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Chapter Nine

Shri Nityanandasya Balya-lila-tirtha-yatra-kathana


Description of Lord Nityananda's Childhood Pastimes and Pilgrimage Journey


Text 1 Glory, glory to Shri Krishna Chaitanya, who is an ocean of mercy! Glory, glory to Lord Nityananda, the friend of the hopeless souls who have no shelter!

Text 2 Glory to Lord Chaitanya, the life and treasure of Advaitacandra! Glory to Lord Chaitanya, the wealth of Shrivasa and Gadadhara!

Text 3 Glory to Lord Visvambhara, the son of Saci and Jagannatha Misra! Glory, glory to the dear devotees and followers of the Lord!

Text 4 By Lord Chaitanya's order, Ananta Sesha descended to this world in Radha-desa, where He enjoyed pastimes.

Text 5 Lord Nityananda, who is the supreme ruler of West Bengal, was born in the village of Ekacakra. His father was Hadai Ojha, and His mother Padmavati.

Text 6 From childhood He was peaceful, intelligent, and virtuous. The resting place of all handsomeness, He defeated millions of Kamadevas.

Text 7 Because of His presence, the land of Radha-desa became all auspicious. Famine and poverty were completely broken.

Text 8 On the day when Lord Chaitanya was born in Navadvipa, Lord Nityananda in Radha-desa roared with happiness.

Text 9 That roar filled countless universes. It made the entire material world fall unconscious.

Text 10

 Someone said, "That was a thunderbolt." Someone else thought, "That was was a great calamity."

Text 11

 Someone else said, "I know the reason for that sound. The Supreme Personality of Godhead, who is the ruler of Bengal, is now roaring with happiness."

Text 12

 Slthough they spoke these different explanations, no one could understand the truth about Lord Nityananda, for they were all bewildered by the Lord's Maya potency.

Text 13

 Concealing His true identity, Lord Nityananda happily played with the other boys.

Text 14

 Playing games with the other boys, Lord Nityananda imitated Lord Krishna's pastimes. They never played games that were not imitations of the Lord's pastimes.

Text 15

 The boys pretended they were the council of the demigods. One boy, pretending he was the earth goddess, presented an appeal..

Text 16

 After hearing the earth's prayers, the boys would go to a riverbank, and there they would offer prayers to the Supreme Personality of Godhead.

Text 17

 One boy, pretending he was the Supreme Personality of Godhead, would say, "I will take birth in Mathura-Gokula."


Text 18

 Some evenings, Lord Nityananda and the boys would enact the marriage of Vasudeva and Devaki.

Text 19

 Making a prison room late at night, they enacted Lord Krishna's birth when no one was awake.

Text 20

 They created a Gokula, took Krishna there, and then tricked Kamsa by giving him Maha-maya.

Text 21

 One day Lord Nityananda dressed one boy as Putana. Another boy climbed on his chest pretended to drink Putana's breast.

Text 22

 One day Lord Nityananda and the boys made a cart out of reeds, and then tore it to pieces.

Text 23

 Accompanied by the boys, Lord Nityananda entered unseen into a milkman's house and stole from him.

Text 24

 The boys never left Lord Nityananda and returned to their homes. Day and night they played with Him.

Text 25

 The boys' parents never rebuked Lord Nityananda. Rather, they affectionately embraced Him.

Text 26

 They all said, "We have never seen anything like these glorious games. How does a small boy know so much about Lord Krishna's pastimes?"

Text 27

 One day, making a Kaliya serpent out of leaves, He went to the water with all the boys.

Text 28

 The boys jumped up and then fell down unconscious. Then Lord Nityananda brought them back to life.

Text 29

 Another day Lord Nityananda and the boys went to Talavana, killed Dhenukasura, and ate tala fruits.

Text 30

 Accompanied by the boys, Lord Nityananda played games where He killed Bakasura, Aghasura, and Vatsasura.

Text 31

 In the late afternoon, as He and His friends returned home, He would play the buffalo-horn bugle again and again.

Text 32

 One day He played that He was lifting Govardhana Hill. Another day He created Vrindavana forest and played there.

Text 33

 Another day He stole the gopis' garments. Another day He revealed Himself to the yajna-patnis.

Text 34

 A boy dressed up as Narada, with long hair and a beard, and gave advice to kamsa in a secluded place.

