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Chapter Twelve

Shri Gaurangasya Nagara-bhramanadi-varnana


Description of Lord Chaitanya's Walking in the City and Other Pastimes


Text 1 Glory, Glory to Lord Chaitanya Mahaprabhu! Glory, glory to the Lord's followers!

Text 2 In this way Lord Chaitanya, always carrying a book, enjoyed pastimes in Navadvipa.

Text 3 The Lord challenged all the teachers and scholars. None had the power to defeat him in argument.

Text 4 Although He had studied only Sanskrit grammar, the Lord thought all the learned bhattacaryas no more important that a blade of straw.

Text 5 Accompanied by His fortunate students, the Lord happily wandered in the town.

Text 6 By divine arrangement, the Lord saw Mukunda on the street. Grasping his hand, the Lord spoke these words:

Text 7 "Why do you run away when you see Me? Today I will see if you run away without answering My questions."

Text 8 In his heart Mukunda thought, "How will I defeat Him today? He only studies Sanskrit grammar.

Text 9 "Today I will question Him on rhetoric. Never again will He be arrogant in my presence."

Text 10

Lord Chaitanya and Mukunda placed questions before each other. The Lord ripped Mukunda's explanations to pieces.

Text 11

Mukunda said, "Grammar is for children. Only children argue points of grammar.

Text 12

"I will debate rhetori with You." The Lord replied, "You may ask whatever in in your mind."

Text 13

Mukunda recited very, very difficult verses and asked questions about various points of rhetoric.

Text 14

Lord Chaitanya, the all-powerful Supreme Personality of Godhead who had descended to the material world, found fault with Mukunda's explanations of rhetoric. Again and again He ripped everything to pieces.

Text 15

After the Lord's refutations, Mukunda could not re-establish his argument. Laughing and laughing, the Lord spoke these words:

Text 16

"For today go home and carefully study your books. Come tomorrow, and I will question you again."

Text 17

Touching the dust of the Lord's feet, Mukunda left. Filled with wonder, Mukunda again and again thought in his heart,

Text 18

"Where is a human being learned like He? No one knows books like He. No one is learned like He.

Text 19

"If a such an intelligent person were also a devotee of Lord Krishna, then I would not leave His company for even a moment."

Text 20

In this way the king of Vaikuntha tasted the nectar of learning. The next day, as He was walking about, the Lord saw Gadadhara dasa.

Text 21

Laughing, the Lord grabbed him with both hands and said, "You study logic. You must answer My questions before you go."

Text 22

Gadadhara replied, "Ask." The Lord said, "Describe what you see are the symptoms of liberation."

Text 23

Following the descriptions of scripture, Gadadhara explained. The Lord said, "I don't agree with your explanation."

Text 24

Gadadhara said, "Liberation is the complete destruction of all sufferings. The scriptures describe liberation in that way."

Text 25

Then Lord Chaitanya, the master of Goddess Sarasvati, found many different errors in Gadadhara's explanations. No logician was like Him. No one could defeat Him in debate.

Text 26

No one could say anything to defeat the Lord in a debate. Gadadhara thought, "Now I should flee."

Text 27

The Lord said, "Gadadhara, now you may go. Return tomorrow and I will question you again."

Text 28

Gadadhara offered obeisances and left. In this way the Lord wandered in town after town.

Text 29

Everyone came to know that the Lord was a great pandita. When they saw Him, everyone was respectful.

Text 30

In the afternoon the Lord and His students would happily go to the Ganga's bank.

Text 31

The Lord's form, which was worshiped by Goddess Lakshmi, and which had no rival in the three worlds, was more handsome than Kamadeva.

Text 32

In the four directions was a circle of students, and in the center was Lord Chaitanya explaining the meanings of books.

Text 33

At sunset the Vaishnavas happily came to the Ganga's bank.

Text 34

As from a distance they overheard the Lord's lectures, the Vaishnavas felt by joy and sadness in their hearts.

Text 35

Someone said, "He is so handsome and so learned. Still, because He does not worship Lord Krishna, His good qualities are not worth anything."

Text 36

Everyone said, "O my brothers, whenever we see Him, we flee, afraid that He will ask many tricky questions."

