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Chapter Eleven

Shrimad Isvara-puri-milana


Meeting Shriman Isvara Puri


Text 1 Glory, glory to Lord Chaitanya, the supreme master of all masters! Study was the center of His childhood pastimes.

Text 2 In this way the Lord who is the jewel of the brahmanas concealed His true identity. He did nothing but study.

Text 3 His handsomeness defeated millions of Kamadevas. On His every limā was handsomeness and grace that had no peer.

Text 4 His arms reached to His knees. His eyes were lotus flowers. On His lips were betelnuts. He was dressed in splendid garments.

Text 5 The Lord was always playful joking personified. When He walked about, the power of His learning made Him accompanied by a thousand students.

Text 6 In this way the king of the three worlds walked in Navadvipa. Appearing in the form of a book, Goddess Sarasvati stayed in His hand.

Text 7 No other pandita in Navadvipa could equal the Lord in debate.

Text 8 The most fortunate of all the panditas was Gangadasa, for the Lord studied at his school.

Text 9 When the materialists saw the Lord, they declared, "Glorious! Glorious! How can poverty and misfortune touch the parents who have this boy as their son?"

Text 10

 When the women say they Lord they thought He was like Kamadeva himself. When the blasphemers and offenders saw the Lord, they thought He was Yamaraja personified.

Text 11

 When the panditas saw the Lord they thought He was like Brihaspati himself. In this way, following their hearts, everyone saw the Lord differently.

Text 12

 When the Vaishnavas saw the Lord, joy and sadness entered their hearts.

Text 13

 They said, "His body is glorious, but He does not taste the nectar of Lord Krishna. What will all His learning do? He is still in the grip of time."

Text 14

 The Vaishnavas were bewildered by the Lord's Yogamaya potency. They saw the Lord, but they did not see who in truth He was.

Text 15

 Seeing the Lord, some Vaishnavas said to Him, "What will You gain by spending all Your time in study?"

Text 16

 Hearing His servants' words, the Lord smiled and said, "I am fortunate to be instructed by you."

Text 17

 In this way the Lord was engrossed in tasting the nectar of learning. Even His servants did not recognize His true identity. How could others recognize Him?

Text 18

 From the four directions people came to Navadvipa. In Navadvipa were many scholars tasting the nectar of learning.

Text 19

 From Cattagrama came many Vaishnavas who assembled in a secluded place by the Ganga's bank.


Text 20

 All had taken birth in this world by the Lord's order. All were Krishna devotees who had renounced the world.

Text 21

 They met, spoke, and listened. In that secluded place they talked about Lord Krishna.

Text 22

 The great devotee Mukunda dasa was dear to all the Vaishnavas. When Mukunda sang, those great Vaishnavas melted.

Text 23

 In the afternoons those great devotees would assemble in Advaita's home.

Text 24

 When Mukunda sang songs about Lord Krishna, everyone there no longer knew about anything else.

Text 25

 Some wept. Some laughed. Some danced. Some rolled on the ground. Some could not keep all their clothing.

Text 26

 Some loudly called out. Some clapped their arms. Some grasped Mukunda's feet.

Text 27

 In this way there was great bliss. The Vaishnavas did not know anything about sadness or suffering.

Text 28

 In His heart the Lord was very pleased with Mukunda. If by chance He saw him, the Lord would always stop Mukunda.

Text 29

 The Lord would question him about philosophy and logic. Mukunda would answer. The Lord would say, "No. It is not like that." Then they would argue.

Text 30

 By the Lord's power, Mukunda was a great pandita. He would debate the Lord.

Text 31

 The Lord recognized His servant. Using tricks of logic, the Lord always defeated him.

Text 32

 When He saw Shrivasa and the other devotees, the Lord would challenge them with tricks of logic. Fearing His word-jugglery, they would all flee.

Text 33

 The devotees were naturally renounced. They tasted the nectar of Lord Krishna. They talked only of Lord Krishna. They did not talk of any other topic.

Text 34

 Seeing them, the Lord would question them with tricks of logic. When they could not answer, He would mock them.

Text 35

 If one of them saw the Lord coming from afar, he would flee, afraid of the Lord's tricky questions.

Text 36

 The devotees liked only to hear of Lord Krishna. But the Lord asked them only about logic. He did not ask them about Krishna.

Text 37

 One day the Lord, surrounded by students marked with the signs of pride and arrogance, walked on a main street.

Text 38

 Mukunda was going to bathe in ths Ganga. But when he saw the Lord, he at once hid and fled.

Text 39

 Seeing this, the Lord asked Govinda dasa, "Why did that boy run away when he saw Me?"

Text 40

 Govinda replied, "O pandita, I do not know. Perhaps he had some task to do."

Text 41

 Then the Lord said, "I know why he fled. He does not like to talk about material things.

Text 42

 "This boy always studies the Vaishnava scriptures. I only talk of logi and astronomy.

Text 43

 "I never talk about Krishna. That's why he runs away when he sees Me."

