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Chapter Three

Shri Mahaprabhu-sarvabhaumoddharah Shad-bhuja-pradarsanam Gauda-vijayas ca


Lord Chaitanya's Deliverance of Sarvabhauma, Revelation of His Six-armed Form, and Journey to West Bengal


Text 1 Glory, glory to Shri Krishna Chaitanya, the abode of all virtues! Glory, glory to the Lord who is the very life of Nityananda!

Text 2 Glory, glory to the king of Vaikuntha, who is an ocean of mercy! Glory, glory to the Lord who is the crest jewel of the sannyasis and the friend of the fallen!

Text 3 O my brothers, with one heart please hear the descriptions in this Antya-khanda, which recounts how Lord Chaitanya enjoyed pastimes.

Text 4 Descriptions of Lord Chaitanya are the nectar of nectars. Brahma and Siva always yearn to drink this nectar.

Text 5 By hearing these descriptions of Lord Chaitanya everyone becomes pleased. Only the demons are not pleased.

Text 6 Now please hear the confidential pastimes of Lord Chaitanya descibed in this Antya-khanda. By hearing them one will one day meet Lord Chaitanya. That is inevitable.

Text 7 Concealing His true identity, Lord Chaitanya happily stayed in Jagannatha Puri.

Text 8 If the Lord does not reveal His true identity, who has the power to know it?

Text 9 By divine arrangement, one day the Lord sat down with Sarvabhauma in a secluded place.

Text 10

 The Lord said, "O saintly Sarvabhama, please hear Me. I will tell you My heart.

Text 11

 "I came here to see Lord Jagannatha. Still, you are the root of My reason to come here.

Text 12

 "Will Lord Jagannatha speak to Me? It is you who will cut the bonds that tie Me.

Text 13

 "All of Lord Krishna's power rests in you. You have the power to give to others pure love for Lord Krishna.

Text 14

 "Therefore I now take shelter of you. Please do what is good for Me.

Text 15

 "What religious activities should I perform? How should I act that I will not again fall into the well of repeated birth and death?

Text 16

 "Without trying to trick Me, please teach Me. Please know that in every way I am yours."

Text 17

 Manifesting His Maya potency in many ways, Lord Chaitanya spoke these words to Sarvabhauma.

Text 18

 Not knowing the Supreme Lord's heart, Sarvabhauma began to describe the religious duties of the many souls.

Text 19

 Sarvabhauma said, "I think You have spoken well.

Text 20

 "No one has ever described the wonderful wonderful devotion that has risen within You.

Text 21

 "Lord Krishna's mercy has been given to You. You never engage in material activities.

Text 22

 "You are very intelligent. Why did You accept sannyasa?

Text 23

 "Look at it and try to understand. When a person accepts sannyasa, the first thing is that he becomes tightly bound by ropes of pride and false-ego.

Text 24

 "Holding his danda, he thinks he is very wise. In that condition he will never humbly fold his hands before anyone.

Text 25

 "The Vedas say that one should touch the dust of a saintly person's feet. But a proud sannyasi will not humbly bow down before anyone.

Text 26

 "Pride is never good. Please know that Shrimad-Bhagavatam (11.19.16, declares:


Text 27

 pranamed dandavad bhumav


pravishto jiva-kalaya

 Tatraiva bhagavan iti


     "Aware that the Supreme Personality of Godhead resides alongside the soul in every body, one should offer dandavat obeisances to every living being, even to dogs, cows, mules, and outcastes."


Text 28

 "Therefore, beginning with brahmanas and ending with dogs and outcastes, one should respectfully offer dandavat obeisances to everyone.

Text 29

 "The religious duty of a Vaishnava is to offer respectful obeisances to everyone. But that is something the hypocrites, who proudly wrap themselves with the flag of religion, do not like.

Text 30

 "When a fellow accepts sannyasa and shaves off his sikha, then everyone bows down before. They bring big, big offerings to him.

Text 31

 "From the very beginning it is a calamity. Please hear how the sannyasi loses his intelligence, how he becomes completely lost.

Text 32

 "The soul's natural duty is to worship the Supreme Lord. Turning away from this duty, a proud sannyasi claims, `I am Narayana.'

Text 33

 "When the souls lives i n the womb, the Supreme Lord protects him and mercifully teaches him.

Text 34

 "Brahma, Siva, Lakshmi, and Ananta Sesha yearn to serve the Supreme Lord. Even after they attain it, they desire it eternally.

Text 35

 "It is the Supreme Lord's servants who create, maintain, and destroy the material world. Still, a proud sannyasi shamelessly calls himself `master'.

Text 36

 "Asleep, he cannot answer the question, `Who am I?' Still he claims, `I am Narayana.'

Text 37

 "Lord Krishna is the father of all the worlds. This the Vedas say. A good son is devoted to his father.


Text 38

 "In Bhagavad-gita (9.17, Lord Krishna declares:


pitaham asya jagato

     mata data pitamahah


     "I am the father of this universe, the mother, the support, and the grandsire."*


Text 39

 "In the Bhagavad-gita, the Supreme Lord described true sannyasa to Arjuna. Please hear what Lord Narayana said (Bhagavad-gitaText 61):


Text 40

 anashritah karma-phalam

     karyam karma karoti yah

sa sannyasi ca yogi ca

     na niragnir na cakriyah


     "One who is unattached to the fruits of his work, and who works as he is obligated is in the renounced order of life, and he is the true mystic, not he who lights no fire and performs no duty."*


Text 41

 "This means that a person who without material desires worships and serves Lord Krishna is truly called a yogi or a sannyasi.

Text 42

 "A person who only accepts food in charity but does not work to please Lord Vishnu is not a true sannyasi. That the Vedas say.

Text 43

 "In Shrimad-Bhagavatam (4.29.49-50, it is said:


tat karma hari-tosham yat

     sa vidya tan-matir yaya

harir deha-bhritam atma

     svayam prakritir isvarah


     "Your only activities should be those that can please the Personality of Godhead. Our education should be such that we can become elevated to Krishna consciousness. Shri Hari, the Supreme Personality of Godhead, is the Supersoul and guide of all living entities who have accepted material bodies within this world. He is the supreme controller of all material activities in material nature."*


Text 44

 "Therefore I say that true religion, true duty, and true pious deeds are actions performed to please the Supreme Personality of Godhead in this world. That is the opinion of all who are wise.

Text 45

 "I say that a person who places his studies, knowledge, and mantras as offerings before Lord Krishna's lotus feet will attain true peace in his heart.

Text 46

 "Lord Krishna is the life of everyone. He is everyone's father. A person who does not worship Lord Krishna lives in vain.

Text 47

 "If you say that Sankaracarya's opinion was not like that, then I will quote words from his own mouth that prove he believed in the importance of devotional service to the Lord.

Text 48

 "Sankaracarya said:


saty api bhedapagame

     natha tavaham na mamakiyas tvam

samudro hi tarangam

     kvacana samudro na tarangah


     "O Supreme Lord, even though You and I are not different. I am Your property, but You are not my property. The wave is the property of the ocean, but the ocean is never the property of the wave."


Text 49

 "Even though the Supreme Lord and His universe are not different, the Lord is the complete, the everything, and all that exists rests within Him.

Text 50

 "Here Sankaracarya says, `O Lord, I am manifested from You, but You are never manifested from Me.'

Text 51

 "He gives an ordinary example. He says that a wave comes from the ocean, but the ocean never comes from a wave.

Text 52

 "He says, `O Lord, this world is Yours. You are its father. In this world and in the spiritual world You are the protector.'

Text 53

 "Anyone who does not worship and serve the Supreme Lord, who protects the world and from whom the world was born, should be shunned.

Text 54

 "That is the meaning of Sankaracarya's words. Without understanding that truth, what is the use of shaving one's head?

Text 55

 "With great love and devotion a sannyasi should chant, `Narayana!' at every moment.

Text 56

 "If a person, not understanding the true menaing of Sankaracarya's words, turns from devotional service and then shaves his head, he attains only suffering.

Text 57

 "Therefore I ask You: Why have You entered on this path?

