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Chapter Four



Description of the Lord's Name-giving Ceremony, Childhood Pastimes, and the Abduction by Thieves


Text 1 O lotus-eyed Lord Chaitanyacandra, glory, glory unto You! Glory, glory to Your loving devotees!

Text 2 Please place Your auspicious glance upon me so that, free from guile, my heart may worship You day and night.

Text 3 Now that Lord Chaitanya was present there, the bliss in Saci's home increased day after day.

Text 4 Again and again gazing at their son's handsome face, the brahmana and brahmani floated in an ocean of bliss.

Text 5 Lord Visvarupa would look at His brother, the abode of bliss, smile and embrace Him.

Text 6 Relatives would stay around the infant boy day and night.

Text 7 Some chanted the Vishnu-raksha mantras, others chanted Devi-raksha mantras, and others circumambulated the house.

Text 8 When he wept, shedding tears from His lotus eyes, the Lord would at once stop if He heard the holy name of Lord Hari.

Text 9 Eventually everyone understood the Lord's hint. Whenever He wept, they would chant the names of Lord Hari.

Text 10

The playful demigods would sometimes play practical jokes on the people always surrounding the Lord.

Text 11

Invisible, a demigod would slip into the house. When the people saw his shadow, they would say, "There goes a thief".

Text 12

Some called out, "Nrisimha! Nrisimha!" On the mouths of others the Aparajita-stotra was heard.

Text 13

Many prayers were recited in the ten directions. Thus there was a great commotion in Saci's home.

Text 14

Seeing that‚ the Lord was inside, the demigods would gather outside the house. The people would then say, "Someone should guard the house."

Text 15

Others would cry out, "Stop! Stop! A thief runs away!" Others would call out, "Nrisimha! Nrisimha!"

Text 16

An exorcist warned the demigods, "Today you may have escaped. But you do not know the great power of Lord Nrisimha."

Text 17

Invisible, the demigods laughed. In this way one month passed.

Text 18

On the day celebrating balaka-utthana, Saci went with the other women to bathe in the Ganga.

Text 19

Accompanied by tumultuous singing and instrumental music, Saci bathed in the Ganga. She worshiped Goddess Ganga and then she went to the temple of Goddess Shashthi.

Text 20

After properly worshiping the feet of all the demigods, she returned home with the other women.

Text 21

Then Saci respectfully offered them puffed rice, bananas, oil, red sindura, betel nuts, and betel leaves.

Text 22

After blessing the infant boy and offering obeisances to Mother Saci, all the women returned to their homes.

Text 23

In this way the Lord enjoyed pastimes. If the Lord does not give understanding, who has the power to understand them?

Text 24

Again and again the infant Lord cried. In this way he made everyone chant the holy names of Lord Hari.

Text 25

Whatever the women did to pacify Him, the Lord would only cry more and more.

Text 26

However, when everyone said, "Hari! Hari!", a smile at once appeared on the Lord's moonlike face.

Text 27

Discovering that this pleased the Lord's heart, everyone would gather together, clap their hands, and sing "Hari!"

Text 28

In this way everyone happily performed Hari-sankirtana, and Saci's home became filled with the holy names of Lord Hari.

Text 29

The Lord's pastimes in Jagannatha Misra's home were secretly like the pastimes He enjoyed as Gopala Krishna.

Text 30

When no one was home, He scattered things here and there.

Text 31

On the four walls He threw oil, milk, whey, and ghee.

Text 32

When He learned, "Mother is coming", the infant Lord fell to the ground and cry.

Text 33

Saying "Hari! Hari!", Mother Saci comforted her infant son. Then she saw all the things scattered about.

Text 34

She asked, "Who threw the wheat, rice, and dal everywhere in the house?" Then she saw the pots of milk and yogurt were broken.

Text 35

In the house was only a four-month-old infant. "Who scattered everything?" No one knew.

Text 36

Everyone in the family came. No one saw the sign of any culprit.