Text 44

 The Lord pretended to mock Mukunda, although in truth He was pleased with him.

Text 45

 The Lord said, "O little boy! How many days will pass like this? Where will you run? Will you always go this way and that to escape Me?

Text 46

 The Lord laughed and said, "After some days you will see on Me the marks of a Vaishnava.

Text 47

 "I will become such a Vaishnava that Barhma and Siva will visit at My door.

Text 48

 "O My brothers, please hear My words. I will become the best of all Vaishnavas.

Text 49

 "They who now run from Me will one day sing My glories."

Text 50

 After speaking these words, the Lord laughed. Accompanied by His students, He returned home.

Text 51

 In this way Lord Visvambhara enjoyed pastimes. If He does not reveal the truth, who has the power to understand them?

Text 52

 In this way there were some devotees in Nadiya. However, everyone else in Nadiya was mad after tasting the nectar of wealth and sons.

Text 53

 When they heard the chanting of the holy names, these people made jokes. One of them said, "These people only want to fill their bellies."

Text 54

 Another one said, "These people turn away from philosophy and jnana-yoga and spend their time dancing around. Why do they do that?"

Text 55

 Another one said, "I have read Shrimad-Bhagavatam many times. I did not see there any words, `One must dance and weep'.

Text 56

 "O my brother, when the four brothers headed by Shrivasa Pandita meet, I cannot sleep after my meal.

Text 57

 "Is there no pious merit in chanting `Krishna!' very, very softly? Why do these people sing and dance and scream?"

Text 58

 The sinners and offenders spoke these kinds of blasphemies when they saw the Vaishnavas.

Text 59

 Hearing these mocking words, the Vaishnavas became very unhappy. The called out "Krishna!" and wept.

Text 60

 They prayed, "How many days must pass before this sadness is destroyed? O Lord Krishna, please appear in this world."

Text 61

 Meeting at Advaita's home, the Vaishnavas described the blasphemers' words.

Text 62

 Hearing these words, Advaita Acarya became like Lord Siva himself. "I will kill them all!" He roared.

Text 63

 "Carrying His dish-weapon, My Lord will come here. Then you will see what happens to Nadiya.

Text 64

 "I will place Lord Krishna before everyone's eyes. Then this person named Advaita will be Lord Krishna's servant.

Text 65

 "O My brothers, the day will come when you will all see Lord Krishna with your own eyes."


Text 66

 Hearing Lord Advaita's words, the devotees forgot their sufferings and began to chant the holy names.

Text 67

 When the supremely auspicious name of Lord Krishna arose among them, Lord Advaita and everyone else became overwhelmed.

Text 68

 The flames that were the offenders' words went far away. The hairs on the Navadvipa devotees' bodies stood erect.

Text 69

 Lord Visvambhara was rapt in study. He always brought greater and greater bliss to His mother.

Text 70

 At this time Shri Isvara Puri, dressed very humbly, entered Navadvipa.

Text 71

 He was saintly, devoted, very merciful, dear to Lord Krishna, and overcome by tasting the nectar of Lord Krishna.

Text 72

 Because of his humble garments, no one could understand His exalted position. By divine arrangement, he came to Lord Advaita's home.

Text 73

 At that moment Lord Advaita was sitting down and absorbed in devotional service. Isvara Puri very humbly sat down before Him.

Text 74

 A true Vaishnava cannot conceal his spiritual glory from another true Vaishnava. Again and again Lord Advaita stared at Isvara Puri.

Text 75

 Lord Advaita asked, "Son, who are you? My heart thinks that you must be a Vaishnava sannyasi."

Text 76

 Isvara Puri replied, "I am the lowest of sudras. I have come to see Your feet."

Text 77

 Aware of what was happening, Mukunda began, with great love, to sing a song describing Lord Krishna's pastimes.

Text 78

 Hearing Mukunda's son, Isvara Puri at once fell to the ground.

Text 79

 There was no end to the tears flowing from his eyes. Again and again he was plunged in a flood of spiritual love.

Text 80

 Lord Advaita at once placed him in His lap. His limbs became splashed by the tears from Isvara Puri's eyes.

Text 81

 The love did not stope. It grew more and more. Mukunda happily recited a verse from the scriptures.

Text 82

 When Mukunda saw the Vaishnavas' ecstati love, peerless bliss was born in his heart.

Text 83

 Everyone could understand the exalted position of Shri Isvara Puri. Gazing at the signs of his spiritual love, everyone called out, "Hari! Hari!"

Text 84

 In this way Isvara Puri humbly walked in Navadvipa. The materialists could not understand his true glory.

    Texts Texts 85-86

 One day, after He had left His students and was returning home, by divine arrangement Lord Chaitanya saw Isvara Puri. Seeing His servant, the Lord bowed down before him.

Text 87

 Lord Chaitanya's handsomeness was beyond description. He was the reservoir of all wonderful virtues.

Text 88

 Although no one knew what was in His heart, everyone offered Him respect whenever they saw Him.

