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Chapter Thirteen



Defeating the All-conquering Pandita


Text 1 Glory, glory to Lord Chaitanya, the lamp of the brahmana community! Glory, glory to Lord Chaitanya, who fills the devotees' hearts with bliss!

Text 2 Glory, glory to Lord Chaitanya, the master of the doorkeeper Govinda dasa! O Lord, please place Your auspicious glance of mercy on the souls in this world.

Text 3 Glory, glory to He who is the king of brahmanas and the crest jewel of teachers! Glory, glory to the devotees of Lord Chaitanya!

Text 4 In this way He who is the king of Vaikuntha tasted the nectar of learning. He was splendidly proud and arrogant.

Text 5 A great community of panditas, consisting of hundreds of millions of teachers who were like kings ruling over the various kinds of books and scriptures, resided in Navadvipa

Text 6 Not one of those teachers was bereft of an exalted title like "bhattacarya", "cakravarti", "misra", and "acarya".

Text 7 Every pandita had his own ideas. Eager to defeat each other, they engaged in debate. Even if the opponent was wise like Brahma, they would not accept his opinion.

Text 8 One by one the Lord would refute their arguments right in front of them as they all listened.

Text 9 No one had the power to defeat the Lord and establish a second opinion.

Text 10

 When they saw the Lord, fear would take birth within them. Bowing their heads, they would flee.

Text 11

 Whoever spoke with the Lord would become His submissive servant.

Text 12

 From childhood the Lord was famous as a brilliant scholar who like to stay by the Ganga.

Text 13

 No one had the power to defeat the Lord's arguments. This truth awoke in everyone's heart.

Text 14

 When they saw the Lord, everyone became humble. When they saw the Lord, everyone was submissive.

Text 15

 Bewildered by Yogamaya, no one understood the Lord's true identity.

Text 16

 If the Lord does not reveal Himself, no one can understand Him in truth.

Text 17

 The Lord is always very merciful. Still, everyone was bewildered by Yogamaya.

Text 18

 Thus everyone was bewildered about Lord Chaitanya. In this situation in Navadvipa, the Lord enjoyed pastimes of tasting the nectar of learning.

Text 19

 At that time a very arrogant dig-vijayi (all-conquering, pandita came to Navadvipa.

Text 20

 He was an unalloyed devotee of Goddess Sarasvati. Chanting her mantra, he had earned her favor.

Text 21

 Goddess Sarasvati is a form of Goddess Lakshmi, who stays on Lord Vishnu's chest. She is devotional service personified. She is the mother of the world.

Text 22

 By his good fortune, Goddess Sarasvati appeared before that brahmana's eyes. She gave him the benediction, "You will become victorious in all the three worlds."

Text 23

 With a single glance she can give Vishnu-bhakti (devotional service to Lord Vishnu). How, then, can she not have the power to make someone a dig-vijayi pandita?

Text 24

 After attaining this benediction from Goddess Sarasvati, the brahmana traveled from place to place, defeating everyone.

Text 25

 All books were always on his tongue. No one in the world could challenge him.

Text 26

 Some could not even understand his arguments. Traveling from place to place, he defeated everyone.

Text 27

 Then he heard that Navadvipa was very glorious and its community of scholars had no end.

Text 28

 Then, after conquering in all other places, the dig-vijayi pandita, accompanied by horses, elephants, and a great display of opulence, came to Navadvipa.

Text 29

 Everywhere in Nadiya, in every house and in every assembly of panditas, a great tumult was born.

Text 30

 The panditas of Navadvipa said, "After conquering all other countries, a dig-vijayi pandita bearing a jaya-patra (an admission of defeat for his opponents to sign, has come to Navadvipa.

Text 31

 "He personally obtained a blessing from Goddess Sarasvati, and she treats him like her son." Hearing these words, all the panditas felt anxious in their hearts.

Text 32

 "Navadvipa has conquered all other centers of learning in Jambudvipa. This is said by the entire world.

Text 33

 "If this dig-vikayi pandita defeats Navadvipa, If this dig-vijayi pandita defeats Navadvipa, then the whole world will hear and talk of how Navadvipa is no longer glorious.