Text 58

 "If by serving Lord Krishna with lobe and devotion one becomes delivered from this world, what more will one attain by shaving his sikha?

    Texts Texts 59-60

 "If You say that Madhavendra Puri and other fortunate souls accepted sannyasa and shaved off their sikhas, then I reply by asking: How is this the proper time for You to accept sannyasa?

Text 61

 "Only after three fourths of their lives have passed and they have already tasted whatever nectar lies in material things do the great souls accept sannyasa.

Text 62

 "You are still young! How are You qualified for sannyasa?

    Texts Texts 63-64

 "How will You attain the spiritual goal of life by accepting sannyasa? The devotion already present in Your body is a rare mercy even the kings of the yogis and many others cannot attain. Why have You become so mad that You accepted sannyasa?"

Text 65

 Hearing Sarvabhauma's description of devotional service, Lord Chaitanya, who is Lord Narayana Himself, became very happy.

Text 66

 Lord Chaitanya said, "Saintly Sarvabhauma, please listen. Please know that I am not really a sannyasi.

Text 67

 "Tormented by separation from Lord Krishna, I cut off My sikha and left My home.

Text 68

 "Please don't think of Me as a sannyasi. Give Me your mercy, so I may always think of Lord Krishna."

Text 69

 In this way the Supreme Lord bewildered His servant. If the Lord places His Maya potency before him, how can a devotee understand the truth?

Text 70

 If the Lord does not reveal Himself, who has the power to understand Him?

Text 71

 The Supreme Lord was still pleased with His servant's words, even though the servant did not understand what was happening.

Text 72

 The Supreme Lord always enjoys pastimes with His servants. His servants are the reason He personally descends to this material world.

Text 73

 As much as the servant worships and serves the Lord's feet, so much Lord Krishna worships and serves His servant.

Text 74

 That is the Lord's nature. He loves His devotees. Who has the power to stop Him from loving them?

Text 75

 Gazing and gazing at Sarvabhauma, Lord Chaitanya smiled. Bewildered by Maya, Sarvabhauma did not understand.

Text 76

 Sarvabhauma said, "You are in a higher asrama. The scriptures say that I should bow down before You, that I should become Your worshiper.

Text 77

 "If You glorify me, that is not right. Then I become an offender."

Text 78

 Then Lord Chaitanya said, "Please give up all these tricks. In every way I take shelter of your shadow."

Text 79

 In this way Lord Chaitanya played with His servant. Who has the power to understand Lord Chaitanya's pastimes?

Text 80

 Then Lord Chaitanya said, "I have only one desire. I will hear Shrimad-Bhagavatam from your mouth.

Text 81

 "There is no one but you who can destroy the doubts in My heart."

Text 82

 Sarvabhauma said, "You have all knowledge. You are very learned. That I know for certain.

Text 83

 "What statement of Shrimad-Bhagavatam do You not understand? How can I explain it to You?

Text 84

 "Still, the devotees like to talk among themselves about devotional service, and to do this they pretend to ask questions.

Text 85

 "Tell me where Your doubt lies, and I will explain as far as I am able."

Text 86

 Gently smiling, the king of Vaikuntha then recited a a verse that had eight syllables in each line.

Text 87

 The Lord said (quoting Shrimad-BhagavatamText 17.10):


atmaramas ca munayo

     nirgrantha apy urukrame

kurvanty ahaiktukim bhaktim

     ittham-bhuta-guno harih


     "All different varieties of atmaramas (those who take pleasure in atma, or spirit self), especially those established on the path of self-realization, though freed from all kinds of material bondage, desire to render unalloyed devotional service to the Personality of Godhead. This means that the Lord possesses transcendental qualities and therefore can attract everyone, including liberated souls."*


Text 88

 Then, in the presence of Lord Chaitanya, who is the master of Goddess Sarasvati, and by His mercy, Sarvabhauma began to explain this verse.

Text 89

 Sarvabhauma said, "This verse means that devotion to Lord Krishna's feet is the root of all truth.

Text 90

 "When that devotion is always fully present, then material bondage cannot also be present, either within or without.

Text 91

 "In this way the liberated souls serve Lord Krishna with devotion. The great power of Lord Krishna's transcendental qualities is like that.

Text 92

 "Anyone who chants Lord Krishna's name becomes liberated. Anyone who dishonors Lord Krishna's name perishes."

Text 93

 Rapt in talking of his subject, Sarvabhauma gave many different explanations of this verse.

Text 94

 In thirteen different ways he explained that verse. Finally he said, "I cannot give any more explanations."

Text 95

 Gently smiling, Lord Chaitanya said, "Everything you said was the truth.

Text 96

 "Now please listen, and I will give a brief explanation. Are My words right? You decide."

Text 97

 saintly Sarvabhauma was very surprised. He thought, "To give more explanations is beyond human power!"

Text 98

 The Lord's explanations were all original. No one had every thought of them before.

Text 99

 Hearing the Lord's explanations, Sarvabhauma was filled with wonder. In his heart he thought, "Is this person the Supreme Lord Hismelf?"

Text 100

 After explaining the verse in these ways, Lord Chaitanya loudly roard. Then, revealing His true nature, He manifested a siø-armed form.

Text 101

 Then the Lord said, "Sarvabhauma, what do you think? Am I qualified to accept sannyasa?

Text 102

 "In your heart do you accept that I am a true sannyasi? I came here to show Myself to you.

Text 103

 "Many lifetimes you spent rapt in love for Me. That is why I now show Myself to you.

Text 104

 "To start the sankirtana movement I descended to this world. The numberless universes come from Me. They do not come from anyone else.

Text 105

 "Birth after birth you have been My servant, a servant whose love for Me is pure. That is why I now show Myself to you.

Text 106

 "I will deliver the devotees and kill the demons. Don't be anxious. Now offer prayers to Me."

Text 107

 Gazing at this wonderful siø-armed form, a form splendid like millions of suns, saintly Sarvabhauma fell unconscious.

Text 108

 Manifesting this siø-armed form, Lord Chaitanya-Narayana roared with bliss.

Text 109

 Pleased at heart with Sarvabhauma, the Lord said, "Rise." Then He placed His graceful hand on Sarvabhauma's head.

Text 110

 Although the touch of the Lord's graceful hand had revived his consciousness, the brahmana Sarvabhauma was stunned with bliss. He could not speak.

Text 111

 Then Lord Chaitanya, who is an ocean of mercy, placed His lotus feet over Sarvabhauma's heart.

Text 112

 Now that he had attained the Lord's graceful feet, Sarvabhauma became filled with ecstati love.

Text 113

 Tightly holding the Lord's lotus feet, and declaring, "Today I have found the thief that stole my heart", he wept with love and bliss.

Text 114

 Holding the wonderful lotus feet that are Goddess Lakshmi's great treasure, Sarvabhauma loudly wept.

Text 115

 He said, "Shri Krishna Chaitanya! My Lord! Master of my life! Lord, please place Your glance on fallen me.

Text 116

 "Not understanding Your inconceivable pure heart, sinful I tried to teach religion to You.

Text 117

 "My Lord, who, beginning with the great kings of yoga, is not bewildered by Your Maya?

Text 118

 "Why should You not have the power to bewilder me? Lord, please give me loving devotion to Your feet.

Text 119

 "Glory, glory to Shri Krishna Chaitanya, the maaster of my life! Glory, glory to the Lord come from saintly Saci's womb!

Text 120

 "Glory, glory to Shri Krishna Chaitanya, the life of all! Glory, glory to the Lord who protects the Vedas, brahmanas, devotees, and principles of religion!

Text 121

 "Glory, glory to the master of Vaikuntha and all the worlds! Glory glory to the best of the sannyasis, a sannyasi whose form is pure and spiritual!"

Text 122

 Speaking verse after verse, intelligent and saintly Sarvabhauma again and again glorified the Lord.

