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Chapter Sixteen

Shri Haridasa-mahima-varnana


Description of Shri Haridasa's Glories


Text 1 Glory, glory to Lord Chaitanya, the friend of the fallen! Glory, glory to Lord Chaitanya, who is the beloved of Goddess Lakshmi and the master of all!

Text 2 Glory, glory to the Lord who descended to this world to rescue His devotees. Glory, glory to the Lord who is eternal, always existing all all phases of time, and who enjoys pastimes of sankirtana!

Text 3 Glory, glory to Lord Chaitanya, who stays with His devotees. Simply by hearing these descriptions of Lord Chaitanya, one attains pure devotional service.

Text 4 The words of this Adi-khanda, which describe Lord Chaitanya's completely enchanting pastimes, are a stream of very sweet nectar.

Text 5 In this way the king of Vaikuntha, became a grihastha brahmana and enjoyed pastimes of study in Navadvipa.

Text 6 The Lord did not yet wish to preach pure devotional service, preaching that was the reason for His descent to this world.

Text 7 No one was interested in spiritual life. Everyone thought the taste of petty material pleasures was most important.

Text 8 Teachers who lectured on Bhagavad-gita or Shrimad-Bhagavatam neither understood the glories of Lord Krishna nor described His glories in their lectures.

Text 9 The devotees would meet, clap their hands, and chant the holy names of Lord Krishna.

Text 10

 Mocking them, the other people would ask, "Why do you howl so loudly?

Text 11

 "I am Brahman. I am untouched by matter. Why make distinctions of master and servant?"

Text 12

 The materialists would say, "They howl `Hari!' only so they can have a preText to beg and eat. Everyone knows that."

Text 13

 The people of Nadiya assembled and decided, "We will break the doors of these fools' houses and throw everything here and there."

Text 14

 Hearing this, the devotees became unhappy. They did not know to whom they could complain.

Text 15

 Seeing the entire material world is an empty desert, the devotees called out, "O Krishna!" Their unhappiness had no end.

Text 16

 At that time Haridasa, who was the personification of pure devotion to Lord Vishnu, came there.

Text 17

 Whoever hears the story of Haridasa Thakura will certainly attain Lord Krishna.

Text 18

 Haridasa descended to this world in the village of Budana. Because of Him the chanting of the Lord's holy names was manifested in that fortunate place.

Text 19

 For some days he stayed by the Ganga's bank. Then he went to Phuliya-grama in Santipura.

Text 20

 Attaining his association, Advaita Acarya roared with happiness. His bliss had no end.

Text 21

 In Advaita Acarya's association, Haridasa Thakura floated on the waves of the nectar ocean of Lord Krishna's glories.

Text 22

 Haridasa would wander on the Ganga's banks and happily chant "Krishna!" in a loud voice.

Text 23

 He was the best of those who had renounced material pleasures. His glorious mouth was always filled with the sound of Lord Krishna's name.

Text 24

 Not for a moment did he stop chanting Lord Krishna's name. At every moment plunged in the nectar of devotional service, he seemed to show different forms.

Text 25

 One moment he would dance. Another moment he would roar like a wild lion.

Text 26

 Another moment he would scream. Another moment he would loudly laugh.

Text 27

 Another moment he would bellow. Another moment he would fall unconscious.

Text 28

 Another moment he would make unearthly sounds. Another moment he would explain the meaning of those sounds.

Text 29

 He wept. The hairs of his body stood erect. He laughed, fainted, and perspired. These symptoms of ecstati devotional service to Lord Krishna were manifested on him.

Text 30

 When Haridasa began to dance, all these ecstati symptoms met together in his body.

Text 31

 Then a flooding stream of bliss flowed in his every limb. Gazing at him, the offenders became very happy.

Text 32

 The hairs on his wonderful body would stand erect. Gazing at him, Brahma and Siva become filled with bliss.

Text 33

 Gazing at him, the brahmanas of Phuliya-grama also became overwhelmed with bliss.

Text 34

 Faith in Haridasa was born in everyone. In this way Haridasa Thakura lived in Phuliya-grama.

Text 35

 After bathing in the Ganga, he would wander everywhere, always loudly chanting the holy names of Lord Hari.

Text 36

 Meanwhile the kazi (governor, went to the king of that country and described Haridasa.

Text 37

 He said, "Although he is a Muslim, he acts like  Hindu. You should bring him here and pass judgment on him.

Text 38

 Hearing the sinful kazi's words, the sinful king had Haridasa brought at once.