Text 34

 "Sarasvati personally blessed him. Who has the power to battle with him?

Text 35

 "If Sarasvati persons places words on his tongue, then what human being can debate with him?"

Text 36

 In this way thousands and thousands of very, very learned bhattacaryas felt great anxiety in their hearts. They stopped doing anything but worry.

Text 37

 In the four directions a great cry arose, "We must find a very powerful pandita!"

Text 38

 Many students came and told all this to Lord Chaitanya, their teacher.

Text 39

 They said, "A dig-vijayi pandita who has attained the mercy of Goddess Sarasvati, and who has defeated every other place, has now come here, bringing with him a jaya-patra.

Text 40

 "Accompanied by a host of elephants, horses, palanquins, and people, he has now come to Navadvipa.

Text 41

 "Not seeing anyone in Navadvipa qualified to debate with him, he is demanding that everyone sign his jaya-patra.

Text 42

 Hearing His students words, Lord Chaitanya, splendid like a topaz, laughed and spoke these words describing the truth:

Text 43

 "O My brothers, please listen and I will tell you the truth. The Supreme Personality of Godhead never tolerates false pride.

Text 44

 "Whenever someone becames mad with pride over some virtue, the Supreme Lord always takes that pride away.

Text 45

 "A tree heavy with fruit, and a person heavy with good qualities naturally bown down with humbleness at every moment.

Text 46

 "You have heard how Haihaya, Nahusha, Vena, Banasura, Narakasura, and Ravana conquered all directions.

Text 47

 "Look at what happened to them and understand. Was their pride not crushed into powder? The Supreme Lord would not tolerate their pride.

Text 48

 "You will all see how this pandita's pride in his learning is completely taken away."

Text 49

 After speaking these words, the Lord smiled. Then, at sunset, He happily went with His students to the Ganga's bank.

Text 50

 After touching the Ganga's water and offering obeisances to the Ganga, Lord Chaitanya, who is Lord Hari Himself, sat among His students.

Text 51

 The glorious Lord sat down. Around Him in the four directions was the great circle of His students.

Text 52

 Sitting by the Ganga's bank, the Lord happily spoke of scriptures and religious principles.

Text 53

 Then, not openly speaking, the Lord thought in His heart, "How shall I defeat this dig-vijayi pandita?

Text 54

 "This brahmana is very proud. He said, `No one in the entire world can challenge me.'

Text 55

 "If I defeat him in front of many people, it will be for him like death in this world.

Text 56

 "Everyone will make light of that brahmana. His wealth be be plundered. The brahmana will grieve and die.

Text 57

 "The brahmana should not suffer. Only his pride should be destroyed. Therefore in a secluded place I will defeat the dig-vijayi pandita."

Text 58

 Thus the Lord thought. At that moment in the evening, the dig-vijayi pandita came to that place by the Ganga's bank.

Text 59

 The night was very clear. The moon was full. The Ganga was splendid.

Text 60

 By the Ganga's bank, in the company of His students was the Supreme Personality of Godhead, whose form was the most handsome and charming in countless universes.

Text 61

 A smile always stayed on His graceful face. His two eyes glistened with splendid glances.

Text 62

 His graceful teeth defeated pearls. His lips were red. His entire body was charming and soft. He was very merciful.

Text 63

 Curly hair graced His head. His neck was like a lion's. His shoulders were like an elephant's. His appearance was extraordinary.


Text 64

 He was very tall. His chest was handsome. Glorious Ananta Sesha took the form of His sacred thread.

Text 65

 Charming Vaishnava tilaka graced His forehead. His handsome arms reached to His knees.

Text 66

 His garments were tied in the yoga-patta style. His right foot rested on His left thigh.

Text 67

 The Lord was lecturing on books and scriptures. He was proving, "It is", then "It is not", and then again "It is."

Text 68

 Thus the handsome and glorious Lord sat, with the great circle of His students around Him in the four directions.

