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Chapter Two



Return to Bhuvanesvara, Jagannatha Puri, and Other Places


Text 1 Glory, glory to Lord Chaitanya! Glory to the Lord who is everyone's life-breath! Glory to the Lord who brings fear to the wicked! Glory to the protector of the devotees!

Text 2 Glory to the master of Ananta Sesha, Lakshmi, Brahma, and Siva! Glory to the Lord who is an ocean of mercy, the friend of the fallen, and the best of sannyasis!

Text 3 Glory, glory to Lord Chaitanya, who stays with His devotees! O Lord, please be merciful to me. Please stay always in my thoughts.

Text 4 In this way Lord Chaitanya enjoyed many pastimes in Advaita's home in Santipura.

Text 5 The Lord enjoyed many confidential conversations with the devotees. In their company He happily passed the night.

Text 6 When the night ended and the sun rose, the Lord performed His morning duties. Then He sat down, His servants around Him in the four directions.

Text 7 The Lord said, "I will go to Jagannatha Puri. Please do not be unhappy at this.

Text 8 "I will see Lord Jagannatha, the moon of Nilacala, and then I will return and stay with all of you.

Text 9 "Please happily return to your homes and be always engaged in kirtana. Birth after birth you are My very life."

Text 10

 The devotees said, "Lord, who has the power to thwart Your desires?

Text 11

 "Still, this is a difficult time. No one can travel the roads in that country.

Text 12

 "The two countries are in the midst of a great quarrel. There is a great danger from highwaymen.

Text 13

 "If it is the wish in Your heart, please wait until there is not disturbance and everything is peaceful."

Text 14

 The Lord said, "How can a situation without obstacles ever come? I must go. Please tell the others My decision."

Text 15

 Advaita understood the the decision in Lord Chaitanya's heart. The Lord would go to Jagannatha Puri. Nothing would stop Him.

Text 16

 Folding His hands, Advaita described the true situation, "What obstacle can block Your path?

Text 17

 "All obstacles are Your servants. Which one of them has the power to stop You?

Text 18

 "Lord, if it is the wish in Your heart, You will certainly go to Jagannatha Puri with great happiness.

Text 19

 Hearing Advaita's words, Lord Chaitanya became happy. He happily replied with the word, "Hari!"

Text 20

 Walking like a ferocious lion, Lord Chaitanya then began His journey to Jagannatha Puri.

Text 21

 The devotees followed behind. No one had the power to stop weeping.

Text 22

 After a short distance Lord Chaitanya sweetly told the devotees,

Text 23

 "Please do not be unhappy at heart. I will never leave you.

Text 24

 "Return to your homes and chant Lord Krishna's names. After some days I will come back."

Text 25

 After speaking these words, Lord Chaitanya embraced the Vaishnavas one by one.

Text 26

 Sprinkling the devotees with His tears, Lord Chaitanya wept.

Text 27

 After reassuring everyone in many ways, the Lord proceeded south.

Text 28

 Weeping and weeping with love, the devotees again and again fell to the ground and again and again picked themselves up.

Text 29

 Like the gopis when Lord Krishna went to Mathura, they were plunged in an ocean of grief.

Text 30

 As the gopis somehow survived, so the devotees of Lord Chaitanya somehow survived in that time of separation.

Text 31

 It was like the time when Krishna left for Mathura. Indeed, the Lord, the devotees, and the emotions were the same.

Text 32

 Life and death depend on Lord Krishna's will. It matters not whether one drinks poison or nectar.

Text 33

 No one has the power to change the fate of someone Lord Krishna protects, or of someone He kills.

Text 34

 Lord Chaitanya joyfully went to Jagannatha Puri.

Text 35

 Nityananda, Gadadhara, Mukunda, Govinda, Jagadananda, and Brahmananda were His companions.

Text 36

 On the road the Lord tested them all. He asked, "Are there any supplies or money? Who brought? Please tell.

Text 37

 "Who brought money and supplies for this journey on the road? Did anyone? Please tell the truth."

Text 38

 The all replied, "Lord, who has the power to bring anything without Your permission?"

Text 39

 Hearing this, the Lord was pleased. At the end He explained the meaning of His words.

Text 40

 The Lord said, "I am very pleased that no one brought anything.

Text 41

 "Destiny will provide the food written for that day. Even if one is in the forest, it is inevitable that he will meet his destined food.

Text 42

 "If the Supreme Lord does not write food for that day, then even a prince must fast.

Text 43

 "Without the Supreme Lord's permission, no one has the power to eat. Suddenly, for no reason, he will bitterly quarrel with someone.

Text 44

 "Angry, he will announce, `I will not eat!' Speaking that vow, he will rest in hands on his head.

Text 45

 "Or, he may all kinds of foods, but his body may suddenly burn with fever.

Text 46

 "Tortured by the fever, what will he eat? In this way the Supreme Lord's will is the cause of whether one eats or not.

Text 47

 "Lord Krishna places a great storehouse of food in the three worlds. If the Supreme Lord wills, one will always find food."

Text 48

 In this way the Supreme Lord personally taught everyone. They who have faith in His words will become happy.

Text 49

 Why should one struggle ten million times to attain something? One should not. Only if the Supreme Lord wills does anyone attain the result he desires.

Text 50

 In this way Lord Chaitanya again and again explained the nature of the Supreme Lord. As they arrived at /Atisara-nagara, Lord Chaitanya gave these explanations.

Text 51

 In the village of /Atisara lived a very fortunate and saintly devotee named Shri Ananta.

Text 52

 Lord Chaitanya stayed at his home. How can I describe His great good fortune?

Text 53

 Very generous Ananta Pandita became very joyful. He was not in external consciousness.

Text 54

 The king of Vaikuntha had come as a guest in his home. Happily he prepared the Lord's meal.

Text 55

 The Lord and His associates accepted the meal. In this way the Lord taught that a sannyasi's duty is to accept meals offered by others.

Text 56

 In Ananta Pandita's home Lord Chaitanya happily passed the whole night describing the glories of Lord Krishna.

Text 57

 Casting a merciful glance at Ananta Pandita, and chanting "Hari! Hari!", at dawn Lord Chaitanya departed.

Text 58

 Seeing Lord Chaitanya's cooling moonlike face, at every moment the people called out, "Hari! Hari!"

Text 59

 Everyone saw the Supreme Personality of Godhead walking amongst them, the same Supreme Personality of Godhead who only rarely places His feet in the hearts of the kings of the yogis.

Text 60

 Walking on the Ganga's bank, the Lord very happily came to Chatrabhoga.

Text 61

 At Chatrabhoga the Ganga divides into a hundred mouths. Delighting everyone, the Ganga flows in this way.

Text 62

 At this place Lord Siva assumed a form of water. That is why everyone calls this place Ambulinga-ghata.

Text 63

 Please listen with one heart, and I will tell the story why Lord Siva here assumed a form (linga, of water (ambu).

Text 64

 In ancient times King Bhagiratha worshiped the Ganga and brought her to this place to deliver his ancestors.