Text 39

 By Lord Krishna's mercy, saintly Haridasa was not afraid of the Muslim king.

Text 40

 Saying "Krishna! Krishna!" as he walked, to the king of the country he gave the right to see him.

Text 41

 Hearing that Haridasa Thakura had come, the pious persons became both happy and sad.

Text 42

 Many very pious and saintly people were confined in the prison. Hearing that Haridasa was coming, they became happy at heart.

Text 43

 They said, "Saintly Haridasa is a great Vaishnava. When we see him, all the sufferings of our prison life will be destroyed.

Text 44

 After begging the guards with sweet words, with a single pair of eyes the prisoners gazed on Haridasa.

Text 45

 When he came there, with a glance of mercy Haridasa looked at all the prisoners.

Text 46

 Seeing Haridasa Thakura's feet, everyone bowed down to offer respect.

Text 47

 Haridasa's eyes were lotus flower. His face was a moon. His arms reached to his knees. His every feature was charming and handsome. No one was like him.

Text 48

 Devotedly bowing down before Haridasa, the prisoners manifested all the symptoms of ecstati love for Lord Krishna (sattvika-bhava).

Text 49

 Seeing the advanced devotional service of the prisoners, Haridasa mercifully smiled at them.

Text 50

 Smiling, he happily spoke this hidden benediction: "Stay. Stay as you are. May you always be as you are now."

Text 51

 Not understanding the hidden meaning of these words, the prisoners became a little unhappy at heart.

Text 52

 Then Haridasa mercifully explained the true meaning of that hidden benediction.

Text 53

 He said, "I have given you a blessing. But, not understanding its meaning, you are now unhappy.

Text 54

 "I did not give you a bad benediction. Please give this some thought and try to understand it.

Text 55

 "Now your hearts are attached to Lord Krishna. Please remain like that at every moment.

Text 56

 "Always gather together, chant Krishna's names, and remember Krishna. Remain like this at every moment.

Text 57

 "Never hurt anyone. Never trouble anyone. Instead, always think of Krishna and always, in a plaintive voice, call out "Krishna!"

Text 58

 "Forget about material pleasures. Flee the company of wicked men.

Text 59

 "If you stay with material pleasures you will not attain love for Lord Krishna. Stay far away from materialists. Always think of Lord Krishna.

Text 60

 "A heart attached to sense pleasures brings only trouble. Sense pleasures are a trap that catches men and women. Sense pleasures lead to destruction.

Text 61

 "By divine arrangement a fortunate person attains the association of sincere devotees. He turns from material senses pleasures and worships Lord Krishna.

Text 62

 "However, if one commits offenses, he will return to materialisti life. Please hear about this.

Text 63

 "The benediction that I spoke did not mean, `May you remain prisoners.' Rather, day and night I give the benediction, `May you forget material sense pleasures'.

Text 64

 "Playing with words, I actually gave that benediction. Please do not feel even half a sesame-seed's worth of unhappiness.

Text 65

 "I place a glance of mercy on all spirit souls. "May you attain firm devotion to Lord Krishna" is the real benediction I give to you.

Text 66

 "Please don't worry. In two or three days you will be released from prison. This I tell you.

Text 67

 "Stay in a situation of material happiness, or stay in any situation, but do not forget these truths.

Text 68

 After giving these auspicious teachings to the prisoners, Haridasa went before the king.

Text 69

 Seeing his very charming splendor, the king very respectfully offered Haridasa a seat.

Text 70

 The king asked him, "O my brother, what has happened to you? What is the change that I see has come to your mind?

Text 71

 "How fortunate you were! Look! You were a Muslim. Why, then, have you given your heart to act like a Hindu?

Text 72

 "If I see a Hindu's rice, I will not eat it. You were born in a great family. Now you reject it.

Text 73

 "How will a person who rejects the religion of his own people and accepts another religion attain salvation and go to paradise?

Text 74

 "Not considering all this, you have acted very badly. Now I will pronounce a judgment that will free you of your sin."

Text 75

 Hearing these words of a person bewildered by maya, Haridasa laughed loudly and said, "Aha! The maya of Lord Vishnu!"

Text 76

 Then he sweetly replied, "O my son, please listen. There is only one God for everyone.

Text 77

 "The Hindus and Muslims are different in many ways. Still, the truth is that the Koran and the Puranas describe the same one God.

Text 78

 "The one God is pure, eternal, undivided, unchanging, perfect, and complete. He lives in everyone's heart.

