text 382

"He is very intelligent. Go to him. He will forgive you. He will deliver you."

Text 383

Hearing the Lord's very truthful words, the devotees made a great sound of "Jaya! Jaya!"

Text 384

Hearing the Lord's words, the leper offered dandavat obeisances and left at once.

Text 385

The leper attained Shrivasa Pandita's mercy. He became delivered. His offenses were all broken into pieces.

Text 386

In this way the king of Vaikuntha explained how blapshemy of a Vaishnava brings trouble and suffering.

Text 387

Lord Chaitanya-Narayana punishes anyone who, in spite of all this, blasphemes a Vaishnava.

Text 388

If one sees one Vaishnava quarreling with another Vaishnava, one should know the quarrel is not real. It is only Lord Krishna's pastime.

Text 389

Satyabhama and Rukmini quarreled, but the truth is they were in harmony. It only looked like they quarreled.

Text 390

In the same way the Vaishnavas never quarrel. Lord Chaitanya arranges their quarrels for His pastimes.

Text 391

If, taking the side of one Vaishnava, a person blasphemes another Vaishnava, the blasphemer will perish.

Text 392

With one hand he serves the Lord, and with the other hand he tortures the Lord. How will any good come to him?

Text 393

The devotees are Lord Krishna's own body. One who knows this becomes very peaceful and very serious.

Text 394

A person who, seeing that they are not different, worships both Lord Krishna and the Vaishnavas and also serves Lord Krishna's feet, crosses beyond this world of birth and death.

Text 395

A person who hears and sings these sacred descriptions will never find blasphemy of a Vaishnava take birth within him.

Text 396

In this way Lord Chaitanya very happily stayed at Advaita's home in Santipura.

Text 397

By divine arrangement, the sacred day for worshiping Madhavendra Puri came while the Lord was there.

Text 398

Although Advaita and Madhavendra Puri are not different, Lord Advaita was Madhavendra Puri's disciple.

Text 399

Lord Chaitanya always enjoys pastimes in Madhavendra Puri's body. That is the truth. It is the truth. It is the truth.

Text 400

Madhavendra Puri's devotion to Lord Vishnu is beyond description. By Lord Krishna's mercy, Madhavendra Puri always possessed all powers.

Text 401

Giving all your attention, please hear the auspicious story of how Lord Advaita became a dsiciple of Madhavendra Puri.

Text 402

In the time before Lord Chaitanya decsended, the whole world was empty of true devotion to Lord Vishnu.

Text 403

By Lord Chaitanya's mercy, Madhavendra Puri always floated in an ocean of spiritual bliss and love.

Text 404

Tears, trembling, roaring, thundering, loud laughter, perspiration, being stunned, and hairs standing up were always manifested in his body.

Text 405

He always meditated on Lord Krishna. He was never in external consciousness. He was not even aware of how he performed ordinary duties.

Text 406

While walking on the pathways, he would joyfully chant "Hari!" and dance.

Text 407

Sometimes he would faint in ecstasy. For si or nine hours external consciousness was not present in his body.

Text 408

Sometimes he would weep in separation from Lord Krishna. His tears were like the Ganga. It is very wonderful to describe them.

Text 409

Sometimes he would laugh very loudly. Tasting the nectar of spiritual bliss, he was sometimes clothed only by the four directions.

Text 410

In these ways Madhavendra Puri tasted the happiness of devotion to Lord Krishna. Still, seeing the world empty of true devotion, he became unhappy.

Text 411

Again and again he thought of the people's welfare. He thought, "Lord Krishna should come here."

Text 412

No one knew anything about sankirtana of chanting Lord Krishna's names, or about festivals to honor Lord Krishna.



Text 413

People knew only about pious deeds and rules of conduct. Keeping all-night vigils, they sang songs glorifying Goddess Mangala-Candi.

Text 414

They knew only the goddesses Shashthi and Vishahari. With great pride and pomp they worshiped these goddesses.

Text 415

In their hearts they yearned, "May my wealth and my family increase." Offering wine and flesh, some people worshiped demons.

Text 416

Everyone happily heard songs glorifying ordinary kings, songs praising them as "protectors of the yogis", "protectors of the materialists", and "protectors of the earth".

