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Shri Chaitanya Bhagavata Antya-khanda                         


Chapter One

Shri Advaitacarya-grihe Punah Sammelanam


Meeting Again at Shri Advaita Acarya's Home


Text 1

 avatirnau sa-karunyau

     paricchinnau sad-isvarau


     nandau dvau bhratarau bhaje


     I worship the two brothers, Shri Krishna Chaitanya and Shri Nityananda, who are the two masters of the devotees, and who have mercifully descended to this world.


Text 2

 namas tri-kala-satyaya

     jagannatha-sutaya ca

sa-bhrityaya sa-putraya

     sa-kalatraya te namah


     O Lord who exists eternally in the three phases of time, O son of Jagannatha Misra, O Lord accompanied by Your servants, sons, and wives, I offer my respectful obeisances unto You.


Text 3 Glory, glory to Shri Krishna Chaitanya, Goddess Lakshmi's beloved! Glory, glory to Lord Chaitanya, who is most dear to Nityananda!

Text 4 Glory, glory to the king of Vaikuntha, who has now become the king of sannyasis! Glory, glory, glory to the devotees of the Lord!

Text 5 Glory, glory to Lord Chaitanya, the purifier of the fallen! O Lord, please place Your feet in my heart.

Text 6 O my brothers, with one mind please hear this Sesha-khanda, where Lord Chaitanya goes to Jagannatha Puri.

Text 7 After accepting sannyasa, the king of Vaikuntha stayed overnight in Kantaka-nagara.

Text 8 After accepting sannyasa, the Lord ordered Mukunda to sing a kirtana.

Text 9 Saying, "Chant! Chant!", the Lord began to dance. In the four directions the Lord's servants sang.

Text 10

 The Lord sighed, laughed, perspired, trembled, and cried out. The hairs on His body stood erect. I do not know all the limitless symptoms of ecstasy He manifested.

Text 11

 He roared like millions of lions. Seeing Him fall to the ground in ecstasy, everyone became afraid.

Text 12

 Throwing somewhere His danda and kamandalu, the king of Vaikuntha became mad with love for a person who was actually Himself.

Text 13

 The Lord danced and danced. Embracing His sannyasa-guru, He became very happy.

Text 14

 In the Lord's merciful embrace Kesava Bharati attained ecstati love for Lord Krishna.

Text 15

 Overcome with ecstasy, Kesava Bharati threw his danda and kamandalu far away. Calling out, "Hari! Hari!", saintly Kesava Bharati danced.

Text 16

 His external consciousness now far away, Kesava Bharati tasted the nectar of ecstati love. He rolled about on the ground. At the end clothes no longer covered his body.

Text 17

 Seeing the mercy Lord Chaitanya had given to Kesava Bharati, everyone called out, "Hari!" again and again.

Text 18

 Lord Chaitanya happily danced with His sannyasa-guru. Watching, all the Lord's servants happily sang.

Text 19

 The great sannyasi Kesava Bharati danced with a person whom even the four Vedas find difficult to see in the trance of meditation.

Text 20

 Again  and again I bow down before the feet of Kesava Bharati. The master of the limitless universes became his disciple.

Text 21

 For the whole night the king of Vaikuntha danced with His sannyasa-guru.

Text 22

 When sunrise came and He returned to external consciousness, Lord Chaitanya approached His sannyasa-guru and bid him farewell.

Text 23

 He said, "Entering the forest, I will find Lord Krishnacandra, the master of My life."

Text 24

 His sannyasa-guru said, "I will go with You. In Your company I will happily perform sankirtana."

Text 25

 Lord Chaitanya mercifully went with him. The sannyasa-guru walked first in the forest, and Lord Chaitanya followed behind.

Text 26

 Embracing Candrasekhara Acarya, Lord Chaitanya loudly wept.

Text 27

 He said, "Please return home and tell all the Vaishnavas that I have gone to the forest.

Text 28

 "Please go home and do not be unhappy at heart. I will always stay as a prisoner in your heart.

Text 29

 "You are My father. I am your son. I love you birth after birth."

Text 30

 After speaking these words, Lord Chaitanya departed. Then Candrasekhara fell unconscious.

