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Chapter Seven

Shri Visvarupa-sannyasadi-varnana


Description of Shri Visvarupa's Sannyasa and Other Pastimes


Text 1 Glory, glory to Lord Chaitanya, the master of all masters! Glory, glory to the devotees who dearly love Lord Visvambhara!

Text 2 Glory to the son of Saci and Jagannatha Misra, a son who is the life of everyone! O Lord, with a glance of mercy please rescue all the souls in this world.

Text 3 In this way Lord Chaitanya was manifest in Navadvipa. Pretending to be a child, He enjoyed many pastimes.

Text 4 The Lord was always mischievous to everyone. His mother tried to teach Him, but He would not pay attention.

Text 5 When he was taught, He would do twice as much mischief. Whatever He could reach in the house, He would break.

Text 6 Anxious, His parents would not tell Him anything. Completely independent, He happily played.

Text 7 The words of Adi-khanda, which describe the pastimes Lord Narayana enjoyed as a child, are like a stream of nectar.

Text 8 The Lord was not afraid of His father, His mother, or anyone else. Still, when He saw His elder brother, Visvarupa, He became humble.

Text 9 The Lord's elder brother, Visvarupa, was the Supreme Personality of Godhead Himself. From birth He was renounced. He was a treasure-house of all virtues.

Text 10

 Commenting on the scriptures, He taught that all scriptures describe Vishnu-bhakti (devotional service to Lord Vishnu). No one had the power to break His explanations.

Text 11

 He engaged His ears, voice, mind, and all His senses in Krishna-bhakti (devotional service to Lord Krishna). He did not hear or speak of anything else.

Text 12

 Seeing His younger brother's mischief, Visvarupa was filled with wonder in His heart.

Text 13

 He thought, "This boy is not like a resident of the material world. His form and deeds are like those of child Krishna.

Text 14

 Again and again He does what human beings cannot. I think He is Lord Krishna, manifest as a child, and enjoying pastimes."

Text 15

 Saintly Visvarupa thought in this way. Still, He did not reveal the truth. He remained engrossed in His own activities.

Text 16

 He always stayed among the Vaishnavas. He spoke of Krishna, was devoted to Krishna, and happily worshiped Krishna.

Text 17

 The whole material world is mad after money, children, and material education. Whenever they saw them, the materialists would mock the Vaishnavas.

Text 18

 Seeing the Vaishnavas, would recite these doggerel verses: "Sannyasis, yogis, and faithful wives must all die in the end.

Text 19

 "I say that the word `fortunate' means `a person who rides on a horse', or `a person who rides on a palanquin', or `a person who has ten or twenty servants running ahead and behind'.

Text 20

"You Vaishnavas weep tears of love for your Lord. But the tears do not break your poverty and misery.

Text 21

 "Again and again you scream `Hari! Hari!' Your Lord will become angry when He hears you screaming like that."

Text 22

 Hearing words like these from the non-devotees, the great devotees became very unhappy.

Text 23

 They did not here Krishna-kirtana anywhere. They saw that at every moment everyone was burning in the fire of repeated birth and death.

Text 24

 Not hearing the descriptions of Lord Krishnacandra that He yearned to hear, Lord Visvarupa became very unhappy.

Text 25

 If sometimes someone gave a lecture explaining Bhagavad-gita or Shrimad-Bhagavatam, descriptions of Krishna-bhakti (devotional service to Lord Krishna, would never appear in his tongue.

Text 26

 Speaking illogically, all the teachers became like walking corpses. Materialists do not know the meaning of words like "bhakti" (devotional service).

Text 27

 When they saw the illogical ideas of the people in general, Advaita Acarya and the other devotees wept.

Text 28

 In His heart Visvarupa unhappily thought, "I will not look at the faces of these people. I will go to the forest."

Text 29

 Every morning Visvarupa would first bathe in the Ganga and then visit Advaita's home.

Text 30

 When He heard Visvarupa explain that Krishna-bhakti (devotional service to Lord Krishna, is the true meaning of all the scriptures, Advaita would roar with pleasure.