Text 417

At the time of bathing the most pious amongst them might chant, "Krishna!" or "O lotus-eyed one!"

Text 418

Who called himself "Vaishnava"? Who sang sankirtana of Lord Krishna's names? Who danced in the ecstasy of love for Lord Krishna? Who wept out of love for Lord Krishna?

Text 419

In the grip of Lord Vishnu's Maya, no one knew of these things. The whole world was bound by the ropes of great ignorance.

Text 420

Seeing the world like this, Madhavendra Puri became unhappy. He did not speak to anyone, even for a half a sesame seed's worth of time.

Text 421

He went to talk with other sannyasis, but they all claimed they were "Narayana".

Text 422

Unhappy, he no longer talked with other sannyasis. Not from anyone did he hear anything about devotion to Lord Krishna.

Text 423

Teachings about the glories of service to the Lord never came from the mouth of anyone famous as a philosopher, yogi, ascetic, or sannyasi.

Text 424

Teachers taught only about logi and philosophy. No one gave any attention to the transcendental form of Lord Krishna.

Text 425

Seeing and hearing all this, Madhavendra Puri became unhappy. In his heart he thought, "I will go and live in the forest."

Text 426

He thought, "Why do I wander this world to find a Vaishnava? I do not even hear the word `Vaishnava' anywhere in this world.

Text 427

"I will leave the world and go to the forest. I will not go to see anyone.

Text 428

"The forest is the best place in the world, for there I will not talk to people who are not Vaishnavas."

Text 429

In this way he lamented in his heart. Then, by the Supreme Lord's desire, he met Lord Advaita.

Text 430

Seeing the whole world empty of devotion to Lord Vishnu, Advaita Acarya was also unhappy.

Text 431

Still, by Lord Krishna's mercy lionlike Lord Advaita always emphatically preached devotion to Lord Vishnu.

Text 432

He always explained Bhagavad-gita and Shrimad-Bhagavatam in terms of devotional service.

Text 433

At that time saintly Madhavendra Puri came to Lord Advaita's home.

Text 434

Seeing in him all the signs of a true Vaishnava, Lord Advaita at once bowed down before Madhavendra Puri.


Text 435

Embracing Lord Advaita, Madhavendra Puri sprinkled His limbs with tears of love and bliss.

Text 436

Together tasting the nectar of topics about Lord Krishna, the two of Them no longer remembered Their own bodies.

Text 437

Madhavendra Puri's ecstati love is beyond description. Seeing a dark cloud he at once fainted in ecstasy.

Text 438

Hearing Lord Krishna's name, he would shout. In one moment he manifested thousands of symptoms of ecstati love for Lord Krishna.

Text 439

Seeing Madhavendra Puri's ecstati devotion to Lord Krishna, saintly Advaita became very happy.

Text 440

Then Advaita accepted instruction from Madhavendra Puri. In this way Lord Advaita and Madhavendra Puri met.

Text 441

One the day of worshiping Madhavendra Puri, Lord Advaita happily offered all that He had.

Text 442

When by divine arrangement that holy day came, Lord Advaita happily made elaborate preparations.

Text 443

When that holy day came, Lord Chaitanya and His associates became very happy.

Text 444

Lord Advaita made very elaborate arrangements for worship on that day. The arrangements had no end.

Text 445

Help with the preparations came from different directions. What were all the different arrangements? I do not know.

Text 446

As they were able everyone brought appropriate offerings to please Madhavendra Puri.

Text 447

Surrounded by the wives of the Vaishnavas, Mother Saci accepted the burden of cooking.

Text 448

With boundless joy Lord Nityananda accepted the duty of worshiping the Vaishnavas.

Text 449

Someone said, "I will grind the sandal paste". Another person said, "I will string the flower garlands."

Text 450

Another said, "Bringing the water is my task." Another said, "My task is to clean the rooms."

Text 451

Another said, "My task is to wash the Vaishnavas' feet."

Text 452

Someone tied flags in place. Someone else set up a canopy. Someone donated large jars filled with goods. Someone brought the jars.

Text 453

Some devotees sang sankirtana, and others joyfully danced.

Text 454

As some sang "Hari!" in kirtana, others sounded bells and conchshells.

Text 455

Some prepeared everything for the worship on that day. Advaita Acarya performed the worship on that day.