Text 35

 Another day a boy dressed up as Akrura and brought Krishna and Balarama on Kamsa's order.

Text 36

 Lord Nityananda personally took the part of a gopi and wept a river of tears as the boys looked on.

Text 37

 Bewildered by Lord Vishnu's Yogamaya, no one understood Lord Nityananda's true identity. All the boys happily played with Him.

Text 38

 Creating the city of Mathura, Lord Nityananda walked about with the boys. One boy became a garland-maker. Others became wrestlers in the wrestling arena.

Text 39

 Another boy dressed up as Kubja and carried fragrances. Lord Nityananda made a bow, broke it, and made a loud sound.

Text 40

 After killing Kuvalayapida and the wrestlers Canura and Mushtika, Lord Nityananda threw Kamsa to the ground and grabbed his hair.

Text 41

 After killing Kamsa, Lord Nityananda danced with the boys. Seeing the playing of the boys, all the people smiled and laughed.

Text 42

 Lord Nityananda acted out the pastimes of the Supreme Lord's incarnations.

Text 43

 One day Lord Nityananda became Vamana and cheated Bali out of the worlds.

Text 44

 One boy dressed up as old Sukracarya and forbade Bali to give charity. Bali gave the charity, and in the end Vamana stepped on his head.

Text 45

 Another day all the boys became monkeys, and Lord Nityananda built the bridge to Lanka.

Text 46

 Cutting some castor trees and throwing them in the water, the boys exclaimed, "Glory to Ramacandra!"

Text 47

 Playing the part of Lakshmana, Lord Nityananda grabbed a bow and angrily went to meet Sugriva.

Text 48

 He said, "O monkey, My Lord has become unhappy. If you wish to keep your life, then you must come with Me at once.

Text 49

 "My master unhappily stays on malyavan Mountain. My boy, what happiness will you find by staying with these women?"

Text 50

 Another day Lord Nityananda angrily said to Parasurama, "O brahmana, I am not at fault. Now You must flee at once."

Text 51

 When Lord Nityananda played the part of Lakshmana, the other boys did not understand what was really happening. They thought it was only a game.

Text 52

 Some boys played the parts of the five monkeys. Lord Nityananda, playing the part of Lakshmana, asked them,

Text 53

 "Who are you monkeys wandering from forest to forest? I am a servant of Ramacandra. Please tell Me who you are."

Text 54

 The boys replied, "We wander out of fear of Bali. Please show us to Lord Ramacandra. Then we can touch the dust of His feet."

Text 55

 Lord Nityananda embraced them and took them with Him. Then they offered dandavat obeisances to Lord Ramacandra's feet.

Text 56

 One day Lord Nityananda played the pastime of killing Indrajit. Another day he was rapt in playing the part of Lakshmana.

Text 57

 He made one boy play the part of Vibhishana. He took the boy to Lord Ramacandra, who crowned him king of Lanka.

Text 58

 One boy declared, "I am Ravana. Now I will kill You with my saktisila weapon. Protect Yourself, O Lakshmana."

Text 59

 Saying this, the boy struck Lord Nityananda with a lotus flower, and the Lord promptly fell to the ground.

Text 60

 Rapt in thinking of Himself as Lakshmana, the Lord fainted. Everyone tried to waken Him, but He would not be wakened.

Text 61

 There was no consciousness anywhere in His body. Placing their heads in their hands, the boys wept.

Text 62

 Hearing of this, the Lord's mother and father ran there. They saw that there was no consciousness in His body.

Text 63

 They fainted and fell to the ground. Seeing this, everyone was surprised.

Text 64

 When the boys described all that had happened, someone said, "I know the reason for this.

Text 65

 "Previously, when he heard the words, `Rama went to the forest', the boy-actor pretending to be Dasaratha acted as if the life had left his body.

Text 66

 "If someone dresses like Hanuman and gives Him medicine, then this boy will become cured."

Text 67

 Previously the Lord instructed everyone, "When I fall to the ground, you all gather around Me and weep.

Text 68

 "After a moment's delay, send for Hanuman. When he holds the medicine to My nose, My life will return."

Text 69

 Entering the mood of Lakshmana, Lord Nityananda fell unconscious. Seeing this, the boys became very worried.