Text 69

 Gazing at the extraordinary Lord, the dig-vijayi pandita became filled with wonder. In his heart he thought, "Should I know this is Nimai Pandita?"

Text 70

 Unnoticed, the dig-vijayi pandita stood there, gazing with a single unbroken glance at the Lord's handsomeness.

Text 71

 He asked a student, "What is His name?" The student said, "He is the famous Nimai Pandita."

Text 72

 Then, after first offering obeisances to the Ganga, the brahmana entered the Lord's assembly.

Text 73

 Glancing at him, the Lord smiled ever so slightly. Very respectfully, the Lord asked him to sit down.

Text 74

 The dig-vijayi pandita was always very confident in the presence of others. But when he saw the Lord, he became afraid.

Text 75

 The Lord's power is like that. Simply by seeing Him, one becomes afraid.

Text 76

 The Lord discussed five or seven topics with this brahmana. Then the Lord happily asked him a question.

Text 77

 The Lord said, "Your skill in poetry has no limit. No one is like you. No one can describe as you do.

Text 78

 "Please describe a little something of the Ganga's glories. By hearing your words, we will become purified of our sins."

Text 79

 When he heard the Lord's words, the dig-vijayi pandita at once began his description.

Text 80

 The brahmana spoke his description very swiftly. Who could understand the exalted heights of the words he spoke?

Text 81

 In a deep voice he recited poetry. Hearing his words was like hearing thunder.

Text 82

 A person whose tongue is the home of Goddess Sarasvati speaks words that are very convincing.

Text 83

 What human being had the power to find faults in his words? They were so learned no one could even understand them.

Text 84

 Hearing these descriptions, the Lord's thousands and thousands of students became stunned.

Text 85

 "Rama! Rama! How wonderful!", the Lord's students thought. "Is it possible for a human being to speak like that?"

Text 86

 No one else in this world could speak such poeti descriptions filled with wonderful sabda-alankara rhetorical ornaments.

Text 87

 Even the great scholars learned in all books and scriptures found his words difficult to understand.

Text 88

 For three hours the dig-vijayi pandita spoke in this wonderful way. He seemed never to end.

Text 89

 The dig-vijayi pandita finally ended. Smiling, Lord Chaitanya said,

Text 90

 "Unless you explain them, we cannot understand your words.

Text 91

 "Please give a little explanation of your words. When you explain them, they will be understood in the right way."

Text 92

 Hearing the Lord's completely charming words, the great brahmana began an explanation.

Text 93

 As soon as the brahmana began his explanation, the Lord interrupted him to point out three mistakes: one in the beginning, one in the middle, and one at the end of the brahmana's description.

Text 94

 The Lord said, "These sabda-alankara ornaments are very difficult and unusual, different from the ordinary usage described in authorized books.

Text 95

 "What explanation will you give, so we may see that what you said is in truth correct?" Thus spoke Lord Chaitanya, who is Lord Hari Himself.

Text 96

 The dig-vijayi pandita, who was a dear son of Goddess Sarasvati, could not say anything in his own defense. His intelligence had fled.

Text 97

 He made five or seven attempts at explanation, but in the end he could not explain. Then Lord Chaitanya found mistakes in his explanations.

Text 98

 The brahmana's entire intelligence had fled. He did not know where he was, who he was, or what to say.

Text 99

 The Lord said, "Leave that description alone. Speak another." But the brahmana did not have the power to speak as before.

Text 100

 Why should it be surprising that this brahmana was bewildered as he stood before the Lord? Even the Vedas become bewildered in His presence.

     101-Text 102

 Even Ananta Sesha, Brahma, and Siva, who can create countless universes with a single glance, become bewildered in the Lord's presence. Why, then, should it be surprising that this brahmana became bewildered as he stood before the Lord?

     103-Text 104

 Even Lakshmi, Sarasvati, Yogamaya, and other goddesses, who with their shadows bewilder countless universes, become bewildered in the presence of the Lord. That is why they always humbly follow behind him.

Text 105

 Even Ananta Sesha, the author of the Vedas, becomes bewildered in the Lord's presence. Why, then, should it be surprising that this dig-vijayi pandita became bewildered before the Lord?