Text 79

 "As God gives them the idea, so everyone in the world acts.

Text 80

 "Following their own scriptures, all the people of the world speak of God's names and qualities.

Text 81

 "God knows everyone's nature. Anyone who attacks others attacks God Himself.

Text 82

 "I follow whatever orders God has given in my heart.

Text 83

 "Among the Hindus a brahmana may, by God's desire, become a Muslim.

Text 84

 "The punishment the Hindus would give to that brahmana is the punishment you should give to me.

Text 85

 "O honorable one, please consider all this. Then, if I am at fault, punish me."

Text 86

 Hearing Haridasa Thakura's very truthful words, all the Muslims became pleased.

Text 87

 Then the sinful kazi said to the king, "Punish him.

Text 88

 "He is wicked. He will make many others wicked also. He will dishonor the Muslims.

Text 89

 "If he thinks it is not good that he be punished, then let him speak with his mouth the words of his own scripture."

Text 90

 Again the king said, "O my brother. Speak from your own scripture. Then you will have nothing to fear.

Text 91

 "If you act otherwise, then the kazis will punish you. Please tell me: Why do you take this all so lightly?"

Text 92

 Haridasa said, "What God will will certainly happen. No one has the power to make it otherwise.

Text 93

 "Everyone reaps the fruit of his offenses. It is God who is doing all this. Please know that.

Text 94

 "If my body is cut to pieces and my life-breath flees, I will never make the holy name of Lord Hari leave my mouth.

Text 95

 Hearing these words, the king asked, "What should I do with this animal?"

Text 96

 The kazi said, "Take him to twenty-two marketplaces and beat him. Then he will die. I give no other judgment.

Text 97

 "If after being beaten in twenty-two marketplaces he is still alive, then I will accept that he is a wise man and he has spoken the truth."

Text 98

 Calling for soldiers, he hatefully said, "Beat him till his life is no more.

Text 99

 "A Muslim who becomes a Hindu is freed from his sin only by death."

Text 100

 When the sinful kazi had spoken these words, the sinful king gave the order. Wicked men came and grabbed Haridasa.

Text 101

 The wicked men took him to marketplace after marketplace. With great anger in their hearts, they beat him and make him lifeless.

Text 102

 "Krishna! Krishna!" Haridasa thought. Because of the bliss brought by the holy name, the sufferings of his body were not manifested.

Text 103

 Seeing the great beating inflicted on Haridasa's body, all the pious people felt limitless sorrow.

Text 104

 Someone said, "Because a saintly person is beaten like this, the whole country will be destroyed."

Text 105

 With anger in his heart, someone cursed the king and his prime minister. Someone else tried to fight the soldiers.

Text 106

 Someone approached the Muslims, grasped their feet, and begged, "I will give you anything. Please stop this beating."

Text 107

 In spite of all this, no mercy was born in those sinners. With great anger in their hearts, they beat Haridasa again and again.

Text 108

 By Lord Krishna's mercy not a single one of those blows gave birth to even the slightest pain in Haridasa's body.

Text 109

 Prahlada did not feel the slightest pain when the demons beat him. This all the scriptures say.

Text 110

 In the same way, Haridasa Thakura did not feel the slightest pain when the Muslims beat him.

Text 111

 By remembering Haridasa Thakura, one cuts his sufferings into pieces. That is the story of Haridasa Thakura.

Text 112

 When the sinners beat him, Haridasa felt only one pain within his heart.

Text 113

 He thought, "O Lord Krishna, please be merciful to these souls. Let not their hatred of me be counted as an offense."

Text 114

 In this way the sinners beat Haridasa Thakura in town after town.

Text 115

 Although he was beaten very badly, Haridasa's life-breath remained. Haridasa was not aware of the beating.

Text 116

 The Muslims were astonished. One of them thought, "Will his life-breath leave? Will he die?

Text 117

 "Anyone else would have died after beatings in two or three marketplaces. We have beaten him in twenty-two marketplaces.

Text 118

 "Still he does not die. From moment to moment he looks at us and smiles." Another one thought, "Is he a human being or a great saint?" This they thought within their hearts.

Text 119

 The Muslims said, "O Haridasa, because of you we will all die.

Text 120

 "In spite of our beating you, your life breath did not leave. Now the kazi will take our life-breath from us."

     121-Text 122

 Smiling, saintly Haridasa said, "If my being alive brings you trouble, then I will die. You watch how I do it." After speaking these words, he entered into a trance of meditation.

Text 123

 Haridasa had all powers. He became motionless. He did not breathe at all.