Text 31

 No one can understand the Lord's inconceivable potency, the potency that keeps the devotees alive even when they are separated from the Lord.

Text 32

 After a moment regaining consciousness, Candrasekhara hurried to Navadvipa.

Text 33

 Arriving in Navadvipa, Candrasekhara told everyone, "The Lord has gone to the forest."

Text 34

 Hearing these words from Shri Candrasekhara's mouth, the devotees wept in anguish.

Text 35

 Anguished laments came from millions of mouths. I have no power to describe how everyone lamented.

Text 36

 Advaita said, "I will not live." Hearing Him weep, the dry wood the rocks cracked into pieces.

Text 37

 Simply by hearing this news, Advaita became unconscious and fell to the ground. There was no sign of life in His body.

Text 38

 Saci-devi was motionless, stunned with grief. She stood unmoving, like a puppet.

Text 39

 The saintly women devoted to their Vaishnava husbands fell, weeping, to the ground.

Text 40

 Advaita said, "My master has gone away. What reason have I to stay alive?

Text 41

 "Today I will drown in the Ganga. If the people stop Me during the day, I will drown at night."

Text 42

 Separated from the Lord, everyone felt as Advaita did. All the devotees' hearts were filled with anxiety.

Text 43

 No heart was happy. Every devotee yearned to leave his body.

Text 44

 Although every devotee was naturally learned and peaceful, no one could be peaceful now.

Text 45

 Every devotee had decided to leave his body. Aware of this, a person speaking from the sky stopped them.

Text 46

 From the sky came the words, "O devotees headed by Advaita, do not be unhappy. Each one of you please happily worship Lord Krishnacandra.

Text 47

 "In two or four days the Lord will return. You will all meet Him again.

Text 48

 No one of you should in his heart decide to leave his body. All of you will enjoy pastimes with the Lord as you did before.

Text 49

 Hearing this voice from the sky, in his heart every devotee abandoned the thought of leaving his body.

Text 50

 Taking shelter of Lord Chaitanya's holy names and qualities, the devotees stayed always around Saci-devi.

Text 51

 Meanwhile, always chanting the names of Lord Hari, Lord Chaitanya, the crest jewel of sannyasis, traveled west.

Text 52

 With Him were Nityananda, Mukunda, and Gadadhara. Kesava Bharati walked in front.

Text 53

 Lord Chaitanya walked like a maddened lion. Thousands and millions of weeping people followed behind.

Text 54

 In the four directions weeping followers broke the forest. With true mercy Lord Chaitanya said to them,

Text 55

 "Everyone please return home and chant Lord Krishna's name. Make Lord Krishna your great wealth. Make Him your very life.

Text 56

 "May the nectar that Brahma, Siva, Sukadeva, and all the great saints yearn to taste always rest in your bodies.

Text 57

 Hearing this blessing, everyone loudly wept. As if controlled by another, they all returned to their homes.

Text 58

 Then Lord Chaitanya entered the place called Radha-desa. To this day that place is fortunate and holy because of His visit.

Text 59

 Radha-desa is very beautiful to see. It is charming, a a great circle of asvattha trees in the four directions.

Text 60

 Seeing how this place was beautiful with many cows, the Lord at once entered it.

Text 61

 Calling out, "Hari! Hari!", the Lord began to dance. In the four directions His servants made a great sankirtana.

Text 62

 The king of Vaikuntha loudly roared. Hearing His roars, every heart in the universe became pure.

Text 63

 In this way Lord Chaitanya sanctified Radha-desa. Whatever path He traveled, He always danced.

Text 64

 The Lord said, "I will go to the forest where the Vakresvara Deity stays. I will stay in that secluded place."

Text 65

 Overcome with love, the Lord spoke these words and then continued walking. Nityananda and the others followed close behind.

Text 66

 The Lord's dancing was wonderful. Hearing the Lord's wonderful kirtana, everyone followed Him.

    Texts Texts 67-68

 Even though there had never been sankirtana in that place, and even though now one had ever seen weeping in ecstati love for Lord Krishna, when the people saw Lord Chaitanya they began to weep very wonderfully. Falling to the ground, they offered dandavat obeisances.

