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Chapter Eight



Jagannatha Misra Returns to the Spiritual World


Text 1 Glory, glory to Lord Chaitanya, who is an ocean of mercy! Glory to the Lord who is a moon shining in the home of Saci and Jagannatha Misra!

Text 2 Glory, glory to He who is the life-bvreath of Lord Nityananda! Glory, glory to He who is the treasure-house of the sankirtana movement!

Text 3 Glory, glory to Lord Chaitanya, who is surrounded by His devotees! By hearing these descriptions of Lord Chaitanya one attains pure devotional service.

Text 4 In this way the Supreme Personality of Godhead enjoyed pastimes in Jagannatha Misra's home. He kept His true identity a secret. No one had the power to understand who He was.

Text 5 As many games as there are for boys in this world, the Lord played them all. Who has the power to describe them all?

Text 6 These pastimes will be revealed in the Vedas and Puranas. Then the fortunate people will hear of them.

Text 7 In this way Lord Chaitanya tasted the nectar of His childhood pastimes. Eventually the time for accepting the sacred thread came.

Text 8 On the day when he gave the sacred thread, Jagannatha Misra called the friends and relativesa, and they came to his home.

Text 9 Everyone assembled there in great happiness. They performed different duties in the ceremony.

Text 10

The women called out "Jaya!" and sang songs glorifying Lord Krishna. The musicians played mridangaas, sanais, and flutes.

Text 11

The brahmanas chanted the Vedas, and the poets recited prayers. Great happiness descended into Saci's home.

Text 12

At an auspicious moment Lord Chaitanya accepted the sacred thread in Saci's home.

Text 13

In an auspicious month, on an auspicious day, at an auspicious moment, the Supreme Personality of Godhead, Lord Chaitanya, accepted the sacred thread.

Text 14

The greaceful sacred thread was very glorious on the Lord's body. Assuming the slender form of that thread, Lord Aananta Sesha Himself encircled the Lord's body.

Text 15

Then Lord Chaitanya manifested the form of Lord Vamana. Gazing at Him, everyone became filled with bliss.

Text 16

As they gazed at the Lord's wonderful brahminical splendor, no one could believe in his heart that he was looking at a mere human being.

Text 17

A danda in His hand and a cloth bag on His shoulder, Lord Chaitanya asked for alms at the homes of His devotees.

Text 18

Giving alms as far as they were able, the men felt great happiness. Smiling, the women also placed alms in the Lord's cloth bag.

Text 19

Assuming the forms of brahmanas' wives, Sarasvati, Parvati, and the chaste wives of the great sages all came there.

Text 20

Gazing at Lord Chaitanya's Vamana form, they became very happy. They smiled. Again and again they placed alms in the Lord's cloth bag.

Text 21

In this wa6y Lord Chaitanya manifested the form and pastimes of Vamana. All these pastimes were meant to deliver the conditioned souls.

Text 22

Glory to Lord Chaitanya, who manifested the form of Vamana! O Lord, please give charity to me. Please place in my heart the gift of Your two feet.

Text 23

Whoever hears this account of Lord Chaitanya's accepting the sacred thread attains the shelter of Lord Chaitanya's feet.

Text 24

In this way the king of Vaikuntha enjoyed many pastimes in Saci's home, pastimes that are secretly described in the Vedas.

Text 25

At home the Lord already knew all the scriptures. Still, His heart was set on studying in the company of others.

Text 26

In Navadvipa stayed Gangadasa Pandita. He was the crest jewel of teachers. He was Sandipani Muni himself.

Text 27

He was very learned in the books describing Sanskrit grammar. Lord Chaitanya decided to study at his place.

Text 28

Understanding his son's hints, Jagannatha Misra took him to Gangadasa's home.

Text 29

Seeing Jagannatha Misra, Gangadasa respectfully stood up, embraced him, and gave him a sitting place.

Text 30

Jagannatha Misra said, "I would like to place my son in your care. Please explain everything to Him and allow Him to study under your guidance."

Text 31

Gangadasa replied, "I am very fortunate. As far as I have the power, I will teach Him."

Text 32

Looking at his student, Gangadasa became filled with happiness. Treating Him like a son, He always kept Him by his side.

Text 33

By hearing Gangadasa's explanations only once, the Lord understood everything.

Text 34

He would refute His teacher's explanations, and then prove them again.

Text 35

There were thousands and thousands of students, but none could defeat the Lord.

Text 36

Seeing the Lord's wonderful intelligence, the teacher was very pleased. Saying He was the best of all the students, he honored Him.

Text 37

The Lord always defeated all the other students of Gangadasa.