Text 31

 When Visvarupa arrived, Advaita would stop His Deity-worship and at once embrace Him. All the Vaishnavas would happily say, "Hari! Hari!"

Text 32

 Filled with the bliss of Krishna consciousness, the devotees roared like lions. No longer was there any sadness in their hearts.

Text 33

 No one would leaved Visvarupa and return home. Neither would Visvarupa return to His own home.

Text 34

 When she had finished cooking, Saci said to Lord Visvambhara, "Go to Your elder brother and bring Him home at once."

Text 35

 Thus, on the preText of His mother's request, the Lord went to fetch His brother at Advaita's home.

Text 36

 When the Lord came He saw the Vaishnavas were talking about the auspicious topics of Lord Krishna.

Text 37

 Hearing that they were talking about Him, Lord Chaitanya glanced at them with charming and auspicious eyes.

Text 38

 Each of His limbs rested on the peerless summit of all handsomeness and grace. Ten million moons could not equal the glory of even one of His toenails.

Text 39

 Clothed only by the four directions, and His every limb covered with dust, the Lord smiled and said to His elder brother,

Text 40

 "Brother, please come to eat. Mother calls." Clutching His elder brother's garment, the Lord departed.

Text 41

 Motionless, the devotees gazed at the Lord's charming form.

Text 42

 The devotees were entranced. Words about Krishna no longer came to their mouths.

Text 43

 Gazing at the Lord, the devotees forgot their own identities. Without knowing how, the devotees found that their hearts had been stolen.

Text 44

 The non-devotees cannot understand how the Lord steals His devotees' hearts.

Text 45

 This secret truth was revealed in Shrimad-Bhagavatam, where King Parikshit heard it from Sukadeva Gosvami.

Text 46

 To learn this secret one should listen to the words of Shrimad-Bhagavatam, which is a conversation between Sukadeva Gosvami and King Parikshit, a conversation that has no equal.

Text 47

 When Lord Chaitanya was born in Gokula, He wandered from home to home, enjoying pastimes with the other boys.

Text 48

 From the time of the Lord's birth, the gopis loved the Lord more than their own sons.

Text 49

 Even though they did not understand that He was the Supreme Personality of Godhead Himself, they naturally loved Krishna more than their own sons.

Text 50

 Filled with wonder when he heard this, and the hairs of his body standing up in ecstasy, King Parikshit asked Sukadeva Gosvami (Shrimad-BhagavatamText 10


Text 51

 "O Gosvami, the words you have spoken are most wonderful. I have never heard anything like them in all the three worlds.

Text 52

 "I see that they loved Krishna, who was another's son, more than they loved their own sons. Why did they love Krishna more? Please tell me."

Text 53

 Shri Sukadeva Gosvami replied (Shrimad-BhagavatamText 10


     "O King Parikshit, please listen. The all-pervading Supersoul is most dear to everybody. That should be known.

Text 54

 "When the soul is no longer present in the body of a son or wife, in a moment the relatives take the body out of the house.

Text 55

 "It is the Supersoul who gives life to all and who is the most treasured possession of all. The Supersoul is Lord Krishna, the son of Nanda.

Text 56

 "Therefore, because Krishna is the origin of the Supersoul, the gopis love Krishna more than their own sons."

Text 57

 This is true for the devotees, but not the non-devotees. The non-devotees in this world do not love Krishna.

Text 58

 One may ask: Why do Kamsa and the other demons try to kill Krishna? The answer is: Previous offenses are the cause of those actions.

Text 59

 Sugar is sweet. That everyone knows. If someone tastes it as bitter, the reason is that his tongue is at fault.

Text 60

 The tongue is at fault. The sugar is not at fault. The Supreme Personality of Godhead, Lord Chaitanya, is the sweetest of all.

Text 61

 Although everyone in Navadvipa saw Lord Chaitanya, aside from the devotees, no one knew His real identity.

Text 62

 The Lord completely stole the devotees' hearts. In this way the king of Vaikuntha enjoyed pastimes in Navadvipa.