Text 124

 Seeing this, the Muslims became astonished. They carried him and threw him at the king's doorstep.

Text 125

 "Place his body in the earth", the king said. The kazi said, "Then he will attain a good destination.

Text 126

 "He acted very badly. He is not fit for such an end.

Text 127

 "If he is placed in the earth he will go to paradise. Throw him in the Ganga. Then he will suffer for eternity."

Text 128

 On the kazi's word they lifted Haridasa, and carried him tp throw him in the Ganga.

Text 129

 They tried to throe him in the Ganga, but he simply sat there, motionless and immovable.

Text 130

 As Haridasa Thakura was rapt in in the bliss of meditation, Lord Krishna, the maintainer of the worlds, appeared in his body.

Text 131

 Lord Krishna now made His home in Haridasa's body. Who had the power to move Haridasa?

Text 132

 The strongest men in the four directions pushed Haridasa, but he remained motionless like a great pillar.

Text 133

 Haridasa was plunged in the blissful nectar ocean of Lord Krishna. External things were not manifested to him.

Text 134

 Haridasa was not aware of anything on the ground, in the sky, or in the Ganga.

Text 135

 Like Prahlada, Haridasa had the power to be completely rapt in meditating on Lord Krishna with great devotion.

Text 136

 This is not surprising, for Lord Chaitanya always stayed in Haridasa's heart.

     137-Text 138

 As Hanuman, out of respect for the demigod Brahma, allowed himself to be bound by rakshasas, so Haridasa, to teach a great lesson to the world, allowed himself to be beaten by Muslims.

Text 139

 The lesson he taught was, "Even if one suffers all calamities, and even if one's life-breath is about to depart, one should never renounce keeping the holy name of Lord Hari in one's mouth."

Text 140

 Lord Krishna became Haridasa's protector. Who had the power to harm Haridasa?

Text 141

 By remembering Haridasa Thakura, a person breaks all sufferings into pieces. How much more is this true if one hears this story of Haridasa Takura..

Text 142

 The truth of truths is that Haridasa is a very, very important associate of Lord Chaitanya.

Text 143

 For some moments Haridasa floated in the Ganga. Then, in a moment, by the Supreme Lord's will, he became again aware of the exteranl world.

Text 144

 Regaining consciousness, Saint Haridasa happily climbed on the riverbank.

Text 145

 Then, again and again loudly chanting the holy names of Lord Krishna, he went to the town of Phuliya.

Text 146

 Seeing his wonderful power, all the Muslims tore apart the hatred they felt in their hearts.

Text 147

 Aware that he was a great saint, all the Muslims bowed down before him. Because of this they all attained salvation.

Text 148

 After some moments of being aware of the external world, Haridasa gave a merciful smile to the king.

Text 149

 His hands respectfully folded, the king humbly said,

Text 150

 "Now I know the truth of truths. You are a great saint. You are steadfastly situated in knowledge of the one God.

Text 151

 "You have easily attained tbe perfection that yogis and jnanis can only describe with their mouths.

Text 152

 "I have come here specifically to see you. O saintly one, please forgive my crime.

Text 153

 "For you everyone is equal. For you there are neither enemies nor friends. No one in the three worlds is like you.

Text 154

 "You may go. Be happy. Stay where you wish, either by the Ganga's bank or in a solitary cave.

Text 155

 "You may stay wherever you wish and do whatever you wish."

Text 156

 Gazing at Haridasa Thakura's feet, the Muslims forgot all the troubles of this world.

Text 157

 They who had angrily beaten him now touched his feet and considered him a great saint.

Text 158

 After casting his glance of mercy on the Muslims, Haridasa Thakura wento to Phuliya.

Text 159

 Again and again loudly chanting the holy names of Lord Hari, Haridasa entered an assembly of brahmanas.

Text 160

 Seeing Haridasa, the brahmanas of Phuliya became very happy at heart.

Text 161

 While the brahmanas chanted the holy names of Lord Hari, Haridasa danced in ecstasy.

Text 162

 Haridasa manifested limitless wonderful ecstati symptoms. He wept, trembled, laughed, fainted, and cried out. The hairs of his body stood up.

Text 163

 Tasting the nectar of pure spiritual love, Haridasa fell to the ground. Seeing this, the brahmanas floated in transcendental bliss.

Text 164

 After a few moments Haridasa became peaceful and sat down. The brahmanas also sat down, surrounding him on four sides.

Text 165

 Haridasa said, "O brahmanas, Please don't feel sadness for my sake.

