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Chapter Three

Shri Gaurachandrasya Koshthi-ganana


Lord Chaitanya's Horoscope


A Song in Ekapadi


Text 1 (Refrain:, Look! There is Lord Chaitanya's marketplace, where He sells the jewels of prema (love for Krishna).

Text 2 From the first moment of His descent into this world, the Lord preached the Hari-sankirtana movement.

Text 3 Seeing that en eclipse had darkened the four directions, the people, running to bathe in the Ganga, chanted, "Hari!"


(The song ends.)


Text 4 Persons who had never in their lives spoken the names of Lord Hari now chanted "Hari!" as they ran to bathe in the Ganga.

Text 5 When the ten directions were thus filled with the sounds of Lord Hari's names, He who is the jewel of the brahmanas smiled and descended to this world.

Text 6 Gazing at their son's beautiful face, Saci and Jagannatha became filled with bliss.

Text 7 "What rituals should we perform? We do not have anything." Hurrying there, the ladies of the village exclaimed "Jaya! Jaya!"

Text 8 All the relatives hurried there. Jagannatha's home was filled with happiness.

Text 9 Saci's father, the great brahmana Nilambara Cakravarti, gazed at the infant boy's wonderful horoscope.

Text 10

 Filled with wonder as he gazed at the infant's handsome form, Nilambara Cakravarti said, "This child has all the signs of a great king."

Text 11

 "There is a prophecy that says, `One day a brahmana will be king of West Bengal'. Perhaps this boy will be that king. In time we will know if this boy is indeed that person."

Text 12

 Then Nilambara Cakravarti, who was a great brahmana astrologer, began to describe the infant boy's horoscope.

Text 13

 "On the lagna of this horoscope I see this boy will be very glorious. He will be like a king. I do not have the power to describe the full extent of His glory.

Text 14

 "He will be so great a scholar that He will defeat even Brihaspati. He will be a treasure-house of all virtues.

Text 15

 Then a great brahmana saint began to predict the Lord's future deeds.

Text 16

 The brahmana said, "This infant is Lord Nariayana Himself. He will establish the essence of all religion.

Text 17

 "nt will become a wonderful preacher. He will deliver the entire world.

Text 18

 "To everyone He will freely give the treasure that Brahma, Siva, and Sukadeva at every moment yearn to attain.

Text 19

 "Simply by seeing Him, the whole world will become blissful, renounced, and merciful to all.

Text 20

 "What to speak of others, even the yavanas, who hate Lord Vishnu, will worship the feet of this boy.

Text 21

 "His glories will be sung in countless universes. Everyone, from brahmanas to children, will bow down before Him.

Text 22

 "He will be bhagavata-dharma (devotional service, personified. He will be a great saint. He will be devoted to the demigods, brahmanas, and gurus, and also to His mother and father.

Text 23

 "As Lord Vishnu descends to this world to establish the true religion, so this infant will also teach the true religion.

Text 24

 "Who has the power to explain the auspicious signs on this boy's horoscope?

Text 25

 "O Jagannatha Misra, You are very fortunate to have such a son. I bow down before you.

Text 26

 "I am fortunate to read this infant's horoscope. His name will be `Visvambhara'.

Text 27

 "The people will call this boy `Navadvipacandra' (the moon of Navadvipa). Please know that He will be spiritual bliss personified."

Text 28

 Because that rasa would have brought unhappiness to the Lord's parents, the brahmana said nothing about the Lord's acceptance of sannyasa.

Text 29

 Hearing these descriptions, Jagannatha Misra became wild with bliss. He wished to give a gift to the brahmana.

Text 30

 Jagannatha Misra, who was very poor and had nothing to give, touched the brahmana's feet and wept tears of joy.

Text 31

 The brahmana touched Jagannatha Misra's feet and also wept. Everyone happily exclaimed, "Hari! Hari!"

Text 32

 Hearing this auspicious transcendental horoscope, all the relatives exclaimed, "Jaya! Jaya!"

Text 33

 Then musicians played mridangas, shanais, and flutes, making musi without end.

Text 34

 Unnoticed, demigods and demigoddesses mingled with the human men and women.

Text 35

 Touching the Lord's head with auspicious durva grass in her left hand, Goddess Aditi, the mother of the demigods, declared, "May You live long."

Text 36

 When she smiled and said, "May You live long", those words meant, "May You be manifest on the earth for a long time."

Text 37

 Saci could see that these ladies were very wonderfully beautiful. Still, questions about their identity did not enter her mouth.

Text 38

 The demigoddesses touched the dust of Saci's feet. She was overcome with happiness. No words came to her mouth.

Text 39

 Neither Lord Ananta nor the Vedas Personified had the power to describe the bliss that filled Jagannatha Misra's home.

Text 40

 No one could describe the bliss the people of Nadiya saw in Saci's home.

Text 41

 Whether they were in the middle of town, in their homes, or by the Ganga's shore, everyone always chanted the names of Lord Hari.

Text 42

 On the night of the eclipse everyone celebrated a joyful festival to honor the Lord's birth in this world. Still, no one understood what they had done.

Text 43

 Lord Chaitanya's birthday is the full-moon night of Phalguna month. Brahma and all the demigods worship that holy tithi.

Text 44

 The tithi when Lord Chaitanya, the jewel of the brahmanas, descended to this world is the most sanctifying of all holy tithis. It is devotional service personified.

Text 45

 Lord Nityananda was born on the sukla-trayodasi of Magha month, and Lord Chaitanya appeared in the full-moon night of Phalguna month.

Text 46

 These two holy tithis are the most auspicious and glorious of all holy days.

Text 47

 A person who observes these two holy days breaks the bonds of illusion and attains Krishna-bhakti (devotional service to Krishna).

Text 48

 As the Lord's appearance day is purifying so a Vaishnava's appearance day is also purifying.

Text 49

 A person who hears the description of Lord Chaitanya's appearance in this world never again suffers. Never again will he die. Never again will he be born in this world.

Text 50

 A person who hears the topics of Lord Chaitanya attains devotional service. He comes with the Lord each time He descends to this world.

Text 51

 The Adi-khanda, which describes Lord Chaitanya's descent into this world, is very beautiful to hear.

Text 52

 These pastimes are not manifested only once. The Vedas explain that the Supreme Lord appears and disappears again and again in this world.

Text 53

 I do not see any beginning or end to the descriptions of Lord Chaitanya.  What by His mercy I have understood, I will write about in this book.

Text 54

 I offer my respectful obeisances at the feet of Lord Chaitanya and His devotees. I pray that my offenses will be forgiven.

Text 55

 The two moons Shri Krishna Chaitanya and Shri Nityananda are my life and soul. I, Vrindavana dasa, sing the glories of Their feet.