Text 63

 After thus enchanting the hearts of all the Vaishnavas, Lord Visvambhara returned home with His elder brother.

Text 64

 In His heart saintly Advaita thought, "That boy is not a human being, a resident of the material world."

Text 65

 Advaita told all the Vaishnavas, "I do not understand for certain what is the true identity of that boy."

Text 66

 All the devotees praised the handsomeness of that wonderful boy.

Text 67

 In name only did Visvarupa go home. He quickly returned to Advaita's house.

Text 68

 Material happiness did not bring pleasure to Visvarupa's heart, where the bliss of Krishna-kirtana always stayed.

Text 69

 When He was home, Visvarupa stayed always in the room that was a Vishnu temple. He hardly ever went to the other rooms.

Text 70

 When His parents began to make plans for His marriage, Visvarupa became very unhappy at heart.

Text 71

 "I must renounce the world", Visvarupa decided in His heart. "I must go to the forest", was the only thought in His heart. It kept Him awake at night.

Text 72

 Only the Supreme Personality of Godhead can truly understand the desires that stay in the Supreme Personality of Godhead's heart. After a few day Visvarupa accepted sannyasa.

Text 73

 In this world He was known by the name "Sankararanya". The best of the Vaishnavas, He walked on the path that leads to the limitless Supreme Person.

Text 74

 When saintly Visvarupa left, the hearts of Saci and Jagannatha Misra burst into flames.

Text 75

 The Lord and His parents loudly wept. Tormented by separation from His brother, Lord Chaitanya fell unconscious.

Text 76

 I do not have the power to place on my mouth words that describe that torment of separation. Jagannatha Misra's home became filled with weeping.

Text 77

 Seeing that Visvarupa had accepted sannyasa, Advaita and the other Vaishnavas wept again and again.

Text 78

 When they heard this news, the upper-class and middle-class non-devotees did not respond in the same way. Hearing this news, they were not overcome with grief.

Text 79

 Their hearts broken, Saci and Jagannatha Misra cried, "Visvarupa! Visvarupa!"

Text 80

 Jagannatha Misra was overcome with grief for his son. His relatives and friends tried to console him.

Text 81

 They said, "O Jagannatha Misra, please be peaceful. Don't be unhappy at heart. Your son is a great soul who has brought liberation to His entire family.

Text 82

 "When a person accepts sannyasa, then sixty-million of His family members go to live in Vaikuntha.

Text 83

 "By acting in this way, your son has attained the perfection of knowledge.

Text 84

 "You should be very happy." Speaking these words, everyone grasped the hands and feet of Saci and Jagannatha Misra.

Text 85

 They said, "Your Visvambhara is the ornament of the family. This son will continue your dynasty.


Text 86

 "He will destroy all your sufferings. How can ten millions sons in compare this this son?"

Text 87

 All the relatives and friends explained the truth in this way. Still Jagannatha Misra's suffering did not break.

Text 88

 Thinking of these instructions, Jagannatha Misra became peaceful. Then, when he remembered Visvarupa's virtues, he forgot all about being peaceful.

Text 89

 Jagannatha Misra said, "In my heart I do not know whether this son will stay home.

Text 90

 "Lord Krishna gave me a son, and then Lord Krishna took Him away. Whatever Lord Krishnacandra wishes will certainly be.

Text 91

 "Independent of You, the individual soul has not even a half mustard seed's worth of power. O Lord Krishna, I dedicate my body and senses to You. I take shelter of You."

Text 92

 With this knowledge of jnana-yoga, little by little saintly Jagannatha Misra became peaceful and steady in his thoughts.

Text 93

 In this way Visvarupa left home. His form is not different from the form of Lord Nityananda.

Text 94

 Whoever hears this description of Lord Visvarupa's sannyasa attains Krishna-bhakti (devotional service to Lord Krishna). For him the noose of karma is cut.

Text 95

 When they heard of Visvarupa's sannyasa, the devotees felt both joy and sorrow at every moment.

Text 96

 They said, "Lord Krishna has taken from us a person who always spoke Krishna-katha (topics of Krishna).