Text 123

 He said:


kalan nashtam bhakti-yogam nijam yah

     pradushkartum krishna-chaitanya-nama

avirbhutas tasya padaravinde

     gadham gadham liyatam citta-bhringah


     "Let my consciousness, which like a honeybee, take shelter of the lotus feet of the Supreme Personality of Godhead, who has just now appeared as Shri Krishna Chaitanya Mahaprabhu to teach the ancient system of devotional service to Himself. This system had almost been lost due to the influence of time."*


     124-Text 125

 This verse means: May my heart stay at the lotus feet of the Lord who bears the name Shri Krishna Chaitanya and who, to again reveal the truth of devotional service to Him, a truth that by the power time had become hidden after some days, descended to this world.

Text 126

 Then Sarvabhauma said:



     sikshartham ekah purushah puranah


     kripambudhir yas tam aham prapadye


     "Let me take shelter of the Supreme Personality of Godhead, Shri Krishna, who has descended in the form of Lord Chaitanya Mahaprabhu to teach us real knowledge, His devotional service, and detachment from whatever does not foster Krishna consciousness. He has descended because He is an ocean of transcendental mercy. Let me surrender at His lotus feet."*


Text 127

 This verse means: To teach His devotional service and detachment from whatever does not foster Krishna consciousness, the Supreme Personality of Godhead has mercifully descended to this earth.

Text 128

 The Supreme Personality of Godhead, the oldest of all persons, now manifests His form of Shri Krishna Chaitanya. No one in the three worlds is His equal or superior.

Text 129

 May the feet, transcendental qualities, and holy names of that Supreme Lord, who is an ocean of mercy, always stay in my heart.

Text 130

 Speaking a hundred verses like this as he grasped the Lord's lotus feet, Sarvabhauma glorified Lord Chaitanya.

Text 131

 He said, "To deliver the fallen You have descended to this world. O Lord, I am fallen. Therefore please deliver me also.

Text 132

 "I am tightly shackled. Education, wealth, and aristocrati family are the shackles that bind me. How will I understand You?

Text 133

 "O master of all living entities, please be merciful to me. Day and night please stay in my thoughts.

Text 134

 "Lord, Your pastimes are inconceivable and unapproachable. Unless You reveal the truth about them, who has the power to understand them?

Text 135

 "Assuming a transcendental wooden form of daru-brahma, You stay in Jagannatha Puri and happily enjoy many kinds of opulent foods.

Text 136

 "What You have eaten You give back as Your mercy. You gaze at Yourself and weep.

Text 137

 "Gazing at Yourself, You become like a wild man. Lord, who knows Your greatness?

Text 138

 "Only a person who has attained Your mercy can understand You.

Text 139

 "I am worthless like a pile of ashes. How can I understand You, who bewilder the hearts of Brahma, Siva, and the demigods?

Text 140

 "Now that he had attained the Lord's mercy, in a voice charged with emotion Sarvabhauma spoke many plaintive prayers.

Text 141

 Hearing these prayers, siø-armed Lord Chaitanya-Narayana smiled and said to Sarvabhauma,


Text 142

 "Sarvabhauma, listen. You are My eternal associate. That is why you may see My glories.

Text 143

 "You are the reason I came here. You worshiped Me again and again.

Text 144

 "I am very pleased by your words glorifying devotional service.

Text 145

 "I declare that all you said was true. How could anything but the truth come from your mouth?

     146-Text 147

 "Whoever hears or reads the hundreds verse of prayers you have spoken will attain true devotional service without doubt. These prayers will become famous as Sarvabhauma-sataka (Sarvabhauma's hundred prayers).

Text 148

 "Conceal from the others whatever you have seen of My glories.

Text 149

 "I forbid you to talk of it as long as I stay on this earth.

Text 150

 "Lord Nityananda is My second body. You should devotedly serve His feet.

Text 151

 "What I have said about Him is very confidential. Only when I reveal the truth can anyone understand Him."

Text 152

 After explaining these spiritual truths to Sarvabhauma, Lord Chaitanya stopped the manifestation of His opulences and became as He was.

Text 153

 Recognizing His Lord, saintly Sarvabhauma was not in external consciousness. He was filled with bliss.

Text 154

 Anyone who hears Lord Chaitanya's glories crosses beyond the world of birth and death and goes to Lord Chaitanya's spiritual abode.

Text 155

 Simply by hearing these very confidential descriptions of Lord Krishna one goes to Lord Krishna.

Text 156

 In this way Lord Chaitanya delivered Sarvabhauma. In Jagannatha Puri Lord Chaitanya enjoyed pastimes of kirtana.

Text 157

 He was always rapt in the bliss of singing and dancing. Day and night tasting the nectar of love for Lord Krishna, He knew nothing else.

Text 158

 Seeing these wonders, the people of Jagannatha Puri again and again called out, "Hari!"

Text 159

 "He is the moving Jagannatha", the people said. There was not a person that did not forget everything else when he saw Lord Chaitanya.

Text 160

 Unending sounds of "Hari" were always heard in whatever path Lord Chaitanya walked.

Text 161

 Wherever Lord Chaitanya had placed His feet everyone rolled in the dust.

Text 162

 Rolling in that dust, the saintly people felt indescribable bliss.

Text 163

 The Lord's peerless handsomeness always stole everyone's heart.

Text 164

 A flood of bliss always flowed as tears from His graceful eyes. The names "Hare Krishna!" alone were heard coming from His graceful mouth.

Text 165

 His limbs were anointed with sandal paste. His graceful slow motions defeated the motions of graceful wild lions.

Text 166

 Walking on the path, the Lord was not in external consciousness. In this way Lord Chaitanya enjoyed pastimes of tasting the nectar of devotional service.

Text 167

 One day the Lord met Paramananda Puri, who had just returned from a pilgrimage.

Text 168

 Seeing him from afar, Lord Chaitanya at once stood up.

Text 169

 Seeing His dear devotee, and then happily dancing and reciting prayers, Lord Chaitanya tasted the nectar of ecstati love.

Text 170

 Raising His arms, He called out, "Hari! Hari!" With His eyes He gazed at Paramananda Puri.

Text 171

 He said, "Today My eyes are fortunate. Today My birth in this world has become fortunate and successful. Today all My pious deeds have borne their fruits."

Text 172

 The Lord said, "Today My sannyasa is a success. Today Madhavendra Pur.i has appeared before Me."

Text 173

 Speaking these words, and embracing him, the Lord sprinkled His dear devotee with tears from His lotus eyes.

Text 174

 Forgetting himself as he gazed at the moon of the Lord's graceful face, Paramananda Puri became filled with bliss

Text 175

 After some moments They offered obeisances to each other. Paramananda Puri was the abode of pure love for Lord Chaitanya.

Text 176

 Lord Chaitanya was very pleased with him. He accepted him as a personal associate and kept him in His association.

Text 177

 Having attained his Lord, and now serving His lotus feet, Paramananda Puri was filled with bliss.

Text 178

 Saintly Paramananda Puri was a dear disciple of Madhavendra Puri. He was filled with the nectar of ecstati love.

Text 179

 After some more days Svarupa Damodara met the Lord. Day and night he enjoyed pastimes in the Lord's company.

Text 180

 Svarupa Damodara's singing was full of nectar. Hearing it, Lord Chaitanya would dance.

Text 181

 In this Antya-khanda Svarupa Damodara and Paramananda Puri attain Lord Chaitanya's association.

Text 182

 Little by little the Lord's eternal associates met Him in Jagannatha Puri.

Text 183

 Little by little the Lord's eternal associates that had taken birth in Orissa met the Lord.

Text 184

 Pradyumna Misra, who was spiritual love personified, met the Lord. The two great saints Paramananda and Ramananda also met Him.

Text 185

 After some days Damodara Pandita and Shri Sankara Pandita also came.

Text 186

 Pradyumna Brahmacari was a great servant of Lord Nrisimha. Lord Nrisimha personally lived in his body.

Text 187

 Thinking, "Lord Nrisimha now enjoys pastimes in a sannyasi's form", he stayed near Lord Chaitanya.

Text 188

 Bhagavan Acarya was a great saint. He did not allow ordinary material news to touch his ears.

Text 189

 In this way all the Lord's servants came to His side.