Text 70

 Everyone was bewildered. The Lord's instruction did not appear in their thoughts. Saying, "Rise, brother!", they loudly wept.

Text 71

 Hearing these words from someone's mouth, the boys remembered. A boy dressed like Hanuman at once ran off.

Text 72

 Then another boy, dressed as an ascetic, met Hanuman on the path, praised him, and offered him fruits and roots.

Text 73

 He said, "Stay here, my son, and bless my asrama. I am very fortunate to meet a person like yourself."

Text 74

 Hanuman replied, "I must continue on my mission. I wish to go. I cannot stay.

Text 75

 "You must have heard that Ravana hit Ramacandra's younger brother Lakshmana with a saktisela weapon and made Him fall unconscious.

Text 76

 "That is why I am now going to the Gandhamadana Mountain. Getting medicine there, I will save His life."

Text 77

 Then the asceti said, "If you must go, then first bathe and eat. Then you will be victorious."

Text 78

 Filled with wonder, everyone gazed at the boys as they spoke these lines Lord Nityananda gave them.

Text 79

 After the asceti spoke these words, Hanuman went to bathe in a lake. A boy who was waiting in the water, grabbed Hanuman's foot.

Text 80

 Dressed as a crocodile, the boy pulled Hanuman into the water. Then the boy Hanuman dragged the crocodile onto the shore.

Text 81

 After a few moments of battle, heroi Hanuman defeated the crocodile.

Text 82

 Then a boy dressed as a rakshasa tried to eat Hanuman.

Text 83

 The rakshasa said, "You defeated the crocodile. How will you defeat me? I will eat you. Then how will you save Lakshmana's life?"

Text 84

 Hanuman replied, "Your Ravana is a dog. He is pathetic. You should flee."

Text 85

 First they hurled insults at each other. Then they pulled each other's hair. Then they fought with fists.

Text 86

 After a few moments Hanuman playfully defeated the rakshasa and then went to Gandhamadana Mountain.

Text 87

 Then Hanuman battled with some boys dressed as Gandharvas.

Text 88

 After defeating the gandharvas, Hanuman carried Gandhamadana Mountain on his head.

Text 89

 Dressed as a physician, and placing the medicine to Lord Nityananda's nose, a boy said, "Remember Shri Rama."

Text 90

 Lord Nityananda Mahaprabhu at once stood up. Seeing this, His mother, father, and everyone else smiled and laughed.


Text 91

 Hadai Pandita ran to the Lord and embraced Him. All the boys were happy.

Text 92

 Everyone said, "Son, where did You learn all this?" Smiling, the Lord replied, "These are My pastimes."

Text 93

 In His early youth the Lord was very handsome. The people could not turn their hearts from embracing Him.

Text 94

 Everyone loved Him more than they loved their own sons. Still, overcome by Lord Vishnu's Yogamaya, they could not understand His true identity.

Text 95

 In this way Lord Nityananda spent His childhood. Lord Krishna's pastimes alone, and nothing else, pleased Him.

Text 96

 Shunning the homes of their fathers and mothers, the boys spent every moment playing with Lord Nityananda.

Text 97

 I offer my respectful obeisances to the feet of all those boys who played with Lord Nityananda.

Text 98

 In this way Lord Nityananda enjoyed pastimes. When He was a boy, Lord Krishna's pastimes alone, and nothing else, were pleasing and splendid to Him.

Text 99

 Who can understand the pastimes of Lord Ananta Sesha? These pastimes are manifested before a person who has attained the Lord's mercy.

Text 100

 For twelve years Lord Nityananda stayed at home in this way. After that He went on pilgrimage.

Text 101

 For twenty years He went on pilgrimage. Then at last He attained the sight of Lord Chaitanya.

Text 102

 Please hear of Lord Nityananda's pilgrimages in this Adi-khanda. Whoever criticizes Lord Nityananda is wicked, sinful, and an offender.

Text 103

 Lord Nityananda has delivered the entire world. He is an ocean of mercy. No one is like Him.

Text 104

 By His mercy I have understood the truth about Lord Chaitanya. By His mercy Lord Chaitanya's glory becomes revealed.

Text 105

 Please hear how Lord Chaitanya's dearest associate, Lord Nityananda, traveled to the holy places.