Text 37

Someone said, "When He sees you He will not let you escape. He holds on to you like a ta collector."

Text 38

Someone else said, "He has great brahminical power. It is as if He is more than human. I think He must be some very exalted person.

Text 39

"Although He always asks me very tricky questions, I always feel very happy whenever I see Him.

Text 40

"I have never seen a human being as learned as He. But I am very unhappy that He does not worship Lord Krishna."

Text 41

All the devotees prayed on Lord Chaitanya's behalf. They said, "May this person attain love for Lord Krishna."

Text 42

On the Ganga's bank the devotees offered dandavat obeisances. They prayed that Lord Krishna would bless Jagannatha Misra's son.

Text 43

They prayed, "O Lord Krishna, Please make Jagannatha Misra's son intoxicated by tasting the nectar of love for You. Make Him give up everything else.

Text 44

"Please grant that He will always worship You with pure love. O Lord Krishna, then please allow us to associate with Him."

Text 45

As the all-pervading Supersoul, Lord Chaitanya knows all that happens in everyone's heart. Whenever He saw Shrivasa or any other devotee, the Lord would always bow down to offer respect.

Text 46

Lord Chaitanya accepted the devotees' belssings and placed them on His head, for the devotees' blessings bring devotional service.

Text 47

When they saw Him, the devotees would say, "Why do You spend Your time engrossed in material learning?"

Text 48

Someone said, "Look, Nimai Pandita, what will You gain by material learning? You should worship Lord Krishna at once.

Text 49

"Why do people study? So they may understand devotional service to Lord Krishna. If You don't try to understand that, then why do You study?"

Text 50

Smiling, the Lord replied, "I am very fortunate that you have taught Me the supreme importance of devotional service to Lord Krishna.

Text 51

"In My heart I know that whoever attains your blessings becomes most fortunate.

Text 52

"For a few days more I will study. That is the desire in My heart. Then I will approach a pure Vaishnava."

Text 53

After speaking these words to His servant, the Lord smiled. Bewildered by the Lord's Yogamaya potency, the devotee could not understand the Lord's true identity.

Text 54

The Lord stole everyone's heart. There was not a single person who was not eager to see Him again.

Text 55

Sometimes the Lord stayed by the Ganga's bank, and other times He traveled from town to town.

Text 56

Whenever they saw Him, the people of the towns respectfully bowed down before His feet.

Text 57

When the women saw Him, they declared, "He is Kamadeva himself. The women who are his relatives have attained after many births of pious deeds."

Text 58

The panditas saw Him as equal to Brihaspati. The elders and other respectable people bowed down before His lotus feet.

Text 59

The yogis saw Him as a person whose body contained all mysti perfections. The wicked persons saw Him as a very frightening being.

Text 60

Whoever conversed with the Lord found him self like a prisoner, bound with ropes of love.

Text 61

Although the Lord was a braggart, arrogantly tasting the nectar of learning, everyone like to hear Him. They all loved Him.

Text 62

When the Muslims saw the Lord, they also loved Him dearly. It was the Lord's nature to be kind to all.

Text 63

The king of Vaikuntha lectured at the entrance to fortunate Mukunda-Sanjaya's home in Navadvipa.

Text 64

Presenting one argument, and then an opposing argument, proving one point, and then refuting another, Lord Chaitanya lectured without stopping.

Text 65

Mukunda-Sanjaya and his associates were all very fortunate. They floated in bliss. Still, they did not know the heart of what was happening before them.

Text 66

In their home the Supreme Personality of Godhead was victorious in scholarship. The king of Vaikuntha there enjoyed pastimes of tasting the nectar of learning.

Text 67

One day, pretending to be sick with a disturbance of the body's vital airs, the Lord displayed all the ecstati symptoms of pure spiritual love (prema-bhakti).

Text 68

Suddenly the Lord became to speak words no one could understand. He rolled on the ground. He laughed. He broke everything in the house and threw it here and there.

Text 69

He roared. He clapped His arms. Anyone He saw, He attacked.

Text 70

After some moments His limbs became stunned and He fell unconscious. All who saw Him became afraid.

Text 71

Hearing that the Lord's vital airs were now in disarray, His relatives and friends had a meeting to decide how to cure the Lord.