Text 190

 When they saw the Lord, all their sufferings perished. In the Lord's company they enjoyed pastimes of kirtana.

Text 191

 Now manifesting the form of a sannyasi, the king of Vaikuntha performed kirtana with His devotees.

Text 192

 Tasting the nectar of Lord Chaitanya, peaceful and saintly Nityananda would become wild. He could not peacefully remain in one place.

Text 193

 Gazing at Lord Jagannatha, Nityananda suddenly ran to embrace Him. The guards had no power to stop Him.

Text 194

 One day He climbed the golden altar and embraced Lord Balarama.

Text 195

 A guard climbed after Him and grabbed Him with both hands. The guard was suddenly thrown back a distance of five or seven hands.

Text 196

 Taking the garland from Lord Balarama's neck, Lord Nityananda placed it around His own.

Text 197

 Wearing the garland, and walking like the king of elephants, Lord Nityananda left. The guard then thought in his heart,

Text 198

 "This sannyasi has strength that is not human strength. Who else could stay in his body after touching Lord Balarama?

Text 199

 "I am strong enough to hold and stop a wild elephant. How can a mere human being escape my grip?

Text 200

 "Although I tightly held this person with both my hands, I was thrown away like a blade of grass."

Text 201

 Thinking in this way, the saintly guard was very humble when next he saw Lord Nityananda.

Text 202

 Nityananda, whjo was always like a child, affectionately embraced the guard.

Text 203

 One day Lord Chaitanya, the husband of Goddess Lakshmi, went to the seashore and sat down.

Text 204

 Gazing at that beautiful places by the seashore, Lord Chaitanya was very pleased.

Text 205

 The moon shone. The southern breeze blew. Lord Chaitanya sat down by the seashore.

Text 206

 His graceful face and limbs were splendid with sandal paste. With His graceful mouth He chanted, "Hare Krishna!" without stop.

Text 207

 His charming chest was covered with a flower garland. In the four directions His followers surrounded Him.

Text 208

 Smiling, the Lord looked at the beauty of the ocean waves at night.

Text 209

 The saintly ocean now attained the same good fortune the Ganga and Yamuna attained in the past.

Text 210

 Accompanied by His associates, the king of Vaikuntha stayed by the ocean's shore.

Text 211

 The whole night the Lord performed a wild and joyful kirtana by the ocean's shore.

Text 212

 Tasting the nectar of love for a person who is actually Hismelf, Lord Chaitanya, the learned pandita of wild dancing, danced wildly. Meanwhile the devotees all swam in an ocean of bliss.

Text 213

 The Lord manifested tears, trembling, perspiration, roaring, and shouting. The hairs of His body stood erect  Moment after moment He manifested different kinds of ecstati symptoms.

Text 214

 All the different kinds of devotional ecstasy met on Lord Chaitanya's body. Fully manifested, they stayed there.

Text 215

 The different devotional ecstasies all assumed forms. They were all partial incranations of the Lord. They were full of all knowledge.


Text 216

 Raot in the ecstasy a Vaishnava feels, the Supreme Personality of Godhead danced. Knowing this, the devotees all stayed by His side.

Text 217

 Not for a moment did Lord Chaitanya feel even half a sesame seed's worth of loving separation from the Lord.

Text 218

 No one else can manifest even a little of the power that Lord Chaitanya manifested in His pastimes.

Text 219

 Nothing is impossible for Him. All the Vedas proclaim this truth of the Supreme Personality of Godhead.

Text 220

 No one else in the numberless universes can manifest the ecstati love Lord Chaitanya manifested.

Text 221

 No one else can manifest ecstati love like what Lord Chaitanya manifested.

Text 222

 Only persons who have attained the Lord's merciful glance have the power to understand Him.

Text 223

 Persons who completely surrender to the Lord and serve Him with devotion break apart the bonds of repeated birth and death.

     224-Text 225

 The Supreme Personality of Godhead, whom Brahma, Siva, and all the demigods meditate on in their hearts, now enjoyed pastimes of ecstati love as He danced with His devotees.

Text 226

 I offer my respectful obeisances to all the devotees who enjoyed pastimes of kirtana with Lord Chaitanya.

Text 227

 In this way charming Lord Chaitanya spent the whole night dancing by the seashore.

Text 228

 Gadadhara always stayed with the Lord. Never was the Lord apart from Gadadhara.

Text 229

 Whether eating, sleeping, or walking about, Gadadhara served Lord Chaitanya at every moment.

Text 230

 Gadadhara would read Shrimad-Bhagavatam to the Lord. Listening, the Lord would become wild by tasting the nectar of ecstati love.

Text 231

 Simply by hearing Gadadhara's voice the Lord became happy. Accompanied by Gaddahara, the Lord visited the homes of the Vaishnavas.

Text 232

 One day the Lord went to Paramananda Puri's monastery and sat down next to him.

Text 233

 The Lord was very pleased with Paramananda Puri. They were close friends, like Krishna and Arjuna.

Text 234

 They conversed about the secrets of Lord Krishna. The Lord always enjoyed Paramananda Puri's company.

Text 235

 The water in Paramananda Puri's well was not good. Lord Chaitanya, the all-pervading Supersoul, knew all about it.

Text 236

 Lord Chaitanya asked Paramananda, "How is the water in your well. Please tell. I will listen."

Text 237

 Paramananda Puri replied, "The well is very bad. The water is horrible. It is mud personified."

Text 238

 Hearing this, Lord Chaitanya said, "Alas! Alas!" He said, "Lord Jagannatha is a miser.

Text 239

 "Anyone who touches the water of Paramananda's well becomes free of all sins.

Text 240

 "Lord Jagannatha's Maya ruined this water so no one will drink it."

Text 241

 After speaking these words, Lord Chaitanya stood up, raised both His arms, and said,


Text 242

 "O Jagannatha, O great master, please grant this boon to Me. Please make the Ganga flow into this well.

Text 243

 "Please order the Bhogavati Ganga to flow from Patalaloka into this well."

Text 244

 Hearing Lord Chaitanya's words, all the devotees loudly called out, "Hari!"

Text 245

 After some moments Lord Chaitanya went home and all the devotees went to sleep.

Text 246

 Placing that order on her head, Goddess Ganga then entered the well and filled it.

Text 247

 When they rose the next morning, everyone saw a great wonder. The well was now filled with very clear and pure water.

Text 248

 Seeing this wonder, the devotees called out, "Hari!" Paramananda Puri fainted with joy.

Text 249

 Saying that Goddess Ganga had entered it, everyone circumambulated the well.

Text 250

 Hearing of this, Lord Chaitanya came. With a happy heart he looked at the water.

     251-Text 252

 Lord Chaitanya said, "O devotees, please hear. Anyone who drinks this water or uses it to bathe attains the result of bathing in the Ganga. That is the truth. It is the truth. That person will attain very pure love and devotion to Lord Krishna.

Text 253

 Hearing the Lord's words, all the devotees loudly called out, "Hari!"

Text 254

 Then Lord Chaitanya very happily drank and bathed in the splendid transcendental wwtar of Paramananda Puri's well.

Text 255

 Then Lord Chaitanya said, "Please know that I came to this earth only because I love Paramananda Puri Gosvami.

Text 256

 "I am Paramananda Puri Gosvami's property. It is not otherwise. Paramananda Puri can sell Me anywhere.

Text 257

 "Anyone who once sees Paramananda Puri will attain ecstati love for Lord Krishna."

Text 258

 After praising Paramananda Puri and blessing his well, Lord Chaitanya returned to His own home.

Text 259

 The Supreme Personality of Godhead always glorifies His devotees. Who is such an ingrate that he would not worship such a Supreme Lord?

Text 260

 To protect His devotees, the Supreme Lord descends to this world. He always enjoys pastimes with His devotees.

Text 261

 To protect His devotees, He will do what should not be done. That He killed Vali for Sugriva's sake is the proof of this.

Text 262

 The Supreme Lord happily serves His servants. Although He is never defeated by anyone, the lion that is Lord Chaitanya allows Himself to be defeated by His devotees.