Text 69

 The lowest and most degraded persons asked, "Why is there so much weeping?"

Text 70

 By the Lord's mercy everyone was overcome with ecstati love. They wept and they rolled on the ground.

Text 71

 All the worlds sang the names of Lord Chaitanya. Only the ghosts and demons would not sing.

Text 72

 Please know that anyone who turns his face from the holy name of Shri Krishna Chaitanya is ghost or a demon.

Text 73

 Accompanied by His devotees, in this way the king of Vaikuntha tasted the nectar of dancing.

Text 74

 At the day's end Lord Chaitanya arrived at a fortunate village and stayed at the home of a saintly brahmana.

Text 75

 After accepting His meal, the Lord lay down and went to sleep. The devotees slept around Him in the four directions.

Text 76

 When perhaps three hours of the night remained, Lord Chaitanya left and went far away.

Text 77

 Not seeing the Lord when they awakened, the devotees wept.

Text 78

 The devotees searched every village and every grassy field.

Text 79

 Tasting the nectar of ecstati love, in a grassy field the king of Vaikuntha loudly wept.

Text 80

 Calling out, "Krishna! My master! Krishna! My father!", the master of all souls wept.

Text 81

 Calling out these words, the crest-jewel of sannyasi's wept. The sound of His weeping traveled for two miles.

Text 82

 From far away the devotees heard the Lord's wonderful weeping.

Text 83

 Following that sound, they found the loudly weeping Lord.

Text 84

 The Lord and the devotees wept. Then Mukunda began to sing a kirtana.

Text 85

 Hearing the kirtana, the Lord began to dance. Surrounding Him in the four directions, the devotees happily sang.

Text 86

 On every path He followed, the Lord danced and danced. In this way He happily traveled west.

Text 87

 When they were eight miles from Vakresvara-tirtha, Lord Chaitanya turned in a new direction.

Text 88

 Dancing as He went, the Lord happily turned from the west and again went east.

Text 89

 Tasting the nectar of dancing, the Lord went east. Filled with limitless happiness, He loudly laughed.

Text 90

 Revealing His thoughts, the Lord happily said, "I will go to Jagannatha Puri.

Text 91

 "Lord Jaagannatha personally ordered Me. `Hurry to Jagannatha Puri', He said.

Text 92

 After speaking these words, Lord Chaitanya continued east. The devotees very happily followed Him.

Text 93

 Only a person who has attained the Lord's mercy can understand the Lord's desires.

Text 94

 Why did the Lord not desire to go to Vakresvara-tirtha? Only a person who has attained the Lord's mercy has the power to know.

Text 95

 I think the Lord's traveling to Vakresvara-tirtha was a trick to bless everyone in Radha-desa.

Text 96

 Again traveling to the Ganga, the Lord was overcome with the bliss of ecstati love.

Text 97

 The whole country was empty of devotional service. No one knew anything about kirtana. In no mouth was present the chanting of Lord Krishna's names.

Text 98

 Lord Chaitanya said, "Why do I walk in this country? I do not hear the name Krishna come from any mouth.

Text 99

 "Why do I walk in this country? No longer will I protect this body. I will give up My life."

Text 100

 At that time some boys herding cows came. Amongst them was one very saintly boy.

Text 101

 This boy suddenly began to chant the holy names of Lord Hari. Hearing this, Lord Chaitanya became very happy.

Text 102

 Hearing the words, "Haribol!" from the boy's mouth, the Lord happily said,

Text 103

 "I did not hear the name of Lord Hari come from any mouth in any of the villages I saw in the past two or three days.

Text 104

 "Then I suddenly hear the name of Lord Hari come from this boy's mouth. What is the reason for that? Please explain, and I will listen."

Text 105

 Then Lord Chaitanya said, "How far is the Ganga from here?" Everyone said, "It is three hours on this path."

Text 106

 Then the Lord said, "That is the great glory of the Ganga. She teaches the chanting of Lord Krishna's names.

Text 107

 "The breezes from the Ganga blow here. That is why I hear songs of Lord Krishna's glory."