Text 456

Tasting the nectar of spiritual bliss, everyone performed the duties their hearts desired.

Text 457

The devotees licked, drank, and tasted the nectar of Lord Hari's holy names. In the four directions no other sound could be heard.

Text 458

In the sankirtana was a great sound of conchshells, bells, mridangas, kartalas, and mandira cymbals.

Text 459

Filled with bliss, no one was in external consciousness. Lord Advaita's home became Shri Vaikuntha-dhama.

Text 460

Seeing the elaborate preparations, Lord Chaitanya was very pleased.


Text 461

Lord Chaitanya saw two or four rooms filled with rice. He saw firewood stacked like a mountain.

Text 462

He saw five rooms become kitchens and now filled with cooking pots. He saw two or four rooms filled with mung dal.

Text 463

He saw five or seven rooms filled with various kinds of cloth. The Lord saw ten rooms filled with banana leaves.

Text 464

The Lord saw two or four rooms filled with flat rice. The Lord saw a great pile of thousands and thousands of bananas.

Text 465

I do not know how many coconuts, betelnuts, or betelleaves there were, or from where they all came.

Text 466

I do not know how many rooms were filled with patola squashes, eggplants, khodas, alus, and saka.

Text 467

The Lord saw thousands and thousands of jars of milk, cream, yogurt, sugarcanes, and mung-sprouts.

Text 468

The Lord saw many jars of oil, salt, and ghee. Everything was numberless. I do not have the power to write how many there were.

Text 469

Seeing these elaborate arrangements, beyond what a human being could do, Lord Chaitanya felt wonder in His heart.

Text 470

Lord Chaitanya said, "A human being cannot have such opulence. In My heart I think Advaita Acarya must be Lord Siva himself.

Text 471

"How is it possible for a human being to have such opulence? Only Lord Siva has opulence like this.

Text 472

"Therefore I think Advaita Acarya is Lord Siva descended to this world." Smiling, Lord Chaitanya spoke these words again and again.

Text 473

In this way Lord Chaitanya indirectly spoke the truth about Advaita Acarya. Pious persons accept His words with great joy.

Text 474

Before anyone who does not honor these words, Lord Advaita appears as a blazing fire.

Text 475

Although by nature He is pleasantly cooling like millions of moons, to persons who have turned away from Lord Chaitanya, Advaita Acarya becomes like the fire of time, a fire that devours the universe.

476-Text 477

Even without knowing the truth of Lord Siva, a person who once chants Lord Siva's holy name become at once cleansed of all sins. This truth the Vedas, the Shrimad-Bhagavatam, and all the scriptures say.

Text 478

Anyone who is not happy to hear Lord Siva's holy name is thrown into an ocean of calamities.

Text 479

In Shrimad-Bhagavatam (4.4.14, Sati declares:


yad dvy-aksharam nama gireritam nrinam

sakrit-prasangad agham asu hanti tat

pavitra-kirtim tam alanghya-sasanam

bhavan aho dveshti sivam sivetarah


"My dear father, you are committing the greatest offense by envying Lord Siva, whose very name, consisting of two syllables, si and va, purifies one of all sinful activities. His order is never neglected. Lord Siva is always pure, and no one but you envies him."*


Text 480

With His own graceful mouth Lord Krishna declares, "How can anyone who does not worship Lord Siva worship Me?

Text 481

"How can anyone who does not honor Lord Siva, who is so dear to Me, attain true devotion to Me?"

Text 482

Lord Krishna declares:


katham va mayi bhaktim sa

labhatam papa-purushah

yo madiyam param bhaktam

sivam sampujayen na hi


"A person who does not worship My great devotee Lord Siva is a sinner. How will he attain devotion to Me?"


Text 483

That is why all the demigods happily worship Lord Krishna first, and then Lord Siva.

Text 484

In the Skanda Purana it is said:


prathamam kesavam pujam

kritva deva-mahesvaram

pujaniya maha-bhaktya

ye canye santi devatah


"First one should worship Lord Krishna with great devotion. Then one should worship Lord Siva. Then one should worship the other demigods."


Text 485

Because of Lord Chaitanya's hint the devotees say Advaita Acarya is Lord Siva.