Text 65

 Overcome in separation from Goddess Ganga, and always thinking of her, Lord Siva came to that place.

Text 66

 Seeing Goddess Ganga at Chatrabhoga, Lord Siva was overwhelmed with love.

Text 67

 The moment he saw her, Lord Siva fell into the Ganga. Assuming a form of water, Siva mixed with the waters of the Ganga.

Text 68

 Gazing at Goddess Ganga, the mother of all the worlds, Lord Siva worshiped her with great devotion.

Text 69

 Lord Siva knew the glories of worshiping Goddess Ganga, and Goddess Ganga knew the glories of worshiping Lord Siva.

Text 70

 Touching the Ganga's waters, Lord Siva assumed a form of water. In this form he humbly worshiped Goddess Ganga.

Text 71

 Lord Siva assumed a form of water at this place. That is why everyone calls it Ambulinga-ghata.

Text 72

 By the combined power of Goddess Ganga and Lord Siva Chatrabhoga-grama became famous as a very sacred place.

Text 73

 Touched by Lord Chaitanya's feet in His pastimes, that place became even more glorious.

Text 74

 Lord Chaitanya went to Chatrabhoga. At Ambulinga-ghata He saw the Ganga divide into a hundred mouths.

Text 75

 Seeing this holy place, Lord Chaitanya was overcome with bliss. Roaring, "Hari!", He made a great tumult.

Text 76

 When Lord Chaitanya fainted in ecstasy, Lord Nityananda caught Him. Everyone called out, "Jaya!" and "Hari! Hari!"

Text 77

 Overcome with bliss, Lord Chaitanya and His associates bathed at that ghata.

Text 78

 As He bathed there Lord Chaitanya enjoyed many pastimes. In the future Vedavyasa will write about them in the Puranas.

Text 79

 After bathing, the Lord climbed onto the riverbank. He soon made the dry clothing He put on wet with tears of love.

Text 80

 With a stream of a hundred mouths the River Ganga flowed over the earth. Then, also with a stream of a hundred mouths, tears flowed from Lord Chaitanya's eyes.

Text 81

 Seeing this wonder, all the devotees laughed. In this way Lord Chaitanya wept.

Text 82

 The governor in that village was Ramacandra Khan. Although he enjoyed many sense pleasures, he was still saintly and fortunate.

Text 83

 If this were not so, how could he have seen Lord Chaitanya? By divine arrangement he came to that place.

Text 84

 Seeing the Lord, that governor felt great awe in his heart. In a moment he quickly came down from his palanquin.

Text 85

 Falling to the ground, he offered dandavat obeisances. Meanwhile Lord Chaitanya, weeping tears of ecstati love, was not in external consciousness.

Text 86

 "O! O! Jagannatha!", Lord Chaitanya thundered. Then He fell to the ground and wept.

Text 87

 Seeing Lord Chaitanya's sorrow, Ramacandra Khan felt his heart break.

Text 88

 In his heart thinking, "Is there no way to end His sorrow?", he also wept.

Text 89

 In the three worlds no one had ever wept like this. Anyone who would not break into pieces when he saw this weeping must have a heart of stone, or of dry wood.

Text 90

 After becoming a little pacified, He who is the crest jewel of Vaikuntha asked Ramacandra Khan, "Who are you?"

Text 91

 Offering dandavat obeisances, and then folding his hands, the governor respectfully said, "I am the servant of Your servant."

Text 92

 Then the other people explained, "He is the governor of this southern province."

Text 93

 Lord Chaitanya said, "You are the governor. Very good. How may I quickly travel to Jagannatha Puri?"

Text 94

 Then Lord Chaitanya shed a flood of tears. Again and again calling out, "O Jagannatha, O moon of Nilacala!", He fell to the ground.

Text 95

 Then Ramacandra Khan said, "O great saint, pleass listen. Whatever You order, that will be done without fail.

Text 96

 "Lord, this is a bad time. Between that country and this country there is no path.

Text 97

 "The king has planted tridents in place after place. Every traveler is captured, declared a spy, and tortured.

Text 98

 "The only way I can arrange is to send you in secret. O Lord, please give me Your attention and listen.

Text 99

 "I command the army here. Even so, this is dangerous for me.

Text 100

 "Still, why should I not help. Lord, whatever You ask, I will do without fail.

Text 101

 "If You accept me as Your servant, then, accompanied by Your men, today please accept Your meal at my place.

Text 102

 "What are noble birth, wealth, and even life? They do not mean anything to me. Tonight I will bring You along that path."

Text 103

 Hearing these words, the king of Vaikuntha became happy. Smiling, He cast a merciful glance at the governor.

Text 104

 Simply by that glance, the governor became free of all material bonds. Lord Chaitanya stayed for a while at that governor-brahmana's home.

Text 105

 Supreme auspiciousness came to that brahmana's home. The fruits of all his past pious deeds at once came before his eyes.

Text 106

 With great devotion in his heart, that brahmana very carefully cooked for the Lord.

Text 107

 Now Lord Chaitanya ate in name only. He would not spare even a single moment from ecstati meditation on a person who was actually Himself.

Text 108

 To please His dear associates, Lord Chaitanya accepted meals. Spiritual ecstasy was the food He always ate.

Text 109

 From the beginning of His journey to Lord Jagannatha, Lord Chaitanya ate in name only.

Text 110

 Anxious to see Lord Jagannatha, Lord Chaitanya forgot His own Self. In this way He traveled on the road.

     111-Text 112

 Was it day or night? On what path did they travel? Where was water? Where was land? Where was a place to cross the river? Plunged in the nectar of ecstati love, Lord Chaitanya did not know. Always staying by His side, His dear associates protected Him.

Text 113

 Vedavyasa alone, and no one else, has the power to describe how Lord Chaitanya was rapt in ecstati love.

Text 114

 Who has the power to understand Lord Krishna's nature, or when and how He enjoys pastimes?

Text 115

 Why was Lord Chaitanya so anxious? Why did He weep? Only Lord Nityananda has the power to know the heart of this.

Text 116

 Plunged in the nectar of devotion to a person who was actually His own self, in His pastimes the king of Vaikuntha did not know who He was..

Text 117

 Lord Chaitanya was Lord Jagannathja Himself. He Himself was the person He longed to meet.

Text 118

 Who has the power to understand the Supreme Lord if the Lord does not place His glance of person upon him?

Text 119

 Accompanied by Nityananda and His other dear associates, Lord Chaitanya sat down to eat.

Text 120

 After eating very little, the Lord roared and stood up.

Text 121

 The Lord rinsed His mouth. He was rapt in ecstati love. "How far is Lord Jagannatha?", He thundered.

Text 122

 Then Mukunda began to sing. Then He who is the king of Vaikuntha danced.

Text 123

 The pious people who lived at Chatrabhoga gazed at the playful Lord of Vaikuntha as He danced.