Text 108

 In this way the Lord explaining her glory, the Lord increased everyone's devotion to the Ganga.

Text 109

 Lord Chaitanya said, "Today I will dive inot the Gnaga." Saying these words, the Lord continued walking.

Text 110

 Lord Chaitanya walked like a maddened lion, and the others were like bumblebees following His feet.

Text 111

 Eager to see the Ganga, the Lord quickly walked. The devotees had no power to keep up with Him.

Text 112

 Accompanied only by the lion that was Lord Nityananda, at sunset Lord Chaitanya happily came to the Ganga's bank.

Text 113

 Accompanied by Nityananda, the Lord dove into the Ganga, chanted, "Ganga! Ganga!", and recited many prayers.

Text 114

 Filling Himself, the Lord drank the Ganga's water. Again and again He offered prayers and obeisances.

Text 115

 The Lord said, "Your splendid transcendental water is ecstati love personified. Lord Siva know all the truth about you.

Text 116

 "Anyone who once hears your name attains true devotion to Lord Vishnu. How much greater, then, is a person who drinks your waters.

Text 117

 "By your mercy the name "Krishna!" appears on the people's mouths. There is no other reason for this.

     118-Text 119

 "A worm, an insect, a bird, a dog, or a jackal who lives by your bank becomes very fortunate. A wealthy millionaire who lives in some other place is not their equal.

Text 120

 "To rescue the fallen souls you descended to this world. No one is your equal."

Text 121

 Hearing Lord Chaitanya's prayers, Goddess Ganga became embarrassed at heart.

Text 122

 The Supreme Lord, whose lotus feet are Goddess Ganga's home, had descended to this world and spoken these prayers.

Text 123

 Anyone who hears the Lord's prayers glorifying Goddess Gan/ga will find in his heart love for Shri Krishna Chaitanya.

Text 124

 Accompanied by Nityananda, Lord Chaitanya passed that night in the home of a saintly devotee.

Text 125

 The next day the other devotees found the Lord.

Text 126

 Accompanied by the devotees, the Lord happily proceeded to Jagannatha Puri.

Text 127

 Lord Chaitanya said, "O noble-hearted Nityananda, please listen. Please quickly go to Navadvipa.

Text 128

 "Please rescue Shrivasa and the other devotees from their sufferings.

Text 129

 "Please tell them all that I am going to see Lord Jagannatha, who is like a moon shining in Nilacala.

Text 130

 "I will go to Santipura. I will wait for them at Advaita's home.

Text 131

 "Please quickly bring them. Now I will go to Haridasa's home in Phuliya-grama."

Text 132

 After speaking these words to Nityananda, Lord Chaitanya walked to Phuliya-grama.

Text 133

 On Lord Chaitanya's order, powerful Nityananda happily went to Navadvipa.

Text 134

 Intoxicated by tasting the nectar of ecstati lovem, Lord Nityananda roared again and again.

Text 135

 Overcome with bliss, He became like a maddened lion. All His pastimes are beyond any order or prohibition.

Text 136

 For a moment He stood under a kadmaba tree, assumed a charming threefold-bending form, and played enchanting melodies on the flute.

Text 137

 Seeing many cows, He began to roll about on the ground. Becoming like a calf, He drank the cows' milk.

Text 138

 Whatever path He took, He always danced. He was not in external consciousness. He was plunged in an ocean of bliss.

Text 139

 Sometimes He would sit down by the road and weep. Anyone who heard Him felt broken at heart.

Text 140

 Sometimes He would loudly laugh. Somwetimes, tying His garments like a turban around His head, He would be clothed only by the four directions.

Text 141

 Sometimes, accepting the nature of Lord Ananta Sesha, He would swim like a snake in the Ganga's currents.

Text 142

 I have personally seen Him gracefully swim like Lord Ananta Sesha in the Ganga.

Text 143

 Lord Nityananda's glories are inconceivable and unattainable. In the three worlds there is no second person merciful like Him.

Text 144

 In this way swimming and swimming in the Ganga, Lord Nityananda finally emerged at Lord Chaitanya's bathing-ghata in Navadvipa.