Text 72

Buddhimanta Khan, Mukunda-Sanjaya, and a host of others came to the Lord's home.

Text 73

They tried to cure the Lord by placing Vishnu oil and Narayana oil on His head.

Text 74

The Lord was deliberately acting in that way. How could they cure Him with medicines?

Text 75

All His limbs trembled. The Lord waved His hands. When they heard Him scream, everyone became afraid.

Text 76

The Lord proclaimed, "I am the master of all the worlds. I am the Supreme Personality of Godhead. My name is Visvambhara (the maintainer of the worlds).

Text 77

"I am He. But not one of you knows My true identity." After speaking these words, the Lord lunged to attack someone. Everyone grabbed Him.

Text 78

Pretending to be sick in this way, the Lord revealed His true identity. Still, bewildered by Yogamaya, no one understood.

Text 79

One person said, "A demon must have possesed Him." Another person said, "I think it is the work of a witch."

Text 80

Another person said, "He always talks. That talking made an escape route for His vital airs. That is how His vital airs became depleted. That is my opinion."

Text 81

The people speculated in different ways. Bewildered by Lord Vishnu's Yogamaya potency, they did not understand the truth.

Text 82

They anointed His head with various kinds of medicinal oil. They put His body in a vat of oil.

Text 83

Floating in the vat of oil, the Lord happily laughed, as if His vital airs were indeed in disarray.

Text 84

Deliberately pretending to be ill, the Lord enjoyed pastimes in this way. Eventually the Lord became normal again of His own accord.

Text 85

The blissful sound of Lord Hari's name arose from everyone. The people gave gifts of cloth indiscriminately. They did not even know the persons to whom they gave.

Text 86

Hearing that the Lord was well again, everyone was jubilant. Everyone said, "May He have a long life! May the pandita have a long life!"

Text 87

In this way the king of Vaikuntha enjoyed pastimes. Who can understand the truth of these pastimes if the Lord does not reveal it?

Text 88

When they saw Him, all the Vaishnavas advised the Lord, "Son, You should worship Lord Krishna's feet.

Text 89

"Don't delay for even a moment. After all, this material body is not eternal. But how can we teach You? You are very wise and learned."

Text 90

Smiling, the Lord bowed down before the Vaishnavas. Then He went to teach His students.

Text 91

In the candi-mandapa of fortunate Mukunda-Sanjaya's home, the Lord lectured.

Text 92

His head still fragrant from the medicinal oils, the Lord lectured to His fortunate students.

Text 93

The four directions were beautiful with a host of fortunate students. In their midst the Supreme Personality of Godhead, the life of the worlds, lectured.

Text 94

I do not have the power to describe the glory and beauty of that scene. As I think about it, I do not see any metaphors I could give to describe it.

Text 95

I think perhaps the Lord was like Narayana Rishi surrounded by the four Kumaras and a host of sages at Badarikasrama.

Text 96

I know that Lord Chaitanya's pastimes were like Narayana Rishis's pastimes with His students.

Text 97

I know for certain that Saci's son is Narayana Rishi who stays at Badarikasrama.

Text 98

In this way the Lord enjoyed pastimes with His students. He was the king of Vaikuntha enjoying pastimes of tasting the nectar of learning.

Text 99

After si hours of class, the Lord and His students would go to bathe in the Ganga.

Text 100

After some moments of playing the Ganga's waters, the Lord would return home and worship Lord Vishnu.

Text 101

After watering and circumambulating Tulasi, the Lord would sit down to eat. Then he would say, "Hari! Hari!"

Text 102

Then Lakshmi would bring His lunch, and then He who is the king of Vaikuntha would eat. Her eyes filling with tears, saintly mother Saci would gaze at her son.

Text 103

After lunch, the Lord would chew betelnuts and then take a nap. Lakshmi would massage His feet.

Text 104

After a few moments in yoga-nidra sleep, the Lord would open His eyes, pick up His books, and again go out.

Text 105

Walking in the town, the Lord enjoyed many pastimes. Smiling, He would talk with everyone.

Text 106

Although they did not know the Lord's true identity, everyone treated Him with respect.

Text 107

In this way Saci's son wandered in the town. The people gazed on a person even the demigods could not see.

