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Shri Chaitanya-bhagavata

Adi-khanda -


Vyasa Avatara Shrila Vrindavana dasa Thakura

Chapter Thirteen: Defeating Digvijayi



CB Adi-khanda 13.201

TEXT 201

sarthaka karena garva nimai-pandita

ebe se tahana vidya haila vidita”


“The pride of Nimai Pandita is justified, and now His reputation has spread.”

CB Adi-khanda 13.202

TEXT 202

keha bole,-“e brahmana yadi nyaya pade

bhattacarya haya tabe, kathana na nade”


Someone said, “If this Nimai studies logic, He will certainly become a Bhattacarya.”

CB Adi-khanda 13.203

TEXT 203

keha keha bole,-“bhai, mili’ sarva-jane

‘badisimha’ bali’ padavi diba ta’ne


Someone else said, “O brother, let us all together award Him the title of ‘Badisimha.’”


Badisimha is the name of one Vaishnava from the line of Ramanuja. He was like a lion in destroying the philosophy of monism. It is to be understood that previously whenever a scholar defeated another scholar, he was awarded the title Badisimha.

CB Adi-khanda 13.204

TEXT 204

hena se tahana ati mayara badai

eta dekhiya o janibare shakti nai


Yet even after seeing all this, the influence of the Lord’s illusory energy is such that people still did not understand Him.

CB Adi-khanda 13.205

TEXT 205

ei-mata sarva-navadvipe sarva-jane

prabhura sat-kirti sabe ghoshe sarva-gane


In this way everyone in Navadvipa broadcast the pure glories of the Lord.

CB Adi-khanda 13.206

TEXT 206

navadvipa-vasira carane namaskara

e-sakala lila dekhibare shakti ya’ra


I offer my respectful obeisances unto the residents of Navadvipa, who had the ability to see all these pastimes.


Shri Gaurasundara enacted His pastimes in Shri Navadvipa-Mayapur. The author offers his obeisances to all the fortunate souls who had the opportunity to see the Lord’s pastimes during His manifestation and those who later on saw those pastimes in their hearts. He thus teaches humility and modesty by setting an ideal example of subordination to the Vaishnavas. Those who are absorbed in material enjoyment while residing in Navadvipa do not receive any information about the pastimes of Gaura and are simply busy in their own sense gratification. Leaving aside such persons, the author offers his obeisances to those persons who are inclined towards the service of the Lord.

CB Adi-khanda 13.207

TEXT 207

ye shunaye gaurangera digvijayi-jaya

kotha o tahana parabhava nahi haya


Whoever hears the topics of Lord Gauranga defeating Digvijayi is never defeated anywhere.


The devotees of the Lord, who are expert in ascertaining the transcendental nature of the Lord, discuss the pastimes of Digvijayi’s defeat by the omnipotent Shri Gaurasundara and thus engage in the worship of Shri Gaura. Therefore the inferior logicians can never defeat them in any way. Those whose resource is humility based on material knowledge glorify material arguments and fame obtained through such arguments, yet since they are situated on an extremely low platform, the Lord’s devotees, who are inclined towards His service, can easily understand the deceitfulness of their material knowledge, which is another form of nescience, and by the help of intellectual considerations they hear the confidential scholastic pastimes of Gaurasundara, who is vidya-vadhu-jivanam-the husband of transcendental knowledge, and thus become more enthusiastic in their worship of Gaura.

CB Adi-khanda 13.208

TEXT 208

vidya-rasa gaurangera ati-manohara

iha yei shune, haya tan’ra anucara


Whoever hears the enchanting scholastic pastimes of Lord Gauranga will certainly become His servant.

CB Adi-khanda 13.209

TEXT 209

shri krishna-chaitanya nityananda-canda jana

vrindavana dasa tachu pada-yuge gana


Accepting Shri Chaitanya and Nityananda Prabhu as my life and soul, I, Vrindavana dasa, sing the glories of Their lotus feet.


Thus ends this English translation of the Gaudiya-bhashya commentary on Shri Chaitanya-bhagavata, Adi-khanda, Chapter Thirteen, entitled, “Defeating Digvijayi.”