Text 106

 Lord Nityananda first went to Vakresvara-tirths. Then He went to Ekesvara in Vaidyanatha forest.

Text 107

 Then He went to Gaya, and then to Varanasi, the capital city of Lord Siva. There the Ganga flows from the north.

Text 108

 Seeing the Ganga, Lord Nityananda became very happy. He bathed in it and drank from it. Unhappiness could not approach Him.

Text 109

 Then He went to Prayaga, where He bathed at sunrise in the month of Magha. Then He went to Mathura, His home in His previous birth.

Text 110

 He enjoyed water pastimes at Visrama-ghata in the Yamuna. Then He happily wandered on Govardhana Hill.

Text 111

 Then He went to the twelve forests that begin with Vrindavana forest. One by one, He wandered in them all.

Text 112

 Gazing at Nanda's home in Gokula, He sat down and wept many tears.

Text 113

 Then the Lord offered obeisances to the Madana-Gopala Deity. Then He went to Hastinapura, the Pandavas' capital city.

Text 114

 Seeing the home of His devotees, the Lord again wept. Empty of true devotion, the residents of the holy place did not understand why He wept.

Text 115

 Seeing Lord Balarama's glories in Hastinapura, Lord Nityananda called out, "O Balarama, please deliver Me!" and fell down to offer obeisances.

Text 116

 Then Lord Nityananda went to Dvaraka. He bathed in the sea. He was very happy.


Text 117

 Then Lord Nityananda went to Siddhapura, the home of Lord Kapila. At Matsya-tirtha Lord Nityananda distributed food in a great festival.

Text 118

 Then Lord Nityananda went to Siva-kanci and Vishnu-kanci. Seeing the great, great battles of the two opposing sides, Lord Nityananda laughed.

Text 119

 Then the Lord went to Kurukshetra, Prithudaka, Bindu-sarovara, Prabhasa, and Sudarsana-tirtha.

Text 120

 Then He went to very holy Tritakupa, Visala, Brahma-tirtha, and Cakra-tirtha.

Text 121

 Then the noble-hearted Lord went to Pratisrota, Praci-sarasvati, aned Naimisharanya.

Text 122

 Then Lord Nityananda went to Ayodhya City. Seeing Lord Ramacandra's birthplace, He wept many tears.

Text 123

 Then He went to King Guhaka-candala's kingdom. There Lord Nityananda fell into a deep trance.

Text 124

 Simply by remembering King Guhaka-candala, Lord Nityananda remained in a blissful trance for three days.

Text 125

 Gazing at the forests where Lord Ramacandra walked, Lord Nityananda, overcome with feelings of separation, rolled about on the ground.

Text 126

 Then the Lord went to the Sarayu, bathed in the Kausiki, and when to the holy asrama of Pulasta Muni.

Text 127

 After bathing in the sacred Gomati, Gandaki, and Sona, the Lord climbed the summit of Mount Mahendra.

Text 128

 There He offered obeisances to Lord Parasurama. Then Lord Nityananda went to Hardwar, the birthplace of the Ganga.

Text 129

 Then the Lord bathed in the Pampa, Bhimarathi, Sapta-godavari, Venva, and Vipasa.

Text 130

 After seeing Madurai, noble-hearted Lord Nityananda went to Shri-parvata, where He saw Siva and Parvati.

Text 131

 Disguised as a brahmana and brahmani, Siva and Parvati live on Shri-parvata.

Text 132

 Siva and Parvati could understand that the object of their worship now stood before them in the form of an avadhuta.

Text 133

 Filled with happiness, Siva and Parvati gazed at their guest. Parvati happily cooked.

Text 134

 She respectfully offered the meal to Lord Nityananda. Lord Nityananda smiled and offered respectful obeisances to them both.

Text 135

 Only Lord Krishna knows the confidential topics they discussed. Then Lord Nityananda went to the southern provinces.

Text 136

 After seeing Lord Vyenkatanatha, Lord Nityananda went to Kamakoshthi-puri, Kanci, and the sacred Kaveri.

Text 137

 Then He went to Lord Ranganatha's holy abode. Then He went to Hari-kshetra.

Text 138

 Then He went to Rishabha-parvata, Dakshina-Mathura, Kritamala, Tamraparni, and Uttara-Yamuna.