Text 37

Someone said, "Perhaps a demon came here, but was unable to harm the child because of the protective mantras.

Text 38

"Unable to harm the child, the demon became angry, threw everything here and there, and then fled to his own place."

Text 39

Seeing all this, Jagannatha Misra was bewildered. Thinking, "It is providence", He did not say anything.

Text 40

the two parents saw the disturbance as the will of providence. However, when they gazed at their infant son, they could not remain unhappy.

Text 41

Some days passed happily in this way, and then it was time for the name-giving ceremony.

Text 42

Nilambara Cakravarti, scholars, and relatives all came.

Text 43

Many chaste ladies, decorated with red sindura and splendid like Goddess Lakshmi herself, also came.

Text 44

Everyone gave thought to choosing the name. Some ladies suggested one name, and other ladies suggested another.

Text 45

Someone said, "There will not be many older sons and daughters. He is the last one born. Therefore His name should be `Nimai'."

Text 46

After consulting among themselves, the learned scholars decided on an appropriate name for the boy.

Text 47

They said, "As soon as this boy was born, famine ended in the land and the farmers were blessed with rain.

Text 48

"The earth again became happy and prosperous, as if Lord Narayana Himself was protecting the earth.

Text 49

"Therefore this boy should be given the name `Shri Visvambhara' (the maintainer of the worlds). After all, in His horoscope it is written that He will be a brilliant lamp shining in His family.

Text 50

"The name `Nimai' given by the chaste ladies will the second name the people call Him."

Text 51

At the most auspicious moment of the name-giving ceremony, the brahmanas chanted verses from the Bhagavad-gita, Shrimad-Bhagavatam, and the Vedas.

Text 52

At that auspicious moment the demigods and humans chanted the holy names of Lord Hari, sounded conchshells, and rang bells.

Text 53

Rice, a book, puffed rice, coins, gold, silver, and other objects were brought and placed before the infant boy.

Text 54

Jagannatha Misra said, "O Visvambhara my son, please listen. At once grasp whatever touches Your heart."

Text 55

Ignoring everything else, infant Lord Chaitanya picked up Shrimad-Bhagavatam and embraced it.

Text 56

The chaste ladies filled the four walls with sounds of "Jaya!" Everyone said, "He will be a great pandita."

Text 57

Someone said, "This boy will become a great Vaishnava. With slight study He will learn all the scriptures."

Text 58

Whoever saw Lord Visvambhara's smiling face became drenched in showers of bliss.

Text 59

When they put Him on their laps, the ladies did not know how to put Him down. Even the demigoddesses cannot easily place the Lord on their laps.

Text 60

Whenever the infant Lord cried, the ladies clapped their hands and sang the names of Lord Hari.

Text 61

Hearing htis, the infant Lord danced as He sat on their laps. This made all the ladies sing Lord Hari's holy names with more enthusiasm.

Text 62

Thus by the Lord's tricks the holy names of Lord Hari were always in everyone's mouth. That was His desire.

Text 63

"Without the Supreme Lord's desire, no action will be successful." This truth is declared in the Vedas, the Shrimad-Bhagavatam, and all the scriptures.

Text 64

Thus arranging that His holy name would always be chanted, Lord Chaitanya, Saci's son, grew day by day.

Text 65

Then the supremely handsome infant Lord began to crawl about on His knees, making the bells around His hips tinkle sweetly.

Text 66

Then the supremely fearless infant Lord began to play in the courtyard. He would grasp snakes, fire, or anything else that He saw.

Text 67

One day a snake slipped through the fence and entered the house. In His childhood pastimes the Lord at once grasped the snake.

Text 68

The snake coiled around and around. The infant Lord reclined upon the coils.

Text 69

Seeing this, everyone panicked and screamed, "Haya! Haya!" The infant Lord only smiled and continued to recline on the snake.

Text 70

Everyone screamed, "Garuda! Garuda!" The frightened parents and other realtives wept.

