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1-Summary of Lord Gaura's Pastimes
2-The Lord's Appearance
3-Calculation of the Lord's Horoscope
4-Name-giving Ceremony, Childhood Pastimes, and Thieves Kidnap the Lord
5-Eating the Mendicant Brahmana's Offerings
6-The Lord Begins Studying and His Childhood Mischief
7-Sri Visvarupa Takes Sannyasa
8-The Disappearance of Jagannatha Misra
9-Nityananda's Childhood Pastimes and Travels to Holy Places
10-Marriage with Sri Laksmipriya
11-Meeting with Sri Isvara Puri
12-The Lord's Wandering Throughout Navadvipa
13-Defeating Digvijayi
14-The Lord's Travel to East Bengal and the Disappearance of Laksmipriya
15-Marriage with Sri Visnupriya
16-The Glories of Sri Haridasa Thakura
17-The Lord's Travel to Gaya