Text 139

 Then He went to Agastya Muni's asrama in the Malaya Hills. The saintly sage was very happy to see Him.

Text 140

 After staying there for some time as a guest, Lord Nityananda very happily went to Badarikasrama.

Text 141

 Lord Nityananda stayed for some days in Nara-Narayana's secluded asrama.

Text 142

 Then Lord Nityananda went to Vyasa's asrama. Vyasa understood that Nityananda was Lord Balarama Himself.

Text 143

 Vyasa treated the Lord with great hospitality. The Lord offered dandavat obeisances to Vyasa.

Text 144

 Then Lord Nityananda went to a Buddhist asrama. The Lord saw the Buddhists sitting.

Text 145

 The Lord asked questions. No one answered. Angry, the Lord kicked them in the head.

Text 146

 The Buddhists fled. Laughing and laughing, fearless Lord Nityananda wandered in the forest.

Text 147

 Then the Lord went to the town of Kanya-kubja. After seeing the deity of Goddess Durga, He went to the southern ocean.

Text 148

 Then Lord Nityananda went to Shri Ananta-pura. Then He went to Pancapsara-sarovara.

Text 149

 In Gokarna He visited the temple of Siva. In Kerala and Trigarta He went from house to house.

Text 150

 After seeing Dvaipayani Arya, Lord Nityananda enjoyed pastimes of visiting Nirvindhya, Payoshni, and Tapti.

Text 151

 Then He went to Reva, Mahishmati-puri, Malla-tirtha, and Surparaka. Then the Lord turned west.

Text 152

 In this way fearless and blissful Lord Nityananda wandered. He never feared.

Text 153

 His body was always overcome with love for Lord Krishna. One moment He wept. The next moment He laughed. Who can understand the nectar He tasted?

Text 154

 In this way Lord Nityananda wandered. By divine arrangement He saw Madhavendra Puri.

Text 155

 Madhavendra Puri's body was filled with love for Krishna. His followers were also filled with love for Krishna in the same way.

Text 156

 He tasted only the nectar of Lord Krishna and nothing else. Lord Krishna enjoyed pastimes in Madhavendra Puri's body.

Text 157

 Lord Advaita Acarya Himself is a disciple of Madhavendra Puri. How can I describe the great spiritual love Madhavendra Puri felt?

Text 158

 Seeing Madhavendra Puri, Lord Nityananda at once fainted out of spiritual love and fell motionless.

Text 159

 Seeing Lord Nityananda, Madhavendra Puri also fainted. He forgot who he was.

Text 160

 Again and again Lord Chaitanya declared, "Madhavendra Puri is the root and trunk of the nectar kalpa-vriksha tree of devotional service."

Text 161

 Seeing Lord Nityananda and Madhavendra Puri both unconscious because of seeing each other, Isvara Puri and the other disciples wept.

Text 162

 When they regained external vision, Lord Nityananda and Madhavendra Puri held each other's necks and wept.

Text 163

 Tasting the nectar of love for Krishna, the two of them rolled in the sand. They called out, overcome with love for Krishna.


Text 164

 A stream of love flowed from their eyes. The earth thought herself fortunate to be bathed by that stream.

Text 165

 There was no end to their ecstati symptoms of trembling, tears, and bodily hairs standing erect. Lord Chaitanya enjoyed pastimes in their bodies.


Text 166

 Lord Nityananda said, "I have visited many holy places. Today I have attained the fruit of all those visits.

Text 167

 "Today my eyes have seen the feet of Madhavendra Puri. Now that I have seen the great spiritual love he bears, my life has become fortunate."

Text 168

 Embracing Lord Nityananda, Madhavendra Puri gave no answer. His throat was blocked with tears of love.

Text 169

 His spiritual love was such that Madhavendra Puri did not let Lord Nityananda leave his chest.

Text 170

 Isvara Puri, Brahmananda Puri, and the other disciples were also filled with love for Lord Nityananda.

Text 171

 In the past Lord Nityananda and Madhavendra Puri had spoken with many saintly persons, but they had never seen this kind of love for Lord Krishna manifested on those persons' bodies.

Text 172

 By speaking with wicked people they became unhappy. After wandering in the forest, now they could see each other.