Text 263

 Accompanied by His devotees, the king of Vaikuntha enjoyed pastimes of kirtana by the ocean's shore.

Text 264

 Sitting by the ocean's shore, Lord Chaitanya played in the blissful ocean of devotional service.

Text 265

 Because Goddess Lakshmi was born in its waters, the ocean became glorious again when the Supreme Lord descended as Shri Chaitanya.

Text 266

 By bathing in the ocean there, the people of Jagannatha Puri wash away all their sins.

Text 267

 That is why Goddess Ganga flows so swiftly to meet the glorious ocean at that place.

Text 268

 Sitting by the shore, Lord Chaitanya made the ocean fortunate and glorious.

Text 269

 When Lord Chaitanya came to Jagannatha Puri, King Prataparudra was not in Orissa.

Text 270

 The king was fighting a war with Vijayanagara. Therefore at that time he did not see Lord Chaitanya.

Text 271

 After staying for some days at Jagannatha Puri, Lord Ãaitanya happily returned to West Bengal.

Text 272

 Filled with love for the Ganga, Lord Chaitanya quickly returned to West Bengal.

Text 273

 Sarvabhauma had a brother named Vidya-vacaspati, who was peaceful, austere, religious, and very fortunate.

Text 274

 Accompanied by His associates, Lord Chaitanya suddenly arrived at Vidya-vacaspati's home.

Text 275

 Attaining the king of Vaikuntha as a guest in his home, Vidya-vacaspati at once offered dandavat obeisances.

Text 276

 Great bliss filled that brahmana's body. He did not know what he should do.

Text 277

 Embracing him, Lord Chaitanya said, "Please hear My words.

Text 278

 "In My heart I have decided to go to Mathura. But first, for some days I will bathe in the Ganga.

Text 279

 "Secretly staying at your home, for some days I will bathe in the Ganga.

Text 280

 "Then finally I will go to Mathura. If you wish to see Me, you must help Me in this."

Text 281

 Hearing the Lord's words, with a humble heart Vidya-vacaspati spoke.

Text 282

 The brahmana said, "The many generations of my family have now become fortunate, for I have attained the dust of Your feet.

Text 283

 "Everything in my house is Yours. Please happily stay here. No one will know."

Text 284

 Hearing these words, the Lord became happy. For some days He stayed at that glorious place.

Text 285

 How can the sun be hidden? Soon everyone heard that Lord Chaitanya had come.

Text 286

 In Navadvipa and other places everyone said, "The crest-jewel of sannyasis now stays at Vidya-vacaspati's home."

Text 287

 Hearing these words everyone felt great joy in their hearts. It was as if in their present bodies they were all transported to Vaikuntha.

Text 288

 Forgetting wives, children, bodies, homes, and all else, everyone joyfully chanted, "Hari! Hari!"

Text 289

 Everyone embraced everyone elses. They said, "Look, let us go to His feet."

Text 290

 Speaking in thsi way, everyone was filled with joy. No one said anything about elders going in front or behind.

Text 291

 Chanting, "Hari! Hari!", numberless millions of people went to see Lord Chaitanya.

Text 292

 When the roads, filled with people, became impassable, many cut through the jungles to see the Lord.

Text 293

 O my brothers, hear. Please hear these pastimes of Lord Chaitanya, pastimes where the Lord delivered all living entities.

Text 294

 Breaking through thorny thickets, the people ran to see the Lord. Filled with bliss, no one felt any trouble.

Text 295

 In a moment the great crowds of people made their own splendid pathway through the jungles.

Text 296

 Chanting, "Hari!", the people came from every direction. By all of this Lord Chaitanya was very pleased.

Text 297

 Someone said, "I will grasp His feet and beg that He break the bonds that hold me to this world."

Text 298

 Another person said, "When I see Him with my eyes, I will attain everything. Why should I ask for anything more than that?"

Text 299

 Another person said, "I did not know His glories, so I blasphemed Him. My blasphemy had no limit.

Text 300

 "Holding His lotus feet to my heart, I will beg that He kill all my sins and offenses."

Text 301

 Another person said, "My son is a compulsive gambler. I will pray for the boon that my son will no longer gamble."

Text 302

 Another person said, "I will ask for the boon that my body and mind may never leave His lotus feet."

Text 303

 Another person said, "Glorious, glorious is the boon I will ask. I will ask that I will never forget fair and handsome Lord Chaitanya."

Text 304

 In these ways the people talked as they traveled. Their hearts were filled with bliss.

Text 305

 In a moment all these people came to the ferry-landing. The ferrymen then fell into a great calamity.

Text 306

 Thousands and thousands of people tried to climâ into one boat. In a moment even the big big boats fell apart.

Text 307

 Giving their extra clothing to the ferrymen, many people happily swam to the other side.

Text 308

 Not able to cross in a boat, many people devised other ways to cross. Some held large clay jars to their chests and floated across.

Text 309

 Some floated across on banana-trunk rafts. Some happily swam across.

Text 310

 In the four directions everyone chanted, "Hari!" Hearing this chanting, it seemed the whole material universe would break into pieces.

Text 311

 Vidya-vacaspati meanwhile had gathered many boats.

Text 312

 No one waited for the boats. Everyone crossed in whatever way he could.

Text 313

 Lord Chaitanya had attracted the hearts of all. But for Him, who has the power to do that?

Text 314

 Crossing the Ganga in this way, everyone grasped Vidya-vacaspati's feet.

Text 315

 They said, "You are very saintly and fortunate, for Lord Chaitanya now stays in your home.

Text 316

 "Who has the power to describe your good fortune? Please deliver all of us.


Text 317

 "We are all sinners fallen into the well of repeated birth and death. We have not seen the Lord.


Text 318

 "Please show to us the Lord's feet. Then we sinners will attain the goal of life."

Text 319

 Seeing the people's anxiety to see the Lord, the noble-hearted brahmana Vidya-vacaspati shed tears of joy.

Text 320

 Taking them with him, he went to the house where the Lord stayed. Thousands and millions of people made a great tumult of chanting the names of Lord Hari.

Text 321

 The names of Lord Hari alone stayed on everyone's mouth. No other word was spoken or heard.

Text 322

 Then Lord Chaitanya, who is an ocean of mercy, stood up before everyone.

Text 323

 Hearing the chanting of Lord Hari's names, and conquered by the people's good fortune, Lord Chaitanya very happily came outside.

Text 324

 Lord Chaitanya's form was very handsome and enchanting. No other form could compare with it.

Text 325

 Lord Chaitanya's face was always handsome and cheerful. His two graceful eyes were flooded with tears of joy.

Text 326

 The devotees had anointed His graceful limbs wirth sandal paste. His chest was covered with a great flower-garland. His motions were like those of a graceful elephant.

Text 327

 Raising His two graceful knee-length arms, He roared like a lion, "Hari!"

Text 328

 Gazing at the Lord, the people in the four directions chanted, "Hari!" and happily danced.

Text 329

 Falling to the ground, they offered dandavat obeisances. Plunged in bliss, they chanted, "Hari! Hari!"

Text 330

 Raising their arms, everyone prayed, "Lord, please deliver us sinners!"

Text 331

 Smiling, the Lord blessed everyone, "Always remember Lord Krishna.

Text 332

 "Chant, `Krishna!' Worship Krishna. Hear Krishna's name. Make Lord Krishna your whole life, your wealth, your very breath."

Text 333

 Hearing this blessing, everyone chanted, "Hari!" Their voices choked with emotion, everyone offered prayers again and again.

Text 334

 They said, "To deliver the world You descended to this world. In this hidden form You appeared in Saci's womâ in Navadvipa.

Text 335

 "We are all sinners. We did not recognize You. We fell into a blind well.

Text 336

 "O ocean of mercy, O Lord who does good to others, please be merciful to us, so we will never forget You."

Text 337

 In this way offering prayers, the people in all the directions pleased Lord Chaitanya.

Text 338

 The village became filled with people. There was no room in either the middle or in the outskirts of the village.

Text 339

 Anxious to see the Lord, thousands and thousands of people tried to climâ a single tree.