Text 145

 Again clothing His body, he first went to Lord Chaitanya home.

Text 146

 He saw that Mother Saci had been fasting for twelve does. Only by the power of Her pure devotion to Lord Krishna did she still breathe.

Text 147

 She was overwhelmed with the emotions of Mother Yasoda. From her eyes flowed and unending tears of love.

Text 148

 Whomever she saw, she asked, "Are you from Mathura?

Text 149

 "How are Krishna and Balarama? Please tell me. Please tell." Then she would fall unconscious to the ground.

Text 150

 Sometimes Mother Saci would say, "The flutes and horns sound. Does Akrura return to Vraja?"

Text 151

 In this way Mother Saci was plunged in an ocean of separation from Lord Krishna. External consciousness was not manifest in her body.

Text 152

 Lord Nityananda at once offered dandavat obeisances ot Mother Saci's feet.

Text 153

 Seeing Lord Nityananda, the devotees embraced Him and loudly wept.

Text 154

 Saying, "Son! Son!", Mother Saci fainted. The devotees could not understand. They did not know in what direction they were being thrown.

Text 155

 Lord Nityananda embraced everyone. Everyone's body He sprinkled with tears of love.

Text 156

 To everyone Lord Nityananda sweetly said, "Quickly come to see the Lord.

Text 157

 "The Lord went to Advaita Acarya's home in Santipura. I have come to bring you all there."

Text 158

 Separated from Lord Chaitanya all the devotees were devastated. Hearing Lord Nityananda's words, they again became filled with happiness.

Text 159

 Everyone was overcome with bliss. A blissful tumult of Lord Krishna's names suddenly rose.

Text 160

 From the day the Lord left to take sannyasa, Mother Saci had fasted.

Text 161

 For twelve days she had not eaten. It was only by Lord Chaitanya's power that she remained alive.

Text 162

 Very sad at heart by seeing her, Lord Nityananda consoled her with sweet words.

Text 163

 He said, "What secret of Lord Krishna do you not already know? What do I know that I can tell anything to you?

Text 164

 "Please do not keep even half a sesame seed of grief in your heart. How will even the Vedas Personified attain the mercy you have already attained?

Text 165

 "The Supreme Personality of Godhead, whom the Vedas always seek, has become your son. He is life of all souls.

Text 166

 "Placing His hand on His chest, the Lord vowed always to protect and maintain you.

Text 167

 "Again and again the Lord said to you, `Your activities are the most exalted kind of devotional service. All that I own is yours. You inherit it.'

Text 168

 "The Lord knows what is best for everyone. Surrender to Him and be happy.

Text 169

 "Mother, please quickly go and cook for Lord Krishna. Then all the devotees will become happy.

Text 170

 "Everyone wishes to eat the food you have cooked with your own hand. But if you fast, then Lord Himself will fast also.

Text 171

 "Cook, and then offer the food to Lord Krishna. I wish to eat what you have cooked."


Text 172

 Hearing Lord Nityananda's words, Mother Saci forgot about her separation from the Lord. She quickly went to cook.

Text 173

 Saintly Mother Saci first offered the food to Lord Krishna and then placed it before Lord Nityananda.

Text 174

 Then she offered the food to all the Vaishnavas. Everyone happily ate.

Text 175

 When everyone was completely satisfied, Mother Saci ended her twelve-day fast.

Text 176

 Then, accompanied by Lord Nityananda, all the devotees made ready to visit Lord Chaitanya.

Text 177

 Everyone in Navadvipa had heard the words, "The Lord became a sannyasi."

Text 178

 Hearing that His wonderful new name was "Shri Krishna Chaitanya", everyone called out, "Hari! Hari!" and "Glorious! Glorious!"

Text 179

 Hearing that the Lord was in Phuliya-grama, everyone happily went to see Him.

Text 180

 Chanting, "Hari! Hari!", young, old, men, and women, all happily went to see the Lord.

Text 181

 Even they who had been blasphemers also went with the devotees.

Text 182

 "Hiding His true nature, the Supreme Lord took birth in Navadvipa. Unaware of this, we blasphemed Him.