Text 71

Hearing everyone weep, the snake, who was Lord Ananta, slithered away, even though infant Lord Chaitanya tried again to grasp Him.

Text 72

The ladies at once grasped the infant Lord, placed Him on their laps, and blessed Him, saying, "May this boy live long."

Text 73

Some chanted protective mantras. Others recited blessings. Others poured over the infant Lord's limbs the water of the Ganga, water that had once washed Lord Vishnu's feet.

Text 74

Some said, "It is as if this boy is born again." Others said, "The snake did not hurt Him."

Text 75

Infant Lord Chaitanya smiled and looked at all the ladies. Again and again He tried to go back to the snake, but everyone stopped Him.

Text 76

Anyone who with devotion hears these pastimes, which are secretly described in the Vedas, will not be harmed by the snake of repeated birth and death.

Text 77

After some days the infant Lord began to walk, wandering here and there in the courtyard.

Text 78

The handsomeness of the Lord's limbs defeated ten million Kamadevas. The moon yearned to gaze on His face.

Text 79

His graceful head and forehead were covered with graceful curly hair. His eyes were lotus flowers. He looked like Gopala Krishna Himself.

Text 80

His long arms reached to His knees. His lips were red. his chest was broad. All His features were handsome and auspicious.

Text 81

His handsome fair form was splendid like the sun. His fingers, hands, and feet were very handsome.

Text 82

The Lord walked here and there, as a child walks. Seeing the naturally red soles of His feet, and thinking He had cut Himself and was bleeding, Saci became frightened.

Text 83

Gazing at the Lord, Saci and Jagannatha Misra became filled with wonder. Although they were poverty-stricken, they became filled with bliss.

Text 84

When they were alone they asked each other, "What exalted person has taken birth in our home?

Text 85

"I think a great saint has taken birth in our home and He will put an end to our sufferings in this world of birth and death."

Text 86

"I have never heard of a child like ours. He smiles and dances whenever He hears the names of Lord Hari.

Text 87

"When He cries, no one can console Him. But when someone says the name of Lord Hari, He stops crying. He listens carefully."


Text 88

From early morning the ladies would surround the boy Lord and sing the holy names.

Text 89

When the ladies clapped their hands and sang "Hari! Hari!", the handsome fair boy joyfully danced.

Text 90

One time He playfuily rolled in the dust and then, smiling, climbed onto His mother's lap.

Text 91

Gracefully moving His limbs, Lord Chaitanya would dance. Gazing at Him, everyone became filled with peerless bliss.

Text 92

No one could understand how the boy Lord had induced them to always chant the names of Lord Hari.

Text 93

The boy Lord was always running in and out of the house. No one could catch Him. He was very restless.

Text 94

Wandering outside, the boy Lord wanted to taste whatever He saw, whether it was puffed rice, bananas, or sandesa.

Text 95

When they saw His charming form even strangers who did not know Him at once gave whatever He wished.

Text 96

In this way everyone would give Him bananas and sandesa, and the Lord would happily return home.

Text 97

Then He would give these gifts to the ladies who sang the holy names of Lord Hari.

Text 98

Seeing the boy's intelligence, everyone smiled. At every moment they would clap their hands and sing "Hari!"

Text 99

The Lord wandered freely in and out of the house, whether morning, noon, or night.

Text 100

Every day He went to a neighbor friend's house and stole something.

Text 101

in one house He drank milk. In another house He ate rice. If in a certain house He could not find anything to eat, He would break the pots.

Text 102

If in someone's house there was a small child, He would make the child cry. If anyone saw Him, He would flee.

Text 103

If by destiny someone caught Him, He would grasp that person's feet and plead,

Text 104

"Please let Me go this one time. I will never return here again. I will never steal again. Please be merciful."

Text 105

Seeing the boy's intelligence, everyone was filled with wonder. No one was angry with Him. Everyone loved Him.

Text 106

Everyone loved Him more than their own children. When they saw Him, He stole their hearts.