Text 38

Shri Murari Gupta, Shri Kamala-kanta, and Krishnananda were the most prominent of those students.

Text 39

The Lord would pose tricky logical questions, and then proceed to defeat everyone. Some, thinking the Lord only a small boy, smiled and did not say anything.

Text 40

Every day, after hearing explanations and reading, the Lord went with friends His own age to bathe in the Ganga.

Text 41

There was no end to the number of students in Navadvipa town. After completing their studies they would all go, at midday, to bathe in the Ganga.

Text 42

The thousands of students of different teachers would always argue amongst themselves.

Text 43

The Lord, now in the beginning of adolescence, and very mischievous, would pick quarrels with the other students.

Text 44

One boy would say, "What intelligence does your teacher have?" Another boy would say, "Look whose student I am!"

Text 45

In this way, little by little, the arguments and insults would grow more heated. Then they splashed water. Then they threw sand.

Text 46

Then fights would break out. Someone might throw mud on another and then beat him up also.

Text 47

Someone would swear, gra‚ another boy, beat him up, and then swim to the other shore of the Ganga.

Text 48

The students' shoving and fighting made the Ganga's waters muddy and filled with sand.

Text 49

Because of this the women could not fill their jars with water, and the saintly brahmanas could not bathe.

Text 50

Lord Chaitanya was very restless and mischievous. He would go from bathing place to bathing place.

Text 51

At each bathing place there was no end to the number of students. At each place the Lord would pick quarrels.

Text 52

At each bathing place the Lord would swim in the Ganga. At one bathing place He played a game with two and four sticks.

Text 53

Some of the advanced students asked Him, "Why do You pick quarrels?"

Text 54

They asked, "We want to know how intelligent You are. We want to see how much You know about Panji's cmmentary."

Text 55

The Lord replied, "Good. Good. Whoever has the desire in his heart may question Me."

Text 56

Someone asked, "Why are You so arrogant?" The Lord replied, "You may ask any question that is in your mind."

Text 57

One student asked, "Explain verbal roots." the Lord replied, "I will explain. Give Me your attention and listen."

Text 58

Then Lord Chaitanya, the all-powerful Supreme Personality of Godhead, explained the roots of verbs. His explanations were perfect.

Text 59

Hearing these explanations, everyone spoke words of praise. The Lord then said, "Listen again. Now I will refute My own explanations."

Text 60

The Lord then refuted everything He had said. Now He explained everything in a different way. The Lord said, "Who has the power to disprove My words and prove that something else is the truth?"

Text 61

Wonder filled the minds of everyone. The Lord said, "Listen. I will prove that something else is the truth."

Text 62

Then Lord Chaitanya gave a different explanation of the truth. All His arguments were perfect and beautiful. They were flawless.

Text 63

All the older students happily embraced the Lord.

Text 64

The students said, "Now You may go home. Tomorrow we will have other questions You may like to answer."

Text 65

In this way every day the king of Vaikuntha enjoyed nectar pastimes of logi and learning.

Text 66

Accompanied by his students, all-knowing Brihaspati came to Navadvipa and participated in these pastimes.

Text 67

Accompanied by the other boys, again and again Lord Chaitanya played in the water and happily swam to the Ganga's other shore.

Text 68

Seeing Lord Krishnacandra's pastimes in the Yamuna, the Ganga became filled with desire.

Text 69

Again and again the Ganga declared, "When will I become fortunate like the Yamuna?"

Text 70

Although Brahma, Siva, and the demigods offer prayers to her, the Ganga yearned to attain the elevated position of the Yamuna.

Text 71

Lord Chaitanya, who is a kalpa-vriksha tree that fulfills all desires, again and again fulfilled the Ganga's desire.

Text 72

After enjoying many pastimes in the Ganga's waters, Lord Chaitanya would happily return home.

Text 73

There, after properly worshiping Lord Vishnu and watering Tulasi-devi, Lord Chaitanya would take His meal.

Text 74

After His meal, the Lord would at once take His books and go to a secluded place.

Text 75

There the Lord wrote His own commentary on the sutras. He who is the jewel of the demigods became plunged in the nectar of study.

Text 76

Seeing this, saintly Jagannatha Misra floated in bliss day and night. But he never revealed his happiness to anyone.

Text 77

Gazing and gazing at his son's face, Jagannatha Misra again and again felt indescribable happiness.

Text 78

By thus drinking the nectar sight of his son's handsome form, Jagannatha Misra attained liberation from the material world.

Text 79

The happiness of liberation is happiness in name only. In his heart Jagannatha Misra decided that the happiness of liberation is very insignificant.