Text 166

 "I heard limitless blasphemies of the Supreme Lord. That is why the Lord punished me.

Text 167

 "A great good has happened. I am very happy. Giving me only a small punishment, the Lord has forgiven a great sin.

Text 168

 "By hearing blasphemy of Lord Vishnu one goes to the hell called Kumbhipaka. With these sinful ears I heard many blasphemies.

Text 169

 "The Lord gave me the right punishment, so that I will never again commit this sin."

Text 170

 Very happily, and without any fears, Haridasa performed sankirtana, chanting the holy names in the company of these brahmanas.

Text 171

 After a few days the Muslims who tormented Haridasa were all destroyed along with their families.

Text 172

 Then Haridasa went to a cave by the Ganga's bank. In that solitary place he remembered Lord Krishna day and night.

Text 173

 He chanted the holy name three hundred thousand times each day. The cave became like the world of Vaikuntha.

Text 174

 A great snake also lived in that cave. Ordinary living beings had no power to tolerate the flames of its poison.

Text 175

 Visitors would come to speak with Haridasa Thakura, but no one had the power to stay.

Text 176

 Haridasa was not aware of the very poisonous flames.

Text 177

 Sitting together, the brahmanas discussed this problem. They asked, "Why are there flames in Haridasa's asrama?"

Text 178

 In Phuliya lived many expert physicians. Going to the cave, they could understand that a snake caused the flames.

Text 179

 One physician said, "A great snake lives in this cave. The flames come from it.

Text 180

 "No one has the power to live here. I say this for certain: Haridasa should go at once to another asrama.

Text 181

 "It is not good to live with a snake. Everyone should approach Haridasa and ask him to go to another asrama."

Text 182

 Everyone approached Haridasa Thakura, and told him all this to convince him to leave the cave.

Text 183

 They said, "A great snake lives in this cave. Because of its flames, no one can stay here.

Text 184

 "Therefore it is not good for you to stay in this place. You should go to another place and make your asrama there."

Text 185

 Haridasa replied, "I have lived here for many days. I am not aware of the poison-flames of any snake.

Text 186

 "All of you are unhappy. You have no power to stay here. Tomorrow I will leave this place.

     187-Text 188

 "If there is a snake here, and if it does not leave by tomorrow, then tomorrow I will leave and go to another place. Do not worry. Now please sing songs about Lord Krishna."

Text 189

 Everyone stayed and chanted the auspicious glories of Lord Krishna. At that moment a great wonder occurred.

Text 190

 Hearing the words, "Haridasa will depart", a great snake suddenly left that place.

Text 191

 Rising from its hole, the snake entered the twilight of evening. Everyone looked as it went to another place.

Text 192

 The snake was very wonderful and very frightening. White, black, and yellow, it was very beautiful.

Text 193

 On its head a great jewel glistened with flames of light. Seeing it, the frightened brahmanas thought, "Krishna! Krishna!"

Text 194

 The snake left. Now there were no flames. The brahmanas were happy without limit.

Text 195

 Seeing Haridasa Thakura's great power, the brahmanas found that great devotion to him had taken birth within them.

Text 196

 Haridasa Thakura was so powerful that simply by speaking a few words he made the snake leave that place.

Text 197

 His glance brings release from the bonds of material illusion. Lord Krishna Himself does not jump over Haridasa's words.

Text 198

 Now please hear another wonderful and true story. A snake-bite physician tells this story of Haridasa's glories.

Text 199

 One day, in the home of a prominent person, the snake-bite physician was dancing in many different ways.

Text 200

 Accompanied by a mridanga and cymbals, and surrounded by many people singing loudly, he chanted fearesome mantras.

Text 201

 By divine arrangement, Haridasa came there and saw, on one side, the snake-bite physician dancing.

Text 202

 Then, called by the power of the mantra, Vasuki, the king of snakes, entered that person's body and made it dance in many wonderful ways.

Text 203

 Loudly singing in karuna-raga, the snake-bite physician dramatically danced Lord Krishna's pastimes in Kaliya Lake.

Text 204

 Hearing of his Lord's glories, Haridasa at once fell unconscious. He did not breathe at all.

Text 205

 Then, in a moment, he regained consciousness, loudly roared, and happily danced without limit.

Text 206

 Seeing Haridasa's ecstati symptoms, the snake-bite physician stopped dancing. He stayed by one of the walls.

Text 207

 Haridasa Thakura rolled about on the ground. He manifested wonderful ecstati symptoms of weeping, trembling, and standing up of his body's hairs.