Text 124

 He manifested tears, trembling, roaring, perspiration, becoming stunnded, and bodily hairs standing erect. How many ecstati symptoms did the Lord manifest? Who knows the heart of the Lord's ecstasy?

Text 125

 A wonderful flood of tears of love flowed from His eyes, a flood like the swollen Ganga in the month of Bhadra.

Text 126

 The Lord danced around and around. Tears gushed from His eyes, tears that bathed everyone there.

Text 127

 I say that Lord Chaitanya became ecstati love personified and descended to the earth. No one but Lord Chaitanya has the power to act in this way.

Text 128

 In this way the third three-hour portion (prahara, of the night passed. Then Lord Chaitanya became peaceful.

Text 129

 Every person thought in his heart, "The night passed like a single moment." By Lord Chaitanya's mercy everyone was delivered.

Text 130

 Then Ramacandra Khan said, "Lord, the boat has come to the ghata. It is ready now."

Text 131

 Saying "Hari!", Lord Chaitanya at once stood up, walked, and entered the boat.

Text 132

 Casting a glance of mercy on them, He bid everyone farewell and then proceeded to His own city of Jagannatha Puri.

Text 133

 By the Lord's order, Mukunda sang kirtana as the Lord traveled in the boat.

Text 134

 The foolish boatman said, "I am afraid. I think today we will not remain alive.

Text 135

 "On the riverbank are tigers. In the water are crocodiles.

Text 136

 "There are many thieves who will take our wealth and kill us.

Text 137

 "O master, please be quiet until we reach Orissa."

Text 138

 When the boatman spoke these words, everyone stopped singing. Lord Chaitanya continued to float in many tears of ecstati love.

Text 139

 In a moment Lord Chaitanya stood up and shouted, "Why are you afraid? Why?

Text 140

 "The Sudarsana-cakra stands in the front of this boat. It always protects the Vaishnavas from any danger.

Text 141

 "Don't worry. Sing the sankirtana of Lord Krishna's names. Do you not see the Sudarsana-cakra?"

Text 142

 Hearing the Lord's words, all the devotees again sang the kirtana.

Text 143

 Lord Chaitanya used this situation to teach everyone: "The Sudarsana-cakra always protects the devotees."

Text 144

 "Any sinner who would attack a Vaishnava the fire of the Sudarsana-cakra throws into flames and kills.

Text 145

 "Lord Vishnu's Sudarsana-cakra always protects the devotees. Who has the power to attack the Lord's devotees?"

Text 146

 Lord Chaitanya spoke confidential teachings in this way. A person who has attained the Lord's mercy can understand these words He said.

Text 147

 Plunged in the nectar of sankirtana in this way, Lord Chaitanya finally reached Orissa.

Text 148

 The boat finally landed at a place called Shri Prayaga-ghata. There Lord Chaitanya stepped from the boat to the shore.

Text 149

 In this way Lord Chaitanya entered the country of Orissa. Anyone who hears this story will float in the nectar of ecstati love for the Lord.

Text 150

 In this way Lord Chaitanya happily entered the country of Orissa. Accompanied by His associates, He bowed down to offer respects.

Text 151

 In a place there called Ganga-ghata, Lord Chaitanya bathed.

Text 152

 After bathing, Lord Chaitanya bowed down before a Siva-Deity established there by Maharaja Yudhishthira.

Text 153

 Now that He and His companions had entered Orissa, Lord Chaitanya was very happy.

Text 154

 Leaving everyone at a temple, Lord Chaitanya went out to beg alms.

Text 155

 Whenever the Lord went to a house, the people would gaze at His form and become enchanted.

Text 156

 The Lord would spread out His cloth, and the people would at once place some rice upon it.

Text 157

 Everyone happily offered to Lord Chaitanya whatever food was in their home.

Text 158

 Goddess Lakshmi, who is known as "She who fills the world with food", begs to stay at the Supreme Lord's feet.

Text 159

 Assuming the form of a sannyasi, that same Supreme Lord personally went from home to home. On the preText of begging alms, He made fortunate all the souls in that place.

Text 160

 After begging in this way, the Lord felt happy at heart. Returning to the devotees, He sat down among them.

Text 161

 Seeing the food He had begged, everyone smiled and said, "Master, You certainly have the power to feed us."

Text 162

 Jagadananda happily cooked, and the Lord and His companions ate.

Text 163

 All night Lord Chaitanya sang kirtana in that village. But when dawn came, He left.

Text 164

 After traveling a short distance, the Lord met an ill-behaved toll-collector. Demanding a toll be paid, he would not let the Lord pass.

Text 165

 Gazing at the Lord's spiritual effulgence, the man became filled with wonder. "How many people are with You?", he asked.

Text 166

 The Lord replied, "I do not have any companion in the whole world. I do not belong to anyone. I tell you the truth.

Text 167

 "I am alone. No one is with Me." When the Lord had spoken these words, a flood of tears flowed without stop from His eyes.

Text 168

 Then the toll-collector said, "O saintly one, You may pass with great happiness. But all these others must pay the toll before they pass."

Text 169

 Chanting, "Govinda!", the Lord left everyone behind, walked a short distance, and then sat down.

Text 170

 When the Lord abandoned them, the devotees became first dejected and then happy.

Text 171

 Seeing that the Lord's indifference to them was only a game, they all smiled.

Text 172

 When the Lord left them, at first everyone was unhappy at heart.

Text 173

 Then Nityananda enlightened them, "Don't worry. The Lord will not abandon us."

Text 174

 Then the toll-collector said, "You are not with the sannyasi. Therefore you should pay the toll."

Text 175

 Leaving His companions, the Lord went a short distance, sat down, bowed His head, and wept.

Text 176

 Hearing that weeping, the stones, dry sticks, and other things began to melt. Seeing this wonder, in his heart the toll-collector began to think.

Text 177

 The toll-collector said, "He is not a human being. How can such a flood of tears flow from a human being's eyes?"

Text 178

 Bowing down, the toll-collector asked all of them, "Who are you? Whose people are you? Tell me the truth."

Text 179

 Everyone said, "He is our master. Perhaps you have heard His name: Shri Krishna Chaitanya.

Text 180

 "We are all His servants." When these words were spoken, tears flowed from the devotees' eyes.

Text 181

 Seeing this, the toll-collector was overcome, and tears also flowed from his eyes.

Text 182

 Running, the tař collector offered dandavat obeisances to the Lord's feet and humbly said,

Text 183

 "I must have performed pious deeds in millions and millions of births that today I may see You. Now my life has become perfect.

Text 184

 "O ocean of mercy, please forgive my offense. Now You may quickly go to Jagannatha Puri."

Text 185

 Casting a merciful glance at the toll-collector, and chanting, "Hari!", the master of all living entities continued on His journey.

Text 186

 Lord Chaitanya will deliver everyone, all except the sinners who blaspheme Vaishnavas.

Text 187

 Even the demons melt when they hear Lord Chaitanya's name and birtues. Only the vilest of sinners will not honor Him.

Text 188

 Casting His glance in all the people, the king of Vaikuntha went in this way to Jagannatha Puri.