Text 97

 "We should not stay here. We should go to the forest. Then we will not see the faces of these sinners.

Text 98

 "How many flames of the offender's words must we tolerate? Everyone is addicted to the path of sin.

Text 99

 "We do not hear holy names like "Krishna" on anyone's mouth. Drowning in material pleasures, the whole world is on the verge of death.

Text 100

 "If someone preaches the path that leads to Lord Krishna, no one accepts his words. The people misunderstand him, try to refute him, and mock him.

Text 101

 "They tell him, `How have you become happy by worshiping Krishna? Only after begging do you eat. Youe sufferings always increase.' "

Text 102

 Deciding that it was not right to stay among such people, the devotees declared, "We must go to the forest", and then sighed.

Text 103

 Saintly Advaita comforted everyone. He said, "You all will attain the highest bliss. That is certain.

Text 104

 "In My heart I feel great bliss. I think in this way: `Lord Krishnacandra is now manifest in this world.'

Text 105

 "Everyone happily chant, `Krishna!' In a few days we will see Lord Krishna here.

Text 106

 "Then Lord Krishna will enjoy pastimes with all of you. This this `Advaita' will become a pure servant of Lord Krishna.

Text 107

 "Then all you servants of the Lord will attain a great mercy that even Sukadeva and Prahlada could not attain."

Text 108

 Hearing Advaita's nectar words, all the devotees blissfully called out "Hari!"

Text 109

 All the devotees loudly called out "Hari!" Their hearts were filled with bliss.

Text 110

 As He was playing with the other boys, Lord Chaitanya heard these calls of "Hari!" The Lord then went to Advaita's home.

Text 111

 "Why have You come, child? the devotees asked. The Lord replied, "Why did you call for Me?"

Text 112

 After speaking these words, the Lord ran off with the other boys. Bewildered by the Lord's Yogamaya potency, no one could understand what had happened.

Text 113

 After Visvarupa left home, the Lord became a little more peaceful and serious.

Text 114

 Now He always stayed near His father and mother. In this way He made them forget their grief.

Text 115

 Renouncing playing, He diligently studied. He would not leave His books for even half a moment.

Text 116

 He memorized sutras by reading them once. He defeated everyone in debate.

Text 117

 Seeing His wonderful intelligence, everyone praised Him. Everyone said, "His father and mother are fortunate to have someone like Him in their family."

Text 118

 Everyone happily told Jagannatha Misra, "O Jagannatha Misra, you are fortunate to have such a son.

Text 119

 "There is not an intelligent boy like Him in the three worlds. In learning He will someday defeat even Brihaspati.

Text 120

 "He debate any point He hears. Once He presents His arguments, no one can defeat Him."

Text 121

 Hearing of her son's virtues, Mother Saci became happy. Then a great anxiety entered Jagannatha Misra's heart.

Text 122

 Jagannatha Misra told Saci, "This son will not stay at home.

Text 123

 "By studying all the scriptures, Visvarupa learned, `The material world does not posses even a single sesame seed's worth of reality'.

Text 124

 "Understanding the meaning of all the scriptures, Visvarupa became very grave and serious. Then He renounced the temporary material world.

Text 125

 "If He becomes learned in all the scriptures, Visvambhara will renounce material happiness and leave us.

Text 126

 "This son is our entire life. If we cannot see Him, we will die.

Text 127

 "Therefore He should not study. Let Nimai stay always at home. Let Him be an uneducated fool."

Text 128

 Saci said, "If He is uneducated, how will He earn His livelihood? No one will give their daughter in marriage to a fool."

Text 129

 Jagannatha Misra replied, "You are an unintelligent daughter of a brahmana. Lord Krishna is creator, the maintainer, and the destroyer. He protects and maintains every living being.

Text 130

 "He is the master of the universe. He maintains the entire universe. Why, then, do you say our son will earn His livelihood by being learned?

Text 131

 "A man may be a pandita or a fool. If Lord Krishna writes in a man's destiny that a certain girl will marry him, then that will happen.