Text 108

The Lord came to a weaver's door. Seeing the Lord, the weaver respectfully bowed down.

Text 109

"Give Me a good cloth," the Lord said. The weaver brought a cloth at once.


Text 110

The Lord asked, "What is the cost of this cloth?" The weaver replied, "Whatever You will give."

Text 111

Examining the cloth, the Lord said, "I have no coins." The weaver replied, "My Lord, You may pay after ten or fourteen days.

Text 112

"Take the cloth now, and if You are pleased with it, You may give me some coins later."

Text 113

After placing His merciful glance on the weaver, the Lord stood up and then went to a milkman's home.

Text 114

The Lord stood at the milkman's door. Taking advantage of His status as a brahmana, the Lord spoke joking words.

Text 115

He said, "Boy! Bring some milk and yogurt. Today I will accept charity at your house."

Text 116

Seeing that the Lord was like Kamadeva himself, the milkmen gave Him the best sitting place.

Text 117

Then the milkmen joked with the Lord. They all addressed Him with the words, "Uncle, uncle."

Text 118

One of them said, "Come, uncle. Come and eat some rice." Then the milkman placed his hand on the Lord's shoulder, gesturing that the Lord should accompany him home.

Text 119

Another one said, "Come and eat rice in my home. In Your heart You do not remember how You ate there before?"

Text 120

Here Goddess Sarasvati forced him to speak the truth, although he did not know it. Lord Chaitanya laughed at the milkmens' joking words.

Text 121

The milkmen brought milk, ghee, yogurt, sara, and beautiful cream. The Lord was pleased.

Text 122

The Lord was pleased with the milkmen. Then the Lord stood up and went to a fragrant-oil merchant's house.

Text 123

The fragrant-oil merchant bowed down before the Lord's feet. The Lord said, "My brother, bring Me some good fragrant oils."

Text 124

The merchant at once brought some splendid fragrant oils. "What is the price?" Saci's son asked.

Text 125

The merchant replied, "Whatever You think, My Lord. How is right to quote a price?

126-Text 127

"My Lord, today You take this fragrant oil home. If tomorrow You anoint Your body with an abundance of this oil, and even after You have bathed, the fragrance has still not gone away, then You may return and pay me whatever in Your heart You think is right."

Text 128

After speaking these words, He anointed the Lord's limbs with that fragrant oil. I do not know how much happiness the merchant felt after giving this oil to the Lord.

Text 129

Lord Chaitanya is present in everyuone's heart. He attracts the minds of everyone. Who is not enchanted by seeing His form?

Text 130

After giving His mercy to the merchant, the Lord stood up and went to a garland-maker's home.

Text 131

Seeing the Lord's very wonderful form, the garland-maker respectfully offered Him a seat and then bowed down before Him.

Text 132

The Lord said, "O garland-maker, please give Me a good garland. However I do not have any coins with Me."

Text 133

Seeing that the Lord was a very exalted person, the garland-maker brought a garland and said, "You don't have to give me anything."

Text 134

After speaking these words, he placed the garland on the Lord's graceful body. Accompanied by all His students, the Lord smiled.

Text 135

The Lord placed a glance of mercy on the garland-maker. Standing up, the Supreme Personality of Godhead Lord Chaitanya then went to betelnut-merchant's home.

Text 136

Seeing the Lord, who was more charming and handsome than Kamadeva himself, the betelnut-merchant touched the dust of His feet and offered Him a seat.

Text 137

The betelnut-merchant said, "I am very fortunate. I am fortunate that You have come to my humble door."

Text 138

After speaking these words, he very happily offered some betelnuts to the Lord. Glancing at him, the Lord smiled.

Text 139

The Lord said, "Why do you offer Me this when I have not paid anything?" The betelnut-merchant replied, "I follow my heart."

Text 140

Hearing the betelnut-merchant's words, the Lord smiled. He very happily chewed the betelnuts.

Text 141

Making a packet of a splendid betel leaves, camphor and other pleasing ingredients, the merchant respectfully offered it to the Lord. He did not ask for any payment.

Text 142

The Lord gave His mercy to the betelnut-merchant. Smiling and smiling, the Lord continued His stroll in the town.

Text 143

Navadvipa was exactly like Mathura. I cannot say how many hundreds of thousands of people lived there.