Text 340

 How many people climbed the roofs of houses? It is only by the Lord's will that those houses did not collapse.

Text 341

 Gazing at the Lord's graceful moonlike face, everyone called out, "Hari!" They roared like lions.

Text 342

 From the different directions the people again and again gazed at the Lord's graceful face. No one returned to his home.

Text 343

 After enjoying many pastimes in this way, the Lord slipped away and went to Kuliya-nagara.

Text 344

 Not telling Vidya-vacaspati, the Lord left with His associates.

Text 345

 When the king of Vaikuntha left for Kuliya-ngara, everyone became tormented with grief.

Text 346

 Vidya-vacaspati looked in the four directions. Where did the Lord go? He had no power to see.

Text 347

 Seaching for but not finding the Lord, Vidya-vacaspati loudly wept.

Text 348

 In their hearts everyone thought, "The Lord must have gone inside the house."

Text 349

 Thinking that the Lord would hear the names of Lord Hari and then come outside, everyone made a great tumult of chanting Lord Hari's names.

Text 350

 Millions and millions of people chanted Lord Hari's names. The chanting filled Svargaloka, Martyaloka, Patalaloka, and all the worlds.

Text 351

 After some moments Vidya-vacaspati came outside and told everyone what the Lord had done.

Text 352

 He said, "the jewel of the sannyasis has cheated us sinners and gone away. At what time of the night did He go? In what direction did He go? I do not know.

Text 353

 "My brothers, I tell you the truth. I do not know to what village Lord Chaitanya went."

Text 354

 Trust in what Vidya-vacaspati said did not take birth in the people's hearts.

Text 355

 Everyone cheerfully thought, "Seeing the great crowds, the Lord is hiding inside the house."

Text 356

 Someone privately told Vidya-vacaspati, "I am alone. Show the Lord to me."

Text 357

 Everyone grasped Vidya-vacaspati's feet and said, "Just one time let us see Him with our own eyes.

Text 358

 "Then we will all happily return to our homes. Please go to the Lord and tell Him these words.

Text 359

 "He will not disobey your words. In this way we sinners will gaze on Him."

Text 360

 Again Vidya-vacaspati explained what had happened, but in their hearts no one believed him.

Text 361

 Still not seeing the Lord, after some time the people spoke harshly to Vidya-vacaspati.

Text 362

 They said, "In his house Vidya-vacaspati hides the jewel of the sannyasis. Then he comes and tells us lies.

Text 363

 "Why should he be unhappy if we become liberated? Why should he be happy only with his own liberation?"

Text 364

 Someone else said, "A saintly person is merciful. He wants to liberate everyone.

Text 365

 "An ordinary person thinks, `Let good things happen to me.' But a saintly person, uninterested in his own welfare, tries to save others."

Text 366

 Someone else said, "Even in ordinary activities, if a person gets many candies and then eats them all himself, his action is considered an offense.

Text 367

 "This person has found the Supreme Lord Hismelf, the sweetest thing in the three worlds, and now he wants to be the only one to enjoy Him."

Text 368

 Then someone else said, "This brahmana is a cheater at heart. He will not be merciful and do good to others."

Text 369

 On the one side, Vidya-vacaspati was tormented by separation from the Lord, and on the other side everyone was speaking badly of him.

Text 370

 In these two ways that generous brahmana suffered. He did not know what remedy would cure his sufferings.

Text 371

 Suddenly a brahmana came and whispered in Vidya-vacaspati's ear,

Text 372

 "Lord Chaitanya went to Kuliya-nagara. Think what now you will do."

Text 373

 Hearing these words, Vidya-vacaspati happily embraced the brahmana.

Text 374

 At once he went to everyone and told them the secret.

Text 375

 He said, "Unaware of the truth, you accused me, saying that I was hiding the Lord.

Text 376

 "I have heard that the Lord is now in Kuliya-nagara. A brahmana just now came and told me this.

Text 377

 "Let us go there. If these words are the truth, then all of you please declare that I am a true brahmana."

Text 378

 Calling out, "Hari!", in a moment everyone very happily left with Vidya-vacaspati.

Text 379

 In every direction there was a great sound of "The jewel of sannyasis went to Kuliya-nagara!"

Text 380

 Hearing this news, many people in Nadiya crossed the Ganga and went to Kuliya.

Text 381

 The crowd that traveled from Vidya-vacaspati's village was now millions and millions of times larger.

Text 382

 Even Ananta Sesha with His thousands of mouths has no power to describe how many people were drawn to Kuliya.

Text 383

 From where did these thousands and millions of people come? How did they all cross the Ganga? I do not know.

Text 384

 How many boats sank in the middle of the Ganga? Even when that happened, no one died.

Text 385

 As they sank the boats would suddenly hit dry land. All this was arranged by Lord Chaitanya's merciful will.

Text 386

 Anyone who once sings Lord Chaitanya's name or virtues at once crosses the ocean of repeated birth and death, an ocean that becomes like a calf's-hoofprint mud-puddle.

Text 387

 Why, then, should be surprising that everyone successfully crossed the Ganga as they went to directly see Lord Chaitanya?

Text 388

 Thousands and millions of people happily swam across the Ganga.

Text 389

 Coming to the other side, they embraced each other and called out, "Hari!"

Text 390

 How much money did the ferrymen earn? How many marketplaces and bazaars suddenly sprang into existence? How many people were there?

Text 391

 Whatever one wished in the four directions one could buy there. How many people were there? I do not know.


Text 392

 The towns, villages, and farmlands were all filled with people. No place was empty.

Text 393

 Numberless millions of people made a great sound of "Hari!" Still, Lord Chaitanya, the jewel of the sannyasis, did not come out. He remained in hiding.

Text 394

 Where was Lord Chaitanya hiding? Searching and searching, Vidya-vacasapati could not find Him.

Text 395

 After some time of searching for and calling out to the Lord, Vidya-vacaspati finally found Lord Chaitanya.

Text 396

 When the Lord was in sight, Vidya-vacaspati, the son of Visarada at once fell to the ground and offered dandavat obeisances.

Text 397

 Again and again he recited verses describing Lord Chaitanya's descent to this world. Again and again he bowed down.

Text 398

 He said, "To deliver the whole world You have come in the form of Lord Chaitanya. You have already delivered everyone who has fallen into the well of birth and death.

Text 399

 "O Lord Chaitanya, Your mercy is like the ocean. Birth after birth please always stay in my heart.

Text 400

 "Seeing the whole world plunged in the ocean of birth and death, again and again You mercifully shower ecstati spiritual love upon it.

Text 401

 "O peerlessly merciful Lord Chaitanya, please always appear in my heart."

Text 402

 Again and again reciting verses like these, Vidya-vacaspati glorified the Lord. Again and again he offered dandavat obeisances.

Text 403

 I offer my respectful obeisances to Visarada, whose two sons were Sarvabhauma and Vidya-vacaspati.

Text 404

 Lord Chaitanya cast a merciful glance at Vidya-vacasapati. Then Vidya-vacasapati began to sepak.

Text 405

 Offering dandavat obeisances, and then folding his hands, Vidya-vacaspati said, "O noble-hearted Lord, please hear my request.

Text 406

 "You are exalted, blissful, and supremely independent. You do whatever You wish.

Text 407

 "You go wherever You wish. Only if You reveal Yourself can anyone know You.

Text 408

 "Your heart establishes what is good. What rule or prohibition must You follow?

Text 409

 "All these people do not know this truth about You. In their hearts they criticize me. They say I am cruel.

Text 410

 "Not knowing the truth, the people say that I am hiding You in my house.

Text 411

 "For half a sesame seed's worth of time, O Lord, please come outside. Then the people will say that I am a true brahmana."

Text 412

 Smiling at the brahmana's words, by His own will Lord Chaitanya at once went outside.

Text 413

 Seeing that the Lord had come outside, everyone became plunged in an ocean of bliss.

Text 414

 From the four directions the people offered dandavat obeisances. Then they spoke many prayers, whatever was in their hearts.