Text 208

 Hearing of His master's glories, saintly Haridasa roared in ecstasy.

Text 209

 Surrounding Haridasa, everyone happily sang. Staying to one side, the snake-bite physician, his hand's folded, gazed at Haridasa.

Text 210

 After some moments, Haridasa stopped his ecstati symptoms. Then the snake-bite physician returned and resumed his dance.Text 211

 Everyone there felt great transcendental bliss.

Text 212

 Everyone happily anointed their limbs with the dust that had touched Haridasa's feet.

Text 213

 A cunning and deceitful brahmana there thought in his heart, "Now I will dance.

Text 214

 "This barbarian fool dances, and all these little people become devoted to him."

Text 215

 Covering his true intent, the brahmana fell to the ground and pretended to be unconscious.

Text 216

 When he fell down before him, the snake-bite physician, his heart full of anger, beat him violently.

Text 217

 The snake-bite physician grabbed him by the neck and violently beat him with a stick. The man had no way to save himself.

Text 218

 Suffering great pain from the blows of the stick, the brahmana called out, "Father! Father!" and fled..

Text 219

 Then the snake-bite physician happily returned to his dancing. Astonishment was born in everyone's heart.

Text 220

 Folding their hands, everyone asked the snake-bite physician, "Look. Tell us: Why did you beat the brahmana?

Text 221

 "Why did you wait with folded hands while Haridasa danced? Please tell us."

Text 222

 Appearing in the snake-bite physician's mouth, a snake who is a great devotee of Lord Vishnu then described the power and glory of Haridasa.

Text 223

 He said, "The answer to your question is a great secret. Although it should not be told, I must tell it to you.

Text 224

 "When you saw Haridasa Thakura display the symptoms of ecstasy, you felt great devotion to him.

Text 225

 "Seeing this, the envious brahmana threw himself on the ground.

Text 226

 "he broke the happiness of my dancing. What envious person has the power to do that?

Text 227

 "Thinking himself a rival of Haridasa, he put on this false show. Therefore I punished him.

Text 228

 "Thinking, `Everyone will think I am a great saint', he pretended to be in ecstasy.

Text 229

 "This kind of cheating does not please Lord Krishna. Only a person who is honest can attain true devotion to Lord Krishna.

Text 230

 "Whoever sees Haridasa dance finds that all his material bondage becomes destroyed.

Text 231

 "Lord Krishna personally dances in Haridasa's dancing. By seeing his dancing the entire universe becomes purified.

Text 232

 "Lord Krishnacandra always stays in his heart. Therefore his name `Haridasa' is appropriate.

Text 233

 "Filled with love for all living beings and eager to help them, he takes birth every time the Supreme Lord descends to this world.

Text 234

 "He never commits an offense to Lord Vishnu or to the Vaishnavas. Even in dream he never places his glance on the wrong path.

Text 235

 "Any soul who attains his association for even half a sesame-seed worth of time will inevitably attain shelter at Lord Krishna's lotus feet.

Text 236

 "Brahma and Siva become very happy at heart to always have Haridasa's association.

Text 237

 "Thinking, noble birth and respectable family are all worthless attainments', he took birth, on the Supreme Lord's order, in a very low family.

Text 238

 " `Even if he is born in a low family, a devotee of Lord Vishnu should be worshiped.' This all the scriptures say.

Text 239

 "If a person born in a noble family does not worship Lord Krishna, what will he attain in that noble birth? He will be thrown into hell.

Text 240

 "So he could be living proof of this declaration of the scriptures, Haridasa took birth in a low family.

Text 241

 "Prahlada took birth as a demon. Hanuman took birth as a monkey. In the same way, Haridasa took birth in a low family.

Text 242

 "The demigods yearn for Haridasa's touch. The Ganga also yearns that Haridasa may dive within her waters.

Text 243

 "What to speak of touching him, simply by seeing Haridasa every soul cuts apart the beginningless ropes of karma.

Text 244

 "Anyone who takes shelter of Haridasa finds that the bonds of repeated birth and death are cut apart.

Text 245

 "Even though for a hundred years He describes them with a hundred mouths, Lord Ananta Sesha cannot find the end of Haridasa's glories.

Text 246

 "You are all very fortunate, for a small part of Haridasa's glories has now entered my mouth.

Text 247

 "Anyone who once speaks the name of Haridasa goes to Lord Krishna's abode. That is the truth of truths."