Text 183

 "Now we must go and surrender at His feet. Only then will our offenses be broken into pieces."

Text 184

 Speaking words like those, they happily followed the devotees. I do not know how many people traveled on that path.

Text 185

 Countless millions of people came to the ferry-ghata. The ferrymen did not know how to carry them all across.

Text 186

 Some people made improvised rafts. Some tied great waterjugs to their chests. Some floated across on banana-tree trunks.

Text 187

 How many people could not cross? In whatever way they could, everyone crossed.

Text 188

 Breathing heavily and chanting Lord Chaitanya's name, many pregnant women crossed.

Text 189

 The blind and the lame all crossed. By the power of Lord Chaitanya's name, they all saw the way.

Text 190

 Thousands and thousands of people piled into one boat. How far did that boat go before it sank?

Text 191

 Even so, the passengers did not become unhappy at heart. Loudly chanting, "Hari!", they all swam to the other side.

Text 192

 Spiritual bliss took birth in everyone's heart. Everyone swam in a great ocean of bliss.

Text 193

 They who did not know how to swim somehow swam anyway. By the power of the Supreme Lord they crossed without trouble to the other bank.

Text 194

 How many people crossed to the other bank? I do not know. In the four directions "Hari!" was the only sound anyone heard.

Text 195

 Forgetting hunger, thirst, home, duty, and troubles, everyone happily traveled.

Text 196

 The sound touching the borders of the universe, everyone loudly chanted, "Hari!" In this way they arrived at Phuliya-grama.

Text 197

 Hearing this unprecedented tumult of the sound "Hari!", Lord Chaitanya, the crest-jewel of sannyasis, came outside.

Text 198

 What was the unprecedented and wonderful glory and splendor and handsomeness of the Lord like? No one can describe it. He was like millions of moons rising together.

Text 199

 With His graceful mouth again and again He chanted, "Hare! Krishna! Hare! Hare!" From Him flood of bliss flowed without stop.

Text 200

 In the four directions everyone offered dandavat obeisances. Who fell on whom? No one fell.

Text 201

 No one was afraid of brambles on the ground. Filled with bliss, everyone offered dandavat obeisances.

Text 202

 Raising their hands, all the people called out, "Save me! Save me!" At this Lord Chaitanya became very pleased.

Text 203

 Countless millions of people had come to that place. They filled the village and all the nearby grassy fields.

Text 204

 From many different towns and villages they had come. Anyone who saw the Lord's face no longer wished to return to his home.

Text 205

 There were great crowds. Phuliya-grama, as well as all the nearby towns and forests, was filled with people.

Text 206

 Seeing Lord Chaitanya's charming face, everyone felt fulfilled within and without.

Text 207

 Lord Chaitanya cast His merciful glance on everyone. Then He proceeded to Advaita Acarya's home in Santipura.

Text 208

 With great excitement Adviata gazed at the master of His life. Falling at the Lord's lotus feet, He offered dandavat obeisances.

Text 209

 Making a piteous sound, He wept. He would not take His two arms from the Lord's lotus feet.

Text 210

 With tears of love Advaita bathed the Lord's glorious feet. Lifting Him with both hands, Lord Chaitanya embraced Advaita.

Text 211

 Advaita Acarya floated in tears of love for the Lord. Fainting in ecstasy, He fell at the Lord's feet.

Text 212

 After some moments Lord Chaitanya pacified Advaita. Then the Lord sat down. Great bliss arose in Advaita's home.

Text 213

 Advaita had had a small son named Acyutananda, an effulgent son at that moment clothed only by the four directions.

Text 214

 That boy was very wise. He knew everything. His power was beyond conception. He was very fortunate and glorious. He was a worthy son of Advaita Acarya.

Text 215

 His every limā was covered with dust. Laughing and laughing, he came to see Lord Chaitanya's feet.

Text 216

 He fell down before the Lord's feet. Dust and all, Lord Chaitanya placed the boy on His lap.


Text 217

 Lord Chaitanya said, "Acyuta, Advaita Acarya is My father. That means that you and I are two brothers."

Text 218

 Acyutananda replied, "You are the Supreme Lord. You are the friend of all souls. You are everyone's father. That is written in the Vedas."