Text 144

By divine intervention everything in Navadvipa was properly arranged even before the Lord manifested His pastimes there.

Text 145

As before He had wandered in Mathura, so Saci's son playfully wandered in Navadvipa.

Text 146

Then Lord Chaitanya went to a conchshell-merchant's home. Seeing the Lord, the conchshell merchant humbly bowed down.

Text 147

The Lord said, "O My brother, please give Me a splendid conchshell, so I may look at it. I would like to take a conchshell, but I did not bring any money."

Text 148

The conchshell merchant at once brought a splendid conchshell, placed it in the Lord's graceful hand, and bowed down.

Text 149

He said, O my Lord, please take this conchshell home with You. Later You may pay. Or if You do not pay at all, it does not matter."

Text 150

Pleased with the conchshell-merchant's words, the Lord smiled, gave him a glance of mercy, and left.

Text 151

Thus wandering in Navadvipa, the Lord visited every house.

Text 152

Even today the residents of Navadvipa are fortunate to have attained the feet of Lord Chaitanya and Lord Nityananda.

Text 153

Then supremely independent Lord Chaitanya entered the home of an all-knowing sage.

Text 154

Seeing the Lord's splendid effulgence, the all-knowing sage humbly bowed down.

Text 155

The Lord said, "I have heard that you know everything. Who was I in My previous births? Please look and tell Me."


Text 156

Saying, "Very well", the saintly all-knowing sage began to meditate. He chanted the Gopala-mantra. Suddenly he saw a vision.

Text 157

He saw an effulgent dark person whose chest held the Kaustubha and Shrivatsa and whose four hands held a conchshell, cakra, club, and lotus.

Text 158

He saw this form of the Lord manifested at midnight in a prison cell. H saw a father and mother offering prayers to this form.

Text 159

Then he saw a father holding his son to his chest and carrying Him at night to Gokula.

Text 160

Then again he saw a charming two-armed child dressed only by the four directions, tinkling bells around His waist, and fresh butter in His two hands.

Text 161

Meditating again and again, the all-knowing sage saw that this child had all the divine features of his worshipable Deity.

Text 162

Again he saw a three-fold bending person playing a flute. In the four directions he saw many gopis singing and playing musical instruments.

Text 163

His eyes closed, the all-knowing sage saw all these wonders. As he continued to meditate, he saw Lord Chaitanya again and again.

Text 164

Then the all-knowing sage said, "O Shri Bala-Gopala, please hear. Who is this brahmana? Now please show me."

Text 165

Then the all-knowing sage saw the Lord sitting on a throne. The Lord's complexion was dark like durva grass, and He held a bow.

Text 166

Again the sage saw the Lord in the wonderful form of Varaha, holding the earth in His tusks in the middle of the ocean of devastation.

Text 167

Again he saw the Lord's wonderful Nrisimha incarnation, whose form was very ferocious, and who was a shoreless ocean of love for His devotees.

Text 168

Again he saw the Lord manifest the form of Vamana, cheat Maharaja Bali in the yajna, and then manifest His maya potency.

Text 169

Again he saw the form of Matsya, who was happily playing in the waters of devastation.

Text 170

Again the all-knowing saintly sage saw the Lord's form of Balarama, who was vary angry and who held a clu in His hand.

Text 171

Again the all-knowing sage saw the form of Lord Jagannatha. In the middle was Subhadra. On the right was Balarama.

Text 172

In this way the all-knowing sage saw the different forms of the Supreme Personality of Godhead. Still, the sage did not understand anything, for he was bewildered by the Yogamaya potency.

Text 173

Filled with wonder, the all-knowing sage thought in his heart, "I think this brahmana may be a magician expert in chanting mantras and casting spells. Text 174

"Or perhaps he is a demigod disguised as a brahman, come here to play practical jokes by testing me and tricking me.

Text 175

"I can see that this brahmana's body has a divine effulgence. Perhaps He is another all-knowing sage come to mock me."

Text 176

As the sage was thinking all this, the Lord smiled and asked, "Who am I? What did you see? Why don't you tell Me?"

Text 177

The all-knowing sage said, "Please come back later. I will meditate and chant mantras. This afternoon I will tell You."

