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From the Gaudiya Bhasya of Shrila Bhaktisiddhanta Sarasvati Thakura:

When the Absolute Truth mercifully exhibits a portion of His supreme opulence, in the form of omnipotency, then most people, being unable to understand this feature, fall into mundane concep­tions. The platform of madhurya is situated higher than that of aisvarya-those who cannot understand this are to be considered followers of the path of maryada. But when the Absolute Truth, who is the basis of aisvarya and madburya, exhibits His audarya, or magnanimous, pastimes, then nonduplicitous persons who are freed from material conceptions and devoid of considerations of enjoy­ment and renunciation not only understand the differences between madhurya, aisvarya, and audarya pastimes and become self-realized, but in their constitutional position and through their pure vision they also see the eternal variegated pastimes of the Lord.


There is a lack of audarya in the considerations of bondage and freedom that ordinary literatures and those who teach them present to those who are desirous of self-realization. Therefore we realize the necessity of studying the maha-kavya, or great poetic work, named Shri Chaitanya-bhagavata, written in ancient Bengali language. If one relishes a fraction of the magnanimity displayed by the Supreme Lord while preaching the aisvarya and madhurya pastimes of the Lord in order to benefit those who are wandering throughout the universe, he will undoubtedly become glorious.


Those who will be faithful to the subject matter of this book written by Shri Thakura Vrndavana can, by giving up mundane knowledge and weak argu­ments, enter into the kingdom of devotional service and eternally engage in serving the audarya pastimes of Shri Vrajendra-nandana, who is the reservoir of all transcendental mellows. In this way they will achieve the highest benediction and eternally remain absorbed in the pastimes of Sn Krishna Chaitanya.


Shrila Thakura Vrindavana dasa has been accepted as Shri Vyasa and one of the front line acaryas of gaura-bhakti by his follower, Shri Krishnadasa Kaviraja Gosvamu Therefore if the residents of this world desire to go to the spiritual abode, they should first take shelter of the Supreme Lord in His audarya feature. The statements of Shri Chaitanya-bhagavata written by the soothing hands of Shri Vrindavana dasa will certainly favor such people with fulfillment of their desired goal.