Text 106

 Therefore I say: Whatever is impossible for a human being to do, the Supreme Lord can do with ease.

Text 107

 Whatever the Lord does is, at its root, always meant to rescue the suffering conditioned souls.

Text 108

 When the Lord thus defeated the dig-vijayi pandita, all the students began to smile and laugh.

Text 109

 But the Lord stopped them. To the brahmana He spoke these sweet words:

Text 110

 "For now please go to the place where you are staying. Tomorrow I will talk with you.

Text 111

 "You must be tired from speaking so much. It is late at night. Go and take rest."

Text 112

 In this way the Lord was very gentle. The persons He defeated did not feel unhappy.

Text 113

 Although He defeated them, the Lord gave great pleasure to all the teachers in Navadvipa.

Text 114

 The Lord said,"For now please go home. Sit down and look at your books. Tomorrow I will ask more questions. You must try to answer them."

Text 115

 When the Lord defeated an opponent, He did not break their honor. Therefore everyone loved the Lord. Everyone was pleased with Him.

Text 116

 In their hearts all the panditas of Navadvipa deeply loved the Lord.

Text 117

 Accompanied by His astudents, the Lord returned to His home. In his heart the dig-vijayi pandita was very embarrassed.

Text 118

 In his heart the unhappy brahmana thought, "Goddess Sarasvati gave me a boon.

     119-Text 120

 "She said that in this world I would never see any scholar learned in nyaya, sankhya, patanjala, mimamsa, vaiseshika, or Vedanta who would dare to challenge me.

Text 121

 "A brahmana who teaches grammar to children has defeated me. This has happened by divine arrangement.

Text 122

 "The boon Goddess Sarasvati gave is now broken. A great doubt has entered my heart.

Text 123

 "Did I offend the goddess? Have my intelligence and talent all be taken away?

Text 124

 "I must find the reason at once." After speaking these words, the brahmana sat down to chant mantras.

Text 125

 After chanting the mantras, the unhappy brahmana lay down to sleep. Goddess Sarasvati came before him in a dream.

Text 126

 Casting a merciful glance on the brahmana, Goddess Sarasvati told him a great secret.

Text 127

 Goddess Sarasvati said,"Listen, O best of brahmanas. I will tell you something that is hidden even from the Vedas.

Text 128

 "If you tell this to anyone your life will suddenly become very short.

Text 129

 "The person who defeated you is the master of countless universes. That is certain.

Text 130

 "I am the eternal maidservant of His lotus feet. I am embarrassed to stand before Him.

Text 131

 "In Shrimad-Bhagavatam (2.5.13, it is said:


vilajjamanaya yasya

     sthatum iksha-pathe 'muya

vimohita vikatthante

     mamaham iti durdhiyah


     " `The illusory energy of the Lord cannot take precedence, being ashamed of her position, but those who are bewildered by her always talk nonsense, being absorbed in thoughts of `It is I' and `It is mine'."*


Text 132

 "O brahmana, I said that I would stay on your tongue. But in the presence of that person I did not have the power to remain there.

     133-Text 134

 "This I say: Lord Ananta Sesha, who recites the Vedas with His thousand mouths, as well as Brahma. Siva, and all the demigods who worship the Lord, are in the end completely bewildered when they stand before the Supreme Lord.

Text 135

 "The Supreme Lord is the greatest. He is eternal, pure, unbroken, unchanging, perfect, and complete. He stays in everyone's heart.

Text 136

 "I told you that you would have knowledge of karma, jnana, and all sciences, whether auspicious or inauspicious, and whether visible or not.

Text 137

 "Please hear why all that knowledge became destroyed. The person you saw was the Supreme Personality of Godhead Himself, appearing in the form of a brahmana.

Text 138

 "O brahmana, please know that whatever  happiness or distress you see come to any creature, from the demigod Brahma on down, is all manifested by His order.

Text 139

 "Please listen. From Him come Matsya, Kurma, and all the incarnations. O brahmana, nothing is separate from Him, for He is the Supreme Lord Himself.