Text 248

 After speaking these words the snake-bite physician fell silent. Hearing his words, the pious people became happy.

Text 249

 In this way the serpent Vasuki, who is a great devotee of Lord Vishnu, described the glories of Haridasa Thakura.

Text 250

 Hearing these words from the serpent's mouth, everyone became very happy. They all became very affectionate and devoted to Haridasa.

Text 251

 Even though Lord Chaitanya had not yet manifested the truths of devotional service, Haridasa Thakura was a devotee like that.

Text 252

 In every direction no one was devoted to Lord Vishnu. No one understood the truth of devotional service, and no one chanted the Lord's holy names.

Text 253

 The persons who were not devotees of Lord Vishnu would mock the devotees.

Text 254

 The devotees would meet, play karatalas, and chant the holy names of Lord Krishna.

Text 255

 The wicked people would become very angry. They would meet and mock the devotees.

Text 256

 They said, "These brahmanas will destroy the whole country. Because of them there will be a famine.

Text 257

 "these brahmanas beg alms only so they may eat. Their emotional chanting of the holy names is only a trick.

Text 258

 "Why do they chant so loudly, even during the four months of Caturmasya, when the Supreme Lord sleeps?

Text 259

 "They will break the Lord's sleep, and He will be angry. Then He will make a famine in the country. In this there is no room for a second opinion."

Text 260

 Someone said, "If the price of rice goes up, I will grab them by the neck and beat them with my fists."

     261-Text 262

 Someone else said, "Let them loudly chant the names of Lord Govinda in an all-night vigil on ekadashi. But why must they chant so loudly every day?" In this way they spoke in the meeting.

Text 263

 Hearing all this, the devotees became unhappy. Still, they never stopped the chanting of Lord Hari's holy names.

Text 264

 Seeing that the people had no respect for devotional service, Haridasa felt very unhappy in his heart.

Text 265

 Still, Haridasa chanted loudly. He kept the glories of the Lord on his mouth.

Text 266

 The wicked sinners could not bear to hear the loud chanting of Lord Hari's holy names.

Text 267

 In the village of Harinadi, a wicked brahmana, seeing Haridasa, angrily said,

Text 268

 "O Haridasa! Why do you do one thing only? You loudly chant the holy names. What is the reason for that?

Text 269

 "You should chant in your mind. That is true religion. What scripture teaches loud chanting of the holy names?

Text 270

 "From whom did you learn about this loud chanting? Here is an assembly of panditas. Ask them about it."

Text 271

 Haridasa replied, "You certainly must know all the glories of Lord Hari's holy name.

Text 272

 "I only repeat what I have heard from persons like yourself. That is all I know and say.

Text 273

 "Loud chanting is a hundred times more purifying. The scriptures do not find fault with it. Rather, they describe its glories."

Text 274

 Therefore in the scriptures it is said:


uccaih sata-gunam bhavet


     " `Loud chanting is a hundred times better.' "


Text 275

 The brahmana said, "Why is loud chanting of the holy name a hundred times more purifying?"

Text 276

 Haridasa replied, "Please hear, O saintly one. This truth is described in the Vedas and in the Shrimad-Bhagavatam."

Text 277

 All the scriptures appeared in Haridasa's mouth. Happy with the bliss of Lord Krishna, he explained the truth.

Text 278

 He said, "Please listen, O brahmana. If they once hear Lord Krishna's holy name, even birds, beasts, insects, and worms go to the world of Vaikuntha.

Text 279

 "In Shrimad-Bhagavatam (10.34.17, Vidyadhara prays to the Supreme Lord:


yan-nama grihnann akhilan

     srotrin atmanam eva ca

sadyah punati kim bhuyas

 Tasya sprishtah pada hi te


     " `Persons who are constantly engaged in chanting Your holy name attain release from all sinful reactions, and certainly persons who are fortunate enough to be personally touched by Your lotus feet are freed."*


Text 280

 "Animals, birds, insects, and worms have no power to speak. Still, simply by hearing Lord Hari's holy name, they also become delivered.

Text 281

 "By softly chanting Lord Krishna's name in japa one delivers oneself. But by loud chanting in sankirtana one does great good to others.

Text 282

 "Therefore the fruit brought by loud chanting in sankirtana is a hundred times greater. This all the scriptures say.

Text 283

 "In the Narada Purana, Shri Prahlada explains:


japato hari-namani

     sthane sata-gunadhikah

atmanam ca punaty uccair

     japan srotrin punati ca


     " `Loud chanting of Lord Hari's holy names is a hundred times better than soft chanting. By soft chanting one purifies only himself, but by loud chanting one purifies all who may hear him.'