Text 80

Again and again I offer my respectful obeisances to the feet of Jagannatha Misra, who had the master of countless universes as his son.

Text 81

Again and again gazing at his son, Jagannatha Misra always floated in an ocean of bliss.

Text 82

Handsome Lord Chaitanya defeated even Kamadeva. Peerless handsomeness rested in His every limb.

Text 83

Gazing at Him, Jagannatha Misra thought in his heart, "Perhaps some witch or demon will attack my son."

Text 84

fearful, Jagannatha Misra prayed that Lord Krishna would protect his son. Overhearing this, Lord Chaitanya smiled.

Text 85

Jagannatha Misra said, "O Lord Krishna, You are the protector of everyone. Please place Your auspicious glance on my son.

Text 86

"Calamities will never enter the home of a person who remembers Your lotus feet.

Text 87

"Homes where You are not remembered are filled with sins. Witches, ghosts, and demons stay in those places.

Text 88

"This is described in the following words of Shrimad-Bhagavatam (10.6.3):



na yatra sravanadini

†††† raksho-ghnani sva-karmasu

kurvanti satvatam bhartur

†††† yatudhanyas ca tatra hi


†††† " `My dear king, wherever people in any position perform their occupational duties of devotional service by chanting and hearing (sravanam kirtanam visnoh), there cannot be any danger from bad elements. Therefore there was no need for anxiety about Gokula while the Supreme Personality of Godhead was personally present.'*


Text 89

"O Lord, I am Your servant. Please protect whatever is mine, for whatever is mine is really Yours.

Text 90

"Therefore I pray that calamities or obstacles will never come near my son."

Text 91

Raising his two hands, again and again Jagannatha Misra prayed in this way with a single heart.

Text 92

One night Jagannatha Misra saw a dream that brought great happiness and great suffering to his heart.

Text 93

After seeing this dream he fell down like a stick and prayed, "O Lord Krishna, please make Nimai continue to stay in my home.

Text 94

"O Lord Krishna, this is my only request: `May Nimai be householder and stay at home'.


Text 95

Surprised, Saci asked, "Why do you make this request all of a sudden?"

Text 96

Jagannatha Misra replied, "Last night I saw a dream. In the dream Nimai shaved His sikha.†† Text 97

"I cannot describe how wonderful He looked as a sannyasi. Laughing, dancing, and weeping, He called out "Krishna!" again and again.

Text 98

"Advaita Acarya and the other devotees surrounded Nimai and performed a great kirtana.

Text 99

"Nimai sat on Ananta Sesha. He lifted His feet and placed them on everyone's head.

Text 100

"Brahma with his four mouths, Siva with his five mouths, and Ananta Sesha with His thousand mouths all sang, `Glory to Saci's son!'

Text 101

"From the four directions everyone blissfully recited many prayers. Seeing this, I became frightened and could not speak.

Text 102

"The next moment I saw Nimai, followed by millions and millions of others, dancing in town after town.

Text 103

"Thousands and millions of people followed Nimai. They all sang the names of Lord Hari. That sound touched the borders of the universe.

Text 104

"From the four directions I heard many prayers glorifying Nimai. Then Nimai took the devotees to Jagannatha Puri.

Text 105

"Seeing that dream makes me anxious. Our son will renounce everything and leave us."

Text 106

Saci said, "My lord, what you saw was only a dream. Don't worry. Nimai won't leave home.

Text 107

"Nimai knows nothing but His books. To Him learning is everything."

Text 108

These two noble souls spoke of this in many ways. In this way their love for their son increased.

Text 109

A few days passed in this way. Then, in his eternal spiritual form, Jagannatha Misra disappeared from this world.

Text 110

As Lord Ramacandra wept at King Dasaratha's departure from this world, so Lord Chaitanya bitterly wept on Jagannatha Misra's departure.

Text 111

Lord Chaitanya's irresistable attractiveness saved Mother Saci's life.

Text 112

These descriptions sadden me. Therefore I have spoken briefly.

Text 113

Concealing His own grief, Lord Chaitanya stayed near His mother.

Text 114

Seeing He was now fatherless, Mother Saci took care of her son. She had no other work.

Text 115

If she could not see Lord Chaitanya for half an hour, Mother Saci fell unconscious and became blind in both eyes.

Text 116

Again and again the Lord showed His love for His mother. He consoled her with sweet words.

Text 117

He said to her, "O mother, please listen. Don't let any worries come into your heart. If I am here, then everything will be yours.

Text 118

"Soon I will give you a rare gift even Brahma and Siva cannot get."