Text 107

In this way the king of Vaikuntha enjoyed pastimes. He would not stay in one place. He was always wandering about.

Text 108

One day two thieves saw the Lord. They thought, "Whose boy is this, wandering around the town?"

Text 109

Seeing the glistening ornaments on the Lord's graceful limbs, they decided to ro‚ them.

Text 110

"Son! Son!", said one, placing the Lord on his lap. "Where have You been all this time?" said the other thief.

Text 111

"Son, let us go home", said the two thieves. The Lord smiled and said, "Let us quickly go home."

Text 112

The two thieves quickly took the Lord in their arms. The people near‚y said, "Go home, my boy. Go home."

Text 113

Who could count the thousands and thousands of people in Navadvipa? Gazing at the ornaments, the two thieves became very happy.

Text 114

The two thieves thought, "Nimai's bangles will be mine."

Text 115

As the two thieves hurried to their secret place, the smiling Lord rode on their shoulders.

Text 116

One of the thieves put a sandesa in the Lord's hand. the other thief said, "We have almost come home."

Text 117

By the time the thieves had gone very far, The Lord's relatives began to search for Him.

Text 118

Some called out "Visvambhara, come home! Come home!" Others called out, "Nimai!"

Text 119

Everyone was frantic. They were like fish struggling to stay alive out of water.

Text 120

Everyone completely took shelter of Lord Krishna. Meanwhile the thieves were carrying the Lord toward His own home.

Text 121

Bewildered by Lord Vishnu's Maya, the thieves could not find the right path. Thinking they were at their own place, they arrived instead at Jagannatha Misra's home.

Text 122

Thinking they were at their own secluded home, the thieves were eager to take the Lord's ornaments.

Text 123

One of the thieves said, "Son, get down. Now we are home." The Lord replied, "Yes, yes. Put Me down at once."

Text 124

Inside Jagannatha Misra's home everyone was filled with despair. Their heads rested in their hands.

Text 125

Bewildered by Maya, the thieves thought they were in their own home. They took the Lord from their shoulders and placed Him in His own home.

Text 126

As soon as He was put down, the Lord ran to His father's lap. Filled with bliss, everyone called out, "Hari! Hari!"

Text 127

Everyone was filled with a happiness that cannot be described. The life that had once gone, again entered their bodies.

Text 128

The two thieves could see they were not in their own home. Whose home they were in they did not know.

Text 129

Who noticed them in the great commotion? Frightened, the thieves fled, running in the four directions.

Text 130

"How strange!", the thieves thought. One thief said, "Who knows the magi to have bewildered us like that?"

Text 131

"Today Goddess Durga rescued us", the two thieves agreed and happily embraced.

Text 132

Those two thieves were very fortunate, for Lord Narayana rode on their shoulders.

Text 133

Everyone thought, "Who returned the boy? We should tie a turban around his head."

Text 134

Someone said, "I saw two men. They brought the boy. I do not know where they went."

Text 135

Why did those men not declare, "We have brought Him home."? Everyone said they were very surprised at that.

Text 136

Everyone asked, "Child Nimai, where did You go, and who brought You back?"

Text 137

The Lord replied, "I went to the bank of the Ganga, but then I lost the path and was wandering around town.

Text 138

"Then two men picked me up, walked on the streets, and carried me here."

Text 139

Everyone declared, "When they affirm that the Supreme Lord protects children, old persons, and the helpless, the scriptures do not lie."

Text 140

Bewildered by Lord Vishnu's Maya, and not understanding the truth of what just happened, everyone thought these thoughts.

Text 141

In this way the king of Vaikuntha enjoyed pastimes. If He does not give understanding, who has the power to understand them?

Text 142

Whoever hears this narration, which is also secretly spoken in the Vedas, attains firm devotion to Lord Chaitanya's feet.

Text 143

The two moons Shri Krishna Chaitanya and Shri Nityananda are my life and soul. I, Vrindavana dasa, sing the glories of Their feet.