Text 284

 "Therefore loud chanting in sankirtana is a hundred times better than soft chanting in japa. This is described in the Puranas.

Text 285

 "Please hear, O brahmana. Please give your attention and understand the reason. By softly chanting japa one benefits only oneself.

Text 286

 "But by loudly chanting Lord Govinda's names in sankirtana one brings liberation to all creatures that may hear him.

Text 287

 "Even though they may have tongues, the living entities who do not have human bodies have no power to speak the holy name of Lord Hari.

Text 288

 "Loud chanting thus delivers the living entities who have taken a very unfortunate birth. Please tell me, then: What is wrong with loud chanting?

Text 289

 "Some persons act only for their own welfare, and some persons act for the welfare of thousands of others.

Text 290

 "Considering all this, please understand that loud sankirtana is better than soft japa."

Text 291

 Hearing Haridasa's words, that brahmana angrily spoke many very bad words.

Text 292

 He said, "O Haridasa, now you have become a philosopher. I can see that with the passing of time the path of the Vedas is now destroyed.

Text 293

 "At the end of Kali-yuga the sudras will explain the Vedas. I see this is happening at this very moment. What more is needed for the Kali-yuga's end?

Text 294

 "Presenting yourself in this way, you go from home to home and eat very well indeed.

Text 295

 "If your explanations are not supported by scripture, I will cut off your nose and your ears."

Text 296

 Hearing this wretched brahmana's words, Haridasa gently smiled and said, "Hari!"

Text 297

 Not saying anything in reply, Haridasa, loudly chanting the holy names of Lord Hari, walked away.

Text 298

 That assembly of sinful brahmanas followed a sinful philosophy. They also did not give a proper reply to the brahmana's words.

Text 299

 They were brahmanas in name only. In truth they were rakshasa demons. They were fit to be tortured by Yamaraja.


Text 300

 So they may attack and harm the pious devotees, rakshasas take birth in brahmana families in Kali-yuga 

Text 301

 In Varaha Purana, Lord Siva explains:


rakshash kalim ashritya

     jayante brahma-yonishu

utpanna brahmana-kule

     badhante srotriyan krisan


     "Taking shelter of Kali-yuga, the rakshasa demons take birth in brahmana families. Now born amongst the brahmanas, they attack and harm the devotees who follow the scriptures, devotees who are not as strong as they."


Text 302

 The dharma-sastras forbid one to ever touch, speak with, or offer obeisances to such brahmanas.

Text 303

 In the Padma Purana, Lord Siva explains:


kim atra bahunoktena

     brahmana ye hy avaishnavah

tesham sambhashanam sparsam

     pramadenapi varjayet


     "What is the need for many words? Even by accident one should avoid touching or speaking with brahmanas who are not Vaishnavas."


Text 304

 In the Padma Purana it is also said:


svapakam iva neksheta

     loke vipram avaishnavam

vaishnavo varna-bahyo 'pi

     punati bhuvana-trayam


     "One should not even look at a brahmana who is not a Vaishnava. Such a person is like a dogeater. On the other hand, a Vaishnava who is born outside the system of varnas purifies the three worlds."


Text 305

 If one converses with a non-Vaishnava brahmana, one loses his piety.

Text 306

 After some days that degraded brahmana contracted smallpoĝ and his own nose fell off.

Text 307

 In this way Lord Krishna punished that brahmana for speaking harshly to Haridasa Thakura.

Text 308

 Seeing the whole world plunged in material sense pleasures, Haridasa sadly sighed and said, "Krishna! Krishna!"

Text 309

 After some days Haridasa, wishing to see the Vaishnavas, came to Navadvipa.

Text 310

 Seeing Haridasa, all the devotees felt very happy at heart.

Text 311

 Lord Advaita considered Haridasa more dear than life itself.

Text 312

 All the Vaishnavas dearly loved Haridasa, and Haridasa was very devoted to them all.

Text 313

 When the spoke among themselves, the materialists and offenders mocked the devotees with words that were like flames.

Text 314

 On the other hand, the devotees would always talk about Bhagavad-gita and Shrimad-Bhagavatam.

Text 315

 Anyone who hears and repeats these narrations will personally meet Lord Chaitanya.

Text 316

 The two moons Shri Krishna Chaitanya and Shri Nityananda are my life and soul. I, Vrindavana dasa, sing the glories of Their feet.