Text 119

Gazing at Lord Chaitanya's face, Saci forgot her own body. How could grief stay with her?

Text 120

The Supreme Personality of Godhead, the memory of whom fulfills all desires, had become her son.

Text 121

How could grief stay with Mother Saci? Her nature was filled with bliss.

Text 122

In this way the blissful king of Vaikuntha became a brahmana's son in the town of Navadvipa.

Text 123

The poverty in His house was only an external show. It was manifested by His will. It was a pastime of the supremely opulent Personality of Godhead.

Text 124

"Is this possible to get, or is it not possible?" That He did not consider. When He desired something, and He could not get it, there was no protection from His anger.

Text 125

At once He would smash and throw everything in the house. He did not think the loss was His own.

Text 126

Pushed by love for Him, Saci always gave her son whatever He wished.

Text 127

One day, as He was about to go for His bath in the Ganga, the Lord asked His mother for oil and amalaki.

Text 128

"Give Me a a splendid garland and fragrant sandal paste. After bathing in her waters, I will worship the Ganga."

Text 129

Mother Saci said, "Son, please give me Your attention. Please listen. Wait for a moment, and then I will bring the garland."

Text 130

When He heard the words "will bring", Saci's son flew into a rage.

Text 131

"You will go and bring the garland!" He said. Angry, He entered the house.

Text 132

Overcome with anger, He broke all the pots of Ganga water.

Text 133

A heavy stick in His hand, He broke the pots of oil, ghee, and salt.

Text 134

The Supreme Personality of Godhead, who does whatever He likes, broke every object, large or small, that could called by the name "container".

Text 135

Everywhere He scattered oil, ghee, milk, rice, cotton, paddy, salt, badi, and dal.

Text 136

The Lord pulled down the bags hanging from the rafters, tore them open, and scattered their contents.

Text 137

Every garment and every cloth He ripped to pieces with His bare hands and then threw the pieces in all directions.

Text 138

When He had broken everything and nothing remained, He turned His anger on the house itself.

Text 139

Taking a heavy stick in both hands, He brought down the thatched roof. No one could stop Him.

Text 140

Then He broke the door. Seeing a tree outside, He beat it with the stick in His hands.

Text 141

Overcome with anger, He would not forgive. At the end He beat the ground with His stick.

Text 142

Terrified, Saci hid in a corner.

Text 143

Lord Chaitanya is the author of the eternal religion. He would never raise His hand against His mother.

Text 144

Although He was very angry, He did not attack His mother.

Text 145

Having broken everything, He rolled on the ground in the courtyard, His heart still filled with anger.

Text 146

Even when it was covered with dust, His golden body was indescribably splendid and handsome.

Text 147

Rolling about in the dust for some time, the Lord at last became still and then fell asleep.

Text 148

Glancing at His Yoga-nidra potency, the king of Vaikuntha fell asleep on the surfae of the earth.

Text 149

The form of Ananta Sesha is His bed. At every moment Goddess Lakshmi serves His lotus feet.

Text 150

The Supreme Personality of Godhead, whom the four Vedas seek, now slept in Saci's courtyard.

Text 151

Countless universes come from the pores of His body. His servants create, protect, and destroy the material worlds.

Text 152

Brahma, Siva, and the demigods stay rapt in meditation on His virtues. That same Lord now slept in Saci's courtyard.

Text 153

Tasting the nectar of understanding His true identity, Lord Chaitanya fell asleep. Gazing at Him, the demigods wept and smiled.

Text 154

After a few moments Saci-devi brought the garland for worshiping the Ganga and placed it before the Lord.

Text 155

Placing her hands on His body, she slowly wiped the dust away. She tried to pick Him up.

Text 156

She said, "Wake up. Wake up, son. Look. Take Your garland. Go and worship the Ganga as You wished.

Text 157

"Son, it is good that You broke and scattered everything. Now all dangers will flee far away."

Text 158

Hearing His mother's words, and now embarrassed at heart, Lord Chaitanya went to His bath.

Text 159

Then Saci cleaned the house and prepared to cook.

Text 160

Although the Lord had destroyed everything, Saci was not unhappy at heart.

Text 161

In the village of Gokula, Yasoda tolerated all of Krishna's mischief.

Text 162

In the same way Saci, the mother of the universe, always tolerated Lord Chaitanya's mischief.

Text 163

I could describe many other mischievous pastimes of the Supreme Lord.

Text 164

With body, mind, and words, Mother Saci tolerated everything, as if she were Mother Earth herself.

Text 165

After bathing in the Ganga, the playful Supreme Personality of Godhead returned home.