Text 189

 Overcome with ecstati love for a person who was actually Himself, Lord Chaitanya did not know on what path He walked. Drinking the nectar of ecstati love, day and night He was agitated.

Text 190

 In this way Lord Chaitanya traveled. After some days He came to the river Suvarnarekha.

Text 191

 The Lord and the Vaishnavas bathed in the supreme clear waters of the Suvarnarekha.

Text 192

 After bathing in and sanctifying the Suvarnarekha, Lord Chaitanya, who is the Supreme Personality of Godhead disguised as a human being, continued on His journey.

Text 193

 Nityananda and and Jagadananda fell behind.

Text 194

 After going a short distance, Lord Chaitanya sat down to wait for Lord Nityananda.

Text 195

 Lord Nityananda was always wild with ecstati love for Lord Chaitanya. He was always agitated.

Text 196

 One moment He would shout. The next moment He would weep. Then He would wildly laugh. Then He would roar.

Text 197

 One moment He would dive into a river and swim about. The next moment He would cover His limbs with dust.

Text 198

 The next moment, tasting the nectar of ecstati love, He would violently fall to the ground. Everyone thought His limbs must have become broken into pieces.

Text 199

 When He danced alone, the ground trembled.

Text 200

 There is nothing surprising in any of these descriptions, for Nityananda was Ananta Sesha descended to the earth.


Text 201

 By Lord Nityananda's mercy everything is possible. Lord Chaitanya always stays in His heart.

Text 202

 While Lord Nityananda waited in one place, Jagadananda went to beg alms.

Text 203

 Jagadananda carried Lord Chaitanya's danda. Giving the danda to Nityananda, he said,

Text 204

 "Please give Your heart to protecting the Lord's danda. I will beg alms and return after a few momwnts."

Text 205

 Without thinking, Lord Nityananda accepted the danda. Agitated at heart, He sat down.

Text 206

 Holding the danda in His hand, Nityananda laughed. Then He playfully said to the danda,

Text 207

 "He whom I carry in My heart carries you. That is not right."

Text 208

 Speaking these words, ferocious Nityananda-Balarama broke the danda in three pieces and then threw those pieces away.

Text 209

 Only the Supreme Lord knows what the Supreme Lord desires. Why did Lord Nityananda break the danda? How can I know?

Text 210

 Lord Nityananda knows what is in Lord Chaitanya's heart, and Lord Chaitanya knows what is in Lord Nityananda's heart.

Text 211

 Yuga after yuga they are two brothers. They were Rama and Lakshmana. At every moment They both know what is in each other's heart.

Text 212

 In truth They are one person. But to teach the truth of devotional service They have become two. It is only because of Lord Nityananda that I know this truth of Lord Chaitanya.

Text 213

 Who but Lord Balarama Himself has the power to break Lord Chaitanya's danda?

Text 214

 Actually this was all a trick. Lord Chaitanya Himself arranged this to teach the people. Anyone who know the heart of this pastime easily crosses beyond this material world.

Text 215

 After breaking the danda, Lord Nityananda sat down. In a moment Jagadananda returned.

Text 216

 Seeing the broken danda, Jagadananda was surprised. In his heart he became worried.

Text 217

 He asked, "Who broke the danda?" Lord Nityananda replied, "He who carried the danda broke it.

Text 218

 "The Lord broke His own danda. Who else has the power to break it?"

Text 219

 Hearing these words, Jagadananda said nothing more. Picking up the broken danda, he quickly left.


Text 220

 Going to where Lord Chaitanya was sitting, he threw the broken danda before the Lord.

Text 221

 The Lord asked, "How was the danda broken? Please tell. Did you fight with someone on the road?"

Text 222

 Jagadananda Pandita told everything. "Wild Nityananda broke the danda", he said.

Text 223

 Lord Chaitanya asked Nityananda, "Why did You break the danda? Please tell. I have seen it, and I have heard about it."

Text 224

 Lord Nityananda replied, "I broke a bamboo stick. If you will not forgive Me, then punish Me."

Text 225

 Lord Chaitanya said, "The danda is the abode of all the demigods. Why do you think it is only a bamboo stick?"

Text 226

 Who has the power to understand Lord Chaitanya's pastimes? In His heart Lord Chaitanya thinks one thing, but from His mouth another thing comes.

Text 227

 Therefore please know that anyone who says, "I know Lord Krishna's heart", is a fool.

Text 228

 When He sees a person He wishes to kill, the Lord may be very pleased and affectionate.

Text 229

 But when He sees a person more dear than life to Him, the Lord may act as if He does not care.

Text 230

 Only a person who has attained the Lord's mercy can understand these inconceivable pastimes.

Text 231

 Although by His own wish He Himself had broken the danda, now Lord Chaitanya was angry.

Text 232

 The Lord said, "The danda was My only companion. But now, by Lord Krishna's will, it is broken.

Text 233

 "Now I have no companion. You all go ahead. I will follow."

Text 234

 Who had the power to protest the Lord's order? Hearing it, everyone became worried.

Text 235

 Then Mukunda said, "You go ahead. Whne we finish our duties, we will follow."

Text 236

 "Good," said Lord Chaitanya and left. The Lord walked like a wild lion. It is very difficult to describe, in the words of a book, how He walked.

Text 237

 In less than an hour the Lord came to Jalesvara-grama. He promptly went to the temple of Lord Jalesvara (Siva).

Text 238

 With scents, flowers, incense, lamps, flower-garlands, and many ornaments the brahmanas worshiped Lord Jalesvara.

Text 239

 A tumult of many kinds fo musi arose. In the four directions were very auspicious singing and dancing.

Text 240

 Seeing this, the Lord became pleased. He forgot His anger. Hearing the music, He tasted the nectar of ecstatic love.

Text 241

 Seeing the glory of His dear devotee Siva, Lord Chaitanya happily danced.

Text 242

 Lord Chaitanya knew Lord Siva's greatness. Lord Siva is dear to all the devotees.

Text 243

 I have no respect for a person who claims to follow Lord Chaitanya's path, but is not respectful to Lord Siva. I will not call such a person by the name "Vaishnava". Such a person is completely useless. Everything he does is in vain.

Text 244

 Then Lord Chaitanya, the life of all the worlds, danced. He roared so loudly He seemed the break the mountains.

Text 245

 Seeing this, Lord Siva's servants were filled with wonder. They all said, "This person must be Lord Siva Himself."

Text 246

 Everyone sang and played musi with even greater joy. Lord Chaitanya happily danced. Not even a half sesame seed's worth of His thoughts were placed in the external world.

Text 247

 Arriving after some moments, Mukunda and the other devotees began to sing.

Text 248

 Seeing His dear associates, Lord Chaitanya bliss increased. He danced as they gathered around Him and sang.

Text 249

 Who has the power to describe Lord Chaitanya's ecstasy? A hundred nectar streams of tears flowed from His eyes.

Text 250

 That temple of Lord Siva became glorious, for the king of Vaikuntha danced within it.