Text 140

 "He appeared in the form of Varaha and rescued the earth. He appeared in the form of Nrisimha and protected Prahlada.

Text 141

 "He appeared in the form of Vamana and became the life and soul of Bali Maharaja. From His lotus feet the Ganga was born.

Text 142

 "He descended to this world in Ayodhya. He killed the demon Ravana and enjoyed many pastimes.

Text 143

 "I tell you: the same person whom Vasudeva carried to Nanda has now appeared as a brahmana's son. Now He happily tastes the nectar of scholarship.

Text 144

 "How will a person understand this incarnation of the Lord by reading the Vedas? Only if the Lord reveals Himself will one understand. Otherwise one will never have the power to understand Him.

Text 145

 "Becoming a dig-vijayi pandita was not the true result obtained by chanting my mantras..

Text 146

 "The true result of those mantras you have just now attained, for just now You have directly seen the master of the countless univerese.

Text 147

 "O brahmana, quickly go to His feet. Offer your body to Him.

Text 148

 "Do not think these are some words in a dream. Pushed by the power of the mantras you chanted, I have told you a secret hidden even from the Vedas."

Text 149

 After speaking these words, Goddess Sarasvati disappeared. Then the very fortunate brahmana awakened.

Text 150

 Awakening at dawn, the brahmana went to the Lord.

Text 151

 The brahmana offered dandavat obeisances to the Lord. The Lord picked him up and embraced him.

Text 152

 The Lord said, "Why, O brahmana, do you act in this way?" The brahmana replied, "To get Your glance of mercy."


Text 153

 The Lord said, "You are a great dig-vijayi pandita. Why do you come to me like this?"

Text 154

 The dig-vijayi pandita said, "O king of brahmanas, please hear me. To worship You is the perfection of all activities.

Text 155

 "You are Lord Narayana. In the form of a brahmana You have come to the Kali-yuga. How can the people in general have the power understand Your true identity?

Text 156

 "from the beginning a doubt was born in my heart. Then You asked me questions, and I could not answer them.

Text 157

 "You are the prideless Supreme Lord. All the Vedas describe You. I have seen the truth. It is not otherwise.


Text 158

 "Three times You defeated me. Still, You protected my honor.

Text 159

 "Who but the Supreme Personality of Godhead has the poweer to do that? Therefore You must be Lord Narayana. Of that there is no doubt.

     160-Text 162

 "With my words I defeated all the panditas of Gauda, Trihuta, Dilli, Kasi, Gujarat, Vijaya-nagara, Kanci-puri, Anga, Vanga, Tailanga, Orissa, and all other places. I made them all flee far away. They did not even have the power to understand my words.

Text 163

 "However, when I approach You, I no longer have the power to speak so eloquently. Where did all my intelligence go?

Text 164

 "It is not the least surprising that You could do this, for You are the master of Goddess Sarasvati. The goddess personally told me that.

     165-Text 166

 "By my great good fortune I came to Navadvipa and saw You. I am drowning in the well of repeated birth and death. Bewildered by foolish material desires, and forgetting the truth, I was cheated.

Text 167

 "By divine arrangement, by my good fortune, I was able to see You. Please place Your merciful glance upon me.

Text 168

 "It is Your nature to help others. Except for You, I have no shelter and no person to give me mercy.

Text 169

 "O Lord, please teach me how to act so that material desires will never again stay in my heart."

Text 170

 After speaking these plaintive words, the dig-vijayi pandita spoke many prayers of glorification. Then he very humbly bowed down.

Text 171

 Hearing the brahmana's words, Lord Chaitanya smiled and spoke this reply:

Text 172

 "O best of brahmanas, please listen. You are very fortunate. Goddess Sarasvati personally stays on your tongue.

Text 173

 "To think, `I will become a dig-vijayi pandita and conquer all directions', is not true knowledge. The wise say that true knowledge is to worship the Supreme Lord.

Text 174

 "Engage your mind in worshiping Him. When the he leaves the body, the soul cannot take with him even a small portion of the wealth and power he has gained.