Text 166

After worshiping Lord Vishnu and watering Tulasi, the Lord sat down to eat.

Text 167

After enjoying His meal, the Lord was happy at heart. He washed His mouth and then chewed betelnuts.

Text 168

After some time, Mother Saci said, "Son, why did You destroy everything?

Text 169

"The door and all the other things are all Your property. You destroyed Your own property. What of it was my property?

Text 170

"You say You want to study now. But there is no food left in the house. Tomorrow what will You eat?"

Text 171

Hearing His mother's words, the Lord smiled and said, "Lord Krishna is the protector. He will protect us."

Text 172

After speaking these words, He who is the master of Goddess Sarasvati took His books and went to study.

Text 173

For some time He happily tasted the nectar of study. At sunset He went to the bank of the Ganga.

Text 174

For some time the Lord stayed at the bank of the Ganga. Then He returned home.

Text 175

He called His mother to a private room. In her hand He placed two tolas of glistening gold.

Text 176

He said, "See, mother. Lord Krishna has given us money. Now you can replace all that was broken."

Text 177

After speaking these words, the Lord went to bed. Her heart filled with wonder, Mother Saci thought,

Text 178

"Where does He get gold again and again? A calamity will take its birth because of this.

Text 179

"Again and again, whenever there is a shortage of food, He brings some gold.

Text 180

"Does He borrow the gold? Does He know some mysti power? How, or from whom, does He get gold?"

Text 181

Mother Saci was very righteous. She was not dishonest. Again and again she was afraid to exchange the gold.


Text 182

"First show the gold in five or ten places," she instructed the people. "Then exchange it."

Text 183

Concealing His true identity, Lord Chaitanya, who is the master of all mysti powers, lived in Navadvipa in this way.

Text 184

Never without a book in His had, and always studying with the other students, He looked like Kamadeva himself.

Text 185

Vaishnava tilaka graced His forehead. The curly hair on His head enchanted everyone's heart.

Text 186

On His shoulder was a sacred thread. He was brahminical power and glory personified. His cheerful face was graced with a smile. His teeth were white and splendid.

Text 187

How wonderful were His two lotus eyes! How wonderful were His garments turned three times!

Text 188

Whoever saw Him gazed at Him with unblinking eyes. No one walked by Him without exclaiming, "Wonderful! Wonderful!"

Text 189

Hearing the Lord's wonderful explanations, His teacher became very pleased.

Text 190

The teacher considered the Lord the first of all the students.

Text 191

The teacher said, "Son, give Your mind to study. You will become a bhattacarya. You will lecture very eloquently."

Text 192

The Lord replied, "If you bless someone, what will keep him from attaining the title `bhattacarya'?

Text 193

None of the students could answer Lord Chaitanya's questions.

Text 194

He would begin by interpreting a sutra in a certain way, but at the end He would refute His own explanation.

Text 195

If someone could not explain a certain point, the Lord would explain it perfectly.

Text 196

Whether bathing, eating, or walking about, the Lord did not do anything that was against the scriptures.

Text 197

In this way the Lord tasted the nectar of study. But He did not reveal His true identity, for the people of the world were very poor in spiritual riches.

Text 198

The whole world was devoid of Hari-bhakti (devotional service to Lord Hari). Everyone associated with materialists. Everyone was on the wrong path. No one was on the right path.

Text 199

They celebrated great festivals for their children and relatives. They were interested only in their homes and bodies. The poor people were not interested in anything else.

Text 200

Seeing that everyone was interested only in false material happiness, the Vaishnavas felt very unhappy in their hearts.

Text 201

The Vaishnavas called out, "O Lord Krishna!" and wept. They prayed, "O Lord Narayana, please be merciful to these conditioned souls."

Text 202

To the people they said, "Interested only in your own bodies, you have no love for Lord Krishna. Eventually you will taste great unhappiness.

Text 203

"Even the demigods desire to attain human bodies, the bodies you waste in false material pleasures.

Text 204

"No one celebrates festivals and ceremonies to glorify Lord Krishna. I stead they celebrate only marriages and other material festivals. Finding pleasure in these things, they run to their own destruction."

Text 205

To the Lord the Vaishnavas prayed, "O Lord, these conditioned souls all belong to You. You are their natural protector. What more can we say? You are the father of them all."

Text 206

Praying in this way for the welfare of all the conditioned souls, the devotees sang auspicious songs glorifying Lord Krishnacandra..

Text 207

The two moons Shri Krishna Chaitanya and Shri Nityananda are my life and soul. I, Vrindavana dasa, sing the glories of Their feet.