Text 132

 "Honorable family, good education, and all other like things are less important. The important thing is that Lord Krishna maintains everyone. Lord Krishna has all power.

Text 133

 "Why don't you look at me, standing before you? I am learned. Why is there no rice in my house?

Text 134

 "There are persons who cannot read a single letter of the alphabet. Still, if you go to their doorstep, you will see thousands of panditas loitering there.

Text 135

 "Therefore no one earns his livelihood by learning or in any other way. It is only Lord Krishna who maintains and protects everyone."

Text 136

 "Therefore in the scriptures it is said:


anayasena maranam

     vina dainyena jivanam


`    caranasya katham bhavet


     " `How can a person who does not worship Lord Krishna's feet obtain a trouble-free life and a happy death?'


Text 137

 Therefore a person who serves Lord Krishna will have a life without troubles and a happy death. A person who has only wealth or learning will not attain these two boons.

Text 138

 "A person may have great learning, noble family, and wealth millions and millions of times over. But if he does not have Lord Krishna's mercy, he will not be free of sufferings.

Text 139

 "A person may have many material pleasures in his home. Still, Lord Krishna may give him a terrible disease.

Text 140

 "that person cannot enjoy anything. He burns with pain and then he dies. I say that no one suffers more than he.

Text 141

 "Understand this: Lord Krishna's will is important. Nothing else matters.

Text 142

 "Please don't worry about your son. I tell you: Lord Krishna will maintain your son.

Text 143

 "For as long as there is breath in my body not a sesame seed's worth of suffering will touch our son.

Text 144

 "Lord Krishna is our protector. Why do you worry? You are a good mother and a chaste wife.

Text 145

 "Therefore I tell you: Our son will not study. Let Him be uneducated. Then He will stay at home."

Text 146

 After speaking these words, Jagannatha Misra called for His son. Jagannatha Misra said, "Son, please listen to my words.

Text 147

 "From this day on You will not study. You may do other things. This I promise You.

Text 148

 "Son, I will give You whatever You wish. Happily stay at home."

Text 149

 After speaking these words, Jagannatha Misra left on some other business. Lord Visvambhara no longer studied.

Text 150

 Lord Chaitanya, who is eternal religious principle personified, did not disobey His father's words. He did not study.

Text 151

 Unhappy at heart that His studies were broken, the Lord again became an troublesome and mischievous boy in the company of the other boys.

Text 152

 Whether in his home or the homes of others, the Lord broke or harmed whatever He touched.

Text 153

 At night the Lord did not stay at home. The whole night He played with other boys.

Text 154

 Covering themselves with a blanket, the Lord and two other boys made themselves look like a bull. In this way they playfully wandered here and there.

Text 155

 One day they saw a banana garden at someone's house. When night came they put on the bull costume and then attacked the banana trees.

Text 156

 Thinking the boys were a bull, the owner of the house cried out, "Haya! Haya!" The owner of the house now awake, the boys fled.

Text 157

 Sometimes the Lord would fasten house doors from the outside. Thus the person inside could not leave, even to pass stool or urine.

Text 158

 When the person inside the house called out, "Haya! Haya!" or "Who locked the door?", the Lord fled.

Text 159

 In this way He who is the master of the thirty million demigods played with some boys day and night.

Text 160

 Although Lord Visvambhara was always involved in this kind of mischief, Jagannatha Misra never spoke a word about it.

Text 161

 One day Jagannatha Misra went out on some business. The Lord was angry in His heart because He was not allowed to study.

Text 162

 The Lord then took His seat on some pots rejected after the offering of food to Lord Vishnu.

Text 163

 With a single heart please listen to this confidential story. By hearing this story one attains the perfection of devotional service to Lord Krishna.

Text 164

 When He made His throne on these rejected pots, a smile came to Lord Chaitanya's mouth.

Text 165

 His fair limbs anointed with black soot, the Lord looked like a golden Deity anointed with black fragrances.

Text 166

 Learning of this, the boys went ot Saci and said, "Nimai has taken His seat on some pots."