Text 251

 After some moments of ecstasy, Lord Chaitanya left with His dear associates.

Text 252

 With great love He embraced them all. They were all joyful at heart.


Text 253

 Seeing Lord Nityananda, Lord Chaitanya embraced Him. Then He happily said,

Text 254

 "You are supposed to restrain Me and help protect My sannyasa.

Text 255

 "But all You want to do is turn Me into a madman. If You continue like that You will eat My head.

Text 256

 "Whatever You do, I will follow. What I say is the truth."

Text 257

 Then Lord Chaitanya taught everyone, "Everyone should honor Lord Nityananda.

Text 258

 "Lord Nityananda is greater than Me. I tell you all the truth. It is the truth.

Text 259

 "Anyone who effends Lord Nityananda but does not offend Me still can attain ecstati love and devotion.

Text 260

 "Any devotee who has even half a sesame seed's worth of hatred for Lord Nityananda is not dear to Me."

Text 261

 Hearing these words of praise, embarrassed Lord Nityananda would not lift His bowed head.

Text 262

 All the devotees were filled with bliss. In this way Lord Chaitanya enjoyed pastimes.

Text 263

 After passing the night at Jalesvara-grama, the Lord and His devotees left at dawn.

Text 264

 On the path to Vamsadaha the Lord met and spoke with a sakta sannyasi.

Text 265

 In His heart aware that this person was a sakta, the Lord neverthless cheerfully spoke sweet words to him.

Text 266

 The Lord said, "Please tell, tell where you all are. After a long time I will now see all My friends."

Text 267

 Charmed by the Lord's Maya potency, the sakta began to tell all about himself.

Text 268

 One by one he described the saktas who stayed at his place. Listening, the Lord smiled.

Text 269

 The sakta said, "Come now to my monastery and we will drink bliss."

Text 270

 By the word "bliss" the sinner-sakta mean wine. Aware of this, Lord Chaitanya and Lord Nityananda only smiled.

Text 271

 Lord Chaitanya said, "Today I will come and drink bliss. You run ahead and quickly get everything ready."

Text 272

 Hearing this, the sakta happily left. The Supreme Lord's pastimes are profound without limit.

Text 273

 "Lord Krishna is the purifier of the fallen." This all the Vedas say. That is why Lord Chaitanya spoke with that sakta.

Text 274

 The people said, "This sakta is now delivered. By his touch the other saktas will also be delivered.

Text 275

 In different ways Lord Chaitanya delivers all the conditioned souls.

Text 276

 After speaking sweet words to the sakta, Lord Chaitanya, who is Lord Hari Himself, went to Remuna-grama.

Text 277

 At Remuna seeing His own Deity-form of Lord Gopinatha, Lord Chaitanya danced again and again with the devotees.

Text 278

 Lord Chaitanya forgot who He was. Overcome with love for a person who was actually Himself, He wept piteously.

Text 279

 Hearing His piteous weeping, even the stones and dry sticks melted. Hearing His weeping, even the hypocrites who proudly wrap themselves in the flag of religion melted.

Text 280

 After some days Lord Chaitanya camer to Yajapura, a town of brahmanas.

Text 281

 Anyone who sees the wonderful Deity of Adi-Varaha there destroys all the bonds that tie him to the material world.

Text 282

 In that holy place flows the Vaitarani River. Simply by seeing it one becomes free of all sins.

Text 283

 Even an animal crossing that river the demigods see as a four-armed resident of Vaikuntha.

Text 284

 Within Yajapura is the place called Nabhi-Gaya, where there is a temple of Goddess Viraja. Eighty miles away is Jagannatha Puri.

Text 285

 In Yajapura are many temples. Even in thousands of years I could not name them all.

Text 286

 There is no place that that city. There are no temples like the temples there. In Yajapura-grama every building is a temple.

Text 287

 First, accompanied by His devotees, Lord Chaitanya, the jewel of the sannyasis, bathed at Dasasvamedha-ghata.

Text 288

 Then the Lord went to the Adi-Varaha temple where, singing and dancing, He tasted the nectar of ecstati love.

Text 289

 Seeing Yajapura, the Lord became very happy. Again and again He became ecstatic.

Text 290

 Who can understand the desires the Lord holds in His heart? Leaving everyone behind, the Lord went out alone.

Text 291

 Not seeing the Lord, everyone became worried. They went from temple to temple, looking and looking.

Text 292

 Searching, but not finding the Lord anywhere, they became worried.

Text 293

 Then Lord Nityananda said, "Everyone please be peaceful at heart. I know why the Lord left.

Text 294

 "He went alone to see all the temples and holy places in Yajapura-grama.

Text 295

 "Let us all go, collect alms, return here, and stay here. Tomorrow the Lord will come to this place.

Text 296

 In this way the devotees collected alms and ate.

Text 297

 Meanwhile the wandering Lord saw all the holy places in Yajapura.

Text 298

 The devotees stayed where they were. The next day the Lord met them there.

Text 299

 Suddenly jumping up, the devotees happily shouted, "Hari! Hari!"

Text 300

 In this way the Lord made Yajapura holy and fortunate. Then, chanting "Hari!", Lord Chaitanya continued His journey.

Text 301

 Traveling in this way for some days, Lord Chaitanya came to Kataka-nagara.

Text 302

 After first bathing in the sacred Mahanadi River, the Lord went to the temple of Sakshi-Gopala.

Text 303

 Gazing at Sakshi-Gopala's enchanting handsomeness, Lord Chaitanya roared with bliss.

Text 304

 Calling out, "Master!", Lord Chaitanya bowed down and offered prayers. He wept wonderful tears of love and bliss.

Text 305

 The Supreme Personality of Godhead, whose mantra makes His Deity forms come alive, now bore the name Shri Krishna Chaitanya.

Text 306

 Even though He is the Supreme Personality of Godhead Himself, He enjoyed pastimes of serving the Lord. He descended to the earth and enjoyed pastimes like that.

Text 307

 Then Lord Chaitanya went to Bhuvanesvara, which Lord Siva made into a secret duplicate of Varanasi.

Text 308

 Bringing drop by drop the water from every holy river and lake, Lord Siva created the lake Bindu-sarovara.

Text 309

 Aware that this lake was very dear to Lord Siva, Lord Chaitanya bathed in it and made it even more fortunate and glorious.

Text 310

 Then Lord Chaitanya went and saw the Deity that Lord Siva had manifested of Himself. In the four directions the devotees were chanting the names of Lord Siva.

Text 311

 Row on row of ghee-lamps burned in the four directions. An abhisheka was always in progress.

Text 312

 Seeing the glory and opulence of His dear devotee Siva, Lord Chaitanya became happy. The Vaishnavas with Him were happy also.

Text 313

 The Supreme Personality of Godhead, tasting the nectar of remembering whose feet Lord Siva does not even know whether or not he is covered by garments, now danced in Lord Siva's presence.

Text 314

 Singing and dancing before Lord Siva, Lord Chaitanya became very happy. In that village Lord Chaitanya passed the night.