Text 178

Saying, "Very good. Very good", the Lord smiled and left. Then the Lord went to the home of His dear devotee Shridhara.

Text 179

In His heart the Lord was very pleased with Shridhara. On various preText s the Lord again and again visited his home.

Text 180

Again and again the Lord spent an hour or two happily talking and joking with Shridhara.

Text 181

When he saw the Lord, Shridhara would bow down and respectfully offer Him a seat.

Text 182

Shridhara was naturally very peaceful. The Lord was naturally playful and arrogant.

Text 183

The Lord said, "Shridhara, at every moment you chant, `Hari! Hari!' Still, your life is very miserable. What is the reason for that?

Text 184

"Although you serve Goddess Lakshmi's husband, your food and clothing are very miserable. Please tell me why that is. All this I have heard, and I also see it directly."

Text 185

Shridhara replied, "I am not starving. I may get a little or a lot. You can see that I do wear clothing."

Text 186

Then the Lord said, "I can see that your clothing is knotted in ten places. Tell Me about your house. I do not see that your grass house is free of holes.

Text 187

"Look. In this town, who among the worshipers of Goddess Durga and the snake-goddess Manasa does not eat very well at home?"

Text 188

Shridhara replied, "O brahmana, You have spoken very well. Still, everyone passes the time in the same way.

Text 189

Look, a king may live in a house of jewels and enjoy many splendid pleasures, and birds may life in trees.

Text 190

"Still, they pass the time in the same way. By the Lord's will, everyone must experience what his past karma destines."

Text 191

Then the Lord said, "You possess a great treasure. You hide it and secretly enjoy it.

Text 192

"One day I will find it. I will see it. How you cheat the people then?"

Text 193

Shridhara replied, "O pandita, you may come to my house, but it is not right that You fight with me."

Text 194

The Lord said, "I won't leave you so easily. Tell Me what you are going to feed Me."

Text 195

Shridhara replied, "I live by selling banana leaves. What can I give You? Tell me, my Lord."

Text 196

The Lord said, "You hide your treasure underground. One day I will find where it is.

Text 197

"Without asking for payment, give Me bananas, roots, and banana leaves, Then I won't fight with you.


Text 198

In his heart Shridhara thought, "This brahmana is very agressive. One day he may hit me with His fist.

Text 199

"If this brahmana attacks me, what can I do? Every day I cannot give Him these things without asking for payment.

Text 200

"Still, by trick or by force He always takes from Me. Well, that is my good fortune. Every day I will give Him whatever He wants."

Text 201

Thinking in this way, Shridhara said, "My Lord, please listen. I will give You whatever You want. You need not pay for anything.

Text 202

"I will give You bananas, roots, and banana leaves to Your heart's content. Please don't fight with me."

Text 203

The Lord replied, "Good. Good. I will not fight. I will enjoy excellent good bananas, roots, and banana leaves."

Text 204

The Lord regularly ate Shridhara's bananas, roots, and vegetables in Shridhara's banana-leaf cups.

Text 205

When a squash grew on a vine on Shridhara's roof, it was cooked with milk and spices and the Lord enjoyed it.

Text 206

The Lord said, "Shridhara, what do you think of Me. When you tell Me, I will go home.

Text 207

Shridhara replied, "You are a brahmana. You are part-and-parcel of Lord Vishnu." You don't understand. I was born in a family of cowherd people.

Text 208

"You see Me as a young brahmana. But I consider Myself a cowherd boy."

Text 209

Hearing the Lord's words, Shridhara laughed. Bewildered by Yogamaya, he did not recognize his Lord.

Text 210

The Lord said, "Shridhara, what I tell you is the truth. The glory of the Ganga comes from Me."

Text 211

Shridhara said, "O Nimai Pandita, are You not afraid to disrespect the Ganga?

Text 212

"Generally people grow more peaceful and steady as they grow older. But you have only become twice as mischievous."

Text 213

Lord Chaitanya, who is in truth Lord Hari Himself, returned to His home after enjoying these pastimes with Shridhara.

Text 214

When Lord Chaitanya entered the room of His Vishnu temple, His students returned to their homes.

Text 215

When He saw the full moon rise, Lord Chaitanya felt the mood of Lord Krishna, the moon of Vrindavana, enter His heart.