Text 219

 Lord Chaitanya and the devotees smiled at Acyutananda's words. Great wonder took birth in the hearts of all.

Text 220

 The devotees said, "Children never speak like that. What great soul has taken birth here? I do not know."

Text 221

 At that moment Lord Nityananda-Ananta Sesha came from Nadiya with all the devotees.

Text 222

 Seeing the Lord, Shrivasa and the devotees made a great tumult of "Hari!"

Text 223

 All the devotees offered dandavat obeisances. Grasping the Lord's graceful feet, they all wept.

Text 224

 The Lord embraced everyone. Everyone considered the Lord as dear as life.

Text 225

 Making a piteous sound, the devotees wept. Hearing that sound, all the worlds became purified.

Text 226

 Filled with the bliss of love for Lord Krishna, the saintly devotees wept. Simply by hearing the sound of their weeping, everyone became free of all material bondage.

Text 227

 By Lord Chaitanya's mercy a great spiritual wealth was manifest there. Everyone tasted a spiritual nectar that even Brahma and the demigods find difficult to attain.

Text 228

 Seeing the devotees, Lord Chaitanya joyfully began to dance. He tasted the nectar of love for a person who was actually Himself.

Text 229

 At once the devotees began to sing. Thundering like a cloud, the Lord demanded, "Chant! Chant!"

Text 230

 Grasping Lord Chaitanya, Nityananda danced. Unnoticed, Advaita touched the dust of the Lord's feet.

Text 231

 Tears, trembling, hairs standing erect, roaring, and uproarious laughter came like wonderful waves on the Lord's limbs.

Text 232

 How graceful were His steps! How gloriosu were the motions of His hands and limbs!

Text 233

 How will I describe the sweetness of the nectar love He felt? Joyfully raising His arms, He chnated, "Hari! Hari!"

Text 234

 Seeing the Lord's nectar dancing, and hearing His wonderful words, the devotees were plunged in great bliss.

Text 235

 First the Lord disappeared from the devotees. Now the Lord allowed them again to see Him.

Text 236

 Whose body was not overflowing with bliss? Surrounding the Lord, everyone joyfully danced.

Text 237

 Who fell on whose body? Who held whom? Who placed whose feet on his chest?

Text 238

 Who embraced whom and wept? Who said what? No one knew. Everyone was wild with the bliss of spiritual love.

Text 239

 In this way the king of Vaikuntha danced with His associates. Wonderful pastimes like this had never before happened on the earth.

Text 240

 "Haribol! Haribol! O my brothers, Haribol!" No one could hear any sounds but these.

Text 241

 What bliss had come to Advaita's home! Only Lord Nityananda, whose was thousand-mouthed Ananta Sesha Himself, knew the heart of what was happening.

Text 242

 One by one, the devotees embraced the Lord. The Lord lovingly embraced all the devotees.

Text 243

 Embraced by the king of Vaikuntha, the devotees became wild with bliss.

Text 244

 "Hari!", the devotees roared like lions. They became wilder and wilder.

Text 245

 Accompanied by His associates, the king of Vaikuntha danced. The earth trembled under Their steps.

Text 246

 Now become very wild, effulgent Nityananda danced with Lord Chaitanya.

Text 247

 Advaita joyfully danced. He roared. Everyone touched each other's feet.

Text 248

 The bliss was like the bliss of Navadvipa. The singing, dancing, and pastimes were all the same.

Text 249

 For some moments manifesting His true nature, Lord Chaitanya sat on the throne of Lord Vishnu.

Text 250

 In the four directions the devotees respectfully folded their hands. Now the Lord had revealed His own nature.

Text 251

 He declared, "I am Krishna. I am Rama. I am Narayana. I am Matsya. I am Kurma, Varaha, and Vamana.

Text 252

 "I am Buddha, Kalki, and Hamsa. I am Balarama. I am Prisnigarbha, Hayagriva, and Siva.

Text 253

 "I am Jagannatha, Kapila, anmd Nrisimha. Whether they know it or not, all beings are like bumblebees at My lotus feet.

Text 254

 "All the Vedas sing My glories. Numberless millions of universes serve Me.