Text 167

 When she saw Him, Mother Saci said, "Haya! Haya!" She said, "Son, this is not the right place to sit.

Text 168

 "Anyone who touches rejected pots must bathe. Knowledge of this has not taken its birth in You today?"

Text 169

 The Lord replied, "You will not allow Me to study. How will an uneducated brahmana like Me know what is right and what is not?

Text 170

 "I am uneducated. I do not know the difference between right and wrong. To Me everything is "One". I am perfect in knowledge of non-duality."

Text 171

 After speaking these words, the Lord smiled from His seat of rejected pots. The Lord was then in the mood of Dattatreya.

Text 172

 His mother said, "You are sitting in a very contaminated place. How will You be purified?"

Text 173

 The Lord replied, "Mother, you have the ideas of a tiny child. The place where I stay is never contaminated.

Text 174

 "Wherever I stay is most pure and sacred. The Ganga and all holy places stay there.

Text 175

 " `Pure' and `impure' exist only in the imagination. How can the creator be at fault in any way? This I know in My heart.

Text 176

 "Let us assume that something is impure according to the Vedas and according to custom. If I touch it, how will it remain impure?

Text 177

 "These pots are not contaminated at all. After all, you used them to cook for Lord Vishnu.

Text 178

 "Pots used to cook for Lord Vishnu are never contaminate. Indeed, the touch of these pots is very purifying.

Text 179

 "No place where I stay is ever contaminated. Indeed, everything is purified by My touch.

Text 180

 "In the mood of child, the Lord spoke these truths, and then laughed. Still, His mother could not understand any of it, for she was under the spell of Yogamaya."

Text 181

 Hearing the boy's words, everyone laughed. Then Saci said, "Come and take Your bath."

Text 182

 The Lord would not come. He stayed. Saci said, "Come down at once, before Your father learns of this."

Text 183

 The Lord said, "If you do not allow me to study, I will not come down. I tell you that."

Text 184

 Then everyone rebuked Mother Saci. They said, "Why do you not allow Him to study?"

Text 185

 "Others struggle to get their sons to study. How fortunate you are that your son likes to study.

Text 186

 "Who is the enemy that gave you the idea to force your son to stay home, an uneducated fool?

Text 187

 "This boy does not possess even half a sesame seed of fault." Everyone said, "Child Nimai, 

Text 188

 "If from today You are not allowed to study, then You should do as much mischief as You wish.

Text 189

 The Lord would not come down. He stayed there and smiled. All the pious people floated in an ocean of bliss.

Text 190

 Mother Saci personally picked Him up and carried Him down. Lord Chaitanya simply snmiled. He was splendid like a sapphire.

Text 191

 Accepting the mood of Dattatreya, the Lord spoke a certain "truth". By the power of Yogamaya, no one understood what He said.

Text 192

 Saintly Saci bathed her son. Eventually saintly Jagannatha Misra returned home.

Text 193

 Saci described everything to Jagannatha Misra. Dhe said, "Our son is unhappy at heart that He cannot study."

Text 194

 Everyone said to him, O Jagannatha Misra, you are a generous person. On whose advice did you forbid your son to study?

Text 195

 "What Lord Krishnacandra arranges will certainly come true. Don't worry. Let your son study.

Text 196

 "You are fortunate. Your son wishes to study. On an auspicious day give Him the sacred thread and resume His studies."

Text 197

Jagannatha Misra said, "You are my best friends. What you say, I must say also."

Text 198

 When they saw the boy Lord's extraordinary activities, everyone became filled with wonder. Still, no one could understand the real truth about them.

Text 199

 Sometimes great saints would visit. They would say to Jagannatha Misra,

Text 200

 "This boy is not a resident of the material world. Carefully protect Him with all your heart."

Text 201

 Concealing His true identity, the king of Vaikuntha enjoyed many pastimes in His own home.

Text 202

 Then, by His father's order, Lord Chaitanya Mahaprabhu happily resumed His studies.

Text 203

 The two moons Shri Krishna Chaitanya and Shri Nityananda are my life and soul. I, Vrindavana dasa, sing the glories of Their feet.