Text 216

Then Lord Chaitanya manifested the wonderful sound of His flute. Only Mother Saci, and no one else, heard that music.

Text 217

Hearing that flute music, which charms the three worlds, Mother Saci at once fainted, plunged in ecstasy.

Text 218

In a moment she regained consciousness, steadied her mind, and carefully listened to the wonderful flute-music.

Text 219

She thought the beautiful flute-musi she heard came from where Lord Chaitanya was.

Text 220

Listening to the wonderful music, Mother Saci gazed at Her son, who was sitting in the Vishnu-temple room.

Text 221

Suddenly she no longer heard the music. She saw the moon and the sky on her son's chest.

Text 222

Astonished to see the moon on her son's chest, Mother Saci looked in the four directions.

Text 223

Going to her room, Mother Saci became rapt in thought, ut she could not understand what was the cause of all this.

Text 224

In this way Mother Saci was very fortunate. There was no end to the wonders she saw.

Text 225

Some evenings Mother Saci heard hundreds of people singing and playing musical instruments.

Text 226

She heard different kinds of singing, dancing, and hand-clapping. She heard something that was like a great rasa-dance pastime.

Text 227

Sometimes she saw the doorway and the entire house filled with light. She could not see anything else.

Text 228

Sometimes she saw many splendid women, lotus-ornaments in their hands, and beautiful like Goddess Lakshmi.

Text 229

Sometimes she saw effulgent demigods. One moment she saw them, and the next she did not.

Text 230

It is not surprising that Mother Saci saw all these wonders. The Vedas declare that she is the personification of devotional service to Lord Vishnu.

Text 231

If Mother Saci once glances on a person, that person becomes eligible to see all these wonders.


Text 232

In this way Lord Chaitanya, who is forest-flower-garlanded Lord Krishna Himself, concelaed His true identity and happily enjoyed pastimes.

Text 233

Sometimes the Lord revealed His true identity, but His servants could not recognize Him.

Text 234

The Lord liked to enjoy pastimes of being arrogant. No one is Navadvipa was arrogant like Him.

Text 235

In whatever pastime He enjoys, the Lord is always the best. No one is His equal.

Text 236

When the desire to enjoy fighting pastimes takes its birth in Him, no one can equal the Lord in heroism or skill in fighting with weapons.

Text 237

When He desires to enjoy amorous pastimes, He conquers thousands and millions of beautiful girls.

Text 238

When He desires to enjoy pastimes of opulence, His home holds many milions of treasure-houses filled with wealth.

Text 239

In this way the Lord enjoyed pastimes of arrogance. Later He would enjoy pastimes of renunciation.

Text 240

In the three worlds where is even a tiny particle of the devotion and renunciation the Lord possessed? Can anyone equal Him?

Text 241

When the Lord acts, He is always the best. Still, He is defeated by His devotees, for that is His nature.

Text 242

One day the Lord was walking on the street. Five or seven students were around Him in the four directions.

Text 243

His garments were like those of a king. His limbs glorious with yellow garments, He looked like Lord Krishna HImself.

Text 244

Betelnuts were on His lips. His face was more glorious than millions of moons. The people said, "Is He Kamadeva manifesting this form?"

Text 245

Vaishnava tilaka was on His forehead. A book was in His graceful hand. A single glance from His lotus eyes removed all sins.

Text 246

His nature was restless. The Lord swung His arms as He happily walked with His students.

Text 247

By divine arrangement, Shrivasa Pandita was also walking on that street. Seeing the Lord, he smiled broadly.

Text 248

Seeing him, the Lord at once offered obeisances. Noble Shrivasa said, "May You live long."

Text 249

Smiling, Shrivasa said, "What do I see? What do I hear? Please tell me: Where are You going, O crest-jewel of arrogance?

Text 250

"What are You doing with Your time instead of worshiping Lord Krishna. Why are You always lecturing, day and night?

Text 251

"Why should people study and hear lectures? So they can understand devotional service to Lord Krishna. What is the use of scholarship if it does not teach that?

Text 252

"Don't waste Your time like that. You are learned. Worship Lord Krishna."