Text 315

 Now I will tell the Skanda Purana's description of how Lord Siva first came to this place.

Text 316

 In ancient times Siva and Parvati secretly lived for a long time in Varanasi.

Text 317

 Then Siva and Parvati went to Mount Kailasa. After that human kings enjoyed staying in Varanasi.

Text 318

 One of these kings, who bore the name Kasiraja, worshiped Lord Siva and enjoyed life in Varanasi.

Text 319

 Then, by destiny, the noose of time came around him. To attain the power to defeat Lord Krishna, that king performed severe austerities and worshiped Lord Siva

Text 320

 By the power of those austerities, Lord Siva appeared before him. "Ask for a boon", Lord Siva said. The king asked,

Text 321

 "Master, at Your feet I ask for only one boon, a boon by which I will have the power to defeat Krishna in battle."

Text 322

 Lord Siva is the master of the fools and materialists. His nobility and virtue are fathomless. Who can understand His mercy?

Text 323

 He said, "King, you march into battle. I will follow with all my armies.

Text 324

 "I will follow with my pasupata weapon. Who will have the power to defeat you?"

Text 325

 His heart fooled by Lord Siva's words, the king happily marched into battle with Lord Krishna.

Text 326

 In his heart intent on fighting for the king, Lord Siva followed with his armies.

Text 327

 Meanwhile Lord Krishna, who is the Supersoul present in all hearts, knew all that was happening.

Text 328

 Aware of everything, Lord Krishna threw His Sudarsana-cakra and cut all the enemy to pieces.

Text 329

 No one could escape the Sudarsana-cakra. First approaching Kasiraja, Sudarsana cut off his head.

Text 330

 At the end Sudarsana burned all of Varanasi to ashes.

Text 331

 Seeing Varanasi burned, angry Lord Siva threw his fearsome pasupata weapon.

Text 332

 What could the pasupata weapon do before the Sudarsana-cakra? Seeing Sudarsana's power, the pasupata wepaon fled.

Text 333

 At the end even Lord Siva fled in fear of Sudarsana.

Text 334

 The Sudarsana-cakra's power is felt in all the worlds. Fleeing Lord Siva found no escape.

Text 335

 As in the past Durvasa suffered from Sudarsana, so Lord Siva also suffered.

Text 336

 At the end Lord Siva understood, "I will not escape Sudarsana without first taking shelter of Lord Krishna."

Text 337

 Thinking in this way, and trembling in fear, Lord Siva, who is actually the first of Vaishnavas, took shelter of Lord Krishna.

Text 338

 He prayed, "O supreme master, O son of Devaki, glory, glory to You! O all-pervading Lord, O shelter of all souls, glory to You!

Text 339

 "O Lord who gives both wisdom and folly, glory, glory to You! O creator, protector, and destroyer of all, glory, glory to You!

Text 340

 "O Lord who does not see the faults of others, O ocean of mercy, glory, glory to You! O only friend of the suffering souls, glory, glory to You!

Text 341

 "O Lord whose shelter breaks all offenses, glory, glory to You! O Lord, please forgive my offense. I take shelter of You."

Text 342

 Hearing Lord Siva's prayers, the Supreme Personality of Godhead, the master of all souls, stopped the Sudarsana-cakra's attack.

Text 343

 The gopas and gopis suddenly made the four directions glorious and beautiful. His face both smiling and angry, Lord Krishna said,

Text 344

 "Siva, you know My glories. Why, why did you think as you did?

Text 345

 "Siding with that degraded king, that worm Kasiraja, you fought with Me.

Text 346

 "Now you see that you cannot defend yourself from the attack of My Sudarsana-cakra.

     347-Text 348

 "The brahmastra, pasupata-astra, and all other great wepons cannot fight with My Sudarsana-cakra.

Text 349

 "I do not see anyone in the material world who hates Me more than you."

Text 350

 Hearing Lord Krishna's angry words, Siva trembled in his heart.

Text 351

 Finally, grasping Lord Krishna's graceful feet, Siva surrendered himself.

Text 352

 He said, "O master, all the worlds are subject to Your command. Who has the power to be independent of You?

Text 353

 "As blades of grass move in the wind, all the worlds move by Your will. They are not independent.

Text 354

 "What You will all souls must obey. Who can cross beyond Your Maya?

Text 355

 "Lord, You gave great false-ego to Me. That is why I do not see the existence of someone else greater than Me.

Text 356

 "Your Maya threw Me into this calamity. Master, what can I do? My heart and mind are not independent.

Text 357

 "Your lotus feet are my very life. Meditating on Your feet, I will stay in the forest.

Text 358

 "Still, it is You who gave this false-ego to me. Lord, what can I do? It is Your will."

Text 359

 "O Lord, still I have committed an offense. Please forgive me and give me Your mercy.

Text 360

 "I pray that I will never be foolish in this way again. Lord, please be merciful and give me this boon.

Text 361

 "Full of pride and ego, I committed an offense. I was punished. I will not commit that offense again.

Text 362

 "Lord, please give me Your order. Where shall I stay? Where can I go if You do not give me permission."

Text 363

 Hearing Lord Siva's words, Lord Krishna gently smiled. The merciful Lord said,

Text 364

 "Listen, O Siva. I will give you a splendid spiritual abode. Please go there with all your associates.

Text 365

 "O master who appear as millions of lingas, you may stay at the beautiful place named Ekamrakavana.

Text 366

 "That city is beautiful like Varanasi. It is My own private, hidden, transcendental city.

Text 367

 "O Siva, today I declare that place is your home. That place is My heart. Still, no one knows the truth about it.

Text 368

 "On the shore of the ocean, at the root of a banyan tree, is beautiful Purushottama-kshetra, which is also known as Nilacala.

Text 369

 "When the numberless universes are destroyed, that place is not destroyed.

Text 370

 "That place is My eternal home. Every day I eat opulent meals there.

     371-Text 372

 "That place is eighty miles in size. The demigods see that all living entities there, even the insects, worms, and beasts, have the four-armed forms of liberated souls in Vaikuntha. Therefore I say that place is very sacred and auspicious.

Text 373

 "Anyone who sleeps in that place obtains the result of meditating in samadhi. Anyone who reclines in that place obtains the result of offering obeisances. This the Vedas declare.

Text 374

 "Anyone who walks in that place obtains the result of circumambulating a holy place. Anyone who talks in that place obtains the result of offering prayers to Me.

Text 375

 "That place is very pure and glorious. Even if one eats fish in that place he obtains the result of eating havishya.

Text 376

 "That place is very dear to Me, therefore it is known by My own name. Anyone who lives there becomes like Me.

Text 377

 "Yamaraja has no power to judge in that place. For everyone there I personally decide what is pious and what a sin.

Text 378

 "I give you a place north of My city there.

Text 379

 "That beautiful place will grant both material pleasures and liberation. Famous with your name, it will be called Bhuvanesvara."