Text 486

Fools disagree. Not understanding Lord Advaita's powers, they perish.

Text 487

Lord Chaitanya saw all the new cloths. They had no end. I do not have the power to write how many they were.

Text 488

Seeing the elaborate arrangements, Lord Chaitanya became very happy at heart. Moment after moment He praised Advaita Acarya.

Text 489

One by one, Lord Chaitanya saw all the arrangements. Then He returned to the sankirtana room.

Text 490

When Lord Chaitanya entered the sankirtana room, the devotees became filled with bliss.

Text 491

Who danced and sang where? I do not know. Who joyfully leapt and ran where? I do not know.

Text 492

Everyone made a great sound of "Jaya! Jaya!" No sound could be heard but, "Bol! Bol! Haribol!"

Text 493

The Vaishnavas' limbs were anointed with sandal paste. Their graceful chests were filled with flower garlands.

Text 494

The devotees were the Lord's foremost companions. They all sang and danced in Lord Chaitanya's presence.

Text 495

A joyful sankirtana of Lord Hari's holy names arose. The sound of that sankirtana purified the numberless worlds.

Text 496

Rapt in the mood of being a small boy, the joyful wrestler Lord Nityananda enthusiastically danced.

Text 497

Lord Advaita Acarya was overwhelmed. His dancing did not end.

Text 498

Haridasa Thakura danced for a long time. All the devotees danced with great joy.

Text 499

When everyone stopped dancing, Lord Chaitanya danced solo.

Text 500

First the devotees danced, then Lord Chaitanya danced solo, and then the Lord and the devotees danced together.

Text 501

Lord Chaitanya danced in the middle, and the devotees danced in a circle around Him.

Text 502

In this way they spent the whole day singing and dancing. Finally Lord Chaitanya and His devotees sat down.

Text 503

First asking permission, Lord Advaita brought in the great feast.

Text 504

Lord Chaitanya sat down to eat. The Lord was in the middle, and around Him in the four directions were the devotees.

Text 505

In the four directions were the devotees splendid like a host of stars, and in the middle was Lord Chaitanya splendid like millions of moons rising together.

Text 506

For the worship of Madhavendra Puri, Mother Saci had cooked many kinds of rice, vegetables, and sweets.

Text 507

Talking and talking of Madhavendra Puri, Lord Chaitanya and the devotees ate.

Text 508

The Lord said, "Anyone who honors this feat on the holy day of worshiping Madhavendra Puri will certainly attain true devotion to Lord Krishna.

Text 509

In this way Lord Chaitanya happily ate. Then He went and rinsed His mouth.

Text 510

Then Advaita Acarya brought splendid and fragrant sandal paste and splendid flower garlands, and placed them before Lord Chaitanya.

Text 511

Then Lord Chaitanya went to Lord Nityananda. With great love He anointed Lord Nityananda's limbs with sandal paste and placed a flower garland upon Him.

Text 512

One by one, with His own graceful hand Lord Chaitanya offered sandal paste and a flower garland to each Vaishnava.

Text 513

Accepting this mercy from the Lord's own graceful hand, everyone felt bliss in his heart.

Text 514

Then everyone made a loud sound of "Hari!" What was the bliss they all felt? I have know power to know or say.

Text 515

Lord Advaita's bliss had no end. The king of Vaikuntha had come to His home.

Text 516

How can a mere human being have the power to describe all of Lord Chaitanya's pastimes?

Text 517

Even with many millions of years to speak, no one can describe even one day of Lord Chaitanya's pastimes.

Text 518

The sky has no end. As bird can fly there as high as it has the power.

Text 519

In the same way Lord Chaitanya's glories have no end. A person can sing of them as much as the Lord gives him the power.

Text 520

As a puppetmaster makes a wooden puppet dance, so Lord Chaitanya makes me speak.

Text 521

I do not know the chronology of these events. As far as I am able, I describe Lord Chaitanya's glories.

Text 522

I bow down before the Vaishnavas' feet. I pray that I may never offend them.

Text 523

Anyone who hears these sacred narrations will attain a great wealth of ecstati love for Lord Krishna. That is certain.


Text 524

The two moons Shri Krishna Chaitanya and Shri Nityananda are my life and soul. I, Vrindavana dasa, sing the glories of Their feet.