Text 253

Lord Chaitanya smiled and said, "O Pandita, please listen. By your mercy even this person will become converted."

Text 254

After speaking these words, the Lord smiled and went away. Going to the Ganga's bank, He met with His students.

Text 255

Saci's son sat by the Ganga's bank. Sitting around Him, in the four directions, were His students.

Text 256

Even if I had ten million mouths, I would not be able to describe the glory of that scene. I do not see anything in the three worlds to which it may be compared.

Text 257

I cannot say that the Lord and His students were like the moon surrounded by the stars, for the moon has spots and it also waxes and wanes.

Text 258

However, the Lord is always full and perfect. He never waxes or wanes, nor does He have any faults. Therefore the idea of comparing Him to the moon should be thrown far away.

Text 259

The Lord should not be compared to Brihaspati either. Brihaspati is partisan. He is the helper of the demigods.

Text 260

Lord Chaitanya is not partisan, He is the friend and helper of all. Therefore Brihaspati cannot be compared to Him.

Text 261

I cannot compare Lord Chaitanya to Kamadeva either. When Kamadeva awakens in the heart, he brings agitation.

Text 262

When Lord Chaitanya awakens in the heart, He brings the destruction of all material bondage. In this way the heart becomes supremely pure and happy.

Text 263

In this way no example is right. In my heart I see only one possible comparison.

Text 264

Here is the comparison: Lord Chaitanya was like Lord Krishna sitting in the midst of the cowherd boys and enjoying pastimes by the Yamuna's bank.

Text 265

I know that the same Lord Krishna and the same cowherd boys became brahmanas and enjoyed pastimes by the Ganga's bank.

Text 266

The people by the Ganga's bank who saw the Lord's face felt indescribable happiness.

Text 267

Seeing the Lord's very extraordinary effulgence and glory, the people by the Ganga's bank would secretly discuss it among themselves.

Text 268

Someone said, "This glory is not like that of a human being." Someone else said, "Perhaps this brahmana is a partial incarnation of Lord Vishnu."

Text 269

Someone else said, "It is said that one day a brahmana will become king of West Bengal. I am convinced that He is that brahmana. I will not be shaken from my opinion.

Text 270

"I can see that He has all the signs of being the ruler of many kings." In this way everyone expressed their opinion.

Text 271

From the corner of His eye observing the other teachers, Lord Chaitanya would lecture as He sat near the Ganga.

Text 272

First He would prove a point, declaring "It is true." Then He would refute that point and prove "It is not true." Then He would refute the refutation and prove "It is true." In this way He could refute and point, and, after completely refuting it, firmly prove it again at the end.

Text 273

The Lord would declare, "I will call that person `pandita' who once will debate with Me.

Text 274

"Who has the power to come and debate with Me?"

Text 275

In this way the Lord manifested His pride. When they heard His words, all the other panditas felt their pride was being crushed into powder.

Text 276

There was no end to the Lord's students. The circle of the Lord's students included many people in many places.

Text 277

Every day ten or twenty brahmana boys would come and offer obeisances to the Lord's feet.

Text 278

They would say, "O pandita, I wish to study at Your place. Then I will learn something. Please be merciful and accept me."

Text 279

The Lord would always smile and say, "Very well. Very well." In this way the number of His students increased day by day.

Text 280

In this way He who is the crest jewel of the Vaikuntha world would sit in the middle of a circle of students by the Ganga's bank.

Text 281

The four directions were filled with fortunate people gazing at the Lord. By the Lord's power everyone in Navadvipa was freed from all sufferings.

Text 282

Who can describe the good fortune of the fortunate people who thus saw the Lord's blissful pastimes?

Text 283

The pious people who saw the Lord's blissful pastimes broke the bonds that tied them to this world of birth and death.

Text 284

My birth is sinful. I did not live at that time. I was cheated of the chance to see those blissful pastimes.

Text 285

O Lord Chaitanya, please be merciful to me nevertheless. Please allow that birth after birth I may remember these pastimes.

Text 286

Wherever You enjoy pastimes with Lord Nityananda and Your other associates, please allow me to come and be Your servant.

Text 287

The two moons Shri Krishna Chaitanya and Shri Nityananda are my life and soul. I, Vrindavana dasa, sing the glories of Their feet.