Text 380

 Hearing the glories of this wonderful city, Lord Siva again grasped Lord Krishna's feet and said,

Text 381

 "O master of my life, please hear my appeal. At every moment I am always very proud.

Text 382

 "If I leave You and go to some other place it will not be very good for me.

Text 383

 "I wish always to stay near You. This my heart wishes. As long as I associate with wicked people I will never attain anything good.

Text 384

 "Please give me a place within Your own abode, so I may associate with Your servants.

Text 385

 "Now that from Your own graceful mouth I have heard its glories, I yearn to stay in this place.

Text 386

 "Lord, I am very fallen and lowly. Please allow me to serve You. Please give to me a place in Your abode, even a place the size of a single sesame seed.

Text 387

 "My heart yearns to stay in Your abode." Speaking these words, Lord Siva began to weep.

Text 388

 Hearing Lord Siva's words, Lord Krishna, whose face is as graceful as the moon, became pleased. He embraced Lord Siva and then He said,

Text 389

 "Listen, O Siva. Your body is like Mine. Whoever is dear to you is also very dear to Me.

Text 390

 "As you are, so am I. We are not different. To you I give homes in all of My abodes.

Text 391

 "You are the protector of My abodes. I give you the right to live in all of My abodes.

Text 392

 "I give Ekamravana to you. Please stay there in your original form.

Text 393

 "That place is very dear to Me. I stay there always.

Text 394

 "Anyone who claims to be My devotee but does not honor you is only cheating Me. He mocks Me."

Text 395

 In this way Lord Siva came to live at that place. Even today that place is known by the name BHuvanesvara.

Text 396

 To prove that Lord Krishna dearly loves Lord Siva, Lord Chaitanya danced before Lord Siva.

Text 397

 In this way Lord Chaitanya personally demonstrated how to follow what Lord Krishna has taught in the Puranas.

Text 398

 Chanting, "Siva! Rama! Govinda!", and clapping His hands, Lord Chaitanya danced again and again.

Text 399

 In this way, accompanied by His devotees, Lord Chaitanya went to Bhuvanesvara and worshiped Lord Siva.

Text 400

 One who does not honor this teaching of Lord Chaitanya, who is the siksha-guru of everyone, commits a great mistake. For that he will suffer.

Text 401

 Accompanied by His devotees, Lord Chaitanya happily wandering in that city, looking and looking at many Siva-lingas.

Text 402

 In one very secluded Siva temple Lord Chaitanya gazed at the linga and became very happy.

Text 403

 Lord Chaitanya saw every temple in that city.

Text 404

 Then the Lord happily continued His journey on the road. Next He came to Kamala-pura.

Text 405

 From afar seeing the Jagannatha-temple flag, the Lord became plunged in an ocean of bliss.

Text 406

 The wonderful, indescribable Lord loudly roard. His entire body trembled.

Text 407

 He looked and looked in the direction of the temple. As He walked, the Lord recited a verse.

Text 408

 In this way Lord Chaitanya enjoyed pastimes. Please attentively hear half the verse that came from His graceful mouth.

Text 409

 The Lord said:


prasadagre nivasati purah smera-vaktraravindo

     mam alokya smita-suvadano bala-gopala-murtih


     "Standing before the temple, a smiling gopa boy with a lotus-face gazes at Me."


Text 410

 The Lord said, "Look! in front of the temple a smiling gopa boy gazes at Me."

Text 411

 Again and again repeating this verse, Lord Chaitanya became agitated.

Text 412

 Even Lord Ananta Sesha with His many tongues cannot describe how Lord Chaitanya bitterly wept on that day.

Text 413

 The Lord would gaze at the temple's cakra, recite this verse, and then fall to the ground.

Text 414

 In this way He offered dandavat obeisances again and again. The whole time He traveled on the path He manifested pure ecstati love in this way.

Text 415

 Therefore I say He is spiritual love personified descended to this world. Only Lord Chaitanya, and no one else, has the power to act as He did.

Text 416

 Seeing Him, the pious people on the path said, "He must be Lord Narayana Himself."

Text 417

 Surrounding Him in the four directions, the devotees found their eyes flooded with tears of bliss.

Text 418

 Everyone else took an hour and half to travel that part of the road. Overcome with ecstati love, Lord Chaitanya took nine hours to travel it.

Text 419

 Coming to the town of Atharanala, Lord Chaitanya stopped His ecstasy.

Text 420

 Becoming peaceful, the Lord sat down with His companions and humbly said to them,

Text 421

 "You have been good friends to Me. You brought Me to see Lord Jagannatha.

Text 422

 "Will you go ahead to see Him, or should I go ahead. You tell Me."

Text 423

 Mukunda answered, "You go ahead." Saying, "Good", Lord Chaitanya went ahead.

Text 424

 His walking defeating the movements of wild lions, Lord Chaitanya quickly entered the city of Jagannatha Puri.

Text 425

 Anyone who hears of Lord Chaitanya's entrance into Jagannatha Puri will find himself floating in a stream of ecstati love.

Text 426

 By the Lord's will, at that moment Sarvabhauma Bhattacarya had also eagerly come to see Lord Jagannatha.

Text 427

 At that moment Lord Chaitanya, who is the life of all the worlds, gazed at Lord Jagannatha, Lord Balarama, amd Lady Subhadra.

Text 428

 Gazing at Them, Lord Chaitanya loudly roared. He yearned to embrace Them.

Text 429

 Agitated with bliss, Lord Chaitanya lept again and again. Tears flowed in the four directions from His eyes.

Text 430

 Within a moment He fell to the ground, fainting in ecstasy. Who understands the Lord's fathomless nature?

Text 431

 The foolish guards stood up to beat the Lord. In the commotion Sarvabhauma threw himself across the Lord's back.

Text 432

 In his heart saintly Sarvabhauma thought, "A mere human being never has power like that.

Text 433

 "His roaring and His flooding stream of tears show power beyond what is possible in the material world.

Text 434

 "I think this person may be Shri Krishna Chaitanya." Fortunate Sarvabhauma thought in this way.

Text 435

 Stopped by Sarvabhauma, the guards stood back, afraid.

Text 436

 Simply by seeing Lord Jagannatha and His dear associates, Lord Chaitanya fainted.

Text 437

 Into what bliss was the king of Vaikuntha plunged? Even the Vedas personified find it difficult to know.

Text 438

 In the forms of His catur-vyuha expansions it was Lord Chaitanya Himself who happily sat on the altar.

Text 439

 The same Lord had now become a worshiper, a worshiper filled with devotion to the Lord. Who can understand the Lord's power?

Text 440

 Still, Lord Chaitanya knows the truth about Himself. All this is explained in the Vedas and in the Shrimad-Bhagavatam.

Text 441

 The Lord manifested these pastimes to deliver the conditioned souls. This the Vedas declare.

Text 442

 Lord Chaitanya was then plunged in the ecstasy a Vaishnava feels. He swam in an ocean of ecstati love. External consciousness was far away.

Text 443

 Sarvabhauma protected the Lord. He did not break the Lord's ecstati swoon.

