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Chapter Ten: Marriage with Shri Lakshmipriya



This chapter describes Shri Vishvambhara’s scholastic pastimes in the assembly of Gangadasa Pandita, His exchange of joking words with Murari Gupta, His marriage with Lakshmidevi, the daughter of Vallabhacarya, and Shacidevi’s experience of various opulences in her house after the arrival of her daughter-in-law.


After finishing His morning duties, Nimai Pandita and other students came and sat in Gangadasa Pandita’s classes and debated with each other. Those who did not want to study under Nimai were not supported by Him; rather, He showed them the bad results of studying independent of His guidance. Observing that Murari Gupta was not studying under His guidance, Nimai once jokingly told him that it was better for him to treat patients than to study grammar. In this way He tried to arouse his anger. Rather than becoming angry, Murari, who is a plenary portion of Rudra, challenged Nimai to test his knowledge. The debate between the Lord and His servant began. The Lord was greatly pleased to hear the explanations of Murari, who by the Lord’s mercy was most learned, and placed His lotus hand on the body of Murari. At that time Murari’s body was filled with ecstasy and he thought, “Such extraordinary knowledge is not possible for an ordinary human being. There is no one in all of Navadvipa as intelligent as He.” He then said, “O Thakura, now I will study only under You.” After sporting in this way, Nimai went to take bath in the Ganges with His companions and then returned home. Nimai Pandita and His students established a school in the Candi-mandapa in the courtyard of the fortunate Mukunda Sanjaya, the resident of Navadvipa. There Nimai displayed various pastimes such as establishing His own explanations and refuting other’s explanations. While teaching in this way, Nimai would proudly boast about His mastery of learning in the following way: “I see that in Kali-yuga those who are devoid of any knowledge of sandhi, or joining words, pass as Bhattacaryas. At present there is no scholar within Navadvipa who can answer My challenge.”


Meanwhile, considering that Nimai had attained marriageable age, mother Shaci constantly thought about getting Him married. One day, by providence, Lakshmidevi, the personification of the goddess of fortune and daughter of Vallabhacarya, who hailed from a pure cultured brahmana family, met her Lord, Gaura-Narayana, while taking bath in the Ganges and offered obeisances to His lotus feet within her mind. By the will of the Lord, that very day Shri Vanamali, a brahmana matchmaker resident of Navadvipa, proposed to mother Shaci the marriage of Nimai with Lakshmidevi, the daughter of Vallabha. Not getting any special attention or hope of marriage from mother Shaci, the brahmana was returning home disappointed when he met Nimai on the way. After understanding everything from the brahmana, Nimai indicated to His mother His consent for the marriage. The next day mother Shaci called that brahmana and told him to arrange the marriage as soon as possible. The brahmana happily and immediately went to the house of the bride and informed her family about the consent of the groom’s family, upon which Shri Vallabhacarya also jubilantly consented, but he declared that due to poverty he was not able to give anything more than five haritakis as dowry. With the agreement of both the bride and groom’s sides, an auspicious day was selected. One day before the marriage, Vallabhacarya came to Nimai’s house and at an auspicious moment executed the rituals meant to be performed with one’s son-in-law before marriage. Thereafter, other auspicious Vedic and common rituals were duly performed. On the day of the marriage, at the auspicious time of go-dhuli, or dusk, Nimai Pandita with His companions arrived at the house of Vallabha and duly accepted the hand of Lakshmidevi. The next evening Nimai returned home with Lakshmidevi. Mother Shaci, the mother-in-law of Lakshmi, along with other brahmanas’ wives, welcomed her daughter-in-law home. From that day on, mother Shaci observed various opulences and wealth such as extraordinary effulgences and fragrances and became overjoyed on understanding that her daughter-in-law was none other than Kamala, or Lakshmi. Due to the presence of Shri Gaura-Narayana, the Lord of Vaikuntha, and His internal potency, Shri Rama, who is nondifferent from Shri Lakshmi, the house of mother Shaci manifest as Vaikuntha, the abode of pure goodness. Yet at that time, by the supreme will of the Lord, no one could understand the covered pastimes of the Lord.


Commentary and Chapter Summaries of His Divine Grace Om Vishnupada Paramahamsa Parivrajakacarya Shri Shrimad Bhaktisiddhanta Sarasvati Gosvami Prabhupada.