Text 89

 Isvara Puri gazed at the Lord's body, which was very deeply marked with the symptoms of a very exalted person.

Text 90

 He asked, "What is Your name, O best of brahmanas? What is the book You carry? What do You teach? Where is Your home?" 

Text 91

 The others said, "He is Nimai Pandita." Very happy, Isvara Puri said, "You are He!"

Text 92

 Then Lord Chaitanya invited him to accept alms. The two of them went to the Lord's home

Text 93

 Saci gave Isvara Puri the food that had been offered to Lord Krishna. He honored the prasadam and then he sat down in the room that was a temple of Lord Vishnu.

Text 94

 Everyone suggested that he speak about Lord Krishna. As he spoke about Krishna, he was overcome with ecstati love.


Text 95

 Seeing this flood of wonderful spiritual love, Lord Chaitanya became very pleased. Isvara Puri did not manifest these symptoms of love when materialists were present.

Text 96

 For many months Isvara Puri stayed in Gopinatha Acarya's home in Navadvipa.

Text 97

 Everyone was very happy to see him. Lord Chaitanya repeatedly came to see him.

Text 98

 When he saw Isvara Puri, Gadadhara Pandita shed tears of love. Gadadhara was deeply loved by all the Vaishnavas.

Text 99

 From childhood Gadadhara was deeply renounced in his heart. Isvara Puri sincerely loved him.

Text 100

 To Gadadhara Pandita, Isvara Puri read Krishna-lilamrita, a book he had written.

Text 101

 Every evening Isvara Puri would read and lecture from that book, and every evening Lord Chaitanya would come and offer obeisances to Isvara Puri's feet.

Text 102

 When he saw Lord Chaitanya, Isvara Puri would beceome happy. He loved Him dearly, but he did not know that he was seeing the Supreme Personality of Godhead Himself.

Text 103

 Smiling, Isvara Puri said, "You are a great pandita. I have written a book about Lord Krishna's pastimes.

Text 104

 "Please tell me all the mistakes in it. That would make me very, very happy."

Text 105

 The Lord replied, "Only a sinner sees faults in a devotee's words describing Lord Krishna.

Text 106

 "A devotee does not write poetry whimsically, according to his own personal opinion. Therefore, his poetry, presenting the conclusions of scripture, is always pleasing to Lord Krishna.

Text 107

 "An uneducated person may say `vishnaya', and a learned person may say `vishnave'. But noble-hearted Lord Krishna accepts both these prayers. This is described in the following verse:


Text 108

 murkho vadati vishnaya

     dhiro vadati vishnave

ubhayos tu samam punyam

     bhava-grahi janardanah


     " `An uneducated person may say `vishnaya', and a learned person may say `vishnave'. But Lord Krishna, who is only interested in the love of His devotees, accepts both these prayers equally.'


Text 109

 "One who sees faults in a devotee's words is himself at fault. Simply by describing the Lord, a devotee pleases Lord Krishna.

Text 110

 "Who is so daring that he will find fault with Your descriptions of spiritual love?"

Text 111

 As he heard the Lord's reply, Isvara Puri felt that his entire body was being splashed with nectar.

Text 112

 Smiling, Isvara Puri again said, "You will not find any faults. But there must be faults. Please describe them."

Text 113

 Every day the Lord visited Isvara Puri. They would happily talk for one or two hours.


Text 114

 One day, as He heard Isvara Puri's poetry, Lord Chaitanya found a fault. He smiled and said, "The verā is not right."

Text 115

 The Lord declared, "That verā is not atmanepada." After speaking these words, the Lord returned to His own home.

Text 116

 Isvara Puri was learned in all kinds of books. He was very happy to taste the nectar of learning.

Text 117

 He thought of the Lord's statement about the verb. He considered it in every way.

Text 118

 He decided that the verā was indeed atmanepada. When the Lord came the next day, Isvara Puri explained this to Him.

Text 119

 He said, "What You said is wrong. That verā may be atmanepada. I do not need to change it to parasmaipada."

Text 120

 Hearing this explanation, the Lord became very happy. Defeated by His servant, the Lord agreed that there was no error in those words.

Text 121

 All the Vedas declare, "The Lord always becomes more glorious when He is defeated by His servant."

Text 122

 In this way Isvara Puri spent many days tasting the nectar of learning with Lord Chaitanya.

Text 123

 Made restless by tasting the nectar of devotional service, Isvara Puri did not stay long in any one place. He traveled, purifying every place he visited.

Text 124

 Anyone who hears this sacred description of Isvara Puri will reside at the lotus feet of Lord Krishna.

Text 125

 The spiritual love that was present in Madhavendra Puri's body entered the body of Isvara Puri.

Text 126

 By Lord Krishna's mercy, Isvara Puri obtained the love that was present in his spiritual master. Unhindered in any way, Isvara Puri traveled from place to place.

Text 127

 The two moons Shri Krishna Chaitanya and Shri Nityananda are my life and soul. I, Vrindavana dasa, sing the glories of Their feet.