Text 444

 Finally Sarvabhauma thought in his heart, "I should bring the Lord to my home."

Text 445

 Sarvabhauma said, "Guards! Brothers! Pick up this jewel of men."


Text 446

 The servants who carry Lord Jagannatha during the Pandu-vijaya ceremony then picked up Lord Chaitanya and carried Him.

Text 447

 Who can understand the Lord's pastimes? In this way the Lord went to Sarvabhauma's home.

Text 448

 As the Lord was carried, jubilant shouts of "Hari! Hari!" filled the four directions. ,

Text 449

 At that moment the Lord's associates arrived at the Simha-dvara gate. With joyful hearts they met the Lord.

Text 450

 Filled with wonder, everyone gazed at the Lord. They all carried Him, passing Him from one to another, as a line of ants carries a grain of rice.

Text 451

 In this way many persons carried the Lord. Everyone was filled with bliss.

Text 452

 At the Simha-dvara gate the Lord's associates bowed down before Him. They happily followed the Lord.

Text 453

 In this way everyone carried the Lord to Sarvabhauma's home. The Lord was carried in, but the doors were closed to everyone else.

Text 454

 In this way the Lord's associates met the Lord again. With a happy heart Sarvabhauma gazed at the Lord's associates.

Text 455

 He spoke properly and politely with them. They sat down. They broke apart all his doubts.

Text 456

 Saintly Sarvabhauma became very happy. Who was more fortunate than Him?

Text 457

 All the Vedas declare His glories. The Supreme Personality of Godhead spontaneously came to his home.

Text 458

 Saintly Sarvabhauma gazed at Lord Nityananda and then humbly touched the dust of His feet.

Text 459

 Going with some men Sarvabhauma gave them, the Lord's associates went to see Lord Jagannatha.

Text 460

 The men who were to show them Lord Jagannatha then folded their hands and appealed to the Lord's associates,

Text 461

 "Please be peaceful when you see Lord Jagannatha. Please don't do what your master did before.

Text 462

 "We do not know what kind of persons you are. Please be peaceful when you see Lord Jagannatha. Only then will we take you to see Him.


Text 463

 "Only one of your group came before, and it is fortunate that somehow Lord Jagannatha is still on His throne.

Text 464

 "Why must we say anything more? You yourselves saw it. Is it possible than any other person could have fallen like that and kept the life within his body?

Text 465

 "The descriptions we heard were all beyond our understanding. Therefore please be peaceful when you see Lord Jagannatha. This we beg you."

Text 466

 Hearing this, the devotees smiled and said, "Don't worry." Then they all went.

Text 467

 Entering the temple, the joyful devotees gazed at Catur-vyuha Lord Jagannatha.

Text 468

 Gazing at Lord Jagannatha, everyone wept. They offered dandavat obeisances, circumambulated, and recited prayers.

Text 469

 The brahmana priests took garlands from the Lord's neck and happily placed them around the devotees' necks.

Text 470

 Accepting the Lord's garlands, with happy hearts they quickly returned to Sarvabhauma's home.

Text 471

 Meanwhile Lord Chaitanya was still unconscious in ecstasy. He did not manifest even a single sesame seed's worth of external consciousness.

Text 472

 Sarvabhauma sat at the Lord's feet. In the four directions the devotees chanted, "Rama! Krishna!"

Text 473

 Lord Chaitanya's nature and pastimes are all inconceivable. For nine hours He did not manifest external consciousness.

Text 474

 Then He who is the life of the worlds became conscious. The devotees called out, "Hari!"

Text 475

 Now peaceful, the Lord asked everyone, "What happened to Me today? You saw it. Please tell Me."

Text 476

 Finally Nityananda told the Lord, "Simply by seeing Lord Jagannatha, You fell unconscious.

Text 477

 "By divine arrangement Sarvabhauma was there. He picked You up and brought You to his home.

Text 478

 "Overcome with ecstasy, You did not manifest external consciousness for nine hours today.

Text 479

 "This person bowing down before You is Sarvabhauma." Lord Chaitanya at once embraced Sarvabhauma.

Text 480

 Lord Chaitanya said, "Lord Jagannatha is very merciful. He brought Me to Sarvabhauma's home.

Text 481

 "In My heart I wondered how I would meet you.

Text 482

 "Now Lord Krishna has easily fulfilled My desire." Speaking these words, Lord Chaitanya glanced at Sarvabhauma and smiled.

Text 483

 The Lord said, "Please hear the story of what happened to Me today. Today I approached Lord Jagannatha and I gazed upon Him.

Text 484

 "Gazing at Lord Jagannatha, in My heart I yearned to embrace Him, holding Him to My chest.

Text 485

 "I was about to embrace Lord Jagannatha. After that I do not know what happened.

Text 486

 "By the Lord's will Sarvabhauma was there today. He protected Me from a great danger.

Text 487

 "I vow that from today on I will only gaze at Lord Jagannatha from outside.

Text 488

 "I will not enter inside. Staying behind the Garuda-stambha, I will gaze at the Supreme Personality of Godhead.

Text 489

 "I am fortunate that today I did not embrace Lord Jagannatha. A great calamity would have fallen on Me."

Text 490

 Then Lord Nityananda said, "You avoided a great calamity. It is not longer daytime. You should bathe at once."

Text 491

 Lord Chaitanya said, "Nityananda, You should always protect Me. I place My body in Your care."

Text 492

 After spending a few moments bathing, Lord Chaitanya, His face smiling with ecstati love, sat down with everyone.

Text 493

 Then Sarvabbauma quickly brought many kinds of maha-prasadam and placed them all before Lord Chaitanya.

Text 494

 Bowing down before the maha-prasadam, Lord Chaitanya sat down to eat with His associates.


Text 495

 The Lord said, "Give Me a big portion of mixed vegetables. Give the laddus and nectar drinks to the others."

Text 496

 After speaking these words, Lord Chaitanya, now tasting the nectar of ecstati love, ate the mixed vegetables as all the devotees smiled.

Text 497

 Sarvabhauma had been the Lord's personal associate birth after birth. If that were not so, he could not have attained this good fortune.

Text 498

 Then Sarvabhauma brought rice on a golden plate and placed it before the Lord. The Lord ate.

Text 499

 In the future Vedavyasa will describe the pastimes of ecstati love Lord Chaitanya enjoyed as He honored prasadam

Text 500

 After enjoying endless bliss in His pastime of honoring prasadam, Lord Chaitanya sat down, His associates around Him on four sides.

Text 501

 Anyone who hears these descriptions of the Lord enjoying happy pastimes of honoring prasadam in Jagannatha Puri will attain Lord Chaitanya's association.

Text 502

 In this chapter of Antya-khanda Lord Chaitanya goes to Jagannatha Puri. Anyone who hears these pastimes will swim in a stream of ecstati love.

Text 503

 The two moons Shri Krishna Chaitanya and Shri Nityananda are my life and soul. I, Vrindavana dasa, sing the glories of Their feet.