Text 415

 Numberless millions of people chanted the holy names of Lord Hari. Everyone was plunged in an ocean of bliss.

Text 416

 In place after place, thousands and thousands of groups joyfully sang kirtana.

Text 417

 In this way Lord Chaitanya, the jewel of the sannyasis, day and night filled all the worlds with the blissful names of Lord Krishna.

Text 418

 By tasting a portion of a drop of that happiness, Brahmaloka, Sivaloka, and the other higher worlds became free of all sufferings.

Text 419

 By tasting a drop of that happiness, the kings of the yogis and kings of the sages became wild with bliss. Manifesting the form of a sannyasi, Lord Krishna was then present on the earth.

     420-Text 421

 The sinners who say there is no evidence to prove the existence of a supreme, all-powerful God, are very pathetic. Everyone should feel sorry for them. Their birth, pious deeds, education, and brahminical virtues are all useless.

Text 422

 O my brothers, worship, worship Lord Chaitanya's feet. By hearing about Lord Chaitanya one breaks the bonds of ignorance.

Text 423

 Simply by remembering Him one becomes free of all sufferings. Therefore worship, worship the feet of He who is the jewel of sannyasis.

Text 424

 Seeing the great sankirtana in four directions, Lord Chaitanya and His associates swam in bliss.

Text 425

 Lord Chaitanya wept a flood of tears of joy. It was as if the Ganga were flowing in the four directions at once.

Text 426

 Lord Chaitanya was overwhelmed with the bliss of sankirtana. He was not in external consciousness.

Text 427

 Lord Chaitanya joyfully danced with the sankirtana groups He saw before Him.

Text 428

 Everyone thought themselves very fortunate that they could assist Lord Chaitanya in His pastimes.

Text 429

 Lord Nityananda was the most agitated with ecstati love. He embraced Lord Chaitanya and made Him dance.

Text 430

 Overcome with bliss and love, Lord Nityananda danced with Lord Chaitanya.

Text 431

 Roaring like a lion, Lord Chaitanya danced. Anyone who hears that sound finds his sufferings broken to pieces.

Text 432

 In the past, when he tasted the nectar of that Supreme Lord, Siva became intoxicated and unaware that clothes no longer covered His body. That same Supreme Personality of Godhead now danced among the people.

Text 433

 Tasting the nectar of ecstati love the Supreme Personality of Godhead, the controller of the numberless universes, now danced on the earth.

Text 434

 The Supreme Personality of Godhead, whom all the demigods yearn to see, now danced before everyone.

Text 435

 In this way the people floated in great bliss. Lord Chaitanya's appearance delivered the entire world.

Text 436

 From the ten directions everyone gazed at the Lord as He danced.

Text 437

 Lord Chaitanya was not in external consciousness. Tasting the nectar of ecstati love, He had become wild. Gazing at Him, everyone became plunged in an ocean of bliss.

Text 438

 When Lord Chaitanya came to Kuliya, the sinners, lowly people, ordinary people, and great devotees all became delivered.

Text 439

 Simply by hearing of Lord Chaitanya's coming to Kuliya-griama, one breaks all the bonds of karma.

Text 440

 By allowing everyone to see Him, Lord Chaitanya made everyone joyful at heart.

Text 441

 Staying outside, Lord Chaitanya sat down with His associates.

Text 442

 At that time a brahmana approached and tightly grasped the Lord's feet.

Text 443

 The brahmana said, "Lord, I have one request. If You give me a moment, I will tell it.

Text 444

 "Unaware of the glory of devotional service, I commited many sins. I blasphemed many Vaishnavas.

Text 445

 "I would say, `How, in Kali-yuga, is it possible for anyone to be a true Vaishnava? How can anyone truly sing kirtana?' Moment after moment I blasphemed many Vaishnavas in this way.

Text 446

 "Moment after moment remembering these sins, my heart burns with grief.

Text 447

 "O lion who delivers all the worlds, please tell me how I can break my sins into pieces."

Text 448

 Hearing the brahmana's sincere words, Lord Chaitanya smiled and spoke this remedy:

     449-Text 450

 "O brahmana, please listen. If with his own mouth a person drinks poison, and then, with the same mouth, also drinks the nectar of immortality, then the poison will wither away, and the nectar will make that person's body immortal. Please hear this explanation.

Text 451

 "Not knowing what was happening, you blasphemed Vaishnavas. In this way you drank poison.

Text 452

 "With your mouth you should now always drink the nectar of Lord Krishna's holy names and qualities.

Text 453

 "The same mouth that once blasphemed Vaishnavas should now sing their praises.

Text 454

 "O brahmana, in poetry and songs you should sing the glories of the devotees.

Text 455

 "By drinking the nectar of Lord Krishna's glories, you will counteract the poison of blasphemy.

     456-Text 458

 "What I say is the truth. If a person who unwittingly commits blasphemy stops blaspheming others and instead praises Lord Vishnu and the Vaishnavas, then that pwerson will destroys all his sins. That is the right way to destroy them. Millions of rituals of atonement will not destroy them.

Text 459

 "O brahmana, go and sing the glories of the devotees. Then you will become free of all sins."

Text 460

 Hearing these words from the Lord's graceful mouth, the Vaishnavas called out, "Jaya! Jaya! Hari!"

Text 461

 In this way Lord Chaitanya described the best atonement for the sin of blasphemy.

Text 462

 Any sinner who, not honoring Lord Chaitanya's order, blasphemes the Vaishnavas will be plunged in an ocean of sufferings.

Text 463

 Anyone who honors Lord Chaitanya's order as the essence of the Vedas will become happy. He will cross the ocean of repeated birth and death.

Text 464

 In this way Lord Chaitanya described the truth to that brahmana. The next moment Devananda Pandita approached the Lord.

     465-Text 466

 When Lord Chaitanya was enjoying pastimes as a householder, Devananda Pandita did not have faith in Him. For that reason he did not see the Lord.

Text 467

 He was qualified to see the Lord. Why did he not see Him? The reason lies in Lord Krishna Himself.

Text 468

 After the Lord accepted sannyasa and went away, by good fortune Devananda met Vakresvara Pandita.

Text 469

 Vakresvara Pandita was a very dear associate of Lord Chaitanya. Simply by hearing about Vakresvara all the world becomes purified.

Text 470

 He was the personification of eternal love for Lord Krishna. He was always in ecstasy. When he danced the demigods and demons became enthralled.

Text 471

 He manifested tears, trembling, perspiration, laughter, roaring, standing up of the body's hairs, becoming pale, fainting, and many other symptoms of ecstasy.

Text 472

 By Lord Chaitanya's mercy all the symptoms of ecstasy entered Vakresvara's body when he danced.

Text 473

 Vakresvara Pandita felt very intense ecstasy. Who has the power to describe his ecstasies?

Text 474

 By divine arrangement, and attracted by the nectar of ecstati love, Vakresvara Pandita.stayed for some time at Devananda Pandita's asrama.

     475-Text 476

 Seeing Vakresvara's bodily effulgence and great devotion to Lord Vishnu, devotion without equal in the three worlds, Devananda Pandita became very happy at heart. With sincere love he served Vakresvara Pandita.

     477-Text 478

 When Vakresvara danced, Devananda, stick in hand, walked about to keep the crowds back. When Vakresvara was about to faint in ecstasy, Devananda caught him and kept him on his lap.

Text 479

 With respectful devotion in his heart, he took the dust from Vakresvara's body and smeared it on his own body.

Text 480

 Seeing his glory, Devananda stayed with Vakresvara. In this way faith in Lord Chaitanya was born within Devananda.

Text 481

 This story bears witness to the truth of what the Puranas say is the fruit of serving a Vaishnava. Even today everyone can see that this fruit comes.

Text 482

 From his very birth Devananda was religious, renounced, and learned. He lectured on Shrimad-Bhagavatam. He did not lecture on any other book.

Text 483

 He was peaceful, self-controlled, a victor over his senses, and not greedy for material things. What virtue did he not possess?

Text 484

 Still, he did not have faith in Lord Chaitanya. By Vakresvara's mercy, his misconceptions were destroyed.