Text 175

 "Therefore the great souls renounce everything and resolutely engage their hearts and minds in serving the Supreme Lord.


Text 176

 "O brahmana, you should immediately renounce all worthless material things. Then you should always worship Lord Krishna's feet.

Text 177

 "Until death comes you should always serve Lord Krishna. Of this there is no doubt.

Text 178

 "Know that without doubt the fruit of true knowledge is contained in these words: `The real wealth to be enjoyed by the heart and mind is found at Lord Krishna's lotus feet.'

Text 179

 "This important teaching I give to you: `In the countless material universes the only thing valuable or real is devotional service to Lord Vishnu'."

Text 180

 After speaking these words, Lord Chaitanya happily embraced the brahmana.

Text 181

 Embraced by the king of Vaikuntha, the brahmana became free of all material bondage.

Text 182

 Then the Lord said, "O brahmana, renounce all pride, worship Lord Krishna, and be merciful to all living beings.

Text 183

 "Do not repeat to anyone anything of what Goddess Sarasvati has told you.

Text 184

 "Know without doubt that to do so will greatly shorten your life and slow your progress to the spiritual world."

Text 185

 After receiving the Lord's instructions, the brahmana offered dandavat obeisances.

Text 186

 Again and again he bowed down before the Lord's lotus feet. His life now a perfect success, the brahmana departed.

Text 187

 By the Lord's will, devotional service, renunciation, and true knowledge all made their home in the brahmana's body.

Text 188

 The brahmana's pride in being a great dig-vijayi pandita went far away. Now he was more humble than a blade of grass.

Text 189

 He renounced his elephants, horses, palanquines, wealth, and everything else.

Text 190

 The dig-vijayi pandita now traveled alone. Lord Chaitanya was his only happiness.

Text 191

 By Lord Chaitanya's mercy one can renounce a kingship and become a beggar.

Text 192

 In Kali-yuga the proof of this is Dabir Khas, who renounced a kingship and happily lived in the forest.

Text 193

 A servant of Lord Krishna can very easily renounce the opulences all the world yearns to attain.

Text 194

 As long as in one's heart one thinks, "I will be very happy as a king or other exalted person in this world', one cannot know the true glory and happiness of devotional service.

Text 195

 In one's heart a servant of Lord Krishna thinks, "Let the happiness of being a king or other so-called exalted person stay far away. Even the happiness of liberation is very small and unimportant."

Text 196

 If one does not have the merciful glance of the Supreme Lord, one does not have anything of any value. Therefore the Vedas say that one should worship the Supreme Lord.

Text 197

 In this way the dig-vijayi pandita attained liberation. In this way the Lord's wonderful pastimes are described.


Text 198

 Soon all of Nadiya heard the news that Lord Chaitanya had defeated the dig-vijayi pandita.

Text 199

 Filled with wonder, everyone declared, "Nimai Pandita is very learned.

Text 200

 "The dig-vijayi pandita defeated everyone wherever he went. We did not hear of anyone who was more learned than he.

Text 201

 "Still, Nimai Pandita took away all his pride. Now Nimai Pandita will become very famous for His learning."

Text 202

 Someone said, "If this brahmana studies logic, He will become a great bhattacarya. No one will ever defeat Him."

Text 203

 Some other people said, "O my brothers, let us meet together and give this brahmana the title `vadi-simha' (the lion of debaters)."

Text 204

 In this way the people were bewildered by Yogamaya. Although they directly saw the Lord, they did not have the power to know His true identity.

Text 205

 In this way everyone in Navadvipa chanted the glories of Lord Chaitanya.

Text 206

 I offer my respectful obeisances to the residents of Navadvipa, who had the power to see all these pastimes of the Lord.

Text 207

 Anyone who hears of Lord Chaitanya's conquest of the dig-vijayi pandita will never meet defeat.

Text 208

 Anyone who hears of Lord Chaitanya's very charming pastimes of tasting the nectar of learning will become the Lord's servant.

Text 209

 The two moons Shri Krishna Chaitanya and Shri Nityananda are my life and soul. I, Vrindavana dasa, sing the glories of Their feet.