Text 255

 "I appear as Time Personified before everyone but the devotees. By remembering Me, one breaks all calamities into pieces.

Text 256

 "I rescued Draupadi from embarrassment. I rescued the five Pandavas from the house of lac.

Text 257

 "Killing Vrikasura, I rescued Siva. I rescued My servant Gajendra.

Text 258

 "I delivered Prahlada. I protected the gopas.

Text 259

 "I churned wonderful nectar. Cheating the demons, I protected the demigods.

Text 260

 "I killed Kamsa, the enemy of My devotees. I killed the demon Ravana's family.

Text 261

 "In My left hand I held Govardhana Hill. I subdued the Kaliya snake.

Text 262

 "In Satya-yuga I preach the path of austerity. In Treta-yuga I descend and teach the path of yajna.

Text 263

 "In Dvapara-yuga I descend and teach everyone the path of Deity worship.

Text 264

 "Even the Vedas do not know all My incarnations. Now I have come to teach sankirtana.

Text 265

 "By beginning the sankirtana movement I enjoy pastimes of pure love and devotion. That is why I have come to this Kali-yuga.

Text 266

 "All the Vedas and Puranas pray that I give them shelter. I am the eternal shelter of My devotees.

Text 267

 "My devotees are not different from Me. My devotees are My father, mother, friend, son, and brother.

Text 268

 "Although I am independent, and I enjoy pastimes as I like, I am still under the control of My devotees.

Text 269

 "You are all My personal associates birth after birth. When I descend to this world, I take all of you with Me.

Text 270

 "I will not leave you even for a half a sesame seed's worth of time. Please know that is the truth."

Text 271

 In this way the Lord mercifully revealed the truth. Hearing His words, all the devotees wept aloud.

Text 272

 Again and again everyone offered dandavat obeisances. Again and again they fell, rose, spoke prayers in voices trembling with emotion, and wept.

Text 273

 What bliss was in Advaita's home! The same nectar present before in the towns of Nadiya was also present there.

Text 274

 The devotees desires were all fulfilled. Their sufferings were all broken to pieces.

Text 275

 The Lord knows how to break His devotees' sufferings into pieces. Why do the suffering conditioned souls not worship a master like Him?

Text 276

 Lord Chaitanya is an ocean of kindness. The Lord does not see others' faults. He thinks only of their virtues.

Text 277

 After some moments the Lord concealed His divine opulences. Returning to external consciousness, He became peaceful.

Text 278

 Taking everyone with Him, the Lord went to the Ganga to bathe. In many ways He played in the Ganga's waters.

Text 279

 After bathing, He returned with everyone. He watered and circumambulated Tulasi.

Text 280

 He circumambulated the temple of Lord Vishnu, bowed down, and, taking everyone with Him, sat down to eat.

Text 281

 In the middle Lord Chaitanya sat down with Nityananda. In the four directions around Them, Their associates happily sat.

Text 282

 The Lord's face blossomed with happiness. Sandal paste anointed His every limbs. With His devotees around Him in the four directions, He happily ate.

Text 283

 It was as if, accompanied by the gopas in the midst of Vrindavana forest, Krishna and Balarama were enjoying pastimes of eating lunch.

Text 284

 As He ate, the Lord conversed with everyone. Again and again He joked and He laughed.

Text 285

 Who has the power to describe all these pastimes? Only a person who has attained the Lord's mercy can say anything about them.

Text 286

 Finishing His meal, the Lord left. Then the devotees ate what He had left on His plate.

Text 287

 Even the old men became like children. That is the power of devotion to Lord Vishnu.

Text 288

 Saintly devotees who hear all these stories will some day meet Lord Chaitanya.

Text 289

 The devotees saw the Lord again, the Lord revealed His divine opulences, and then they enjoyed sankirtana.

Text 290

 Then the Lord ate lunch with all the Vaishnavas. Anyone who hears these pastimes will attain a great treasure of ecstatic love.

Text 291

 The two moons Shri Krishna Chaitanya and Shri Nityananda are my life and soul. I, Vrindavana dasa, sing the glories of Their feet.