Text 485

 "Service to the Vaishnavas is more important than even service to Lord Krishna." This truth Shrimad-Bhagavatam and all other scriptures affirm very emphatically.

Text 486

 In the scriptures it is said:


siddhir bhavati va neti


     samsayo 'cyuta-sevinam

nihsamsayo 'stu tad-bhakta-



     "The servants of the infallible Supreme Personality of Godhead may or may not attain perfection. There is some doubt. But for the servants of the Lord's devotees there is no doubt."


Text 487

 Therefore service to the Vaishnavas is the great means of spiritual advancement. By serving the devotees one attains Lord Krishna.

Text 488

 Therefore because of his association with Vakresvara Pandita, Devananda Pandita lovingly went to see Lord Chaitanya.

Text 489

 As Lord Chaitanya sat, Devananda approached.

Text 490

 Devananda offered dandavat obeisances. Hesitating, he stayed back.

Text 491

 Seeing him, Lord Chaitanya was pleased. He made him sit close by.

Text 492

 Forgiving his previous offenses, Lord Chaitanya gave His


Text 493

 Lord Chaitanya said, "You served Vakresvara. Therefore you may approach Me.

Text 494

 "Vakresvara Pandita is the Supreme Lord's spiritual potency. Anyone who devotedly serves him attains Lord Krishna.

Text 495

 "Lord Krishna makes His home in Vakresvara's heart. When Vakresvara dances, Lord Krishna dances also.

Text 496

 "If Vakresvara stays in any place, that place becomes all holy places. It becomes Vaikuntha."

Text 497

 Hearing the Lord's words, Devananda folded his hands and prayed,

Text 498

 "O merciful Lord, to deliver the entire world You appeared in Navadvipa.

Text 499

 "i am a great sinner. Because of my past sins I did not understand who You really are. I was cheated of the spiritual bliss that comes from You.

Text 500

 "You are naturally merciful to all living entities. Therefore I beg You: May I always feel spiritual love for You.

Text 501

 "Lord, I place one request at Your feet. Please say what I should do.

Text 502

 "I am not all-knowing. Still, I lecture on a book meant for persons who know everything. Please say how I should lecture on Shrimad-Bhagavatam.

Text 503

 "How should I explain it? How should I lecture on it? Lord, please tell me."

Text 504

 Hearing these words, Lord Chaitanya described the glory of Shrimad-Bhagavatam. He said,

Text 505

 "O Shrimad-Bhagavatam, please listen, and I will say how to lecture on Shrimad-Bhagavatam. Into your mouth you should place only the word "bhakti" (devotional service). Don't say any other word.

Text 506

 "Eternal, imperishable, always-perfect devotional service to Lord Vishnu is the sole topi in the beginning, middle, and end of Shrimad-Bhagavatam.


Text 507

 "Devotional service is the great truth in the numberless universes. When all the universes are destroyed, devotional service will remain, perfect and powerful.

Text 508

 "Easily giving the gift of liberation, Lord Narayana conceals devotional service. Without Lord Krishna's mercy no one can understand the truth of devotional service.

Text 509

 "Shrimad-Bhagavatam explains the truth of devotional service. No other scripture is Shrimad-Bhagavatam's equal.

     510-Text 511

 "As Matsya, Kurma, and the other incarnations of the Supreme Personality of Godhead sometimes appear before the people and sometimes disappear, in the same way Shrimad-Bhagavatam also appears and disappears. It is not a book written by someone.

Text 512

 "Only by Lord Krishna's mercy, and because of Vyasa's sincere devotion, did Shrimad-Bhagavatam appear on Vyasa's tongue.

Text 513

 "No one can know all the truths of the Supreme Personality of Godhead. In the same way no can know all the truths of Shrimad-Bhagavatam. This all the scriptures say.

Text 514

 "Anyone who declares, `I understand Shrimad-Bhagavatam', does not really know the truth of Shrimad-Bhagavatam.

Text 515

 "But an uneducated person who humbly takes shelter of Shrimad-Bhagavatam will easily see Shrimad-Bhagavatam's true meaning.

Text 516

 "Shrimad-Bhagavatam is made of ecstati spiritual love. It is Lord Krishna's own body. It describes Lord Krishna's secret pastimes.

Text 517

 "After speaking the Vedas and Puranas, Vedavyasa was not happy at heart.

Text 518

 "But when Shrimad-Bhagavatam appeared on his tongue, at once he felt joy in his heart.

Text 519

 "When reading Shrimad-Bhagavatam some people fall into danger. Honestly listen, O brahmana, and I will tell you about this.

Text 520

 "When you lecture say that in the beginning, middle, and end of Shrimad-Bhagavatam devotional service alone is described.

Text 521

 "Then you will not commit offense. Then you will feel joy in your thoughts.

Text 522

 "Every scripture speaks only of devotional service to Lord Krishna. But Shrimad-Bhagavatam is especially sweet with the nectar of Lord Krishna.

Text 523

 "In this way go and teach. Explain to everyone the nectar of devotional service to Lord Krishna."

Text 524

 Hearing the Lord's words, Devananda Pandita offered dandavat obeisances. He knew he had become very fortunate.

Text 525

 Again and again he offered obeisances. Then, his heart meditating on the Lord's feet, the brahmana departed.

Text 526

 In this way Lord Chaitanya explained to everyone the truth about Shrimad-Bhagavatam.

Text 527

 Shrimad-Bhagavatam teaches devotional alone. In its beginning, middle, and end it teaches nothing else.

Text 528

 A person who lectures on Shrimad-Bhagavatam, but does not explain it in terms of devotional service, wastes his words. He commits an offense.

Text 529

 Shrimad-Bhagavatam is the personification of the nectar of devotional service. Anyone who knows this becomes dear to Lord Krishna.

Text 530

 Inauspiciousness never enters a home where the book Shrimad-Bhagavatam is kept.

Text 531

 Anyone who worships Shrimad-Bhagavatam also worships Lord Krishna. Hearing and reading Shrimad-Bhagavatam are acts of devotion to Lord Krishna.

Text 532

 The word "Shrimad-Bhagavatam" has two meanings. One is the book Shrimad-Bhagavatam. The other is a person who has attained Lord Krishna's mercy.

Text 533

 By regularly worshiping, reading, hearing, or seeing Shrimad-Bhagavatam one becomes a person like that, a person who has attained Lord Krishna's mercy. That is the truth. It is the truth.

Text 534

 When a sinner reads Shrimad-Bhagavatam, he does not understand it. He will blaspheme Lord Nityananda.

Text 535

 Lord Nityananda is the personification of the nectar of devotional service. One who knows this is very fortunate.

Text 536

 Moment after moment, with His thousand mouths Lord Nityananda explains the meaning of Shrimad-Bhagavatam.

Text 537

 Even today Lord Nityananda Ananta Sesha is not able to complete His explanations.

Text 538

 Even Lord Ananta Sesha cannot come to the end of Shrimad-Bhagavatam. It is said that Shrimad-Bhagavatam contains the sweetest nectar of pure devotional service.

Text 539

 By speaking these words to Devananda Pandita, Lord Chaitanya explained to everyone the truth about Shrimad-Bhagavatam.

Text 540

 To everyone who came with questions, Lord Chaitanya gave perfect answers.

Text 541

 In this way Shri Krishna Chaitanya went to Kuliya-grama. There was not a person at that place whom the Lord did not make fortunate and glorious.

Text 542

 Gazing at the Lord, everyone became happy. Filling their eyes, everyone gazed at Him again and again.

Text 543

 Gazing at the Lord, everyone attained all they desired. Forgetting suffering and grief, they floated in spiritual bliss.

Text 544

 Anyone who with a happy heart hears all these pastimes will attain Lord Chaitanya's association.

Text 545

 It does not matter into what caste he was born. He becomes the best of persons. Anyone who hears the glories of Lord Krishna will never meet calamity.

Text 546

 The two moons Shri Krishna Chaitanya and Shri Nityananda are my life and soul. I, Vrindavana dasa, sing the glories of Their feet.