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Shri Chaitanya-bhagavata,

Adi-khanda -


Vyasa Avatara

Shrila Vrindavana dasa Thakura


Contents Adi Khanda


1.†††††††† Summary of Lord Gauraís Pastimes

2.†††††††† The Lordís Appearance

3.†††††††† Calculation of the Lordís Horoscope

4.†††††††† Name-giving Ceremony, Childhood Pastimes, and Thieves Kidnap the Lord

5.†††††††† Eating the Mendicant Brahmanaís Offerings

6.The Lord Begins Studying and His Childhood Mischief

7.†††††††† Shri Vishvarupa Takes Sannyasa

8.The Disappearance of Jagannatha Mishra

9.†††††††† Nityanandaís Childhood Pastimes and Travels to Holy Places

10. Marriage with Shri Lakshmipriya

11. †††††††† Meeting with Shri Ishvara Puri

12. The Lordís Wandering Throughout Navadvipa

13. Defeating Digvijayi

14. The Lordís Travel to East Bengal and the Disappearance of Lakshmipriya

15. Marriage with Shri Vishnupriya

16. The Glories of Shri Haridasa Thakura

†††† 17.††††††† The Lordís Travel to Gaya