Text 173

 Now all their unhappiness was destroyed. As they gazed at each other, pure love for Lord Krishna became manifested within them.

Text 174

 Lord Nityananda happily spent some days blissfuly talking with Madhavendra Puri about Lord Krishna

Text 175

 Madhavendra Puri's descriptions of Lord Krishna were very wonderful. When he saw a dark raincloud, Madhavendra Puri would fall unconscious.

Text 176

 Day and night it was as if he were drunk on love for Krishna. He would laugh, weep, and call out, "Hai! Hai! Haya! Haya!"

Text 177

 Lord Nityananda was also drunk by tasting the nectar of Lord Krishna. Again and again He would tremble, fall the ground, and laugh aloud.

Text 178

 Seeing the wonderful spiritual love of these two, the disciples chanted "Hari! Hari!" again and again.

Text 179

 Drinking the nectar of love for Lord Krishna, they did not know whether it was day or night, what was the time, or in whose home they were staying.

Text 180

 Who knows the conversations Lord Nityananda had with Madhavendra Puri? Only Lord Krishna knows?

Text 181

 Madhavendra Puri could not leave Lord Nityananda's company. Again and again he enjoyed pastimes with Lord Nityananda.

Text 182

 Madhavendra Puri said, "I have not seen  this kind of spiritual love. Wherever this love is present all the holy places stay.

Text 183

 "Now I know that Lord Krishna is merciful to me. Now I have a friend like Nityananda.

Text 184

 "If Nityananda is present, then any place becomes Vaikuntha and all holy places.

Text 185

 "Whoever hears from a devotee like Nityananda will certainly attain Lord Krishna.

Text 186

 "Whoever has even a single sesame seed of hatred for Nityananda will not, even though he may be a devotee, be dear to Lord Krishna."

Text 187

 Day and night Madhavendra Puri spoke about Lord Nityananda in this way. His heart was filled with love for Him.

Text 188

 Lord Nityananda considered Madhavendra Puri His spiritual master. He did not think of anyone else in this way.

Text 189

 Overcome with love for Lord Krishna, these two great souls did not know whether it was day or night.

Text 190

 After staying with Madhavendra Puri for some days, Lord Nityananda at last left for Setubandha.

Text 191

 Madhavendra Puri went to see the Sarayu. Overcome with love for Lord Krishna, Lord Nityananda and Madhavendra Puri did not remember the existence of their own bodies.

Text 192

 This is how devotees protect their lives when they are separated from Krishna. If they remain aware of external events, then how can they remain alive when they are separated from Him?

Text 193

 Persons who hear how Lord Nityananda and Madhavendra Puri saw each other will become wealthy with love for Lord Krishna.

Text 194

 Tasting the nectar of Lord Krishna, Lord Nityananda traveled for some days and finally came to Setubandha.

Text 195

 The Lord bathed in Dhenu-tirtha, and then went to Ramesvaram and Vijaya-nagara.

Text 196

 After seeing Maya Puri, Avanti, and the Godavari, the Lord went to Jiyada-Nrisimha Puri.

Text 197

 Then, after seeing Tirumala and Lord Kurma's sacred place, Lord Nityananda went to see Lord Jagannatha, the moon of Nilacala.

Text 198

 Thus He came to Jagannatha Puri. When He saw the flag there, unconsciousness suddenly entered Lord Nityananda's body.

Text 199

 In a vision He saw four-handed blissful Lord Jagannatha surrounded by His devotees.

Text 200

 Seeing this vision, His bodily hairs stood erect, and again Lord Nityananda fainted. Again He became aware of the external world, and then again He fell to the ground.

Text 201

 He trembled and perspired. The hairs of His body stood erect. He shed tears. He fell to the ground. He loudly called out. Who can understand Lord Nityananda's symptoms of ecstati love?

Text 202

 In this way Lord Nityananda stayed in Jagannatha Puri. After seeing Jagannatha Puri, He went to Ganga-sagara.

Text 203

 Who can describe Lord Nityananda's visits to the holy places? Only by the Lord's mercy I am able to write a little about them.

Text 204

 In this way Lord Nityananda traveled to the holy places. At the end He returned to Mathura.

Text 205

 From then on He stayed always in Vrindavana. Overcome with love for Lord Krishna, He did not know whether it was day or night.

Text 206

 He did not eat. Sometimes He drank milk, if it was given without asking.

Text 207

 "Concealing His true identity, Lord Chaitanya now stays in Navadvipa." This thought entered Lord Nityananda's mind.

Text 208

 He thought, "When He openly reveals His true opulences, then I will go and serve Him."


Text 209

 With this thought in His mind, Lord Nityananda did not leave Vrindavana and go to Navadvipa.

Text 210

 Again and again He enjoyed pastimes in the Yamuna's waters. He would play games with the boys in the forest of Vrindavana.

Text 211

 Although He is the all-powerful Supreme Personality of Godhead, Lord Nityananda did not give to others Vishnu-bhakti (devotional service to Lord Vishnu).

Text 212

 Only when Lord Chaitanya openly manifested Himself would Lord Nityananda, on His order, enjoy the pastimes of giving to others devotional service.

Text 213

 The devotees of the Lord do not do anything without Lord Chaitanya's order. Neither do they feel that they have become unimportant because they act in that way.

Text 214

 Ananta, Siva, Brahma, and all the demigods carefully follow Lord Chaitanya's order in their duties of creation and destruction.

Text 215

 These thoughts make sinners become unhappy at heart. True Vaishnavas always try to avoid seeing such sinners.

Text 216

 Still, Lord Nityananda directly looks at every living being in all the worlds. He gives them a great wealth of love for Lord Krishna.

Text 217

 Lord Nityananda is the first devotee of Lord Chaitanya. Lord Chaitanya's glories always stay on Lord Nityananda's tongue.

Text 218

 Day and night Lord Nityananda speaks about Lord Chaitanya. A person who worships Lord Nityananda attains devotion to Lord Chaitanya.

Text 219

 Glory, glory to Lord Nityananda, the Supreme Personality of Godhead. By His mercy the glories of Lord Chaitanya are openly manifested.

Text 220

 By Lord Chaitanya's mercy a person will love Lord Nityananda. One who knows the truth about Lord Nityananda does not meet calamity.

Text 221

 A person who would cross to the farther shore of the ocean of repeated birth and death, and from that shore dive into the ocean of devotional service, should worship Lord Nityananda.

Text 222

 Some say, "Nityananda is like Lord Balarama." Others say, "He is the abode of deep love for Lord Chaitanya".

     223-Text 224

 Why do they not say, according to their whims, that Lord Nityananda is a sannyasi, or a devotee, or a philosopher, or even that He has nothing to do with Lord Chaitanya? They may as well say these things. Still, I always keep Lord Nityananda's lotus feet carefully in my heart.

Text 225

 When the sinners blaspheme Lord Nityananda, I kick their heads.

Text 226

 Sometimes Lord Chaitanya's intimate associates seem to criticize Lord Nityananda. These criticisms should be seen as praises only.

Text 227

 Pure and wise Vaishnavas see these words, spoken in mock-quarrels, are only jests.

Text 228

 Persons who, understanding this in a different way, criticize Lord Nityananda, will perish.

Text 229

 Persons who do not blaspheme Lord Nityananda, and who stay on the path, will certainly attain Lord Chaitanya.


Text 230

 Will the day come when I will see Lord Chaitanya and Lord Nityananda, the two of Them surrounded in the four directions by the great multitude of Their devotees?

Text 231

 Lord Nityananda is my absolute master. Taking shelter of Him, I worship Lord Chaitanya.

Text 232

 Birth after birth may I study Shrimad-Bhagavatam with Lord Nityananda as my teacher. That is my desire.

Text 233

 Glory, glory to Lord Chaitanya Mahaprabhu! You cane give me Lord Nityananda or You can take Him away from me.

Text 234

 O Lord, please be merciful to me. I pray that You both will stay in my thoughts.

Text 235

 Lord Nityananda is Your great devotee. Unless You give Him, no one can attain Him.

Text 236

 O Lord Chaitanya, Lord Nityananda traveled to Vrindavana and other places until the time when You openly manifested Yourself.

Text 237

 A person who hears these descriptions of Lord Nityananda's travels to the holy places will attain a great wealth of pure love for Lord Krishna.

Text 238

 The two moons Shri Krishna Chaitanya and Shri Nityananda are my life and soul. I, Vrindavana dasa, sing the glories of Their feet.